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LMP-26- Make your Dreams Come True It’s Up to YOU!

Share with your team the tricks to MAKE your dreams come true

Share with your team the tricks to MAKE your dreams come true

What are the chances of something coming your way if you just DREAM IT but don’t do anything about it? We all know there is a link between setting goals, getting yourself mentally in the game.
We ALL want to have our dreams come true- but to have it happen- we have to make it happen, and we have to recognize and take responsibility because it IS up to YOU! (Give everyone the S70218 “Make your dreams come true… it’s up to you!” sticker to put in and on their notebook.)

We are all familiar with Nike’s ever famous slogan “Just Do It.®” Did you know that it was listed the fourth most successful advertising campaign on “The Top 100 Advertising Campaigns of the Century” voted on by various top ad agencies? Why do you suppose that is? Is it because we can all relate with the idea of procrastination, the art of putting things off (like exercise and work), or the reality that it is difficult to take that first step to getting something done? “Just Do It®” is a simple, yet “catchy” phrase that we can and should use as our final motivator every day in business. Because after all, no one else can do your work for you. It’s up to you!

Nike® is a sporting good/fitness company. Sports and fitness often bring up feelings of inadequacy, and fear of failure. By using the slogan “Just Do It®,” Nike® is trying to tell their customers to quit procrastinating or making excuses. Just start whatever it is you’d like to do. It might be hard at first, you may not be good at it, but you CAN accomplish whatever you wish if you will just take the first step and start.

Like many others, at the beginning of a new year I have set the resolution to take better care of my body which includes eating better and exercising more. Have I done it so far? Not really. But I’m hoping to take my own advice, and START! I’m reminding myself of one of the elementary laws of physics that “every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” If I will work my body, I will see a reaction. I have heard some people’s philosophy on resolutions which goes something like this: “I don’t make resolutions because they just end up broken, then I feel guilty. Since feeling guilty makes me feel lousy, what’s the point of making resolutions? So, to feel good about myself, I don’t make resolutions.” This philosophy makes no sense at all. If you want to quit smoking, get in shape, or build your business, but you never make a goal or take any action to do it, you’ll never get anywhere or get anything you want in life.

Like exercising our bodies, we must exercise our businesses. Every day of every week we must take action. Just as no one else can exercise our bodies for us, no one else can work our business for us. We can’t expect our leaders to do the work. We are the ones that must push to get up 10 minutes early so to have those few extra minutes in the day to make phone calls, etc.

“Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out”
–Italian Proverb

The leading word to this training is MAKE! Make is an ACTION word and require DOING. But doing WHAT?
We are creatures of habit. We get ourselves going in a certain direction and sometimes we go in that direction so long that we get in a rut. Sometimes that rut gets so deep we only see the sides. We need to try something different, open ourselves to change, look for different things.

A man traveled along a paved highway. Finally the pavement ended and ahead stretched a dirt road in poor condition as far as the eye could see. Where the dirt road began there stood a weathered sign which read: “Choose your rut now because you’ll be in it for the next twenty miles.”
“Choose your habits wisely, for you will be in them for many years.”

A few years ago, as I drove along a freeway that cuts across the upper bench of Salt Lake City I noticed that they had put up sound walls along the freeway which obstructed the beautiful view of the valley. I felt sad for the commuters that traveled that road each day with nothing to look at but those sound walls. Then I realized that there were other things to view. I (and they) could still see up the mountain, or glance up at the sky and allow my imagination to run wild by seeing things in the clouds. I could appreciate the sun or stars. I could even try glancing at people in other cars and sharing a smile! There are many opportunities to see positive and beautiful things during our “drive” of life, it is our ATTITUDE that makes the difference. We must move from our “rut” to see beyond it!

So make the decision to get out of your ruts, move in a different direction, take a different route, adjust your attitude and see where it might take you!

Purchase the PDF for the complete meeting plan with activity, stories and more

Purchase the PDF for the complete meeting plan with activity, stories and more

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.  This even has my favorite story about the Oracle (and links to listen to it!)

CLICK HERE to go to the LMP-26- Make your Dreams Come True It’s Up to YOU! Category on our website where you can see and order all the related products.


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LMP-25- Live your Dreams!

Use this Theme Meeting to motivate your team to identify and LIVE their dreams and help others to do the same.

Use this Theme Meeting to motivate your team to identify and LIVE their dreams and help others to do the same.

Do you realize how many people DREAM of having their own business? Studies have shown that this is the dream of thousands of people! They want to be their own boss! They want flexibility! They want to be able to be paid what they are worth! They want to work from home with all the benefits that come from that.
YOU already have that dream job but are you living it?

Concept/ Story:
“Dreams create futures … You have to have a dream to make a dream come true!”

You probably got into this business thinking that it is a dream job. And you are right! But as time goes on we tend to take things for granted. We get busy with the everyday, mundane, and often hectic things of life and we tend to put the business on the back burner.
Then, we wonder why we aren’t getting from our business what we thought we would.
Well, are you putting forth the same effort you did at the beginning? Are you working your business? Are you making the most of every opportunity?
Achieving your dreams TAKES EFFORT! If you joined your company expecting everything to just be handed to you, then you are probably disappointed and ready to give up.
You have to be working TOWARD something! In order to attract sales and people to you and your business, your attitude about your business has to be positive. You have to be actually LIVING your dream and show it ! (Give one of these Magnets MS63075B to each of your team members.)

Discussion: Ask your team to think about what their lives would be like if they worked a regular 9-5 type of job. Discuss some of these questions:
1) Could you take time off for your 5-year old’s birthday party?
2) How much would it cost you to take a day off and take the kids swimming? Would your boss allow it?
3) Could you take off for every baseball or soccer game?
4) Would your kids be bored during the summer because they would have to be home taking care of themselves?
5) How much would it cost for day-care for ALL your kids for the entire summer? I’m sure you can come up with lots more questions to discuss with your team based upon their individual situations.
What you are trying to help them realize is, that they ARE LIVING THEIR DREAMS everyday with this job. The American Dream is to have your own business because of the flexibility and all the other benefits it offers. Your business IS the American Dream! (Put this sticker in your catalogs by the opportunity information your company has already printed. It will draw attention to the dream they may have and prompt questions.)

