Here is what our own customers say about "The Booster"

I just received my shipment a few days ago and I was like a child a Christmas, I could not want to open the box. The products are awesome, and I can't wait to began to use them. I have since placed two more orders. I know with using The Booster Products that I will have a more successful business than without using the products.      Darlene Brown Blessings Unlimited Consultant

I love your products. It makes my packages, post cards and invites so much more inviting. Thank you         Lillian Ayling

Thank you! I received my package yesterday and have already used several stickers and the buttons to help boost my sales and bookings!!! I plan to keep placing orders as I love your products and believe that they are a great tool for my business!!              Jessica Chartraw

I just want to say thank you "Jenny B" staff. I received my order today and I absolutely love my products!!!! The stickers were what I needed to help my business grow. You will have me as a repeat customer. I look forward to doing business with you again.              Stephanie Nuness

I just wanted to thank you for being so quick to ship my order. I received it today and am very happy with it. They are a lot better looking than I expected. I love the stickers!! Thank You!         Lynn Chason

I really loved my last order. I did not even wait a day before ordering more. I have posted a link to your site on my yahoo group and facebook.          Lynn Chason, AR

I can't wait to get my stickers! They put a smile on my face and I'm sure they will to others as well. Thank you Booster!           Sarah Cho

Since I have started using the products I have noticed an increase in sales and bookings. I recently ran out of stickers and guess what ... those sales started going back down. That was enough to convince me.             Alicia Butler AR

I love your stickers. I not only use them on my catalogs. I use them on my thank you cards I send to my customers. Since using your stickers I have boosted my sales and people are asking where I got these cute stickers! Thanks for helping so many of our businesses in the country!            From Kerry in an email

Thank you for providing such great tools to promote my business. I am very pleased with your products and level of service.   Kaisa Nalewajko

I love your post cards and things to use with my sales team. Thanks!          Nancy Todd

THANKS for helping my business succeed with stickers!    Debie McDowell

You have such a fantastic company and it's nice to know there are good Christian women in business...thank you Jenny B!! Cheryl Loving-Seymour

Thanks so much!!!! love Jenny b! my manager just introduced me to your stuff as an incentive gift!    Hayley Chambliss

Thanks for having such wonderful products at such reasonable prices. I look forward to spending my money with your company.              Stefanie A. Smith

So happy I found your company! : )          Jennifer Mitchell

LOVE LOVE LOVE your stuff! Thanks for making my life easier and my business GROW!              Donna Bozek

I have already broken my record this month. I know it is due to those little stickers              Joy McHargue

Your new website is awesome! I love it!   Alona D Pang

Comments You guys are awesome! Can't get enough!       Sarah C Macri

GREAT Products! AWESOME prices!! :)     TERRA SMILEY

Can't wait for these to start working for my business. Love your site!          Cary Lacy

It really makes a difference when I use your products! I need to get back into the 'swing' of things!             'Mitch' Belanger

I use these stickers (S40579 -- Why to buy SET)throughout my catalogs for catalog parties and have seen an increase in sales for the items I use them by! I've had many consultants with other direct sales companies comment on them and ask me where they could get them! They are awesome ... they can point out products to customers when I'm not there to do it!         Lora -Onalaska, WI

I've talked to others about the Booster & they love it so I'm going to use it too. Thanks, Becky    Becky Nicholds TX

THE RESULTS ARE IN! I began using the booster party plan sellers pack system (K-SUCCESS) a few months ago and collected the data from shows where I used the system and shows when I didn't use the system and the results speak for themselves! Show averages without the system: 8 buying guests with a show total sales of $500/show Show averages WITH the system: 9.5 buying guests with a show total sales of $642.77show When you do the math over multiple shows using the system - it adds up to BIG DOLLARS! Thank you! This system works great - I cannot wait to share my findings with my team. Note from Jenny- (I've done the math for you) Average increase in sales = $142.77 x 8 shows per month = $1142.16. Cost of Booster Products = approx $5 per show = 40. Profit at 25% = 285.54- $40 = $245.54 MORE money in YOUR pocket! (This does not count the increased exposure to your products, potential recruit leads, more hostesses etc!) Thanks Marlo for doing the test for us!              Marlo Boux

