BMT20015 -- $1000 Parties affirmations BOOKMARK

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Yes, remind your team that when times are tough to get on the phone!

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Part of having goals is BELIEVING you can and WILL have $1000 parties.
Change your verbiage in the things you say to your hosts and to yourself
to build that belief. Use this Bookmark with affirmations to help train
your brain to make $1000 Parties happen!.

Mental preparation and physical preparation go hand in hand.
Which comes first I’m not really sure. If you BELIEVE you will have $1000 parties
but do not DO the things to involve your hosts and create an atmosphere for fun,
learning and buying, chances are your party averages will NOT be $1000.

But, if you DO the things discussed in this training and tell yourself it is
not possible to have $1000 parties, your sales will increase, but chances are
you will come short of the party averages you desire.

But, when you put the BELIEF and ACTIONS together you will be astounded at
the results and so excited to see your sales climb to your party averages
being $1000 and more!

Affirmations on Bookmark read:

“I DO what is takesto have $1000 Parties!”
"Most of my partiesare close to $1000!”
“My party averagesare climbing!”
“I love helping myhosts earn everythingon their wish list!”
“I connect with hostsand customersto have $1000 parties”
“I work with my hoststo have $1000 Parties!”

NEW- Bookmarks with Cut Top & Ribbon.  Top is Die Punched with ribbon through the hole.  Printed on Coated stock.  (Not Laminated)  Back is matte finish so you can write, stamp or use a sticker to add additional info.

Bookmarks are so much more than bookmarks! Encourage your team to put them up by their computers, on the fridge, keep a selection in a pencil can by their desk and rotate them or read them over and over again as they need a BOOST to their attitude and morale!  And of course, use them as a bookmark.  As they read the slogans over and over again they become a MANTRA they grow to believe in.  The more they read it, the more their subsconscious mind accepts and believes.

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BMT- Bookmark with CUT TOPPrinted on Shiny Stock-Matte back- with DIE CUT Top and Ribbon. 2" x 5". Will fit in most envelopes.
Key 2-Have Happier Hostsby using these products beginning with "2" to encourage hosts and keep them informed. This helps them to work harder on their party or show.
A Regular Price forBMT-Bookmark with CUT TOP = 49¢

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BMT20015 -- $1000 Parties affirmations BOOKMARK

BMT20015 -- $1000 Parties affirmations BOOKMARK

Yes, remind your team that when times are tough to get on the phone!

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