WHY should you put 4 stickers on every invitation?

K-Invite Pack

Boost not only your attendance but your bookings and recruits when you use 4 stickers on every invitation.

I’ve done this training at conference many times.  Let me share with you what happens…

Here is AUDIO you can listen instead of read!  Jenny B shares what a difference the stickers on your invitations can make!  (Right click and SAVE to your own computer to listen on your ipod!  Or just click to open in a new window and listen on your computer!

Most times I ask this question, people laugh and say, “Jenny, you want to make money!” and I reply, “Well, yes when you purchase stickers I do make money, but what is MORE IMPORTANT is that YOU make EVEN MORE money!”

First I ask: How many invitations do you send to a party?   (The average is usually 30)

Then I ask: How many people come?   (Average is 8 — but customers who regularly use Booster products average is 12!)

Then I ask: How many people are learning that you have both booking and recruiting opportunities to offer?   As people think about it they realize only the 8 attending the party or show are learning that they have opportunities!

I then ask: How many are NOT learning that you have opportunities?   I can see the lights go on when people realize that 22 people they are sending invitations to are not getting the opportunity to learn that they could earn FREE products or a great income.

 So, how do you solve this problem?  

When you put both a booking and recruiting sticker on EVERY invitation, you are at least planting seeds with EVERYONE!

Do you know in advance when a seed will land on fertile soil?

Why waste opportunities?   You have that person’s undivided attention for 30 seconds to 1 minute.   Why not plant seeds?   Another advantage is that every time they read one of the stickers, they think about the invitation again and again.   This helps to plant the information into their long term memory.

I then share with them the A B C D formula. So I will share it now with you….

A = A success formula.

B = Benefit.   If the BENEFIT is greater than the



Does that make sense to you?   That if the Benefit is greater than the Cost to DO it?

Let’s do the math.   It COSTS an average of 50¢ to put a “Bring a friend, receive a free gift” type of sticker on 30 invitations. (Average cost for stickers is about 2¢ each)   If just ONE person brings ONE friend and that friend spends $40, how much do you make?   (With a 25% commission you would make $10.)

So, is the BENEFIT of $10 worth spending 50¢?   If it is, you should DO IT!

Then think of the additional benefits of:

  1. TWO friends coming to the party
  2. the original guest coming because she could bring a friend (or she wouldn’t have come) and she spends $40+
  3. or one of those friends booking a show and starting a party chain in a new neighborhood.
  4. You meet your next new recruit in that new part chain.
  5. The list of possibilities goes on and on!

I can’t guaranteed what WILL happen, but I can guarantee that you WILL MISS 100% of the opportunities you don’t take!

  • At this time of economic slowing can you afford to MISS someone who is looking to EARN free products and will be a hostess for you?
  • Can you afford to MISS that person who is looking for an extra income?
  •  Can you afford to MISS the person who would have come to the party and brought that friend?
  • What is the risk? $2.00 per party!
  • How much do you LOSE if you don’t give it a try? $10, $20, $50 or $100 in PROFIT per party? Bookings? New Recruits?
  • Every day you wait you’re losing opportunities!
  • Do you really want to see your business be more successful? Give it a try! ORDER TODAY!
  • Do you know where would your “Break Even” point be for this concept?
  • You would have to put “Bring a friend” stickers on invitations for 10 parties and ONLY ONE person bring a friend before you would begin to go in the hole!

So, it is time for YOU to make the decision.   Do YOU want to have a more successful business?   Stickers REALLY DO make a BIG difference and with our system dividers (V1003) make it is so easy keep your stickers organized and follow the “Steps to Success!”

So let’s clarify what the FOUR stickers on every invitation should be:
1- A Key 1 Booking Sticker
2- A Key 6 Recruiting Sticker
3- A Key 3 Attendance “Bring a Friend” type sticker
4- A Key 3 Attendance “Having Fun” type sticker or a more company specific sticker telling something about your type of products.

See the K-INVITE Pack!  It gives you 8 sheets of stickers for your invitations.  There is enough to put 4 stickers on each of 140 invitations.

You’ll receive 2 COMBO sheets of Booking Stickers, 2 COMBO sheets of Recruiting stickers and FOUR sheets of Attendance type stickers.

Place your order TODAY and get started watching your business grow!

Here is the direct link to the K-Invite Pack on our website: http://www.thebooster.com/k-packs-22/1956-k-invite-pack-stickers-to-put-4-on-each-of-140-invitations.html


Easily attract more people to your parties with these Printable Stickers

NOTE:  I’ve created the stickers in PRINTABLE format-  see all the details in this blog post:


Here are a few FIVE STAR testimonials that were posted on our old website:

   Jenny B Stickers will change your business…
Ann Langdon – Tucson, AZ (Sunday, June 29, 2008)

I have been using Jenny B stickers for a little over a year now. I have the full binder of stickers and I use them all!

Stickers go in my catalogs, on my invitations, in my hostess packets, and on my recruiting folders.

I mail post cards to potential recruits, Hostesses, and customers when they show an interest in my business.

I won the company trip to Hawaii last year and I don’t think I would have done so well with my sales and recruiting if it were not for the stickers I put on my invitations.

Let me give you a recent example of what the ‘bring a friend’ sticker has done for me. I place these stickers on EVERY invitation I send.

In February I went and did a ‘New Start’ show. (A new team member coming into the business) When I was done and writing up orders a guest walked up and told me she had come with her mom because of the sticker that said her mom would get a free gift. This guest booked a show and asked me about my business.

I gave her a recruiting packet to go home and review. She called me 3 days later and signed up! She was so excited she did not even wait for her show she went out to my website and ordered in her starter case! That was in February.

She has continually been in the top 1 or 2 in sales in my Unit, and has even beat my Division manager in sales once or twice! OH and did I mention that the first thing she did was order her Jenny B stickers for her invitations! She knows the value!

Just think, if I had not put that sticker on that invitation she would not have come and I would have never signed up this great recruit!

You just never know what a sticker could do for you but, I can guarantee you that ONE sticker has paid for EVERY Jenny B item I have ever bought and then some! Thank you Jenny B! I would not be where I am today without you!

   I recently started…
Susan Schotten – Austin, CO

I recently started using your stickers on all my invitations, as well as the preprinted Hostess Coaching cards.
They save me time and have such a colorful presentation.  I do believe the stickers help draw attention to the invite and I can tell everyone about the business opportunity, not just those attending. I use the RSVP on Everything!

   It is working for me TOO!
Michelle – Beaverton, OR

Well, I have read all the testimonials on how these products have ‘boosted’ others sales. AND, I have to say, I think it is working for me TOO! I have been using stickers on all my invites and in my catalogs for several months now, and ironically, my average guests order has gone from about $40-50 per guest….to about $70!! I am very impressed!!