Purchase the PDF with Activity, worksheet and more.

Purchase the PDF with Activity, worksheet and more.

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

CLICK HERE to go to the LMP25- Live your Dreams Category on our website where you can see and order all the related products.

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LMP-24- Ignite Your Dreams!

Help your team to Ignite their dreams with this training.

Help your team to Ignite their dreams with this training.

Wouldn’t you like to have a business that is “On Fire!?” You want people to be coming to you excited to host a party or show or to learn more about your company, don’t you? You WANT your guests to be excited to purchase your products, right? In fact, you want their Wish List to be so long they want to come back to you again and again, right?
Let’s say you are in the mountains and you need to start a campfire. How do you do it? What is required?
Let’s see, a match would be good. Will a match alone give you a fire? Will just holding the match give you a fire? OK, we all know you have to strike the match to create the spark and then the stuff in the head of the match catches fire, right?

How long will that fire last? The match will burn to the end and go out right? What if you want to keep it going, you don’t just want a flame for a minute, but you want a FIRE! What do you need?
To get it going you need kindling! Something that you can put the spark or match into that will catch fire, right? Now, when do you get that kindling ready? Do you wait until you’ve struck the match or created the spark? Or, do you get it ready ahead of time so when you have that spark or small flame, you have something to put it into to keep it going?

Once you’ve got the kindling going, then what do you need? A source of wood or fuel to burn, right? Do you wait to look for that fuel once you’ve your little fire going, or do you prepare ahead and have it ready and waiting?
Well, this concept is all about how to ignite a fire in your business!
I have often talked about the importance of planting seeds so you attract to you what you want to have happen in your business. Then I heard my friend Mary Christensen saying that the world is moving so fast that we don’t have time to plant seeds anymore. Our goal should be to create “Sparks” so we can ignite a fire in the people we meet for our products, hosting or joining our team. I got to thinking about this and thought, “Yes, I can see that, and the analogy is basically the same….. with a slightly different twist.
Think about the “fire” we talked about above. Do you have a sustainable fire if you just have a spark, or match and nothing else?  NO!  You can strike sparks all you want over concrete and you will only have sparks.  Even if you strike a match, if you drop it onto concrete it will go out.
    You MUST have kindling, you MUST have fuel if you want to keep a fire going!

So, let’s discuss building a fire in your business!
First, you have to “Ignite your Dream” and your goal would be to “Ignite the dreams of your customer!  As the stickers says, “Spark their DESIRE to light their FIRE!”
(Give everyone the sticker to put in their notebooks!)
Creating the DESIRE in your customers for your products is laying the kindling!  If they have no desire, they will not purchase your products, they will not book a party and they for sure will not join your team!
So, how do you create the desire?  You do what I’ve previously called “Plant Seeds!”  You need to create an awareness of the benefits of your products- say things and demonstrate WHY they will want it!  Show how your products will solve a problem, or meet a need!
There is an entire training on our website that explains how to do this for Booking, Selling and Recruiting.  See T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!  Follow these categories to easily find it:  Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!  There are even worksheets to come up with ONE LINERS and ideas on how and where to put the stickers in your catalogs so you get a lot more “Bang for your Buck!”  There is a PDF and AUDIO that goes with this training.
As your create this “Desire” you are laying the kindling so when you create a “Spark” by saying something that resonates with them, they think, “I have to have that!” and they’ll book a party or join your team to get it!

Get the PDF with Activity, worksheets and more.

Get the PDF with Activity, worksheets and more.

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.  Your team will learn how to boost sales with the Whoo would love this worksheets.

CLICK HERE to go to the LMP-24 Ignite your Dream Category on our website where you can see and order all the related products.


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17-LMP CHANGE and Trains THEME Meeting PLAN

Use this meeting plan to motivate your team to make changes to grow!

Use this meeting plan to motivate your team to make changes to grow!

Our goal in this training is to help each team member realize that if they want things to be different, they must CHANGE the way they are doing things!  It is time to get on the right track to build your business!”    
 for Leaders:  
The theme for this meeting is “Change and Trains!”  Your decorations could include a train of any type.  Put together a child’s train or an electric train.  Use the “Right Track — Run Over” postcard (PP70742C) as the invitation to your meeting.  Invite your people to dress the part.  They could perhaps wear overalls or a suit (like a conductor.)  For a treat, tape the “Right Track” bookmark to a Hershey Candy Bar.
As we use the “Train” as our theme there are several different directions we can go (appropriate for a mode of transportation.)    Let’s discuss several different ways we can relate Change to Trains.  “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.”  How true this statement is because if we are not progressing and moving forward, the world will continue to move forward without us, and therefore make it seem that we are moving backward.  Progression is an element of life we should all be striving for.

In learning about goals and time management, it is always suggested that you
ANALYZE not only what track you are on, but where you are on the track. (This is when you could hand out a “Analyze your goals” Bookmark (BM70499) Discuss with your team:  What are you goals?  How are you doing in reaching those goals?  Where are you?  Where do you want to be?  How do you plan to get there?  What decisions are you making on a daily basis that will take you where you want to go?

“If you always DO what you’ve always DONE, you’ll always BE what you’ve always BEEN.  If you want something different, DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!” (C70512)  (Give this sign to each member of your team)

This slogan really gets you thinking.  “Oh, you mean I can’t continue in my rut, doing the same things over and over again, and expect things to get better?”  No!  If you want things to change, you must change yourself!

