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The BASICS Overview PDF

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Keys to Success to Booster your Business!  The Basic Overview!   

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Booster your Business -- The Basics Overview

Since 1981, I, Jenny B, and we at "The Booster" have developed products and training to help you be more successful in your business. Over the years we have had several mottos including “We provide the little things that make a BIG difference to your business”, “Boost your Sales, Brighten Your Image”, “Unlock your Potential”, “Add that Special Touch at a Price you CAN Afford” and “Make MORE money in Less Time!”. All these were created because YOUR SUCCESS is our GOAL!


The concepts we use are based on sales principles taught to me by my grandfather.
He was a hard-working immigrant from Germany that loved people.
He was one of the top sales people in his organization during the depression years...

My Grandpa was a hard-working immigrant from Germany that loved people. He was one of the top sales people in his organization during the depression years. Through his diligence and commitment to the principles I'm about to share he was able to provide for his family to the extent that they had a nanny and a house cleaner. He shared his wealth by giving others an opportunity to work. These principles STILL work today, in fact, in our technological world, they are even more important. However, in this training, I hope to help you integrate both the physical and technological world to boost your business and help you not only set yourself apart, but to make more money, have more fun, and make more friends in LESS time!

The first principle grandpa taught is about people. The motto, "People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care, about them." is still true! What I hope to help you realize is that it is the PEOPLE you work with and sell to that are important. Yes, your product is great, but you must care about how your product can help the people you are working with. Your goal should be to fill a need with your product. Look for the benefits of your products, ways they can help make other's lives better. Think of ways you can solve their problems, whether it is with your products, helping them to be a successful host to earn free products, or letting them know the value of joining your team and let them know they are welcome! As you build these relationships, you'll be building your business.

The second principle grandpa taught is EMOTION! "Sell the sizzle, not the Steak!" When you are implementing the "people" principle, the "emotion" principle follows right behind. First you need to find WHY you think your product is so wonderful. What are YOUR reasons for wanting to be involved with your product? What do YOU LOVE about it? Then translate that enthusiasm to the people you deal with. When you are convinced your product can help the people, they will be convinced through your enthusiasm. You need to help them see how your products will benefit them in some are aof their life. It is EMOTION that sells, not facts. Yes, facts have their place, but it is not what SELLS. Emotion is what draws the hand to the wallet!

In the following pages, you will see how I apply these principles to your business to unlock your potential using Booster products.
First, I want to clarify the reason The Booster exists: We want to help YOU be more successful! We believe in the party plan industry. I believe in moms being home with their kids and that the flexibility of this profession offers the opportunity to make a great income working party-time hours (especially when you implement the products and training The Booster offers.) I believe in building self-esteem in others, whether it is as a consultant in your organization, a host, or customer. Sharing positives is wonderful! The world would be a much better place if people were acknowledged and complemented for what they do. Yes, I admit, I'm in business and I need to make money, but money is not my only motivation. Perhaps you feel the same.

What is our motivation? Providing for our families, helping others to get what they want and need, building up others self-esteem, providing a service to other, building our own self-esteem by reaping the rewards of our hard work, and I'm sure many more. These are my motivation as well. You will see we keep the prices of Booster products very reasonable. I make my money on YOU helping others to feel good. I'll be honest, I make my money on volume, not the individual sale.


 But, I CARE about the individual person who's business we are helping to be more successful. I have to say, it has been an HONOR helping well over a million consultants during the last 36 years and we are STILL excited to help YOU! YOUR success is our goal!

I know you ALL want to be successful in all the Key areas of your business, so let's take our shoes off and get busy....



KEY 1: Boost Bookings as they are the lifeblood of your business!

Without good booking skills you could be out of business very quickly. WITH good booking skills, you will be a top producer! First it is important to understand the motivation for hosts go have a party. WHY do people decide to have a party? Your first response is undoubtedly Free Gifts! I must admit, that IS usually the reason host will tell you they booked. But there are often other reasons, here are a few: —Wants to interact with friends and a party is a great reason.
—Just redecorated and wants an excuse to have friends over.
—Likes YOU and wants to get to know you better (a potential recruit?)
—Felt good (comfortable, appreciated and accepted) at the party and wants to have that feeling again.
—Wants to help her friend (the host) get what she wants.
—You sold her on your products and wants more, but she is on a budget.