 Truly AMAZING!!!
Tiffaney Kelley, Coppell, TX

I am a Slumber Parties distributor and I have to admit adding the stickers to the back of my invitations have helped increase attendance. I have more people showing up to my parties and it’s amazing!!! I am looking forward to placing my next order so that I can increase my recruiting efforts as well. Thank You so much to the Booster! Jenny B is truly AMAZING!!!

  Increased party sales
Kat Quarterman NJ

I must say that I have been following the 4 stickers on the invitation and it has increased my attendance, gotten the guests there on time (which was a huge problem in my business!), many guests brought a friend, and ultimately has increased party sales!! Kat Quarterman NJ

   Bring a friend
Melissa Barrett – Scottsdale, AZ   (Monday, November 03, 2008)

I just wanted to tell everyone what a HUGE differnce it has made in my business to add the ‘bring a friend and receive a free gift’ sticker to my invites. My parties have doubled in size which in turn has double my earnings!

Great value!
Honey Saylor – Atlanta, GA   (Monday, April 02, 2007)

I purchased two of these packs already. They are a great value and perfect because they cover many of the areas. The stickers are high quality and even the ones that I didn’t think I’d use – I found myself using. Wonderful to start your guests thinking about your business and the gifts they could recieve by hosting!

Your’e A Winner
Wendy M. Lewis – Chicago   (Monday, May 22, 2006)

I have been in direct sales for 6yrs. I have been ordering stickers for a year now. My attendance has increased. I use the “You’re a winner” stickers and the guest always hands me there invites along with placing a order. I also wear the button “I love my job ask me why” I have picked up recurits every where I go. I have that button on and it never fails anyone that have contact with me ask why do you love your job. I cannot count how parties have been booked from that button. Jenny, I have to admit that putting your stickers on my invites and on my catalogs and just everything has made my business grow.  I just want to say thank you. Also the telephone calls from your staff make my day.

Sarah Mattar – Aloha, OR   (Tuesday, March 14, 2006)

I love the looks of these stickers and I love the fact that they jump out at you when you see them on catalogs, invites and flyers. I’m so glad my leader gave me the name of this website.
Keep up the great work!!

Laura Love – Kelley,IA   (Tuesday, March 07, 2006)

I placed my first order with the booster and received it the other day – I LOVED everything! It was better then Christmas! I really look forward to using all of the items I got. I really believe in these products and love reading all the helpful hints and tips on the website. I couldn’t sleep the night I got my order – I was too busy coming up with all kinds of ideas on how to use the items I got. It was exciting. I am building a downline and will be referring EVERYONE I recruit to use the Booster products! They are awesome and I really believe that utilizing these products will definately BOOST my business! Thanks a bunch! You guys are great!!

Lenore Wossidlo – Pittsburgh, PA   (Sunday, March 05, 2006)

I have been in direct sales for 11 years, and I just started using stickers on my invitations on a REGULAR basis. At my last party in February, we had low attendance, even though the hostess and I did all the right coaching, etc. etc. But the party ended up at over $500 and one person joined. I truly believe that all the stickers on the invitation made a difference because when we made the reminder calls, people ‘remembered’ our invitation.

Mindy – Keflavik Iceland   (Sunday, March 05, 2006)

I love the booster stickers, because I can promote my business without even saying anything verbally, it’s all on the sticker. Since using booster, I have more than tripled my business and recruiting. I went from having about $600 in sales and no consultants every month to over $4000 and 3 Consultants signing each month. Booster stickers really help. Thank you Booster.

4 Stickers per invitation
Kimber Boshers – Pulaski, TN   (Saturday, March 04, 2006)

I have been with my direct sales company for 4 years and, after getting off to a GREAT start in 2006, I decided to track back through the years and see what progress I’ve made. I discovered that in previous years my highest January sales fell under $500 and my highest February sales were just over $800. In 2006, I had over $2600 for each of those months!!! I didn’t hold more shows, I simply had much higher attendance and a better prepared hostess!! I encourage everyone on my team to use those 4 stickers per invitation AND implement the Host Follow Up Erase board… they’ll make a HUGE difference.

 Please SHARE your testimonial below in the comments!

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T0-01 — Success Starter Packs-Take your business to the next level!

T0-01 Starter Pack Training

  Please note, the AUDIO below was recorded a while ago and the pack has changed slightly.  Below is what currently comes in the packs. (There have even been a few changes to the K-Success Packs since this was originally posted.  What is shown on the WEBSITE (see the links below) is current.)

Click this link to hear Jenny B explain the benefits of the Success Packs!    


For those of you who don’t know about The Booster and what we offer, let me share a little taste (and a reminder to others.) We have been in business over 30 years with the goal to help you BOOST your business! We’ve developed thousands of products to help you in every key area of your business!

We offer FREE TRAINING (check out our blog and website) and products to BOOST every Key such as Boosting Bookings, Improving hostess coaching, Boosting Attendance, Boosting Sales, Improving Customer Service, and Boosting Recruit leads and recruits. For leaders we also offer motivational and recognition products. We also offer seasonal items and company specific items!

The PRODUCTS make implementing the Training EASY and AFFORDABLE! We have hundreds of sticker designs plus postcards, buttons, bookmarks and so much more.

Our customers tell us their sales DOUBLE or TRIPLE as they begin to use our products in their business.


Our “System Dividers” (V1003) which include training also make it EASY to file your stickers (as most of our stickers come 3 hole punched for easy filing!)

Now, we wanted to make it EASY to implement the TRAINING for EVERY PARTY so we developed the “10 Steps to Successful Parties! System! This system integrates ALL the KEYS into EVERY party so EVERY party can be as successful as possible!

But you have lots of parties in various stages going on all the time, so how do you keep track of what needs to be done?

We developed the “Party Show Checklist” which is part of our System Dividers. You make copies of the checklist and fill out one for every hostess. Then as you complete each step you just fill in the info! Once the party is complete there is even a place for you to evaluate each party so when you rebook that hostess you know what worked and what didn’t!

I’ll explain ONE of the concepts we teach, but first let me ask some questions.

How many people do you invite on average to a party or show? Since I’m not there  with you  I’ll tell you what most answer :30.

How many people come? Average answer is 8-10.

So if you invite 30 and 10 people come, how many are learning that you offer both booking and recruiting opportunities? The 10 that come, right?

But, how many are NOT learning that you offer both booking and recruiting opportunities? 20 that don’t come!


