T9-02 — What is a Turkey Trot?

Turkey Trot Idea

How to have 20-30 or more parties all at the same time!

How would it be to have 5 – 10 – 15 -20 or even 25 parties going on all on the same day? If you had 25 parties on the same day and they averaged only $250 in sales, how much would that be? I’ll do the math for you — it would be $6250 in sales.  At 25% profit margin that would be $1562 you would make (minus any expenses)  Would that be a nice “Christmas  Bonus?” Would you like to have 250 NEW customers to add to your data base?  If you had 25 parties with an average of 10 guests per party- that’s 250 new customers (and many could be from different areas which could turn into recruit leads!) How cool would it be to have this kind of growth in your business without you having to run all over town, instead to have the hosts coming to you?  Wouldn’t it be great to have this kind of sales and growth without you having to constantly harrassing the host? You can have all this if you commit to having TURKEY TROTS!  NOTE:  If you would rather LISTEN than READ how to do a Turkey Trot, I’ve included the AUDIO with this training.  (This was recorded a few years ago but everything is revelant!) T9-02-Turkey-Trot If you want to listen to streaming audio, I’ve had better luck when I open it with Crome or FireFox Browsers.  I’ve had better luck saving it to my own computer when using Explorer.  It all depends on your computer set up and configurations.   (I think you’ll need to RIGHT CLICK and save it to your computer.  Then OPEN it with your audio player on your computer.)   So, let’s answer the “What is a Turkey Trot?” question: Essentially it is an EASY type of BOOK PARTY! Why is it easy? Because your “Host” takes her “Turkey Trot” Host Bag to the family get together for Thanksgiving. Now, you know how either before or after dinner everyone gets out the ADS and checks out what they want to go and get on the biggest shopping day of the year. Well, why not provide catalogs so they can be looking at YOUR products and decide what to get for gifts for their friends and family? The steps are EASY, and the time is NOW to start promoting Turkey Trots!

  • Start advertising NOW so that your guests and customers can book a Turkey Trot. Create interest by putting the “Ask me about my Turkey Trot” stickers (PR91551) on your invitations. Put the “Book your Turkey Trot NOW” stickers (PR91552) on your catalogs and folders. (They’re even great on your order forms or catalogs  because EVERYONE can have a Turkey Trot because you don’t need to worry about a specific calendared event!)
  • Wear the buttons or put them in your display.  You can even wear the buttons around town and keep some Turkey Trot bags in your car so if people you meet are interested you have all the information right there.
  • Take several “Turkey Trot” bags (HC1013) to each party. Talk about it during the demo and tell everyone how easy it is. Use the example above that everyone is looking at the ads, why not make a party of it! You can add: “No waiting in lines, no having to get up early to take advantage of a sale because you’ll be offering incentives, discounts, and rewards too!”  Briefly discuss the rules and incentive you offer (see ideas below.)  The reason to take several is EVERYONE might like to have a Turkey Trot because they’ll be going to their OWN family Thanksgiving celebrations.
  • Prepare your “Turkey Trot” bags with your hostess packet, some catalogs, and your “Turkey Trot Rules.”  Here’s some ideas of what to put in each bag:

—  Be sure to “sticker” your catalog with “gift reminder” type of stickers to draw attention to your products that make great gifts. You may even want to “TAB” a few pages where you want to draw attention to specials. Be sure use the “Favorites” and “Gotta Have It” (S40579) stickers. Remember, you won’t be there to “Sell” your products so let the stickers do the talking for you.  See the K-SELL Sell More Catalog Pack (K-SELL) in the listing of products in this category on our website.  It includes a great selection of stickers to use in your catalogs at a great savings!  The link to the category is below.)

—  Use the “Your Christmas Gift Solution” Sticker to attach “Trotter Gifts” tag to the front of each catalog so each guest knows what rewards he or she will receive with her order. (What’s a “Trotter Gift”?  It is the gifts you are offering those who participate in your Turkey Trot. — You may want to include a “Holiday Gift List” sheet in EACH catalog in your “Turkey Trot Bag” so they can make a list of people they need to buy for and then also include a list of your products that would make great gifts. (See the FREE PDF) —  Use the “Thank you for helping me earn Christmas” stickers (PR95554) on each of the order forms to reinforce that they are helping their family member to earn Christmas gifts by placing an order. —  Fill in the CLOSE DATE and DELIVERY DATE of the party on the Turkey Trot sticker (PR92553) and put it on the front of the bag or the hostess envelope (or both). This reminds her family of this important information so they know when to expect their orders to arrive. (Be sure to let the hostess know how to handle orders that will need to be shipped directly to the customer if they don’t live close or however your company handles shipping.) —  Include your “Turkey Trot Rules and Rewards” sheet in the bag. (See the WORD document with suggestions that you can personalize and print on colored paper.)

  • Decide your “Turkey Trot Rules & Rewards” and get it ready to print.
  • Select a date that they can stop by your house and pick up a sample or two. (This can be a great incentive- the hostess can choose items from your kit on a first come first serve basis to take to their “Turkey Trot” to show her family and friends.
  • For example if you sell Cooking Items that you demonstrate with during your parties, a host can check out an item that she can use in preparing the meal or demo for her family. Or, if you sell games, they can check out a game. If you sell scrap booking items let them take a stamp or two so they can make a project. If you sell make-up let them take some samples. If you sell candles, let them take some samples so they can burn them and the family get to enjoy them. If you sell jewelry, let them check out a few samples.
  • Now, notice that I said CHECK OUT. When they come to pick up the item they will need to sign a check out slip with their credit card number and the understanding that they return it by the specified date in sellable or similar condition as they received it or they will be charged. Explain to them that you need these items back for your upcoming parties. Let them know upfront what that date is and preferably this will also be the close date and they can set an appointment to come to your home to bring the orders and close the party.
  • Be sure to have the “Turkey Trot” bags ready at the time they book their “Turkey Trot” so if they don’t want to check something out they will already have everything they need and you won’t have to chase around to get them catalogs, etc.)
  • Prior to the date send a “Turkey Trot” reminder postcard with the pick-up date, close date, etc. (Use the FREE TEMPLATE we’ve designed to be used with our gradient postcard.) OR you can order the card ALREADY PRINTED and you just fill in the blanks  (see item PP92679T or PP92679TPR to have  US print it with YOUR INFO on the card.)    If you have their email address, send a reminder the day before. Also send an email reminder about the “Close Date.”
  • Once you’ve got all the orders in, finalize and close the parties. Then reward the incentives you offered and be sure to follow up with a Thank You card.
  • Here are some suggestions for your rules and rewards: (You can of course adjust the Qualifying Party to be whatever YOUR company requires Then set additional rewards based on what YOU want to do in the FREE WORD document you can download. These are just some suggestions.)
    • A- All “Turkey Trot” hostesses with a “Qualified” party receive a TICKET to be entered in a drawing for $25 (or whatever you choose) in Free Products. A qualified party is one with at least 3 orders besides your own and total sales of $150 or more.
    • B- Hostesses that turn in a “guest list” will receive a TICKET for each 10 names. The guest list must include names, address, phone and email if available. (The “Turkey Trot” guest list is included in the FREE PDF .)
    • C- Each customer will receive a ticket for every $10 of their order for a chance to win a $50 gift card.
    • D- Each customer who places an order over $50 will receive a 5% discount on their order in addition to their tickets.
    • E- Once the party total is over $150 in orders besides her own- she will receive 10% off her personal order that is NOT part of her regular hostess rewards.
    • F- When party totals are over $300 the hostess may choose ONE half price item. Over $600 receive TWO half price items. Over $1000 = THREE half price items. (Or whatever you can offer with your company- you may want to have the half-price items based on a dollar amount.)
    • G- Hostesses will receive a ___________ as a Thank You gift when she turns in her qualified party.
    • H- All these gifts or discounts are in ADDITION to the regular hostess gifts you qualify for depending on the amount of your party (or however you plan to do it depending on what your company offers).
    • I- Hostesses will receive ________ for each party booked from the “Turkey Trot” (either regular party or book party will qualify. Gifts will be rewarded at the time the party’s are held and closed.) (These can be your normal hostess reward for booking a party)
    • J- Hostesses may come to my home to “Check Out” some items to take as samples for their “Turkey Trot” on a first come first serve basis. The quicker you book, the more there is to choose from. The check out day will be ________. All checked out items must be returned by ______ or you will be charged for them.