I am so thrilled with your products! I have purchased the K-Success SIX Pack, random stickers, the 'pick-a-date' pack and buttons, but I must say the stickers are my absolute favorite! I put them on everything. My husband helps me put them on all of the invitations and when I explain what they are to the Hostesses they get really excited. By following the steps in your K-SUCCESS pack and divider system, my business is really starting to pick up and I am regaining my momentum. Using the stickers has really boosted the attendance at my parties. I finally joined the Key Pack Club, too, so I am looking forward to getting stickers automatically every month! Thanks so much!   Tia Johns

My catalog would no longer be the same without Jenny B stickers all over it. I always include a booking, fundraising or bridal shower, customer service, and a few recruiting stickers on the front and back. I give key-pack sheets to my new consultants to get them started, and they also become 'hooked' on them, like I am! The postcards are always great to pass along to new consultants...and so convenient to give the new consultant postcard pack to get them going! Thanks for always keeping new ones coming!              Maureen Thomas CA

I'm new to the Booster products but I love them all. I really love the divider system (V1003) to keep everything organized & neat. I even put the system in my Pampered Chef binder & share the idea with everyone. I love the little referral stickers you sent with my first order to pass out with my info on it. What a great idea to let others see the stickers before they buy & then after 5 people order I get rewarded too. I'm gonna share them with everyone I know in direct sales. I'm looking forward to buying other products. Thanks Jenny B. for helping others achieve more in their business.              Becky Nicholds TX

Erase Boards-- I love love the "Recruit" and "Hosts Follow Up" erase boards. They help me keep everything organized and up to date. I really love everything The Booster has to offer...the stickers and postcards are great too! Thanks Jenny!   Veronica Hobbie CA

10 Steps 4 Success I met Jenny at PartyLite national conference in St. Louis this past July08, I was so impressed with her true care & concern about every consultants success that I bought the 10 steps 4 success notebook... (K-Success) Boy am I ever glad I did, it so full of ideas, stickers and great info, You can't help but be SUCCESSFUL....THANKS JennyB. xoxoxoxox I share all about it w/everyone I know in direct sales...      Donna Spitzer MD

I took the challenge! I met Jenny at a conference and decided to go ahead and buy the starter kit (The K-Success Six Pack)and used the 'system' on my postcards, catalogs, everything. Jenny promised me that my sales would double using this system and I can definitely say that they have been great. My sales average is over $600 a show and I am booking shows really well. I love the Booster products and I have been passing the catalogs and stickers along to my recruits and highly recommend using them to 'boost' their sales.          Marlo Wiltse MI

I love The Key pack Club!!! My New Team Member made Fast Track and I wanted to Reward her, while at the same time giving her something that would help increase her Business. So I Opened The New Key pack I just  Received in the mail and sent her several stickers, post cards, and Book Marks and a Button to Remind her she is a Star!!! I was able to make her feel Special for pennies on the Dollar !!! I also gave her ideas from the key pack to keep growing!!! Thank you Booster !!!          Karen Church - IL

Building My Business! A Genie in a bottle! What a fabulous system for helping me to help myself! The stickers, folders and many ways to organize our customer knowledge, team building skills, and sales goals are like a genie in a bottle - state your wish and then let Booster help you see that dream come true. Innovative, well though-out, useful and motivating - feeling organized and proactive is half the accomplishment...seeing results from that is an added bonus. thank you.    Mary-Ellen Feeney Australia

Rave Review on Stickers! I have been using stickers since I started my business and love how they add color and emphasis to my invitations, postcards, thank you's and catalogs. Thanks for making them a great tool and affordable.       Maren Larson - Jackson, MN

Love ALL the bright, colorful stickers! I use them on every invitation, order sheets, and even my general mailings. I'm getting positive comments on them at my parties too. My favorite item is Booster Bingo! I am able to use MY products in the squares, which draws attention to those that I am detailing. I hand out a Bingo Card and 'Wish List' at the beginning of my presentation. This keeps my party guests 'on track' by paying attention to what I say, and what I'm showing. Thank You for so many fabulous ideas!              Susan Schotten - Austin, CO

Fantastic! I LOVE all the wonderful tools that you have to offer and I also LOVE the fact that you can even make your own stickers to fit your needs if you don't see something in particular that you would like. (See the Printable Stickers) The Key packs are a wonderful tool in helping your business and they show what you can do with each and every sticker that comes with them!!!!!!!              Mary Strassburg - Weston WI

