1-03 — Put the FUN in FundRaisers

All kinds of ideas!

Fundraisers have many benefits to your business!

Let everyone know that you offer FUND RAISERS!

 This idea includes LOTS of information about fundraisers.  We will discuss WHY to have them, How to advertise, How to set up some prizes and competition to encourage sales, Rewards and Recognition for those who order AND those who participate, and an easy way to follow up!  So here goes:

A:  WHY are Fundraisers are great for your business?

 1. You have lots of people helping you generate sales.

2. Those sales are great for your personal volume as well as team volume to help you qualify for prizes.

3. You make a great impression on potential customers because they see you are helping a cause that may be important to them.

4. You get lots of contact names that you may never have had the opportunity to get.

5. You have many opportunities for follow up with those contacts for future sales and/or hosts.

6. You have the opportunity to motivate others. This can even lead to recruit leads!

7. Plus you make great money yourself for your time

 B: HOW can you generate more fundraisers in your business?

1.  Let people know you offer them! It is easy! We have several FundRaiser stickers!   Put them on the outside of every catalog. They are also great on your order forms or guest folders.

One gal told me: “I mentioned that I offered fund raisers to a customer but she didn’t say anything. Later, when we were talking, she noticed the Fund Raiser sticker on the front of the catalog and said, I didn’t know you offered fund raisers! (Was she not listening or what?) But I want you to know that little sticker generated over $3,000 in sales! Needless to say, I’m thrilled!”

2.  We also offer several Fund Raiser buttons! You can wear them or put them in your display.

3.  Send “Are you looking for a Fundraiser” Postcards to previous hosts or leaders in organizations.   Let them know what you offer, how much they can earn, etc.  We DO NOT offer this card in a TEXT format because there are just too many options.  However, you can purchase the cards and use our FREE TEMPLATES to print whatever you want.  Come up with the Benefits of doing a fundraiser with you and keep some on hand to give out at parties, etc.  If someone mentions they are very involved with their child’s team, or school, give them a card or send it to them after the party.  Or, order the C-PR and we can personalize it with whatever you want.

 4.  Several customers have told us they put together a Fund Raiser Packet which includes some flyers and literature about your fund raisers (what is required, what they will make, what you offer etc.) You can leave these little packs at businesses, schools, etc. Put the “Let me put the FUN in Fund Raising” sticker on these packets.

 C: Here are some suggestions of groups that are often looking for fundraisers:

 Church groups,
Ball teams,
Scouts (boys and girls)
School organizations or clubs (cheerleaders, singers, key club, language clubs, band, orchestra, etc.)
Pre-schools (to earn money for field trips, etc)
School classes (for field trips, playground equipment, etc.)
Community organizations (Lions clubs, women’s clubs, etc.)

Races and runs! (For cancer, disease research, etc.)

HINT:  At runs, etc. see if you can have a table where people can shop and a portion goes to the fund raiser.  There are often people standing around waiting for friends and family to cross the finish line.  Give them something to do!

The list goes on! Just keep your ears and eyes open looking for a need to raise money and offer the opportunity!

 D: What can you do to help your FUNDRAISERS be more successful?

 1.  THANK each potential customer before they even place an order. Put a sticker Thank you for your order (S50223) or “Thank you for supporting our fundraiser” (PR10135) on every order form! As your potential customers see this, they appreciate being thanked and will order more.

 2. Set up some goals for those involved.  You could have “Star” levels of achievement.  I highly recommend you offer prizes for ALL those who participate at different levels.  For example, you may want to have “Star LEVELS” for those who sell different increments but I also suggest you offer something that EVERYONE has a chance to win, with incentives of “The more they do, the more chances they have to win.”  For example: for every FIVE they sell (or dollar values) they get their name in a drawing for a grand prize.  This keeps EVERYONE working a little harder.

