K0-1000 Party SYSTEM Pack

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Save 25%- Value $85.70

Save 25%.. Value: $85.70.  The SYSTEM to assure that your have $1000 Parties.  Consistently put this system to work in your business and your sales will soar!  This is a PACK of everything you need for 4 Parties, 20 Catalogs PLUS the SYSTEM dividers, training, etc.  

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$85.70 tax excl.

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Save 25%- Value $85.70 .  Here it is!  The SYSTEM to assure that your have $1000 Parties.  Consistently put this system to work in your business and your sales will soar!  This is a PACK of everything you need for 4 Parties, 20 Catalogs PLUS the SYSTEM dividers, training, etc.  


 It includes what you need for FOUR parties (including stickers for 140 invitations) and enough stickers for TWENTY Catalogs. But the BEST PART is it includes Step-by-Step instructions of exactly what to do with EVERY item in the pack and more importantly WHY to do it! ) It was a lot and I just was too lazy to look through it all. What you said above sums it up nicely.

This is a HUGE selection of a variety of products with SPECIFIC instructions and usage.

 Here's what you get: (Scroll down and you will see SOME- NOT ALL of the items included in this Pack)

NOTE: the "pack" total the website supplies is not accurate as everything is NOT included in the list and it may show full packages- not single sheets.)  The VALUE of this pack is approx $85.00+

A: Organization and Training

To get started you'll get the "V1003-System Dividers" with the NEW "10 Steps to having $1000 Parties" overview instruction sheet.

You'll get 14 pages of SPECIFIC training that explains the system- EXACTLY what to do with each item in the pack, How to use it and
WHY to use it to impact your business.

BM20015 -- $1000 Parties Bookmark of Affirmations to train your brain to have $1000 parties.

You'll receive THREE Erase Boards (and the Wet Erase Pen)
1: EB20015 -- $1000 Party GOAL- Host Steps Tracking Erase Board so you can easily make sure you are doing it all.
2: EB70838 --  Choose Success GOAL SETTING Erase Board so you'll know what you are shooting for!
3: EB62624 -- Butterfly Recruit ERASE BOARD (to track who you are following up with to join your team.)

This set of SHEETS to COPY (printed out- in the pack:
2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF- Prepare for Bookings Originals to Copy PDF which includes
     a: Host Wish List
     b: 40 guests in 4 minutes Worksheet- Can also be used as a GAME at your parties to show how easy it is to come up with a guest list.
     c: 2 Page Guest List MASTER with room for 42 names- So you host can easily return the guest list to you.
     d: Host Bingo Game!  (Secret to getting your host to do everything you want her to do.  Just fill in your prizes and copy.)
     e: Host Bingo Game - BLANK so you can fill in all the squares and copy

B: Products for FOUR Parties

Booster Products make it EASY for you to communicate with your hosts!  There is LOTS of information they need to know, these
stickers and postcards make it easy and memorable:

5 Sheets of Postcards to communicate with HOSTS and 1 to follow up with recruit leads after the party.  Included are:
PP2A -- Host confirmation -- 4 different Postcards
PP2B -- Host Call -- 4 different Postcards
PP22753CT -- Invitations mailed POSTCARDS (4 cards)
PP24211CT -- 10-5-3 Success You & Me POSTCARDS (4 cards)
PP2C -- Host Thank you - 4 different Postcards
PP6A -- Recruit/Sponsor -- 4 different Postcards

STICKERS!  You'll receive 5 Sheets of stickers, plus some that are cut apart so you have exactly enough for 4 parties:
These stickers include:

S2K2B-HOST STICKERS 4 different Stickers (4 of each) include:
(S20427) Thanks committed to SHOW,
(S20345B) Invite FRANK,
(S25399) If Call Them Will Order,
(S26144) As hosts Received!

