5-01 -- Customer Service- Say Thank You! Set Yourself Apart TRAINING

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Here are some ideas to make your checkout process more effecient and effective!

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Care about your customers!  Saty Thank You!  Set yourself apart by doing the little things that make a BIG Difference (at a price you CAN Afford!)

  • You’ve heard it before but are you doing it?
  • Are you making an effort to build a relationship with your customers?
  • Are you doing the little things that set you apart?
  • Are you consistently keeping in contact with your customers?

Did you know you are NOT in the business of selling a product?

You may think you are, but most of the products sold through the party plan industry are available in regular stores (Not the same quality I realize, but the same type of products.)

So why would customers purchase products from YOU instead of picking them up from the stores? It is because of the RELATIONSHIPS you build with them.

Yes, the parties offer a situation where they can purchase your product on the spot, but when you build relationships with those customers they will purchase from you when they NEED your products. This is why it is so important for you to build a good relationship with your customers.

In one of the chapters in the Build It Big book, it deals with building a repeat business. In it, Grace Putt says “The secret to getting reorders is ‘Treat every customer exactly as you would want to be treated if you were a customer.’”

I suggest you take it a step further since different people perceive things differently.

My suggestion is to treat your customers the way you want to be treated and also incorporate what you see successful businesses doing to take care of their customers. For example, maybe you’re not into preferred customer programs, coupons, bonus buys, mailed offers, or telephone offers so you think, “I’m not going to do that because I don’t like it.” But, obviously it works or thousands of companies would not be putting these programs into practice!

So, develop a plan that incorporates some of these programs and do them consistently! Consistency is the key! Remember, everyone likes to be appreciated and that should be your first step. Then, follow up with other programs.

The Booster has developed products that make it easy to implement many of these ideas. Here are just a few suggestions:
1. Put “Thank you” and “Special” stickers on envelopes, invoices, packages, etc. Send notes to hostesses and customers for no reason. Just to keep in touch and let them know they are important to you.
2. Start a preferred customer program. Use our Customer Care Cards (V4124,  or the Preferred Customer cards alone (V4118). Read the more details in the product for specific suggestions.
3. Give little gifts to customers. The Bookmarks are effective, impressive, and affordable.
4. Send notes. Our Customer Service Printable Postcards are great for specific offers you send to your customer base or writing quick notes. Add stickers to make your message stand out.
5. Let your customers know about specials, or that they’re special by adding your own message to our colorful printable stickers.
6. Let your customers know they can reorder from you by putting the “Reorder” printable stickers with your contact information on the products they order. (If their order is delivered directly to the hostess, offer her a little gift for putting your stickers on the products.) Or, put the reorder stickers on their invoice to draw attention to the fact that you welcome reorders. You can also personalize messages and send them to a selection of customers with the printable postcards.
7. Set yourself apart at your parties by using products that draw attention to the customer services you offer. Use the guest folders!
So, here is your chance for a WIN WIN! You win when your customers order, and THEY win when you give them great service.  Scroll down on the WEBSITE (see the link below) to see the selection of products.
What goes through your mind when someone gives you a business card?  Here’s what I think:
It is nice to get their name and info.
They want me to do business with them.

But when you use a RELATIONSHIP BUILDING CARD you are showing the BENEFITS FOR THEM to do business with you!



Come back here and click the CATEGORY link to order the products: http://www.thebooster.com/614-t5-01-set-yourself-apart-make-connections-count

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 5-01 -- Customer Service- Say Thank You! Set Yourself Apart TRAINING

5-01 -- Customer Service- Say Thank You! Set Yourself Apart TRAINING

Here are some ideas to make your checkout process more effecient and effective!

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