 3.  If your fundraiser is going over a period of time have “Spin to Win” segments where those who have sold ____ get a chance to “Spin to Win” for specific prizes!  Or, if doing all the prizes at the end, let those who have performed at certain levels get their name in a drawing where they “Spin to Win” for specific prizes.  Put the 12 prizes on the wheel an draw “tickets” for those who get the chance to spin.  Again, this concept keeps everyone working as everyone will have a chance to win, instead of getting discouraged because there are some “go-getters!”

 4. Motivate the students, or those involved in selling, (those who are getting the orders.)  Put “Go For It” (PR71079) or “Dream Big” (PR71033) or “Be a Star” (PR70431) on the information you give your order takers. (Actually we offer LOTS of Key 7- Motivational Slogans on stickers you can put on packets)

 5.  Offer encouragement!  If some are struggling send a “Keep on Keepin’ On” (PP70522C), “Put your Passion into Action!” (PP70533C), “Plan your work then work your plan” (PP70549C), “I Believe in you!” (PP70602C), Make your dreams come true… It’s up to you! (PP70611C), “Dreams DO come true!” (PP70627C), “Red hot headed for the top! (PP70641C), “Dreams in Action” (PP70739C), “Go for it!” (PP70748C) or “Be a star” (PP70747C).

HINT: If working with teachers or others who might be overseeing your group, give them a selection of postcards (both those mentioned in item 5 and 6) so they can encourage those who need it.  This can lead to this being a positive experience for all, as believing in, and encouraging those who are not doing as well may be just the thing they need.  Remind them that they can turn these slogans into positives while offering encouragement.  For example, for those who ARE doing well, they could send “Dreams DO come true!” with the note: “I am so pleased to see you working so hard to see your dreams come true!”

6: During the time your fund raiser is running, be sure to recognize those who have gotten orders for you. Send each of them a postcard such as “Wow” (PP80257C), “I’m so Proud of You!” (PP80302C) “You are absolutely Awesome” (PP80312C) or “Magnificent” (PP80595C)  or “You’re a Star” (PP82220C) during the event.  Then after the fund raiser is over be sure to show recognition to ALL who participate.

 TIP:  These PRINTABLE postcards come with FREE Templates where you can print your fundraiser information ONTO the postcards you purchase and then just fill in the blanks.  For example you could type: Hi _____   I am so impressed!  You are doing a terrific job.  Keep going and you could be one of our winners!  Or, AFTER the event is over, give a card to everyone who participated thanking them for their efforts.
7.  Put a “WOW” sticker (PR81080) (Or other recognition stickers- See KEY 8) on the postcard if they qualified for your “STAR” level (what ever that may be.) or are least achieving. Maybe by reaching just a little higher it will help both them and you reach a higher goal.

 8. Generate MORE interest in your fundraiser.  If allowed, let the local radio station or newspaper know about your fundraiser and invite people to participate.  Remember, this is an opportunity for you to MEET PEOPLE and get your name out there.  Pass on your profits and you’ll be rewarded in many different ways besides money.

 E: How can you follow up AFTER your FUNDRAISERS to build connections with those contacts?

 1.  When you process your orders include a “Thank you for supporting our Fundraiser” postcard in each order.  This postcard not only thanks them, but gives them more information about you and how to contact you.  See the verbiage we suggest on the TEXT postcard.  Remember, you can PRINT your own info on the GRAPHIC ONLY postcard, or have US personalize the TEXT postcard for you, we fill in your information for you!  If the orders are shipped directly or you don’t handle them, then just drop the card in the mail.  This is a way for you to make contact with that person and build a relationship.

 One of the benefits of doing a fundraiser is a chance to MEET new people!  You’ve passed on the financial benefit, now is your opportunity to develop those relationships to build your business and help others as well!  They MAY be interested in hosting a party so they can earn free products or they may be looking for an earning opportunity.  It is up to you to follow up and generate value from all these contacts.

