• 1-   How do I pay with Paypal?
    Click the graphic, click to confirm your total, 
    then enter Credit Card or Choose your Pay Pal account.
    PLEASE make sure your correct STATE is selected.  Allow a few seconds for the drop down list to appear and select your state,
    otherwise, your order will NOT process properly.


  • 2-  How often will you receive IDEA emails?
    Usually once or twice a week, sent Saturday night.
    Sometimes we will send a quick reminder during the week.


  • 3-  Why aren't Sale prices showing when I go into the website?
    You must have SET UP an account and be LOGGED in for some
    sale prices to show up! And REFRESH your screen everytime you come to the site to update current sales.  Sometimer you may have to click around the website for it to refresh.


  • 4-  When I create a Wish List can I view it from different computers?
    YES!  As long as you are logged in.  You can also create multiple Wish Lists
    to divide your products if you'd like.  You may also email your wish list to friends.


  • 5-  My email changed, I don't want to miss any!  How do I let you know?
    Click the modify your subscription at the bottom of your emails and make your changes. 
    You will also need to LOG IN to the website and make changes there. 
    These are TWO different lists. Or you can send us a message in the contact.


  • 6-  How do I apply my vouchers?
    Make sure you've purchased the required product and

        your order is over the minimum (if there is one).
        Click on your cart, scroll down to where the TOTALS are displayed
        enter the Voucher Code in the Voucher Box,
        then click to add.  You will see the voucher applied. 
        (if it doesn't work, contact us BEFORE submitting order.)
NOTE:  We've noticed that sometimes the VOUCHE BOX is not visable.  If that happens to you, MAKE SURE you were logged in and your CART will be saved.  Then open our website with a different BROWSER (Firefox, Crome, or Internet Explorer.) this worked for us!  Don't know why it doesn't show up,  Must me some glitch in the Java script.


  • 7-  How do I redeem my loyalty points?
    You must be logged into your account.  In the pink box click on the LOYALTY POINTS.  Create a voucher- follow the instructions. A Voucher code will then be put in your MY VOUCHER section.  Follow the instructions above to redeem.  The VOUCHER DATE MAY be set a few days AFTER you create it.  If you want to use it immediately, and it won't let you, contact us.


  • 8-  How do I redeem OLD coupons or gift cards?
    Most older coupons are now probably expired if you do still have some please contact us BEFORE submitting your order. Or we may not be able to apply it. This includes any Booster Gift cards as well.


  • 9-  How do I get the "Idea of the week" emails?
    Once you've set up your account on the website you will automatically be added to the IW list on the following Friday.  You will receive a Welcome email.  From that email you can manage your account or unsubscribe.


  • 10 --Why aren't the newest ideas mentioned in the emails coming up on the site? 
    To make the website display faster, it uses a "cache" system, which means it stores some info on your computer.  So, when you go to the website it brings up that "cached" info.  In order to get rid of the old and bring in the new, you need to REFRESH your screen.  You may actually have to begin clicking on things for it to totally refresh.


  • 11-  How do I get my purchased downloads? 
    Once your order is submitted to us you'll be able to download your purchases.  You will receive an email which has the link. Just click on the link and it should start the download. If that doesn't work, look in your "my order" category in your account (must be logged in).  Click on order # you purchased it on then find the item that is a download. It should now show as a link to download and save to your computer.


  • 12-  How do I get FREE Downloads of Templates, etc? 
    If they are available click MORE into the products and scroll all the way down and you will see the DOWNLOAD LINKS in the actual product VIEW information.  Click it and then the download links will be there.  Some of our TRAINING PDF's are FREE but they are too large for the DOWNLOAD TAB to work.  In that case you will need to PURCHASE the item and download it as mentioned in #11 above.


  • 13-
  • 14- Pay pal has given me an error message like this: 
  • PayPal response:
    TIMESTAMP -> 2012-03-07T13:51:40Z
    L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10736
    L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> Shipping Address Invalid City State Postal Code
    L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> A match of the Shipping Address City, State, and Postal Code failed.
    L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error 
  • We have found that some customers states are not connecting. What you need to do to fix this is: log in to your account, click on "my addresses" update the address. Click to check out again. There is a box above the addresses to click that asks if you want the address to be the same as the billing. Click that box to make the check mark go off. Then click it again so it check marks it and it will reset your address and let you continue through the payment process. Another thing we have seen with this issue is there is no phone number entered which at least one number is required. Fix these 2 issues on your account information and it should let you process the order. If you are still having problems please call us so we can look into it for you and get your order processed.     


  • 15- I put a comment on my order and haven't heard back?  Comments on orders at the checkout point we only see if you have submitted the order. If you need to ask a question on your order you need to click the contact button at the top of the website, email us directly at jennybb@thebooster.com or call us 1-800-553-6692, otherwise we won't be able to see your comment until you submit the order.


  • 16- I am getting this error:

    PayPal response:
    TIMESTAMP -> 2012-03-26T01:47:06Z
    L_ERRORCODE0 -> 10411
    L_SHORTMESSAGE0 -> This Express Checkout session has expired.
    L_LONGMESSAGE0 -> This Express Checkout session has expired. Token value is no longer valid.
    L_SEVERITYCODE0 -> Error         

  • what do I do?  This error is letting you know it is taking too much time for the site to connect to Paypal to process the payment. You will need to try again later. Your internet connection may have temporarily slowed so it is taking too much time and times out. You are welcome to call as well and let us process the order for you so you don't have to wait. Or go back to checkout and use the authorize.net with a credit card.

  •  17- My order locks up after entering my vouchers? For some reason our system doesn't like more than 3 vouchers. You can delete the vouchers except 3 and it should let you continue with payment. If not please give us a call and we can submit it for you.


    18- When I choose the paypal option it does not have a confirm button on the 2nd page? We are not sure why but the button seems to be the same color as the page and doesn't show up for some people. It is still there. You can try clicking on it by moving your mouse arrow over where the button should be (to the right of the other payment options button) when you are in the right spot the arrow will turn into a pointing finger and you can click. It should take you to the next page to submit your payment. If you still have issues please call or go back to your cart and choose the authorize.net payment option.

  • 19- I didn't FREE GIFTS with my order?  You MUST ADD the FREE GIFTS you qualify for to your cart before submitting your order.  We track and put them in your order FROM your order. We automatically include some Free Training and Stickers with every order.



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