 A story told by Gordon B. Hinckley, “Many years ago I worked for a railroad in the central offices in Denver.  I was in charge of what is called head-end traffic.  That was in the days when nearly everyone rode passenger trains.  One morning I received a call from my counterpart in Newark, New Jersey.  He said, ‘Train number such-and-such has arrived, but it has no baggage car.  Somewhere, 300 passengers have lost their baggage, and they are mad.’
I went immediately to work to find out where it may have gone.  I found it had been properly loaded and properly trained in Oakland, California.  It had been moved to our railroad in Salt Lake City, been carried to Denver, down to Pueblo, put on another line, and moved to St. Louis.  There it was to be handled by another railroad which would take it to Newark, New Jersey.  But some thoughtless switch man in St. Louis yards moved a small piece of steel just three inches, a switch point, then pulled the lever to uncouple the car.  We discovered that a baggage car that belonged in Newark, New Jersey, was in fact in New Orleans, Louisiana — 1,500 miles from its destination.
Just the three-inch movement of the switch in the St. Louis yard by a careless employee had started it on the wrong track, and the distance from its true destination increased dramatically.  That is the way it is with our lives.  Instead of following a steady course, we are pulled by some mistaken idea in another direction.  The movement away from our original destination may be ever so small, but, if continued, that very small movement becomes a great gap and we find ourselves far from where we intended to go.
Have you ever looked at one of those 16-foot farm gates?  When it is opened, it swings very wide.  The end at the hinges moves ever so slightly, while out at the perimeter, the movement is great.  It is the little things upon which life turns that make the big difference in our lives.”

This concept is so TRUE whether it be to the negative or positive.  We may make a decision to stop sending a confirmation postcard to our hosts, OR, we may decide to START sending a confirmation postcard to our hosts.  Either decision can make a BIG difference to the overall outcome of your business.  Our slogan at ‘The Booster’ is “We have the little things that make a BIG difference to your business.”  Now this concept of CHANGE was not originally decided upon to promote our products, but this is a good example of some of the little things you can do that will make a BIG difference in your business.  Those little things may seem insignificant, just as moving that piece of metal in the train yard, but the significance of the OUTCOME of those little things can be DRAMATIC!

Purchase the PDF for Activity, inspiration and more.   Click THIS

Purchase the PDF for Activity, inspiration and more. Click THIS

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

CLICK HERE to go to the LMP-17 Change and Trains Category on our website where you can see and order all the related products.

We welcome your comments on this training.  Please post below.

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Easter is coming- use it to offer your products as Mother’s Day gifts! Offer a Bunny Hop

Easter is only a month away.  And though it it a religious holiday, it is also a fun family holiday where friends and family get together.  You can use this as a way to offer your products as gifts for Mother’s Day.

How?  Offer your guests to host a “Bunny Hop” where they can earn free products by sharing your catalogs.

Now, be sure to have your catalogs all “stickered” up to remind those looking at your catalogs of “gifts for mom”,
to “add some zing”, “customer favorites,” etc.  See all the details about how to have a Bunny Hop, here in our BLOG.

PI-9301 Bunny Hop Catalog Parties! (Promote Easter & Mother’s Day gifts!)


Offer a Bunny Hop to your hosts to have LOTS of parties going for Easter!

See all the related products on our website under FREE Party Ideas: PI-9301 — BUNNY HOP CATALOG PARTY

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T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!


Plant the seeds to grow what you want in your garden!

Have you ever considered the similarities between growing a garden and growing your business?
Let’s say there are two people who want to grow a garden:
•    The first only has a bucket to carry water and a shovel.
•    The second has the bucket and shovel along with a hoe, roto-tiller, hose, sprayer, fertilizer applicator and a myriad of other tools.
Who is going to have the easier time growing their garden?

Is it impossible to grow the garden with only a few tools? No, of course not! But which has the greater chance of success?

Let’s say you want to plant a garden.  You know you have to prepare the soil by tilling it up, applying fertilizer, etc. All this is done BEFORE you plant seeds right?

Many of you have taken this step already by learning your business, the products, the benefits and HOW to get bookings and sell. You are now ready to get something growing.

How does the gardener get things growing in their plot of land? Do they say, “Well, the ground is all ready! GROW! “ to the ground? If they did, and watered the ground what would come up? Weeds would probably be your first guess followed by volunteers and those volunteers would usually be OK but do you know what you’re getting.

Realistically, what would you do if you wanted to grow things in your garden? You would PLANT SEEDS!

You would find the type of things you want to grow and plant seeds.

The same is true for your business! The time is NOW to PLANT SEEDS! You have to let people know that YOU HAVE what they are looking for. As you begin to let people know the advantages and benefits of your business they will want to know more.  Then you can share your opportunity with them. You need to create interest is what you do and they will then want to know more.  If they decide to join you team you can then nourish, water and help them to grow!

Have you ever heard of THE SECRET?  It is a motivational book and movie based on the Law of Attraction which is said to work by attracting into a person’s life the experiences, situations, events, and people that “match the frequency” of the person’s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, positive thinking and feeling positive are claimed to create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

I like to put it in a very simple form — you must put out there what you want to get back.  It is the essence of planting a seed.  If you want tomatoes, you must plant TOMATO seeds!  If you want tomatoes and plant cucumber seeds there is a pretty good chance you are going to get cucumbers, not tomatoes.  If you don’t plant any seeds at all, what are the chances you are going to get tomatoes?

So, let me say it again, “You must put out there what you want to get back!”

If you want BOOKINGS, you must let create interest in bookings by sharing the benefits of hosting a party!
If you want SUCCESSFUL PARTIES you must show your hosts you are committed to helping THEM have successful parties- inspire THEM to want success and understand they CAN make it happen!
If you want SALES, you must generate interest, share benefits and create desire to actually HAVE your products!
If you want COMMITTED CUSTOMERS you must let your customers you care about them and let them know that by coming back to you that you will help them and meet their needs!
If you want RECRUITS, you must create interest in the opportunities your business offers, help them SEE themselves doing what you do and be there when they are ready!
If you want a THRIVING TEAM you must help them find their WHY and help THEM plant their seeds and teach them how to nourish them.  By recognizing and rewarding their successes you’ll be nourishing them.  (See the LMP-07 — Apples in Seeds Theme Meeting:

So, now that you know that you NEED to plant seeds, HOW do you do it?