There are probably many other reasons, but you get the idea. So how can you help potential hosts to feel these emotions? Let's deal with a few basic tips and then explain how Booster products can help:


1) Make everyone feel comfortable, welcome and appreciated. Talk to each person individually both BEFORE and AFTER your demo. Introduce yourself, welcome them. Tell them you want to help them and ask if they have specific questions or needs and to feel free to comment during the demo,
2) Make a big deal about your host. Bring her in front of the group, give her a gift. Thank her in front of everyone.
3) Be relaxed and have fun during your demo. Enjoy your products. Let people feel your enthusiasm.
4) Talk about having a party in a natural relaxed way. Drop "one-Liners" about booking throughout your demo and move on. This creates curiosity and get them asking YOU about having a party.

Now, let's talk specifics:

It can be difficult to bring up hosting a party because you may feel as if you are pressuring them. That is where the stickers and one-liners come in. By using stickers in your catalogs and on your invitations (and tying them together with one-liners) you create interest and plant seeds that encourage your customers to think about hosting a party before you approach them. As you give short little benefits of being a host, your guests don't have time to tune you out, and in fact become curious and interested in learning more.

An example of a one-liner is, (While holding up the ____ product say:) "Turn to page ____ in your catalog. (Where you've put the 'Why pay full price, free is twice as nice' sticker) This is one of our most popular products and you should host a party because 'Why pay full price, free is twice as nice'! Remember, it is important for you to close the booking AT the party. Waiting and calling back seldom works, so plant the seeds before they come on the invitations, throughout the demo and then ASK everyone when you take their order.

STICKERS keep talking when you stop! By using them throughout your catalog, on folders and invitations people are reading about the benefits of hosting over and over again. You are not being pushy, you are letting the seeds spark their magic and they'll be asking you!

BUTTONS can be worn by you, your hosts or put up in your display. They again, get your guests thinking. Many of our slogans are available as buttons.

POSTCARDS can be used to let previous customers or hosts know the benefits of hosting a party. See the variety under Key 1: Postcards.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD PRODUCTS! As we move into a more technology world with social media, texting, messaging etc. we now offer our PROVEN Booster graphics in a downloadable format. To boost bookings, post booking graphics along with pictures of your products. Come up with one-liners that relate the slogan to your products. This plants seeds and gets all those people on your fan page, twitter feed, etc. to think about the advantages of hosting a party. Watch for DIGITAL DOWNLOADS shown on YELLOW backgrounds.

OTHER PRODUCTS: Be sure to check out all the "Book to Look" or "Pick a Date & Pick a Prize" as well as candy bar wrappers, purses, etc. to encourage bookings. Tons of ideas are there!

HINT: Similar products on our website have the same NUMBER with different LETTERS..i.e. S for Stickers, PP for Postcards, B for Buttons, etc. To see all similar products SEARCH for just the NUMBER! For additional training you may also click the ACCESSORIES or RELATED PRODUCTS once you click into the product description.


Postcards are available WITH or WITHOUT Text so you can write what you want OR order them Personalized so they come ready to go! Home Key 1: > BOOKING >1: Postcards 

To see more TRAINING and PRODUCTS to Boost your Bookings see KEY 1: BOOKING then choose a subcategory. Home > Key 1: BOOKING >



Key 2: HOSTS -
Give them more and your business will soar!


 K0-1000 PARTY SYSTEM PACK We don't mean you have to give them more in products. What I'm referring to is giving them more service! The more contact you have with your hosts, the more successful your party will be. Plus, in addition to a successful party, you will be building a relationship as a friend and future parties and a possible recruit! Check out the “How to Have $1000+ Parties System!


7 Steps to Successful Parties -- Host coaching! Just as a coach has contact with his team and provides them with information and training, it is essential that you invest time in building your relationship with your hosts. You are a team!


1) Be prepared with Host Packets to give at the party or time of booking. This mentally prepares you to get bookings and your host will feel empowered for success. Your host packet should include all the things your company suggests with a few "Booster" extras. Include stickers that will make her feel good, know what to do, create her wish list, guest list and for greater success "Host Bingo". The more to encourage your host to become engaged the greater success she and you will have. Remind her to get outside orders. In your host packet include some catalogs with the "Bring ___ in outside orders and receive a FREE gift" Encourage your host to give those catalogs to working friends to share and bring orders to the party. When they do, encourage them to become hosts themselves. Let guests know you offer this to each host to help them increase their party sales.

