9-01 -- Turn HALLOWEEN into a LEAD Bonanza IDEA

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Did you know you could use Halloween as a chance to meet new people, get your name out there, and have fun with the holiday?

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Did you know you could use  Halloween as a chance to meet new people, get your name out there, and have fun with the holiday?


Do you want to get your information into the hands of HUNDREDS of potential customers?

These HALLOWEEN ideas may be just the ticket!

Would you like to get your name and info out to HUNDREDS of people you don't know?

You can spice up your Holiday Season by using Halloween to plant seeds and promote your business!


If you’ve been thinking about Halloween and wondering how you can use  it to  promote your business, this is the idea for you!  And NOW is the time to act because it’s only  weeks away!  Order NOW to get these items in time to prepare for Halloween! 

(NOTE: our products are constantly changing, some of the item numbers mentioned in this training may have been changed or products have been replace by other items.  CLICK HERE to go directly to the category on the website where all the products we’ve developed for you are shown.  The link is repeated at the bottom of this training!)

My Grandkids Trick or TreatingMy Grandkids at Halloween (16 years ago) aren’t they cute?

Halloween is a time you can introduce yourself and your business to people in your neighborhood that you may not know.   Many of your neighbors may not be aware of what you do and would be happy to support you if they did.  When your neighbors come to your door (or you are going to their doors with your children,)  introduce yourself and give them your name and number.

Here are some suggestions of HOW to give out your information:

  1. When the moms come with their children to your door, give the kids the candy and then give a treat or sample to the mom.  Say, “I have a treat for you too!”
  2. If you are going around the neighborhood with your children, hand the gift or sample to the mom, (or ask if she is there) and give her the “treat.”
  3. If YOUR neighborhood, school, or church does a “Trunk or treat” be sure to participate (Even if you don’t have young children at home) and give your samples there.   Everyone loves to get a “treat,” even the moms and dads.
  4. Give a “treat” at your parties during the month of October.  Tell your customers that this is a great time to get started in the business because they can use “Halloween” as an opportunity to tell people what they do.  Plus, the holiday season is a time when people are buying gifts, so their sales get off to a great start.
  5. HAVE FUN with the holiday.  Be excited to meet new people!  You can even have little samples with the stickers attached and give them out to kids and moms you meet at the grocery store!

Here are a few ideas of fun and easy ways to present your info  (the list keeps getting longer because each year we have more ideas so read through them, choose an idea you like, and DO IT!)

  • Staple one of the Business Builder  Cards shown on our website (Click HERE or follow the link at the bottom of this training idea to see all the products discussed in this training) to a candy bar.  Then, hand them out as mentioned below.  It is a great way to  get your name out to lots of new people.
  • PERSONALIZED Candy Bar SetPut these stickers on the candy bars you hand out.

    Stick STICKERS with fun slogans, personalized with your name and contact info, onto the candy you pass out on Halloween.  (They work great with the  HERSHEY variety pack with Kit Kats, Hershey Bars, Whoppers and Reeses.)  They come with Fun slogans at the top and  YOU print YOUR info at the bottom.  Or,  WE can print them for you.

  • S61610SET of Halloween StickersOr use our NEW combo sheet of Personalized Halloween Stickers on any candybars!

S91910SET-PR -- PERSONALIZED Halloween...  You get 5 sheets for a total of 100 personalized stickers.

  • Then, if you use the starbursts, bottlecaps, etc. you can put the Sweet and Yummy sticker on them!  Moms will see them as the look at the kids candy and it gets your name out there!

  • PP93313CT -- Christmas Open House Postcard InvitationsUse as an opportunity to invite people you meet to a Christmas Open House.

    Pass out  invitations to your HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE to  moms and dads  who come trick or treating!  What a great way to invite people you don’t know!  They are available for you to fill in the blanks, or we can  CUSTOM print them  with your info so they come all ready to go!  (PP93313C)

  • Use this opportunity to give a sample of your products (Use the  “Enjoy this sample”  S994194PR
     Pre-printed sticker with your contact information on it, wrapped around the sample) along with a mini sale flyer or catalog.

  • Bookmarks are a great option to drop in a child’s bag or give it to the mom’s of your “trick-or-treaters” on the doorstep.  Several of the bookmarks actually invite your customers to call you. You can either use our PRINTABLE STICKERS to personalize them or you can write on them with a permanent marker such as a Sharpie.  (Most ALL of our Bookmarks are shown in this IDEA category on our website.)

