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Click VIEW for a brief overview of HOW The Booster can DOUBLE your business and how to get started!

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This is not really a product, it is a place for you to learn how The Booster can impact your business an help you to DOUBLE or Triple your sales!

The number one thing I hear from NEW customers is "You have so much!  Where do I start?"

I answer "YES, after 30 years in business and having helped over ONE MILLION consultants we have over 2000 products!  So I can understand!" 

So, let me explain:  We are committed to helping YOU in the Party Plan or Direct Sales Professions to "Boost your Business!"  We do this by providing you with FREE Training and the PRODUCTS to make applying the training quick and EASY!

To give you an overview -- we have divided your business into what we call the "9 Key Areas of the Business."  This makes it easy for you to find specific products.  If you are looking for products to get your bookings booming then you would look under Key 1:Booking.  To get your sales soaring, you would look under Key 4:Sales, etc.

Our categories are divided by those NINE keys.  So, do you want to do this for your business?

Key 1: Get Sales Soaring

Key 2: Have Happier Hosts

Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance

Key 4: Get Sales Soaring

Key 5: Have Committed Customers

Key 6: Have Raving Recruits

Key 7: Motivate & Inspire

Key 8: Recognize & Reward

Key 9: Have Seasonl Success

If you do, then we have the products to MAKE IT HAPPEN in your business!

But we have a problem, because you don't just work on ONE of those areas at a time.  You need to integrate ALL of those keys into every party or presentation you offer.

START with the "How to have $1000 Parties" SYSTEM PACK as it gives you exactly what you need to follow each of the 10 steps in the system for 4 parties and stickers for 20 catalogs.  It also includes ALL the training of WHAT to do and WHY to do it. It is shown below  Under ACCESSORIES is in the K-Packs Category, or it has it's own Category HOW To have $1000 Parties.)

OR SEE a variety of these STARTER PACKS scroll down to the bottom of this page.

Some of these packs have the same products in them (in different combinations) because they are STARTER PACKS.  They all INCLUDE TRAINING on the back of the sheets of stickers on exactly what to do with the products in the pack for the greatest impact. 

If you are looking for packs to begin working in a specific Key Area of your business see the RETURNING CUSTOMERS overview in the ACCESSORIES tab.

So, order NOW, the quicker you order the quicker you'll see your business soar! 

If you're in doubt if this will really WORK for you, see the testimonials on the bottom of the HOME page.




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Erin Joseph said:  I had been working with a group of gals for several months and then started using Booster Stickers in my catalogs.  They were so excited to see my NEW catalog that had been introduced.  I told them it was the SAME catalog and they said, "No Way!" We haven't seen this or that before!  It MUST be a NEW Catalog!"  Nope, it was just the stickers that were drawing attention to products!  Love my Jenny B Booster stickers!  One of my favorite vendors!


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 K-NEW Customers!

K-NEW Customers!

Click VIEW for a brief overview of HOW The Booster can DOUBLE your business and how to get started!

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