Go to our website to see ALL the products mentioned in this training.  Here is the direct link:


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T9-01- MORE Halloween ideas to get leads

Mystery Hostess Invitations

Have invitations to your Mystery Host parties to hand out to the moms and dads of trick-or-treaters!

I’ve already posted a whole bunch of ideas about how to turn Halloween into a lead bonanza but I wanted to share a few more ideas (as we are constantly developing NEW ideas and products!)

Here is the direct link to that previous post:


Now, here are some NEW ideas:

Use Halloween as a chance to hand out invitations to your “Mystery Host” parties!  Yes, plan a Mystery Host party for the week after Halloween and use the opportunity you will have with many people coming to your door to hand out invitations!  They’ll know where your house is, and they’ll have met you, so this can make them more comfortable in coming.  We have LOTS of ideas on how your Mystery Host Party can help you with MORE than just sales!  Here is the link to the BLOG post:


I’ve added a whole bunch of new Personalized stickers to the Halloween idea.  You can use them on almost anything!  Whether you want to put them on candy, or samples of products, or mini-catalogs or use them as a colorful addition to a flyer you’ll find lots of different slogans.

To SEE all the products mentioned in the training
(There are almost 200 products so when you get to the bottom of the page, if you have a fast internet connection, click to have the listing show 50 per page and you’ll be able to see more on a page.)

click this link to our website:


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T0-15 — Play Bingo for Fairs, Events, etc.

Encourage people to STOP at your booth at a fair or event and play BINGO!

Boost your reputation and relationship with customers by playing BINGO.  Give them the cards at fairs, events, fundraisers, parties, and more to encourage them to visit your blog, facebook page, webiste, etc.

We have been developing some new ideas to use to create more interest in both fairs and fundraisers.
I’ve already posted all kinds of ideas, this is IN ADDITION to that. For those ideas see
Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-10 Events & Fairs to meet people on our website at http://www.thebooster.com
The object is to get people to get to know you so you can develop a relationship, which then leads to bookings, sales and recruits.

We offer a BINGO game (V1004-CD or V1004-DN) where YOU enter what you want in the different squares. (It is PC- Windows compatible- not for Mac unless your Mac has the capability of using Windows programs.)

You can personalize the card with whatever you want in:
— the center square
— along the top
— you can put your contact information along the bottom.

You can set up the game to have either 9 squares or 25 squares for them to cross off while playing. The program will create cards with the information scattered randomly. You may end up with duplicate winners, or winners that get Bingo at the same time since it randomly creates the cards. The more items you include in the game in relationship to how many cards you print, the fewer duplicates you will have. However, some duplicates are OK. Have a set number of prizes you’ll be giving out, but then offer a grand prize.
You can decide what they get when they get a BINGO and to keep the game going, you may want to go for a GRAND prize if they get blackout, or all the winners of the BINGO get their names in for a drawing of the Grand Prize. I suggest you give a relatively short time period as you want to maintain interest.

So, how would it work?
1. You would create the cards using the Booster Bingo program.
2. Print them out. You may want to print them on a colored paper. Or if you anticipate giving out hundreds of cards, print a set on WHITE and then print COPIES of the set onto different colors of paper. So, you may have one set on red paper, one on yellow, one on green, etc.
3. Create a GAME rules or an instruction sheet that matches the cards size and print it on the back of the sheets of cards before you cut them apart. Include:
(1) how long the game will last,
(2) where they can pick up their prizes if they win (or what the shipping will be for you to mail them their prize.
(3) A date by when they must claim their prize.
(4) If you’re doing any type a drawing, where they need to look for the winners and by what date.
(5) Your contact info will be on the front of the card, but you may need to include your blog, website, email, address, phone, etc. in this as well.
(6) Be sure to include that no purchase is necessary to play and HOW to prove that they are a winner.
(7) Proof could be they take a picture of their card and email it to you or post it on Facebook. They could make a copy and mail it to you. They could scan it and send it to you. Remind them that YOU have no way of knowing who has what card, so when they fill the card, they’ll need to show you.
(8) If your squares ask them to look for a product and asks a questions, tell them to write the answer in the square on the card so when they send it to you, you can see their answers. Or, prompt them to post on FB as well! (This will encourage interest in your game.)
4. Cut them all apart and shuffle them. Take them to your event.
5. Put up the Come Play Bingo Large Display Sign (DSL1604) at your event.
6. As people come to your booth give them a card.
7. I suggest one of your “squares” be fill out a contact information card at our event. (You may even want this to be your center square so you get everyone’s information.)
8. Have some clipboards with contact cards and pens attached to make this step easy.
9. Display some of the “Prizes” they can win! Draw attention to them as you give them their card.

