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BLOG LINK: http://blog.thebooster.com/  This is where we post more details on our Training Ideas.  The actual training ideas are posted under FREE TRAINING with all the products mentioned in the training.  You can also follow the links from there to the blog.

FACEBOOK FAN PAGE: http://www.facebook.com/thebooster.jennyb  This is interactive.  I answer questions, we welcome your success stories, testimonials, and there are often Facebook Specials and announcements so be sure you are a FAN!


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WE NOW OFFER another Credit Card option (Authoirze.net) that has nothing to
do with PAY PAL.  BOTH accept the 4 major credit cards.

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For over THIRTY-FOUR years we have been helping those in the Party Plan or Direct Sales Businesses to Double and Triple their sales.  Let us help YOU to BOOST every Key Area of your business.  Our products create awareness, prompt questions, plant seeds, generate loyalty, set yourself apart & energize yourself and your business!

Everything is divided by the Key Areas of your business.  However, if you are familiar with our products and are looking for JUST STICKERS (for Example) then click on ALL PRODUCTS and they are divided by the TYPE of product and then the KEY!  All products are shown BOTH in all products and under the Key ares of your busines.


LOG IN- Please go ahead and LOG IN (Upper RIGHT Corner)  Why, because then the website will automatically remember what's in your cart and your order history. You MUST BE LOGGED IN to take advantage of any VOUCHERS and to get LOYALTY points and be able to earn Booster Vouchers by referring your friends.

 You'll want this if you order any downloadable products.   Plus you'll be able to start your WISH LIST!  This is a NEW WEBSITE as of Sept 2011.  If you were a customer on our OLD website, you will need to set up an account on this new one.  Sorry, the old contact info did NOT transfer over.

SEARCH- You'll love the new search feature.  It will begin to show items immediately and bring up a list under the search field of the first 10 items that match your search.  If you know an item number you can search for it directly.

WISH LIST- You can create your own wish list that you will be able to see and work with when you are logged on.  You can create multiple lists.  So as you are browsing through the site if you see some things you want, but not ready to order yet, click VIEW on the product and ADD TO YOUR WISH LIST.


MORE:  Once your click on MORE on a product there are all kinds of options. 

  • You'll be able to see a larger image
  • CHANGE the Quantity before adding an item to your cart (You can also change the quantities once something is in your cart by clicking the CART button and making adjustments there.
  • You can mouse over the image and look at it with the magnifying glass
  • You can CLICK the image and it will open even bigger
  • You'll be able to see how it is used in the informaton.  (Just Scroll down or click the MORE DETAILS in the order info box)
  • You can ADD it to your WISHLIST (You can have MULTIPLE Wish Lists too!)
  • SCROLL DOWN to see more info:
    • The DATA-SHEET section gives you details on that KIND of products.  It will tell you size, regular price, what Key Area of your business it will boost, etc.
    • ACCESSORIES (sown at the bottom of the page) shows specific products that go with it, are similar to it, or training that includes the product.  On PERSONALIZED products you want to click and then add PROOF if you want it.
    • ACCESSORIES Section  is also where you will see additional training on the products.  Then, rather than repeating training over and over throughout the site, you'll be able to go to that trainng and from there.  Just follow the link withing that training ITEM  to see all the products that go with that training.  We are still working on getting these up from our OLD website and there will constantly be NEW ones coming.  That is why you'll want to recieve our emails so you are aware of the latest info.
    • DOWNLOADS SECTION:  If there are downloads that goes with that products they will be shown.   It could be the FREE TEMPLATES that go with printable stickers or postcards, or training info that goes with PACKS, etc.

HAVE FUN- We hope as you look through our products you will get LOTS of idea on how to BOOST your business.  Our Goal is YOUR Success!  Feel free to share our site with your friends.  Bookmark it or add it to your favorites.  Be sure to sign up for our EMAIL LIST.

FREE TRAINING- We will be working on getting the FREE TRAINING sections onto the site.  Please be patient!  I've created a BLOG and the actual training TEXT will be on the blog and then you'll be able to easily come back to the site to see the list of products that are highlighted in the training.  The links will be up soon.  In the meantime here is the direct link to the BLOG where I have posted some of the training:  http://blog.thebooster.com/ 

The Booster - Jenny B FACEBOOK Fan page:   We also have a Facebook Fan Page where you can communicate with me directly.  I check it several times a day and if you are having issues please post there and we will do our best to fix them.  You can also post products you love, comments, testimonials, etc. on our fan page.  

BOOSTER SHARE SUCCESS Group where we share ideas, comments, training, etc.



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 K-LINKS to Facebook & Blogs! Click VIEW for info

K-LINKS to Facebook & Blogs! Click VIEW for info

Welcome to our NEW Website!  Click VIEW and scroll down to see specials for THIS WEEK!

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