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This is the game that started "The Booster" 30 years ago! Use your game time productively to get people thinking about YOUR products, not numbers!

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The game is SO EASY!  Here’s a complete rundown complete with Graphics!

This is the game that started “The Booster” 30 years ago.  It was conceived to help you use your game time more effectively because instead of calling out number you are calling out your product names.  This uses more senses as your customers HEAR the name, SEE the products (if you show it during your demo) SEE the name on their game card and THINK about the product as they are trying to find it on their game card.

This Computer Game will generate as many cards as you require with the different product names RANDOMLY placed in the squares.  The more products to add to the list, the fewer duplicates you will have.

Benefits of playing Booster Bingo:

There are many advantages of using Booster Bingo at your parties. Here are just a few:
1- You are using your game time productively because instead of calling out just numbers you are calling out products, recruiting, booking, and sales slogans. This plants seeds in guest’s minds for more business.
2- It gets your guests excited to win something
3- It gets them actively listening to your demonstration
4- Increases chances customers will order products mentioned in the game (see options in game.)
5- Creates awareness of products NOT shown in your demo.
6- By using the FREE space option explained in game it encourages bookings!
7- Boost attendance by using these stickers on your invitation so guests know you’ll be having fun and they’ll be winning prizes!
8- This bingo game also helps remind you to incorporate booking and recruiting one-liners throughout your demonstration.

When you purchase the CD- you’ll receive it with your order.  Just put it in your computer’s CD drive and it should automatically load.

If you purchase the DOWNLOAD version, you will receive an email once your payment has cleared.  You will then LOG IN to your account, go to that order and click the DOWNLOAD link right below the products.  A screen will come up and you’ll click SAVE.  Save the program to a folder on your computer.  (This will take from 4 to 15 minutes- some with very slow internet connections it make take even longer)  Once you’ve saved the program, go to it on your computer and DOUBLE CLICK- it will automatically install.

Booster Bingo Game PackWhether you’ve purchased the CD or the Download the rest of this information will be the same.

The program will ask you to accept the license agreement- which in essence you agree to use this program on your OWN computer.  You may print out games for others but please DO NOT share the program itself.    We’ve kept the price so reasonable that everyone can afford their own game.

PLEASE NOTE- This game CANNOT be run over a network.  It must be loaded on each individual machine.  It will PRINT to the DEFAULT printer of that machine.

Booster Bingo Logo on desktopThis is what the logo looks line on your desktop.

Once the program has installed on your computer a BOOSTER BINGO logo will show up on your desktop.  To create your game, just click that logo.

The program prompts you to enter these three areas:

Enter your contact infoHere's where you put your name and contact info for the bottom of the cards

1- your name and contact info for the bottom of the cards

Choose headerEnter your heading for the top of the cards

2-Heading for the top of the card.

3- whether you want to create a NEW game or use an exsisting game you previously created.  You may save your games and then it’s easy to just print more cards!

You will  then choose:

Choose what you want in the Center SquareChoose what you want in the Center SquareChoose how many cards you want to print on each sheet.

1- how many cards you want printed on each page.  You will be able to print the cards 1 per sheet,  2 per sheet, or 4 per sheet.

2- how many  sheets you want to print.  For example- if you want 20 cards and are printing 2-up you would need to print 10 sheets.

3- if you want a free space in the middle (you may even add wording for that free space.).

Game comes preloaded with One LinersYou'll add your list of words you want to show up in the squares. 4- words and sayings to be randomly placed on the squares. The game comes preloaded with booking, recruiting and sales "One Liners" to help you to book, sell & recruit. You may use them, delete them, edit them. Whatever you choose. You will then type in YOUR list of words for the squares. Once you have the list, you can choose any or all of them to be on your cards. This enables you to SAVE the list but only use specific words on different games. You can save a setup (which saves your DATA ONLY) so you can quickly regenerate new cards at a later time

You can save a setup (which saves your DATA ONLY) so you can quickly regenerate new cards at a later time.

You can preview and print the RANDOMLY GENERATED cards and Master Word List. (You’ll print  a master lists-  to mark off as words are read for easy reference and the DRAW SLIPS to cut apart.

Here is what you’ll get:

The Header of your choiceThe Header of your choice

The HEADER of your choice and the FREE Space of your choice

The FREE Space of your choiceThe FREE Space of your choice4 game cards per sheet

Game cards printed 1 up- 2 up- or 4 up- Whatever you chose!


1- Cut the cards apart to give to each customer.

2 game cards per sheet.2 game cards per sheet.

(Remember you can choose from 1, 2 or 4 cards per sheet depending on how you want to use them.)  For printing on paper and then using a pen to mark off squares- print 4 up.

ONE game card per sheet.ONE game card per sheet.

If you want a bigger layout and plan to laminate and use eraseable pens or beans, pennies, etc. to cover squares then print 1 or 2 up.  If you plan to use it as a Host game (reminding her of all the things she needs to do) then maybe those you’ll want to print 2-up!  This game is so versatile, you can do whatever you want!

Master List- includes a sheet showing all the words included in the current game.

2- Cut apart the words/sayings from the Master List.  (They  in alphabetical order.  You’ll  mark them off as you call them out.  The Draw slips to cut apart.  (If you want to you can put the draw slips on items in your display and call them out as you demo the products.  This way you can direct your demo instead of leaving it random.)

You'll cut the Draw slips apart.You'll cut the Draw slips apart.

3- Put the word strips in a basket or bowl (Or on your products in display as mentioned above)  and you’re ready to play!
4- Provide pencils to customers to mark off boxes (stickers, beans, pennies, or something to cover squares as they are called off.)


To play, your guest will just mark off the boxesTo play, your guest will just mark off the boxes

Complete instructions, hints and different game options are included on the disk!
Windows PC Compatible (Win 98, 2000, XP) CD Drive (for CD version) Internet access (for Downloadable version) Min 50MB Disk Space, Min: 128MB RAM. Printer

Order your Booster Bingo Game TODAY!  You’ll LOVE how easy it is and your customers will  have so much fun playing that they’ll want to book a party so they can play with their friends.

S32214 Come to my Bingo Party StickersUse on your invitations.

Be sure to order some of the Bingo Stickers (S32214) to put on your invitations to get your guests even more excited to come.  Everyone LOVES to play Bingo!


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0-02 -- Booster Bingo Game Training

0-02 -- Booster Bingo Game Training

This is the game that started "The Booster" 30 years ago! Use your game time productively to get people thinking about YOUR products, not numbers!

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