9-12 --Gold Opportunity Game IDEA

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This idea is about having a Golden Opportunity Meeting.

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This idea is about having a Golden Opportunity Meeting.  It includes ideas to advertise, a recruiting game and follow up ideas.

It’s all about using the GREEN theme in your business in March!

We have fun new products using the shamrock, gold coins, rainbows and more. We have an “opportunity meeting” idea all ready to go!
Scroll down to read the idea.   I know it seems early but you need to begin planning and advertising NOW!

ADVERTISE your meeting!  We’ve developed postcards to ADVERTISE and INVITE people to your meetings.  Give them to every guest at every party and talk about your event and be excited.  Tell them this will be a fun (no obligation) meeting where they can earn prizes, receive free gifts, and better yet learn about how they can start their own business and make a great income!  Use  item  PP60136CTPR -wp- PERSONALIZED Change Your... .  We also offer these cards personalized by us.  Just let us know what you want printed on them.

Also, mail these invitation to previous hostesses and guests.  If you’re with a company like AVON, include one with every campaign catalog.  Give them to everyone you meet.

Encourage them to “Bring Friends” S93384A -wp- Bring Friends Chances Win!...  and “Bring this with you” S93385A -wp- Free Drawing (shamrock) WSS... by putting these stickers on the front or back of the cards.  We also have other fun slogans to get them thinking about booking a party (S10587A -p- Free Shopping Spree RC -63...), or getting excited about making money and joining your team S62586D -p- Make Serious Money WA -30...


Play the Recruiting Game

This game is intended to be played at an opportunity meeting or it can even be played to a smaller extent during your parties.

The graphics all have to do with money, luck, and gold coins so it is particularly appropriate to play during the month of March but really can be played anytime.

YOUR Object:  To introduce your guests to your opportunity by allowing them to read the slips of paper and answer the questions.   The items on the slips are either quotes or benefits of your company.  The questions then ask the person reading them what they know about your company or how they feel about the famous quote and how it might apply to your company or to them.

THEIR object:  To earn “Chips” or “coins” with the appropriate sticker on them that they will use later for the “auction” you’ll have so they can go home with free products.  We suggest the 3 different graphics have 3 different values.
The “4 leaf clover” stands for LUCK = 1
The gold coins = 5
The $100 bills = 10
This makes it a little more fun because it will create a greater value.
The strips have one, two, or three of each graphic on them.  Give them the corresponding number of chips. (i.e. 2 shamrocks on strip = 2 shamrock chips.)


STRIPS: Order and Print off the PDF. (A-PDF-Golden Opportunity GAME) There are 9 pages:
4 pages of quotes
3 pages of benefits of your business
2 blank pages where you can write your own benefits that relate specifically to your business.
The layout is all exactly the same.  The strips are all 1″ so you can cut them all at once with a paper cutter if you have one.  Once cut, fold each in fourths and put them in a bowl for them to draw.
NOTE:  As you are folding them, read through them and throw away any that don’t apply.  Read the question and think about what YOU would answer and how you might give even more information after the guest has read it and replied.  .  (Print out a duplicate set for making notes.  On most strips there is room to jot down things you want to be sure to mention if the guest doesn’t.  If there’s not room draw an arrow and make notes on the back. They are numbered to make it easy for you to find them as the guests read them off.)
You may want to prepare some charts showing specific monetary discounts and benefits available with your company.

CHIPS or Coins: Purchase the S65582 -wp- Coins (shamrock, money) WC -63... & S65583 -wp- Coins (gold, green, luck) WC... stickers to make the chips.  The stickers are 1″ in diameter.  You can either purchase poker chips to put the stickers on.  Or, cut CARD stock into 1 ½” squares.  Then, put the sticker with just the graphic (S65582 -wp- Coins (shamrock, money) WC -63...) on one side, and the matching graphic with the words (S65583 -wp- Coins (gold, green, luck) WC...) on the other side.  (As they read the slogans it feeds their subconscious with positive slogans.)

If you were to use almost EVERY slogan I’ve suggested you’d need 3 sheets of each of the two stickers (1 set for the front and 1 for the back for a total of 189 chips.

PRIZES: Prepare the prizes for your auction.  You may want to have some wrapped (to create curiosity) and some NOT wrapped (to create desire!)

TO PLAY: First show your guests some of the prizes they’ll be able to purchase at the end of your event with the “chips” they’ll earn by reading and answering the questions on your slips.  Assure them that there are no “wrong” answers and that you are looking for their opinions about your company and your opportunity, or that you are curious to know how much they know about your company.  Ask them to please read the NUMBER so you’ll know how many chips to give them.  (Keep track of what’s been answered on the duplicate copy.  Then so you know what didn’t get covered and what you’ll need to follow up with at the end.  They are numbered to make it easy.)

Ask who wants to go first, and then pass the bowl to the next volunteer.  You may want to ask one of your team members to offer to go first to break the ice.  Let them know that playing is totally optional but that is how they win chips for the auction.  Once you get things going you may just want to continue around the group to give everyone an opportunity to play.

As they read the quote or benefit and then the question, listen carefully to their responses and make mental notes (or if you have a large group you may want to have someone take notes for you.)  You’ll want to keep track of what their dreams are, how much they know, how interested they sound, etc. so you’ll know how to follow up later.

As each completes reading their strip and answering the questions, be aware of what else you can add, or open the floor for discussion.

Play until the strips are gone or until the time allotment is gone.  Be aware of what has been talked about so you can close with the important points that may have been missed if you run out of time.


AUCTION: Once you’ve finished with all the strips, take a few minutes to let them know that you’ll be ready to help anyone who wants to join your team AT THE MEETING (Be sure to have some extra incentives for signing up then and there.)  You can either let them take a break at that point and come and ask questions from either you or from the person who brought them.  Have some light refreshments and a product display for them to come and look at.  You may want to have a display of exactly what comes in a new join “kit.”

Then, put all your prizes out and have an auction!  Have fun.  You may want to have some small prizes they can get so everyone wins something!

IDEA- You can also use our “Bill BUCKS” for them to write down their dreams and take home.  Make sure your contact info is on the back.  See a demonstration idea of how to use the Bill bucks at your meeting.  See VX6660 -*xr- Big Bill Bucks 50 - pkg.

AFTER the MEETING: Review your notes – or write them.  Hopefully you’ll have a sign up slip for everyone who came.  Do it at the beginning.  Use the rainbow/clover sign up cards (PP60137CT -wp- Sign Up Card (shamrock)...) or.  Have them turn them in at the END of the meeting before the auction.  Give them a chip for turning it in.  Do a DRAWING for a special gift.  The reason to do it at the end is so you can get a better response to the questions.   They’ll have a little more information and know what their getting into.  Be sure to refer to the questions on the bottom and ask them to fill them in so you know how to better serve them.

REVIEW the cards- write notes on the back and FOLLOW UP with calls, to get bookings, sign them up, sell them products, etc.


Click the  link below to go to this idea category on our website where you can order the PDF of the game and all the products mentioned in the idea. 


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 9-12 --Gold Opportunity Game IDEA

9-12 --Gold Opportunity Game IDEA

This idea is about having a Golden Opportunity Meeting.

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