This explanation sounds long, it is because I’ve gone into great detail of how to do this.  Once you’ve prepared your rules, etc. it is really quite simple. This can be SO MUCH fun and BOOST YOUR SALES tremendously! Wouldn’t it be great to have 10, 20, or MORE “Turkey Trots” going on Thanksgiving Day? Just think of the sales this can generate for your business.  If you had 20 “Trots” at only $150 each you would have $3000 in sales! 30 would be $4500!  What would this do  for your business? Think about what all these new names could mean to building your business into new neighborhoods and starting new party chains. Offering Turkey Trots are so easy!  You don’t have to send invitations, you don’t have to drive, you just need to send some reminders and let them come to you (That’s why you can offer some of the extra benefits mentioned in the rules.) One more hint, use the Gradient Postcard (PP10615BG) to send an invitation to do a “Turkey Trot” to previous hostesses. The more the merrier and they ALL need gifts for family, friends, co-workers, neighborhood gifts, etc! Why not encourage them to buy them from you instead of the local stores?  (Use the FREE TEMPLATE we’ve designed to be used with our gradient postcard PP10615.) OR you can order the card ALREADY PRINTED and you just fill in the blanks  (see item PP91125T or PP91125TPR to have  US print it with YOUR INFO on the card.) The FREE PDF’s are in the TURKEY TROT PRODUCT IDEA 9-02 shown in the “T9-02 Turkey Trot Category under FREE TRAINING then KEY 9 on our website.  Just click VIEW on the product, then click the DOWNLOAD TAB for all the links.  They will open in separate windows on your computer but the easiest way is to SAVE them on your own computer.  Then open them and make adjustments, etc. Please, put this concept into action NOW Boost your holiday business!    This is such a money making idea be sure to forward this link to everyone on your team immediately so they can take advantage of the sale! Order the HAND MADE BAGS NOW!  (HC1013) (In the category on our website)  They are made to order.    They will be shipped on a first come-first serve basis so be the first to order!  We do have some on hand but your order may be delayed to wait for the bags to be finished.  (If you want your order shipped immediately put add the SHIP-NOW product to your order (which adds an additional shipping fee) and we’ll ship the bags separately.) These darling bags are so effective because as your host walks into their family get together with the cute bag filled with the catalogs, etc. others will ask about it and it give the perfect opportunity for your host to say, “Oh, this is filled with catalogs for the ________ party we’re going to have!  We’re going to get a head start on our shopping while the guys are watching football!” Decide TODAY to apply this concept in your business!  Start NOW, to generate hundreds of extra dollars in sales to your business! To see the complete list of products that are mentioned in this idea see FREE TRAINING, then KEY 9 SEASONAL then T9-02 Turkey Trot.  Here is the direct link: http://www.thebooster.com/301-t9-02-what-is-a-turkey-trot

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T9-01 — Turn HALLOWEEN into a LEAD Bonanza

Did you know you could use  Halloween as a chance to meet new people, get your name out there, and have fun with the holiday?

Do you want to get your information into the hands of HUNDREDS of potential customers?

These HALLOWEEN ideas may be just the ticket!

Would you like to get your name and info out to HUNDREDS of people you don’t know?

You can spice up your Holiday Season by using Halloween to plant seeds and promote your business!

If you’ve been thinking about Halloween and wondering how you can use  it to  promote your business, this is the idea for you!  And NOW is the time to act because it’s only  weeks away!  Order NOW to get these items in time to prepare for Halloween!  (At the bottom of this training is the link to our website where you can see all the products we’ve developed for you!)

My Grandkids Trick or Treating

My Grandkids at Halloween (13 years ago) aren’t they cute?

Halloween is a time you can introduce yourself and your business to people in your neighborhood that you may not know.   Many of your neighbors may not be aware of what you do and would be happy to support you if they did.  When your neighbors come to your door (or you are going to their doors with your children,)  introduce yourself and give them your name and number.

Here are some suggestions of HOW to give out your information:

  1. When the moms come with their children to your door, give the kids the candy and then give a treat or sample to the mom.  Say, “I have a treat for you too!”
  2. If you are going around the neighborhood with your children, hand the gift or sample to the mom, (or ask if she is there) and give her the “treat.”
  3. If YOUR neighborhood, school, or church does a “Trunk or treat” be sure to participate (Even if you don’t have young children at home) and give your samples there.   Everyone loves to get a “treat,” even the moms and dads.
  4. Give a “treat” at your parties during the month of October.  Tell your customers that this is a great time to get started in the business because they can use “Halloween” as an opportunity to tell people what they do.  Plus, the holiday season is a time when people are buying gifts, so their sales get off to a great start.
  5. HAVE FUN with the holiday.  Be excited to meet new people!  You can even have little samples with the stickers attached and give them out to kids and moms you meet at the grocery store!

Here are a few ideas of fun and easy ways to present your info  (the list keeps getting longer because each year we have more ideas so read through them, choose an idea you like, and DO IT!)

  • Staple one of the Business Builder  Cards shown on our website (Follow the link at the bottom of this training idea) to a candy bar.  Then, hand them out as mentioned below.  It is a great way to  get your name out to lots of new people.
  • PERSONALIZED Candy Bar Set

    Put these stickers on the candy bars you hand out.

    Stick STICKERS with fun slogans, personalized with your name and contact info, onto the candy you pass out on Halloween.  (They work great with the  HERSHEY variety pack with Kit Kats, Hershey Bars, Whoppers and Reeses.)  They come with Fun slogans at the top and  YOU print YOUR info at the bottom.  Or,  WE can print them for you.

  • Then, if you use the starbursts, bottlecaps, etc. you can put the Sweet and Yummy sticker on them!  Moms will see them as the look at the kids candy and it gets your name out there!
  • PP93313CT -- Christmas Open House Postcard Invitations

    Use as an invite to a Christmas Open House.

    Pass out  invitations to your HOLIDAY OPEN HOUSE to  moms and dads  who come trick or treating!  What a great way to invite people you don’t know!  They are available for you to fill in the blanks, or we can  CUSTOM print them  with your info so they come all ready to go!  (PP93313C)