Graphics more classy? Even though I use your stickers and have had a little success I would love to see the graphics of the postcards and other stationery updated. I find the purple & pink and cutesy illustrations not sophisticated enough for my business. How about pink/brown? Thanks Lucy, Good idea- the Pink and Brown- As for updating and a more sophisticated look- we've had that suggestion before and people have found the cutesy, more colorful graphics were MUCH more effective- therefore, most of the more classic designs are no longer available. So, I've let the effectiveness rule the day and "cutsie" wins many times over. To quote one of my most enthusiastic customers "This is so far out of my comfort zone --does it really work? (because she liked classy look) and then turned into a RAVING FAN saying her business has MORE than TRIPPLED!       Luci Terhune Nutley NJ

Stickers, stickers and more stickers! I LOVE them! I have added them to all of my catalogs, to my Hostess packets and to all of my mailings. I use them to increase sales, to attract new Hostesses and to recruit new members to my team. The stickers really do make a difference! I recommend them to anyone who wants to increase their sales and recruitment without much added effort!        Mary Gualtieri - Jamesville, NY

Finding 'The Booster' has been a real treasure. My business is relatively new to me and I often wanted to invite people to events and coach them to have effective parties, but didn't know exactly what to say. I spent a lot of time on this aspect of my business, but since finding the pre= printed postcards- writing to customers and hostesses is now a very automated and simple task. I can now spend more of my time on other parts of my business which saves me time and has made the postcards well worth what was spent for them. Thanks! Tracy Jenkins

Trip Buttons! I can't recommend enough wearing a trip button anywhere and everywhere! When our incentive trip to Paris was announced, I ordered 10 for myself and our team. The buttons actually performed two functions. They were a conversation starter with potential recruits AND they helped to keep me focused and on track. Since it says 'Come with me to Paris,' I HAD to make sure I earned it! I did and Paris was fabulous! As soon as our next trip to Punta Cana was announced, I ordered a batch for that trip, too. I'm still working on earning that one.           Debbie Woolsey

I put your stickers EVERYWHERE!! Anyplace I think someone will notice something. I can tell them as much as I can, but when they see it, the bright colors, the fun lettering, then they notice it! Sometimes I forget to tell an important feature we offer - you can only say so much before you lose their attention - so I place stickers on the front of catalogs and inside Hostess Packets to make sure they have ALL the information they need! I LOVE stickers! They aren't just for kids anymore!! Cherie Lang NY

What can you say about Printable Stickers other than 'wow' - They make is so easy to give your business the 'boost' it needs. I use the stickers to tell people what my specialties are. My part-time business now gives me full-time pay. Thanks Jenny B!              Nancy Salverino TX June 10, 2008

I have enjoyed great success with Booster products. I use 5 different stickers on each catalog and hostess packet, and have gotten compliments on how polished they look. I use Recruiting stickers on everything! When I mail out a Thank You Card, outside order, even when paying bills! They work, I have over 20 recruits! And with those recruits, I often use the motivational material I have gotten from The Booster. I give them bookmarks when they hit goals, give them a starter pack with a few sheets of stickers and other material when they sign on, and more! I actually got to meet Jenny two summers ago at our annual Tasteful Treasures workshop! I came away from her seminars with so much information on ways to boost my business I was ready to get out there and take my area by storm! It has been great since then! Thank you Jenny B and Booster staff for helping my business to grow!            Amy Rose VA

I am an advisor for Lia Sophia & I have been using Jenny B. stickers since July 2007. I have had many comments on the stickers I use & have even had advisors with different companies ask me where I got them. I have noticed an increase in attendance at my shows when I use Jenny B. stickers. And love that I can plant a small recruiting seed even before I meet my customers! Thank you Jenny B.!    Misty Bown - UT

I love the stickers and really think it catches the viewers eyes! I love all of the great ideas that the postcards and stickers give us. Thanks Jenny! YOU ARE AWESOME!!              Chrissy Jacobs

My Unit and I were having a Bingo once a month so I wanted to spice it up so I ordered BINGO (V1004). We had a blast with the games. Then my daughter was planning her wedding and my sister her shower. I was asked to do a game. I did bingo and made a wedding shower theme. Everyone enjoyed the games. I recommend the BINGO game to everyone.           Marie Knutzen CA

I have ordered your stickers to boost sales and bookings and let me tell you, its working like a charm! I even ordered a button to wear during my parties! I put stickers on the back of my business cards too to let people know what I offer. Like catalog parties and bridal showers and all that. I LOVE your stickers and buttons!! I also add them to my catalogs to let people know what has been discontinued or what they can get free. Its great!! They have helped me so much! Thanks!    Tiffany Temple PA

