0-20 – Social Media -- Graphics to Grow your Business DD-

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0-20 – Social Media

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0-20 – Social Media -- Graphics to Grow your Business!


ADD this item to your cart to receive the PDF with Graphics Version.  You will find the link to download it in your order history.

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So you want to grow your business- but you want to do it online?

• We NOW offer our Famous/Proven? Eye-Catching Booster Graphics in a Digital Format so
you can Post them online to generate interest!!!

So how do you use them?

There are MANY different ways to use them! Remember, as in all our training, we help you to Boost ALL the 9 Key Areas of your Business. So, I will post ideas for using the graphics based on those Key Areas. But FIRST, lets' discuss WHERE and HOW you can use them:
To see ALL the Digital Download Graphics we offer click:
Home > Shop ALL Products > DD-Digital Download GRAPHICS

1: Post them on Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Snap Chat, etc. The graphics can be used to generate interest, post them with a comment or question to engage discussion.
2: Use them in TEXTS or Messenger to your hosts or customers (or friends) to reinforce a concept, help them to visually see what you are talking about.
3: When you order and download our graphics you will get TWO versions. A PNG with shadow and a jpeg. BOTH are HIGH RESOLUTION, suitable for printing. Why is this important? You can actually PRINT the design in an invitation, flyer, newsletter, etc. and then print the item with the colorful graphics included.

This saves you the time of having to create a flyer and then sticking the actual stickers. We will discuss this more below.

Before we move on, let me remind you that "Booster Graphics" are specifically designed to work with BOTH sides of the brain.

What does that mean? We use hand-designed, colorful graphics that are like little logos. The left side of the brain is drawn to read the words and because they are artistically designed, the RIGHT side of the brain will remember what was read, even when the eye just glances at the design, the entire message is transmitted to the brain. The more this happens, the deeper into the subconscious the messages are planted. Before long, it becomes THEIR IDEA to Book, Buy or join your team!

Here are some ideas to get you started in all the Key Areas of your Business:

Key1: Booking!
Create interest in booking a party by posting these slogans online! Let the graphics speak for themselves, or ask for interaction.

NOTE: When you shop online, the Digital Downloads will have a light yellow background with light Blue arrows, as compared to the regular sticker sheet on a white background. They will have the same item number as our sticker followed by a -DD. Click HERE for information and permissions.

You can post these slogans along with other products. Example: post a picture from your catalog of a product and in the same post include the graphic "Buy it, Sell it, Get it Free!" All you do is select BOTH graphic for the post and they will show up together. You can also include the LINK to the product on your website in the post. That way, your customers can go directly to it.
More fun graphics to post several times a week! These get your customers thinking about what you offer and what is in it for them. Remember, you are planting seeds, getting them thinking. Once purchased, you can use these graphics again and again as time goes by.

PRINT FORMAT: you can use these slogans on flyers, invitations, etc. When you print your invitations, include a Key 1-Booking, Key 6: Recruiting as well as Key3-Bring a Friend and Company Specific graphic to begin planting seeds BEFORE the party. When their invitation is hanging on their fridge they will see the graphics over and over again and the concepts will become ingrained and THEY will want to Book, Buy or Join your team

Key 2: Hosts: When it comes to hosts you'll find these graphics are perfect for texting or sending in messenger. This allows you to remind them of what is expected. Often this is comforting to hosts because they may not know exactly what it is they are supposed to do. Use the graphics to thank her, give information and follow up.

PRINT INFO: You can also print these on your host letters. Again, keep her informed and let her know what is expected. Once you prepare your host letter with these graphics included, you can save it and print it out over and over again. Work SMARTER not HARDER! Of course, you can still purchase the actual stickers for putting on the outside of host envelopes, etc.


Key3: Boost Attendance! This is often the most overlooked Key because people just think if you invite, they will come. Well, SOME may come, but the more you can do to reinforce this key the better! So how do you use the digital graphics for this? If you've created a group for the party, post these into the group. Text them to your hosts and invite them to pass them on to those she has invited. For example, text a "Bring a Friend and receive a Free Gift" design to your host asking her to pass it on. Suggest she include a comment like "I would love to meet your friends, feel free to bring them!"


There are other slogans as well that can be shared to the group or text. Just look through the designs and choose some to use.

