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You never know where opportunity will strike, use these activities to generate interest in your products and service!

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Yes, it’s that time when you are attending those ball games for your children, grandchildren or other kids you know.  Or maybe it is dance practices, or even taking the kids to the swimming pool or park.  You never know where opportunity will strike, use these activities to generate interest in your products and service! Make the most of those opportunities by letting people know what you offer.  (See Dara’s quote at the bottom of this idea!)

So WHAT should you take to the ball game?
Here’s a few ideas:

1. Take your Booster Binder ($1000 Party System) filled with stickers.  Arrive at your game a little early and bring along a bag of catalogs or invitations that need to be stickered. Pull them out and be “sticking stickers” on your catalogs while waiting for the game to begin. Recruiting stickers are great because this gives you the opening to talk about your opportunity. (You can also do this while waiting for your children at practices, (dance, ball, whatever.) People will be curious about what you offer. Have extra catalogs or partial catalogs you can offer to those who are interested.

$1000 party systemAs mentioned in the IDEA, use the
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2. Be sure to wear recruiting buttons too! Be sure to include “Trip Buttons” on your purse or bag to encourage people to ask you where you are going!

3. Promote “Fund Raisers!” Use the stickers, wear the buttons, and put “Fund Raiser” signs up in your car! Often people are looking for opportunities to raise money for their organizations. Let them know what you offer.

4. Have fun with your kids this summer and promote your business as well. Others will be wondering how you find the time to make it to all those ball games. Share with them the benefits of your business which include FLEXIBILITY! We hope you have a great summer.

5. Have a gift you can give to people you meet. Our Bookmarks are GREAT! Use our printable stickers to put your name and contact info on the back.  You could even be preparing these little “gift bags” while at practices etc.  Just put everything you need to put together in one of the cute “scrapbooking type bags” you can get.  In each pocket, put the different items.  Just bring the bag with you and begin putting them together.  Be sure to bring a grocery bag (reusable or plastic) to put the finished gifts into.  (Remember, projects EXPAND as you get them all put together.)

6. Give “Treats” to team members and parents. See the T9-01 Turn Halloween into a Lead Bonanza for lots of little give away ideas.  Again, you can be putting them together as mentioned in #5.  Be sure to see our “Relationship Building” Business Cards that help set you apart and remind people of the BENEFITS you offer, not just what company you represent.

7. Be putting pen-pal stickers on your pens!  It saves your pens and is an easy project to do while you are out and about.  People will wonder what you are doing and it gives you a chance to talk!

8. Our “$1000 Party System” makes it EASY for you to organize your business and bring your stickers with you when you go to ball games! Read this quote from Dara Johnson:

My upline leader told me about your website 6 months ago. I would always go on and browse but never purchased anything until now! I purchased the $1000 Party Pack and I got it in the mail rather quickly and I couldn’t believe how excited I got over all the stuff I received!!

Things have been slow for me and this gave me such enthusiasm to pick things up again. I did as the pack suggested and organized my stickers in a binder and I can’t wait to order more!

Then Dara sent this second email:
I e-mailed you too soon!! I took my binder with me to the deli. I knew I was going to be standing in line for a long time. I was browsing through my stickers and marking which ones I wanted more of. Then a woman next to me asks me what all the stickers are for!!! I couldn’t believe it. I had no intention of getting anyone’s attention at that point – I just wanted to use that time to make up my wish list. I had no biz cards on me – NOTHING. So I just gave her my information on a piece of paper. I hope she’ll remember the stickers and call me! So yes it does work!! I’m going to carry that book around with me and “pretend” to make up a wish list wherever I go!!
Order the $1000 Party NOW and get started boosting your business.  See the category of products for lots of ideas.  There are lots of Company Specific slogans in this idea category too!


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0-07 Take me to the Ball Game

0-07 Take me to the Ball Game

You never know where opportunity will strike, use these activities to generate interest in your products and service!

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