1-03 -- Put the FUN in FundRaisers

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Let everyone know you offer fundraisers! They benefit your business in so many ways....

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Let everyone know that you offer FUND RAISERS!

With the current disaster situation in Texas, they are going to need a LOT of help in rebuilding.  So, I thought you might want to offer specific fundraisers.  Some groups have been using the slogan "Be a Harvey Hero" and I thought this was a great motivation to encourage people to become involved.  Many that live in the Houston area can offer help in a more physical way, and they are heros!  But you and your customers can be heros too by becoming involved in Fund Raising for the relief effort.

I've developed stickers, buttons and postcards to help you create interest, get people asking questions and to use on invitations or as invitations.  ALL PROCEEDS from the sale of these products will be donated to the Harvey Relief Fund.  To see ALL the related products you can search for the number 12434 or you will see them in the T1-03 Fund Raiser Category.


 This idea includes LOTS of information about fundraisers.  We will discuss WHY to have them, How to advertise, How to set up some prizes and competition to encourage sales, Rewards and Recognition for those who order AND those who participate, and an easy way to follow up!  So here goes:


A:  WHY are Fundraisers are great for your business?

 1. You have lots of people helping you generate sales.

2. Those sales are great for your personal volume as well as team volume to help you qualify for prizes.

3. You make a great impression on potential customers because they see you are helping a cause that may be important to them.

4. You get lots of contact names that you may never have had the opportunity to get.

5. You have many opportunities for follow up with those contacts for future sales and/or hosts.

6. You have the opportunity to motivate others. This can even lead to recruit leads!

7. Plus you make great money yourself for your time

 B: HOW can you generate more fundraisers in your business?

1.  Let people know you offer them! It is easy! We have several FundRaiser stickers!   Put them on the outside of every catalog. They are also great on your order forms or guest folders.

One gal told me: “I mentioned that I offered fund raisers to a customer but she didn’t say anything. Later, when we were talking, she noticed the Fund Raiser sticker on the front of the catalog and said, I didn’t know you offered fund raisers! (Was she not listening or what?) But I want you to know that little sticker generated over $3,000 in sales! Needless to say, I’m thrilled!”

2.  We also offer several Fund Raiser buttons! You can wear them or put them in your display.

3.  Send “Are you looking for a Fundraiser” Postcards to previous hosts or leaders in organizations.   Let them know what you offer, how much they can earn, etc.  We DO NOT offer this card in a TEXT format because there are just too many options.  However, you can purchase the cards and use our FREE TEMPLATES to print whatever you want.  Come up with the Benefits of doing a fundraiser with you and keep some on hand to give out at parties, etc.  If someone mentions they are very involved with their child’s team, or school, give them a card or send it to them after the party.  Or, order the C-PR and we can personalize it with whatever you want.

 4.  Several customers have told us they put together a Fund Raiser Packet which includes some flyers and literature about your fund raisers (what is required, what they will make, what you offer etc.) You can leave these little packs at businesses, schools, etc. Put the “Let me put the FUN in Fund Raising” sticker on these packets.

 C: Here are some suggestions of groups that are often looking for fundraisers:

 Church groups,
Ball teams,
Scouts (boys and girls)
School organizations or clubs (cheerleaders, singers, key club, language clubs, band, orchestra, etc.)
Pre-schools (to earn money for field trips, etc)
School classes (for field trips, playground equipment, etc.)
Community organizations (Lions clubs, women’s clubs, etc.)

Races and runs! (For cancer, disease research, etc.)

HINT:  At runs, etc. see if you can have a table where people can shop and a portion goes to the fund raiser.  There are often people standing around waiting for friends and family to cross the finish line.  Give them something to do!

The list goes on! Just keep your ears and eyes open looking for a need to raise money and offer the opportunity!

 D: What can you do to help your FUNDRAISERS be more successful?

 1.  THANK each potential customer before they even place an order. Put a sticker Thank you for your order (S50223) or “Thank you for supporting our fundraiser” (PR10135) on every order form! As your potential customers see this, they appreciate being thanked and will order more.

 2. Set up some goals for those involved.  You could have “Star” levels of achievement.  I highly recommend you offer prizes for ALL those who participate at different levels.  For example, you may want to have “Star LEVELS” for those who sell different increments but I also suggest you offer something that EVERYONE has a chance to win, with incentives of “The more they do, the more chances they have to win.”  For example: for every FIVE they sell (or dollar values) they get their name in a drawing for a grand prize.  This keeps EVERYONE working a little harder.