Keep in mind: We tend to pick designs that resonate with us (Colors, slogans, etc) but we have a HUGE selection, why? because different things resonate with different people. So get started with what stands out to you, and then eventually expand your selection to include different colors, slogans and looks.

PRINT INFO: As mentioned above, use Key 3 designs on your printed invitation. Why do printed invitations? How many times have you printed out a Facebook invitation? Does it go on your fridge to be seen over and over again? What about the people you know who are not on facebook? If you want to increase attendance at your parties you need to reach out to different demographics and believe it or not, not EVERYONE checks facebook every day, or is even on facebook. There are people who do not have smart phones or even get texts but they do have money, people to buy for, a need for your products, and would love to be included. MAILED INVITATIONS do all this. We have had customers tell us that they typically have 4-6 more guests when they actually mail invitations. At just $50 in sales per person that is an additional $300 in sales per party! Your profit from this MORE than pays for mailing the invites but it also helps you to start the booking, selling and recruiting process BEFORE the party. When you expand your demographics you also expand the pool of people who will Book a party or even join your team.

Key 4: Boost Sales! There are many ways to boost sales. We recommend you use stickers throughout your catalogs to draw attention to products. The same can be done online.

First, you want to plant seeds about gift giving. Post these graphics along with pictures and links to your products that are perfect gift ideas. We have lots of different graphics that go with the different holidays, but these are some that can be sued any time!
You can share a graphic such as "Save on Sets" or "Bundle and Save" and post it with a group of pictures of products that would be a SET or BUNDLE put together by your company, or you can put together your own. Be sure to include the link of where to find the products on your website so they can easily order.
You can also send graphics to your hosts or post them to the group of items on sale or that you will be featuring at your party. This creates interest and a desire to attend and BUY!

PRINT INFO: You can print flyers including some of your products along with these graphics. It can be of specials, gifts for specific occasions, sale items, products they can choose from if they "Pick an Date and Pick a Prize!" , products included in their Kit when they join your team, etc. The ideas are endless. Once you've created a flyer you can save it and print it out as needed! Some slogans come in different shapes depending what would work best in your document

Key5: Customer Service! The thing that sets you apart is this business is your relationships with your customers. In most cases customers can buy a product similar to yours from stores or online. Your goal is to treat your customers so well, building a relationship, that they would not even be tempted to shop from a store or anyone else. How you do this is by setting yourself apart. We at The Booster have many products you can purchase all ready to go (Postcards, Stickers, Greeting Cards, etc) but you can also use the digital designs to let your customers know you care about them. You can text them directly to them, post them to their wall on facebook if you have become friends, send them in a messenger message or post overall thank you's to your party group. letting your customers know they are important to you will help you build relationships that will keep your customers coming back to you over and over again.

You can post slogans like the "Dreams Come True" to groups where those customers have helped you to earn trips, rewards or recognition. Let them know they are an important part of your business and your life!

KEY 6: Recruit & Sponsor! The concept with these designs it to PLANT SEEDS about the many wonderful things about joining your team in their minds! As you do this, you will find that your customers begin asking YOU about what you offer. They become engaged and before long it is THEIR IDEA to join your team! The time is NOW to PLANT SEEDS! You have to let people know that YOU HAVE what they are looking for. As you begin to let people know the advantages and benefits of your business they will want to know more. Then you can share your opportunity with them. You need to create interest is what youdo and they will then want to know more. If they decide to join you team you can then nourish, water and help them to grow!

Post these slogans online to your facebook page, groups, etc. Share on other social media. Be sure to send them to your hosts to encourage them to join your team.

Use these designs on flyers you create about your opportunity. It is a fun way to dress them up, but they will have an even greater impact by working with both sides of the brain and planting seeds.
Have you ever heard of THE SECRET? It is a motivational book and movie based on the Law of Attraction which is said to work by attracting into a person's life the experiences, situations, events, and people that "match the frequency" of the person's thoughts and feelings. Therefore, positive thinking and feeling positive are claimed to create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

I like to put it in a very simple form -- you must put out there what you want to get back. It is the essence of planting a seed. If you want tomatoes, you must plant TOMATO seeds! If you want tomatoes and plant cucumber seeds there is a pretty good chance you are going to get cucumbers, not tomatoes. If you don't plant any seeds at all, what are the chances you are going to get tomatoes?
So, let me say it again, "You must put out there what you want to get back!"