But what if you put both a booking sticker such as “Why Pay Full Price? Free is twice as nice!” and recruiting sticker such as “Full time Pay- part time hours” on EVERY INVITATION? How many would be learning that you have both booking and recruiting opportunities? YES, All 30! You are mailing the invitations anyway, why not get the most bang for your buck?

The object is to PLANT SEEDS everywhere! You never know how many of the seeds will grow, but the odds are much better if you PLANT THEM than if you just wait for volunteers!

We recommend you put FOUR stickers on every invitation, YES FOUR! Why, because they are PROVEN TO WORK to double or triple your sales!

TIffaney wrote:

I have to admit adding the stickers my invitations has helped increase attendance. I have more people showing up to my parties and it’s amazing!!! 

ABCD Formula

If the B for Benefit is > C for Cost = DO IT!

Now, let me teach you about the ABCD formula.

The A stands for “A Success Formula!” (I had to get the A in there because the rest of the formula goes like this:)

If the B for Benefits is greater than the C for Cost = D Do IT!

Doesn’t that make sense? If the Benefit is greater than the cost then DO IT!

Now, I said we recommend 4 stickers but so far I’ve only mentioned Booking & Recruiting. The THIRD sticker is a BRING A FRIEND type of sticker and we have LOTS of different ones to choose from.  Let’s put the formula to the test.

So let’s use the Key 3- Bring a Friend Sticker as an example:

It costs on average 50¢ to put a bring a friend sticker on 25 invitations.

How much PROFIT do you make if just ONE person brings a friend and that friend spends just $40? At a 25% commission you MAKE $10.00!

Is the Benefit of $10 greater than the Cost of 50 cents? Of course it is!

Now, I’m sure all of you are aware of the impact people bringing friends can have on your business but let me share another testimonial, from Ann Langdon:

Jenny B Stickers will change your business…

I have been using Jenny B stickers for a little over a year now. I have the full binder of stickers and I use them all! Stickers go in my catalogs, on my invitations, in my hostess packets, and on my recruiting folders. I mail post cards to potential recruits, hostesses, and customers when they show an interest in my business.

I won the company trip to Hawaii last year and I don’t think I would have were not for the stickers I put on my invitations.

Then Ann shared “Let me give you a recent example of what the ‘bring a friend’ sticker has done for me. I place these stickers on EVERY invitation I send. In February when my demo was done and I was writing up orders a guest walked up and told me she had come with her mom because of the sticker that said her mom would get a free gift.

This guest booked a show and asked me about my business. I gave her a recruiting packet to go home and review.

She called me 3 days later and signed up! She has continually been in the top 1 or 2 in sales in my Unit, and has even beat my Division manager in sales once or twice!

OH and did I mention that the first thing she did was order her Jenny B stickers for her invitations! She knows the value! Just think, if I had not put that sticker on that invitation she would not have come and I would have never signed up this great recruit!

You JUST never know what a sticker could do for you but, I can guarantee you that ONE sticker has paid for EVERY Jenny B item I have ever bought and then some! Thank you Jenny B! I would not be where I am today without you!


So, let’s do the math. First, let me ask … how much PROFIT do you make if just ONE person brings a friend and that friend spends just $40? At a 25% commission you MAKE $10.00!

The results!

It costs on average 50¢ to put a bring a friend sticker on 25 invitations. So that means you’d MAKE and extra $9.50. But what if the guest who brought the friend wouldn’t have come without the friend and SHE spend $40. Now your PROFIT is $19.50 for that 50¢ investment. What if TWO people brought friends?

Where else can you get that kind of return on investment? Certainly not in today’s or even yesterday’s stock market!

But let’s take it a step further… what if that “friend” books a party and starts a whole new party chain in a new neighborhood? How much would you make? And what if that “Friend” became a member of your team like what happened to Ann?

Is is worth the investment? Well I hope you can see that it definitely is.


Misty wrote: I am an advisor for Lia Sophia & I have been using Jenny B. stickers since July 2007. I have had many comments on the stickers I use & have even had advisors with different companies ask me where I got them. I have noticed an increase in attendance at my shows when I use Jenny B. stickers. And love that I can plant a small recruiting seed even before I meet my customers!

This is just ONE of the many, many concepts we teach.  So, let me tell you about the special PACKS we offer:

This pack is for those of you in the PARTY PLAN industry.  If you don’t do parties you’ll want the K-DS direct sellers pack.

The K-Success Pack

This is an overview of what comes in the Success Pack.

First we have a the K-SUCCESS PACK that includes a huge selection of products to get your started. It has 30 sheets of stickers, postcards, folders, buttons and more. It even includes the “10 Steps to Successful Parties SYSTEM” with the dividers that literally walk you through which stickers to use and how to use them to double or triple your sales. This is an $80 value for only $39.99! That’s a savings of 50%.


This Success Pack will help you to be organized and to take the steps to success.

Jen Burger – Falcon, CO  said, ” If anyone had asked me what part of my business I needed to improve, the answer would have been organization. I bought the ‘Be Great Pack’ and have already seen an improvement in my organization. The Party/Show Checklist helps me keep on track with what I need to be doing for every show. It’s so easy to use! The pen pal stickers are awesome and the training is incredible. There is so much packed into the binder I can’t even say which item is my favorite! It’s all so helpful! The bright colors and fun sayings help motivate me and staying organized for success isn’t such a chore anymore.


Now, this pack is just a taste to get you started and we have so much more to offer that I put together some other specials for you to go with this idea.


K Success Six Pack

Save over 50% on this great selection of products to boost your business

It is called the K-Success 6 Pack. 


The FIRST of the 6 packs is  the K-Success Pack discussed above!




A selection of 9 Combo Sheets of stickers

The  second one is K-START-B  a selection of 9 sheets of the  COMBO-B stickers.  It includes 58 different designs of stickers for a total of 576 stickers.  This is a $17.91 value for only $12.50.    But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%


K-Invite Pack

A selection of 8 sheets of stickers to put on your invitations

The  third Pack is the K-Invite Pack. This includes 8 sheets of combo stickers which is enough stickers to put the 4 stickers on 140 invitations. That’s enough for 5 to 6 shows for only $10.99. Again, a savings of 30%.  But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%



Keep your calendar full by using this board at your parties.

The    fourth pack is the K Prize Dots!  Pick a Date- Pick a Prize DOTS pack which includes the erase board to help you Fill your date book! This has PROVEN to work and all the details of how to use it are on our website.  Again, you’ll save 30% on the individual pack, but, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%


K-Pen Pal Pack- Stickers to put on your pens to SAVE your pens and plant booking & recruiting seeds.