Well, of course you mention it during your demonstration. But do you realize researchers have found that it can take as many as 7 times being told something before it begins to sink in? If you were to say the same thing over and over again 7 times at your party people, YES, they would recognize it but how fun would your party be?

But, what if you put stickers that point out the advantages and benefits of your opportunity in your catalogs, on your invitations, wrapped around your pens, on your party folders or lap-boards, etc? Your customers would read those over and over again and the concepts would be planted in their minds. You would be planting seeds without even saying a word!

Now, of course you do want to SAY something too!  You would perhaps ask questions that get them asking YOU questions but I’m sure you can see the advantage of them seeing various stickers throughout your information to create awareness and curiosity.

Using ONE-LINERS PLUS the stickers is a way to plant LOTS of seeds during your demonstration and other times as well.  (For more details on this concept see T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!)

So, start NOW to use Stickers & wear Buttons to plant seeds! 
Go to this IDEA CATEGORY (link is below) to see lots of products that relate to this concept.

We want to help you DIG UP CASH by building your team so here are some Recruiting and Sponsoring ideas of HOW to use stickers in your business:

1. Use RECRUITING Stickers on your invitations. Invited guests might not make it to the party, but their interest will be sparked by reading slogans such as (S60264)  “Full time pay, part time hours!” or (S60260) “Could you use an extra $100 per week?”

2. Put RECRUITING Stickers in your catalog, especially on the page where your company describes the benefits of your opportunity. Stickers like (S64107)  “I Love What I do! You can too!” or others shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18),  create the BRAIN CONNECTION as if YOU were telling them this information instead of the corporation.

3. Name?: Whenever you put your name on a catalog, you should also include a RECRUITING Sticker. This shows YOUR enthusiasm for what you do. Stickers shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18-link is below),   make a positive impact! In the party plan business, what is one of the best ways to get more money? GET RECRUITS! See the T0-16 — Personalization, make it EASY! idea on how to personalize the slogans with YOUR information.  Saves time because you are sticking TWO stickers at ONCE!  And, they look so professional!

HUNDREDS-no THOUSANDS of customers have told us that these STICKERS really DO WORK! We can hardly wait to hear of your success! Order today and start implementing these ideas!!

Also included in this IDEA CATEGORY T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more! are Recruiting  BUTTONS, Bookmarks, & Postcards  (Just scroll down below the idea to see the complete list!)
Now, WHY should you use follow up postcards to send to recruit leads?  Did YOU join your company with the first person that asked you?  When I’ve traveled around the country I’ve asked top leaders this question.  Many of them say NO.  I ask why not?  They reply, “It took me a while to make the decision and by the time I was ready, they had not kept in contact with me.”

How many potential recruits have you lost because you haven’t kept in touch with them?  Now, I’m not suggestion you be PUSHY, but I am suggesting you be PERSISTENT!  Just keep in touch, even if they don’t join your team, you’ll at least have a customer.

Think about the ABCD formula.  A stands for A Success Formula.  If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D Do It!

So let’s do the math for sending postcards.  The postage is 33 cents, one of our recruiting postcards is  15 cents (or less if on sale)  for a total of 48 cents.  Let’s say you send 10 postcards to that ONE person over 6 months.  That’s $4.80.  How much do you make if that ONE person joins your team?  As someone said the other day at a presentation I did, “A LOT more than $4.80!

So, is the Benefit of “A LOT more than $4.80” greater than the cost of $4.80 = DO IT!  You never know what will happen when you DO keep in touch, but I doubt they’ll come to you six months down the road if you don’t!  How many chances are you losing because you don’t follow up?

But, before we go…. How are you keeping track of your recruit leads?  We have this wonderful Erase Board (EB6129) where you can track their name, phone number and the contacts you’ve made with them.  I LOVE the quote along the bottom, it reads,  “How do you help others become butterflies?” “Show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to give up being caterpillars.”

Remember, we can ALL create opportunities every day that can impact our lives.  “It’s what you do with what you have … that makes you who you are.”


Go to this IDEA CATEGORY to get the PDF of this training for FREE

So, go now to

this IDEA CATEGORY and  scroll down to see a great selection of products that relate to this training!  I Challenge you to “Grow for It!”  Order NOW and start planting the seeds and then following up.

When you accept a challenge, you accept that you have to take ACTION!   The KNOWING is important, but the DOING what you KNOW is even more important!

(with an order)  Share it with your team!  Here is the link to this Idea Category: T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!

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LMP-22-Believe in your Dreams –Do the work!


You must TAKE ACTION, or DO the work! This training discusses the importance of BOTH

Dreams!  Why all this talk about dreams?  You hear and see it everywhere! In fact “Dreams in Action” is our annual theme!  We are using lots of other “Dream” slogans:  What is your dream? Go after your dream! Your dream is alive! Dreams create futures!  And on and on and on…

But, what REALLY is your dream?   Why is it so important to have dreams?  Aren’t dreams what you have when you are asleep and most times you can’t even remember them?

Why should we even discuss or focus on dreams?  We call them dreams, but goals is really what we’re discussing.  However, when you attach emotion to a goal, it becomes a dream.

Dreams are the first step to creating your reality.  The dream is what you have to have before the goal.  Dreams are things in the future.  Goals bring those dreams into focus on a daily basis.  If you don’t have the dream, it is hard to decide what your goals are.  The dream is what you want and who you want to be.  The goal is the method that takes you toward your dream.  Your dream is like the north star.  It is what guides you.  By focusing on your dream, you are able to develop goals that take you there.

