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 I have had people tell me, “The Christmas season is the best, I don’t need your products.”

Yet when I’ve had other customers tell me,
“Booster products have made such a TREMENDOUS difference in my business! 
My bookings and recruit leads are up and my sales are soaring!
Thanks to your products my party averages have DOUBLED!” it makes me wonder:

  • Wouldn’t you like your Christmas season to be even BETTER?
  • Wouldn’t you like to have MORE BOOKINGS? 
  • Wouldn’t you like to have MORE people at your parties?
  • Wouldn’t you like to have the people who attend your parties spend a little MORE? 
  • Wouldn’t you like to have MORE people asking you about your opportunity?

If you answered YES, you do want MORE, then I have a few simple ideas:

  1. Use stickers on your invitations and in your catalogs to plant booking seeds that will generate MORE bookings!
  2. Use stickers, postcards and other incentives to encourage your hosts to work a little harder on their party for MORE response.
  3. Use stickers on your invitations to get MORE people to come to your parties or shows.
  4. Use stickers in your catalogs to reminding customers of REASONS to buy which will boost your sales with each customer spending at least a little MORE!
  5. Set yourself apart with your customers by using stickers and postcards to let them know you appreciate them.  They’ll spend MORE at the party and even after the party! (Plus you’ll get more bookings!)
  6. Use stickers to plant seeds that suggest the benefits of joining your team.

You know we help you to do this ALL YEAR LONG …. our products make it easy!  If attendance and sales are up during the holiday shopping season, don’t you think that by using the same techniques that work the rest of the year that they would work during the Christmas season too?

Many customers over the 30 years we have been in business have told us Booster products DO help their Christmas sales to soar above and beyond where they were before.  Make your decision NOW to make the most of every opportunity this Christmas season!

You know this is your busiest time of year and it can also be even MORE PROFITABLE!

You are going to be busy anyway, why not make the most of every opportunity and turn $500 parties into $900 parties and more?
Why not get 3-4 bookings instead of 1-2? Why not have 15 customers in attendance instead of 5?

As the Christmas season is HERE, especially for those of you in the party plan business, it is important for you to still do that LITTLE THINGS that make a BIG difference!   So, we’ve developed products specifically to be used NOW.  Here are some detailed ideas:

  1. 1- GET your datebook filled!   We have an Christmas “Pick a Date & Pick a Prize” Erase Board to use at your parties.  If you currently don’t have any bookings where you will get bookings then use our Christmas “Booking” Postcards to send to previous hosts or customers and then follow up with phone calls.  Use the Christmas Booking stickers on your invitations and in your catalogs to plant seeds!

TIP:  Think about it, if someone receives an invitation but KNOWS she doesn’t have the money to buy anything, what are the chances of her coming?  But what if that invitation has a Christmas Booking sticker such as “No money for gifts under the tree? Just ask me how to get some Free! (S991356) or “Need to fill stocking by the tree? Do it for Free! Just ask me!” (S991533).  Would that person perhaps come to the party so she could see how she could get FREE products?  I’m told that bookings are down across the country, perhaps because the people who WANT to get FREE products are not even coming to the parties where they will be exposed to the fact that they could host a party to get free products.  By using the stickers on the INVITATIONS you are getting that information into the hands of those who are more likely to need it!

2- Take care of your hosts!  Encourage them to do what needs to be done.  You can dress up our normal Key 2 items with Christmas stickers! 

TIP: When you are sending your “Hand-written” thank you card (See Key 5 Postcards) after the party, fill out a “Christmas Card” at the same time while her information and your relationship is fresh on your mind.  You can add a more personal note this way.  See our selection of Christmas Postcards under KEY 9.

3- Encourage greater attendance at your holiday parties by using stickers on the invitation that remind them they have reasons to come and shop!  Slogans like “Your Christmas Gift Solution” or “Shop from your seat not on your feet. Bring your gift list. The longest gift list wins a prize!” (S993174) are great.  Be sure to use a “Bring a Friend…” type too!  See Key 3 stickers!

4-  Use stickers in your catalogs to encourage them to BUY!  Stickers like How many weeks till Christmas??? (S994315) or I can make your Christmas Great! Shop right now before it’s late!  (S994415B) or even Buy it now and but it away! Bring it out on Christmas Day! (S994528) or one of my favorites: Don’t wait for the elf… shop for yourself! (S994580) are just a few to get you thinking.  You’ll love the variety on our website.

5- I’m sure you will meet people who “Need Christmas Cash!” (S996531)  Be sure to get them thinking about what you have to offer by putting Recruiting Stickers on your invitations and throughout your catalogs.  We have a whole bunch to choose from.

TIP: Our customers tell us they put at least ONE sticker on every TWO pages of their catalogs.  WHY?  Because the stickers draw their eye to the products!  Wouldn’t you just love to say “Help Wanted … earn Christmas Cash!” over and over again at your parties until it sinks in?  Yes, I know you would, but you know you can’t, but when you use the stickers in your catalog you are reminding them over and over again but you don’t appear pushy!  You just let the stickers do the talking for you!  Use Booking, Recruiting, Customer Service and Sales stickers throughout your catalogs!  You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the overall response!  NOTE:  Does this mean you don’t need to SAY anything about these subjects?  NO, of course not, you’ll want to mention some of these slogans during your demo, it will reinforce the stickers.  The more senses involved the better!



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 9-03 -- Make Season Most Profitable IDEA

9-03 -- Make Season Most Profitable IDEA

Click VIEW to see some ideas on how to make this holiday season your most profitable ever!

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