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We decided to add this as it’s own category. We develop “Party Ideas” or suggestions of not only party THEMES but also Types of Parties from “Mystery Hostess” to “Open Houses” to seasonal ideas like Turkey Trot or Santa Sack. You will find sub categories as we develop seasonal and other ideas. This Training is FREE, and we provide the PRODUCTS to make implementing these party ideas EASY!

Camping- S’more Theme Party Idea!

13131- PI S’more Party

13131-PI-PDF — Camping – S’more Party Idea Information

The concept is to book either “in home”
or “catalog” parties during the summer or fall.
This is a fun idea to encourage customers to book “Camping or S’more”
theme party. These parties are especially fun where you can hold
them outdoors — for some parts of the country, this would be
summer or fall, for others, they could be held all year long.

So, how do you do it? What is entailed?

First, develop what you want to include in your “theme”. This is
really an easy one. It is all about S’mores! This can be done as
simply as you do when you are up camping with marshmallows,
(ready to be roasted) graham crackers and chocolate!
(Or you could use chocolate covered graham crackers!)

For the fire, you could use a campfire- either at a campsite,
in your backyard, or at a picnic place in a park where they allow fires.
If you don’t have one for your campsite, you could use one of those
portable fire circles. (Of course you’ll need kindling, wood, matches, etc.)
Now, you could also use those cans of ‘sterno’ for the flame, or even
a gas BBQ. (See the picture in the PDF)

Be sure to have some wet wipes handy for cleaning up and bottled
water works great to wash down the sweetness. You will need sticks
for roasting too!

You don’t need to do much else, as outdoors is a theme of its own.
But I did see this picture that I thought was pretty cool. White balloons
hung from a tree. (Put a marble in them before you blow them up!)
Just tie them to the tree with white ribbon. Another thing you can
do with the balloons is put a discount or gift (written on a piece of paper)
inside the balloon before you blow it up. Then, let your customers know
that if they book a party they get to pop a balloon and see what they get!
(Kind of a Book to Look concept.)

KPI-13131-ST Starter PackGet the S’more Party Starter Pack!

This pack (KPI-13131-ST) includes SAMPLES of the products
we’ve developed. You get:
1—HC13131B — S’more Party TOPPER & BAG
1—HC13131A — S’more Party CURVEY Candy Holder
DS13131 — Camping – S’more DISPLAY SIGN
1—B13131 — S’more BUTTON
1— CBW13131L — Camping – S’more THANK YOU
1— LH13131 S’more LETTERHEAD
1—PP13131ACT – S’more get Hosts w-TEXT POSTCARDS
1— PP13131BCT – S’more Invitation w-TEXT POSTCARDS
4— S13131B -wp- Have Camping – S’more STICKERS
6— S13131C – S’more Invitation STICKERS
PLUS Printout of this training.

We also have a DELUXE Pack!

KPI-13131-DX DELUXE Starter PackSave even more with

Book Camping – S’more Parties

Invite guests at parties (or those you meet at events) to host a “S’more” Party!
Put some of the “Smore” bags (HC13131B-6) all ready filled with your
catalogs, flyers, “S’more” party ideas, order forms, invitations, etc.
so they can take the bag home with them and get started right away.
This is a great way to encourage bookings from those who say they are
just too busy with camping and other family activities during the summer
to do a regular party. They can even use this as a way to meet new people
while camping — invite them over for S’mores! However, you can also do
these as a regular party where you come and do the demonstration.
It is up to them!

Get started ADVERTISING your “S’more Parties!”

Put the “Let’s roast mallows”
(S13131B) sticker on your catalogs.
Use the “Camping – S’more get Hosts ” Postcards (PP13131ACT)
to encourage previous hosts and customers to have a party.
You can use the blank card to print your own information, or use
the care that comes with TEXT and all you do is add your info.
We can also personalize BOTH.
Other ways we’ve provided for you to advertise include Display Signs
(3 sizes) you can put in your display, or a book of theme parties you offer.
We also have a Button to wear or put in your display.

The TEXT on the cards says it all:

I was thinking about you (knowing you love our products) and
I thought you would be interested
in having an event with your friends.
I have this great “Theme” party idea where we can invite your
friends to an “outside”
event. You could hold it in your backyard, at a park, or even while camping!
(You could even use it to make new friends while camping!)
I can do it as a regular party where I come an do a demonstration,
OR, you can do it as a “Catalog Party!” Contact me for more details or
other “theme” parties I have for this summer!

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies and
put into your Host Packets.

The GUEST LIST TRACKER included in the PDF is for each of the hosts to
keep track of WHO they’ve given catalogs to. This makes it easy for
them to follow up and get the orders.

The Camping- S’more GUEST LIST included in the PDF
is for hosts to get filled out by people who are looking at the catalogs
at their party or in a group situation (like the people they meet while
camping) where everyone looking at the catalogs fills in their info
which gives them chances to win a prize!

Encourage additional sales & bookings:

Summer is actually the kickoff of shopping for the Christmas
Season (plus upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
So we include the “Holiday Gift List” to give to guests. You could
make a “Gift Ideas” flyer too. You may want to include some extras
in the host pack so they can put new ones into catalogs that they
pass on to someone else.

This will also help you get more names of people to add to your data base.
With this idea of those “camping” to have a party, they will meet GUYS!
Provide “Wish Lists for the gals to fill out and encourage the guys to
purchase what is on their GAL’s Wish List for future holidays like Christmas,
Mother’s Day, Birthday’s, Anniversaries, etc.

This could mean even MORE host gifts at future parties they will have!

Send invitations!

When you actually MAIL invitations, it makes the event special, not just something
casual, but something to put on their calendars.

To make it easy on YOU and your hosts we’ve made up an invitation for
you to include in your sack. (PP13131BC or PP13131BCT) We recommend
you put 24 in each sack so they can over invite.

We also offer the Postcards or letterhead invitations so you can print
the information yourself or all ready to go and they just need to fill in
their information.

This is the TEXT on the invitations:

Come enjoy a night out! It will be s’more fun with you there!
I’m having a party and you are invited! I hope you will come!
We will have lots of s’mores..
S’more laughs, s’more memories, s’more learning & s’more fun!
Then lines for date, time, place, product, consultant info, host signature
and RSVP info.
Hosts ____ Date/Time _____ Place _____ Please RSVP to ______

Use this sticker S13131C on the front of the postcard invitations
to get their attention. (You can even use your regular company postcards.)

Included at the end of this PDF are sheets for you to make copies

and put into your Host Packets.

The HOLIDAY GIFT LIST included in the PDF is to be included in each
catalog to help the guests create their list of who they need to buy for and
then a place is provided for which of your products to get for those people.
Using this helps to get them thinking and buying!

FOLLOW UP with your “S’more Party!” hosts:

This is SO IMPORTANT, so here’s a few suggestions:

A. Because you want to let guests know when to expect their orders
you need to have a FIRM close date. Let them know that their orders
MUST be turned in and paid for by a decided upon date !

B. Keep in touch by phone or text. You could create a Facebook Group
for all your S’more Hosts. They could share where they went camping, etc.

C. Give Hosts (or customers you would like to recruit at the party the
CBW13131L Candy Bar Wrappers (around a Hershey’s Bar!)

See more ideas to promote Christmas under FREE TRAINING > T9-Seasonal

We now offer a way for you to send postcards, advertise, etc. Digitally!

To advertise to previous hosts, we offer HIGH RESOLUTION Postcards you
can download, use as the background of your WORD document, type your
info then PRINT onto cardstock and cut apart.

For your invitations, you can download the LETTERHEAD or POSTCARDS
and use them as the background of your WORD document. Then just
type you info and PRINT!

We also offer stickers you can post to Facebook or text or message
to previous hosts. This makes it EASY for you to get the word out!

Be sure to check out our other “Party Ideas”!
You’ll find them online at

Then Click on the FREE Party Ideas CATEGORY
Then they are divided into GENERAL,

We are CONSTANTLY developing NEW and exciting Party Ideas to
help you keep your calendar full!

Remember, we do all the work creating the products, all you need to
do is present it!

All information and graphics in this training are under a
Graphics and Intellectual property Copyright © 2017 JB – 800-553-6692 or 435-245-6088
This is a purchased training.
Please honor our copyrights and DO NOT copy.

13131-PI-PDF -- Camping - S'more  Party Idea Information Order this item to get the PDF with graphics in the instruction as well
as all the additional pages as mentioned above.