10. The squares would include things they can do to get to know you better. (Ideas are below)
11. Be enthusiastic and invite everyone you meet to play.
12. After the event, post the things you’ve included in your cards on your Facebook page, your website, via emails, etc. Do something every day to keep up the interest.
13. As you have winners, celebrate and post their names.
Now, here are some ideas to get your brainstorming on what you can include in your cards.

KEEP THEM SHORT as if they are too long you won’t be able to save the game and the entire slogan won’t fit on the page.
• Reply to one of my emails.
• Book a party
• Come to a party
• Bring a Friend to a party
• Bring someone back to my booth
• Try a sample at my booth
• Take a catalog or flyer from my booth
• Like me on Facebook
• Comment on Facebook
• Comment on a post on my Facebook Page
• Send me contact info for a friend
• Have a friend contact me
• Set up an opportunity date
• Comment on my blog
• Visit my blog
• Save my blog into your favorites
• Place an order
• Purchase a gift
• Find ____ online-ask a ??
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find ___ in my catalog-tell me what page
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find advice about using ____ on my blog. What ????
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find something you can earn as a host
• How much to get our starter kit?
• Send me an email
• Ask a question on my Facebook Fan page
• Ask a question on my Blog
• Send me a friend request on Facebook
• Join my club
• Come to an opportunity event
• Come to my open house
(if you have one coming up.)
• Come see me at ____ event
(if you have something coming up)

HINT: You may want to include several phrases about Booking or ordering as this increases the chances that one of them will be on every card.

I’m sure as you get going you will come up with more clues for the game depending on what you offer and do in your business. Brainstorm with your team. If multiple people are doing the booth, you can print different cards for different people. You would need to recreate the game each time as you have to put in the contact info at the beginning. Better yet, have them purchase the game and make their own cards and then they can use them for different things.

How would you use this for a fund raiser? Every one that places an order would get a game card. Just give some cards to everyone who is generating orders. This is a great way to encourage those people to get to know you and interact so you can build a relationship and create a situation to build sales, bookings and recruit leads!

As I’ve been developing this idea I realized it is great to create a relationship with EVERYONE you meet. You could set up this game to be played by all those who come to a party, or, if you are doing “Turkey Trots”, “Santa Sacks” or the “12 Days of Christmas Contest” you could have copies of the game so everyone could play and get to know you. Just adjust your squares a little depending on where they will be receiving the game.

You could even offer game cards on your Facebook Page or blog, all they need to do is request one. You can scan it and send it to them. This could become a monthly or quarterly event for you. The more you keep your people engaged, the greater the chances they will order from you.
Another great thing about the Booster Bingo game is that you can SAVE the games and create different games using the similar clues and just change them up depending on the audience. It will take you just a little bit of time to create these games but then you can use them over and over again.
Have fun, and we WELCOME YOUR IDEAS for squares. Just post them on our Blog Post.

Download this PDF from our website for only 1¢

I’ve posted this idea in a PDF you can download from our website.  It is only 1¢.  To see all the products in this category on our website click:


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T6-04 — ‘Tis the season to build your team & dreams!

You can build your team and their dreams- learn more!