  • Use this opportunity to give a sample of your products (Use the  “Enjoy this sample” PR40314-PR Pre-printed sticker with your contact information on it, wrapped around the sample) along with a mini sale flyer or catalog.
  • Bookmarks are a great option to drop in a child’s bag or give it to the mom’s of your “trick-or-treaters” on the doorstep.  Several of the bookmarks actually invite your customers to call you. You can either use our PRINTABLE STICKERS to personalize them or you can write on them with a permanent marker such as a Sharpie.  (Most ALL of our Bookmarks are shown in this IDEA category on our website.)
  • Give Mom’s some information about the benefits of either having a show with you, or joining your team that you’e had printed. You should be able to fit 4-6 duplicates of the same info on a sheet and cut them apart. Print them on a cardstock to give it some stability. Then attach a small candy to the tag with our “Be a Smartie Have a Party” (PR11003) or “Wouldn’t you like every day to be a Pay Day?” (PR60188A ) stickers.
  • A fun Halloween idea for your parties is to mix up some “Pay Day Candy Mix” (1 pkg. of candy corns and 1 can of salted peanuts) Put it in a small container (zip-lock bag, plastic container, etc.) that the “Wouldn’t you like every day to be a Pay Day?” (PR60188A) sticker would fit on. Ask your guests if they would like Every Day to be a Pay Day? Tell those who say yes and would be interested in learning more about your opportunity that you have a gift for them (Tell them to close their eyes when they have a taste as it tastes just like a Pay Day candy bar.)  Include one of the “Relationship Business Cards” inside the package- see the next item.)
  • Get the message out to moms as to why YOUR COMPANY is such a great opportunity for them.  We will print your information on the “Dear Mom” business cards (BC6303PR) which say “Dear Mom, You can have a FUN JOB where you can earn big money with little investment! (and still make it to my baseball game.” and attach them to a candy or catalog.  (We also offer this slogan in a Business Card Poster (BCP6202PR) you can put up on local bulletin boards where interested people tear off the entire business card,)  (We print YOUR information on both these items  FOR YOU and they come all ready to go!)
  • Mount the business cards on a magnet to make them even more valuable (Use the MBC10 peel and stick magnets.)  Our business cards are really “relationship cards” because they give people more info that just your name etc.  You can use “Dear Mom,” “Call me Anytime,” or “Every item has 3 prices!”  (We offer these 3 business cards all printed with your info and ready to go!)
  • Here are some suggestions on how you can use the printable stickers on candy or product samples.  You can put a little slogan along with the preprinted slogan and include your contact info.  This is fast, easy and very affordable!  Just think of all the contacts you can make and the potential leads!  If you don’t do this, how many opportunities are you missing?

    • Use the sticker: “Earn great money doing something you love”  with the slogan  “This _______ business would be a great match for you” along with your contact info.  (We personalize this for you PR60416-PR)  Then put this sticker  on a MATCHBOOK (everyone needs matches to light their jack-o-lanterns and other candles) and give it to ADULT that are bringing their kids trick or treating!
    • Use the “Call me anytime to place an order” (PSA4204) with the slogan “Here’s a sweet treat” along with your contact info to stick a candy to a mini catalog or flyer.  (To have us print this for you with your name, e-mail and phone number order item PR40191-PR .)
    • Print your contact information on the RED “Medium Rectangle” (PSMR1626) printable sticker.  Order some “Be a Smarty, Have a Party” stickers (PR11003.)  (These stickers are both the same size.)  Then get some smarty candies and on the edge that twists the candy closed, stick your contact info on one side and the “smarty party” sticker on the other side. (sticky sides together)  This creates a little flag off the end of the SMARTY CANDY so they can still unwrap the candy but keep your contact info.
    • Have us print YOUR contact info on the “Shop from your seat not on your feet” sticker with the additional slogan, “Make shopping a SKOR, not a chore!  Call me!”  Then stick it to  a SKOR candy bar.  (Order item PR94192-PR)The stores are promoting CHRISTMAS/ Holiday Sales already!  Why not use Halloween to let people know what you offer.
    • We can print “I can’t wait to make your Christmas great!  Call me for more info about ________ products!” along with your contact info on the “Enjoy this Sample” stickers you can  put it on a sample product.  (Order item PR94194-PR)

These are just some suggestions.  There are many different slogans you could print on lots of the different printable stickers.  Use your imagination!  Remember, if you want us to, we can print these for you.  Be sure to order the item with the PR after the item number and fill in what you want printed on them.

One last idea is to give “Gift Cards” (BC4304) offering a discount on an order placed within 2 weeks or whatever you want.  This creates urgency.  Just attach it to catalogs you would hand out.  You can print whatever you want on the back of the gift card.  Or order the (BC4304PR) item to have us print them for you!

I’ve created a post with even MORE ideas for Halloween, including a Mystery Hostess party.  Click this link:

To SEE all the items mentioned in this training click this link:

It will take you to the category under FREE TRAINING then Key 9- Seasonal Success.

To see the complete list of products that are mentioned in this idea see FREE TRAINING, then KEY 9 SEASONAL then T9-01 Halloween.  Here is the direct link:


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LMP-02 — Your Phone RINGS in the CASH!

LMP-02-Your Phone rings in the cash

Ideas on how your phone can ring in the cash!

In this day of technology — the internet, cell phones, email and texting, websites, Facebook, twitter or blogs, we tend to think the telephone is not that important anymore.  This lesson is to remind you that YOUR PHONE STILL RINGS IN THE CASH!  Why?

Because, even with all this technology that is available, it is STILL the personal contact, connections and relationships that build your business.

In this training we are going to touch on LOTS of different areas of your business where the “Phone” is critical to your success.  The GOAL is to get you thinking of how you can use the phone to boost your business.

Let’s start with this question:  What is the big rush to move toward technology instead of the phone?

CALL RELUCTANCE!  For many it is “Call Reluctance!”  WHY don’t people want to pick up the phone?  For some it is plain old FEAR.  What ARE people afraid of?  FEAR tends to be the reason for call reluctance but fear of what?  Do you come up with all kinds of negative things people are going to respond, so you’d rather not make the call?   Do you make lots of excuses NOT to make the calls?  Is your lack of phone skills holding back your success?  An acronym for F.E.A.R. is Fantasized Events Appear Real!  These are some of the symptoms of call reluctance and this can be overcome!  But, just as an alcoholic must admit that they have a drinking problem, you must recognize you have call reluctance.  Then, you can begin to overcome the FEAR and start making money!

OVERCOMING CALL RELUCTANCE – You  can “Ring up success!” It is possible, but you have to have the desire and then take control!

One step is “positive self talk” and getting yourself ready to make those calls.  Give everyone a copy the ACTIVITY page (This worksheet is part of the FREE TRAINING you have access to when you are a member of the KEY PACK CLUB, or you can purchase access to the complete training on our website.)  Take a moment and have everyone write their own positive message.  Then, invite some to shareheir message.  A suggested message could be:

 “I love my products and I know they are of benefit to my customers.  I want to meet the needs of my customers by offering them products that will help them.  I will be enthused and caring with all I talk to. I will remember that NOs are the rain that makes my sales grow”

Now you’re ready (or even if your not) you must:
“Begin calling,

OK, maybe you’ll make a few mistakes and not be as smooth as you want to be, but you’ll be gaining experience and getting better!  You’ll learn how to turn those NO responses into YES responses by learning to ask questions in the right way!

THE SALES CALL– Learn to push the right buttons.  Yes, knowing what to say and how to say it is important, but it is helpful to understand the ORDER of the call to make it most efficient and effective for both of you.  Put these stickers on your phone to remind yourself WHY you are making the calls.  Remember to W.A.I.T.  and LISTEN!

OPENING — introduce yourself.  
WARM UP — get permission to talk to them. (Give them a reference of how they should know you.)  Warm up to them with a few personal comments.  Then ask questions that will get a YES response. 
The REASON — Understand your reason for the call before you make it, but be open to change depending on their response.  (Your reason may be to see if they are interested in learning more about your opportunity.  If they are not, be sure to ask if they have friends that would be, or if they are in need of your products.)
THE QUESTION — Get to the point, don’t keep them on the phone forever with chitchat.   Ask OPEN-ENDED questions that require more than just a yes or no.   Ask questions in a way that will generate a YES response. Once you get them saying YES, it is easier to get a YES to an appointment, booking, or sale!
THE CLOSE — confirm the appointment or booking, review the order, let them know what they can expect next from you.  Then be sure to THANK THEM.

TELEPHONE TECHNIQUES- Learn to push the right buttons.  The most important is to SMILE — it can be heard in your voice.   Challenge your team to get mirrors and keep them by the phones.  Have them position the mirror so they can see themselves.  Encourage them to watch to see if they are smiling.  Put the “Smile” sticker near where you make your calls!

TICKLER FILE HINT —  If you’re leaving messages, make a note on the card (We suggest using the “Customer Care Card” System (V4124)) and put the card in a LM slot in your file.  Then they’re easy to find when they call back, and if they haven’t called in a day or so, you can call them back.