The  fifth pack is the K-PEN PAL Pack which includes 4 sheets of our “pen Pal” stickers (enough for 64 pens) which you wrap around the top of your pen like a flag. It is EASY, they SAVE your Pens and since our stickers are graphically designed I promise, your customers will read them (and our other stickers) over and over again and then again and again subconsciously!



You’ll be constantly planting more and more booking and recruiting seeds without even saying a word! Then, when you DO mention it, it will register with your guests. You’ll be amazed! This is a $7.97 value for only $5.57!  But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%.



K- Postcards with Text Pack

You’ll have better parties when you use these postcards to keep in touch with your hosts.

The  sixth pack is the POSTCARD PACK (K-PP-T)  which includes 5 sheets of each of 5 different designs to help you with your hostess coaching.  (Designs may  vary from those shown- they ALL are Full Color NOW but usage will be similar.)  This is a $12.95 value for only $8.75.  But, when you get it as part of the 6 pack you’ll save 50%.

So, to save 50% on all SIX of these packs, just order the “Success 6 pack” below.  You’ll get them ALL for only $69.99! That’s a $150+ value for only $69.99!


These products truly DO make a BIG difference- Amanda Lula IN June 11, 2008 wrote

  “WOW! I’m #3 in sales! WOW! WOW! WOW! I can’t find another word to explain how happy I am being a Jenny B. customer!! I got a strip of stickers when I became a consultant Jan. 2008. I thought ‘oh these are cute’. I flipped through the catalog and really liked some of the things a I saw, but didn’t think I needed any of it. Well after a while I thought “it couldn’t hurt to try some of the products.”

I saw a difference right away. So I bought the System Dividers to help organize my stickers, I didn’t realize what a business booster they would be. So now I’m a member of the Key Pack Club. And because of all the help from my Booster products I was #3 in sales for the month of May!! THANK YOU JENNY B.!!!!!!

Now, you’ve heard in these testimonials about the “Key Pack Club”

If you truly want to take your business to the next level and especially if you have a team to train then this is your answer because the Key Pack Club gives you more detailed training each month on the business basics and $20+ in products as well as a complete THEME meeting plan and $7-9 worth of products to go with the theme.  See more details on the HOME page of our website. http://www.thebooster.com


In response to receiving her keyletter training and downloading the FREE Pdf’s for a   Key Pack Ann Ridout – wrote: These are absolutely fantastic! The training sessions of my meetings is now stress-free because of you! Thank you!

I urge you to TAKE THE CHALLENGE and see what a difference this can make in your business.

 Marlo Wiltse from MI, did and this is what she wrote:

I took the challenge! I met Jenny at a conference and decided to go ahead and buy the starter kit and used the ‘system’ on my postcards, catalogs, everything. Jenny promised me that my sales would double using this system and I can definitely say that they have been great. My sales average is over $600 a show and I am booking shows really well.

Another person who took the challenge is Marlo Boux Canada,

Create Synergy in your business!

Synergy: the explosion of energy to DOUBLE your sales when you do it all!

 THE RESULTS ARE IN! I began using the booster party plan sellers pack system a few months ago and collected the data from shows where I used the system and shows when I didn’t use the system and the results speak for themselves!

Show averages without the system: = 8 buying guests with a show total sales of $500/show

Show averages WITH the system: 9.5 buying guests with a show total sales of $642.77show!

(I’ve done the math for you) Average increase in sales = $142.77 per show x 8 shows per month = $1142.16 PER MONTH!

Cost of Booster Products = approx $5 per show = 40. Profit at only 25% = 285.54- $40 = $245.54 MORE money in YOUR pocket! (This does not count the increased exposure to your products, potential recruit leads, more hostesses etc!) Thanks Marlo for doing the test for us!


Now, all know we are dealing with a slow economy so it is even MORE important to get those few extra people at every show and let everyone know about the opportunities you offer. Let me share this last testimonial from Tia Johns 

 I am so thrilled with your products! I have purchased the success pack, random stickers, the ‘pick-a-date’ pack and buttons, but I must say the stickers are my absolute favorite! I put them on everything. By following the steps in the pack and divider system, my business is really starting to pick up and I am regaining my momentum. Using the stickers has really boosted the attendance at my parties. I finally joined the Key Pack Club, too, so I am looking forward to getting stickers automatically every month!

I am excited to hear YOUR success stories! I want each of you to be saying “Success is MINE!” but you are the ones who have to take the steps and follow up consistently to make it happen. We are here to help you- along with your leaders, and that is our goal- we succeed by helping YOU succeed. Please, take the challenge to make the most of every opportunity. You deserve it and you CAN DO IT!

Here is a link directly to the K-Success Six Pack on our Website.  You can click the links in the description for details on all the PACKS included in it by clicking the ACCESSORIES tab.  Click this: http://www.thebooster.com/k-packs-22/1977-k-success-six-pack-with-a-huge-selection-of-products-to-double-your-business-save-over-50-.html


This is the TRAINING CATEGORY LINK where the Starter PACKS are shown as well as all the individual products that are included in the packs.


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Booster Bingo Game

Booster Bingo Category in Free Training on our website.

Booster Bingo to Boost every area of your business!

The game is SO EASY!  Here’s a complete rundown complete with Graphics!

This is the game that started “The Booster” 30 years ago.  It was conceived to help you use your game time more effectively because instead of calling out number you are calling out your product names.  This uses more senses as your customers HEAR the name, SEE the products (if you show it during your demo) SEE the name on their game card and THINK about the product as they are trying to find it on their game card.

This Computer Game will generate as many cards as you require with the different product names RANDOMLY placed in the squares.  The more products to add to the list, the fewer duplicates you will have.

Benefits of playing Booster Bingo:

There are many advantages of using Booster Bingo at your parties. Here are just a few:
1- You are using your game time productively because instead of calling out just numbers you are calling out products, recruiting, booking, and sales slogans. This plants seeds in guest’s minds for more business.
2- It gets your guests excited to win something
3- It gets them actively listening to your demonstration
4- Increases chances customers will order products mentioned in the game (see options in game.)
5- Creates awareness of products NOT shown in your demo.
6- By using the FREE space option explained in game it encourages bookings!
7- Boost attendance by using these stickers on your invitation so guests know you’ll be having fun and they’ll be winning prizes!
8- This bingo game also helps remind you to incorporate booking and recruiting one-liners throughout your demonstration.

When you purchase the CD- you’ll receive it with your order.  Just put it in your computer’s CD drive and it should automatically load.

