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All about Postcards!  Click MORE tosee all your opitons!

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Booster Postcards!

We offer postcards designed specifically for the Party Plan / Direct Sales Industry!  We have cards for every Key Area of your Business:  Boost Bookings, Host Coaching, Invitations, Boost Sales, (Generate Outside Orders), Customer Service, Recruit & Sponsor, Motivate & Inspire, (Including Meeting Invitations) & Recognize & Reward.

Our Postcards 24/pkg* of the SAME design are standard 4 1/4 x 5 1/2".  They are printed on Cardstock.  Perfect for mailing (postcard postage is more affordable) or you can put them in our Postcards Envelopes.
Regular price of Postcards is $3.49/ pkg of 24.  Personalize price is $6.49/pkg of 24.

They come in TWO or FOUR different ways:

--All Postcards BEGIN with the letter PP

--The FIRST number designates what KEY it belongs in and how they are organized on our website. i.e. PP1 = Booking, PP2=Host Coaching, etc.

--You can purchase many of our designs WITH or WITHOUT TEXT:

Postcard with GRAPHICFOUR Perforated Postcards on a sheet--C AFTER the number designates just the COLOR GRAPHIC on the card.  These come on an 8 1/2" x 11" PERFORATED sheet so you can PRINT directly onto the cards with your own printer.  We offer FREE WORD TEMPLATES* that show you WHERE to print your information around the graphic.  This saves you $$ on INK, because you can print in black ink!  Plus, you have our eye-catching graphics and then you can say whatever you want.  You then pull appart on the PERFORATIONS and give, mail or sent.  Also great for hand written notes.


Postcard with GRAPHIC & TEXT--CT AFTER the number designates the COLOR GRAPHIC and TEXT is printed on the card.  These come CUT into 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 cards.  The TEXT that is printed onto the cards is shown online in each item.  Just click the graphic from the listing page.  If you want something different printed, then purchase the "C" just graphic option and print what you want.





Personalize Graphic & TEXT postcardGRAPHIC only design PERSONALIZED--PR We also offer the cards PERSONALIZED!  They would have the same C or CT designation as mentioned above, but that would be followe by PR.  Personlized postcards come CUT  into 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 cards. 24/pkg.  If a card comes with TEXT, we offer BOTH the just graphic version or the graphic and text version personalized.

-- We personalize YOUR contact info along the bottom of the card.  Generally we include your Name, Phone,  Your ____Company___ Lady, with email and webiste on the second line.  The text is small so as to not overwhelm the card.  On the website enter your info of what you want printed.  If you are ordering multiple designs of cards with the same info, just fill out ONE and then put SAME INFO on the other cards.  This is really good because you then have your email and website on every card without having to hand-write it AND it is READABLE!

Personalized Graphic Postcard-- Personalized cards are perfect to keep on your desk, expecially the Key 7, Motivation and Inspiration and Key 8, Recongition and Reward, because they become like personalized stationery!  All you have to do is sign your name!  For that matter, they are great for Key 5, Customer Service, and Key 6, Recruiting & Sponsoring!  This makes it so easy to drop a note to your team, hosts, potential team members and customers.  Also, this makes it so easy to hand-rite a quick note.

TEMPLATE for PP example-- *FREE TEMPLATES. for our C (graphic only postcards) you can PRINT your own info.  Just download the FREE WORD TEMPLATES from the website.  To find them, click INTO the actual product and scroll all the way down, you will see the download there.  SAVE it to your own computer, fill in your info and print ONTO our colorful cards.  Remember, these templates DO NOT show the graphic.  They show you WHERE to type your info AROUND the graphic that comes printed on the card.  As mentioned above, this saves you so much in INK because you can print with black ink.  These ARE Cardstock weight cards that go through most printers.  Or you can print your info onto a white piece of paper and take the perforated cards and what you've printed to a local copy center.

COMBO SHEET-- COMBO SHEETS:  We also offer some COMBO SHEETS of postcards with 4 different designs on the perforated sheet.  They are 79¢ per sheet.

You will find the postcards on the website either in SHOP ALL PRODUCTS > POSTCARDS> Organized by the KEY




OR, Click the KEY, then POSTCARDS in that Key.




 Have fun shopping.  We offer over 100 Designs!  Put these to work in your business and set yourself apart.  Your team, customers, & hosts will LOVE getting something in the mail!


Want even MORE info on Postcards, Check out this training 

T0-03 Postcards that make a difference!


We welcome your comments.  Post on our BLOG.




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 PP- All about Postcards

PP- All about Postcards

All about Postcards!  Click MORE tosee all your opitons!

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