See ALL the products discussed in this training by clicking

PI-13131 Camping- S’more Parties CATEGORY

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T9-15 — Promote Mother’s Day NOW!

Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother's Day!

Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother’s Day!

Watch your sales soar as you help your customers shop for Mother’s Day!

Yes, Mother’s Day is right around the corner and your customers are counting on YOU to remind them (and help them!) Just think how stress free they will be when you help them take care of their Mother’s Day gift needs! Below are 6 ways you can promote Mother’s day!

Promoting your products for Mother’s Day gifts is a great way to not only boost your sales, but offer great service to your customers. Mother’s Day is probably the next biggest gift giving season to Christmas. Even with this tough economy, people will still be buying gifts for mom. Why not help them get the perfect gift that will make her smile? So, let’s get started!

1: If you want to help “Others” find the right gift for their moms, you first need to know what the mom wants. Have “Moms” (actually EVERYONE) that come to a party fill out a “Wish List” (You can either use our wish list card PP40140CT or Customer Care Cards V4124). Then you can follow up with the people she’s given you permission to contact for various different holidays, including Mother’s Day! Or see our new DOUBLE SIDED Drawing Card with drawing info on the front and the Wish List on the Back! (PP10131CT)

2: FOLLOW UP once you know what she wants! Do it easily with our “Mother’s Day is Near” postcard (PP94286CT or PP94286C ). You just fill in a few things from her list and then follow up later. You may want to put the postcard in an envelope (See VENV-PP ) and put the “For Guys eyes only!” (S33419) on the outside of the envelope you are sending to the men to keep the secret. One card is blue- perhaps better for sending to guys. The flower background is perfect to send to daughters, mother’s for their daughters, etc. By sending the postcard you get them thinking so that when you follow up with the call, they are ready to buy! The postcards turn what would be a “Cold call” into a “Warm Call!”

As you make those calls to “SIGNIFICANT OTHERS” (especially the men) when he is finished shopping for his wife, suggest other gift ideas for other family members. For example, ask the husband if there are others who he needs to purchase Mothers’ Day Gifts for such as his mother, daughters, etc. Offer to gift wrap or deliver for FREE once an order reaches at a certain level.

3:  Encourage bookings so hosts can earn the Mother’s Day gifts they need!  You can mail postcards to previous hosts and guests offering them your services.

Use Get Mothers Day Gifts Free POSTCARD with JUST the Graphic (PP91289C) and a darling poem to remind her that booking a party would be a great way for HER to earn Mother’s Day Gifts, but you can print whatever want on the card, suggesting that you would like to help her get what SHE wants as well.  Invite her to give you a call.  Now, as you know, your previous hosts and guests usually need to purchase gifts for their own mothers so this is very appropriate.  Plus, once you get her on the phone, you can find out what she would like and then contact her significant other as mentioned above!  This way you’ll get lots of sales!

Use our new “Mother’s Day is Near, Gift List Free when you host with me  WITH TEXT Postcard (PP91289CT)  to send to previous host or customers to encourage them to book a party.  This card also has the poem and invites them to call you before you call them to receive an extra gift.  This of course, encourages her to call you, but also lets her know that you’ll be calling her so be sure to follow up!  Now, if she’s not interested in booking, perhaps you can still help her with her gift needs!  This helps your call to be a win-win proposition!

4:  Get started early promoting Mother’s Day gifts to your customers by putting stickers on your invitations and catalogs.   Plant the seeds of how your products will meet the needs of your customers.   We have a great selection of stickers!   Promote giving GIFT CARDS!


Plant the seeds of how your products will meet the needs of your customers. We have a great selection of stickers!

Use stickers like:
Enhance your romance! (SC43030)
Affordable Gifts for Mom! (S44440)
Men Love it to! (S45380)
Your Gift Solution (S44436A)
Gifts for all occasions (S44427)
Make your Mother’s Day’s Day perfect! (S94268)
Give a Gift Certificate to Someone Special (S44438)
See the “Affordable Gifts for Mom” (S44440)
Mother’s Day is near (S94270B).
Then check out the new “Mother’s day is near with the comment about  earning their GIFT List for FREE by hosting a show!  (S91641)It is so fun and springy!  Put it on the front of your all your catalogs!
And many more!

See the K-Mothers Day Pack! For 10 Sheets = 525 Stickers

HINT:  When you use stickers in your catalogs that are very holiday specific, but you may still use your catalogs AFTER that selling season is over, just cover the sticker with another one of the same size!  We have SO MANY to choose from that you’ll have a ball and your catalogs will constantly be changing!

5.       Boost your sales by contacting businesses!   

You know that most husbands would love it if someone were to come to their place of work and offer a great deal that comes all gift wrapped!   See below exactly how to make this idea put hundreds if not thousands of dollars in your pockets by not only reading but implementing this idea:   Call these “Holiday Heros” parties (S33476).  Use the stickers
“Gift for your gals” (S33420) and other Mother’s Day stickers on the front and in catalogs.

Here is an idea sent into us by Kim Livanec:

“At this time of the year, Mother’s Day, Valentines, etc. I target businesses where primarily men work.  Like Discount Tires, Repair/Garages, Hardware stores, etc. and I go in asking for the manager and tell him I want to offer the employees some Mother’s Day gift ideas if he/she will allow me to.

I present my product to him/her and ask when would be a good time that they could shop. I like to target pay-day and lunch break!  I schedule that time with the manager, leave a book and ask him/her if she would please let the guys know when I will be back so they can shop.  I offer the host program to the Manager, telling him/her they will get their Valentine or Mother’s Day gifts for free by letting me help the guys shop or just collecting the orders before I return.

When I return on the scheduled day, I help the guys pick out an item or sometimes I simply just total orders and collect money.  The person who I left in charge, gets full advantage of the host program and they usually invite me back for the next holiday, Christmas, Valentines, etc.  I find out the dates of the wives birthdays, as well as anniversaries when I get a chance to talk to them. If I get lots of orders at a particular business, I may return once a month in between holidays to bring donuts/kolaches.

It is simple, and guys love it because they hate to go shopping and I bring the store right to them, and I gift wrap their purchase as well and they never end up in the doghouse over missing a holiday gift!”

Decide to try this concept NOW! Just set a date with yourself to go make your contacts with the businesses and then go back for the “party.”    Be prepared to do it all at once, if the manager allows it!  Have a selection of catalogs in your car along with products.  Only take a few items in. I suggest you “wrap” a selection of products in 3 different price ranges. Tell them they can SAVE on SETS!   (S43262) You may want to offer something special for placing their order THAT DAY.   For example, you may offer free “gift wrapping” on anything ordered that day (or an additional gift, etc).   This may save you the time of having to come back several times.     Or have a selection of products copied onto a sheet for them to order from.   They may not want to go through your entire catalog.   Give them specific ideas, price ranges, etc.  Put “Gift under $??” stickers (S44448) by products in your catalog.

Offer to include a “Gift Card” with their purchase.  (see our BC Cards- BCD44451 or BCD44435)  You can print YOUR  info small on the back and they can write their To/from message on the front or back.  This way, the person receiving the gift knows who to contact if they want more!

Remember, as you finalize their order, to ask them WHO ELSE they need to purchase gifts for (their own mother, daughters, etc) and offer to take care of ALL their gift needs at once.

6- Make Mother’s Day week special by offering a little gift to every guest at your parties!

Our bookmarks or little candy bar wrapper Purses are great!    See HC63017 — “Love” Purse Candy Bar wrapper or HC62906 — “Opportunity” Purse Candy Bar wrapper.  Many designs of our Bookmarks are perfect for Mother’s Day.  I’ve included some in this idea, but others are shown under BOOKMARKS.  (Home>Shop ALL Products>Other Products>BM-Bookmarks)  They can be used other times too to show appreciation, so stock up now!   Include your contact information easily on the back of each bookmark by printing your information on the “Heart says yes” PRINTABLE STICKERS! (S10517SS-PS)!   It is easy and you are planting seeds for booking at the same time!

Decide NOW to TAKE ACTION and make the most of every opportunity!   Order NOW, put your plan into action and watch your sales soar!   Prepare to make Mother’s Day special for your hosts and customers.   When you make the little extra effort to build relationships, you will see the loyalty from your customers increase and your sales soar!

To find this Training on our website go to Home>FREE Training>T9-Seasonal>T9-15 — Mother’s Day.  It will take you to the CATEGORY to see ALL the products mentioned in this training.