If you purchase the DOWNLOAD version, you will receive an email once your payment has cleared.  You will then LOG IN to your account, go to that order and click the DOWNLOAD link right below the products.  A screen will come up and you’ll click SAVE.  Save the program to a folder on your computer.  (This will take from 4 to 15 minutes- some with very slow internet connections it make take even longer)  Once you’ve saved the program, go to it on your computer and DOUBLE CLICK- it will automatically install.

Booster Bingo Game PackWhether you’ve purchased the CD or the Download the rest of this information will be the same.

The program will ask you to accept the license agreement- which in essence you agree to use this program on your OWN computer.  You may print out games for others but please DO NOT share the program itself.    We’ve kept the price so reasonable that everyone can afford their own game.

PLEASE NOTE- This game CANNOT be run over a network.  It must be loaded on each individual machine.  It will PRINT to the DEFAULT printer of that machine.

Booster Bingo Logo on desktop

This is what the logo looks line on your desktop.

Once the program has installed on your computer a BOOSTER BINGO logo will show up on your desktop.  To create your game, just click that logo.

The program prompts you to enter these three areas:

Enter your contact info

Here's where you put your name and contact info for the bottom of the cards

1- your name and contact info for the bottom of the cards

Choose header

Enter your heading for the top of the cards

2-Heading for the top of the card.

3- whether you want to create a NEW game or use an exsisting game you previously created.  You may save your games and then it’s easy to just print more cards!

You will  then choose:

Choose what you want in the Center Square

Choose what you want in the Center SquareChoose how many cards you want to print on each sheet.

1- how many cards you want printed on each page.  You will be able to print the cards 1 per sheet,  2 per sheet, or 4 per sheet.

2- how many  sheets you want to print.  For example- if you want 20 cards and are printing 2-up you would need to print 10 sheets.

3- if you want a free space in the middle (you may even add wording for that free space.).

Game comes preloaded with One Liners

You'll add your list of words you want to show up in the squares. 4- words and sayings to be randomly placed on the squares. The game comes preloaded with booking, recruiting and sales "One Liners" to help you to book, sell & recruit. You may use them, delete them, edit them. Whatever you choose. You will then type in YOUR list of words for the squares. Once you have the list, you can choose any or all of them to be on your cards. This enables you to SAVE the list but only use specific words on different games. You can save a setup (which saves your DATA ONLY) so you can quickly regenerate new cards at a later time

You can save a setup (which saves your DATA ONLY) so you can quickly regenerate new cards at a later time.

You can preview and print the RANDOMLY GENERATED cards and Master Word List. (You’ll print  a master lists-  to mark off as words are read for easy reference and the DRAW SLIPS to cut apart.

Here is what you’ll get:

The Header of your choice

The Header of your choice

The HEADER of your choice and the FREE Space of your choice

The FREE Space of your choice

The FREE Space of your choice4 game cards per sheet

Game cards printed 1 up- 2 up- or 4 up- Whatever you chose!


1- Cut the cards apart to give to each customer.

2 game cards per sheet.

2 game cards per sheet.

(Remember you can choose from 1, 2 or 4 cards per sheet depending on how you want to use them.)  For printing on paper and then using a pen to mark off squares- print 4 up.

ONE game card per sheet.

ONE game card per sheet.

If you want a bigger layout and plan to laminate and use eraseable pens or beans, pennies, etc. to cover squares then print 1 or 2 up.  If you plan to use it as a Host game (reminding her of all the things she needs to do) then maybe those you’ll want to print 2-up!  This game is so versatile, you can do whatever you want!

Master List- includes a sheet showing all the words included in the current game.

2- Cut apart the words/sayings from the Master List.  (They  in alphabetical order.  You’ll  mark them off as you call them out.  The Draw slips to cut apart.  (If you want to you can put the draw slips on items in your display and call them out as you demo the products.  This way you can direct your demo instead of leaving it random.)

You'll cut the Draw slips apart.

You'll cut the Draw slips apart.

3- Put the word strips in a basket or bowl (Or on your products in display as mentioned above)  and you’re ready to play!
4- Provide pencils to customers to mark off boxes (stickers, beans, pennies, or something to cover squares as they are called off.)


To play, your guest will just mark off the boxes

To play, your guest will just mark off the boxes

Complete instructions, hints and different game options are included on the disk!
Windows PC Compatible (Win 98, 2000, XP) CD Drive (for CD version) Internet access (for Downloadable version) Min 50MB Disk Space, Min: 128MB RAM. Printer

Order your Booster Bingo Game TODAY!  You’ll LOVE how easy it is and your customers will  have so much fun playing that they’ll want to book a party so they can play with their friends.

S32214 Come to my Bingo Party Stickers

Use on your invitations.

Be sure to order some of the Bingo Stickers (S32214) to put on your invitations to get your guests even more excited to come.  Everyone LOVES to play Bingo!

Here is the direct link to the BINGO GAME Category in our FREE TRAINING on our website:


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Learn about our website. This was a challenge to find specials- sale is NO LONGER valid.

Snag the Flags!  President’s Week Sale!
Good Feb 19-24, 2012

Find the Flags to get the Deals:  Over $20 in products for less than $2 in less than 30 minutes!

But while you are searching, you could find over $500 in products for $250!  Just watch for the FLAGS on the graphics.  You’ll find Stickers for only 75¢ per sheet, PR Stickers for only $1.25 per sheet!  Buttons for 25¢ each and Bookmarks for only 10¢ each!  Plus PACKS at great savings & more!
Quantities on some of the items at these prices are limited, so the quicker you order the better.

Yes, you’ll have to find your gifts (kind of like when you were a child and went looking — wasn’t it fun?)  But I’m going to make it EASY for you and tell you exactly where to find them!

Now, in the process, you’ll learn how things are laid out in our website to make it easier for you to find things in the future.  Our website works like most others, but we have some unique situations — we have OVER 2000 items!.  So we’ve created a system to make it easier to find things – but if YOU don’t understand our system, you may not know where to begin. 

So let’s get started!  I recommend you PRINT this PDF and then you can easily follow along.  I’m going to tell you EXACTLY where to go, and then give you some hints for future information.  (This information is here on my BLOG if that makes it easier to use the tabs along the bottom of your screen to go back and forth between the website and the blog.)

First, let’s discuss “The KEYS to Success!”  We have taken your business and broken it into 9 different KEY AREAS. (This is also explained in the NEW CUSTOMERS item on our Home Page.) We then use these “Keys” to sort the products.  See if you can relate to each of these areas:
Key 1: Get Bookings Booming
Key 2: Have Happy Hosts
Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance
Key 4: Get Sales Soaring
Key 5: Have Committed Customers
Key 6: Have Raving Recruits
Key 7: Motivate & Inspire
Key 8: Recognize & Reward
Key 9: Seasonal Success!