Now, some like to just set a major goal.  They don’t even mention the word dream and I guess that is OK, however; I believe the “Dream” is what drives us in our heart.  Without the dream, it is just a goal.  You reach the goal and go on.

The dream is more integrated into your life.  Your dream has a piece of you in it beyond the goal.    Some have a dream of a better world where people care more about each other.  Some have a dream of a clean environment.  Others have more personal dreams such as sitting on the deck of a cruise ship, or relaxing with someone they love.  Your dream could be building a business that is beneficial to you and your family.  Your dream might be to build a team of people that have fun while working and making money.  Maybe you want to see yourself in that red sports car.  Or it might be more important to you to have time to spend with your children and grandchildren.  Whatever your dream, you must first recognize it and define it.  They may be small dreams, or they may be BIG dreams that are the dreams for your life.  Whatever level, you need to decide what it is you really want to accomplish.

However- there are TWO important elements that have to occur to achieve your dreams.
ONE:  You must BELIEVE!  We talked about the dream (instead of goal) involves your heart.  But BELIEVING involves your HEAD!  You MUST have believable dreams!  You have to be able to SEE yourself in the realization of your dreams!  That is why last month we created VISION Boards!  This is to help you visualize your dream so it becomes believable.  So, practice visualizing your dream as reality!  SEE yourself achieving it!
TWO: Do the work, Do the work, Do the work!  Believing is extremely important but ACTION is equally, if not MORE important!  In fact, I’m a believer in “Fake it till you make it!”  Sometimes, you have to take action and SEE some success for the belief to kick in!
We’ve been discussing all year how important it is to take ACTION!  As you take consistent ACTION to apply the principles to boost your business, you WILL see changes, you will see RESULTS!

Remember, WORK will win when Wishing Won’t!

Business Basics:
This month’s Consultant Level training on Key 3: Attendance is one of the BEST concepts to realize the
importance of “Working” the business because as you put the FOUR stickers on your invitations, and actually mail them yourself, you will see a measurable difference!  You’ll have people bringing friends, booking parties and wanting to know more about your opportunity!
Be sure to share the ABCD formula and apply it to your business!

Included in this Leadership Key Pack is a NEW, To Do Erase Board.  It is a new concept to make it easy to track what needs to be done and SEE where you are in your process.  As your activity, give everyone a board and explain how to use it to help them stay focused and DO THE WORK in their businesses!

T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job ChartsHere’s how it works:
It is a DOUBLE size board with 5 sections.  Each section has a header.  I will go through and explain how each section is used.  The idea is to use those SMALL (2” x 1 1/2”) Post It type sticky notes.  You will MOVE the notes with a TASK written on it from section to section of the board.  The board is LAMINATED for TWO reasons.  1- the sticky notes last much longer on the laminated surface & 2, if you want to actually write on the board with a wet-erase pen (VEB-PEN) you can, and then easily erase it.

Now, here’s the concept.  check out the complete idea on this in the POST:

T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job Charts

In previous theme meetings we’ve helped you get your dreams in front of you.  Now, with this new TO DO chart, you have something tangible to help focus on the work you need to do to achieve them?  Remember, dreams are your north star.  They are intended to give you direction.  “If we don’t change the direction we are going, we are likely to end up where we are heading.” –Chinese proverb.

The emotion of WHY you want these items is an even greater motivation than the item itself.  What is going to be so great about the cruise?  When you have the dream and the reason written down, it provides motivation to work toward achieving the goals that take you toward your dream.

You often hear of opportunities where people tell you that you can make lots and lots of money.  They make it sound so easy.  They lay it in front of you and tell you “all you have to do is ______ and I will help you be rich!”  I and others tend to call these “get rich quick schemes” and a scheme is just what it is.  Occasionally someone will fall into something and they will make tons of money.  This is RARELY, if ever, true.  In most cases it takes lots of hard work!
Give everyone this Bookmark (BM70469) and suggest they put it in their datebook, or an inspirational book they are reading to remind themselves to DO THE WORK!

You’ve seen new celebrities on TV who all of a sudden are in the lime light.  They are an overnight sensation!  In most cases the climb to fame is far from overnight.  How many tables did they wait? How many dogs did they walk? How many dishes did they wash?  Many have spent years going from audition to audition, then they get a job on a show that becomes a hit and they are an overnight sensation!  Anything that is of value takes WORK!

Start TODAY to use the Believe “To Do” Board! (EB7142)  to make it EASY
to VISUALLY keep what you need to do in front of you without re-writing over and over again!

Inspiration: Download the PDF for this Meeting Plan from our website for ideas on Inspiration, Challenges,  Stories, Recognition ideas and the Meeting Plan Checklist!


To Believe in your dreams is not enough! You must TAKE ACTION, or DO the work! This training introduces a new TO DO Board & System

Here is the link to this training CATEGORY on our website where all the products mentioned (and a few more) are listed.

You can purchase the PDF of this training which also includes Challenges, Follow-Up, Motivation & Preparation list by clicking this link above.  Or, get it for only 1 cent if you join the Key Pack Club on the Leadership Level.  Click this link for all the details on the club.


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LMP-20 — Dreams Create Futures


If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything. This is all about HOW to identify your dreams and help others to identify theirs!

Dreams In Action!   WHY dreams are so important?  Because: Dreams Create Futures!  You have to HAVE a dream to MAKE a dream come true!  If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything.  You are just taking what comes, you have nothing in front of you to encourage you to move forward.

HINT for Leaders:
Many leaders think they need to be PUSHING their team to achieve.  But GREAT LEADERS find out what is important to their team members and encourage THEM to strive to achieve their dreams and goals.  Leaders should of course TEACH their team HOW to be effective in working their business … that is why we offer the TEAM THEME MEETING PLANS!  The other responsibility of a leader is to encourage, motivate and inspire their team to believe in themselves and aspire to achieve their dreams.  Leaders can’t and shouldn’t even try to do the work for them.  Leaders should be an example and “coach” their team to use their talents to achieve!  You as a leader are there to observe, give advice, point them in the right direction to find their own answers and then be their cheerleader!