Refer to the “Phone Rules” TEAM CARD CAN WRAP (TC4525CW) included in your key pack.  Give one to each of your team members and discuss the rules and how to implement them in your homes.  (For a fun meeting favor, have everyone bring a clean soup can to the meeting and let everyone make pencil cans to put by the phone where the family takes messages.  Just wrap it around the can and tape.)  Challenge them to take them home and discuss them with their family.  This will help them to remind their children that the phone is their cash register and to develop a family policy of how to handle it if a customer calls while they are on the phone.

PROBLEM CALLS — Books have been written about this but here are just a few suggestions:

— Have an excuse ready to politely close a call with a “long winded” caller. 
— If you’ve made a mistake, take responsibility and apologize.
— If a customer wants what you can not do, offer what you CAN DO and be quite and let them make the next comment. 
— See the “One of Those” PDF download. 
— Remember to keep your conversations friendly but keep in mind that you are trying to do your business not “chitchat” with friends.

BOOKING CALLS  You hear it all the time … if you are low on bookings, make some calls!  You’ve heard the testimonials, you know it works but you just can’t seem to do it.  May I suggest you need to GET READY to make those calls or do a Booking Blitz.  Here are a few hints:

–Many people find themselves “fixin’ to do it!”   They spend all the time preparing and never actually make the calls.  Make a commitment to actually MAKE the calls.
— Prepare a list.  QUICKLY go through your customer files and pull out 25 people to call!
— Jot down a SCRIPT of what you want to say.  Review what we discussed earlier – the Warm Up, Reason, Question & Close and write something down.  This should take no more than 10 minutes and once it is done, it is done for the next time.  Keep it open to jot notes and make adjustments as you go to refine your script.  KEEP it PERSONAL, jot notes on your customer care cards about them when you meet them at the party (or where ever) so you have something to refer to so you can build the relationship.
—  Read through your script a few times and get comfortable.  You don’t want to sound like you are reading a script when you talk to your customers.  Be prepared for objections and offer solutions.  Use the worksheet to be ready for what comes at you.
— Prepare a script for a message.  You want them to call you back so don’t tell them up front that you need a booking.  Say something like, “I was thinking of you and I wanted to tell you Thank You for how you inspired me.  Give me a quick call at ____ as soon as you can. 
—  Then when they call back say something PERSONAL about them that inspired you (their enthusiasm about your product, the way they interacted with their friends at the party where you met, the ideas they shared at the party, etc.) and Thank them and tell them how it touched you.  Then suggest that this is why you thought they might be interested in hosting a party where they could earn free products.
— Make the calls!  Make your goal to call ALL 25!  If you set the goal to just get ___ bookings, you might quit after you get them.  If you get them quick then you are on a roll- keep going to exceed your goal!  If you don’t meet a goal, find another 25 names and keep calling.
— See the BONUS “Booking Blitz” training included with this Leadership Training.  There are ideas, scripts and a motivational mp3 of Jenny B to listen to before you start calling!  (This is FREE as a member of the Key Pack club.)

ENCOURAGE HOSTS TO MAKE REMINDER CALLS– Have you ever thought about it that your hosts might have “Call Reluctance” too?  So what can you do?  Give them REASONS to make the calls that will overcome their fears.  Here are a couple of suggestions:

— Find the 5 stickers.  Use the LS2259 Sticker on the host “Phone Reminder” postcard. (See KEY 2 Postcards) Put a unique sticker on 5 invitations and challenge your host to find the 5 guests.  (See more instructions under LS2259 online.)
— Give your host our new “Your Calling Card to Success” .  Fill it out and review it when giving your host packets.  Explain that it is some extra incentive to make the reminder calls.  It actually has a sample script of what to say when they are making the calls.  (If they don’t know what to say this will give them confidence.)  Share with them what prizes they can win!
— Prizes:  This can be done as your own individual challenge, giving prizes to the hosts in a month or quarter that had the greatest sales and made the most calls.  (If there is a tie, draw a winner. ) 
 Or BIGGER prizes can be offered if you do it as a TEAM challenge.  Everyone on the team that wants to participate would put a sum of money into the “prize pot” for each party they hold or a set amount.  Then at the end of the month, all cards would be brought to your meeting and winners determined.  At the time you do your host coaching you’ll let them know what the prizes might be and fill it in on the card.  Of course you get the cards back from your hosts when you close their party.
 You could offer a BONUS for the person who fills all the boxes on her card (45).

Here is the direct link to the Category on our website where you can see the PDF of the Training mentioned plus ALL the products suggested in this training:


(Join our KEY PACK CLUB on the LEADERSHIP LEVEL for access to this and all of our Leadership Meeting Plans, or you can purchase access to the complete training on our website.) For more information on the Key Pack Club click:


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LMP-01- Sharpen Your Skills Theme Meeting Plan

LMP-01-Sharpen your skills

Theme Meeting Plan

Theme Meeting Plan:
“Productivity comes by
sharpening your skills,
learning new things to do,
erasing bad habits,
             and writing some new!”
 You control three main resources:  time/manpower, materials, and money.  How you apply these resources will help determine your productivity.  In the Leadership/ Management Key Letters this year we have trained on time management, money management, and goal setting.  Applying those ideas leads to productivity and Productivity leads to profitability!
Businesses around the globe are realizing the importance of producing quality and quantity.  Productivity is measured by output per person per hour.  Find a tangible way to track your hours worked, then compare those to your dollar amount of sales, the recruits you sign, and the paycheck you get per month.  Set goals that will push you to make progress and be more productive.

Most companies are in a “continuous improvement” war.   It is a war of survival.  In this competitive economic war, the survivors, or winners, are those who provide the best products or services at the lowest possible cost while exceeding customer service expectations.  The competitive market is a moving target, the only constant is change.  You either improve step by step, or fall behind. 

It is your challenge to make the improvements that enhance the quality of your products and services.  Your competition is always changing, therefore so should you.  No one person can fight the battle alone.  A support system, team, and company can help you analyze your competition, strategize your plan, and give you the ammo and reinforcements you need to win!

I recently attended a “kitchen show” in which the consultant often pointed out that you could buy other similar products at the chain stores, but they didn’t have the features that her products did.  By studying and comparing her products to the competition’s products, she was able to point out specific features and guarantees that were lacking from her competitor’s.  I remember thinking when she first started showing one particular item,  “I’ll bet I could get that at WalMart for cheaper.”  But when she told the group exactly how much it was at that store, and what that version of the product was lacking, I wrote that $60 item down on my order form, and forgot about going to WalMart.

Robert D. Hales (former vice-president of Max Factor and former president of Paper Mate, Hughes Television Network, Cheesebrough-Pond’s, and current international religious leader) recently spoke at a prominent University in Utah about being a “lifelong learner.”  He encouraged everyone to be cumulative learners, to not dwell in the past, and to be open to new concepts.  He said, “spend your lives doing better than your best!”  He used Michael Phelps, the U.S.. swimmer who won 8 gold medals in the Beijing Olympics as an example.

In his career, Phelps has won a total of 14 Olympic Gold Medals and 2 Bronze Medals (in addition to the dozens of other medals won at various international championships.)  After winning 8 medals at the 2004 Athens games, Phelps immediately set goals to do better than his best.  Michael Phelps set the goal to beat Mark Spitz’s 1972 record of winning 7 Gold Medals in a single Olympics, and Phelps did it with his 8!  Phelps also set the new World Record of 1 minute and 42.96 seconds for the 200 Meter Freestyle.  This was 2.36 seconds faster than his time in 2004, 1.75 seconds faster than the previous record, and 10 seconds faster than Mark Spitz did it in 1972.  So, the best of 4 years ago, and especially 36 years ago, would not have won the same race in 2008.  His time was actually a full MINUTE better that the “best” in the 1904 Olympics.  (That is equal to TWO LAPS!)

