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Leran what The Booster is all about...  I'm sure your realize success IS a choice...

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Hi, I'm Jenny B!  Welcome to The Booster!

We have so many people who learn about The Booster, as their friends tell them of the Success they've had using our products.  But the question I am asked most is, "How do I get started!"

I totally understand that as we have over 1000 products that we've developed so there is a LOT to choose from.

So, this is the beginning of Booster Basics, where we will discuss not only HOW to get started but WHY!

I'm sure your realize success IS a choice.  It is decided by our tenacity, endurance, training, and applying what we learn consistently!  Everyday we face choices and we never know where that choice may take us.  However, we do know that it is guaranteed that we WILL MISS 100% of the opportunities we never take.  Just like Wayne Gretzky said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!
    Our goal is, and has always been YOUR success.  We succeed by helping YOU succeed.  Over the 32 years we’ve been in business we have developed thousands of products and pages of training (because training is the Key!) to make it easier for you to be successful.  Our products are PROVEN to be successful.  We have helped wellover ONE MILLION consultants!  Just read the testimonials online.  
    Ultimately, the choice of success is yours. Whether or not you make use of our products the make success easier is up to you. Our customers have told us it is when they CONSISTENTLY use the entire system that sales really begin to soar!    
    For those of you who are new to “The Booster” let me share:  
I started in direct sales in 1979 and was top sales in the state of Utah my second month in business.  I’ve built  “The Booster” along the philosophies of my grandfather (who had one of the largest sales organizations in the US during the depression.)  He believed that:
1) “Sales is King!”  This means you are in a noble profession that actually runs the economy of our country!  Be proud and excited about the product and services you offer.  
2) “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care, about them.”  Be more involved in the PEOPLE and meeting their needs and the money will take care of itself.
3)  “Sell the SIZZLE not the Steak!”  Help your customers to understand the benefits of your products and services and how they will impact their lives.  
     With these philosophies in mind we have developed products to help you in your business.  We take a  concept and personalize it for YOU so you can easily apply it in your business.  We not only provide quality, eye-catching TOOLS that instantly make an impact, but we provide TRAINING that when implemented along with the tools have PROVEN to  double sales!
     Our website not only shows you our products but also give you FREEE training ideas.  The training is interactive with with the products, audio training and our Blog.

So, here's Booster Mission statement:
To provide tools and training to:
A: Boost your overall sales.
B: Build your dream & team.
C: Help you to teach your team to apply the tools to double their sales.

Booster Offers

Why shop from The Booster?

1.    We care about you and want to help you be successful in your business.  “We succeed by helping YOU succeed.”  We also offer a referral program to thank you for sharing with your friends.
2.    We have been in business for 35 years now and our thousands of products have been proven to greatly increase bookings, sales, recruiting, etc. for over ONE MILLION consultants.
3.    Each item has eye-catching, hand-drawn art that your customers will read and love.  COLOR is used in our products to make and impact & maximize results!  Our selection of slogans and products is extensive!  We see a need and develop a product to meet it!
4.    Every item has a specific purpose to help you build your business.  Plus, we provide you with both specific and general training on how to improve each of the “Key Areas” of your business.
5.    Our quality is unsurpassed at affordable prices.  Many customers tell us that our products have such a huge impact on their business that they can’t afford NOT to use Booster products.
6.    Our website has FREE training and information on over 2000 products.  Shopping online is SECURE and EASY!  
You can also call our specialist anytime for free advice on how to use Booster products to help with certain areas of your business.
7.    Our Weekly Ideas (Just register as a customer on our website to receive the emails) and Sales help you to focus on different areas of your business.  We help you maximize every opportunity!

To make it easy for you to navigate our website we have divided everyting by the "Key Areas" of your Business.

Now, what do we mean by KEY AREAS?

         Well, we analyzed your business with the concept, “What needs to be done to have success in the party plan/ direct sales profession?”   We came up with a list we call “Key Areas.”  Here they are:

Key 1: Get Bookings Booming!

Key 2: Have Happier Hosts!

Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance!

Key 4: Get Sales Soaring!

Key 5: Have Committed Customers

Key 6: Have Raving Recruits!

Key 7: Motivate & Inspire!

Key 8: Recognize & Reward!

Key 9: Boost Seasonal & Christmas sales!

So this is how we have organized our website.  If you are looking for tools to help you to increase your BOOKINGS, see KEY 1.  To attract greater attendance, see Key 3.  Host Coaching?  See Key 2, etc.

Get Started NOW to Boost your business with our "How to have $1000 Parties!" Packs  They include a selection of some of our most popular products, all organized to help you get started boosing your business immediately!

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any links to training ideas and/or similar products.



 Jenny B

If you want to learn more about ME, Jenny B, here is a link to my BLOG where I introduce myself!

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 1-BB- Welcome! Our goal is to help YOU

1-BB- Welcome! Our goal is to help YOU

Leran what The Booster is all about...  I'm sure your realize success IS a choice...

Write a review

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