6-04 -- Tis the Season to Build Team & Dreams

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There is so much more than 'just' sharing the opportunity and expecting people to beat down your door in a mad rush to jump on your 'band wagon' and earn LOTS of money by just signing on the dotted line....

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We often talk about recruiting throughout the year and the importance of sponsoring others onto your team in order to build a residual income.  Those of you who are building a team know the joys and struggles, the rewards and work, the benefits and sacrifices involved in helping others to identify, find and build their dreams.

There is so much more than ‘just’ sharing the opportunity and expecting people to beat down your door in a mad rush to jump on your ‘band wagon’ and earn LOTS of money by just signing on the dotted line!

If it were that easy, with our current economy and job statistics, your business would be thriving!  Now, for some it is, but not because of ‘pie in the sky’ promises, but by steadily presenting a vision of possibilities when people choose to take destiny into their own hands.

Unfortunately, there are still those who portray the business in such a way that all people have to do is ‘sign on the dotted line’ and money will just flow to them with little or no effort!  Those people who join with this ‘promise’ quickly realize it was just a pipe dream and become disillusioned and forever more have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to direct sales or party plan businesses.  They not only feel this way themselves, but they share this attitude with many.

So, how do we sponsor new members of our team while being honest in both our presentation and building their expectations?  We have many slogans of stickers, that reflect this benefit of “You really can make serious money while having fun” or “Make full time pay for part time hours” which some may say feeds into this expectation, but we also have slogans like “The only time Success comes before work is in the Dictionary” or “Dreams don’t work unless you do!”

We do our best to help you lay out the expectations of not only what can be achieved, but what is required in order to achieve the desired dreams.

Your responsibility as a leader is to help your team to understand that you are there to HELP them achieve their dreams, but it requires consistency, belief and work on their part.

So, how do you do this?

1) Make sure your parties are FUN and inviting.  Do your presentation in such a way that others will think, “I can do that!”

2) Plant recruiting seeds on your invitations and in your catalogs.  Actually, put recruiting stickers that present the variety of benefits of joining your team on EVERYTHING!  Why use a variety of slogans?  Because you never know exactly what a person is looking for!  Some may be looking for flexible hours, short hours with a good income, selling a product they love that can ignite their passions, being able to work their schedule around their kids, or even a night away from their kids that they are making money, not spending money!

3) Pay attention when you see that a seed may be germinating.  When people show interest in your products or the opportunity you offer take the time to LISTEN and then answer their questions.  Find out what it is that they are looking for and offer solutions.  Keep in mind that you might not be their solution and accept it.  But, if you ARE their solution, be clear on what is expected.

4) Let them know that by joining your team, they are joining a SUCCESSFUL team.  Reinforce that your goals are to help them achieve success by offering excellent training, expectations of their involvement and commitment to their own businesses, meetings, challenges, recognition and rewards.  Be sure to let them know that though they are expected to WORK to build their own dreams, you will be there to encourage them and give them the best advice available to lay the groundwork for their success, but that THEY must do the work toward building their own dreams.  You provide the blueprint but they must build it for themselves.

I suggest that you actually put together a sheet of expectations:
              (both what you expect of them and what they can expect of you.) 

— Let them know when your meetings are and that you expect their attendance (even far away team members can be involved through a conference call, or video meeting.)
— Give them new team training with an expectation and rewards for completion.
— Teach them HOW to get 6 bookings within 3 weeks of receiving their kit.
— Teach them how to do those first shows.
— While waiting for their kit, expect that they go with you and watch you do some parties.  Have them drive with you so on the way to and from you can offer training, critique and answer questions.
— Whether they live away from you or live close, find out from other team members about upcoming parties that they can go and observe.
— They will eventually find their own style, so having a variety of demonstrations to watch and actually be involved in will help them determine how they will do their own parties.
— You may want to be there to help them do their first party, both before and after, share their enthusiasm.
— Teach them how to host coach and the effectiveness of doing it well.

I’m sure you’ll come up with some other ideas as well, but I believe by doing this you will be giving them the blueprint for their own success.  By this level of involvement, they will know you want them to be successful and are willing to invest the time and effort to get them off to a great start.

5) Continue as you start.  Keep bringing new members into your team.  Continue to teach them how to get their business off to a great start.  Continue to train, motivate, encourage, inspire, recognize and reward your current team members.  Do this by having effective meetings where:
— when they leave, they have learned some new techniques to build their business,
— have a purpose and desire to build their business,
— are excited to share and bring others into your team,
— gain concrete tools to be more effective.

