5-06 -- Be on their LADDER! Training IDEA

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Do your customers think of YOU when they need your product?  How do you get on their ladder

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 This training is a excerpt from the T5-05 Make Connections Count training.  We are discussing how to be on your customer's ladder in a little more detail:

Have you ever wondered what creates a relationship that keeps a customer going back to the same store?


When you think, "I need to buy toothpaste." What store do you think of to purchase that item?


When you think, "I need shoes, or pants, or a new dress." What store are you going to go shopping at?


When you need makeup, skin care, candles, jewelry, children's books, tea, vitamins, kitchen gadgets, tools for women, or a new bra for that matter, do you think, "I am going to call ____." or, "I am going to go to _____ store."  If you sell any of these items, wouldn’t you like people to come to you first?

Essentially, this is what advertising is all about. When you advertise, you are creating awareness in people's minds of the products or services you offer.  In the advertising industry, this is called "being on their ladder!"  Your goal should be that when they have a need for your product or service, they think of you first.  You would be on the top rung of their ladder, or at least the top three.

So HOW do YOU get on their ladder?  The simple answer is to make sure that your customers (or potential customers)

1: know the products you offer,
2: feel comfortable (or even committed) in working with you
3: know your name and how to easily contact you.

So HOW can you easily implement these 3 concepts into your everyday business?

The most simple answer is to make sure YOUR name and contact info is on EVERYTHING you put out there.  To add to this, let your customers know the BENEFITS of doing business with you.


There was a question about Business Cards on Facebook.  The person wanted to know if business cards are worth the expense.

I definately think there is a place for regular business cards, but I want you to stop and think a minute.  What thought runs through your mind when someone gives you a business card?

On the surface, we think, "Oh, this is how I can contact her."  But our subconscious thought related to a business card is "This person wants me to buy from them."  It becomes about YOU and what YOU are asking.

But, when you give a RELATIONSHIP BUILDING CARD it changes.  What is a RELATIONSHIP BUILDING CARD?  It is like a business card in that it has your contact info on it, but the EYE-CATCHING GRAPHIC is about a benefit for THEM, not your company logo.

What do they care about more?  Your LOGO or WHY they should contact you?

So, we suggest you use graphics that will draw attention to reasons for them to buy your product, and buy it from YOU.  The more you do this and give great customer service and incentives, the higher you will be on their ladder.

In this category is a whole bunch of products that we offer that provide this service.  Some are available for you to print ONTO them yourself.  But, most of them are printed WITH the GRAPHIC and your contact info by us.  Have fun and have a variety of stickers and cards that draw attention to the benefits you offer.

Click HERE to read even more on this overall concept.


Click this CATEGORY link to order the products to help your be on THEIR Ladder!


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 5-06 -- Be on their LADDER! Training IDEA

5-06 -- Be on their LADDER! Training IDEA

Do your customers think of YOU when they need your product?  How do you get on their ladder

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