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Key 1: Get Bookings Booming Training... Make the most of every opportunity!  Order this product to have access to the PDF with graphics.  Or click VIEW for the link to the training on our BLOG.

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HAVING parties or Show is the lifeblood of your business!

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Use this training and KEY 1 Booking Products from The Booster to: catch attention, make the idea of hosting a party seem fun and easy, entice them to book with you so they can earn free products and more.
Your customers will love "picking a date" so they can "pick a prize" and your date books will stay full.

There really IS a science or a formula to getting your bookings booming! It has been studied and analyzed for YEARS by people in the party plan profession. Here it is:

1- Get people excited about your products.

2- Develop a DESIRE in them to have them.

3- Show them how FUN and easy it is to host a party.

4- Help them feel valued by you and their friends.

5- Let them know they can earn them for FREE!

6- Get them thinking about it.

7- Point out the benefits of being a host.

8- Offer incentives for them to book with you

9- Overcome any objections

10- ASK them!


KEY 1: Boost Datings and Bookings!

As you know, the party-plan industry is based on gathering groups of people together so you can demonstrate and sell your products. The benefits of selling products in a "party atmosphere" are many, but here are just a few:

u The guests at your parties will generally be pleasant and attentive because they view the shopping experience as a night out with friends in a comfortable atmosphere where they can visit and shop. (We all know that shopping with friends is more fun than shopping alone.)

u Friends help encourage sales. Often people are afraid to make decisions so their friends will say, "Yes, you need that! That would be great for you!" Such comments can increase your sales dramatically.

u Customers will book their own parties so they can earn the products they want for FREE, and because they know how fun your parties can be. Each hostess usually encourages her friends to book and buy more so that she can earn more FREE products. (This creates a chain reaction of more bookings and contacts which is the key to keeping your business thriving.)

u You, the consultant, has the opportunity to meet new people, build relationships, and share your opportunity with others.

u Because you generally do not have to pay overhead costs such as a lease for a store, insurance,

etc. your commissions can be very high. Also, most party-plan and direct selling businesses are simple to start and fun to work!


Booking parties is the lifeblood of your business.
If you don’t get bookings, you are less likely to meet as many new people to share your products with, therefore decreasing your sales. At your parties you increase your customer list, generate recruit leads, book even more parties, etc. One of the first things you need to learn and continue to improve upon is HOW to keep your DateBook filled with parties. This is your "work schedule!" Let’s review the FORMULA that has proven to keep your DateBook filled and see how Booster Products can help you.


The first FOUR steps in the formula:
1- Get people excited about your products,
2- Develop a DESIRE in them to have them,
3- Show them how FUN and easy it is to host a party, &
4- Help them feel valued by you and their friends.


We will discuss these even MORE future key trainings. But in a nutshell, it is all about how you present your products and convey caring to host and customers. Many consider that when they’ve done this - they’re done. That it is up to the customer from there ... but as mentioned in items 5-10 there is so much more! Here are some ideas:

1. Plant booking seeds by using
STICKERS on your invitations and catalogs.


Use booking stickers on invitations, flyers, and catalogs to get people thinking about the benefits of being a host even before you talk to them about it. They may be wondering how they can "Earn Some Free." Or, the idea of having a "Girls night out" might be just what they are needing. It is your job to help people see the advantages and have the desire to book a party.


Using booking stickers on the invitations gives you the opportunity to mention the concept of booking earlier in your demonstration. At the beginning of the party you can use one-liners like "Did anyone notice the sticker on your invitation that said ‘Money Low? Book a show?’ Well when you have a show, just as Suzy did, you can earn products for FREE."


Not everyone will want to have a party, but when you plant the booking seeds in advance with stickers, they have at least thought about it. Asking for bookings is a numbers game. To play the game, you must ask EVERYONE! It just might surprise you who will say YES!


Many people tell us that their business is successful because they ASK EVERYONE! The worst that can happen is they will say no! What does a "no" hurt? Just count that as one more "no" on the way to "yes," but KEEP ASKING! Sometimes the same person that said "no" one day may say "yes" another day when she’s in a better mood, or she gets to know you better, or she has a certain product she really wants, etc.


2. Use Buttons & SIGNS to get them asking questions.


When guests ask YOU questions, they are more likely to listen to what you are saying. During your demo you have a captive audience. Make the most of every opportunity to impact your guests with the advantages of having their own party! Put up the sign "If I don’t ask you to have a party, pick a prize!" (DS17130) or wear the button (B17130). Your guests will be waiting for you to ask so they can get the prize. The prize could be as simple as a wrapped candy bar or a magnet, but at least you’ll get them talking about and thinking about having a party.