You may purchase the PDF training with GRAPHICS that you can download on our website.

9-15-PDF — Promote Mothers Day IDEAS

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3-02 — Give AUCTION parties to boost attendance, sales and more!

See all the products to help make Auction parties easy!

T3-2 Give AUCTION parties to boost attendance, sales and more!

How can having an “Auction Party” increase attendance and sales?

When you let your customers know they can earn extra auction $$$ by helping you, they will invite their friends and help get outside orders!.

How can you encourage your invited guests to help you?
Put these “Auction Stickers” (S30445) on your invitations. They tell your guests to earn extra $$$ they can:

  1. Bring their invitation! (When guests decide to do this they will put their invitation in a place they will remember.   Then they can look at it to be reminded of the dates, etc.)
  2. Bring a adult guest. (When they invite a friend to attend the party with them, you will have TWO committed guests instead of ONE “maybe” guest.)
  3. Bring outside orders (This encourages guests to talk to their friends and mention that they are going to the party, if the friend can’t come, they can still offer to place an order for them.)

How would you do an Auction Party?

1.    First, you would tell your guests that you are having an auction at the end of the party. Their goal is to earn Auction Money. Use the V6127 — Auction Money Recruit CASH. (The bills are all $100 value. It makes it WAY easier than making change and the auction takes less time because the bid in $100 increments.)  Besides, it doesn’t matter because you get all the bills back at the end of the party to use the next time!  So you can give out TONS of cash for anything and everything!

2.    Make a lasting impression by also using the “Recruiting Dollars” (V6658).   They say “Short on cash?   I can help turn this into REAL money.   Call me today!” on the front of a $100 bill.   Be sure to put YOUR name and number on the back.   (Use the printable sticker “Could you use an extra $100 a week” on the back printed with your contact information.”   I’ll tell you WHY to include these $100 bills in your auction money below.

3.    Tell them that you had special instructions on your invitations to receive extra Auction $$ and reward those who did as you asked at that time. Then tell them that they can earn money by being involved in your party.   Here are some examples:

  • Give them $100 each time them make a suggestion of how they have used one of your products or why they like something you offer.
  • Ask questions about what they would receive as a hostess and give $100 bills to those who offer correct answers.
  • Ask questions about what your company offers if they were to join your team and reward those who know the answers with $100 bills.
  • Tell them that if they book a party, they will receive $1000 in Auction money.   Offer $2000 to the FIRST person to book a party.
  • Tell them that whoever makes an appointment to learn about your opportunity will receive $2000 in auction money.   (Or whatever increments you choose)

Use your imagination and come up with as many ways as you can think of to give Auction Money! This keeps your guests involved in your party and having fun!

4.    At the end of the party, show them the prizes (if you didn’t show them at the beginning) and have your auction. You may want to put numbers on each item and randomly pull a number to decide what you will auction off first.   You may want to keep the gifts as a surprise. Give different things a try and see what works for you.

What does it cost you do offer Auction Parties?

Remember the ABCD formula: A Success Formula?

If the B for Benefit is Greater Than the C for COST   then D- do it!

Your cost to offer Auction parties is the cost of the stickers ($1.99 or less for 48 stickers) and the cost of the gifts. Usually, your company offers items that you get at very reasonable prices that you can use as gifts. You gifts will probably cost less than $5.00. You only have a one time expense on the Money you use, because you get it back during every auction.

Let’s do the math:

  • if just ONE extra guest comes and places a $40 order,
  • and ONE person brings a friend (two committed guests spending $40 each)
  • and ONE person brings a $40 outside order

that would be a total of $160 in additional orders.  

If your profit is 25% you would have made an additional $40!   The cost was $7 so your PROFIT would be $33.

What if you only made HALF that amount, you would have STILL made $13 more than you would have. But, what if you were to DOUBLE those sales? Your cost of $7 would remain the same but your profit would be $73!
Can’t you see the benefit in giving this a try?

What are the other benefits of doing an auction?

You’ll keep track of those who know your products.   You’ll find out who accumulated the most money.   This would probably be a prime person to talk to about your opportunity.   People will choose to book parties and make opportunity appointments to earn the auction money.   Using these techniques keeps people interested and paying attention to what you are asking.   It keeps them focused on YOU instead of chit chatting with each other. When you add these benefits to the increased sales, you can really see how offering Auction Parties can make a BIG increase in your profit!

WHY use the “Recruiting Dollars” as some of your auction money?   At the end of the auction, give them each one of the recruiting dollars back and say, “Keep this in your wallet, and when you come to my next auction party you’ll already have $100 to start the game!   Plus, in the meantime if you are low on cash and need to turn this into REAL money, give me a call, my name and number are on the back!

Isn’t this great?   Who do you think they will think of every time they look at that $100 bill in their wallet?   This is better than a TV commercial because your name and the products you offer will become so familiar to them!

P.S.   Some of you want to tell your customers specifically how much extra money they will receive for bringing friends, etc. Print the details on our printable sticker borders!   It’s fast and easy!

To SEE all the products mentioned in this training click the link below:

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1-03 — Put the FUN in FundRaisers

All kinds of ideas!

Fundraisers have many benefits to your business!

Let everyone know that you offer FUND RAISERS!

 This idea includes LOTS of information about fundraisers.  We will discuss WHY to have them, How to advertise, How to set up some prizes and competition to encourage sales, Rewards and Recognition for those who order AND those who participate, and an easy way to follow up!  So here goes:

A:  WHY are Fundraisers are great for your business?

 1. You have lots of people helping you generate sales.

2. Those sales are great for your personal volume as well as team volume to help you qualify for prizes.

3. You make a great impression on potential customers because they see you are helping a cause that may be important to them.

4. You get lots of contact names that you may never have had the opportunity to get.

5. You have many opportunities for follow up with those contacts for future sales and/or hosts.

6. You have the opportunity to motivate others. This can even lead to recruit leads!

7. Plus you make great money yourself for your time

 B: HOW can you generate more fundraisers in your business?

1.  Let people know you offer them! It is easy! We have several FundRaiser stickers!   Put them on the outside of every catalog. They are also great on your order forms or guest folders.

One gal told me: “I mentioned that I offered fund raisers to a customer but she didn’t say anything. Later, when we were talking, she noticed the Fund Raiser sticker on the front of the catalog and said, I didn’t know you offered fund raisers! (Was she not listening or what?) But I want you to know that little sticker generated over $3,000 in sales! Needless to say, I’m thrilled!”

2.  We also offer several Fund Raiser buttons! You can wear them or put them in your display.

3.  Send “Are you looking for a Fundraiser” Postcards to previous hosts or leaders in organizations.   Let them know what you offer, how much they can earn, etc.  We DO NOT offer this card in a TEXT format because there are just too many options.  However, you can purchase the cards and use our FREE TEMPLATES to print whatever you want.  Come up with the Benefits of doing a fundraiser with you and keep some on hand to give out at parties, etc.  If someone mentions they are very involved with their child’s team, or school, give them a card or send it to them after the party.  Or, order the C-PR and we can personalize it with whatever you want.

 4.  Several customers have told us they put together a Fund Raiser Packet which includes some flyers and literature about your fund raisers (what is required, what they will make, what you offer etc.) You can leave these little packs at businesses, schools, etc. Put the “Let me put the FUN in Fund Raising” sticker on these packets.

 C: Here are some suggestions of groups that are often looking for fundraisers:

 Church groups,
Ball teams,
Scouts (boys and girls)
School organizations or clubs (cheerleaders, singers, key club, language clubs, band, orchestra, etc.)
Pre-schools (to earn money for field trips, etc)
School classes (for field trips, playground equipment, etc.)
Community organizations (Lions clubs, women’s clubs, etc.)

Races and runs! (For cancer, disease research, etc.)

HINT:  At runs, etc. see if you can have a table where people can shop and a portion goes to the fund raiser.  There are often people standing around waiting for friends and family to cross the finish line.  Give them something to do!

The list goes on! Just keep your ears and eyes open looking for a need to raise money and offer the opportunity!

 D: What can you do to help your FUNDRAISERS be more successful?

 1.  THANK each potential customer before they even place an order. Put a sticker Thank you for your order (S50223) or “Thank you for supporting our fundraiser” (PR10135) on every order form! As your potential customers see this, they appreciate being thanked and will order more.

