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Believe it or not, you are NOT in the business of selling a product, you are in the business of selling YOURSELF.  As you build relationships with people...

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Many people when they come into a Party Plan or Direct Selling company think they are going to sell a product or service.  And, they ARE!   But, there is more to it than just the product!   The most successful people in their businesses are those who absolutely LOVE what they do.  Their enthusiasm RADIATES from them!  There was a conversation on Facebook about recruiting and one gal (Michelle) posted:

"This is what I think about recruiting. I honestly don't think I have ever truly recruited a single person. I just love what I do, not only the product, but also the company and the fellowship. When that shines through and it's real, people want to be a part of it. That's my take any way! In 7 months, my team has expanded from 1 to 20, so I think it's working ;-)"

I had posted: "What are the steps for a new person to want to join your team? (Or Book a party or purchase your products) You ATTRACT them to you by your personality, your products, your approach, your company, and your timing. The first thing to consider is the word ATTRACT!

Lay the seeds, point out the benefits of your company, your products, hosting a party, why you love it, and/or the benefits of the products. The object is to "sprinkle" not be a hurricane! Yes, you are taught to ASK, but to ask AFTER you have laid some groundwork.

I suggest you book, sell, and recruit by EXAMPLE and people will be attracted to you, your products or your company and want to know more. THEN, don't pounce, but be genuine in answering their questions and building relationships, as relationships are what it is all about. Be an example of persistence, not pushiness in first building relationships and the bookings, sales and recruits will follow. Remember to LISTEN to THEIR needs, and respond to THEM not your desires."

This comment had LOTS of LIKES! (Thank you) but what is more important is understanding the importance of YOU building RELATIONSHIPS with your customers.  Be realistic, most products that are offered through your companies can be purchased at a variety of stores.  (I know, not as good a quality, etc.) but pretty much, customers have LOTS OF OPTIONS.  They can even get your products from another person that represents YOUR company.  So HOW do you keep them consistently coming back to YOU?

YOUR SERVICE and caring about THEM is what will set you apart!  As you build relationships with people, and they have a need or interest in your product or service, they will be attracted to you and want to do business with you.  Think relationships and their needs first.  Offer great customer service and they will come back to you.  Use these items to set yourself apart!

Let me ask you a few questions:
How often do you contact customers who have previously ordered from you to see if they need something else?

How often do you send birthday cards to your customers?

Do you have a system in place to keep in touch with your customers beyond just sending emails?

Are you even sending emails?

When was the last time YOU received a card or something in the mail from someone you've purchased something from?

If you signed up for information at an event, or fair, did you hear back from that consultant?

When you purchased a product from a party, did you get any kind of Thank You?

If you hosted a party, did you get a hand written Thank You?

Have you ever been offered the chance to fill out a Wish List where the consultant said she would contact your spouse?  Would YOU like that kind of service?

Has your spouse ever been approached at his workplace to purchase something for you for Mother's Day or Christmas?  Would HE like that?  Would YOU like it?

During a demonstration at a party you've been to, has the consultant ever taken the time to offer you specific products to meet your needs?

I think you get the idea... I could go on and on and on.....
What are YOU doing to set yourself apart and keep your customers coming back to you?

Well, of course we have IDEAS and PRODUCTS to help you.... you KNEW that didn't you?

Check out this BB6-Build Relationships Category and see a great selection of products!
We have Stickers (of course) Postcards (of course) and Relationship Building Business Cards,
Greeting Cards (we call Team Cards but many can be used for anyone) Preferred Customer Cards, Preferred Hostess Cards, Customer Care cards and even a book called "Make your Connections Count!"

We even have MORE training in the T5-05 Make Connections Count- Do Little Things!  There you'll learn tips from my grandfather, who had one of the largest sales organizations in the country during the depression years!

I came across this quote, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” ~ Maya Angelou  This says it in a nutshell!

Place your order TODAY and get started watching your business grow!

BB6 -- Build Relationships

In this category are some additional training information and the special K-Connections Cout Pack.   Look in the RIGHT COLUMN under ACCESSORIES and click the graphic. (Or the graphic to the LEFT.)


In this category I've put some of our most popular stickers, postcards etc. to set yourself apart at a price you can afford!

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 6-BB- Build Relationships Training IDEA

6-BB- Build Relationships Training IDEA

Believe it or not, you are NOT in the business of selling a product, you are in the business of selling YOURSELF.  As you build relationships with people...

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