WOW! I'm #3 in sales! WOW! WOW! WOW! I can't find another word to explain how happy I am being a Jenny B. customer!! I got a strip of stickers when I became a consultant for Temptations Parties in Jan. 2008. I thought 'oh these are cute'. I flipped through the catalog and really liked some of the things a I saw, but didn't think I needed any of it. Well after a while I thought it couldn't hurt to try some of the products. I saw a difference right away. So I bought the System Dividers to help organize my stickers, I didn't realize what a business booster they would be. So now I'm a member of the Key Pack Club. And because of all the help from my Booster products I was #3 in sales for the month of May!! THANK YOU JENNY B.!!!!!!              Amanda Lula IN

I use the stickers on everything!! Invites, catalogs, hostess packets etc etc. They really attract attention and my customers ask more questions when they see them!! I love how fun they make things look!! Kelly Wemp WA

Well, I have read all the testimonials on how these products have 'boosted' others sales. AND, I have to say, I think it is working for me TOO! I have been using stickers on all my invites and in my catalogs for several months now, and ironically, my average guets order has gone from about $40-50 per about $70!! I am very impressed!!        Michelle, Beaverton, OR

My guests LOVE doing auction parties! The excitement is sky high at the beginning of the show and just keeps building as they earn bucks during the show by asking my questions about my business or telling what they love about certain products demo'd in the show. Auction parties have also boosted my bookings because the guests have so much fun at their first party that they want to have one of their own! Thanks so much for this great idea!           Sandi Watters UT

I used to print my own stickers to put on catalogs and order forms for my customers to get their attention about specials and new items. I didn't like how they would 'bleed' if they got wet or fade over time. I was given a 'Booster' pack and was made aware of all the bright durable eye catching stickers and other promo items!! I am hooked...I just have to decide which ones to get because there are so many!!! I have put items in my shopping basket for later but heard about the computer crash...oh, darn now I have to pick them out again. Who doesn't like to shop!!! I can't wait til I place an order now! Thanks  Melodie Ustich IL

I am a Lia Sophia Jewelry advisor and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the products. You have so many just for what I need. My customers love all the neat stickers and postcards I use. And they love BINGO. Jenny B, I don't know what I would do without you. Thanks Jenny B you ROCK!!!!  Tonya Shaffer Ohio

I recently started using your stickers on all my invitations, as well as the preprinted Hostess Coaching cards. They save me time and have such a colorful presentation. I do believe the stickers help draw attention to the invite and I can tell everyone about the business opportunity, not just those attending. I use the RSVP on Everything! Above all, I am so delighted with the Bingo Game! (V1004) I am able to enter the products that I makes the guests pay attention to my presentation, and they will often ask about a product (before I present it) just to get the Bingo square. Thank You. I LOVE our products!            Susan Schotten - Austin, CO

I love, love, love using your stickers! Not only are the affordable but they work! I give the variety sheets (SSS4) to my new team members to get started! They love them!! Using stickers & Jenny's ideas has really helped my business grow! Thanks              Ann Marie Rubertone - FL

I am one month in to my new business. I received 'Party on a Sheet' (SSS4) Business Booster Stickers at a training last week end and have put them in my catalogs - the response has been wonderful !!! I booked shows with the addition of the eye catching stickers. Thanks for helping me build my business.             Deborah LIPCHEY Marienville,PA

If anyone had asked me what part of my business I needed to improve, the answer would have been organization. I bought the 'K-Success SIX Pack' and have already seen an improvement in my organization. The Party/Show Checklist helps me keep on track with what I need to be doing for every show. It's so easy to use! The pen pal stickers are awesome and the training is incredible. There is so much packed into the binder I can't even say which item is my favorite! It's all so helpful! The bright colors and fun sayings help motivate me and staying organized for success isn't such a chore anymore. Thank you from one Jenny B to another for taking the time to explain it all to me!!           Jen Burger - Falcon, CO

Jenny B Stickers will change your business... I have been using Jenny B stickers for a little over a year now. I have the full binder of stickers and I use them all! Stickers go in my catalogs, on my invitations, in my hostess packets, and on my recruiting folders. I mail post cards to potential recruits, Hostesses, and customers when they show an interest in my business. I won the company trip to Hawaii last year and I don't think I would have done so well with my sales and recruiting if it were not for the stickers I put on my invitations.           Ann Langdon - Tucson, AZ

