4-06 -- 10 Ways to Sell MORE

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In the party plan/ direct selling profession, most of you do not have an actual store.  Your catalog is your store.  It is where your customers can look for special deals, gift ideas, new items, etc. ...

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In the party plan/ direct selling profession, most of you do not have an actual store. Your catalog is your store. It is where your customers can look for special deals, gift ideas, new items, etc. Just as the stores mark their sale racks with bright signs, you need to draw attention to your specials and highlight certain products.

1. Highlight sale items, new products, customer favorites and cash and carry items with stickers.
Just as your local stores arrange sale signs and displays to entice their customers to buy, you should prepare your catalogs to highlight the items you want to sell. Use a variety of stickers to draw attention to products that are great for gifts, specific purposes, etc. You can print what you want on printables. (The colorful borders make them stand out.) Just use the FREE templates on our website.
Or, look under STICKERS>S4-Sales to see the selection we offer. If items are NEW, or used for a specific purpose, CUSTOMER FAVORITES, etc. it is a good idea to draw attention to them. Also, we are always open to suggestions for slogans “Pre-Printed Printables” specific to your business. Call us and let us know what you need.
(PR stickers)

You may be wondering “why should I put stickers inside each catalog?
Is it really worth the effort?”
Think about it a minute. Is it worth it for stores to constantly be changing the products they put on the end of the isles? Do you think they would take the time to do it if it was not effective? You know it works because when you see the display you are drawn to at least take a look and often buy.
So, it is worth it for you to draw attention to products? The answer is definitely YES! Your customers will flip through your catalog over and over again at each party. The stickers are designed to catch their eye. Your customers WILL read the messages. This is how you can highlight your specials, and draw attention to the recruiting information or hostess benefits. Be sure to refer to those pages when you are demonstrating those products or explaining the benefits. You can even use stickers to make TABS on specific pages to make it easy for customers to flip to that page. Just put two stickers of the same size back to back with part of each on the page itself!


2. Put together “Sets” or “Bundles” to boost sales of products.
Put together two or more items that go together or fit a theme. Offer a few dollars off, or a discount, if they buy the set. We offer several “Save on Sets or Bundles” type stickers. Or, use our “Printable Stickers” to print information about a “set” you offer and put it by the products! For stickers YOU can print onto, or ones you want US to customize see Shop ALL Products>Custom & Printable Stickers> then choose the size of the sticker.

HINT: Use one-liners throughout your demonstrations.
This is HOW to create the brain connection and tie the stickers in your catalogs, to your products with what we “one liners.” For example, “I gave this as a gift to my mom and she loved it because it .....!” or “Your daughters will feel pampered when they use this to ....” See the last page of this training for more details about learning do create “One Liners” that SELL your products.

3. Build a relationship with your customers.
Use stickers in your catalogs to let your customers know you have a desire to serve them on a regular basis and HOW to order from you in the future. It is also important that you GET their information so you can follow-up later and help them to meet their needs. You can use these Double Sides “Customer Contact” Info cards with “Wish List Info” on the back. You may want to use the "Like me or Find me on Facebook" stickers so you can easily stay in contact.

4. Put your contact info on every catalog.
On the back of every catalog stick an address label like “Call me anytime to place an order” (S41247A). Make sure it includes your name, PHONE NUMBER, and email so that anyone who takes that catalog home or gives it to a friend can contact you when they are ready to order or have questions. Plus, these save you TIME. With these you are sticking TWO messages at once and you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry as you do when stamping onto slick catalog paper. Another added benefit is they look so professional and are colorful so they get noticed! Also, we can print your web and email address and it is MUCH easier to read so they can find you- as you know, just one letter that’s hard to read and you’ve wasted your efforts. (Printables can be purchased TWO ways online. Either have us print them for you (We’ve just introduced 40 new designs you can have us personalize for you) or you can buy the Printable Stickers where you can use our FREE TEMPLATES to print whatever you want. Think ahead and save with QUANTITY pricing! How many catalogs do you give away in a month?) 

