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Key 2A: Have Happy Hosts- Simple Steps to Great Success with your HOSTS...

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Extended Training: Key2A: Host Coaching!
Our Basic training in the “$1000 Party System PACK” SYSTEM
gives you the basic information on Key2A- Host Coaching.

This is more of an overview, not specific, steps for each product.
It may repeat some of the $1000 training,
but goes into greater detail and includes additional products.


It is not necessarily what YOU do AT the party, but more importantly,
what you encourage HER do BEFORE the party
that makes it more successful! These items and training make it easy for YOU to be consistent with your hosts.


KEY 2A: Have Happy Hosts by Offering Host Coaching that engages her to achieve effective results!

The information in this training, when applied, can and will have a very dramatic impact on your business. The number of contacts you make with your hosts, including the encouragement and information you give her, will determine the success of your parties. So, please take the time to follow these steps to coach your hosts to success! It only averages about 30 minutes per party (spread out over the time between booking and holding the party) and will make a HUGE impact on your overall sales and future business. Many of your hosts have either never had a party before, or have not been taught what to do to make the most of their parties. That is part of your job, to coach them into making the party successful for both of you. The time you take to work with your host BEFORE and AFTER each party will make the difference! Plus, your hosts will be more likely to book again if they had fun and earned lots of host gifts. We suggest you use either the “$1000 Party” or “Follow Up” Erase Board checklists to help YOU keep track of each party and host. This checklist should be put on your fridge or somewhere handy in your home. Why? Well, have you ever been making dinner, thought about your hosts, and remembered that you need to give one of them a call, but your planner was in the car or in another room? How much easier would it be if that information was right there, handy, so you could “multi-task” and make a few phone calls while making dinner? It also keeps you focused on the ACTION you need to take! So, lets go through the steps of effective host coaching to $1000 parties.

1. Give each host a “hostess packet.”

Make a classy impression by presenting your customer with a host packet as soon as she books her party. See the 2-Key2B-PDF -- Prepare Host Packets Training in the KEY 2 IDEAS & Training Category for complete details. Make several up in advance and take them to each party, and keep some in your car. These packets should let your hosts know what they need to do for their parties, and get them excited about it. Use stickers to remind hosts of what they need to do. The “10-5 2” and “Outside Orders” stickers can be used on or in your folders, letters of explanation, on the front of postcard reminders, etc. (Use our HOST FOLDERS V2670 and be sure to include the Preferred Hostess Card BCD20390 or BCD20390T or BCD20390PR.) When you have your host packets prepared in advance and sitting at your demo table ready to give away, you are reminded to ask customers to book. Customers will see them and ask you what they are. In your demo when you are saying some of your booking “one-liners” you can hold up a packet and say “Being a host really is easy. If you book tonight I’ll give you one of these cute folders which will tell you everything you need to know to earn the gifts that you desire. It even explains all the extra free stuff you can earn.”

2. Send a confirmation postcard immediately!

Immediately after you get a booking, send a postcard to the host. (We offer several different designs, all available with delightful full-color graphics AND text (CT) or with just the Color graphic (C) or that WE can personalize them for you with YOUR contact info printed along the bottom so all you have to do is fill in the blanks and/or write a quick note (-PR) These postcards will confirm the date and time and let her know you are excited to work with her. Add a personal note. We have many different designs to choose from! The other side of our postcards are completely blank so you can put the “I’m Watching for Guest List” sticker (S23087) or other stickers on them along with the address. It is SO IMPORTANT to get a guest list so you’ll have those names, addresses, and phone numbers for future use! For more information on WHY and HOW to use a guest list see FREE TRAINING > T2-Hosts > 2-02 -- Confirm the party & GET guest list AND THEN 2-03 -- How to use the guest list on our website. As with all our products these ideas can also be found under the KEYS training categories. These can also be found under Key 2: Hosts, then 2: IDEAS & Training. Even if the host is going to send the invitations, you’ll want the guests info so you’ll know how many to plan on. You can also use the list to see who did not attend the party, then you or your host can call those people and try to generate more sales. Plus, you can add them to your mailing list, etc. Use the S2K2B stickers when working with your hosts. They are sure to get read when you put them on any of these postcards or on papers in your host packet. The “Committed” sticker reminds her that this is your job and important to you. The “Invite Frank” gets her thinking of who to include on her guest list. The ”Call them ORDER” is to use when following up to remind her to make the “After Party” calls. And the “As a Host earned” reminds her of the rewards she received for doing her part as a host.