  • Give Mom’s some information about the benefits of either having a show with you, or joining your team that you’e had printed. You should be able to fit 4-6 duplicates of the same info on a sheet and cut them apart. Print them on a cardstock to give it some stability. Then attach a small candy to the tag with our “Be a Smartie Have a Party” (S10613 -p- Be Smartie Party PUMR -48...) or “Wouldn’t you like every day to be a Pay Day?” (S62288A -wpLT- Everyday PayDay RMR -48... ) stickers.
  • A fun Halloween idea for your parties is to mix up some “Pay Day Candy Mix” (1 pkg. of candy corns and 1 can of salted peanuts) Put it in a small container (zip-lock bag, plastic container, etc.) that the “Wouldn’t you like every day to be a Pay Day?” (S62288A -wpLT- Everyday PayDay RMR -48...) sticker would fit on. Ask your guests if they would like Every Day to be a Pay Day? Tell those who say yes and would be interested in learning more about your opportunity that you have a gift for them (Tell them to close their eyes when they have a taste as it tastes just like a Pay Day candy bar.)  Include one of the “Relationship Business Cards” inside the package- see the next item.)
  • Get the message out to moms as to why YOUR COMPANY is such a great opportunity for them.  We will print your information on the “Dear Mom” business cards (BCD6306CPR -- Dear Mom- Fun Job BUSINESS...) which say “Dear Mom, You can have a FUN JOB where you can earn big money with little investment! (and still make it to my baseball game.” and attach them to a candy or catalog.  (We also offer this slogan in a Business Card Poster (BCP62221PR -- Dear Mom BUSINESS BC...) you can put up on local bulletin boards where interested people tear off the entire business card,)  (We print YOUR information on both these items  FOR YOU and they come all ready to go!)
  • Mount the business cards on a magnet to make them even more valuable  Our business cards are really “relationship cards” because they give people more info that just your name etc.  You can use “Dear Mom,” “Call me Anytime,” or “Every item has 3 prices!”  (We offer these 3 business cards all printed with your info and ready to go!)
  • Here are some suggestions on how you can use the printable stickers on candy or product samples.  You can put a little slogan along with the preprinted slogan and include your contact info.  This is fast, easy and very affordable!  Just think of all the contacts you can make and the potential leads!  If you don’t do this, how many opportunities are you missing?


    • Use the Small SQUARE size stickers personalized with your info. Then put this sticker  on a MATCHBOOK (everyone needs matches to light their jack-o-lanterns and other candles) and give it to ADULT that are bringing their kids trick or treating!
    • Use the “Call me anytime to place an order” (S41247A-PS -LT- Call me anytime ADDRESS..) with the slogan “Here’s a sweet treat” along with your contact info to stick a candy to a mini catalog or flyer.  (To have us print this for you with your name, e-mail and phone number order item S41247A-10-PR -- TEN SHEETS-300 Call me...) (This is a 10 sheet pack- a total of 300 stickers!)

    • Print your contact information on the RED “Medium Rectangle” (PSMR1626-PS -- RED Med Rectangle -48...) printable sticker.  Order some “Be a Smarty, Have a Party” stickers (S10613 -p- Be Smartie Party PUMR -48...)  (These stickers are both the same size.)  Then get some smarty candies and on the edge that twists the candy closed, stick your contact info on one side and the “smarty party” sticker on the other side. (sticky sides together)  This creates a little flag off the end of the SMARTY CANDY so they can still unwrap the candy but keep your contact info.

    • Have us print YOUR contact info on the “Shop from your seat not on your feet” sticker with the additional slogan, “Make shopping a SKOR, not a chore!  Call me!”  Then stick it to  a SKOR candy bar.  (Order item S994471A-10-PR -- TEN SHEETS-300 Shop Seat...)  Be sure to tell us exactly what you want printed (It won't come with the SKOR-CHORE slogan unless you tell us.

      The stores are promoting CHRISTMAS/ Holiday Sales already!  Why not use Halloween to let people know what you offer?

    • We can print “I can’t wait to make your Christmas great!  Call me for more info about ________ products!” along with your contact info on the “Enjoy this Sample” stickers you can  put it on a sample product.  (Order item S994194PR -- PERSONALIZED Enjoy Sample...)

These are just some suggestions.  There are many different slogans you could print on lots of the different printable stickers.  Use your imagination!  Remember, if you want us to, we can print these for you.  Be sure to order the item with the PR after the item number and fill in what you want printed on them.


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I wanted to share a few more ideas (as we are constantly developing NEW ideas and products!)

During the Month of October dress up your catalog for the fun of it.  Use these NEW stickers:

S910237 -wp- Book a Ghouls Night Out WSS..

S910669 -wp - Be Ghostess with Mostess-...



S930243 -wp- You're Invited to a Ghouls...

S930511 -wp- Come see if Mystery Ghostess...

S934137 -wp - Bring Friends for Treats &...

S943264 -wp- Spooktacular Savings WSS -54...

S965404 -wp- Join my team of Witches WSS...


9-19 Halloween Book to Look CATEGORYAnother FUN way to decorate during the month of October is the "Book to Look" Halloween themed items.
Check out this category: T9-19 - Halloween Book to Look Inside












Mystery GhostessUse Halloween as a chance to hand out invitations to your “Mystery Ghostess” parties!

 What is a Mystery GHOSTESS Party? 
It is a fun way to introduce people you know and don't know to an "open house" that YOU put on toward the end of October (Halloween~~Ghostess- Get it?)
You invite previous hosts and guests, or people you’ve met, and most especially: new people you meet, to come! Most consultants hold them in their own homes, but they can be anywhere! A community center, home, club house etc. work great.


CLICK the graphic to read the complete idea!




I’ve added a whole bunch of new Personalized stickers to the Halloween idea.  You can use them on almost anything!  Whether you want to put them on candy, or samples of products, or mini-catalogs or use them as a colorful addition to a flyer you’ll find lots of different slogans.


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 9-01 -- Turn HALLOWEEN into a LEAD Bonanza IDEA

9-01 -- Turn HALLOWEEN into a LEAD Bonanza IDEA

Did you know you could use Halloween as a chance to meet new people, get your name out there, and have fun with the holiday?

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