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Yes, summer has come to an end and it is time to refocus on getting your life organized and that means getting your business organized!  Order this item to get access the the complete training in a PDF!  For a limited time it is FREE with an order.

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I've been thinking about "Back to School" and decided to add a few more ideas to this training.  It is NOT included in the PDF.  Plus, NOTE, the item numbers in the PDF may be outdated.  To see the products just go to the T0-14 Back to School CATEGORY


As I think about Back to School, I think about being prepared. So in addition to all the info below, let's think about what you can do to be prepared for a successful year. Here are a FEW ideas:
Be prepared to get bookings. Make copies of the 2-KEY2B-SHEETS TO PRINT-PDF- PREPARE FOR BOOKINGS ORIGINALS TO COPY PDF so you have them to prepare host packets!

Have your contact info all printed on stickers to use on your catalogs. We have several PRINTABLE STICKERS you can print the info yourself or have US do it with PERSONALIZED options. See the TEN PACKS for additional savings! Think about it. How many times have you NOT had your info on your catalogs and had to quickly write your name. (But you don't take time for the email, website, etc. and it may not even be legible. ) Get a selection of stickers and keep them on hand so you are always prepared.

COMBO STICKERS help you be prepared. Have a selection of stickers on hand.

Check out the T0-14 Back to School CATEGORY  for all these products and more


ORDER this product to get the PDF download for FREE!

Yes, summer has come or is coming to an end and it is time to refocus on getting your life organized and that means getting your business organized!

If you’ve been reading through our training, you know that Booster stickers and other products have a tremendous impact on how prosperous your business can be.

Now, let’s talk about how having your kids back to school can impact your business! 

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time in your car?

A “Mobile” office in your car is the best way to be prepared for money-making opportunities!

This is an idea from Tina, a Booster Customer, that she “tweaked” a little from what she learned at a company training.

Due to the fact she spends so much time in her car (running errands and the kids everywhere!) she feels she needs to be ready to make the most of every opportunity to share her business.

Here’s how she does it:

“I keep a small box in the car with catalogs, order forms, business card, sponsoring brochures, etc., so when I am discussing my business with a new person, I have everything I need right then and there to get them interested!”

“When I’m not in or around the car, I put up a little literature box I made up from a cardboard soup box and painted, and decorated with Booster stickers. Our sponsoring brochures fit right in it, and I wrote on the box, “Please Take One.”  I hook the box on my rear windshield wiper, so when people walk past my car, they can’t miss the box, and a few people have taken brochures!”

“And, of course, I now carry a larger pocketbook, to carry catalogs and samples. I have plenty of Booster Buttons attached to draw attention!  I also attach Booster Buttons to my diaper bag so when I am at the park or ball games I can discuss my business with the mom while we watch the kids play.”

THANK YOU TINA for sharing this idea with all of us
(Tina earned a $25.00 Booster gift certificate – Congratulations Tina!  We welcome YOUR ideas.  Just email them to jennybb@thebooster.com)

Another idea is to make your “Wait” time useful:

How many times do you find yourself waiting to pick up your kids from school, ball games, practices, lessons, etc.?

If you are like MOST with children, it is a LOT of time.  Why not use that time productively?

Have some catalogs in the car along with a selection of stickers, so you can stick your stickers while waiting!  (You can also take them inside with you and be happily sticking while children are at ball practice, etc.  An extra advantage of this is that other mothers (or fathers) are bound to be curious as to what you are doing and start asking questions.  You’ll have catalogs right there to give them.

IDEA- if you have an extra set of our system dividers (V1003), fill a notebook with dividers and stickers to keep in your car so you have your stickers handy to prepare catalogs, order forms, etc. while you are waiting.

Use the time while you are waiting in your car to prepare postcards to send to your hosts.    Get them all ready with your return address label, stamps, etc. so all you have to do is fill in the hosts’ information and drop them in the mail.

Use this time to send postcards to potential hosts (Key 1), customers, etc.  Be thinking of mailings you can do.  Keep your datebook with you so you have hostess’s addresses handy.

Now, with cell phones you can call members of your team.  Keep a selection of motivational (Key 7) and recognition Key 8) type postcards handy in your mobile desk, so while on the phone you can jot them a “Congrats” type comment, address them, and get them in the mail.  Your team will be thrilled to get the card in the MAIL, not just an email and will put it on their fridge.   This will keep them motivated as they will see it over and over again!  (Keep their addresses in your phone so you can drop in the mail.

Keep the “Build it Big” book  (V7123) in your car to read, have a notebook to jot down ideas you are going to implement.  Read the training on the “System Dividers” (V1003) that are in your extra binder and try something new.  Or, use that waiting time to put the “Pen Pal stickers on your pens”!  Doing these little things keeps you excited about your business!

 It  IS possible to make use of all these odd moments of time so you can use your larger blocks of time at home for what needs to be done there.  Be creative, think about what you can do and organize your stickers, postcards, etc. so you can make use of them while in your car.

Booster products really DO help you to draw attention, in a very positive way, to what your business has to offer. We have tons of products to help you with Increasing Sales, Customer Service, and RECRUITING so place your order now to make the most of all those “Situations” where you are meeting many different people that you may never see again. Are you letting opportunities pass you by?  Remember, you miss 100% of the opportunities you never take!

Now that you’ve read the Idea of the Week, I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings about LABOR day and how it impacts YOU!…..


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 0-14-PDF -- Back to SCHOOL -- Back to WORK (Mobile Office)

0-14-PDF -- Back to SCHOOL -- Back to WORK (Mobile Office)

Yes, summer has come to an end and it is time to refocus on getting your life organized and that means getting your business organized!  Order this item to get access the the complete training in a PDF!  For a limited time it is FREE with an order.

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