 2. Set up some goals for those involved.  You could have “Star” levels of achievement.  I highly recommend you offer prizes for ALL those who participate at different levels.  For example, you may want to have “Star LEVELS” for those who sell different increments but I also suggest you offer something that EVERYONE has a chance to win, with incentives of “The more they do, the more chances they have to win.”  For example: for every FIVE they sell (or dollar values) they get their name in a drawing for a grand prize.  This keeps EVERYONE working a little harder.

 3.  If your fundraiser is going over a period of time have “Spin to Win” segments where those who have sold ____ get a chance to “Spin to Win” for specific prizes!  Or, if doing all the prizes at the end, let those who have performed at certain levels get their name in a drawing where they “Spin to Win” for specific prizes.  Put the 12 prizes on the wheel an draw “tickets” for those who get the chance to spin.  Again, this concept keeps everyone working as everyone will have a chance to win, instead of getting discouraged because there are some “go-getters!”

 4. Motivate the students, or those involved in selling, (those who are getting the orders.)  Put “Go For It” (PR71079) or “Dream Big” (PR71033) or “Be a Star” (PR70431) on the information you give your order takers. (Actually we offer LOTS of Key 7- Motivational Slogans on stickers you can put on packets)

 5.  Offer encouragement!  If some are struggling send a “Keep on Keepin’ On” (PP70522C), “Put your Passion into Action!” (PP70533C), “Plan your work then work your plan” (PP70549C), “I Believe in you!” (PP70602C), Make your dreams come true… It’s up to you! (PP70611C), “Dreams DO come true!” (PP70627C), “Red hot headed for the top! (PP70641C), “Dreams in Action” (PP70739C), “Go for it!” (PP70748C) or “Be a star” (PP70747C).

HINT: If working with teachers or others who might be overseeing your group, give them a selection of postcards (both those mentioned in item 5 and 6) so they can encourage those who need it.  This can lead to this being a positive experience for all, as believing in, and encouraging those who are not doing as well may be just the thing they need.  Remind them that they can turn these slogans into positives while offering encouragement.  For example, for those who ARE doing well, they could send “Dreams DO come true!” with the note: “I am so pleased to see you working so hard to see your dreams come true!”

6: During the time your fund raiser is running, be sure to recognize those who have gotten orders for you. Send each of them a postcard such as “Wow” (PP80257C), “I’m so Proud of You!” (PP80302C) “You are absolutely Awesome” (PP80312C) or “Magnificent” (PP80595C)  or “You’re a Star” (PP82220C) during the event.  Then after the fund raiser is over be sure to show recognition to ALL who participate.

 TIP:  These PRINTABLE postcards come with FREE Templates where you can print your fundraiser information ONTO the postcards you purchase and then just fill in the blanks.  For example you could type: Hi _____   I am so impressed!  You are doing a terrific job.  Keep going and you could be one of our winners!  Or, AFTER the event is over, give a card to everyone who participated thanking them for their efforts.
7.  Put a “WOW” sticker (PR81080) (Or other recognition stickers- See KEY 8) on the postcard if they qualified for your “STAR” level (what ever that may be.) or are least achieving. Maybe by reaching just a little higher it will help both them and you reach a higher goal.

 8. Generate MORE interest in your fundraiser.  If allowed, let the local radio station or newspaper know about your fundraiser and invite people to participate.  Remember, this is an opportunity for you to MEET PEOPLE and get your name out there.  Pass on your profits and you’ll be rewarded in many different ways besides money.

 E: How can you follow up AFTER your FUNDRAISERS to build connections with those contacts?

 1.  When you process your orders include a “Thank you for supporting our Fundraiser” postcard in each order.  This postcard not only thanks them, but gives them more information about you and how to contact you.  See the verbiage we suggest on the TEXT postcard.  Remember, you can PRINT your own info on the GRAPHIC ONLY postcard, or have US personalize the TEXT postcard for you, we fill in your information for you!  If the orders are shipped directly or you don’t handle them, then just drop the card in the mail.  This is a way for you to make contact with that person and build a relationship.

 One of the benefits of doing a fundraiser is a chance to MEET new people!  You’ve passed on the financial benefit, now is your opportunity to develop those relationships to build your business and help others as well!  They MAY be interested in hosting a party so they can earn free products or they may be looking for an earning opportunity.  It is up to you to follow up and generate value from all these contacts.

Go to our website to see ALL the products mentioned in this training.  Here is the direct link:

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T9-01- MORE Halloween ideas to get leads

Mystery Hostess Invitations

Have invitations to your Mystery Host parties to hand out to the moms and dads of trick-or-treaters!

I’ve already posted a whole bunch of ideas about how to turn Halloween into a lead bonanza but I wanted to share a few more ideas (as we are constantly developing NEW ideas and products!)

Here is the direct link to that previous post:

Now, here are some NEW ideas:

Use Halloween as a chance to hand out invitations to your “Mystery Host” parties!  Yes, plan a Mystery Host party for the week after Halloween and use the opportunity you will have with many people coming to your door to hand out invitations!  They’ll know where your house is, and they’ll have met you, so this can make them more comfortable in coming.  We have LOTS of ideas on how your Mystery Host Party can help you with MORE than just sales!  Here is the link to the BLOG post:

I’ve added a whole bunch of new Personalized stickers to the Halloween idea.  You can use them on almost anything!  Whether you want to put them on candy, or samples of products, or mini-catalogs or use them as a colorful addition to a flyer you’ll find lots of different slogans.

To SEE all the products mentioned in the training
(There are almost 200 products so when you get to the bottom of the page, if you have a fast internet connection, click to have the listing show 50 per page and you’ll be able to see more on a page.)

click this link to our website:

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PI-9402 — Christmas in July Party Ideas


Christmas in July ideas

Start promoting Christmas early with “It’s Christmas in July!”
“Here’s an idea so you won’t be surly, do your Christmas Shopping EARLY!”

Yes, you can start promoting Christmas right NOW! Here are just a few reasons:

1- You want your customers to understand how YOUR products can help make their Christmas shopping easier! By relating your products to “gifts” it plants the ideas in their minds.

2- You want your customers to know how easy it is to shop with you and that you want to make their Christmas shopping a pleasure. Get them to start working on their list in July and that you can help them clear through the fall.

3- The sooner you plant an idea for a gift for someone on their gift list, the more likely they are to buy it from you.

4- The sooner they have the idea in their mind, the more likely they are to stop shopping elsewhere and purchase it from you!

HOW do you start?

Encourage Hostesses to book “Christmas in July” parties. Tell them that you’ll help them have a fun, COOL, oasis in the middle of the summer. The easiest way to promote this is to tell them that these parties are IDEA parties so you’ll be giving gift suggestions. Make this a BIG DEAL. Offer to bring some decorations, and Christmas music. Use the  NEW “Christmas in July” Postcard (PP91170C or PP91170CT) to invite prevouse customers or hosts to have a “Christmas in July” Party.   Use the “Here’s a tip …” PR94488 stickers on the front  to introduce the concept to your hosts. Of course you can use our NEW “Star Border” postcards and  our easy to use FREE TEMPLATES to make it a snap to print your own  message on multiple cards and send them to potential hostesses.

Also put some of the cards in customer packets inviting them to have a “Christmas in July” party too!

Now, for ideas to implement at and for the parties:

Put a “Christmas in July” sticker PR94354 on every invitation to let the customers know the theme of the party.  Or, use our NEW “Christmas in July” Invitations PP93171CT!  Just fill in the  info and mail.  Or, you can have US print your info on them so all you have to fill in is the host info.  (you can use a sticker for that too!)

Use the “Christmas Gift List” PR93174 stickers on the front of the  invitation to encourage them to bring their gift list to the party. 

Use the Christmas stickers in your catalogs to get to let them know you can make their Christmas shopping easy!
Think about how you can set up a plan to help them do their shopping over the next few months with you. Of course they won’t buy everything they need at one party so develop a plan for their sales to work for several parties. You know your company’s plan far better than I do but I’ve been thinking about a few creative ways to do this. Here are a few, of course you’ll need to adapt them to your particular party plan.

The Christmas Club: Start advertiseing in JUNE to find members because it starts in July!)  (PR94489 )  Everyone who joins agrees to spend $60 per month for the next 5 months. (That’s $300 but you can use whatever $$ amount you choose). You’ll need at least 5 members. Those 5 draw names to see which month they are the host. Then, they actually host a party that month, (inviting their friends, etc.) but they know they have a least $300 in sales for their party. You could lower the dollar amount but they wouldn’t be guaranteed that $300 party.) At each party you’ll of course meet new people and new parties will generate from that. You can have SEVERAL different clubs- this alone could fill your datebook from now through November!