Here's an example of what the 'bring a friend' sticker has done for me. I place these stickers on EVERY invitation I send. At the end of a show a guest told me she had come with her mom because of the sticker that said her mom would get a free gift. She booked a show and asked me about my business. I gave her a recruiting packet to go home and review. She called me 3 days later and signed up! She was so excited she did not even wait for her show to her starter case! She has continually been in the top 1 or 2 in sales and has even beat my Division manager in sales! OH and did I mention that the first thing she did was order her Jenny B stickers for her invitations! She knows the value! Just think, if I had not put that sticker on that invitation she would not have come and I would have never signed up this great recruit! You just never know what a sticker could do for you but, I can guarantee you that ONE sticker has paid for EVERY Jenny B item I have ever bought and then some! Thank you Jenny B! I would not be where I am today without you!   Ann Langdon - Tucson, AZ

POSTCARDS!! I just love the postcards and new stickers that I purchased at conference!! The items were recommended at a meeting and what an improvement on my show!! I send out postcards to all future hostesses and it works out great!!              Lori Sahanas - Wanaque NJ

Actually you rate 5++++ stars! I love the positive fun filled messages of the stickers - they say everything that I want to with so much enthusiasm without being offending or threatening! Who wouldn't want to book a show or join my team after reading the stickers and who wouldn't be intrigued enough to find out how to get the 'free' stuff? I love them. I purchased quite a few pages at the conference and plan on using them on all of my new books when they arrive - also on the books going out of season because I will place them in businesses now, with the stickers on them also. Thanks Boosters! You really give me a boost! :)              Judy - Watkins, MN

Keypack.... I am truly blessed to have listened to the person who mentioned! I browsed through the website and was overwhelmed at first with all the information available. I finally got the courage and called The Booster and was immediately comforted with a knowledgeable customer service representative. I decided to become a Keypack club member and start off with ordering additional items from the basics listed on the party checklist. I must say that I have been following the 4 stickers on the invitation and it has increased my attendance, gotten the guests there ontime (which was a huge problem in my business!), many guests brought a friend, and ultimately has increased party sales!! I am very HAPPY with the results and can't stop sharing it with my team and other direct selling associates!!! Thank you!   Kat Quarterman - Hainesport, NJ

I love Jenny B Stickers and even more, the post cards!! It saves me time and ink and Money when I order from this site! I have also been given great idea to use to make my business as a Home & Garden Party Designer, very successful! Thank you Jenny B!              Brandy - El Cajon, CA

Attendance Stickers I am a Slumber Parties distributor and I have to admit adding the stickers to the back of my invitations has helped increase attendance. I have more people showing up to my parties and it's amazing!!! I am looking forward to placing my next order so that I can increase my recruiting efforts as well. Thank You so much to the Booster! Jenny B is truly AMAZING!!!       TIffaney Kelley - Coppell, TX

S43049 Bring ___ Outside Orders Stickers: WOW, these stickers really work. I put the 'Bring ___ in outside orders' stickers (S40349) on all 7 invitations (The hostess only gave me 7 names!) I filled in the amount for $20! TWO people brought orders one for $20 and one for $100! Total party was over $350 and I booked two more shows! I'm going to use these stickers more often!              Candice Anderson - Hyrum, UT

My wife LOVES your stickers! Since she used your stickers and been on your website learning more, her business is just BOOMING!!!! Thanks Jenny for such a great website              Todd Tucker - Dover, NH

After purchasing a load of stickers to boost my business, I have noticed an unbelievable amount of change in the attendance numbers of my parties! I also have the hostess call the night before her party to tell the guests that if they have a sticker on their invitation, it means an extra entry is given for the drawing! They LOVE that, and it gets them to come to the party because they have better luck at winning!        Taryn Bennett - Elkhart, IN

I just love the Booster, I have been using Booster products for 20 years at least. What I have found very useful lately is putting 2-3 'Girls Night Out' stickers on the postcards I send out to the guests for my Hostesses. I have the Hostess call about 3 days prior and tell her to have everyone bring their Postcard with them to the party. This way she calls all her guests so no one is left out. She tells them to bring their postcard with them because the advisor says there are some special ones out there. They don't know that everyone didn't get a sticker on theirs. When everyone arrives we look at the postcards and see who has the stickers. They all get a prize. This really has 'Boosted' the attendance at my shows. Thank you so much for all your products              Karen Johnson - Brooksville, FL

Stickers Boosted my business! I had a large increase in my Avon sales this year. When asked how I did that, I realized that I had really been using lots of stickers. And on the Avon brochures, the word 'AVON' has the letter 'o' that is exactly the size of the round stickers you sell. I let my customers know I take credit cards, they can shop at my website, I offer job opportunities, and more. Thank you for stickers that say exactly what I need!       Nancy Buttry - Poplar Bluff, MO

