LMP-24- Ignite Your Dreams!

Help your team to Ignite their dreams with this training.

Help your team to Ignite their dreams with this training.

Wouldn’t you like to have a business that is “On Fire!?” You want people to be coming to you excited to host a party or show or to learn more about your company, don’t you? You WANT your guests to be excited to purchase your products, right? In fact, you want their Wish List to be so long they want to come back to you again and again, right?
Let’s say you are in the mountains and you need to start a campfire. How do you do it? What is required?
Let’s see, a match would be good. Will a match alone give you a fire? Will just holding the match give you a fire? OK, we all know you have to strike the match to create the spark and then the stuff in the head of the match catches fire, right?

How long will that fire last? The match will burn to the end and go out right? What if you want to keep it going, you don’t just want a flame for a minute, but you want a FIRE! What do you need?
To get it going you need kindling! Something that you can put the spark or match into that will catch fire, right? Now, when do you get that kindling ready? Do you wait until you’ve struck the match or created the spark? Or, do you get it ready ahead of time so when you have that spark or small flame, you have something to put it into to keep it going?

Once you’ve got the kindling going, then what do you need? A source of wood or fuel to burn, right? Do you wait to look for that fuel once you’ve your little fire going, or do you prepare ahead and have it ready and waiting?
Well, this concept is all about how to ignite a fire in your business!
I have often talked about the importance of planting seeds so you attract to you what you want to have happen in your business. Then I heard my friend Mary Christensen saying that the world is moving so fast that we don’t have time to plant seeds anymore. Our goal should be to create “Sparks” so we can ignite a fire in the people we meet for our products, hosting or joining our team. I got to thinking about this and thought, “Yes, I can see that, and the analogy is basically the same….. with a slightly different twist.
Think about the “fire” we talked about above. Do you have a sustainable fire if you just have a spark, or match and nothing else?  NO!  You can strike sparks all you want over concrete and you will only have sparks.  Even if you strike a match, if you drop it onto concrete it will go out.
    You MUST have kindling, you MUST have fuel if you want to keep a fire going!

So, let’s discuss building a fire in your business!
First, you have to “Ignite your Dream” and your goal would be to “Ignite the dreams of your customer!  As the stickers says, “Spark their DESIRE to light their FIRE!”
(Give everyone the sticker to put in their notebooks!)
Creating the DESIRE in your customers for your products is laying the kindling!  If they have no desire, they will not purchase your products, they will not book a party and they for sure will not join your team!
So, how do you create the desire?  You do what I’ve previously called “Plant Seeds!”  You need to create an awareness of the benefits of your products- say things and demonstrate WHY they will want it!  Show how your products will solve a problem, or meet a need!
There is an entire training on our website that explains how to do this for Booking, Selling and Recruiting.  See T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!  Follow these categories to easily find it:  Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!  There are even worksheets to come up with ONE LINERS and ideas on how and where to put the stickers in your catalogs so you get a lot more “Bang for your Buck!”  There is a PDF and AUDIO that goes with this training.
As your create this “Desire” you are laying the kindling so when you create a “Spark” by saying something that resonates with them, they think, “I have to have that!” and they’ll book a party or join your team to get it!

Get the PDF with Activity, worksheets and more.

Get the PDF with Activity, worksheets and more.

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.  Your team will learn how to boost sales with the Whoo would love this worksheets.

CLICK HERE to go to the LMP-24 Ignite your Dream Category on our website where you can see and order all the related products.


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