Start a Lay-Away program: (See the new sticker PR94909)   If people want to figure out their gift list they can then put it all on one order and begin making payments. Divide the amount of their order by however many months left and they pay some each month. They could get the host credits for the entire amount, do a party to add to it, etc. If they join your lay-away program at someone’s party you’d need to give 1/5 (if doing it for 5 months.) of the order amount to that host and the rest could count toward their own hostess credits. A benefit of this to them could be that you will watch for the items they want to go on sale and you will order it for them while on sale to give them the best price. (Of course they would have to have enough money in their account to cover the order.) The benefit to you is that it gives you some flexibility if you need a little more sales in a specific month to meet a goal, or can add to a hostesses order and YOU get the extra hostess benefits, etc.

Do a neighborhood “Mystery Hostess” each month in specific neighborhoods. (PR31011A or PR31011B) Let everyone be involved and the more they do for the party, the more chances they have to win the “hostess credits” or you can even divide up the credits and draw out several names. Give them more chances if they host the party at their home, bring refreshments, bring friends, etc. This concept could really work well for those who live in neighborhoods where there is a “club house” and advertisement could be put up for anyone and everyone to come.

Jumpstart these concepts by advertising them at your parties, fairs, bulletin boards, etc.  You could put up the Book Earn Christmas Free Business Card Posters around town (BCP9208PR) or put the “Christmas in July” invitation Business Card Poster up so they can take the details of the party home with them.  It also would have your contact info!  (BCP9309PR)

Find this Category on our website under:

Click this link to goDirectly to the category on our website and see all the products mentioned:

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PI-9401 — Sizzling Summer = Fabulous Fall! Summer Fun events

Book Summer Fun Events

So you want to have a Fabulous Fall?    Fill your datebooks with Bookings NOW!

Yes, I know, summer is busy!  But you can look beyond a problem or crisis  and see it as an opportunity!

I remember going to a “Positive Thinking Rally” way back in 1982 and heard Dennis Waitley. He said something in his talk that I have remembered for years.   He was talking about the Mt. Saint Helen’s volcano eruption.   People were so upset about the disaster and how it was going to effect them.   They said “It is a Crisis!   A Dangerous wind that would destroy the economy. It would kill the fish, ruin the farmers land, finish the tourist traffic, ruin the northwest, and pollute the lakes.

But, the fish didn’t die. The farmers had the richest mineral deposits in their soil.   The lakes are full of minerals. We’re predicting earthquakes because of Mt. Saint Helens . The tourist industry was up because people wanted to see a live volcano.     Wyerhouser Corp. reported at their annual meeting, “We’re having our biggest year in history!   Mt. Saint Helen blew our trees down, striped the bark and sent them to the mill all with no labor in between.”

YOU can take every CRISIS and make an OPPORTUNITY out of it. Start NOW!   Winners are never winers. Winners are people who adapt and they adapt to change. Set your goals just out of reach but not out of sight. Don’t look too far in the future and live on “someday isle!” Live in the moment – NOW!   Make every day an opportunity.

Help your customers to see how YOU can help them solve their problem by sharing your opportunity. How can they open the door to opportunity if YOU don’t do the knocking? When they are ready, they will be looking. If you don’t OFFER to tell them about your opportunity, how to you expect to have them on your team?

Let the people you meet know you have opportunity to offer them.   Wear buttons around town. Put stickers on your invitations, catalogs, and other literature and envelopes to get their attention and plant the seeds of opportunity.   Then watch them grow!

People are looking for ways to solve their problems.  If you want to have a Fabulous Fall you need to start filling your datebook RIGHT NOW!  Help people see the benefits of booking with you all the FREE stuff they can get, getting friends together and on and on and on.  Be creative!

We have LOTS of ideas already posted.  Just look under FREE TRAINING and then KEY 1: BOOKING!

Go out and tell your friends how THEIR dreams can come true as a member of your team or as a hostess!   We can hardly wait to hear of YOUR SUCCESS!

You can have “Catalog Parties” or “Sizzlin’ Summer Fun Events”   We have all kinds of ideas to have “Sizzlin’ summer sales and events” that will take you into a fabulous fall!

Below are a BUNCH of ideas:  (Some are my own, some are from a lot of different sources and some are from another source and then I’ve tweaked it a little to give you more suggestions. Of course, you may need to twist them a little more to fit your products or company. Brain storm with your friends and see what you can come up with!)

PDF of Summer Fun Events

Download this PDF of Summer Fun Events

Here is the LINK to get the PDF of the Summer Fun Events for FREE.  Just RIGHT click it and save it to your own computer!  We welcome your comments!  (It may take a minute to load so be patient.)

Whatever you choose to offer, these new stickers can help you advertise! Use the larger one (PR10913) on the front of your catalogs, packages you mail, envelopes, folders or anything! Use the smaller one PR10914 on invitations, within your catalogs, to seal envelopes, etc. These will help you get the word out about your events. With our “Background” postcards you can make up invitations for any of these types of parties! (We would do them for you – and have done some but there are just too many variations of things you can do. That is why we offer FREE TEMPLATES so you can print whatever you want onto the colorful backgrounds! Once it’s set up you can print as many as you need! Just order more backgrounds!

I have developed a “You’re invited to our Summer Fun Event” graphic. You can personalize it with your specific type of party info and mail. We also have “Summer Fun Invitation” stickers two sizes! PR30915A and PR30915B!

The Summer Fun ERASE BOARD (EB1131) can be used to boost sales, encourage bookings, or whatever YOU want. See all the details under item EB1131.
Remember, many of these ideas can be done with YOU as the host and offer the host gifts to be given to the “Mystery Host” or you can even raffle off the Host Gifts if you are doing it as a fund raiser. Or, you can offer to do these different THEME parties for your hosts to choose.

So, here goes with a BUNCH of ideas:

1) Summer Sacks! You know you’ve heard the excuse, “I’d love to have a party but I’m going to gone so much this summer I just don’t have time!” Well, here is your chance to respond, “Where are you going?” and then give them the opportunity to have a “Book” or “Catalog” party whenever they are going. Use our cute theme “Summer Sacks” to put up at your parties. Have them filled with catalogs, guest lists to fill out (At the end of the PDF with the Summer Fun Erase Board EB1131) order forms, etc. so they are all ready to go. Then, when people choose to have a party you can just give them their bag and they’ll have everything they need. You can make this even more fun by letting them have more chances to win your Summer Fun Event Prizes. Show them the erase board and tell them that for every $100 in orders from their party you will put their name in another square (they get one for booking in the first place) and they will have those additional chances to win. You can even have special prizes for the highest sales, most guests, etc.

Suggested events could include: Family Fourth of July Party, (share with family members) Camping or Beach Trip, (share with people you meet or family you are going with)  Family Road Trip (share with family or people you meet along the way!)  Neighborhood B-B-Q (put out catalogs for people to look at.)

Another thing you could offer is a portion of their sales would be donated to a fund raiser.  For some, this might make sharing with strangers a little easier.  They could donate a % to the charity of their choice or the local ball team, school, etc.  If you are offering it as a fund raiser, be sure to put the “Thank you for supporting our fund raiser” sticker on the front of the catalogs and on the order forms.  You may want to use the fund raiser stickers to help advertise it as well.  Remember, you may be giving a percentage away with fund raisers but you’ll be introducing your products and yourself to TONS of new people who are purchasing your products.

2) Offer Fund Raisers!  There are ALWAYS people looking for ways to earn money for their particular charity or group.  It can be national charities, local people in need, animal shelters, ball teams, dance clubs, teams trying to earn for a trip, the list goes on and on!  Let people know you offer them and they’ll take it from there.  As mentioned above –  the contacts you will make can be HUGE, especially if you are looking for a way to expand your business!

3) Kids events!  Offer to set up a display at ball games, etc.  Instead of Host Gifts offer it as a fund raiser.  (You can then use the host gifts for a later event) or offer to do a raffle for the host gifts to earn even more!

4) New Neighbors Party.  Have a Block Party to get to know the new neighbors and do a “Mystery Host” for the host gifts.   It’s a chance to show off your products to the new neighbors as well as the old.

5)  Have an “Ice Cream Social!”  Just have ice cream sundae ingredients and let everyone make their own.  You invitation could read:  Need a “Cool” break?  Come on over for some “Ice Cream” or a “Shake!”  We have the sticker, “Here”s The Scoop” PR40284 you can put on a postcard with the information.  Invite the whole neighborhood.  If there are other’s who you know that sell a product invite them to come and set up a table too.  This builds a sense of community.