Now, don’t you want to have ALL of this for your business?
I’m sure you do, and if you are looking for help in a specific area, you can go to THAT Key and see all the products we offer.  We DO provide the “little things that make a BIG difference!”

HINT:  All our product NUMBERS match the KEY they are intended to help you in.  For example a Key 1: Booking stickers will start with the number 1 after the S.  For many companies, item numbers don’t mean anything but for us they do.  For example products beginning with: S= Stickers, PR= Stickers PRinted in our office, PP=Postcards, B=Buttons, PS = Printable Stickers (stickers you can print ONTO).   These LETTERS will also correspond to many of the categories!

Sometimes there are letters at the END of a product SKU as well- they give clear definition of what a product is.  For example if a sticker ENDS in PR it means it is personalized for you and printed in our office. A postcard that ends in CT means it is printed in COLOR with TEXT. Stickers that end in A, B, C, etc, means the SAME DESIGN is available in different sizes. A DS for Display Sign that ends in CD means it is like a card and will stand up in your display.  The reason we add the letter to the END of the product is so they will all come up together and you can see the different options available for the same product.

FIRST- SET UP YOUR ACCOUNT or LOG INTO your account!  Click on Welcome LOG IN or  YOUR ACCOUNT (upper right- below the search button)  If you’ve already registered on our NEW WEBSITE, enter your email and password to log in.  To create your account enter your email and follow the instructions.  Remember, this is a NEW WEBSITE (Since Sept 2011)!  Even if you have been our customers for years, you will need to set up an account on the NEW website.  NOTE:  Always refresh your screen when logging in to make sure you get the newest info.

NOTE:  You CAN place an order as a guest, without logging in or setting up an account but you will NOT have access to track that order or any order history.  There are also many BENEFITS of being a registered customer:
You’ll earn LOYALTY POINTS you can use for products of your choice.
You can TRACK your order HISTORY
You can  join our REFERRAL PROGRAM
You can create MULTIPLE WISH LISTS!  (They can be viewed from ANY computer once you are logged in!)
Some Sale prices don’t show up unless you ARE logged in.
The website will SAVE YOUR CART as long as you LOG IN!  However, be sure to finalize your order before a particular sale is over because once the prices have been changed you will no longer receive the sale prices, (even if the items are in your saved cart.)

Really quick, let’s start a WISH LIST!  You’ll see once you are logged in a PINK “MY ACCOUNT” section comes up in the left column.  Click on MY WISHLISTS.  Create one- name it whatever you like and SAVE it.  Then, as you are scrolling through the site and see a product you like, you can click VIEW and ADD it to your wish list.  Then, when you come back again, click on the wish list and select which list you want to view.  HINT: If you really like a FREE training idea, you can ADD that “product” that has the brief training and links to our BLOG to your wish list and you’ll have the link to all those products without having to add each product individually!.  Just for setting up your wish list you’ll get a FREE GIFT with your order, I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

Now, let’s find that $20 worth of products for less than $2!  On the 12 Specially Marked items there is a LIMIT of ONE!  The website won’t let us limit you, but if you order more than one, we will only SHIP ONE and you’ll be wasting your money.  It will SAY LIMIT ONE in the Top description line.  You’ll be looking for items with the FLAG in the graphic.

Our NEW website is so fast that it should take you LESS than 30 minutes (unless you get sidetracked and start reading some of the training or looking for the other GIFT products!)  Yes, we actually have OVER 150 total items on this Snag the Flags Hunt.  You will find some in almost EVERY category.  Just look for the BOW on the product.  There is NO LIMIT on these products so you can get them for yourself, gifts, whatever!  Stock up at these LOW prices!

Let’s start SHOPPING!
1– Shop ALL Products:  EVERYTHING in our product line is listed here.  They are divided by the TYPE of PRODUCT.  If you are looking ONLY for Stickers, you can start here.  Let’s find the first item:
Click on SHOP ALL PRODUCTS (If you click on the title- the SUB-CATEGORIES will show in the middle.  If you click the + the list will show below the header.  Then click on STICKERS.  Then TOP SELLING STICKERS.  Click on TS1-Booking.  Scroll down and you’ll find PR10670B  “Want it Free” Stickers for only 25¢!  Add it to your cart!

HINT:  Look along the top of the center section, you’ll see what they call “breadcrumbs” like from Hansel and Gretel, these tell you what categories you went through to get where you are!  In the future I will use the > symbol instead of “then” over and over again to show you what categories to click on.

2- Click on STICKERS in the Breadcrumb line.  It will take you back to the STICKER CATEGORY.  Now click on SPP-Pen Pal Stickers.  Scroll down and you’ll find the LSPP6101  “Serious Full Time” Pen Pal Stickers for only 10¢!  . Add it to your cart. The Pen Pal stickers are also shown throughout the sticker categories, but customers are often looking for these specific type of stickers so we’ve put them in their own category.  We’ve done the same for the COMBO sheets.  See some of the deals there too!

3- Go to the TOP HEADER LINE and click on SHOP ALL PRODUCTS (this takes you to the same category as mentioned in #1- just a different way to get there.  Click on OTHER PRODUCTS.  You’ll see a LONG list of categories.  This is to help you find SPECIFIC Types of products.  Click on TC-Team Cards.  You’ll see across the top that there are 60 items in that Category. If you go to the bottom of the page, you’ll see that you can change it to show 50 items per page.  Do that then click OK.  Then you’ll be able to scroll down to the bottom.. (You might find a few other deals along the way!   The item you are looking for is TC7739GC My Comfort Zone CARD with envelope.  Or, you can click on the SORT BY and select Z to A.  It will then be among the first items you see for only 10¢!  Add it to your cart!

Now let’s approach the products from the KEYS direction:

4- In the CATEGORY LIST click Key 4: Sales>Key 4: Postcards.  You’ll see there are 27 items in this category.  You are looking for item PP40572CT — Brand New Catalog.  It is on page 2.  But you can scroll down to the bottom and click on 50 items then OK and all 27 items will show up on the ONE page.  Now remember, our website is FAST, but we also have TONS of graphics to load, so it may take a few seconds.  Then scroll down and there it is for only 50¢/pkg!  For the fun of it, click VIEW.  You’ll see a larger graphic and you can actually run your mouse over the graphic and it will enlarge it even more.  If you click on the graphic, it will show even bigger so you can actually read the text.   Another way to make it bigger is with newer versions of Windows you can hold down your CONTROL key and roll your SCROLL in your mouse and the items on the screen will get bigger or smaller. Be sure to see the KEY 2 Postcards for lots of the SALE deals.  Quantities are Limited so get them while you can!

