4-Key4B-PDF -- Boost Sales by Selling Gifts

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Key 4B: Boost Sales by selling gifts... Let customers know the products you offer that would make fabulous gifts...

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When you get your customers thinking about upcoming events that they will need gifts for they have a reason to buy. 

Let them know that you can help them find a solution for all their needs. Boost your outside sales by asking customers to fill out their wish lists so you can contact their loved ones with gift ideas.

Boost your sales at every party or show by reminding your customers of all the
upcoming events for which they need to buy gifts.

In this Key4B training we are focusing on “Boosting sales by selling gifts.” Remind your customers that in addition
to buying your products for themselves, they can buy them as gifts for their friends and family. Let them know they can call
you anytime they need something, they don’t need to attend a party to order. Get them thinking of upcoming events they’ll
need to buy gifts for, and give them suggestions of which products would work well for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.
Help them understand how buying gifts from you can be easy, fun and convenient.
Plus, they’ll be giving a unique gift that most likely won’t be duplicated! Implementing just this one concept can bring
THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in additional sales to your business.

1. Suggest reasons to buy gifts at the party.
One of the main REASONS people buy things is “To meet a need or solve a problem.” Remind your customers
of all the upcoming events they could be needing gifts for.
Then, show them how YOU can make it easy for them to get their shopping done and the benefits of letting YOU help them.
For example, rather than making a special trip to the store, they can conveniently shop from you now or anytime and get
credit marked off on their preferred customer card!
It is important for you to generate interest in how your products can be given for the occasions we normally buy for including:
Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, wedding showers,
baby showers, promotions, etc.
(See products relateing to these seasonal gift giving occassions under Key9- Seasonal on our website.)
Remind them that they can “Call you anytime to place an order” (S41247) or remind them they can email you orders by putting
these stickers in or on your catalogs. Invite them to “Visit me on the web” (S41462) Or, use the printable sticker (Same item # followed by
PS or PR) and put your contact information on it. This way you’re sticking TWO messages at once!
Use stickers throughout your catalogs to draw awareness to products that are good for gifts.
You can also promote the idea of giving gifts “Just Because,” and explain that you don’t always have to have a specific holiday
coming to want to give a gift to someone. (For example, show a product that anyone would want and suggest that she give it to a friend
when she is having a bad day, or to a neighbor to show her how much you appreciate her.) It seems like there are always events sneaking
up on us, so why not get your customers to plan ahead for those events and purchase their gifts from you. Suggest products that are great
“generic” gifts they can keep on hand. Put the “Affordable Gifts” or “Gift Idea!”
stickers by items in your catalogs! When you have a great deal going for a products, or something that is very popular, put the
“Stash a Few for Gifts” by that item.

HINT: If it is only on special for a month and you use your catalogs longer than that, then when the sale is over,
just cover up the sticker with a different round sticker!

2. How can YOU be more effective in SELLING GIFTS?
It is often difficult for your customers to come up with an idea of what to give as gifts, so they will surely appreciate your ideas. When
you are giving your demonstrations, SHOW your customers HOW your products will benefit the people they are seeking gifts for. You need to
“push their buttons,” so to speak. You want to create the need for your product. Use stickers to draw attention to specific products.

A) Use stickers to remind them of upcoming events.
Put stickers not only on the pages of your catalogs which show great gift ideas, but on your invitations and order forms too.
As they are filling out their order forms, they’ll think again about what gifts they need. (Wear the “Gifts for all Occasions” button (B44427)
or use it in your display.) Use stickers like “Think ahead... birthdays, anniversaries, weddings” (S44417B), “Gifts for all occasions” (S44427),
“Is a Birthday Coming?” (S44427) and “Gifts for every holiday” (S44450).

B) Sell in sets.
Put together two or more items that go together or fit a theme. Offer a few dollars off, or a discount, if they buy the set.
Use our “Printable Stickers” to print information about a “set” you offer and put it by the products!

C) Use one-liners throughout your demonstrations.
Talk about gifts in connection with many different items as you present them. Don’t go into a lot of detail on
every item, just use little “one liners” like,
“I gave this as a gift to my mom and she loved it because it .....!” or “Your daughters will feel pampered when they use this to ....”
Make a list of products and of people who could use your products. For example, if you sell candles, promote that candles
would make a great gift for real estate agents to use at their desks or to give as gifts to people purchasing homes. Keep in mind
INTERESTS or HOBBIES! Suggest products that would be great for people with certain hobbies. List gift ideas for men, women,
and children of all ages. Include suggestions in several price ranges.
Once you put together these lists, include them in your catalog folder, or at least review them so you can make great
suggestions. Put together a “Gift idea” notebook showing an item and WHO it could be given to! You could even make this into
a game to play at your parties!
See the “Gifts for all Occassions” GAME at the end of this PDF. There is also a worksheet to come up with YOUR ideas
on how to promote your products to groups of people There’s room to put S40427 on the upper right.
If you tend to cater to a specific group of people, print a suggestion of who an item would be good for and print it on the
Printable Stickers. The small square size stickers (SS) work great and you can easily cover them up with a different sticker if the
sale or group changes.

See the great selection of PRINTABLE STICKERS we have online: Shop all Products > Custom & Printable Stickers >
Select the SIZE you want. Purchase the -PS stickers to print yourself.
OR, order the -PR to have US print them for you. To print yourself: Download our FREE TEMPLATES (find them at the BOTTOM
of the product info page). Print whatever you want ONTO the stickers purchased from The Booster.
See our “USING TEMPLATES FOR DUMMIES” for complete step-by-step instructions of how to do it. It is really EASY! I promise!