Hang the "Every item has 3 prices" Business Card Poster (BCP10220PR) up in stores. It has room for you to put your company name and your contact info on all the tear-off business cards. Then you can add a more personal message on the sign section.
(We also have a blank gradient (BCP10615PR) and other colored sign that we can put whatever you want on.) These are available ONLINE and we print them for you.


3. Use Postcards to contact previous hosts.


In today’s busy world, many people play phone tag. Eliminate at least one step by sending a postcard to contact previous hostesses. Again, you plant the seed and get them thinking about when would be the best time to host a party. Better yet, they might contact you! The "Wish list free" (PP10592C) postcards make this so easy. (We offer this with or without text- You can download the FREE TEMPLATE to print onto the Graphic only version from the DOWNLOAD tab of each individual product you order.)


These postcards "break the ice." If you just sit down and begin making phone calls to previous customers and hosts, it is a "cold call". But if you send the postcard first, and THEN make the follow-up call, it is a "warm call." Warm calls generally generate a higher percentage of positive responses because they have already considered the benefits of booking a party. It also saves you time, because if they are NOT interested, they can tell you when you call, instead of the, "Well, let me think about it, call me back." response which requires even more time.


Make it easy on yourself by using the Printable Postcards. Many of our designs of printable postcards are available with text or without text so you can fill it with any message you want and print onto them from your own computer or hand write a message and copy ONTO them. (As always the free templates are online in the DOWNLOAD TAB of each postcard number.) We can even PERSONALIZE them for you! If you like our TEXT we can print that, and then put your contact info along the bottom, and you just fill in a few blanks. OR, If you want to hand write notes, we can print JUST your contact info along the bottom. Either of these options save you TONS of time and your cards look very professional, yet the graphic is a message that will be remembered.


Most importantly, whenever you send out postcards or flyers, make a list of WHO you sent them to and make sure to FOLLOW UP with phone calls! Even if you call them and they say no to booking a party, you can offer to tell them about current specials and ask them if they are in need of any products.


4. Talk about BOOKING throughout your demonstrations. Use lots of one liners.


Put stickers that create interest in booking in your catalogs, on guest folders, etc. But the REAL TRICK is to mention the slogans on the stickers in relationship to your products while doing your demo, or talking about your products. For example:


Put the sticker, "Why pay full price, Free is Twice as nice" (S10411) by one of your more popular items that you show at every demo. Then during your demo say, "You will just love having product ABC to use in your home, but hey, Why Pay Full price, Free is twice as nice!" And MOVE ON and show something else.


Do this with several different slogans during your demo like, "If your heart says yes, but your checkbook says no, book a show" (S10517) or "Earn some free when you party with me." (S10480) By using these what I call ‘One Liners’ you'll create interest. Then as your customers are flipping through the catalog to order, they'll be reminded over and over again. It is so much more effective to use ‘one liners’ throughout your demonstrations, than to give a

several minute dissertation during your party because people THINK they are not interested and will turn you off When you use one liners you tickle their interest before they have time to tune you out.

Here are some "one liner" suggestions you can say while holding up your products:

u "Just say yes to having a party and this could be yours,"

u "When you have your own party you could earn this!"

u "You will love having me come into your home to give a demonstration to your friends just like we are doing tonight for Sue."

You get the idea. Write down a list of all the reasons to have a party and turn them into "one liners." Memorize your "one liners" and mentally attach them to a product. Then, when you pick up that product to show in your demonstration you automatically say the "one liner."

I’ve created a complete training on this, about tying the one-liners to the stickers to create the BRAIN CONNECTION so your customers will remember and become involved with what you offer. Please go to the website and under FREE TRAINING then T0 you’ll find: T0-17 - Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!

There is a FREE PDF of a worksheet you can use to come up with one-liners.

You can copy this master and use it to develop your one-liners. Browse through the stickers you like and create one-liners to go with them. Write them 3x5 cards or post-it notes and put a product and a "one-liner" on each card. Take the cards with you in the car and memorize them so your presentation will flow. (Or just write your one-liners on post-it notes and stick them to the backs of your products as reminders in your demos.)

You will find people are so much more open to having parties when you have pointed out the benefits or advantages to them during the party in a nonthreatening way. They will begin asking YOU questions!

This method is more natural and less pushy and offensive than others. This enables you to plant 10 or more "booking seeds" during your demonstration!

Put Booking "Pen Pal" stickers on the pens that your customers use and refer to them during the presentation. They will read the slogans over and over again and you will SAVE YOUR PENS too! The stickers have TWO slogans and you just lay the pen in the middle and bring the two sides together like a flag! (Instructions are on the back of the sheet.) Your guests will read these over and over again as they open their guest folders and throughout your demo.