3. Let her know you’ve mailed the invitations, (or remind her to mail them.)

Based on years of experience and comments from our customers, we recommend that YOU take care of mailing the invitations. I know, it’s been said, “It’s expensive to mail them. The host can pass them out and it doesn’t cost anything.” But, do you know the number one reason that parties are postponed? It is because the host didn’t get the invitations out in enough time. So, how expensive is a postponement? Is it MORE than the cost of the postage? I know, that’s not the REASON she tells you, but it is a fact. The delay is usually not intentional, your host may just be busy, or she may forget to mail them in time. Think about it, who is it more important to that the party holds on the night scheduled? As your host sees it, she can just reschedule it for another night, but to you, it is like your boss calling you and telling you that you are not needed at work that night. You don’t get paid if the party doesn’t hold. Plus, how many potential parties and sales do you lose when things are delayed? When you take all these things into onsideration, your time to send the invitations and the cost of postage is cheap! When YOU mail the invitations, YOU know that it gets done, and when! Once you’ve mailed the invitations, let your host know by calling her or sending a postcard. However, occasionally there are times when your host will mail the invitations so we offer this postcard to send her as a reminder to get them in the mail. What about TEXTING and SOCIAL MEDIA? I know some think this is a better option, but does a text hang on the fridge and get seen over and over? Does a Facebook invitation stay in front of your guests? Of course, using Social Media is a great way to send REMINDERS but sending the actual invitation will MORE than pay for itself and it gives you the opportunity to invite them to bring friends, plant booking and recruiting seeds AND they LOVE getting something in “Snail Mail!

4. Encourage your hostess to call her guests to remind them of the party.

Make a note in your planner a few days before the party, to mail your hosts a “call to remind them” type postcard. Use the FREE TEMPLATES we offer under the DOWNLOAD TAB of each item to type your own information ONTO the cards with just the attention getting graphic, (C) or you can purchase them with fill-in-the-blanks text (CT). We have LOTS of different reminder cards to choose from. When you use the printable version (Item ending in C) with JUST the graphic, you can also include information about what you expect from her that night, what she can earn, and the extra benefits of getting outside orders and early bookings. This will get her more excited! Or send a note with the “If you call them... they will come” sticker on it (S23396). Those reminder phone calls made by your hosts can literally make or break your party. Do whatever necessary to encourage your hosts to make those calls IN ADDITION to TEXT or FB invitations!


Another thing you can do to encourage her to make the calls is to play a game Tell your host if she finds the FIVE guest with the “Gifts” sticker on it (Yes, that means 5 invitations will have 5 stickers.) She will earn “Extra” credits (It can be anything you choose.) Put the “Call your Guests Find 5 guests” sticker --S20398 On the front of her “Phone Call Reminder” Postcard and put the S44427 -- Gifts all occasions STICKERS overlapping the bottom of it so she knows which sticker she is looking for. When you call her before the party, ask her how her search is coming. You can use any “unique” sticker like Gifts for all occasions” (S44427) or “Book Before the Show” (S20017) (or any of the Key 4 stickers) on just 5 of the party invitations you are sending out. The Book ones is especially good because when the host finds the guest with that sticker she can encourage her to book before the show! During your host coaching tell her you will be doing this on the invitations you mail, and if she makes the calls and finds the 5 people, you’ll give her something special. Remind your host to tell those guests that THEY’LL receive a prize when they bring their invitation to the party. (Be sure to put a mark on your copy of the guest list by the 5 guests whose invite you’ve put the sticker on and bring the guest list to the party.)

Read the training “T2-04 Go for MORE!”