S2K2C-HOST STICKERS 11 different Stickers (4 of each- total 48) include these designs:
S20905 -- Over invite greater success
S20948 -- Ensure Success Guests PKMR
S20302 -- Return Guest List -- Receive Free Gift
S21854 -- Your Wish List Free is Goal
S26410 -- I Love hosts Thank You
S20017B -- Book Before Show Watch Gifts Grow
S20301 -- Watching Guest List
S20415 -- Hostesses Never pay full price
S23396 -- If you call, they will come
S26411 -- Hostesses Like You Make My Day
S41376 -- Outside Orders Welcome
(NOTE- this sheet is ONLY available in this pack or the Refill Pack)

You'll also receive 4 of each of these stickers:
S20345 -- It's your Party with FRANK Sticker (along with 4 magnets)
S20398 Call guests Find 5 guests with (4 stickers)
S26412BC-PS -- Wonderful Hostess PRINTABLE STICKERS  (along with 4 magnets)

Now that you've received the GUEST LIST, it is up to YOU to mail the invitations.  This has PROVEN to BOOST Attendance
and is well worth the extra cost.  You will also want to include FOUR stickers on each invitation as this has also
PROVEN to boost your attendance even MORE as it encourages guests to bring friends, have fun while planting
BOOKING and SPONSORING seeds, so your guests are considering booking, buying or joining your team BEFORE
they come (Or it might be their reason for coming!)  You'll receive 8 sheets of stickers -- enough for 140 invitations!

These stickers are: 
S10411 -- Why Pay Full Price STICKERS
S10480 -- Earn Free Party with me STICKERS
S31031 -- Bring Friend (yellow) STICKERS
S31048 -- Bring Friend (pink) STICKERS
S30485 -- Relax with Friends STICKERS
S30397 -- Enjoy NIGHT out STICKERS
S62264 -- Full Time Pay STICKERS
S64054 -- Wanted Enthusiasm STICKERS

This finishes the HOST portion of the packet.  (TIP:  The items in this section are what is included in the
K0-1000 Party REFILL Pack as you don't need the training, etc again.)


We suggest you give your HOSTS their information in our Eye-Catching Host Folders (They are NOT included in this pack.) 

V2670 -- Hostess (with pockets) FOLDERS


C: Products to prepare your catalogs to boost sales, bookings & recruit leads

Now, another secret to have WOW- $1000 Parties and BOOST your entire business!  Your catalog is your STORE!
Where do your customers actually SHOP?  Have you ever been to an unfamiliar grocery store?  How frustrated do 
you feel trying to find things?  This concept of PREPARING YOUR CATALOGS is to PRIME THEIR MINDS!

You want to create awareness OF your products, HOW to find them, and WHY they want them.  You'll accomplish this
as you put stickers in and ON your catalogs and then refer your customers to those stickers, adding little "One Liners"
throughout your demo.  For example, you would say, "Please turn to page ___"  (Where you have put the sticker "If you like
what you see, get it for Free" Sticker next to one of your most popular products) and say, "See the sticker "If you like 
what you see, get it for Free" by our _________.  That is one of our most popular products (tell them why) and add: You can get it for FREE
as part of your host rewards when you host a party with me!"  Then MOVE ON to another product.

You will continue to do this throughout your demo, helping your customers to find the products you are showing
or want to talk about.  The stickers make them memorable and easy to find.  You may even want to TAB some pages by
overlapping a sticker about 1/4" onto a page and using a different sticker of the same shape on the other side.

Included in this pack are LARGE Stickers for the Front and back of your catalog.  TWO sheets that can be personalized
with your information.  You'll also receive 8 sheets of COMBO stickers (2 of each).  These combo sheets have 10 of each of 7 different
designs so you'll have enough to prepare 20 catalogs.  Here is a breakdown:

You'll get FULL SHEETS of these 4 designs

S43640 -- Husband called get everything you want - 20 stickers
S10220A -- Every item has 3 prices - 20 stickers
S10222BC-PS -- Love it-Join Team (You can personalize- 10 Stickers)
S60650BC-PS -- Like it Little .. Lot (You can personalize- 10 Stickers)