While you are in PRODUCT VIEW let’s point out a few other features. 

If you click on MORE DETAILS the page will automatically scroll down to the TABS.  The contents of the first MORE INFO tab is automatically shown.  This gives you general usage of a product and exactly what the GRAPHIC or GRAPHIC and TEXT reads.
DATA SHEET TAB will tell you the regular price on products, what basic KEY info so we don’t have to repeat ourselves over and over again and PRODUCT DESCRIPTION information telling you sizes, how many per package etc.
COMMENTS TAB is where YOU can write a REVIEW on a product, or read what others have written.
INFO may or may not have additional information in it.
DOWNLOAD- If this tab shows that means there are FREE DOWNLOADS that go along with this product.  For example this is where TEMPLATES would be.
ACCESSORIES- If this tab show that means there is additional training.  If you are familiar with our IDEA OF THE WEEK FREE TRAINING that we offer, you know I give LOTS of training.  Each of those training ideas are given a PRODUCT SKU and that PRODUCT is attached to each of the products mentioned in that training under the ACCESSORIES TAB.  There may be SEVERAL different trainings mentioned under a product.  This saves me from repeating the training and allows YOU to see a more comprehensive training and other products that relate.

 We are done here, be sure to Click to ADD  the postcard to your cart!  (You’ll see the item float into your cart in the upper right.  If you are actually in VIEW of a product, you can then click the BACK BUTTON and you’ll go to exactly where you were.  If you are adding products from the listing pages, the item will just float into your cart and you’ll stay right where you are.  Or, you can just click on the next category you want to go to under categories in the LEFT column (or the breadcrumb links at the top of the page.)

5- Click on KEY 3: Attendance > Key 3: Stickers.  You are looking for PR30902 Invited Fun time out for 25¢.  There are 114  items so you can either click each page, or sort by product name or even price to get the lowest price at the top!  Add it to your cart.

6- Click on KEY 6 Recruit > Key 6: Trip Buttons.  This is where we have 70 different Buttons to encourage people to ask you where you are going on your company’s incentive trip.  This often leads to greater interest in your opportunity because they want to go to.  You are looking for B64332 Ask me where I’m going Button for only 25¢! (There is NO LIMIT on this item, it’s not part of the 12 but I wanted to tell you how to find it.  It is a generic button anyone can wear.  If we don’t have YOUR location, we will Make up your trip location for FREE as long as you purchase a minimum of 10.  Click on  KEY 6 Recruit > Key 6: Recruit  Buttons to find B60615 Full Time Pay Button for only 5¢!

7- Click Key 7: Motivation > Key 7: Other Products.  You’ll see there are 90+ products.  You are looking for BM62618  Love to have on team BOOKMARK for only 1¢.  In the “Other Products” you’ll see K-Packs (Money Saving Packs including selections of products) Erase Boards and so much more.  Check out the savings on the PACKS!

Now we’re going to deal with the SEARCH function of the website. 

It is COOL and FAST!  As you begin to type something into the search, a list of 10 products will come up and you can quickly click on the item you are looking for if it comes up in that list.  If it doesn’t click the actual SEARCH BUTTON then the complete list will show up in the center of the website.  It may be long depending on what you put in the search field.  HINT:  If you make it too many words you won’t get much but if you can think of a specific single word the list could be shorter.

8- Search for the word Opportunity and you’ll see that over 400 items come up.  But if you search for the work Preparation there are only a few.  .  the PR70572 Opportunity Preparation Stickers will come up for only 25¢.  Other items that are similar will come up too!
9- Search by item number.  Yes, if you know a specific product SKU, type it in and it will come up along with any products where that item number is mentioned.  One of the things we did in creating our new website was applying the KEY number as the first number of the item (after the letter) for EVERY PRODUCT.  Previously our PR stickers and Postcards printed in our office used a different numbering system.  So, if you are trying to find a product from a number you have on a product it should STILL come up because I’ve tried to include the OLD number in the product description.  So let’s search for PR165 which is You’re a Gem Stickers.  We added a 80 in front of the 165 because this is a RECOGNITION sticker.  So, when you search for PR65, PR80165 will come up for only 10¢.  Add it to your cart!
10- Search by word.  Search for the word SHOPPING.  You’ll see there are 109+ results.  You are looking for PR41026  Easy online shopping for only 25¢.  If you were to search for “online shopping” there would only be 6 results.  Add the sticker to your cart.
Now we’re going to deal with some of the SPECIAL FEATURES of our website.

11- Click Key Pack Club Info under Categories.   Our Key Pack Club is a great way to get TRAINING and PRODUCTS delivered to you each month.  It has LOTS of benefits.  Click on KEY PACK CLUB INFO.  You will see SUBCATEGORIES.  Those subcategories show the products that are included in the monthly keypacks.  You can click on them to see what’s in them.  Now, BELOW those categories are some actual products.  This is where you learn about the Key Pack Club and JOIN the club by adding that item to your cart.  Be sure to click the DOWNLOAD TAB and download the Key Pack Club info for all the details and BENEFITS of joining the key pack club.  As a member of the KPC you get an automatic 10% discount on EVERYTHING on our website and save an additional 20% on items mentioned in that month’s training.  You can save on shipping too by having items added to your Pack and sent with it each month.

12- Click on FREE TRAINING > T5-Customers > T5-2 — Is this how your checkout goes.  You’ll see the category header.  Then, below that is a list of all the products.  The first item (5-02 is the actual idea.)  When you click VIEW, you’ll be able to see the links to my BLOG where the actual TEXT of the training is shown.  Then there are links back to the category where ALL the products mentioned are listed.  You are actually in that category so if you scroll down you will see DS5737CD — Serving … drop order sign for only 5¢.  Add it to your cart.

13-  Click on FREE PARTY IDEAS > PI-5000 –General Party Ideas > PI-5001 — Mystery Hostess Parties.  This is a NEW feature we are starting.  We plan to give you all kinds of Party Ideas for General, Theme, Guys and Seasonal parties (hence the variety of category headers.)  Some of these were previously under the Free Training but we are moving them to this section so we can be more specific. 

14: Tags and Company Specific.  We have plans to put products into the Company Specific Categories, but for now they aren’t there (because it will take a lot of time) so the EASIER way was to use TAGS.  Scroll down below the TESTIMONIALS in the left column and you’ll see TAGS.   As we develop party themes they will be in this TAG, however they will not be all together like the will be under the Free Party Ideas category.  You’ll be able to click the TAG that matches your company, there may be some overlap.  While you are looking be sure to add items you like to your Wish List.