 3.  If your fundraiser is going over a period of time have “Spin to Win” segments where those who have sold ____ get a chance to “Spin to Win” for specific prizes!  Or, if doing all the prizes at the end, let those who have performed at certain levels get their name in a drawing where they “Spin to Win” for specific prizes.  Put the 12 prizes on the wheel an draw “tickets” for those who get the chance to spin.  Again, this concept keeps everyone working as everyone will have a chance to win, instead of getting discouraged because there are some “go-getters!”

 4. Motivate the students, or those involved in selling, (those who are getting the orders.)  Put “Go For It” (PR71079) or “Dream Big” (PR71033) or “Be a Star” (PR70431) on the information you give your order takers. (Actually we offer LOTS of Key 7- Motivational Slogans on stickers you can put on packets)

 5.  Offer encouragement!  If some are struggling send a “Keep on Keepin’ On” (PP70522C), “Put your Passion into Action!” (PP70533C), “Plan your work then work your plan” (PP70549C), “I Believe in you!” (PP70602C), Make your dreams come true… It’s up to you! (PP70611C), “Dreams DO come true!” (PP70627C), “Red hot headed for the top! (PP70641C), “Dreams in Action” (PP70739C), “Go for it!” (PP70748C) or “Be a star” (PP70747C).

HINT: If working with teachers or others who might be overseeing your group, give them a selection of postcards (both those mentioned in item 5 and 6) so they can encourage those who need it.  This can lead to this being a positive experience for all, as believing in, and encouraging those who are not doing as well may be just the thing they need.  Remind them that they can turn these slogans into positives while offering encouragement.  For example, for those who ARE doing well, they could send “Dreams DO come true!” with the note: “I am so pleased to see you working so hard to see your dreams come true!”

6: During the time your fund raiser is running, be sure to recognize those who have gotten orders for you. Send each of them a postcard such as “Wow” (PP80257C), “I’m so Proud of You!” (PP80302C) “You are absolutely Awesome” (PP80312C) or “Magnificent” (PP80595C)  or “You’re a Star” (PP82220C) during the event.  Then after the fund raiser is over be sure to show recognition to ALL who participate.

 TIP:  These PRINTABLE postcards come with FREE Templates where you can print your fundraiser information ONTO the postcards you purchase and then just fill in the blanks.  For example you could type: Hi _____   I am so impressed!  You are doing a terrific job.  Keep going and you could be one of our winners!  Or, AFTER the event is over, give a card to everyone who participated thanking them for their efforts.
7.  Put a “WOW” sticker (PR81080) (Or other recognition stickers- See KEY 8) on the postcard if they qualified for your “STAR” level (what ever that may be.) or are least achieving. Maybe by reaching just a little higher it will help both them and you reach a higher goal.

 8. Generate MORE interest in your fundraiser.  If allowed, let the local radio station or newspaper know about your fundraiser and invite people to participate.  Remember, this is an opportunity for you to MEET PEOPLE and get your name out there.  Pass on your profits and you’ll be rewarded in many different ways besides money.

 E: How can you follow up AFTER your FUNDRAISERS to build connections with those contacts?

 1.  When you process your orders include a “Thank you for supporting our Fundraiser” postcard in each order.  This postcard not only thanks them, but gives them more information about you and how to contact you.  See the verbiage we suggest on the TEXT postcard.  Remember, you can PRINT your own info on the GRAPHIC ONLY postcard, or have US personalize the TEXT postcard for you, we fill in your information for you!  If the orders are shipped directly or you don’t handle them, then just drop the card in the mail.  This is a way for you to make contact with that person and build a relationship.

 One of the benefits of doing a fundraiser is a chance to MEET new people!  You’ve passed on the financial benefit, now is your opportunity to develop those relationships to build your business and help others as well!  They MAY be interested in hosting a party so they can earn free products or they may be looking for an earning opportunity.  It is up to you to follow up and generate value from all these contacts.

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1-03 -- Put the FUN in FundRaisers

1-03 -- Put the FUN in FundRaisers

Let everyone know you offer fundraisers! They benefit your business in so many ways....

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