During each Olympic competition we notice the athletes using new equipment (like body suits or hand guards) and new techniques to help them be faster and better.  So, think about your business. Are you “Sharpening your skills?  What new techniques and tools are your competitors using?  Isn’t it easier to write with a sharpened pencil, or to slice an apple with a sharp knife?  Give each member of your team this new “Get to the point!” Team Card (TC7740) and discuss how you can “Sharpen your skills” in your business.

Your company is always coming out with new products.  Are you encouraging your customers to get the latest and the greatest?

Robert D. Hales said “If we do not improve our efforts and achieve each day, our best in yesterday’s past will not meet the demands of tomorrow’s future!”  He explained that “We are limited by the capacity of our minds, so we must expand the capacity of our minds.  We have to get past the artificial limits we place on ourselves and our ability to learn.”
The youth of today cannot imagine how their grandparents got an education without computers and the internet.  Our world would be much different today without the productivity and information they allow us.  Make use of such innovation to make doing business easier and more effective.

TC7740 Sharpen your Skills TEAM CARDIn this Leadership Key Pack we have included several PRINTABLE postcards and stickers.  Learn to download the free templates.  They will save you hours of time, and therefore increase your productivity and hourly income!  These postcards and stickers have the colorful, eye-catching graphics and borders, yet are easily personalized.  Most of our customers comment that trying to make their own stickers and postcards (using Avery products, etc.) is just not worth it.  They’ve calculated that the large amount of time they waste trying to find graphics, set it up, and the cost of ink is EXPENSIVE!

Evaluate what your best is right now and set goals to sharpen your skills to do better than your best!  (Give each person on your team this sticker (PR70538) to put in their notes.  Then follow up on newsletters, notes, etc. to encourage them to continue to strive to do better than their best!) 

Everyone started out as just a normal person.  Remember, just like Michael Phelps, and as every great achiever, we cannot do it alone.  Take advantage of your resources and your coaches.  Develop a fan club.  Set goals, and work every day to achieve those goals.  Know your competition.  Practice your skills so your strength and endurance will increase.
“You can’t put a limit on anything.  The more you dream, the farther you get.”  —Michael Phelps

“I wouldn’t say anything is impossible. I think that everything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and put the work and time into it.”  —Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps also said “Swimming is more than a once-every-four-years sport.”  He swims nearly ever day and strives to do better than his best every day.  Are you doing SOMETHING for your business EVERYDAY!  Your goal should be to be a lifelong learner and achiever!

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”  —Paul J. Meyer

Business Basics:  
  Now is the time in your meeting to discuss the BASIC techniques of your profession.  Review the Key 4C: Boost Sales by preparing catalogs basics included in the beginning of these training pages.  Show your team what an impact the stickers do have in your catalogs.  Before your meeting, prepare several catalogs WITH various stickers.  Then, pass those around with catalog that HAVE NOT been stickered so your team members can see the difference.

For the COMPLETE Meeting Training order the PDF which includes Activity Idea, Follow Up & Motivation, Invitation Download, Recognition, Leader Inspiration, Preparation Checklist & more.

Here is the direct link to the Category on our website where you can see the PDF of the Training mentioned plus ALL the products suggested in this training:. http://www.thebooster.com/294-sharpen-skills

If you join the Key Pack Club on the Leadership Level  you will receive a different Theme Meeting Plan each month.  You would also get access to ALL PREVIOUS meeting plans for FREE!  Oh, and you get a 10% discount on EVERYTHING on TheBooster.com website.    Click the link for all the details:


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T5-02-Is this how your checkout usually goes?

How does your checkout procedure go?

See if this is how your checkout procedure goes.

Once you’ve finished your demonstration people begin filling out their orders. The first person comes to you all ready to go. You look at her order to make sure she is getting the best deals and that you understand everything. You then ask her about booking or if she would be interested in your opportunity. As you begin to ask these questions others begin to line up behind her to give you their orders. You finish up the first customer and begin with the second and you want to ask her the same questions about your opportunity and booking but you are embarrassed because the others in line are listening and becoming impatient. They already know what you’re going to ask and YOU ASSUME they don’t want to be bothered so you don’t ask. (Of course when you don’t ask the answer is always NO!) So, the result is, you are not getting the sponsoring leads or bookings you need. 
Here are some ideas to make your checkout process more effecient and effective!

This sign (DS5737 or DS5737CD)  and stickers (PR41001)  are the answer to a pleasant evening for all!

Check out sign.

Put this sign on your display table and explain your check out procedure.

It’s simple:

  1. Put one of these stickers on each of your catalogs.
  2. Put the sign up in your display.
  3. Before everyone gets there, set up a “Check Out” area.  You’ll have your calculator, gifts to give people you’d like to invite to be on your team.  Host packets for those who book.  You money bag, charge receipts and any other information you’d like to keep handy.  The basket for them to put their orders in.
  4. During your demo explain this, “Serving each of you is my top priority, and I want you to enjoy your time with your friends. So, once my demo is through just fill out your order and put it face down in my order basket. Then, go and enjoy the refreshments and visiting. I will call you up when it’s your turn! This way I can make sure you get the best deals!”
  5. Then, after the demo, quickly remind them where your order basket is and offer to answer any questions.  Suggest if there are some who need to leave quickly to let you know and you can assist them first while others are preparing their orders.
  6. While your guests are enjoying the refreshments and visiting, you’ll be able to calmly visit with each customer, help them with their order, and get to know them a little.  You’ll also be able to ask ALL the questions without feeling rushed.  They’ll be able to ask you questions and answer yours without feeling embarassed or rushed.

This is so simple, yet so effective!  You’ll be calm and get a lot more leads because you’ll be able to ask the questions.  This also lays the groundwork for further customer follow up.

To go to the CATEGORY on our website with these products CLICK this link: http://www.thebooster.com/279-t5-02-is-this-how-your-checkout-usually-goes



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T1-01 — Keep your Calendar FULL! Pick a Date-Pick a Prize!

T1-01-Pick a Date and Pick a Prize IDEA

Keep your calendar Full with this idea!

This is a concept that has been one of our most popular ways to keep your calendar full!  It invloves using our “Pick a Date & Pick a Prize” Erase Boards.  We have several different ones to choose from! A summery Red,White & Blue EB1112, A Christmas one EB1121 (that you can be using right now) and two colors of “Dots” style EB1127T or EB1127L to be used anytime!Below is how to use them effectively in your parties or shows to get booking on the days or nights you want and to keep your calendar full!

First you’ll want to get one of our Erase Boards.  They are all printed on cardstock in bright colors and laminated.  We recommend you use a “Wet Erase” pen (the tip is finer than dry erase and it is easier to erase small sections on the board.  Pens VEB-PEN are purchased seperately)

Before your parties for the week, prepare your “Pick a Date Erase Board” with the NEXT 3-4 weeks. Write the dates in the corner of each box or dot, leaving room for guests to write their name and phone number.

Example of preparing Erase BoardUsing a wet-erase pen, make big star bursts around the dates you want to fill. Only put 1 day each week (even if your have more available- or maybe two in just one of the weeks). This creates a sense of urgency.  You want to appear that you are a BUSY, actively working  consultant.    If they want a different date, you can check your date book, but they wouldn’t get the prize unless the other dates highlighted are already filled. Mark off boxes that you already have a party booked or days you don’t want to have a party. Note specific hours if you only have an afternoon or evening available.

• Our calendars have only 3-4 weeks because if you only date as far out as 3-4 weeks it keeps your business moving better. Also, you don’t want to give a prize for dating further out because they tend to lose their motivation and excitement for doing the party so long after booking.