5. Let your customers know they can take the catalog home, order from you anytime, and share it with a friend.
We offer multiple COMBO sheets of Key 4- Sales stickers (S4K4 & S4K4B). On them are stickers that say “Call me anytime to place an order ” (S41247) “Share me with a friend” (S42326) and “Outside orders welcome” (S41376). By putting these on the covers of your catalogs you are encouraging them to order from you again after the party and to share the catalog with their friends.

Please note that most of the stickers on the combo sheets are available individually as well. We have printed the individual item number after each sticker mentioned either on the sheet or online under the main item number. (See upper LEFT corner of each sticker sheet- However, I’ve been changing many of the item numbers so similar items are shown together on our website, but you CAN search by old item numbers.)

6. Remind your customers of upcoming events for which they’ll need gifts!
Use the “Gifts for all occasions” (S44427) “Gifts for every holiday” (S44450) and “Think ahead- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings” (S44417) stickers near products that make great gifts.

Promoting your products as gifts is so important and far reaching that we actually have an entire training on it. When you get your customers thinking about upcoming events that they will need gifts for they have a reason to buy. Let them know that you can help them find a solution for all their needs. Boost your outside sales by asking customers to fill out their wish lists so you can contact their loved ones with gift ideas.
Remind your customers that in addition to buying your products for themselves, they can buy them as gifts for their friends and family. Let them know they can call you anytime they need something, they don’t need to attend a party to order. Get them thinking of upcoming events they’ll need to buy gifts for, and give them suggestions of which products would work well for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. Help them understand how buying gifts from you can be easy, fun and convenient. Implementing just this one concept can bring THOUSANDS of DOLLARS in additional sales to your business.
One of the main REASONS people buy things is “To meet a need or solve a problem.” Remind your customers of all the upcoming events they could be needing gifts for. Then, show them how YOU can make it easy for them to get their shopping done and the benefits of letting YOU help them. For example, rather than making a special trip to the store, they can conveniently shop from you now or anytime and get credit marked off on their preferred customer card!

It is important for you to generate interest in how your products can be given for the occasions we normally buy for including: Christmas, Hanukkah, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, graduations, wedding showers, baby showers, promotions, etc.
Use stickers throughout your catalogs to draw awareness to products that are good for gifts.
Be sure to see the KEY 4B Training How can YOU be more effective in SELLING GIFTS!

7. Use Booking and Recruiting stickers to highlight specials shown in the catalog or inserts.
Another part of Boosting SALES is Boosting Bookings and Recruit Leads. We offer TWO COMBO sheets of Key 1- Booking (S1K1 & S1K1B) and TWO sheets of Key 6- Recruiting (S6K6 & S6K6B) stickers. Use these throughout your catalogs. For example, if you are doing a special that they can earn a certain item free when they book a party this month, put the “Get this free” sticker (S10236) by the picture of that item in the catalog and refer to it in your demo.

Put the Key 6 recruiting stickers by items they receive in their “Kit,” or on the page where your company talks about your opportunity. This changes the message from something the company is saying to something you are saying! It makes it more personal!


Use stickers on the FRONT of your catalogs. Large or even “Pen-Pal” stickers are great! For example, use the “Every item has 3 prices” large stickers (S10220A) to get people really thinking about the benefits of booking or joining your team.

The “If your heart says yes, but your checkbook says no, book a show!” printable sticker (S10517SS-PS or S10517SS-PR) is also great on the outside of your catalog. You can print any message on the bottom half, or use it for your contact info. You could print “book a show during October and receive any item half off.”


8. Remind them of your demo. When your demo is over and customers are looking through your catalogs, wouldn’t you like to remind them about the specials, bonus buys, and gift ideas you’ve talked about? Tell them to turn to certain pages in the catalog during the demo. Show them the item and the sticker by it, so they can find it easier later.

HINT: When a “special” changes and you are still using the same catalog, just cover the previous sticker up with a booking or recruiting sticker of the same shape.