(How to encourage Hosts online under FREE TRAINING > T2-Hosts > T2-04 Go for more category on our website Just think what this can do for you! It encourages your hosts to make the calls and encourages greater attendance to your party! Tell your host that she receives something more if all 5 guests come to the party! To make your hostess feel special and encourage her, put the “Hostesses like you make my day” sticker (S26411) on the front of the postcard by her name. Also, if you put a KEY 3- Increasing Attendance Sticker such as “Bring a friend, receive a free gift” (S31031) on the guest’s invitations, be sure to include one on your host’s postcard as well, this reminds her to remind her guests to bring their friends, etc. when she’s calling. I know some consultants who offer to make the calls as part of the service they offer. For those who are “stay at home moms” they may be able to work it into their schedule more easily. That’s great, because you must DO whatever you need to do to be sure the calls are made. This makes a HUGE difference to your attendance. Oh, and be sure to remind them to offer catalogs to those who can’t attend. You could even put that sticker (S20397) on the front of the postcard reminder and on your host packets.

5. Use Stickers to remind and encourage hosts.

This COMBO sheet of Host Coaching stickers (S2K2) make it easy for you to remind your hosts to get outside orders and bookings, to work hard to become a “Preferred Hostess,” and to get excited about earning discounts, etc. This combo sheet is printed with training information on the back. It is a great tool to use as gifts or training for your team because they can try a variety of slogans, see which ones they like, and later purchase full sheets of the specific ones they want.

6. Call your host a day or two before the party to confirm and meet her needs.

This call is important. Be sure to ask her: ---how her reminder phone calls are going, ---how many people she is expecting, ---if she has gotten outside orders or bookings (so you can bring more host packets), ---how many catalogs she needs to give to people who are not attending, and ---if there is anything specific that she wants you to do or to cover at the party. This is where you would: ---confirm your expected time of arrival, ---travel instructions & how long it takes to get to her house, ---that she has a table for your display, ---or whatever you need to know.


If she is not home, leave a message and ask her to please return your call AS YOU HAVE SOMETHING SPECIAL TO TELL HER (as incentive for her to call you back- then tell her something your company is offering or whatever as that something special!)

7. Arrive early enough to set up, spend time with the host and guests, and be relaxed.

Use this time to get to know the needs of your host and guests! You’ll want to find out what their looking for, how you can be of service to them and share the benefits of joining your company. Help them feel comfortable and get them excited for your presentation. This time is especially important in building relationships for the future. Your host’s subconscious (or conscious) reason for having the party may be because she wants to get to know you better. This is where you set yourself apart. Your “meet and greet” time is extremely important in understanding the needs of your guests. Keep your guest list on a clipboard and make notes about people as they arrive. This will give you valuable information about your guests and enable you to mention specific items during your demonstration.

I mentioned this earlier: For more details about using your guest list look for Guest List under FREE TRAINING > T2-Hosts > T2-02 & 3 Guest List. on our website. Putting this training idea into action will make you money!

8. Recognize and thank your host in front of her guests.

Thank her for the opportunity of letting you into her home. Let the guests know that she has been a pleasure to work with and give her a little gift. Put a magnet on her fridge when you leave, so she’ll know that she’s appreciated. (Use the “Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess” printable sticker (S26412BC-PS or PR) on a magnet (M10). Doing this not only makes your host feel good, but the guests may want that same type of recognition and decide to have a party! These little things add up to MORE BOOKINGS!

9. Close the party and send a personal “thank you” note.

Before leaving the party set up a time that you can meet with her to “close the party.” Prior to that date send her a reminder postcard so she’ll have everything ready. Meet or call her on that date. As an added reminder for her to call her friends to get orders put the “If you call them they will order” (S25399) sticker on the front of the “close” postcard. Then, once all of the product has been delivered and the loose ends are wrapped up, send your host a “thank you” note. We have several specific designs for hosts Or you can use the “Thank you for inviting me into your home” PP21517C or our other “Thank you” postcards in Key 5 ) I suggest that you personally handwrite the card so she knows it is sincere. Use the sticker S26144 on the front of the postcard to remind your host how much she earned in free or discounted products by hosting the party, and encourage her to book with you again soon. Let her know you enjoyed working with her. To see ALL the Hostess related products we offer go to our website then click on KEY2:Hosts and then Stickers, Postcards, Other Products, Training, etc.


When you are writing your thank you notes is also a great time to make out your “Christmas Cards!” I know it may seem early. Yet, if you do this for every host throughout the year, you won’t have the added stress during the holidays and your note will be more sincere since you will have just worked with her. We have several that are great! See them online under POSTCARDS/Key 9 CHRISTMAS.