Now, what to do: Decide how and what you want to use for prizes. There are several different options:
1) You could wrap up some gifts and put them on display.
2) Order some of our “MINI Gift Bags” to use in your display. (HC1023) Just fill each with a slip of paper with the prize. (Prizes can be a % discount, dollar off an order, a product you already have, etc.) These create curiosity!
3) Put the “Pick a Date” stickers (S10404 or PR10850) by items in your catalog that they can pick.
4) You can put pictures of the prizes from your catalog together on one page and make copies. Then put those copies in each of the guest folders.  Be sure to leave room for the colorful stickers to be added after you make your copies.
5)  I’m sure you can come up with other ideas. If you don’t actually want to give products, you can put together a basket of prizes (wrapped or unwrapped) and point them out as you present the calendar.

• At your parties, set the calendar up in your display. Wear the “Pick a Date” button (B15375 or B11513) or allow your hostess to wear it, since getting bookings helps her earn more! Mention that you will be passing the calendar around later in the demonstration and tell them you will remind them about the prizes during your demonstration. Stick a “Pick a Date” sticker on the items in your demonstration that they can get as a hostess gift or as the “prize” you are offering  if they have a party. The sticker will remind you to mention it and it reminds your guests as they are looking at your products.
• About 2/3 of the way through your demo, pass around the calendar and pen. Have guests write their name, phone, and time of party on available dates.   Remember, this helps you to fill in the DATES YOU want to party!
• Before the party, put a “Pick a date” sticker on every order form. During the party, draw attention to it and suggest they write the date they have chosen by the sticker on their order form. When you are taking their order the sticker and date (or no date) will remind you to ask them if they have a date in mind. This helps you to remember to ask EVERY person to be a hostess.

To protect yourself and insure the bookings ALWAYS make this comment: “I will bring your prize to your party when held on the original date booked.”   You’ll want to actually mention this DURING your demo, so they realize WHEN they will get their gift.  It is very important that you hold to this rule.  If they DO want to postpone or cancel remind them that they will lose their gift.

Now- to help you get even MORE bookings at HER party, when you talk about the “pick a prize” concept at her party is when you would present her with her gift and have her open it in front of everyone and show them what SHE got!

Make the most of every opportunity!
Plan your presentations carefully to generate leads.
Datings & Bookings are the lifeblood of your business!

Remember, with the holiday coming quickly you’ll want to have your calendar filled.  Start using the “Christmas” erase board (EB1121)    Make your Christmas Shopping a Party! NOW. You could use the “Book with me earn Christmas Free” stickers on their order forms as a reminder. S91529

Here’s a testimonial from one of our Great Booster Customers:
I was lucky enough to meet you on the House Boat SI Conference about three years ago at Lake Powell, AZ. I am just writing to give you a quick ‘Thanks’ for your fabulous products. I took your ‘Pick a Date, Pick a Prize!’ Dry Erase Board (EB1112) to a local Expo this weekend and was able to book three retreats! This is something that in other Expos I had not been able to do (getting someone to commit to an actual date). This really turned a long day into a great business opportunity!

Nichole McAbee, Sierra Vista, AZ

We have several “Packs” available with the Dots and RWB boards.

K-Pick-Prize-Flowers-PACKSince originally posting this idea we added a LOT more options.  One is the Spring Flowers.  Check out all the details on the website.  We also have this in a money saving K-Pack.

Click this link to go to the category with all the products that match this idea on our website:


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Welcome, I’m Jenny B

Hi, I'm Jenny B, Welcome to The Booster

Hi, I'm Jenny B, Welcome to The Booster

Hello!  I’d like to welcome you to the official BLOG for “The Booster – Jenny B”

This year (2011) we are celebrating 30 years of helping people like you, who are in the Party Plan or Direct Sales Professions to Boost Your Businesses!  We have helped over ONE MILLION consultants and the most common testimonial we receive is,  “I am absolutely AMAZED what a 2¢ sticker can do for my business!”

As I post different training in this blog I’ll be referring to a few of the HUNDREDS of testimonials from our customers.  There are lots of them on our new website and you are more than welcome to add YOURS to the list.  We all LOVE hearing YOUR success stories.

Now, please let me take just a minute and tell you what The Booster is all about. 
During our 30 years in business we have developed over 2000 products which are “The “little things” that make a BIG difference to your business!”

My business concepts come from my grandfather who during the depression years had a nanny, gardener, housekeeper and whoever else he could hire to give people jobs. You see, he said, “Sales is King!” in that those in sales are really what makes the economy go around. He, who had come to America before WW1 with only a few dollars in his pocket eventually became a salesman and developed one of the top vacuum cleaner sales organizations in the United States.

He built that business based on two principles:
1. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them.
2. Sell the sizzle not the steak! (Which means to share with your customers WHY they need your products and how they will impact their lives.

In 1981, after being top sales in the state of Utah in a party plan company I had joined, I had an opportunity and filled a need to offer products to those in the party plan/direct sales industry that make it easy to apply my grandfathers’ principles. These products have proven to help hundreds of thousands of our customers to Boost their Businesses

The Booster offers stickers, postcards, buttons and more that are developed especially for you. We offer products to help you do the things the “BIG” companies do, yet personalize them for your small company (within your big company.)

In 1996 we divided our products into the “Key Areas of your Business” to help you to focus and be more successful in each of those areas. As you browse through our website and this blog you will find the products and training are divided by those keys. We call them the “Keys to Success!”  See if this doesn’t sound like what you want to have happen in your business (in a nutshell):

Key 1: Get Bookings Booming
Key 2: Have Happy Hosts
Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance
Key 4: Get Sales Soaring
Key 5: Have Committed Customers
Key 6: Have Raving Recruits
Key 7: Motivate & Inspire
Key 8: Recognize & Reward
Key 9: Have Seasonal Success!

In 1999 we started our “Key Pack Club” which has been a HUGE success in helping people build their businesses.
Then, in order to help you apply each of those keys to EVERY party/show we developed the “10 Steps to Successful Parties System.” This system helps you to intergrade each KEY into every party or show to become as successful as you can be.  Our “Success System Dividers” V1003 offer this training and help you get organized.

And, YES, we offer you products to purchase to implement the ideas we teach. It is so much more effective to spend a few pennies to encourage people to attend your parties than the cost of only a few attending. We offer the TOOLS you can use to build your business. If you were trying to build a house, would you want to do it without hammer and nails? Would you rather use a hand screw driver or an electric one? Booster products make that kind of an impact that power tools make to the carpenter! Read some of the testimonials and reviews of products on our website. 

Our website link is http://www.TheBooster.com  Click on any of the products in the CATEGORIES in the left column to view products.  Click the different categories HERE in the BLOG for simple training about using stickers on your invitations to boost your attendance, bookings and recruit leads!  Each of our Blogs link to CATEGORIES of products on our website to make it easy for you to apply the principles we teach.

We keep our prices so affordable you can’t afford to NOT use our products!

So, welcome to The Booster! Please, check back often for all kinds of training to Boost your Business.  Soon there will be Audios and Videos to go along with many of the posts.  With this training you will learn how to use these tools to build a thriving business. Bowrse through the products and think about how they can impact your business.

Sincerely, Jenny B

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T5-01 Customer Service- Set yourself apart!

K Thanks Pack

Easily say “Thank You” with this selection of products.

Care about your customers!

  • You’ve heard it before but are you doing it?
  • Are you making an effort to build a relationship with your customers?
  • Are you doing the little things that set you apart?
  • Are you consistently keeping in contact with your customers?

Did you know you are NOT in the business of selling a product?

You may think you are, but most of the products sold through the party plan industry are available in regular stores (Not the same quality I realize, but the same type of products.)

So why would customers purchase products from YOU instead of picking them up from the stores? It is because of the RELATIONSHIPS you build with them.

Yes, the parties offer a situation where they can purchase your product on the spot, but when you build relationships with those customers they will purchase from you when they NEED your products. This is why it is so important for you to build a good relationship with your customers.