15- Dollar Deals!  Each week we offer different DOLLAR Deals on products.  (Some may be Dollar OFF instead of actually cost of $1.00) Click on DOLLAR DEALS category.  We don’t have any items during this sale but each week we have from 10 to 20 Dollar Deals.

16- Idea of the WEEK!  Each week we offer specials and training.  This is the link you’ll click for the list.  You can also click IDEA OF THE WEEK in the banner across the top for the specials each week.  Just so you know, the PRODUCTS that explains the idea is what is shown in that category heading.  It has a link to the ACTUAL CATEGORY where all the products are listed.  Those categories are shown under FREE TRAINING and then the KEY area of the business they pertain to.  Remember, there is a T0- which is OVERALL TRAINING!  Click the IDEA OF THE WEEK category and add the “Make your Wish List” product (if you did) to have us include your FREE GIFT in your order!  Also this is where the 1¢ GIFT for filling out our Survey is. 

The VOUCHER CODE to receive $4.99 OFF.  You’ll add it to your cart for $5.00 and then apply the voucher when you finalize your order. 

 If you haven’t done the survey yet, Here is the link

That’s IT!  You should now have at LEAST 12 items in your cart.  If you added every item mentioned you’ll have OVER $20 worth of products for less than $2.00!  But hopefully, you’ve take advantage of the other Snag the Flag Deals you’ve found along the way.  You can click on your cart (Upper Right) anytime and make changes to your quantity, etc. 

You can still be searching for other SALE items with the FLAGS.  There is NO LIMIT on those items so stock up!  When you finish your order, be sure to put in the VOUCHER from your survey.
Once you’ve completed your order, come back here for some tips on finalizing and submitting your order.

A-  Click on the CART BUTTON (upper right) or in the cart box.  Your cart contents will be displayed as you shop but once you click on the cart you’ll actually see small graphics and be able to adjust quantities.

B-  Make sure to add the SURVEY GIFT (under IDEA OF THE WEEK SPECIALS) and then add your Voucher CODE from the survey.  (The Voucher BOX  is at the bottom of the totals) Then ADD to your cart and make sure it is applied.  (Remember there will be a VOUCHER in each week’s email and it will be applied the same way.)

C- Check your address and shipping option.  In the US we ship via the US Post Office.

D-Click NEXT to go to the Payment option:  Be aware, when you go to pay for your order, we accept MC, Visa, AMX, Discover AND Pay Pal.  Pay Pal is our processor, please click the pay pal option.  Then click to confirm the order.  It will take you to the page with the credit card or Pay Pal options.

E- Click to continue to submit your order.   You should receive a confirmation email.
I hope you had fun!  Have a wonderful President’s Day Holiday.  Or office will be closed on Monday the holiday!
Thank you for all your support!  Jenny B
Snag the Flags President’s WEEK Sale prices are good thru Feb 19-24, 2012!   Make sure your finalize and submit your order. 

P.S.  We LOVE helping you “Make a Difference!”

For your information, I’ve included this Frequently Asked Questions list.  This is also on our website Click INFORMATION in the left column.  Or FAQ along the bottom.
1. I want to pay with my Credit Card but the only option that shows is Pay Pal.  How do I put in my credit card?
Pay Pal is our PROCESSOR, just click the graphic,
click to confirm your total,
then enter Credit Card or Choose your Pay Pal account.

2. How often will you receive IDEA emails?
Usually once a week, sent Saturday night.
Sometimes we will send a quick reminder during the week.

3. Why aren’t Sale prices showing when I go into the website?
You must have SET UP an account and be LOGGED in for some
sale prices to show up!

4. When I create a Wish List can I view it from different computers?
YES!  As long as you are logged in.  You can also create multiple Wish Lists
to divide your products if you’d like.

5. My email changed, I don’t want to miss any!  How do I let you know?
Click the modify your subscription below and make your changes. 
You will also need to LOG IN to the website and make changes there. 
These are TWO different lists.

6. How do I apply my vouchers?
Make sure you’ve purchased the required product.
Click on your cart, scroll down below your total,
enter the Voucher Code in the Voucher Box,
then click to add.  You will see the voucher applied.
(if it doesn’t work, contact us BEFORE submitting order.)

7. How do I redeem my loyalty points?
You must be logged into your account.  In the pink box click on the LOYALTY POINTS.  Create a voucher- follow the instructions. A Voucher code will then be put in your MY VOUCHER section.  Follow the instructions above.

8. How do I redeem OLD coupons?
Click on: Home>Shop ALL Products>Other Products>Catalogs & Coupons> OLD COUPONS for instructions.

9. How do I get the Idea of the week (IDEA) emails?
Once you’ve set up your account on the website you will automatically be added to the IW list on the following Friday.  You will receive a Welcome email.  From that email you can manage your account or unsubscribe.

10. Why aren’t the newest ideas mentioned in the emails coming up on the site? 
To make the website display faster, it uses a “cache” system, which means it stores some info on your computer.  So, when you go to the website it brings up that “cached” info.  In order to get rid of the old and bring in the new, you need to REFRESH your screen.  You may actually have to begin clicking on things for it to totally refresh.

11. How do I get my purchased downloads? 
Once your order is completed you’ll be to look in your order history.  Click on my account and then the order.

12. How do I get FREE Downloads of Templates, etc? 
If they are available there will be a DOWNLOAD TAB in the actual product VIEW information.  Click it and then the downloads.

13. How does the Referral program work?
Once you have placed your first order, under MY ACCOUNT click Referral Program.
Enter info of the people you want a referral notice sent to.
The person you referred will receive a $5 voucher to use on their first order
Plus, once they’ve placed their order, YOU will receive a $5 voucher.
You’ll be able follow those you have referred under the tabs in the program.
This is a great opportunity for YOU to earn free Booster products as EVERYONE needs to set up a new account in our new system!  So refer all your friends, if they are already on our new system, you’ll be notified.  You can refer as many as you want, but only 10 at a time.
Keep this email for quick access to our links (or bookmark them)
• Our website:  http://www.thebooster.com
• Our Blog: http://blog.thebooster.com/
• IDEA OF THE WEEK SPECIALS: http://www.thebooster.com/305-idea-of-the-week-specials
FREE TRAINING: http://www.thebooster.com/86-free-training-86
FREE Party Ideas: http://www.thebooster.com/328-free-party-ideas
• Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/thebooster.jennyb
• We welcome your phone calls: 800-553-6692
Open M-Th from 9:00 am till 4:00 pm Mtn Time
If we’re not in just leave a message.
• Office email: jennybb@thebooster.com
• Website contact: http://www.thebooster.com/contact-us


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