We often talk about recruiting throughout the year and the importance of sponsoring others onto your team in order to build a residual income.  Those of you who are building a team know the joys and struggles, the rewards and work, the benefits and sacrifices involved in helping others to identify, find and build their dreams.

There is so much more than ‘just’ sharing the opportunity and expecting people to beat down your door in a mad rush to jump on your ‘band wagon’ and earn LOTS of money by just signing on the dotted line!

If it were that easy, with our current economy and job statistics, your business would be thriving!  Now, for some it is, but not because of ‘pie in the sky’ promises, but by steadily presenting a vision of possibilities when people choose to take destiny into their own hands.

Unfortunately, there are still those who portray the business in such a way that all people have to do is ‘sign on the dotted line’ and money will just flow to them with little or no effort!  Those people who join with this ‘promise’ quickly realize it was just a pipe dream and become disillusioned and forever more have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to direct sales or party plan businesses.  They not only feel this way themselves, but they share this attitude with many.

So, how do we sponsor new members of our team while being honest in both our presentation and building their expectations?  We have many slogans of stickers, that reflect this benefit of “You really can make serious money while having fun” or “Make full time pay for part time hours” which some may say feeds into this expectation, but we also have slogans like “The only time Success comes before work is in the Dictionary” or “Dreams don’t work unless you do!”

We do our best to help you lay out the expectations of not only what can be achieved, but what is required in order to achieve the desired dreams.

Your responsibility as a leader is to help your team to understand that you are there to HELP them achieve their dreams, but it requires consistency, belief and work on their part.

So, how do you do this?

1) Make sure your parties are FUN and inviting.  Do your presentation in such a way that others will think, “I can do that!”

2) Plant recruiting seeds on your invitations and in your catalogs.  Actually, put recruiting stickers that present the variety of benefits of joining your team on EVERYTHING!  Why use a variety of slogans?  Because you never know exactly what a person is looking for!  Some may be looking for flexible hours, short hours with a good income, selling a product they love that can ignite their passions, being able to work their schedule around their kids, or even a night away from their kids that they are making money, not spending money!

3) Pay attention when you see that a seed may be germinating.  When people show interest in your products or the opportunity you offer take the time to LISTEN and then answer their questions.  Find out what it is that they are looking for and offer solutions.  Keep in mind that you might not be their solution and accept it.  But, if you ARE their solution, be clear on what is expected.

4) Let them know that by joining your team, they are joining a SUCCESSFUL team.  Reinforce that your goals are to help them achieve success by offering excellent training, expectations of their involvement and commitment to their own businesses, meetings, challenges, recognition and rewards.  Be sure to let them know that though they are expected to WORK to build their own dreams, you will be there to encourage them and give them the best advice available to lay the groundwork for their success, but that THEY must do the work toward building their own dreams.  You provide the blueprint but they must build it for themselves.

I suggest that you actually put together a sheet of expectations:
              (both what you expect of them and what they can expect of you.) 

— Let them know when your meetings are and that you expect their attendance (even far away team members can be involved through a conference call, or video meeting.)
— Give them new team training with an expectation and rewards for completion.
— Teach them HOW to get 6 bookings within 3 weeks of receiving their kit.
— Teach them how to do those first shows.
— While waiting for their kit, expect that they go with you and watch you do some parties.  Have them drive with you so on the way to and from you can offer training, critique and answer questions.
— Whether they live away from you or live close, find out from other team members about upcoming parties that they can go and observe.
— They will eventually find their own style, so having a variety of demonstrations to watch and actually be involved in will help them determine how they will do their own parties.
— You may want to be there to help them do their first party, both before and after, share their enthusiasm.
— Teach them how to host coach and the effectiveness of doing it well.

I’m sure you’ll come up with some other ideas as well, but I believe by doing this you will be giving them the blueprint for their own success.  By this level of involvement, they will know you want them to be successful and are willing to invest the time and effort to get them off to a great start.