2) Send a confirmation postcard immediately. Drop it in the mail on your way home from the party. Include the "I'm watching for your guest list" sticker as a reminder. She'll be impressed with how on the ball you are.

3) Once you've mailed the invitations to her guests (YES, it is best if YOU mail them- as not getting the invitations out is the number 1 reason for postponements- and postponements can kill your business!) Let her know her invitations have been mailed and what stickers you put on them. Confirm other info, ask her how her BINGO is going.

4) SEND a "Call them" postcard a few days before the party. Be sure to put a "Bring a Friend" sticker on the card (You've put them on the invitations too) to remind her to remind her friends. Your host will NOTICE when she gets it in the mail! This lets her know how important this step is to the success of her party.

5) Call her (or text) a day or two before the party to check in and confirm your arrival time, what you will need in the way of setup, etc. Check on her outside orders, simple refreshments, etc. You can always send another postcard with this info. Use any of our motivational (Key 7) slogans and print whatever you typically want to say. If you used the "On Time Drawing" sticker on your invitation, be sure to give a specific time such as 6:58 or 7:02 and DO the drawing at that time.

6) Arrive at your party EARLY ENOUGH to do your set up, spend a little time with your host and be relaxed. Compliment your host on something. Check up on her family. Show personal interest. Reconfirm what her goals are for the party. After the party, help her to see where she is. Remind her that "If you call them, they will order!" for those who didn't place their order at the party, or those she gave catalogs to. Decide on the close date, etc.

7) Follow up with a PERSONAL 'Thank you" note. Put recognition (Key 8) stickers on the envelope. We have several different 'Host' Thank You's as well as Thank You cards in Key 5 or Key 8 postcards work great too! A personal note sets you apart. Take a few minutes and DO IT! Be sure to enter all your customer info you collected into you data base to follow up later.

NOTE: In addition to stickers and mailing postcards, you can use today's technology to text or message the graphics to reinforce the action you want to have happen. Graphics like "If you call them they will come" and "Thanks for being committed to your party as this is a night of work for me" are great ways to stay in contact and give encouragement.

To see more TRAINING and PRODUCTS for effective Host Coaching see KEY 2: HOSTS then choose a subcategory. For everything you need to do with step by step training, order the K0-1000 PARTY SYSTEM PACK in the How to Have $1000 Parties Category on the HOME page at www.TheBooster.com. It includes everything you need for FOUR parties and 20 Catalogs PLUS the System dividers, training, etc.



Key 3: Boost Attendance! What are the benefits of MORE people coming to your party? It is worth a little extra effort? I bet you answer yes! Because the more in attendance the more sales, more bookings, more recruit leads and more overall opportunities! Let's talk about some ideas!

1) Do good host coaching. This is your first line of offense. Just as multiple contact with hosts increases your chance for a good party, multiple contacts with guests increases your party attendance. So, how do you have multiple contacts?

A- Mailing invitations with 4 stickers on them & Flaptalk (more about this below),
B- Phone calls from hosts,
C- Texts from hosts, (Include Digital Download Graphics)
D- Facebook groups for the party were messages are posted- use Digital Download Graphics

Mailing your invitations with FOUR stickers on each one has been something we have been teaching for YEARS and the comments from customers have been amazing.


So what 4 stickers?

1- A Key 1: Booking Sticker to plant the seed of the benefits of booking a party BEFORE they come, and may even be the motivation to come to SEE how they could get free products.

2: A Key 6: Recruiting Sticker to plant seeds of the benefits of joining your team BEFORE they come and may even be the motivation to come and learn more about your opportunity.

3: A Key 3: Attendance 'Bring a Friend' type sticker. Even if just 1 person brings a friend and that friend spends $40 it is well work the cost of less than $1 to put this sticker on every invitation!

4: A Key 3 Attendance 'Having Fun' type slogan or one of our Company Specific slogans to create interest and desire to attend.

Besides all the benefits mentioned, using stickers creates multiple contacts on the invitations because as they read the invitation and then read each sticker, the entire invitation cycles through their brain. This creates FIVE times they read the invitation and increases the odds of the information reaching their long term memory and taking action!