If you want BOOKINGS, you must let create interest in bookings by sharing the benefits of hosting a party!

If you want SUCCESSFUL PARTIES you must show your hosts you are committed to helping THEM have successful parties- inspire THEM to want success and understand they CAN make it happen!

If you want SALES, you must generate interest, share benefits and create desire to actually HAVE your products!

If you want COMMITTED CUSTOMERS you must let your customers you care about them and let them know that by coming back to you that you will help them and meet their needs!

If you want RECRUITS, you must create interest in the opportunities your business offers, help them SEE themselves doing what you do and be there when they are ready!

If you want a THRIVING TEAM you must help them find their WHY and help THEM plant their seeds and teach them how to nourish them. By recognizing and rewarding their successes you'll be nourishing them.

Key 7- Motivation! Motivational slogans are fun to post for anyone. Use them on your business fan page, in groups and even on your personal page. You can add fun comments on how these slogans have inspired you. Send them in texts to hosts to keep them encouraged.

PRINT INFO: You can print these motivational slogans onto anything for hosts, customers, etc.

Many of our Motivational designs are perfect to use for themes as you plan your team meetings!
Post them to your groups along with verbal encouragement!

Key 8: Recognition!

Remember the Zig Ziggler quote, "Behavior that is Recognized and Rewarded will be Repeated!

Use these Key 8 designs to pay attention and recognize positive behavior of your team members. Post the graphic and then say something about what your team members and even hosts have done. Be sure to TAG their name in the posts so they for sure see it. You can also send in Texts, Messages, etc.

PRINT INFO: You can create a newsletter for your team announcing accomplishments. Mention team members by name! Then print and mail it to your team, or you can create a PDF and send it digitally.

Key 9: Seasonal. We have LOTS of designs to help you promote Seasonal and Holiday Bookings and Sales. Check them out. They will begin with the number 9 after the Letters, so they will be toward the end of the category. You'll find designs for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and more will be posted as we go through the year.

PRINT INFO: YES, you can create flyers with gift ideas for Valentine's, Mother's Day gifts etc. Take those flyers to places where guys work and help guys shop for their gals!

Now, we have discussed ALL the keys but there is more.....


We have lots of designs that are SPECIFIC to various companies.
We call them COMPANY SPECIFIC and the beginning letters of those designs are SC.

We have company specific slogans that will help you to Book, Sell and Recruit. Use these slogans to draw attention to the specific things your company offers! When you go to the categories on our website, you will find the SC products at the bottom of the list of each category.

In the main list of categories, we actually have a CATEGORY called COMPANY & TEAM SPECIFIC and then they are divided by Jewelry, Kitchen, Decor, etc.

Think about the ABCD formula. A stands for A Success Formula. If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D Do It!

As you begin to use these graphics in your business you WILL see the impact. You will be creating awareness of all the things you offer in every Key Area of your business by planting seeds. Once you've done that, be sure to water and nourish the seeds by keeping in contact with your customers and hosts.

One of the things I have learned from many of the Social Media experts is to keep at it and post consistently. That is why these graphics are so great. It makes it so EASY for you to get the words out!

CinchShareA way I have learned to make POSTING EASY is to use a posting program called CinchShare! It has so many features you will LOVE, especially how you can create a post and SAVE it so you can use it over and over again. This is especially useful for posts to hosts, into party groups. etc. I promise you will LOVE IT.

So click CinchShare and give it a FREE TRIAL. Yes, these links ARE my affiliate or Ambassador link and by using my link, you will get a 37 day FREE TRIAL (instead of just 7). So give it a try TODAY!

Be sure to order our Digital Downloads today at: Home > Shop ALL Products >DD-Digital Download GRAPHICS and see the Discount or FREE designs available under WEEKLY SALE > Digital Download GRAPHICS- Free or Discounted

Digital Downloads (Item number followed by -DD-)  watch for the items with the light YELLOW background shown within sticker and product categories.  

Digital Download CategorySee them ALL in the Digital Downloads CATEGORY.

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0-20 – Social Media -- Graphics to Grow your Business DD-

0-20 – Social Media -- Graphics to Grow your Business DD-

ADD this item to your cart to receive the PDF with Graphics Version.  You will find the link to download it in your order history.

OR:  CLICK into it READ all the info.

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