5) Continue as you start.  Keep bringing new members into your team.  Continue to teach them how to get their business off to a great start.  Continue to train, motivate, encourage, inspire, recognize and reward your current team members.  Do this by having effective meetings where:
— when they leave, they have learned some new techniques to build their business,
— have a purpose and desire to build their business,
— are excited to share and bring others into your team,
— gain concrete tools to be more effective.

6) Recognize that while helping others to build their business, you are also helping them to build themselves!  You as their leader will be in a position to see people GROW!  You’ll be in a position (and part of the change) that as they become even more confident they’ll reach out and share with others.  Before long, you’ll realize that helping others earn and income and to grow is worth MORE than the money.  It is really what this business is all about!

Now, let’s talk about “The Season!”  The above advice can be used all year long and the advice I’m going to share can really be used all year long, but since we are at the beginning of the Christmas Holiday Season I wanted to focus on some specifics.

At the time I am writing this, it is mid September, 2012. 
— Christmas is about 16 weeks away.
— We are in one of the worst economic situations I can remember.
— Unemployment insurance is running out, or doesn’t even begin to meet expenses.
— More people have been consistently unemployed than ever before.
— The average household income has gone done by about $4000.
— More people are living in poverty than ever before.
— Gas prices, along with food prices are at either record high or going up
— People are looking at their children and wondering what kind of Christmas you are going to have.

All this spells disaster if we let it, but I believe you have more in you.  It is a matter of attitude!  What can and ARE we going to do about it?

— Christmas is still about 16 weeks away- we can’t change the date, but we can become prepared.
— Some believe that there is only so much money and it must be divided and distributed around.  I happen to believe that we can GROW prosperity, that it is abundant.  As we grow businesses and help others to start business we build our own economics.  This is the foundation of America and how we have become the richest nation in history.  It is up to us to change our attitude and focus on GROWING or own economy by helping others to grow theirs.
— Those who are unemployed WANT to be working again.  The traditional jobs may not be readily available, but YOU have an opportunity they can embrace and if they work hard, they can earn an income.  It may not be as great as in years before, but they can begin to build it now.
— The unemployment rate is high, but let’s reverse it for the sake of conversation.  If 8% are unemployed then 92% ARE WORKING.  You can recruit from the 8% and SELL to the 92%.
— The average income has gone down but people still NEED your products, either for themselves or as gifts.  YOU are the salesperson.  It is up to you to share the benefits of your products.  If income is down, then hosts should be UP!  Use stickers on your invitations so those who are low on money will want to come to see how they can earn some free.
— Those who are in poverty are LOOKING for opportunities – they can either be hosts and earn free products so enhance their Christmas, or they can join your team and earn the money themselves.
— Gas and food prices are up, so it is even MORE important to make every party or show as profitable as possible.  Follow all the host coaching steps we teach.  Make sure you are using the 4 stickers on every invitation so you’ll have as many people as possible to each party.  If they are not in a position to buy, they could be in a position to book because they want to earn Christmas Free, or join your team.  Be sure you plant seeds about your opportunities on everything.  Believe me, it is worth the investment.  Using stickers and postcards is just pennies that return dollars — many dollars when you look at the long term rewards of the investment.

So, we are back to this season, where people are wondering how they are going to provide Christmas for their children, family and friends.  They want this season to be joyous.  YOU have the POWER to be a part of the solution.  You have the POWER to change people’s lives.  YOU have the power to make a difference in people’s lives!  Grasp it and become part of the solution.  Everything you do now will position you to not only have a fabulous Christmas, but as the economy begins to break free (and I believe it will) you and your team will be in the position to grow your business even more.  You and your team will have made the contacts, you’ll have the hosts and customers who are using your products.  You’ll be in position to move from where you are to where you want to be.

We at The Booster are honored to be your partner in this growth and pursuit of your dreams.  Let’s roll….