10. Follow up with hosts that do “catalog parties.”

Make regular contact with your hosts who are doing “catalog parties” or “book shows.” Remind them of deadlines, and close the party in a timely matter so the customers get their products on time and the hostess doesn’t lose interest. For complete info on how to make catalog parties more successful see T1-02 Catalog Parties under FREE Training > T1 Booking on our website. We even have a K-CPP Pack to SAVE on a selection of products to make it easy! Download the FREE PDF, just click on the item and then the DOWNLOAD TAB.

Making regular contacts with your hosts to let them know what you’ve done for their party will keep them excited and remind them how much you care. An enthused host will work hard to help you make the party a success, and thereby generate more sales, leads, bookings, repeat business and gifts for her. See our V1003 Training System Dividers! There is a FREE PDF (10_steps_instructions) Scroll down to the DOWNLOAD Section (Search for V1003)

11. Additional follow up:

If you have our “System Dividers” (V1003) be sure to copy the inside of the first tab, “The Party /Show Checklist”. (Or print it from the Download mentioned above.) 3-hole punch them and fill out one for each hostess. As you follow the “10 Steps to Successful parties!” (as we’ve discussed in this training and included on the yellow sheet of the system dividers”) keep track of not only what you’ve done and what stickers you’ve used but THE RESULTS! There is a place to evaluate each party so you can see what is working for you! Use the System Dividers to organize all your Booster products in a 3-ring binder and follow the steps. (File the stickers behind the appropriate key tab- the first number of the item number is the key it goes with.) Remember, it is not so much what you do AT the party, but what you do to prepare FOR the party that makes you the money.

See our NEW How to have $1000 parties SYSTEM!

You will LOVE this new K-Pack! It includes EVERYTHING you need to implement ALL the steps we’ve discussed in ONE great package! It has enough of everything to do FOUR parties (including enough stickers for 140 invitations!) It also has enough stickers to “sticker” 20 catalogs! All of the items in the pack are shown in the “How to Have $1000 Parties” CATEGORY on the website. PLUS, this pack includes 14 pages of step-by-step instruction on how to use every item in the package and WHY to do it! Save 25% off the regular prices when you purchase the K-Pack! Order it TODAY and see your parties grow!


Of course you have MORE than 4 parties coming up, so we have a REFILL Pack... It includes all of the consumable items from the K0-$1000 Party System pack (without repeating the training, dividers, erase boards, etc. There is enough of everything including all the host stickers, & postcards PLUS enough stickers for another 140 invitations. Order the K0-1000 Refill.

Make your presentation stand out with FOLDERS... See the K- Folders Pack.

Most of our customers have told us their party averages have DOUBLED (or tripled) from what they were before consistently using our system .  But think of this.... 

What if, because you did all the things we trained you to do that your sales went up by just $200 a party?  At 20% commission that would mean you made $40 more on just ONE party!  Divide that by the 2 hours it took you to do the party and you would have made $20 PER HOUR MORE ... Right????

 WRONG!!!  It is NOT the 2 hours doing the actual party where you make the extra money. 
 It is the HALF-HOUR you took BEFORE the party to do good hostess coaching, sticking the stickers on your invitations, and making the phone calls that made you the extra $40! 
 So, if you made $40 in a half-hour, how much MORE are you making per hour for taking the time to do that hostess coaching? 
 Yes, $80 PER HOUR!  Now, you decide, is it worth it to do that little extra?  You are going to do the party anyway, why not make it as profitable as possible? 

APPLY the ABCD formula!

If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D-DO IT!

If the Benefit of $200 greater sales at a party (at 25% commission = $50) is greater than the COST ($5-$7 per party to do EVERYTHING we teach - including postage!) - The Benefit would be $42 to $45 MORE PROFIT per party! then D- Do It!


Scroll down to the DOWNLOAD TAB for PDF's of more FREE training ideas!


For more information see the training on our BLOG.  

We welcome your comments, etc. on the blog!


We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to "re-invent the wheel!"  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

We keep our prices VERY REASONABLE, in fact, most customers tell us they can't afford to NOT use our products as they make a HUGE difference in the success of their business!

The products discussed in this training are all shown in the Key2: Hosts Category
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 2-Key2A-PDF -- Host Coaching Training

2-Key2A-PDF -- Host Coaching Training

Key 2A: Have Happy Hosts- Simple Steps to Great Success with your HOSTS...

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