Concept cont:
What does “Dreams Create Futures!” mean to you?  (Give everyone the “Dreams Create Futures Sticker (S65083) to put in their notebooks.   How can this be applied to your business?  How do you think having a dream will help you in your business?
(Discuss this concept with your team.)

Now, think about how this slogan can be used in your businesses.  How much more (and more effectively) do hosts work when they KNOW what they are working toward?  How can asking this question of “What’s your dream?”  impact your business?  Do you think that if you actually ASK your guests what their dream is that you would learn more about them?  Once you know what it is that they are looking for…. how could you then help them?

Discuss this concept and then ask how you could use these stickers in your catalogs and order forms to get people thinking about what it is that they want! Give everyone a strip of the “What’s Your Dream? stickers S65258 to use in their catalogs. What kind of impact might this slogan have if you wear the Button B65258 around town?

PDF-Key1-Boost your Bookings

Business Basics:
These concepts of dreams lead directly to Key Area Training- Key 1: Booking! There are so many aspects that it can be applied to. Do you have a dream for your business? What is it? How many parties to you need to have in order to achieve your dream?
Understand that as you set that goal – it WILL create your future as you work towards achieving it!




Get even more ideas when you get the PDF from our website.

Inspiration: Purchase the PDF for this Meeting Plan from our website for an Activity for your team and ideas on Inspiration, Challenges,  Stories (one of my favorites “Wonderful, Wonderfuls”, Recognition ideas and the Meeting Plan Checklist!

CLICK HERE to go to this training CATEGORY on our website where all the products mentioned (and a few more) are listed.

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Dreams in Action… The more action you take the more progress
you make!
Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!

What are “Dreams in Action?” We all know how important it is to have a dream or goal. I’m sure you’ve already learned it is necessary for you to identify your dreams and goal… to actually WRITE THEM DOWN, but really, how many of you have actually done it?

Identifying your dreams and aspirations is actually the FIRST step to making them come true. Then you need to look at your “dream” and break it down into achievable and believable goals. Yes, we have to BELIEVE that our dreams can come true. As the Disney song goes, “Get your head in the game!” Believing is a factor of success but not the only one! You must decide on ACTION STEPS that will enable you to achieve your dream. But then you must TAKE ACTION! “Dreams in Action” occur when you are actually DOING what is necessary to make the dreams come true!

Understand that making dreams come true usually encompass a process! Unfortunately, many envision their dream as an accomplished fact but neglect to determine what actions are going to take them from where they are to the realization of their dream! Rarely is it an instant jump! Even those who have the dream of winning the lottery must a least go out and buy a lottery ticket!
So, let’s break this concept down into the simple steps we’ve just discussed. 1) Identify the dream, 2) Break the dream into achievable goals, 3) Belief, 4) Plan, and 5 Action.

1) Identify the dream! Make it real! Write it down! Some do vision boards to help them to actually SEE the results. You have to actually HAVE a dream to to make it come true. You can actually have dreams for different parts of your life. When I was younger and had kids as home, I had a dream of being a grandma, surrounded by a loving family and I also had a dream of building my business to help hundreds of thousand to not only boost their businesses, but to make more money in less time so they would have more time to spend with their families. With a lot of hard work and focus I’ve been blessed to be able to fulfill BOTH those dreams. So, what are YOUR dreams? Just picture them and write them down. In the rest of this training we are going to discuss primarily your business dreams, but keep in mind that they must coincide with your personal dreams as well.

2) Break the dream into achievable goals. Realistically look at your dream and take it in a step by step process to divide it into achievable goals. If it is your dream to walk across the stage at your next conference, you’ll need to have parties booked and generate sales. You must put the horse in front of the cart. First things first.

In each of our 12 training themes (that go with the Dreams in Action theme) we are going to take your business and break it into the 12 Key Pack Themes and each month we will discuss specific concepts and ideas to create greater success in each key area.

3) Belief! We hear all the time about the importance of BELIEF and I agree that believing is very important. But, it is only part of the formula to achieve your dreams.

Think about this: If you are in a room that is getting dark and you want more light, what would you do?

Is it enough to BELIEVE that the light will turn on? I would bet that no matter how much you visualize the light turning on, and believe with all your might that the light will turn on, that that alone will not turn the light on. What will? Actually going to the switch and flipping it will usually turn the light on! (Now I say usually, because the electricity must be flowing and the wires must be connected properly and it must be a working fixture and bulb, but if all those elements are in place, you should get light.)
But, the next question is WHY would you flip the switch? As an adult, your experience has taught you that that is the action you need to take to make it happen. You BELIEVE that if you flip the switch, the light will come on. But as a child that has never seen a light turned on, would they even know to walk over to the switch?

So, I contend, that we must first BELIEVE, but we have to have something to believe in! When it comes to your business, you must learn, then believe in the concepts and principles that will work to achieve your goals. Too many think belief alone will be enough, and though I wholeheartedly agree that your mental position and belief in your own success is a vital part of the equation, the actual DOING something, putting yourself in a position that the universe can help you, will enable your dreams to come true at a much faster pace. I love this quote: “Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!” as it is a combination of the believe and visualization of your dream and the DOING to make it reality!
(Leaders, pass this sticker S71082 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.)

4) Plan. You have to have a plan! Yes, some people achieve a level of success without one, but the quickest way to your dreams is to have a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Remember the slogan, “Without a destination, any road will get you there!” The same is true in without a plan, you are bound to end up off track at times. Decide now to take the time to have a plan of ACTION. In each of our Key Pack training (consultant level) we have always given an ACTION PLAN. It consists of the things to DO immediately to begin implementing the training we offer. You may want to incorporate some of those action steps into your plan for each month (Leaders: print off the Action Steps each month for your team to help them in developing their own plan of action! They are in the full PDF training you can download and then just print multiples of that page and cut in half.)