Oh, and what is Flap Talk? If you put your invitations in an envelope, put a sticker on the flap! You have their undivided attention, why not use it to reinforce a message? ANY of the Key 3 or Key 4 stickers are perfect for flap talk.

Other slogans such as "Special offer for guests only", "On time drawing", "New Catalog, etc can be used and create interaction. To see more TRAINING and PRODUCTS for effective ways to Boost Attendance see KEY 3: Attendance then choose a subcategory. See the K3-Invite PACK -- which includes a variety of stickers to put 4 on each of 140 invitations and other ideas in the K3: IDEAS & Training Category.


Keep in mind the A B C D formula.
A = A success formula.
B = Benefit.   If the BENEFIT is greater than the C= COST
D= DO IT! Does that make sense to you?   
If the Benefit is greater than the Cost = DO it!



KEY 4: Now, you want to increase your SALES, Don't you??

Here's the Basic FOUR to keep them asking for more:

1- Let your customers know you care about them personally. At every party, greet each person individually. Make your hosts feel special, (this goes a long way to making her friends feel comfortable.)
Booster TIP: Put a sticker on each person as you greet them (You're Special, Awesome, etc) then you will know who you've talked to. Invite them to ask questions during the demo and let them know you will help each person individually with their order after the demo.

2- Make your demo interesting! Share personal experiences, invite guests to share testimonials and relate your products to them individually. If you host has told you something specific relating to your product and a guest, invite them to share their story.

3- Use your catalogs to help customers become familiar with it. They ORDER from the catalog so as you demo products, refer to the page in your catalog and tie in "one-liners" to create a relationship. Pass around your products from the display so they can touch and feel. Invite them to come up to your display after the demo. BOOSTER TIP: Tell them you've put some stickers ON the products in your display and the first one to find them and reads them out loud gets a prize (one prize per guest)! (Be sure to use sales, booking and recruiting stickers!)

4- Let them know about sales, specials, cash & carry, half price items, sets or bundles, etc. Mention them throughout your demo. When people know early about your specials, they get thinking how they can get the most for their money. Be sure to give suggestions of people who would like your different products as gifts (especially if they are on special)!



Let them know they can Charge It! When people know this early (even on your invitations) they plan their purchases differently. It they really want it, they'll get it now, even if pay day is a few days away.

Invite your guests to "Think Ahead!" Remind them how your products are great to have on hand for gifts. Many come with their own needs in mind, yet need a gift for an upcoming wedding and don't even think about ordering from you.

Offer some items to take immediately as "Cash & Carry".

Let them know it is OK to get something for themselves. Often your guests are thinking of everyone else. Remind them that they deserve it!

As you build these relationships bet sure to let them know HOW they can contact you to place an order or if they have a question. Invite them to become a member of your Facebook Fan Page. Invite them to get out their phones and join right there at the party! (Then, message them Customer (Key 5) Digital Downloaded Graphics to let them know they are important.) Invite them to put your number in their phones and message you with their name, and the name of your host. Offer a prize, let them know you will pick a winner after the party and include the prize with their order.

Ask your customers to SHARE with others! Invite them to take a picture right there at the party and post it to their time line. Once the party is over (and you've accepted them as friends) they can TAG you in the picture. Invite them to take current (or old) catalogs with them to share with their friends. Offer Gift Certificates for that hard to buy for person. (Potential hosts as well as new customers!) Key 4: SALES


Let your customers know you offer Special Services! For example, if they host a party, you will come early to give them a facial, help them choose jewelry to go with outfits, decorating or organization ideas, etc, etc, etc. depending on your products. She may even book a party again to show off all the things she purchased. Some may be interested in your specialized services but not want to book. It still may be worth your time to help them develop their "Wish List." Customers may not be able to afford everything at once, that is why they will book, and come to other friends parties! Remember, customers can buy products similar to yours many different places. It is up to you to build relationships to keep them coming back to YOU!

I could go on and on with ideas to Boost your Sales! It IS what you do that sets you apart so people will consistently buy from YOU!




KEY 5: Customer Care!
You want repeat business don't you!


Every business wants and needs repeat business. It is much more expensive to go out and get new customers than it is to take care of the customers you have!