6) “Park Parties”  Have a Play Date with the neighbors.  Let your friends know you’ll have a display at the local park and they are welcome to see your products while the kids play.

7) “Mom’s Time Out” parties!  Use the “Mommy needs a Time Out” PR30501A or B stickers on the invitations.  Hire a baby-sitter to watch the kids play outside and let the mom’s enjoy a demo by you.

8) Picnic in the park!  Invite your friends to bring their “picnic” lunch to the park and you’ll provide the drinks and dessert!  While the kids play, demo your products!

9) Have a “Patriotic Party!”  Get together for Watermelon and have sparklers for the kids.  Invite people to come and learn about your “All American Job!”  (Search for the Word AMERICAN)

10)  If a guest lives in apartment complex see if you can set up your display by the pool or playground.  Or if  go to one and ASK if you can do a party there for their residents.  Do a raffle or “Mystery Host” for the host gifts or offer them to the apartment manager.

11)  Offer Bridal Showers!  You’ve done this before I’m sure, especially if you offer a product that can be used in setting up their home.  But think outside the box and see if you can help with things for the wedding or reception, a “Hope Chest” for future children, gifts for the wedding party, lingerie for the bride, jewelry to wear for the wedding party, “tools” to set up their home, decorations for their home, cooking gadgets, pots and pans, storage containers, actual food.  Facials and makeup for the wedding party or friends.  Whatever you offer, I’m sure you can spin it to work for a bridal shower.

12)  Grandma’s Survival Party!  If you offer products for kids, invite the grandmas to get together and see what they want for at their own houses and for gifts for the kids.

Keep in mind that summer is a great time to work with specific groups of people:

1) Teachers!  They have more time in the summer and will often book.  This is a great time to share with them about your opportunity.

2)  New Neighbors!  Summer is the big moving time.  When someone new moves into the neighborhood be the “Welcome Wagon!”  Let them know about events and things they need to know about your neighborhood.  Share a list of baby-sitters, neighbors phone numbers, neighborhood ball teams, schools for the kids, etc.  Share some of your favorite recipes or tips.  Of course you’ll want to include one of your catalogs too!   They’ll appreciate the gift and getting to meet their neighbors.  Offer to do a “Chicken” party if neighbors have been there a while and you haven’t gone to meet them yet.  Or use this for guests who give the excuse they are new in the neighborhood and don’t know anyone.

3)  Go for walks!  People are outside!  Get to know your neighbors!  Share your contact info and a catalog.

4) Reserve booths at fairs or expos!  This is a great way to get to know people.  See our BLOG post about how to make the most of Fairs and Events.

5)  Frequent the local library!  Often moms bring their kids for story time.  You can get to know them.  Put your information on the back of one of our darling bookmarks and put them in books.  What a nice surprise for those who check them out.  Of, if you return a book, leave the bookmark in it!

START NOW!  Yes, choose just ONE of the ideas above and make it a goal to not just read about it but to DO IT!  Once you get the first one booked, you’ll find it easier to try a second and third.  Get these ideas planted firmly in your mind.  Reread this a few more time.  Make some notes.  (The ideas mentioned in this are included in the PDF that comes along with the Summer Fun Erase Board EB1131)

Why do you want to read this over and over again, and take some notes?  Because you want to get these ideas in your mind so when an opportunity presents itself you can take advantage of it!  Take a few minutes and actually reherse what you would say if someone asks you about your “Summer Fun” Button.

Remember, there are LOTS of opportunities to meet people!  USE THEM!  Make the most of your time when you are out and about!  Have a little gift you can give someone you meet with a sample, your contact info and a catalog.  You can even wrap up some candy for the kids in the bag.  Be sure to use the stickers with your contact info on them.  The idea is to get your name out there and let people know what you offer.

  Do whan you can to Boost your SUMMER SALES and EVENTS so you’ll have a FABULOUS FALL!

Click this link to see all the products mentioned in this training:

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T9-16 — Give Away May (Prizes FOR you and ways to promote YOUR business!)


Here is a fun idea to get more contacts, bookings & sales during any period in the Month of MAY!

We came up with this idea a few years ago and it was a BIG HIT!  It all started with the idea of doing a MAY GIVEAWAY!  We thought it would be fun to give something during specific dates (or even every day) in May.  We also thought it would be a great way to encourage our customers and friends to go to BOTH our website and register as a customer and go to our Facebook FAN page and click to “Like It!” and then make a comment in any of the posts or post your own comment.

See the post on our Website for what we are giving away in May!

Then I got to thinking,  we try to offer YOU similar things to what big business does but at an AFFORDABLE price, so I thought, “Wouldn’t YOU want a way to encourage people to visit YOUR website or Facebook page?”  But of course, we BOTH want to encourage ORDERS too!  We both know the way to have that happen is to show your products to MORE people!  This is how you share with them the benefits of using your products and the easiest way to do that is to have MORE parties and get MORE people to your parties.  This leads to creating interest and we all know people like to WIN things.  The incentives will be changing every Week in MAY, so be sure to check it out.


Now start promoting YOUR OWN GiveAway May!

1) GiveAway May Erase Board (EB94561)– You can use this any way you want.  It has 100 boxes in the grid.  You can even have TWO boards: one board for ORDERS and one for CONTACTS so when people come to the party, they earn a chance to win!  Then when they place an order they get more chances to win.  (You can make the boxes be any value you want, for example each $40 of their order they get to choose a box.)  (This board also comes with a PDF download for you to keep track of their complete name and contact info.)    When using the board(s) you’ll have at least 1 winner for every 100 people entered.   You can of course have more if you want.  When using TWO boards have for those who purchase (the prize would be bigger) and the other for those who come.  This way they get more chances to win.
Now that we have a simple way to do your “GiveAways” we need a way to promote them don’t we?

So, here are a variety of stickers:  (Hint:  When using time specific or seasonal stickers in your catalogs, etc. and the time or season is past, just cover those stickers up with a different sticker of the same size!  Easy and effective!)

S94561- Ask me about GiveAway May!  Put this on anything and everything.  Put it on your folders, your catalogs, etc.  You want to create interest and excitement.  By using the stickers they’ll be reminded over and over again.

S94562-  Sign up each day to play GiveAway May!  This is for those of you who want people to go to your website, blog, or facebook page every day.  You don’t necessarily have to give something away every day but they increase their chances to win the more times they visit your sites.  I suggest you print out a quarter page sheet with your contact info on it and use this sticker at the top.  Then give this to everyone who comes to your party so they’ll have the contact info.  Or, for that matter, you can print your info on one of our background postcards and mail them to previous customers.  Or, if they get to take their catalog home with them, put this sticker by your contact info (website, facebook, etc.) and invite them to visit your page every day in May!  Instruct them to POST or LIKE on facebook to have a chance to win (like we discussed above in The Booster promotion.)

S93547- Come to play GiveAway May!  Use this sticker on your invitations to create enthusiasm about coming to your event and your products.  This will create curiosity and encourage them to come to your parties or shows to see what it’s all about!

S94564-  Sign up to play GiveAway May!   This sticker is intended to help you get CUSTOMER INFO.  Encourage everyone at your party to fill out your customer care card for their chance to win.  (Of course, you’ll remind them that if they order they get another chance to win.)  You can also use this if you are doing any fairs or boutiques in May!  This can be used similarly to S93547 to encourage people to come to your website or facebook page too.  If you only want them to come to your page or website ONCE then this is the sticker to use.  Again, you can print a 1/4 page with your info and use this sticker to give it color and draw attention.  (See PR94862 for more details)

S94565- Order today to play GiveAway May!  Of course you’ll want to put this on your catalogs and folders to encourage people to order AT THE PARTY so they can have their chance to win.  Whether or not you allow them to order later and still get to put their name on a square on the board is up to you – or you may be using TWO boards.  Another way to encourage orders AT THE PARTY is to tell them for each $40 AT the party they order they’ll get one square.  If they come up to you later and are not ready to order but still want their square you’ll say, “That’s fine, but the bonus for ordering HERE is a square for each $40 of your order, but you can still be involved in GiveAway May because when you order later but before the close date I’ll put your name in a box for every FIFTY DOLLARS of your order.  This makes it to their advantage (and yours and the hosts) to place the order right then but they’ll still get to play if they want to order later.

