T1-05- Booking Blitz Instructions

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T1-05- Booking Blitz

Need to fill your calendar?  Have a Booking Blitz!  Here is how to do it!

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A booking BLITZ is a way to fill your calendar.  It is a concentrated effort to get on the phone and fill in your party dates to get your business up and running.  Here are all the details.

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A booking blitz it when you’re calling as a GROUP (that generates enthusiasm and energy) to get bookings!  As a member of our Success Camp, you are part of a group.  Now, we’re not going to do the calls all at the same time like you would do with your team, but we’re all going to do it together (in a viral way!)  Here are the steps:


  1. First, create a script that is comfortable to you.  Read through it 10-12 times until you are comfortable.  What should you include in the script?  Here are some suggestions:  (an example script is included as a WORD document in the group that you can download and tweak yourself without having to retype it.  If you don’t have WORD it is also shown below.

    1. Introduce yourself (what company you’re with)

    2. Address where you met them (at someone’s party, was a previous hostess, at a fair, etc.

    3. Mention something personal about them as your reason to call THEM (their enthusiasm, interest in receiving free products, loves to get their friends together, was a previous hostess and did a fabulous job, etc.)

    4. Explain that you’re doing a booking blitz and you want HER to be a part of it!

    5. Create an IRRISTIBLE offer!  Use what you company is offering, what YOU can offer, etc.  (Make sure it’s IRRISITABLE to you so your energy will show through to the person you are talking to.)  Ask them if they want to hear it.

    6. Briefly explain that this is a wonderful opportunity to treat her friends to a special evening (day, etc.)  If there is a holiday approaching mention that you have great gift ideas, etc.

    7. Have the dates you are working to fill right in front of you so you’re ready to set the date not just get a agreement to have a party.  (You may want to offer an additional drawing for those that book and set the date at that time.)

    8. Plan for a YES or a NO!  Both will happen—that’s a reality and you need to be ready for both.  For those who say YES, set the date, let her know when to expect her host packet and set a time to call her once she’s received the packet to go through it.  For those who say NO, reinforce that it’s OK, you understand. (STAY UPBEAT!)  Ask for permission to call back in a month or two to see if things have changed, or ask if she needs any of your product (orders get included in a special drawing and you’d be glad to call her back – this is a good place to use those retired items you’ve cleared out!) and invite her to contact you anytime, or ask if she knows of anyone else who might be interested.

    9. Keep the script relatively short so you can get through as many as possible in the time allotted.

    10. What to do about Answering Machines:  PREPARE for them!  Create a SHORT script that generates CURIOSITY!  Mention who you are, with what company and that you’re doing a Booking Blitz and have an IRRISTABLE offer you would like to share with her.  Ask her to please

      call you back within 24 hours because you’re so excited to share the news and leave your phone number.

  2. Create a LIST!  Of whom? Think of the FRANK list you use for your hostesses when they are creating their guest list and tweak it a little.   Here’s some suggestions:

    1. FRIENDS: Your friends of course, but think outside the box to those people you’ve met in the course of doing business that you “connected” with.  These can be previous hosts, and customers you’ve met at other parties.

    2. RELATIVES:  Yes, you could call your mom or other relatives if it’s been a while since they did a party for you (and are supportive) or you could consider “Relatives” to be people in relationship to your business.  For example, what about the people who work at the bank or your favorite copy center or office supply store.  Or maybe the gal who does your hair or your nails and friends you’ve met there.  What about people you’ve met in relationship to your husband’s job?

    3. ACQUAINTENCES:  This is usually people you’ve met in the course of life.  What about those you’ve introduced yourself to while waiting in line at the grocery store, or met at the post office or bank. 

    4. NEIGHBORS:  Yes, include your own neighbors, but branch out in your thinking to people you know in various different neighborhoods!  Your neighbors could be people you know from church, clubs, etc.

    5. KIDS parents:  If you have kids, you probably know some of the parents of their friends.  Take it even further by thinking of those they’re involved at school with, those you’ve met from the ball or dance teams, those you’ve met at the PTA or school events.  How about those you’ve been on committees with?

    6. This should easily help you create a list of 100 or more people you can call!

    7. Do you have to call all 100?  No, in fact, for this first booking blitz you’re goal is to have at LEAST one party per week for the next month to meet the Success Camp requirement.  As you do those shows you’ll be booking additional shows! 

    8. Prioritize your list by 1,2 3, ONE is those you think would be most likely to help you out, 2=not sure and 3=oh well, what have you got to lose!

    9. Call the some 1’s first with a few 2’s thrown in.  Once you’ve met your goal leave the rest of the list for future calling challenges.

  3. Set a time. 

    1. Block at least ONE hour or TWO when you know you won’t be interrupted to make the calls.  Discuss this with your family and go to a quite place.  If you need to, take your cell phone and go in the yard or your car, but you want to stay FOCUSED. 

    2. As part of setting your time, have your datebook available so you know what dates are available.  Have a calendar in front of you with the DATES you want to fill circled!  Visualize your calendar filled with names of hostesses. 

    3. Have your hostess packs ready so you can immediately send out the packets!  This physical preparation helps you to be MENTALLY prepared for success!

  4. Listen to the motivational talk right before you make the calls! 

    1. I’ve posted a talk that I think will keep you motivated.  Download it and LISTEN to it right before making your calls.  To find it, SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN to the bottom of this info and you will see a section called downloads.  CLICK   1-BSC-Booking_Blitz_peptalk.mp3 and download it to listen on your computer.

    2. Keep some of the “Thank You” notes you’ve received from customers or hosts in front of you.  This helps to keep you positive because you know you’re helping people!

  5. Make your calls!

    1. Do it.  Keep going one after another!  Stand up while making some of the calls as this will keep your energy higher!

    2. When you are positive and have a high energy, people will be attracted to you and want to be involved. 

    3. BELIEVE in yourself and your product!  That enthusiasm will come through!

    4. When suggesting dates give them a choice of TWO, then adjust, don’t just say, “What day is good for you?” as this creates a wishy- washy attitude.  Ask for the booking!  If you don’t ask the answer is NO!

    5. HAVE FUN!  SMILE while talking!  This is meant to be a positive experience!  Having fun will not only make it positive for you but your fun attitude will come through in your voice and those you talk to will become more excited to be associated with you.


Doing a booking blitz can and WILL not only generate BOOKINGS, but it will help you feel positive about your overall business and get you up and going.

Once you’ve finished your “Blitz” come on to the group and share your results!  As others in the group will surely be doing theirs after yours you can share what your greatest challenge was and what was most rewarding.


Have fun, we can hardly wait to hear your results! Let us know on our Facebook Fan Page --Jenny B


P.S.  Having a Booking Blitz it a great way to get you and your team out of a rut!  Use is as needed!  Get a group together and have a “Blitz” of your own using the same principles!


P.S.S. Some stats I’ve heard from doing a Booking Blitz:

84-92% success rate with customers

35-55% success rate with “known” list (i.e. church or school directory)

17-22% success rate with phone book (call neighbors with similar prefix on phone # as yours)


What will YOUR response percentage be?  Keep track of the numbers of people you call and the responses so you can track your progress.   The more you try this the better your percentages will be!



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T1-05- Booking Blitz Instructions

T1-05- Booking Blitz Instructions

Need to fill your calendar?  Have a Booking Blitz!  Here is how to do it!

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