We go back to Grandpa's theme: People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care about them! Show them!
Stickers and Postcards make it easy to set yourself apart at a price you CAN afford!
Check out our Key 5 products. They are pretty self explanatory on how to use them. I just want to encourage you to DO IT! This will have an amazing influence on your business!


Customers have told me that "Thank you for your order!" stickers have produced more comments than they ever dreamed. Some have told me customers have called to tell them they appreciated the sticker on their receipt. They stand out even more than a hand written than you and save you time in the process! On your receipts is also a great place to put the "Order 24/7" sticker with your contact info so they can order anytime!

Many times you want to include little gifts with orders. Use the "Free Gift" stickers on the package to avoid confusion.

In this tecky world we live in, people LOVE getting something personal in the mail! They will hold on to them. Keep some postcards in your car and when you are waiting somewhere, open your phone, choose a customer, and send her a card. If you don't have the address in the phone, look up the addresses when you get home. I PROMISE, your customers will be THRILLED to receive a card that lets them know you are thinking about them.

As you build relationships with your customers, people will become more interested in what you do. Stickers keep talking when you stop. They are not pushy. They are a way to plant seeds and create sparks of interest. Be sure to stay in contact so you are there when they are ready!

Digital Download Graphics are great to MESSAGE or TEXT to your customers as well. Keep a selection of Key 5 or Key 8 graphics in your phone and send them randomly just to let them know you are thinking of them.

Remember, there are not only places people can purchase products similar to yours, but there are other consultants selling your same products. These little things are what sets you apart from the crowd. You will be remembered for being different and recognizing them as an individual. Stores today rarely give great customer service and it is greatly missed. You can make a difference and boost your sales and income by applying these principles. You'll feel better and more connected too!

Check out Key 5: CUSTOMER CARE products to add that special touch at a price you CAN AFFORD!



Key 6: Recruit– Sponsor!
It's part of the job description
(if you really want to make money and build yourself and others!)


Recruiting can be so fun! There are new recruits everywhere! The trick is to talk to them and more importantly LISTEN to them. Find out what they need and see how you can help them to get it. Booster products make it EASIER to plant seeds and get people thinking without being pushy!

Parties are your best opportunity to meet potential recruits. The more parties you have, the more people you will meet! I have had many people tell me they need to recruit more, I suggest they have MORE successful parties and they will recruit more! As you make your parties fun, easy and comfortable, more people will see themselves doing what you do!

Use Stickers (and Digital Downloaded Graphics) to create awareness to potential recruits of the benefits of joining your team. Put the stickers by your name in your catalogs, online, in your emails, and all of your literature. It makes the recruiting or sponsoring information personal instead of coming from corporate. Your customers will come to realize YOU really do "love what you do!" Remember to put recruiting stickers on invitations to get her thinking about your opportunity before they come (or it may even encourage them to come and learn more!)

Wear Buttons to encourage people to talk to you! Keep a selection of booking and recruiting buttons on the visor of your car. Before going into a store, choose one, think of what you will say when someone asks you about it and go forward with confidence. People WILL ASK! Be sure to have something to give them with your contact info, or invite them to follow your fan page. Create the habit to taking off your button and putting it back on your visor before entering your home. This way they'll always be handy!

Use POSTCARDS to follow up with recruit leads. When you meet someone at a party, follow up with a phone call or a card. Be sure to compliment them on something specific about them (Jot things you notice about them on your guest list). Try to set up an appointment to give them more details about your company. If they are not interested (before or after your get together), and you would "love to have them on your team" then follow up regularly with postcards. You never know when they will be ready, but for sure, if you are not there when they are, they will go with whomever is! Keep it light, just stay connected. (If they don't join your team, they may be a host or customer!)

In between cards, message or them Digital Download Graphics (Key 5 and Key 6) to let them know you are thinking of them. Ask them about their lives. Find out what is important to them. Let they know you care. Key 6: RECRUIT-SPONSOR



Key 7: Motivation and Inspiration! How to keep 'em going! Motivate your team to Bigger and Better...

There is so much to talk about and The Booster has so much to offer when it comes to motivating your team. Here are a few basic principles to get your started....

