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  • Key 2B Host Packets

    Hopefully you have parties booked...
    Now are you prepared to make them even MORE successful?

    Your hosts WANT to have successful parties and it is up
    to YOU to help them do it.  When you use these products
    to prepare your HOST PACKETS they will notice and be
    encouraged to work on their parties!

    Enthusiasm will grow and YOU and your HOSTS will
    be thrilled with the results.  Read the complete training
    on exactly what to do for fantastic results.

    See Key 2B Category for products to include in your Host Packets.

    Key 2 B- Host Packets

    By preparing Host Packets you set the stage for a GREAT party.
    You host will know what is 
    expected of her and it makes it easier
    for you to do your host coaching. 

    This training has the information you need to prepare... this is IN ADDITION to
    what your company already suggests.
    These are the little things that make a BIG difference with your hosts.

    Read the complete training   2-Key2B-PDF -- Prepare Host Packets Training 

    This will teach you exactly what to do!

    Shop  the Key 2B Host Packets CATEGORY
    for a selection of products mentioned in the training

  • T2-01 --Key 2B-...

    The first step to Host Coaching is to have “Host Packets”
    prepared and ready to give to your new hosts.

    WHY? By being prepared physically we become prepared mentally
    (and vice versa) Which comes first the chicken or the egg?
    By having the host folders prepared your subconscious mind
    knows you are serious and ready to go.

    Key 2A- Prepare Host Packets
    By giving each person who books a party a “Host Packet” it helps to
    get them excited and informs them of what they should do to make their party
    a success. The packets will also help them keep all of their party information
    organized and remind them of the benefits your company offers.

    Open this for all the training: 

    YES, we have all the products you need to apply this training to your
    See them in the T2-01 --Key 2B- Prepare Host Packets CATEGORY! 

  • Key 2A Host Coaching

    KEY 2A: Have Happy Hosts by Offering Host Coaching
    that engages her to achieve effective results!

    It is not necessarily what YOU do AT the party, but more importantly,
    what you encourage YOUR HOSTS to do BEFORE the party
    that makes it more successful!
    These items and training make it easy for YOU to be consistent with your hosts.

    These products make it so EASY!

    Key 2A-Happy Hosts CATEGORY

    The 2-Key2A-PDF -- Host Coaching Training will give you all kinds

    of specific ideas of things to do to help you build the relationship
    with your host that leads to greater success for BOTH of you!


  • T2-02 & 03 -- Confirm...
    Start building your relationship with your host by sending a confirmation card IMMEDIATELY! At the same time, encourage the return of the Guest List! These steps are crucial to your long term success in the business!