PP93547C or PP93547CT – GiveAway May Postcard Invitations!  Use these as your invitations to MAY parties.  They’ll be excited for a chance to WIN!  The postcard has a cute poem and room to fill in the type of party, date, time, place, host name, & RSVP number.  There is still room for an additional sticker or note.  This is an easy fun invitation!  If you want to print your own information see PP93547C which just has the graphic on in.  Or, if you want US to print YOUR INFORMATION on the card, please see PP93547CTPR  or PP93547CPR and fill in what you want.  We can either print everything if you know your host info, or we can at least print the type of party and include your contact info.  You just need to let us know.

All these ideas are fun ways to engage your customers in your business.  They create some urgency and excitement.  Hosts will want to BOOK in May so their friends can be part of the extra incentives.  You may want to give 3 squares on your board for bookings!  This is YOUR business and this Give Away May concept can be adjusted to be anything you want it to be.  For those of you who do more direct sales, not parties, you can still encourage visits to your Facebook Page, orders, etc.  It is totally up to you in how you promote it, we just give you the tools all ready to go so you can start immediately!

Once you’ve read this idea click HERE to go to the website for all the products:

See all our weekly sales.

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6001-PI & T4-03 — Boost your Business with Birthdays!


Boost Sales, Bookings & More with Birthdays

Boost Sales, Bookings & More with Birthdays

We have been BRAINSTORMING and have come up with all kinds of ways to Boost your Business with Birthdays.  As usual, we have developed ideas for most ALL of the Key Areas of your business.  We’ve done it ALL for you… we have the stickers, postcards, etc. all ready to go … just DO IT!

Key 1- Boost Bookings with Birthdays
The idea is to use “Birthday’s” (as everyone has one) as a REASON to have a party!  We all know people spend more when they have purpose or reason to buy.  It is more fun when people have guilt-free reason to put together a “Wish List” too!  So, here are a few suggestions:
A: Encourage guests to book a party during THEIR birthday month.  Offer incentives.   For example:
 1) offer 10% off their entire personal order if they have a qualified party during their birthday month.   
 2) Guests who attend get 10% off ONE item purchased AT the party. 
 3) Guests may contribute toward a birthday gift for the host (similar to a Bridal Shower.)
 4) For your “birthday” parties, you offer to make the reminder phone calls.
B: Encourage guests to book an UN-BIRTHDAY party.  Just like A, only you are celebrating EVERYONE that attends birthday.  Offer similar incentives. 
We have several products that will help you with this concept:
Stickers to put on your catalogs or folders.
BAG to put up in your display.  Draw attention to it and create curiosity.
Postcards to send to ANY previous hosts (The Un-birthday) or if you know when their birthday is, send it prior to their birthday and invite them to “Party” during their birthday month.
NOTE:  You could also mention that you are happy to do “Birthday Parties” for their friends.  If they have a friend they would like to throw a party for, you can make it easy!  Plant the seeds during your demo and ASK when you are checking people out.  They could even be a “Surprise!”

Key 2- Prepare for Birthday Parties
Prepare your host packets in advance and put them in the “Party” Bag.  After the party, take the bag to your check-out spot and be sure to encourage “Birthday” parties. When they book, pull out the folder and give it to them.
What should you include in the packet?  All of your normal information, catalogs, etc., but also include the “Birthday Wish List” sheet and encourage them to fill it out.  Also, put the invitations in the bag (or if you are going to send them, which we highly recommend, then put 5 or 6, tell them to get the guest list back to you and you’ll send the majority of them, but these are if they forget someone.  Suggest they keep them in their purse in case they run into someone while out shopping, etc.  (Remind them to add those names to their guest list so they will get a reminder call.)

Key 3- Attract Greater Attendance to your Birthday Parties
We’ve developed several invitations you can use for your “Birthday” or “Un-birthday” Parties.  We offer them with just the GRAPHIC so you can use our FREE TEMPLATES and print whatever message you want on them.  Or, we offer them with the TEXT already printed and you just fill in the blanks.  We can also print them FOR YOU, just order the TEXT ITEM followed by the letters PR.
If you want to use the invitations you already have, or print a flyer, we have eye-catching colorful stickers to put on the outside AND inside of your invitation to draw attention to the fact that it is a birthday party.  (Thank you for respecting our copyrights and using the ACTUAL Sticker, not making a copy- they lose their impact anyway.)

Key 4- Boost SALES with Birthdays
Everyone has a birthday and we all know that that in a way when it’s our birthday, it gives us permission to get something … whether it is to purchase it for ourselves, earn it or let others purchase it for us.  So, how can you use Birthdays to boost sales?
1)  First you need to learn WHEN their Birthday is.  We have TWO options:
 A) V4124 Customer Care Cards that every customer fills out at the party.  It includes a place for them to fill in their birth date.
 B) PP40732SET Birthday Club Cards.  They are a set of 12 cards.  (You can put on a key ring) and pass them around during your party, invite people to include their birth date, name, phone and mark whether or not you have their contact info.  The package of cards includes TWO sets.  One is for you to use at your parties and the other is for you to keep at home with your cards.  After the party, transfer the names from the ones you take to the party to your list at home.  Then you’ll have them handy when it is time to fill out your cards and then follow up.
 C) Use the “Join my Birthday Club” stickers as a reminder on and in your catalogs.  (See PR???? Stickers.) and tell them about the two options above.
2) Find out what products they would like to have as a gift and then follow up.  Two options
 A) Offer the “Birthday Parties” as mentioned in Key 1.  Have them fill out a “Wish List” of what products they would like.
 B) Suggest they fill out the back of the V4124 Customer Care Cards which has a place for them to fill in what they want and WHO they would like you to contact to get it for them.  We also have seasonal Wish List Cards you can use.  See PP4?????? or PP4?????.
2)  Once you know their birth date, you need to follow up:
 A) Send them a birthday card offering a discount on a product or order placed during their birthday month.  (Prepare them ahead of time and keep them in your V1008 Postcard organizers.  Be sure to mail them the last week of the month of their birthday so they have them for the whole month.  See the Key 4 postcards.  Follow up with a phone call to see what they want.  Call as close to their birthday as you can.
 B)  Send them a card offering to do a “Birthday Party” for them in their birthday month as mentioned in Key 1.
 C)  Send “A Birthday is coming” card to their “significant other” that they put on their “Wish List” Card letting them know that you have something you know they would like.  Then follow up with a phone call.  By sending the card it warms them up so they are more ready to make a decision when you call instead of putting you off.  Be sure to look at your birthdays early enough so you have time to contact them, get the order and get it delivered.  Make this a regular process and it becomes easy.

Key 5- Just give them a “Birthday” card.
Just remembering Birthday’s is nice.  Keep a selection of “Birthday” cards on hand so you can just send a card.  If you don’t want to do the offers mentioned in Key 4, you can just send a card.
How about members of your team, or members OF your team.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate your remembering them.  Your upline would appreciate a card.
If you are doing a “Birthday Party” for them, give them a “Birthday Card” at their party with a personal note.
We have a fun selection of cards to get your started.  We also have Greeting Cards with envelopes.

Key 6- Recruit them in their “Birthday Month.”
If you know of someone who has been considering joining your team, use their “Birthday Month” as an excuse to get in touch with them.  Offer an extra incentive if they join in that month.

Go to our website and see all the products we’ve created to make this EASY!

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PI-9301 Bunny Hop Catalog Parties! (Promote Easter & Mother’s Day gifts!)


Offer a Bunny Hop to your hosts to have LOTS of parties going for Easter!

We had such fabulous response to the “Turkey Trot” idea that we thought it would be fun to kick off spring with a “Bunny Hop!” 

The idea is very similar to the Turkey Trot (listen to that idea below and just substitute Bunny Hop for Turkey Trot in your thinking!)

  Of course we realize this is not a time where people are generally buying gifts as they are for Christmas- but you can get them thinking about “Mother’s Day and other holidays such as birthdays, etc.


This is the Turkey Trot audio in MP3 format: 


You can listen on your computer.  Just Download it and listen anywhere on your Ipod.  Share it with your team or friends in the business!  You can be browsing the site while listening too!

What is a Bunny Hop?

Essentially it is an EASY type of BOOK PARTY! Why is it easy? Because your “Hostess” takes her “Bunny Hop” Hostess Bag to the family get together for Easter.