In one of the chapters in the Build It Big book, it deals with building a repeat business. In it, Grace Putt says “The secret to getting reorders is ‘Treat every customer exactly as you would want to be treated if you were a customer.’”

I suggest you take it a step further since different people perceive things differently.

My suggestion is to treat your customers the way you want to be treated and also incorporate what you see successful businesses doing to take care of their customers. For example, maybe you’re not into preferred customer programs, coupons, bonus buys, mailed offers, or telephone offers so you think, “I’m not going to do that because I don’t like it.” But, obviously it works or thousands of companies would not be putting these programs into practice!

So, develop a plan that incorporates some of these programs and do them consistently! Consistency is the key! Remember, everyone likes to be appreciated and that should be your first step. Then, follow up with other programs.

The Booster has developed products that make it easy to implement many of these ideas. Here are just a few suggestions:
1. Put “Thank you” and “Special” stickers on envelopes, invoices, packages, etc. Send notes to hostesses and customers for no reason. Just to keep in touch and let them know they are important to you.
2. Start a preferred customer program. Use our Customer Care Cards (V4124,  or the Preferred Customer cards alone (V4118). Read the more details in the product for specific suggestions.
3. Give little gifts to customers. The Bookmarks are effective, impressive, and affordable.
4. Send notes. Our Customer Service Printable Postcards are great for specific offers you send to your customer base or writing quick notes. Add stickers to make your message stand out.
5. Let your customers know about specials, or that they’re special by adding your own message to our colorful printable stickers.
6. Let your customers know they can reorder from you by putting the “Reorder” printable stickers with your contact information on the products they order. (If their order is delivered directly to the hostess, offer her a little gift for putting your stickers on the products.) Or, put the reorder stickers on their invoice to draw attention to the fact that you welcome reorders. You can also personalize messages and send them to a selection of customers with the printable postcards.
7. Set yourself apart at your parties by using products that draw attention to the customer services you offer. Use the guest folders!
So, here is your chance for a WIN WIN! You win when your customers order, and THEY win when you give them great service.  Scroll down on the WEBSITE (see the link below) to see the selection of products.
What goes through your mind when someone gives you a business card?  Here’s what I think:
It is nice to get their name and info.
They want me to do business with them.

But when you use a RELATIONSHIP BUILDING CARD you are showing the BENEFITS FOR THEM to do business with you!

Here is the link directly to the K-Thanks Pack on our website. 


From there you can see the products included in this pack.  For more products click on the KEY 5 Category.  http://www.thebooster.com/81-key-5-customers-81



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T4-06 — New Catalogs???? Old Catalogs???

Catalog Stickers Pack

A variety of stickers to put in your catalogs to boost sales!

Do you get excited when your company releases a NEW Catalog? 

New catalogs are fun and great for business because customers are excited to see the new products you have to offer.

New catalogs also offer you several ways to promote your business.   Here are a few suggestions:

  • Send a NEW CATALOG postcard to customers letting them know your new catalog is now available(or will be available ???) (Use PP40572CT with the text already on it—just fill in the blanks, or print your OWN information on PP40572C using our easy, FREE, templates.  Better yet- have US print your info on the postcards for you!  See PR40572CTPR.   Postcards are “Cheap” to send compared to sending the actual catalog.   Then if the customer is interested they can call you.    Be sure to follow up with phone calls once you’ve mailed the postcards. 
  • Use the BRAND NEW CATALOG POSTCARD PP40572C without text to invite people to an OPEN HOUSE to see the catalog and new products.   (Use the easy FREE templates to write your own text and print them yourself onto these eye-catching postcards.)
  • Need an “Open House Invitation? ” You could also use the “Treat yourself – You Deserve it ” (PP40617),   “From your candle lady” (PP50303), “Jewelry makes the difference ” (PP40566) “Wild about Jewelry” (PP40616) or “Keeping in touch” (PP50377) the same way and several others the same way!  Think outside the box… use  “I’m so excited to work with you” (PP20276)
  • Put “Call me for a catalog” stickers (S40200) on things you mail to previous customers.   (Use the postcards mentioned above and put this sticker on the FRONT of the postcard to draw more attention and remind them of what you want them to do.)
  • Put the NEW CATALOG stickers (S33122) on your invitations to get them excited.
  • Get your customers more excited about your products by putting the “It’s even more impressive in person” stickers (S43478) on invitations so they’ll want to come to the party to see your products.
  • NOW- when a new catalog comes out that means you may have OLD catalogs left.   Use them to get your name out there.   Put the  “Old Catalog” sticker (LS4110) on the front of those old catalogs and leave them in Doctor’s waiting rooms, Beauty Salons, any kind of waiting room, etc. where people can take them if they are interested.   The poem on the Old Catalog sticker reads, “Though the date on the catalog may be old, just look inside and you’ll be sold.   Many great products you will see, call me to learn how to get some FREE!”   (LS4110)
  • We have another sticker you can put on old catalogs: , it reads. “Like what you see?   You will love our latest catalog! Call me to learn how to get some free!” (LS4263 – 16/sheet)
  • Be sure to have your information on the back of the catalog with an invitation to call you.   Make it look really professional by using the Printable Sticker “Call me anytime to place an order” PSA4204.   You can download the FREE template or have us print them for you (PSA4204PR)
  • If you are ready to start promoting Christmas  use our “New Holiday Catalog” postcards and stickers!
  • Some companies are just introducing your new catalog but you have to use your old catalogs a little while longer .   The problem is, some of the items have been discontinued.   Use these stickers by those products so customers don’t get their mind made up to purchase something and find out it is gone. “Sorry, no longer available” (S40280) or “Temporarily out of stock” (S43162) if something similar is being introduced in your new catalog.
  • If you have a BUNCH of products that are being discontinued prepare a few “MASTER” copies of your catalog with the “Sorry no longer available” sticker over the gone products and pass that master copy around for people to look at before they order.

Remember to PREPARE your NEW catalogs to help you in EVERY “Key area” of your business!

Many of my customers that are seeing a tremendous difference in their businesses from using Booster products!  They tell me they put a sticker on every TWO pages in their catalogs.  They’ve said it is so interestesting to watch people look at the catalogs at the party.

Here’s what they do:  When they turn the page they will immediately notice the sticker, look at the product the sticker is near, glance at the rest of the pages, then flip the page and they immediately are drawn to the sticker and the whole process starts all over again.  They’ve told me they watch this happen over and over again and it convinces them all the more of how effective our stickers are in planting the seeds.  Remember if you use a sticker like “Monthly special” and then it goes off sale, you can then just cover it up with a recruiting or booking sticker of the same size.

 Here are some ideas of stickers to use in your catalogs:

  • COMBO sheets of stickers are great to use when putting stickers in your catalogs because they have a great variety and you can do 7 different stickers in 10 catalogs with just ONE sheet!  We have TWO combo sheets available for each of Keys 1-6.  See them in the website under All Products>Stickers>SC-Combo Sheets.   When you go to the FREE TRAINING category then T4-Sales you’ll find the Training that matches this blog post and I’ve put full sheets  of some of our most popular stickers there.  Start planting those booking and recruiting seeds and you’ll really see a difference in your business.  Remember the “Law of Attraction”  you must put out there what you want to attract back.
  • Our new Post It notes are also great to use when preparing your new catalogs, or mailing them.  You can write a note and stick it to the front of the catalog, They’ll read the “graphic message” over and over again!
  • Do you know WHY our stickers are so effective?  It is because they are GRAPHICALLY designed so they work with both sides of the brain.  They look like little logos.  Almost every company uses a logo because they realize how effective they are in getting their message across.  Booster stickers do the same thing!  The color and movement of the designs draw people in so they will read them consciously the first time, then as they just glance at them, their subconscious mind will read them over and over again so they get into their long term memory.  That is why it is so important to “sticker” your catalogs so you’ll be planting booking, recruiting and sales seeds as they look at your catalogs.  It is important to “sticker’ BOTH your old and new catalogs.