I REALLY have increased my business!!! WOW! I have to say I totally agree with the comments from others that your products really do increase your business. After meeting you guys at our conference in St Louis I took your catalog home and just loved seeing all the products and learning new ideas for my business. Since my business started to take off my leader Christina asked me to share about what I am doing at our next workshop. Well our workshop was last night and I shared that I had purchased the “K-Success SIX Pack” and provided copies of what I was doing with the products I received. I told them I was using 4 stickers on every invite and the pen flags and numerous other items. I also told them all if they use my name when they place an order that I would get a referral bonus of 20.00 in products for every 5 referrals. I am telling you that I have been so excited about the products that my leader Christina thought maybe I had gone into business for your company also!!! Keep up the great work and the wonderful customer service that you provide!!! PS I will be purchasing more products soon!!!    Holly Jackson - Ojai, CA

I received my order today - my first from you - very pleased and I will be ordering again - Thank you very much.  Deborah Lipchey

I really like my "Host Follow Up Erase board (EB2128)!! This helps me keep track of what's going on with my home business while I also have my full time job. With just a glance this board is great for helping me keep track of what I have done for each of my hostesses.           Angie (A customer)

I enrolled in the Key Pack Club and all I can say is....WOW!!! The divider system (V1003) is absolutely outstanding in keeping me organized and on top of everything with my business! I am a mother of two and desperately needed the organization that these dividers have given me. I actually thought I was pretty organized to begin with until I started using these dividers. Boy, was I ever wrong! I don't know how I ever got along without them! These dividers have made my life so much more easier and I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them!!! Thanks a million!            Helen Askins

I LOVE adding stickers to everything - books, order forms, Hostess Packets. It really brings attention to the things I want to say, and it has increased my business tremendously. LOVE LOVE LOVE your "crazy crew". They are so helpful - and of course we love YOU Jenny. Thank you for helping us be so successful in everything we do.              I can help you Change a room - or CHANGE YOUR LIFE! God Bless, Wendy Stevens

I absolutely love the new web site!! I am looking forward to receiving my order. Great job Jenny!          Deb Hooper Corning, NY

I received my Making Your Connections Count book last week and read it cover to cover. I have to say I absolutely LOVED your chapter the best! I never realized until I started using your stickers just what a difference it can make. When I read your personal inscription (I'm an author too and can appreciate that), and saw the stickers you took the time to place in there, it finally sunk in. I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time I read your chapter. Thanks for making me feel so special. And thanks for sharing all you do with us! :D      Michelle McCorkle

I received my Making Your Connections Count book last week and read it cover to cover. I have to say I absolutely LOVED your chapter the best! I never realized until I started using your stickers just what a difference it can make. When I read your personal inscription (I'm an author too and can appreciate that), and saw the stickers you took the time to place in there, it finally sunk in. I was grinning from ear to ear the whole time I read your chapter. Thanks for making me feel so special. And thanks for sharing all you do with us! :D      Michelle McCorkle

I am so excited to find this site again. I used it back in the 90's with HOL. Its a fantastic company and so many useful items. Just signed with Do You Bake and can't wait to use your items again..            Sarah Maciejewski

Thank you, thank You!! I base my business around your products. You give me the professional appearance that sets me apart from most consultants. When i order I always know that I'm receiving high quality products, at the best deals, and that they will be shipped quickly! You're extremely consistent in your quality!! I'm forever grateful for all the extra's your products have brought to my business! Thank You!!              Karen Weir (Comment included on an order.)

Wow! I am so impressed with your products and they are over the top! Once I actually got my stickers and put them on my catalog, I could immediately understand how my sales and bookings will increase! The stickers are professional, inviting and impressive, and quite a great value! Kathleen Jones

I love you stickers!!! Out of all the sites yours is the best!!! You are the first site I am ordering from for my new business because of your variety!! Thank you!! Kendra Sowle

I have been shopping from The Booster for 10 years now. GREAT IDEAS! I love the products.            Stephanie Montanya

Just got my newest The Booster - Jenny B order, and it's fantastic. Ordered the Pick a Date & Pick a Prize pack, K-Host Packets Pack, Free Shipping Stand Up Card Display sign and a pack of Customer Care cards. GREAT STUFF! Highly recommend to promote your direct sales business, folks.           Pat Ryder