Easter is generally a relaxed Holiday were family gets together.  What is more fun than shopping in the comfort of your home?      Well, why not provide catalogs so they can be looking at YOUR products and decide what to get for gifts for their friends and family? (This would even be great for the MOMS to find what they’d like for  Mother’s  and the daughters can pass on the info to DADS and husbands!  They’ll love getting the shopping done without any hassle!

The steps are EASY, and the time is NOW to start promoting Bunny Hops!

1- Start advertising NOW that your guests and customers can book a Bunny Hop. Create interest by putting the “Ask me about my Bunny Hop” (S91620)  on your invitations. Put the “Have a Spring Fling, Book your Bunny Hop NOW” (S91621) stickers on your catalogs and folders. (They’re even great on their copy of your order forms  because EVERYONE can have a Bunny Hop because you don’t need to worry about calendared events!)

HC91621-6 Bunny Hop Bags

HC91621-6 Bunny Hop Bags to offer Book Parties for your guests to have at their Easter get-together.

2- Take your “Bunny Hop” (HC91621-6) bags to each party. Talk about it during the demo and tell everyone how easy it is. Use the example above that everyone is looking at the ads, why not make a party of it! No waiting in lines, no having to get up early to take advantage of a sale because you’ll be offering incentives, discounts, and rewards too!  Briefly discuss the rules and incentive you offer (see ideas below.)

The Bunny Hop bags are made to order.  Orders will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  Since they are made to order, sorry, no returns.  They are so cute- be sure to get yours now!

3- Prepare your “Bunny Hop” bags  (HC91621-6) with your hostess packet, some catalogs, and your “Bunny Hop Rules.”

· Be sure to “sticker” the catalogs that will go in the bags (and ALL your catalogs for that matter) with “gift reminder” type of stickers to draw attention to your products that make great gifts. You may even want to “TAB” a few pages where you want to draw attention to specials. Be sure use the  S43579 “Customer Favorite” and  S43582 “Love, Need, Want” stickers. Remember, you won’t be there to “Sell” your products so let the stickers do the work for you.

· Use the “Add some zing, Get some new things” (S43625)  Sticker to attach “Bunny Hop Gifts” tag (that is included in the PDF) to the front of each catalog so each guest knows what rewards he or she will receive with her order.

· You may want to include a “Holiday Gift List” sheet in each catalog so they can make a list of people they need to buy for and then list your products that would make great gifts. (Included in the WORD document when you purchase it.)

· Use the “It’s Spring, Book a fling!” (S91626)  stickers on each of the order forms to remind guests that they could book a party themselves.

· Fill in the CLOSE DATE and DELIVERY DATE of the party on the  Bunny Hop  sticker (S92622)  and put it on the front of the bag or the hostess envelope. This reminds her family of this important information. (Be sure to let the hostess know how to handle orders that will need to be shipped directly to the customer if they don’t live close.)

E-Include your “Bunny Hop Rules and Rewards” sheet in the bag. (See the WORD document with suggestions that you can personalize and print on colored paper.)

4- Decide your “Bunny Hop Rules & Rewards” and get it ready to print.

5- Select a date that they can stop by your house and pick up a sample or two. (This can be a great incentive- the hostess can choose items from your kit on a first come first serve basis to take to their “Bunny Hop” to show her family and friends.
For example if you sell Cooking Items that you demo, a hostess can check out an item that she can use in preparing the meal or demo for her family. Or, if you sell games, they can check out a game. If you sell scrap booking items let them take a stamp or two so they can make a project. If you sell make-up let them take some samples. If you sell candles, let them take some samples so they can burn them and the family get to enjoy them. If you sell jewelry, let them check out a few samples.

Now, notice that I said CHECK OUT. When they come to pick up the item they will need to sign a check out slip with their credit card number and the understanding that they return it by the specified date in sellable or similar condition as they received it or they will be charged. Explain to them that you need these items back for your upcoming parties. Let them know upfront what that date is and preferably this will also be the close date and they can set an appointment to come to your home to bring the orders and close the party.

(Remember to have the “Bunny Hop bags”  (HC91621-6) all ready at the time they book their “Bunny Hop” so if they don’t want to check something out they will already have everything they need and you won’t have to chase around to get them catalogs, etc.)

6- Prior to the date send a “Bunny Hop” reminder postcard with the pick up date, close date, etc. (Use the FREE TEMPLATE we’ve designed to be used with our  PP10657BG – Spring Flowers BACKGROUND POSTCARDS!)  Or purchase them with the  text already printed and all you have to do is fill in the blanks  PP92138T  (Or, we even offer them personalized with YOUR info and then just fill in a few blanks.)   If you have their email address, send a reminder the day before. Also send an email reminder about the “Close Date.”

7- Once you’ve got all the orders in, finalize and close the parties. Then reward the incentives you offered and be sure to follow up with a Thank You card.

8- Here are some suggestions for your rules and rewards: (You can of course adjust the Qualifying Party to be whatever YOUR company requires Then set additional rewards based on what YOU want to do. These are just some suggestions.)

A- All “Bunny Hop” hosts with a “Qualified” party receive a TICKET to be entered in a drawing for $25 (or whatever you choose) in Free Products. A qualified party is one with at least 3 orders besides your own and total sales of $150 or more.

B- Hosts that turn in a “guest list” will receive a TICKET for each 10 names. The guest list must include names, address, phone and email if available. (A FREE PDF of the “Bunny Hop” guest list is included.”)

C- Each customer will receive a ticket for every $10 of their order for a chance to win a $50 gift card.

D- Each customer who places an order over $50 will receive a 5% discount on their order in addition to their tickets.

E- Once the party total is over $150 in orders besides her own- she will receive 10% off her personal order that is NOT part of her regular host rewards.

F- When party totals are over $300 the host may choose ONE half price item. Over $600 receive TWO half price items. Over $1000 = THREE half price items.

G- Hosts will receive a ___________ as a Thank You gift when she turns in her qualified party.

H- All these gifts or discounts are in ADDITION to the regular host gifts you qualify for depending on the amount of your party.

I- Hosts will receive ________ for each party booked from the “Bunny Hop” (either regular party or book party will qualify. Gifts will be rewarded at the time the party’s are held and closed.) (These can be your normal host reward for booking a party)

J- Hosts may come to my home to “Check Out” some items to take as samples for their “Bunny Hop” on a first come first serve basis. The quicker you book, the more there is to choose from. The check out day will be ________. All checked out items must be returned by ______ or you will be charged for them.

This can be SO MUCH fun and BOOST YOUR SALES tremendously! Wouldn’t it be great to have 10, 20, or MORE “Bunny Hops” going on Easter Weekend?

Just think of the sales this can generate for your business.  If you had 20 “Hops” at only $150 each you would have $3000 in sales! 30 would be $4500!  What would this do  for your business!  Think about what all these new names could mean to building your business into new neighborhoods and starting new party chains. You don’t have to send invitations, you don’t have to drive, you just need to send some reminders and let them come to you (That’s why you can offer some of the extra benefits mentioned in the rules.)

One more hint, use PP91139T to send an invitation to do a “Bunny Hop” to previous hosts. The more the merrier and they ALL need gifts! Why not encourage those hosts and their friends buy them from you instead of the local stores?


We’ve done all the work for you. Download this WORD file from our website.

Order the Bunny Hop Word Documents that give ALL the information discussed above as well as the information pages including Advertising Pages to put in your guest folders.  They include all the details on how it works.  There is also the Bunny Hop Rules and Rewards instruction page for your host packets, Customer Benefits and Rewards sheet to attach to your catalogs, The Gift list and guest lists mentioned above.  I’ve done all the thinking and layout work for you.  All you’ll need to do is personalize it with your information.  Easy to follow, step-by-step instructions are included.    You will need to actually ORDER the item and you’ll be able to download the document once your order is finalized.  You can order the products at the same time and while you are waiting for your products to be delivered, you can be getting the documents ready to go.  Order your products NOW.


Please, put this concept into action NOW Boost your spring season!    This is such a money making idea be sure to forward this link to everyone on your team immediately so they can take advantage of the sale!

We’ve also developed a whole bunch of new “Spring Products” such as “You’re wanted at our Chicks night out” and so much more for recruiting, booking, sales, etc.

Here are the links to all the items mentioned above:


Offer a Bunny Hop to your hosts to have LOTS of parties going for Easter!

PI-9301 — Bunny Hop Category:

T9-14-Spring Products & 7 Steps to Successful Spring Category:

T9-15-Mother’s Day Ideas:


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