In this category of products on  our website I’ve put some of the specific Christmas Recruiting tools and a few of the specific “dream building” stickers.  However, we have MANY other products to help you build your business.  So here are the links to ALL our Recruiting products.  There is AUDIO Podcasts of our Radio Show on Recruiting too.  Just follow the links to our website.

Here is the link to THIS TRAINING Category: T6-04 ‘Tis the season to build your team & dreams!:

Here is the link to Christmas Holiday Training: T9-03 Make this Christmas Season more profitable, which shows most of our Christmas products:

Here is the link to the RADIO SHOW where we discuss Seasonal Success for Christmas:

Here are the links to the Recruiting Radio Shows:  (There are two- 6A to plant seeds & 6B to follow up)

Now,is the link to ALL the Recruiting products:
Key 6: Recruit



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15 – Kick it or Keep It! Leaders Meeting Plan

Help your team identify what habits they need to kick or keep!

The longer you are in this business, the more training you will receive … but can you do it ALL, or do you even want to?  How do you know what you want to keep doing, or quit doing?  What reasoning do you use in making your decisions?  Do you just quit doing some things because they SEEM to take too much time?  Or do you analyze the benefits before making a decision?  Do you continue to do the things that bring you success?  Do you do some things just to stay busy, or do they really impact your business?

 I’m sure you’ve heard Einstein’s’s definition of insanity.  It is one of my favorite concepts.  We have it as a Team Card (TC70512) |(It is also available as a Greeting Card too (TC70512GC)  Give one to everyone and read it together.  Invite comments.

 EVALUATION is the KEY!  In order to make good business decisions, you need to evaluate your business.  This includes evaluating every party, your party display, you demo, your invitations, your host coaching, your offers, your techniques, and more!
 As I get home from conventions each year, I sit down with my staff and we evaluate what happened at those conventions.  We look at our display, our advertising, our prices, our sales, our incentives, the hours we are open, the amount of setup time, how busy we were at the cash registers.  We evaluate what we did right, what we did wrong and what we could have done better.
Then, we brainstorm ideas to how to make it better!  We come up with all kinds of ideas and then see if they are workable and if we think it would improve things.  You know, I’ve been doing conventions for over 30 years now and I don’t think I’ve EVER done one year to the next exactly the same!  Do we sometimes go back to previous ideas?  Yes!  But we are ALWAYS making changes, trying to make the experience even better for your customers.

Then there is our website.  We are constantly evaluating what we are doing online, how we can make it better, easier, more successful.  Again, we are constantly making changes, listening to our customers and trying to improve.  The bottom line is we want to be more successful in serving our customers, which in turn makes us more successful in business!

I’ve been watching the Olympics this week and it reminds me of this concept.  What do you think happens during their hours and hours and hours of training.  Why do you think they have a coach?  Coaches help them to see what they are doing right and improve on it, AND they help them to see what they are doing wrong and STOP it.

So let me ask again, are you analyzing your business to see what you need to “Kick” and what you need to “Keep?”

 Teach your team the ABCD formula.   A= A Success Formula
B=Benefits, C= Cost and D = Do It!
Here’s the formula: If the B for Benefits is greater than the C for Cost = Do It!
Doesn’t this make sense?  Evaluate whether the benefits of doing something is greater than the cost.  If it IS, then DO IT or KEEP IT!  If it isn’t, then KICK IT!  (Before sharing this example, pass around this sticker for everyone to put in their notebooks!)