6) Recognize that while helping others to build their business, you are also helping them to build themselves!  You as their leader will be in a position to see people GROW!  You’ll be in a position (and part of the change) that as they become even more confident they’ll reach out and share with others.  Before long, you’ll realize that helping others earn and income and to grow is worth MORE than the money.  It is really what this business is all about!

Now, let’s talk about “The Season!”  The above advice can be used all year long and the advice I’m going to share can really be used all year long, but since we are at the beginning of the Christmas Holiday Season I wanted to focus on some specifics.

— Christmas is how many weeks away?
— Many are still in lousy conomic situations.
— Unemployment insurance is running out, or doesn’t even begin to meet expenses.
— More people have been consistently unemployed than ever before.
— The average household income has gone done by about $5000.
— More people are living in poverty than ever before.
— Gas prices, along with food prices fluctuate from high to low but still take a big chunk out of the budget.
— People are looking at their children and wondering what kind of Christmas you are going to have.

All this spells disaster if we let it, but I believe you have more in you. 
It is a matter of attitude!  What can and ARE we going to do about it?

— Christmas is still about  ___  weeks away- we can’t change the date, but we can become prepared.
— Some believe that there is only so much money and it must be divided and distributed around.  I happen to believe that we can GROW prosperity, that it is abundant.  As we grow businesses and help others to start business we build our own economics.  This is the foundation of America and how we have become the richest nation in history.  It is up to us to change our attitude and focus on GROWING or own economy by helping others to grow theirs.
— Those who are unemployed WANT to be working again.  The traditional jobs may not be readily available, but YOU have an opportunity they can embrace and if they work hard, they can earn an income.  It may not be as great as in years before, but they can begin to build it now.
— Depending on how you look at it, the unemployment rate is still high, but let’s reverse it for the sake of conversation.  If 6% are unemployed then 94% ARE WORKING.  You can recruit from the 6% and SELL to the 94%.  If the real unemployment is actually higher, then you have more to recruit from!
— The average income has gone down but people still NEED your products, either for themselves or as gifts.  YOU are the salesperson.  It is up to you to share the benefits of your products.  If income is down, then hosts should be UP!  Use stickers on your invitations so those who are low on money will want to come to see how they can earn some free.
— Those who are in poverty are LOOKING for opportunities – they can either be hosts and earn free products so enhance their Christmas, or they can join your team and earn the money themselves.
— Gas and food prices are up, so it is even MORE important to make every party or show as profitable as possible.  Follow all the host coaching steps we teach.  Make sure you are using the 4 stickers on every invitation so you’ll have as many people as possible to each party.  If they are not in a position to buy, they could be in a position to book because they want to earn Christmas Free, or join your team.  Be sure you plant seeds about your opportunities on everything.  Believe me, it is worth the investment.  Using stickers and postcards is just pennies that return dollars — many dollars when you look at the long term rewards of the investment.

So, we are back to this season, where people are wondering how they are going to provide Christmas for their children, family and friends.  They want this season to be joyous.  YOU have the POWER to be a part of the solution.  You have the POWER to change people’s lives.  YOU have the power to make a difference in people’s lives!  Grasp it and become part of the solution.  Everything you do now will position you to not only have a fabulous Christmas, but as the economy begins to break free (and I believe it will) you and your team will be in the position to grow your business even more.  You and your team will have made the contacts, you’ll have the hosts and customers who are using your products.  You’ll be in position to move from where you are to where you want to be.

We at The Booster are honored to be your partner in this growth and pursuit of your dreams.  Let’s roll….

In this category of products on  our website I’ve put some of the specific Christmas Recruiting tools and a few of the specific “dream building” stickers.  However, we have MANY other products to help you build your business.  So here are the links to ALL our Recruiting products.  There is AUDIO Podcasts of our Radio Show on Recruiting too.  Just follow the links to our website.


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 We at The Booster are honored to be your partner in this growth and pursuit of your dreams.  Let's roll....

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 6-04 -- Tis the Season to Build Team & Dreams

6-04 -- Tis the Season to Build Team & Dreams

There is so much more than 'just' sharing the opportunity and expecting people to beat down your door in a mad rush to jump on your 'band wagon' and earn LOTS of money by just signing on the dotted line....

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