• Click VIEW to see what having a Reindeer Dash can do it for you!  Order this item to give you access to the PDF you can print anytime.  PDF includes Guest List and Gift List Game.
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    The products mentioned in this IDEA are only available thru Nov 12th. Then gone till next year.
  • Make the most of summer by offering Summer Fun Events!  This has lots of ideas for catalog parties, events you and hosts can sponsor to make summer productive, prosperous and fun!  This IS a PDF download.  Or, click the links to the Blog...
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  • Start promoting Christmas early with "It's Christmas in July!" "Here's an idea so you won't be surly, do your Christmas Shopping EARLY!"
  • Create interest in your THEME PARTIES- Regular parties or Catalog parties by implementing these ideas.
  • Let me ask a question.... What are you doing that sets you apart from every other consultant out there?Do you add that "Special Touch" that makes your invited guests feel special before they even come?Do you add that "Special Touch" that makes each guest feel special?Do you add that "Special Touch" that makes YOUR parties just a little more fun?
  • March is the "Lucky" month.  This is a great opportunity for you to emphasize the “Green”!   Green means MONEY!   Here are a few ideas to boost bookings, attendance, sales & recruit leads:
  • Mother's Day is a time when EVERYONE is looking for gift ideas.  Let them know you can help them.
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  • Prepare your catalogs for fabulous fall (or anytime) sales!  Your catalogs are your most effective tool to generate sales...
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  • Your customers are counting on YOU to remind them and give them gift ideas.  So- are you ready?  Are you generating Valentine sales? Are you prepared to show some extra attention to your customers to continue to build fabulous relationships?
  • Get more bookings by promoting Valentines NOW!  Contact previous hosts by sending postcards, offer Super Bowl and Sweetheart Challenge parties to get more sales.  All these ideas are explained!  Click VIEW
  • Your customers are counting on YOU to remind them and give them gift ideas.  Boost sales by offering Sweetheart Deals, Sweetheart Contest, making contacts with previous customers and more.  Click VIEW
  • 12: Show your customers how much you appreciate them. Give everyone that comes to your party in February a little gift!