Have TEAM MEETINGS! Regular contact with the members if your team is so important. We have Themed Meeting Plans on our website that give you stories, quotes, activities, etc. Our theme meetings are unique in that we offer related products so your team will remember your meeting long after it is over. We have lots to choose from both Digitally and Physically so check out KEY 7 for info.

Digital Download graphics can be posted online to your team group. (Or messaged or texted to specific team members!) Little slogans to get them thinking about how they are working their businesses.

Motivational Postcards can be mailed to keep them thinking and working too. Your comments will mean a lot to them and they will save them and read them over and over again. It makes a difference when they know you care.

Give Goodies! We have Bookmarks, signs, buttons and more you can give your team. Send them things to keep them going. Don't wait for them to slack off before sending them something. Little things mean so much. You might just change a down time into a very productive time by reaching out to them and letting them know you care!



Key 8: Recognize and Reward! I love the Zig Ziggler quote "Behavior that is recognized and rewarded will be repeated!"

This is SO TRUE! So how do you do it?


Acknowledge Them! Be aware of the many areas of your team where each person has an impact. Their contributions to your team should be recognized and praised. Look for underlying reasons your team members are in the business.

For many it is money but most do not get recognized for their achievements and accomplishments at home or at their regular jobs or even from their friends. This is often the subconscious reason they've joined your team.... you make them feel good!

Praise them! Praise them through the mail, with digital download graphics through messages, texts and even posts to their Facebook wall!. Praise them on the phone, in phone messages and especially in front of everyone at your meetings! Remember to "Catch them doing something right!" Praise will get you so much further than criticism. When you DO need to correct them, do it privately and lovingly, with an abundance of praise before and after and especially when they have made corrections.

As you recognize and reward your team members they will respond with greater effort. They will regularly attend your meetings and this will encourage them to stay active and work their businesses! This is definitely one of the 'little things that makes a BIG difference to your business!'



Key 9: Seasonal Success!


This key is about using the seasons and holidays to encourage people to book and buy! We have developed TONS of products to make it EASY to help your customers to become excited about seasonal events and that the holidays are reasons to purchase your products, especially as gifts. As we develop these seasonal products, we keep all the KEYS in mind so you will find booking, sales, etc. products with the seasonal and holiday themes in mind. Check out our website under Key 9 for specific ideas!

K0-1000 PARTY SYSTEM PACK In conclusion:

Wouldn’t your rather boost your party averages to $1000 or more, so you actually make $250 to $400 or more rather than just $50 to $100?

Then put our PROVEN system to work in your business to generate $1000+ parties where statistics prove you’ll generate 80% of your income and 80% of your leads!

This is the type of testimonials from our customers:

"A Genie in a bottle! What a fabulous system for helping me to help myself! The stickers, folders and many ways to organize our customer knowledge, team building skills, and sales goals are like a genie in a bottle - state your wish and then let Booster help you see that dream come true.
Innovative, well thought- out system, useful and motivating - feeling organized and proactive is half the accomplishment... seeing results from that is an added bonus. Thank you.”

Order your system today! Get the REFILL Pack too! See ALL the products included in the system in the How to Have $1000 Parties Category!


Hi! Welcome! I’m, Jenny B. I started “The Booster” in 1981 with the goal of helping party plan and direct sellers to make more money in less time. Well over a million consultants have found my unique combination of training and the products that make taking ACTION and implementing the concepts EASY.
I have developed thousands of eye-catching designs and products that work with both sides of the brain. Your customers and team will be drawn to read them and once read, the sub-conscious part of the brain will read them over and over again!

Booster products are organized by the KEYS to Success. Looking for help with Bookings, See Key 1: Booking Category. Want to Recruit more? See Key 6: Recruit-Sponsor. Or, Looking for Stickers or Digital Downloads? Go to Shop ALL Products then the type of products and then they are divided by the Keys.

Be sure to see the FREE TRAINING and FREE PARTY IDEAS for hundreds of ideas to Boost your Business! We also offer THEME Team Meeting Plans to Motivate & Inspire!



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 01- The BASICS Overview -PDF- Booster your Business- Keys to Success-

01- The BASICS Overview -PDF- Booster your Business- Keys to Success-

Keys to Success to Booster your Business!  The Basic Overview!  ADD this item to your cart to receive the PDF with Graphics Version.  You will find the link to download it in your order history.

OR:  CLICK into it READ all the info.

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