EB13658B -- Spin to Win PASTEL colors ERASE BOARD

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The Spin to Win board can be used in so many ways...  Now is PASTEL colors

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 Spin to Win Game Board!
Use this at your parties to encourage your guests to order or Book!  Bright and colorful, everyone wants a chance to "Spin to Win!"  We also offer "Come Play Spin to Win" STICKERS (PR31071- click ACCESSORIES below) to put on your invitations to encourage greater attendance!
Or, you will love the reaction of those who come to your booth when you put up this bright, colorful game board!    Actually people will be drawn to your booth to see if they will WIN!
There are LOTS of ways to use it, here are a few to get you thinking.... (then just use YOUR imagination!)

GRAPHIC READS: Spin to Win!  There are 12 segments.

1:  Use it at your party.  Everyone who places an order over $_____ (whatever amount you want) gets a chance to SPIN to see what they win.  Use a WET ERASE pen (VEB-PEN) to write different prizes in the segments.  Or those that Book a party get to spin, Take a recruiting folder gets to spin, etc.

2:  Each person that comes to the party gets to put their name in a segment.  Have a "Gift" they would win all ready to go.  You could actually have TWO gifts, or THREE, or FOUR!  Here's how to use them:

Spin 1: Use this as an "Early Bird Gift"  Put all the early birds names on the board and at the appropriate time, spin until it lands on someone's name.  They would be your early Bird winner.

Spin 2: Then, continue to add guests names to the board.  Everyone that comes is on the board- (if more than 12 people come- double up names and if that is the winner you would have two winners.)  Toward the end of your party, SPIN to find the winner of that prize!

Spin 3: Tell your guests that you'll have a SPIN for everyone that BOOKS a party!  All they have to do is leave their name.  If they don't want to book, that's OK, you'll just remove their name.  Then, ask "WHO wants to leave their name on the board?"  (Be sure to show this GRAND PRIZE all wrapped up pretty!)  Go around the room reading off all the names, I'll bet many will want to stay on for their chance to win.   Then, once you've asked - SPIN!  Let them open their gift, but before you do, hold it out to them and say, "Do you want to open your gift NOW or AT your party?  Either way, I'll bring it to you when we have your party on your original date booked, but if you want to see it now, I'll let you open it!"  (This way you are not giving the gift until she actually holds the party.)

Spin 4: Tell your guests you'll be putting the names of everyone who places their order AT the party on the board for one more spin to win.   So, get their order ready as you are there to help them. (This will encourage your guests to actually place their order AT the party!)

3: Use this at your booth at a fair or event to draw people in.  Put a variety of prizes in the segments and let those who fill out your drawing slip spin to win!

4: Do a special email to your customers telling them that online orders placed during a week get their name on the board or that for each online or called in order over $____ amount you will SPIN to see what they win.  If they call you between ____ and ____ hours on _____ date and place an order over $____ you will spin while they are on the phone!

5: Leadership:  Put different prizes in the segment- those who meet a challenge get to come up and spin to win to see what prize they get.

6: Leadership:  Those who meet challenge get their name on the board.  Once the board is filled you will spin to see who wins your grand prize.  (You may want to have TWO boards for a leadership meeting- one for the small prizes and one for the BIG prize!)

7: Mystery Host:  Those who come to your open house get to put in their name and you'll spin to win!

8:  We've mentioned above actually writing their names in the segments.  Another option would be to give the different numbers to different people.  They can write the number on their order form.  This may be faster than writing names on the board.  (Whatever works for you -- I think when it comes to getting people to book, their actual name on the board will have greater impact.)

9: PRIZES:  Make a list of prizes to correspond to the numbers or you can actually WRITE them onto the segments.  We recommend using a WET-ERASE Pen.  Then use a damp tissue or "Wet-one" to remove or change.

Minor assembly required:  The actual board is 11" wide x 17 " tall.  It is laminated cardstock and scored across the center of the circle, which is the center of the board.  Along the bottom is a 2 3/4" tall instruction section which includes the spinner.  You will cut that off which leaves the board 11" wide by 14 1/4" tall.  You will cut the spinner out of that section.  The spinner comes with the BRAD pushed through the punch and the WASHER is on the back, held with a piece of tape.  Once you cut out the spinner, peel off the tape and UNDO the brad, then insert the BRAD through the pre-punched hole in the center of the wheel.  Flatten out brad prongs and tape securely.  Make sure the spinner spins freely.

Now that the board is assembled you will need to mount the board firmly onto a piece of foam core board or cardboard.  You can use double stick tape or rolls of tape.  Flatten good and make sure spinner spins freely.  Use some type of easel or picture frame holder to stand up in your display.

DISPLAY OPTION:  We offer the option to include the display materials.  If you choose that option you will receive a piece of foam-core board (approximately 14" x 10") a WOOD piece to attach to the back of the foam (approximate size 5 1/2" x 8" x 1/4" thick) and a WOOD STAND (approximately 6" wide x 3" deep x 3/4" thick piece of hardwood (unfinished) with an angled grove cut into it.)  You will tape the game board to the foam board.  Then tape the WOOD board with about 1/4" sticking out below the bottom of the foam to the foam board.  When ready to put up in your display, just slip the 1/4" that sticks out below the foam into the Wood Stand.  This is VERY STURDY, hold up really good yet comes apart easily to travel from party to party.  Total Display is $8.99.  When you select the option, the 8.99 will be added to whatever the base price for the board.

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EB-Erase Board--8 1/2" x 11" printed in Full color on Heavy Cardstock and Laminated to last. We recommend you use at WET ERASE pen (See VEB-PEN). Wipe off with DAMP, not wet tissue. (wet wipes work great!)
A Regular Price forDouble Erase Boars $2.79 x 2 = $5.58

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EB13658B -- Spin to Win PASTEL colors ERASE BOARD

EB13658B -- Spin to Win PASTEL colors ERASE BOARD

The Spin to Win board can be used in so many ways...  Now is PASTEL colors

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