5 Action! Yes ACTION is necessary. You must put one foot in front of the other, moving in the right direction. If you go home from this meeting and just continue to do what you are already doing, you will not progress to a different level. Dreams in Action is a process! It is a process of taking action! “The more Action you take, the more Progress you make!” (Leaders, pass this sticker S71081 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.) So this is our theme for the coming months. Dreams in Action! The more Action you take, the more Progress you make! Each month we will discuss different things you can do to achieve your dreams for your business.

for Leaders:
This theme is intended to be your theme for the year. It of course could be used for just one meeting but we have plans for it to be used throughout the year.
Included in this pack are products to make it easy to use this as a basic theme that you can refer to each month.

It is essential that you make your meeting not only motivational but that they actually LEARN some specific things to do to boost their business! The actual theme part of each month’s training will go along with the “Dreams in Action” but we encourage you to spend MORE time actually discussing the topic from the basic Key Pack Training. Yes, it is important to motivate your team and keep them believing, but as we discussed it is the ACTION they take that will make the difference for them. Remember, when we talked about BELIEVING that when you flip the switch the light will come on? Teaching your team and sharing your testimonials of how they will work in their businesses is like teaching the child about the light switch. As you share your experiences of how a simple 2¢ sticker impacted your business they will begin to believe as well. As they BELIEVE, then they will DO! As you discuss the different techniques and concepts we offer, share your direct knowledge of their impact (or share some of the testimonials from our website.) WE KNOW IT WORKS based on the thousands of customers who have taken the time to let us know of the impact. Your team needs to believe it so they will come to KNOW it too!

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

Meeting invitation reads:  We will discuss all this as we meet, We’re saving you a seat!
“Dreams in Action” is our theme
& You’re an important part of our team!
Please plan to be there… because we care!

CLICK HERE To see ALL the products mentioned in this training CATEGORY


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16-LMP — Knowing-Doing- Dreams in Action Motivation & Meeting Plan


Dreams in Action- The more ACTION you take the more PROGRESS you make!

Knowing It and Doing It are two different things!

You’ve heard the saying “KNOWING is half the battle.”
Well, DOING is the other half.  Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.
Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to
EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what
many people lack in this business.

I’ve created a short AUDIO training that goes with this idea!  You can download and listen on your computer or even save it to your ipod and play it at your meeting.

You’ve heard the saying “KNOWING is half the battle.”  Well, DOING is the other half.  Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.  It takes time and study to know your products and their benefits, to learn how to deal with people, to learn the art of selling, and to learn the business skills necessary to keep things running smoothly.  Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what many people lack in this business.
“The essence of knowledge is, having it, to use it.”
— Confucius

“Intelligence without ambition is
a bird without wings.”
— C. Archie Danielson

  Note to Leaders:  As you begin this training, give everyone the “Knowing It” sticker (PR70104) to put in their notes.

Shamra, our office manager had two small children.  Wyatt was 3 years old and Sierra was 10 months old.  She had been trying to teach Sierra how to say words like “Bah Bah” when she wants a bottle, or the other basics like “Ma Ma” and “Da Da”.  Then, one day her son, Wyatt, said “I need some Wah Wah.”  She was shocked that he said “Wah Wah” instead of water.  “He knows better than that, he knows how to say water,” she thought.  If Sierra had said it, on the other hand, she would have cheered her on and called Grandma.  What was the difference?  Her 3 year old had more knowledge and experience than her 10 month old, so she knew he could do better and expected more.  We should expect more of ourselves too.  If we have the knowledge, we should do our best to be successful.
Just as we learned to talk and walk by taking “baby steps,” we must learn to work our businesses by taking baby steps.  But, once we know how to do something we need to keep doing it, and not get lazy.  It does no good to study how people walk if we don’t ever stand up and put one foot in front of the other to get ourselves going somewhere.

“Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it.”
— David Star Jordan 1st President Stanford University

 Once we have the knowledge base of how to do something, we should have no excuse.  However, we still tend to make excuses.  What are some of the reasons for not working our businesses?  We get side-tracked, we don’t make work a priority, we don’t value the importance of doing daily tasks, we don’t think that we can, the system doesn’t work for us, etc.
We all need to practice being ambitious when it comes to our businesses.  It is easy to stay busy at a job where you have specific tasks to accomplish each day and a supervisor is constantly checking to see that you’ve done your work.  Think of your home job the same way.  Remember that you do have daily tasks to complete besides preparing for parties and doing your demonstrations.  For example, you could get sale flyers ready to mail out, call customers to tell them about specials, call hosts to see if they are doing their part, following up with recruit leads, etc.  The more you work, the more money you will make.
When you work at home, you might not have a manager looking over your shoulder, but most of you still have managers or leaders you report to.  Use this as a motivation.  Wouldn’t you love to give her a great report at your next meeting? Have a plan and put it into action.  Create a daily , weekly, or monthly schedule to work your business.  Create systems that will help make your job easier.  Be accountable!  Announce your goals to your family and encourage them to ask you about it.  Make yourself a checklist or whatever you need to do so you will DO IT!

Brainstorm with your group about what schedules or systems they have that work.  Pass out a Customer Care Card (V4124) and instructions to each team member. We talked about these a little in the Key4A training.  A detailed system is available to read and copy from our website and included in each package.  You can print it off or copy it and give it to your team.  It has great ideas about how to enter the info you gather from these cards into your computer so you can easily search for birthdays, print mailing labels or call lists, and keep in touch.  The training on the website also describes an easy system for those who don’t have a computer.  Just search for V4124 (Customer Care Cards), or find them in the variety department.  Click VIEW then DOWNLOAD TAB, for the instructions.  Download our FREE Excel Spreadsheet from our website and have someone that is into computers bring a laptop and SHOW everyone how to use EXCEL, sort a spreadsheet, etc.  Discuss the benefits of sending Birthday, Welcome, and Keeping in Touch cards.

