MI-101-Dream Big Motivational Training & Meeting Plan PDF

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When we dream big it means we put a whole bunch of possibilities out into the Universe! Help you and your team to understand the relationship between dreaming BIG and setting your course to follow your dream.

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Dream Big!
Set your course Follow your Dream!

Dream Big! What does that mean to you? When we dream big it means we put a whole bunch of possibilities out into the Universe! Have you ever heard of “The Secret”
motivational book and movie? To “Dream Big” is what they suggest and then let the “Universe” put things into action for you. In my opinion, that is a little too simplistic,
I agree that it is important to Dream and especially to Dream Big - but I think you then have to have a plan or set your course, then TAKE ACTION or Follow your Dream in
order to make it happen. (Then, if the Universe wants to help you --- ALL THE BETTER!) So, let’s take this one step at a time....

1: Dream Big! I’m sure you’ve discussed the im-portance of having GOALS many times, but the idea of “Dreaming BIG” takes it to a higher level. It allows you to consider
possibilities that may seem unrealistic, but, why not dream a little? Maybe you’ve heard the quote, “Shoot for the moon, if you don’t make it, at least you’ll be among the
stars!” That’s what Dreaming Big is all about. It allows you to set your expectations high.
But isn’t it better to set your expectations too high and not quite make it, than to set them too low, and easily achieve them without stretching or working hard?
Be honest, which gives you the greater boost to your self-esteem? Besides, it is FUN to Dream Big! It encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and work a
little harder. However, the next step to dreaming big is to set some realistic goals that will take you toward your dreams -- to set your course!

(Pass around the “I’m Dreamin’ Big” Stickers (S71034) for everyone to
put in their notes and invite them to SHARE a dream & write it down.)

2: SET YOUR COURSE... So, how do you “Set your Course?” You look at your dreams and break them down into “realistic and achievable goals.”
If your dreams are to EARN your company’s incentive trip AND walk across the stage as a top achiever, then is filling your calendar with just one party a week
REALISTIC toward reaching your dream?
Sure, it IS ACHIEVABLE to have one party a week, but it is not very realistic IF one party a week is all you do, that you would even earn the trip, let alone walk across the stage
as a top achiever.
So, look at your dreams, and decide HOW you are going to achieve them. What are you going to DO? This is setting your course. We use the little ships in our
graphic about set-ting a course, because if you were to set out on a trip across the seas, with a specific desti-nation in mind, wouldn’t you get maps and charts of the
stars and set out a course that would take you from where you are to where you want to be? Of course you would! The same principle applies.
If you want to get from where you are to achieving your dreams you MUST set a course. You have to decide what you need to do to achieve your dreams!

(Pass around the “Set your Course” Stickers (S71036) AND Post-cards (PP71036C) Have your team write down in their notes and on the post-card HOW they are
going to achieve their dream. If you have a poster of your company incentive trip, invite them to come up and share HOW they are going to achieve their dream
and put their postcard on the poster.) challenge them to read them every day!

3: FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS... Now that you’ve set your course, you must follow the path you’ve set out for yourself. Taking ACTION and actually FOLLOWING your chart is
the way to achieve your dreams!

When you order this PDF Download, in addition to the training above you will receive details on a Vision Board Activity,
A Business Basic Training Section on Host Coaching,

The Conclusion, Inspiration, Follow Up and Motivation, Recognition Ideas and Challenge Suggestions.
You'll also receive the complete Perparation Checklist to make it easy to

prepare this information as a meeting for your team.


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Tips to use this as a Meeting Plan: You will notice our meeting plans always have TWO elements: a theme and visuals (stickers, postcards, signs, bookmarks, etc.)
WHY we do this? The reasons are simple yet of monu-mental importance. First, have you ever heard how when you take notes the content is remembered longer because
more of the brain is involved? You hear it and then write it down. But what value are the notes if you never look at them again? Just by writing it down some things will stick
with you longer than others. Our memories are fickle things and the older we get the more fickle it becomes.

When you get home from a meeting and your husband asks, “What was the meeting about?” what do you tell him?
Do you remember the major points?
How about a day or two later?
Do you still remember the focus of the meeting?
This is why a THEME is so important! For example, this theme is “Dream Big” and we will things we dream for and slogans & a vision board to work in analogies about your
business. Hopefully when your team members go home and are asked about the meeting they will first remember the theme and then be able to bring to mind some of the
key points.

Now, why do we have visuals to go along with the meeting? Let’s say your meeting is on the second Monday night of each month. By Thurs-day is anyone
thinking about what you discussed at your meeting?
Maybe, but what about the NEXT Thursday? Rarely, right?
But what if you gave them a desk sign with a quote that reminded them of one of the con-cepts of the meeting that they see on their mirror, or fridge every day?
What if they added the bookmark you gave them to their collection by their computer (or in their datebook) and look at it as they get started each morning?
What if you gave them a sticker to put on and in their notebook, would they be reminded of the theme and concept?
How about if you send a follow up postcard on something that reminds them of the theme? YES to all of these!
This is why we provide both a theme and the products that go with the theme to help you rein-force the training over and over again without you having to do anything
more! Every time they look at a sign, sticker, bookmark, etc. they are reminded of your meeting and the things you’ve discussed!
You spend the time and effort to do the meeting, why not make the most of it with reminders that will live on and on and bring your team to a greater level of ACTION!

We suggest you give stickers to put in their notebooks: Again, there is a REASON we do this!
Have them put ONE on the front or back. Then take an-other and put it on the top of the page where they are be-ginning the notes for that meeting and one more to
TAB the page of the beginning of the notes.
WHY? This makes those notes easy to find and sub-consciously they will remem-ber the meeting theme over and over again. From month to month there will be a
conti-nuity of the theme. As you progress through the meeting if there are additional stickers, pass them around so they can add them to their notes.
Again, this makes for a quick reference and will help the concept stick in their minds.


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 MI-101-Dream Big Motivational Training & Meeting Plan PDF

MI-101-Dream Big Motivational Training & Meeting Plan PDF

When we dream big it means we put a whole bunch of possibilities out into the Universe! Help you and your team to understand the relationship between dreaming BIG and setting your course to follow your dream.

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