You could even create tabs on some of the pages by sticking a sticker halfway off the page and sticking another sticker on the back side of it. (They could be two different slogans or both the same.) Tab the pages in your catalog that you really want them to turn to. Draw attention to those items during your demo by saying “Please flip to the “Monthly Specials” tab (S43489) and see the item that is 30% off with a $20 order this month.” Then, at the end of your demo, remind them to look at the tabs for the specials mentioned.

9. Prepare your order forms as well!
The impact of your order form is often overlooked. Everyone will be looking at the order form. Be sure to use it to send messages as well. This is a great place to put the “Call me anytime to place an order” sticker (S41247), “Gifts for all occasions” (S44427), and of course a “Thank you for your order” sticker (S50223).

10. Put it all together in a guest folder for each customer.
The “Guest Folders” are a perfect way to make an eye-catching presentation that draws their attention to the products and services you offer. Give each guest a folder containing the catalog you’ve stickered, sales flyer, stickered order form, pen (with a pen pal sticker**), Customer Care Card and your hostess or recruiting info.
The folders are covered with booking, recruiting, and increasing sales slogans such as “Think Ahead... birthdays, anniversaries, weddings”, “Be a hostess”, “Earn some free!”, and “Full time pay...part time hours.” They also include “You are appreciated” to make your customers feel important!

The guest folders have 2 pockets and slots in each pocket for putting business cards or preferred customer cards.

** Pen Pal stickers Save your pens & plant seeds!
Be sure to use “pen-pal stickers” as flags on your pens. The stickers keep your pens from disappearing while planting recruiting and booking seeds! Include a pen with pen-pal inside each folder so they have something to make notes with and fill out their order form with. Your guests will read the messages on the pens over and over again. Draw attention to them during your demonstration. Ask if they have any questions.

Keep attention centered on your products!
Sometimes at a party, people get talking about “other things” like family, work, etc. It can be difficult to focus their attention back on your products. An easy way to do this is refer to a sticker you know is in every catalog. (Our customers tell us they find it most effective when you use at least 1 sticker on every 2 pages. This gives you lots of opportunities to plant not only booking and recruiting seeds but REASONS to buy!) Then throughout your demo invite customers to ask you the questions the stickers may ask. Then those who participate receive a “floating gift” (something nice that goes from person to person as they answer a question,) or use auction money or tickets. The one with the gift at the end gets to keep it!

--- Additional Training ---

Be sure to see the additional training availabe on HOW to create the brain connection and tie the stickers in your catalogs to your one liners.

See this FREE Training:
0-17-PDF - Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!

Once you click the training above, Download the FIRST FREE PDF training (just scroll down to the bottom of the item- click the download.   It is FREE and will give you lots of ideas.

THEN, ADD the item to your cart to receive an additional PDF which also includes the One Liner worksheets.

Give it a try and see the impact on your business.

10 Easy Ways to SELL MORE CategoryTo see all the products mentioned in this training CLICK HERE

FREE AUDIO by Jenny B! I've done TWO Audio's (mp3) of this training so you can download and listen again and again. I've included LOTS of examples.

Once you click inside the : 0-17-PDF - Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! Training you will find links to FREE Audio Training.

One MORE AUDIO! 21-AUDIO -- Make MORE money in Less Time

- A while ago I did a training with a Norwex group.  In this training, I went through their catalog and developed one-liners and explained exactly HOW to do it.  The ITEM with the training and a FREE Excel worksheet with examples is in that item.  Just click MORE and scroll down for the download and to listen.  (The link will take you to our BLOG where you can listen to the training.

Go ahead and put this FREE training to good use.  It has PROVEN to Boost sales.  I promise, you will be amazed at the impact it has to help you SELL MORE!  Remember, it is our goal to help you make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!

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 4-06 -- 10 Ways to Sell MORE

4-06 -- 10 Ways to Sell MORE

In the party plan/ direct selling profession, most of you do not have an actual store.  Your catalog is your store.  It is where your customers can look for special deals, gift ideas, new items, etc. ...

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