 Business Basics:   
While you are sharing ideas about creating a system such as the Customer Care Cards, integrate the Key 4C- Prepare Catalogs training.  This is yet another example of knowing it and doing it.  One of the basics you learn when you take classes on how to increase your sales is to make customers aware of your products and the benefits they offer to your customers.  Encourage a discussion with your team about the principles discusses in the Key 4C training.
This meeting theme can actually be used to give an overview of all the steps to success.  Use the SSS4 Party on a Sheet to review the basic steps.

If you really want to create an awareness of how DOING some of the concepts we teach can impact your business and how much MONEY you can make, play the V1011 – DO IT Concentration Game. (It was originally designed to go along with the “Sell More Make More” Leadership Training and went along with the Key4B Key Pack Training, but it works very effectively with this meeting as well.  The PDF of the game is available for minimal cost for Key pack Club members, but we also have it available all printed out and ready to go.  Search for V1011.  I’ve also created FREE AUDIO training to go with it.  You can access the LINK by clicking VIEW on the  V1011 item.  See V1011PDF or V1011GAME.
Playing this game will reinforce that
DOING the techniques really pays off.

“Without ambition one starts nothing.
Without work one finishes nothing.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Ambition and love are the wings to great deeds.”
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
After playing the game, ask them to write down some of their goals on the  “Knowing It and Doing It” postcard. Have them take the card home, transfer the goals onto their “Make a Difference” Erase Board and mail it back to you to be entered into your drawings.  Then, at the next meeting, pull those cards and ask them how they are doing.

     Your Dreams are tied to action.   When you DO what you know you should, you’ll create a change in your business.  How much money you make is in direct relationship to what YOU DO and how much effort you put in.  This “job” can provide you with an unlimited power to create your own income!
That’s where YOU ARE!  Your  business provides you with that POWER!  YOU are in charge!  You can make what YOU want based upon YOUR efforts!  The POWER is IN YOU!  You must remember that the more action you take the more progress you make!  I hope you are CONSTANTLY learning to perfect your skill, that you are CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY moving toward your goals.  I hope you’ve got what it takes to “turn setbacks into comebacks!” and that you are willing to DO THE WORK necessary to become even more successful.
Now, we all recognize that we’ve gone through a really rough patch in the economy for the last few years.  Some have dropped out, some have decided that it just isn’t worth it to do a show when it is only $250 instead of the normal $500 is was before this recession.  I hope that isn’t you.  I hope YOU realize that you need to stay in the game.  In fact as the Disney movie states, you have to “keep your head in the game!”
Those of you who are going out and having parties even though it is hard are on the right track.  You may not be making as much as you were, but you are POSITIONING yourself to be at the head of the pack when things break loose!  You will be the one that has met hundreds of new people who will become your customers once things get going.  You are the ones who have been taking care of your customers even though their orders may have been small.  You are the ones who have generated names and recruit leads.  You are the ones who are leading the way and will be the leaders of tomorrow!  I applaud you!  I applaud your attitude!
Give everyone a “Success” Bookmark.  Read the quotes and discuss them.  If you’ve been discouraged all is not lost!  Dust off your work boots and get out there!  Make contacts!  Get involved in the community!  Meet people!  Put yourself out there to make the most of opportunities that come your way!  “You can do it, you can do it, if you put your mind to it!”
As I mentioned, we are all in this together.  There are things we can be doing to make things better.  Here’s a few ideas:
— Get involved in your community
— If you have a secure job, and money- spend it!  Don’t go in debt and don’t spend money you don’t have, but quit holding back!  Remember the example of what happens when an order is placed?  The same happens in reverse as we hold back- that is why the economy is shrinking.  Your dollar has POWER in the lives of others, use that power!
— Have faith and confidence in the people in our country!   Entrepreneurs and small business owners are going to turn this economy around.  You are a small business owner!  Work it!  Get out there and SHOW WHAT YOU HAVE!
— Do YOUR part!  Don’t wait for government to do it for you!  There is no satisfaction or self-esteem gained when others do it for you.  Have the guts to go out and make it for yourself!  (Remember, no guts no glory!)  Help your team to do it too!
— Rise up over discouragement!  Keep a positive attitude.  Stand up for what you believe!  Be proactive not inactive!  Have CONFIDENCE in yourself!
—     Have faith, courage, and conviction that YOU can make a difference!

 Follow-up & Motivation:
Follow up several times a month with your team.  Create a plan of what you will do each week to continue to inspire and motivate them. Here are some ideas to remind them to work with their family toward their goals!

1.  Send them the Dreams in Action (PP70739C or  “You’re a Star… reaching for the stars” Postcard (PP82220C) with the “Knowing it” sticker on the front and ask them how they are DOING!
2.  Use the “Take the Steps to Success.” stickers to stir up their ambition in your newsletter reminding them of what they should be doing.
3.  Call them and ask them if DOING parties is helping them  to get more money, recruits, and even more bookings.
4.  Use the stickers on correspondence you send during the month to remind them of the theme and to encourage them.

Challenge your team to prepare for success and put into practice the steps.  To DO what they’ve set their goals to do.  Create challenges based on your company and what you’ve been discussing at your meetings.
Be sure to recognize the achievements of your team.  Recognize the DOING and the results of DOING.  Come up with challenges and then recognition that ALL can achieve not just those at the top.  Have a basket of Booster products they can choose from as they are recognized for their achievements.


Having the
KNOWLEDGE to do well in a home business is important.
Having the COURAGE and the AMBITION to
EXECUTE what you KNOW and the momentum to continue is what
many people lack in this business.

You can purchase the entire PDF with graphics of this training or all the products mentioned from our website. 
Please click:

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