5. YOU never know!!!!

You just never know what is going to motivate your customers to become hosts. That is why we have such a variety of booking stickers available. Maybe someone is out of money but has a wish list full of your products that they want to earn. Others just might want a good excuse to get all their girlfriends together and hae a ‘girls night out!’. Or, maybe they need some ideas for gifts and want an easy way to shop. Always draw attention to the benefits of booking by using stickers throughout your catalogs and flyers.

6. Motivate guests to book by offering FREE GIFTS, and FUN!

Many customers will book a party to receive certain free gifts. Find out what your customers like and use those items as motivators. Some of our customers have told us that they can book the parties OK, but then they can’t get them to hold.

To avoid cancellations tell your customers you will give them their prize the night of THEIR party. (Held on the original date booked.)

The free gifts tend to be the thing that motivates most people to book. However, this is the reason they admit to- the logical reason. But, people will also book parties because they enjoyed your company and the fun parties that you hold. Make your parties fun and entertaining, befriend your guests and hosts. This will appeal to your guests, and your DateBook will be full!

Many times, your guests will be having such a good time that they will encourage each other to be hosts. They will tell their friends that they will come to each other’s parties because there are more things they want. Sometimes they will tell you "NO," but remember to listen to what THEY are saying. Are they saying no: Never? Not right now? Or I’d rather do a catalog party? Find out each person’s specific needs and help each person to see the specific benefits for her.

Use the "Pick a DATE and Pick a Prize" products to encourage guests to BOOK.

u Before your parties for the week, prepare our "Pick a Date Erase Board" (we offer several different designs) with the NEXT 4 weeks. Write the dates in the corner of each circle, leaving room for guests to write their name and phone number.

Using a wet-erase pen (VEB-PEN), make big star bursts around the dates you want to fill. Only put 1 day each week (even if your have more available). This creates a sense of urgency. If they want a different date, you can check your date book, but they wouldn’t get the prize unless the other dates highlighted are already filled. Mark off boxes that you already have a party booked or days you don’t want to have a party. Note specific hours if you only have an afternoon or evening available.

(We have only provided 3-4 weeks on our "Pick a Prize" calendar because it keeps your business moving better if you only date as far out as 3 weeks. Also, you don’t want to give a prize for dating further out because they tend to lose their motivation and excitement for doing the party so long after booking.)

u Decide how and what you want to use for prizes. There are several different options:

1) You could wrap up some gifts and put them on display.

2) You can put the "Pick a Date" stickers (S10906 or S10904) by items in your catalog or actually on the products in your display that they can pick. The sticker on the product will remind you to mention it and it reminds your guests as they are looking at your products.

3) You can put pictures of the prizes from your catalog together on one page and make copies. Then put those copies in each of the guest folders.

Remember, you’ll actually give them their gift at their show when held on the

original date booked!

u At your parties, set the calender up in your display. Wear the "Pick a Date" button (B10906 or B10904) or allow your hostess to wear it, since getting bookings helps her earn more! Mention that you will be passing the calendar around later in the demonstration and tell them you will remind them about the prizes during your demonstration.

u About 2/3 of the way through your demo, pass around the calendar and pen. Have guests write their name, phone, and time of party on available dates. This helps you to fill in the DATES YOU want to party!

u Before the party, put a "Pick a date" sticker on every order form or catalog. During the party, draw attention to it and suggest they write the date they have chosen by the sticker on their order form. When you are taking their order the sticker and date will remind you to ask them if they have a date in mind. This helps you to remember to ask EVERY person to be a hostess.

This brings us to the FINAL step in keeping your DateBook full -- ASK, ASK, ASK!

Think about it, if you don’t ASK the answer is already NO! Sure, you might get some "no’s" along the way but when you are enthused and truly love what you do and love offering your products to people and sharing the benefits, you’ll get LOTS of YESes!


Make the most of every opportunity!

Plan your presentations carefully to generate leads.
Datings & Bookings are the lifeblood of your business!


Remember the products don’t work unless YOU DO!
The more Action you take, the more PROGRESS you make!

We LOVE to hear your comments.  This training is also on our BLOG where you can interact with us. 


We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to "re-invent the wheel!"  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

Make the most of every opportunity!
Plan your presentations carefully to generate leads.
Datings & Bookings are the lifeblood of your business!

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 1-Key1-PDF -- Get Bookings Booming Training

1-Key1-PDF -- Get Bookings Booming Training

Key 1: Get Bookings Booming Training... Make the most of every opportunity!  Order this product to have access to the PDF with graphics.  Or click VIEW for the link to the training on our BLOG.

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