D) Offer “Gift Cards!” or “Gift Certificates”
Sometimes we just don’t know what to get for those “hard to buy for people.” After giving your suggestions for gifts,
let them know that if they are not sure what someone would like, they can give a gift certificate. Explain that you offer gift cards
for any amount they want. Then, you’ll include your contact information with the gift card and whoever they give it to can contact
you directly. You will then help them pick out something special. We offer our gift cards with fill-in-the-blank redeem information
on the back, or you can purchase them blank on the back. Or we can personalize the back with YOUR INFORMATIONso they can
even be given as “To-From” type gift cards with a gift purchase so your customer doesn’t have to go get a card. With YOUR info
on the back. the person receiving the gift knows where to get more!
Whether you use our gift cards or the gift certificates your company offers, use the “Gift certificates available”
type stickers in your catalogs to remind customers that you offer them.

E) Offer free gift wrapping.
To encourage more gift buying, offer to wrap their gifts for free if they spend over a certain amount. This makes it
even more convenient for your customers and it gets their average orders up.
(Use this sticker in your catalogs or whatever promotion you’d like to offer. S44449 )

F) Invite your guests to fill out WISH LISTS.
In the Key4A training we discussed the importance of getting your customer information. The back side of our
“Double Sided Drawing Cards” (PP40131CT) has a wish list section to fill in. Wish lists help you to know some items she would like,
but will not be buying at the party. As an added feature, if they would like YOU to contact someone to purchase the items for them
as gifts, it has room for them to include that person’s name and contact info. (Download the instructions under on our website
for more information about how to organize and use this information on a regular basis.)
If you would rather JUST have a wish list, we do have those available separately (PP40140CT) We also have stickers to
remind your guests to make their “Wish List!” S43327.
Husbands and boyfriends LOVE getting reminders and gift ideas. Once they’ve finished purchasing for their wives,
see what you can do for their mother, sister, etc. Offer “Free Gift Wrapping” for orders over $$$ to encourage them to spend more.
This is a WIN-WIN situation. Everyone is happy!

G) Call your “Preferred Customers” or mail them postcards with gift ideas.
When holidays are coming up, you have a good excuse to call them to see if you can help them with anything.
Remind them that buying their gifts from you helps them to fill up their “Preferred Customer Card” more quickly and of the
gift they will receive when it is full. We have several different Printable Postcards you could use to send your gift ideas. Slogans like
“Customers like you make my day (PP55454C) or “Thank you for your intererst” (PP50240)) or “Just keeping in touch” (PP50377))
would work great. Or print up a flyer and add stickers to draw attention and color. Offer a dollar or so off items, (See stickers S43056,
S43057, S43058, or S43055 (5% off!) or offer something special with a certain dollar amount purchased.
Use the “Call me for a new catalog” (S42123) stickers on your postcards or flyers. Or, customize a printable sticker with another
message that will get them call you immediately. Or sent the “Brand New Catalog” postcards.

H) Stash a Few for Gifts.
When your company is offering a product at a really great price, draw attention to it with the “Monthly Specials”
sticker by that item. Suggest during your demonstration that as this is such a great buy, they may want to get several to have
on hand because they make a great wedding, shower, etc. type gifts! (Are you using the same catalog next month when the
product is NOT on special? Just cover that sticker up with one of the other “gift” type stickers.)

I) Make the most of Birthdays!
Everyone has one!
So far we have been discussing how increasing your customer’s awareness of gifts solutions can boost your sales.
However, you can also increase your outside orders by sending Birthday gifts yourself! Once you have your customer’s information
using our Drawing Cards, or the NEW Birthday Register cards, develop a program to send birthday cards to your customers offering
them a discount on orders placed within their birthday month.
Birthday Register Cards are so you can easily keep track of the birthday’s of your customers and send an entire month
at a time. Just pass around the set and have your customers put their birthday on the correct month. When you get home,
transfer the info to a set you keep in your card file.
We developed a complete idea on how to use Birthdays to boost bookings sales and more! You can see the
complete training on the website under FREE Training > T4-Sales > T4-03-Birthdays! We offer lots of different Birthday
and Celebrate cards and stickers. Some with text and some are blank so you can write your own message.

Conclusion: Sometimes the guests at your parties will just buy one small item so that they feel like they’ve helped support the host.
These guests forget that they’ve got to run to the store the next day to buy a birthday gift for their daughter, or a wedding gift for
the neighbor, etc. Stick the stickers and mention the one-liners as we discussed in this training and you will reach your potential
for thousands of dollars in additional sales.

When you purchase and download this PDF you will be able to print out this entire training, including the graphics so you
can SEE which stickers, etc. we are discussing. Also you will have access to the ACTION STEPS checkoff sheet.
You will also receive the "Gifts for all Occasiions" worksheet where you will create a list of your products for gifts
for "Special Interests."

You will also receive the "Gifts for all Occasions" GAME you can print copies of and play at your parties.

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 4-Key4B-PDF -- Boost Sales by Selling Gifts

4-Key4B-PDF -- Boost Sales by Selling Gifts

Key 4B: Boost Sales by selling gifts... Let customers know the products you offer that would make fabulous gifts...

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