Enough stickers for 20 catalogs- These sheets have 10 stickers of 7 different designs so 2 sheets = 20 of each of 28 different slogans.
S1K1B- Booking Combo Sheet
S6K6- Recruit Combo Sheet
S4K4 Sales Combo Sheet (We have substituted 3 sheets of S3K3K4 Combo Sheet.)
S4K4B Sales Combo Sheet

You'll also receive 1 sheet with 20 of each of these 4 designs:
S41063A -- Find me on Facebook
S43262 -- Save on Sets
Customer Favorite (From S43579)
Best Seller (From S43579)

We suggest you give your Customers their catalog, pen (with Pen Pal) Orders form and other  information in our
Eye-Catching Customer Folders.  Our customers tell us this seems to keep guests focused ON the party and your
products.(They are NOT included in this pack.) 

V4119 -- Guest (with pockets) FOLDERS

D: Party Time!  Products to use AT your parties to boost sales, get bookings,
boost recruiting and follow up!

Many psychological reasons for following these suggestions are included in the training, but here is what you will get:

TWO sheets of stickers to use on order forms (Thanking customers in advance and reminding them about gifts!)
(These 2 sheets of stickers ARE included in the K0-1000 Party REFILL PACK)

S44439- Affordable Gifts
S50223 -- Thanks For Order (Red)

You'll also receive 2 HALF Sheets of Pen Pal Stickers- enough for 16 pens
(wrap them around the to of your stick pens so customers read them over and over again!)  
Saves your pens while planting booking and recruiting seeds.

S1K1PP - Booking Pen Pal Stickers
S6K6PP- Recruiting Pen Pal Stickers

Then, to help you generate bookings and recruits, we've included SAMPLES of 4 different Candy Bar Wrappers,
a "Purse" candy bar wrapper and the V6648 Recruiting $$ Dollars.  Be sure to see the training for specifics
on using these products.

Now another important procedure in having $1000 parties is HOW to take the order.  Included in the pack is the Display Sign DS43001 that says:
Serving you is my Top Priority! 1: Drop off your order. 2. Go enjoy some refreshments! 3. I'll call you when it's your turn!
This enables you to help finalize (and boost) orders, ask all the necessary questions about booking, etc, without others listening over your
shoulder.  This helps you to MAXIMIZE every sale!

And last but not least, you'll need to be prepared to FOLLOW UP!  Do do this, you'll first want to get your customer's information and Wish List for future purchases.  (A Sample of PP40131CT-Double Sided Card is included)

And a sheet of Recruiting Postcards (mentioned above in the host info) for following up with those you meet whom you think
might be interested in joining your team.

That is the "K0-$1000 Parties SYSTEM Pack" to give you everything you need to consistently have $1000 parties!  If purchased separately this pack is valued at over $85.00 but you can't get the TRAINING separately!  It comes IN THE PACK! PLUS, you'll SAVE $$$ when you purchase it all together in the PACK
Once you've purchased the basic back then you can order individual
items to refill your binder, or to keep it simple, order the  K0-1000 Party REFILL PACK!

This is a system that has PROVEN to be effective for hundreds of thousands of our customers!  Order NOW and get started
putting these proven techniques and products to work in YOUR business!

“Building My Business! A Genie in a bottle! What a fabulous system for helping me to help myself! The stickers, folders and many ways to organize our customer knowledge, team building skills, and sales goals are like a genie in a bottle - state your wish and then let Booster help you see that dream come true. Innovative, well thought-out, useful and motivating - feeling organized and proactive is half the accomplishment... seeing results from that is an added bonus. Thank you.” ~~Mary Ellen Feeney

“The stickers keep talking when I stop!”
“Fabulous System & products!”
“These keep me focused!”

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A-K-Packs- If items sold separately value is:85.70

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 K0-1000 Party SYSTEM Pack

K0-1000 Party SYSTEM Pack

Save 25%.. Value: $85.70.  The SYSTEM to assure that your have $1000 Parties.  Consistently put this system to work in your business and your sales will soar!  This is a PACK of everything you need for 4 Parties, 20 Catalogs PLUS the SYSTEM dividers, training, etc.  

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