Order some of the stickers NOW and get started NOW to see a jump in your business.

Here is the direct link to the K-CAT Pack: http://www.thebooster.com/k-packs-22/1947-k-cat-pack-to-prepare-catalogs-to-get-sales-soaring-business-booming.html

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Simple Steps to Great Success! Have Happier Hosts!

K-Host-T Pack to have happy hosts

Use these postcards and stickers to easily apply these simple steps!

If you are reading this, I assume your
goal is great success!

If you want to be successful the ONE key area that YOU can have the greatest influence upon, and will make the most difference, is your relationship with your host. This relationship is built upon your doing some simple things that set you apart in helping her be successful.

There are lots of excuses for not following up, but when you take it upon yourself to follow up and follow thru it will mean success to you!

I will briefly list the Steps to Success and show you a few products that make doing the steps easier. If you want more information, please check out the additional training on our website (and blog) or join our Key Pack Club.

  1. Give the host packet! Hopefully you come prepared to each party with the host packet filled with the information she needs. This mentally prepares you to get the bookings and she goes home prepared to be successful. (To make a great impression, put it all together in our Host Folders! V2670)
  2. Send a confirmation “Thank You” postcard. Keep confirmation postcards all ready to go in your car. After the party, fill it out and drop it in the mail on your way home. This makes a HUGE impression and shows you are on the ball and prepared to help her be successful. (Remind her you are “Watching for her guest list!”)  See Key 2 Postcards.
  3. After getting the guest list, prepare the invitations (Be sure to use the FOUR stickers on every invitation. One for Booking, one for Recruiting, a “Bring a Friend” reminder and a “Having Fun or Company Specific”. Remember, if only a third come to the party you at least want to be planting booking and recruiting seeds with all the rest! (See the K-Invite Pack online or Blog under Key 3 for more details.)
  4. Send a note to let her know her invitations have been mailed. She will feel confident you are doing your part and she will be even more excited. Remind her “Your Wish List Free is my goal for you and me!” with the new sticker PR20854!
  5. Send her a “Please Call your Guests” type of phone call reminder postcard  (See Key 2 Postcards.)
     so she gets it a couple of days before her party. Those calls make a HUGE impact. Do the “5 Sticker Game” on the invitations as an added incentive for her to make the calls. (See LS2259 for details.)
  6. Call her for last minute information, to give encouragement, see how many guests are coming, etc. This call sets her mind at rest and helps her feel even more confident.
  7. As part of this step, prepare everything at home for the party. Get your demo items together, prepare the Recruiting Dollars (V6658), prepare a booking game (See the Spring Fling Board), prepare what games you’ll play, have the prizes ready, have guest folders ready with “stickered” catalogs, order forms, pens with “PenPal” stickers, and other info each guest needs. Be sure to have Host Packets and Recruit packets ready. Then, be sure you have what you need for a smooth check out procedure. This preparation will set YOUR mind at rest and you’ll feel more confident and ready to go!
  8. Go do your event! Get there early (but not too early) so set up goes smooth and you have time to connect with your host. Be sure to take your “guest list” on a clipboard so you can greet the guests and get to know them while checking their names on your list! Have a good time, be enthusiastic and relaxed! Care about the people you meet. Your goal should be to find out what their needs are and meet them.  (See the BLOG post about how to use your guestlist under Key 2.) 
  9. Take a few minutes after the party is over to go over the orders and compare them to the guest list. Be excited with your host and remind her that “If you call them they will order!” (PR20309) This applies to those who came and did not order and others who were interested but didn’t come. Challenge her to follow up on everything she can do to earn additional “circles” on her Preferred Hostess Card! (BC2607)  Reinforce that this is a WIN WIN for both of you!
  10. Follow up on any calls YOU need to make to her or guests.
  11. Get with her by phone or in person on the specified date to get the final orders, collect all money and close the party. Help her decide how best to get all the things on her Wish List that she wants.
  12. Place your order. Be sure to take advantage of specials your company is offering. Be aware of where YOU are in your monthly sales to benefit from all incentives.
  13. Do any additional follow up that may be necessary. This includes delivering any orders, etc.
  14. Send a hand written “Thank You” to your host. She helped you and deserves the hand written touch. Include a little thank you like the “Hostess Magnet” (PSB2305) or Bookmark (BM22602 or BM22603).

By DOING all these steps you will make an impression on your host that will set you apart!

She will want to party with you again and again. You’ll be building a relationship that will be beneficial to BOTH of you over time.

These steps don’t take much time (average 30 minutes per party). They just take consistency!

You need a plan to make it EASY to keep track of where you are on the list for every host! Keep our “Steps to Success” erase board (EB2128) on your fridge and mark it off as you do each step.
Remember, it is not what you CAN DO and CAN’T DO… It is what you WILL DO and WON’T DO that makes you Successful!

Start NOW to take these simple steps and watch your business soar!

Here is the Direct Link to the K-Host-T Pack on our website: http://www.thebooster.com/k-packs-22/1955-k-host-t-pack-to-have-happy-successful-hosts.html

  The postcards in this pack above have the TEXT already printed on them. 

If you would rather have the Postcards Blank so you can print onto them yourself, you’ll want the K-HOST-G Pack.  Here is the link:  http://www.thebooster.com/k-packs-22/1960-k-host-g-pack-to-have-happy-successful-hosts.html

EB2128- Follow up Success Erase Board

Use this to make sure you follow up with every host!

Here are some of our FIVE STAR Testimonials on using this system and the Erase Board to keep track!

  ‘Success Steps’ Review
Randi Carter – Indianapolis, IN   (Sunday, August 31, 2008)

These were a PERFECT team goodie! The price was great and it really helped everyone see how easy it can be to keep track of multiple hostesses at once. Wonderful for our Hostess Coaching Training!!

 Success Steps Erase Board
Cheryl Thomas – Schenectady,NY   (Tuesday, June 10, 2008)

The Success Steps Erase Board is a must for anyone in the party plan business. I’m the mother of 3 children and work full-time out of the home so I have to stay organized. I was always forgetting some ‘ingredient’ to the successful ‘recipe’ of a home show. Now I never miss a step thanks to your awesome erase board! It stays right on my refrigerator and with one quick glance I can see what needs to be done!Thank-you Jenny B!

 Success Steps!
Holly Moore – Litchfield Park   (Tuesday, June 10, 2008)

I LOVE my ‘It’s Success Steps!’ erase board. It is so easy to look there (on my fridge) and be in contact with my hostesses as I am doing other things throughout my day.

I can’t wait to order the family goal planning board, too!

  Erase Boards
Angie – Appleton, WI   (Monday, January 28, 2008)

I really like my erase board!! This helps me keep track of what’s going on with my home business while I also have my full time job. With just a glance this board is great for helping me keep track of what I have done for each of my hostesses.

  Success Steps Board
Michelene Sheppard – Bridgeport   (Friday, April 13, 2007)

The Success Steps Erase Board is the best organizational tool. I keep track of what I have left to do and have already done for my hostesses so much better! It really helps since you increase the number of shows you’re holding with all the other products!

  Hostess Coaching
Kimber Boshers – Pulaski, TN   (Saturday, March 04, 2006)

I love these Erase Boards. They make (proper) hostess coaching a no-brainer. The board leads me through exactly what I need to be doing for my hostess and in what order. It’s just great!

Here is the direct link to the Erase Board that these testimonials are about EB2128: http://www.thebooster.com/key-2-other-products-1/467-eb2128-follow-up-hosts-success-for-you-erase-board-467.html

Please share your comments below!  We LOVE hearing of your success as you apply the steps to success!

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