 This is an effective example:
(because it helps to really see the formula in action!)
1: How much do you make if ONE guest brings a friend to the party and that friend spends $40?  (At a 25% commission you make $10.
2:  How much does it cost to put a “Bring a Friend” type sticker on 30 invitations?  (Average is less than 2¢ = only 50¢!)
3: Let’s apply the formula.  If the Benefit ($10) is greater than the cost (50¢) then DO IT!  Think about it, where else can you get a $10 return on a 50¢ investment?
4: Let’s consider the cost of your time:  How long does it take to put 30 stickers on your invitations.  Less than ONE MINUTE!  At $10.00 per hour that’s about 16¢.  So again, is it worth it?
5: Now, let’s look at the BENEFITS- plural…. how much do you make from the same investment if the guest who brought the friend wouldn’t have come if she didn’t bring the friend and SHE spent $40.  Now you’ve made $20 from that initial 50¢ investment.
6:  What if that friend that came booked a party and started a whole new party chain in a new neighborhood?  How much did you make from that investment?
7:  What if you meet your next new recruit at one of those parties?  How much did you make from that investment?
Encourage your team to use this formula as they are evaluating their business.  So many times we just don’t take the time to analyze  what we are doing in our business in financial terms, to really see the cost vrs. benefit relationships.  Remind them what the BREAK EVEN is.  For example, With the cost of bring a friend type stickers at 50¢ it would take putting the stickers on invitations for TWENTY PARTIES and not ONE person bringing a friend for you to just break even on this concept.

 Now, download the PDFs from the website and print out the Kick it or Keep it worksheets for your team

(This PDF is only 1¢ for our Key Pack Club Members or you may purchase it. It includes the worksheets mentioned below.  Follow the link at the bottom of the post for the links to the category on our website.)

 Go through the worksheets and ask questions based on what you have been teaching at your meeting.  Have them fill them out during your meeting.  Then, give team members time to think, respond and share how different habits and practices impact their business and their bottom line.  If you have a large team, you may want to divide into groups and address some of the different areas of your business and let group leaders respond.

 Concept: (continued)
 One of the greatest parts of this business is building PEOPLE!  This applies to HOSTS and TEAM MEMBERS.  I want to discuss HOW to motivate the behavior that you would like to see — to build STAR Performers!  I love this quote by Zig Ziggler because it is so true:

“Behavior that is Recognized and Rewarded will be Repeated!”

Think about it… when you reward your children for doing their chores, it increases the odds that they will do their chores again.  When you reward your hosts for making her reminder calls, and she has a good turn out to her party, the chances increase that she will book again and make her calls again!  When you pay attention to what your team members are doing and reward them for their positive actions, they will tend to do those things again.

But notice, the quote reads BEHAVIOR!  This same principle applies to negative behavior as well as positive behavior.  If you make too big of a deal about a consultant that has missed meetings (for no good reason) and chooses to come again, you may be encouraging others to miss meetings so they will be recognized when they come back.

So how do you walk this fine line?  Praise and Recognize ALL positive behavior.  In essence “catch them doing something right!”  In order to do this, you need to be aware and ready to offer praise and recognition regularly!  We offer LOTS of both motivation and recognition stickers and postcards.  Use them liberally in your business (and even with your kids!)

Build Star Performers Team Card

Give this to everyone on your team!

Give this team card (TC70163) to your team and ask them to put it on their fridge, mirror, or by their computer and ask them to remember that they have the chance to build Star performers and to be prepared to praise and recognize positive behavior.
 Business Basics:  
 Be sure to take time in your meeting to actually talk about BUSINESS BASICS that they can go home and implement immediately.  Refer to the Consultant portion of this keyletter training: This month is Key 9- Seasonal Success focusing on Christmas.  Pick some of your favorite ideas and discuss them with your team.  Take a few minutes and apply the ABCD formula to one or two of the concepts. This will help them to see the value and actually DO IT.  Be sure to print out the ACTION STEPS from the PDF of Key 9 you can download for FREE. (As a member of the Key Pack Club.)  Make copies for everyone and challenge them to follow the steps and DO IT!

EB7136 Make a Difference Erase Board

Give this to your team so they can keep track of their goals, what they need to do and keep doing!

  At he beginning of the year we suggested the theme “Make a Difference!”  In it was an erase board where you could keep track of things.  We have it available without the 2012 because this is excellent to use all the time!  (EB7136) 

The Board has 3 different sections.  First, a place to write your goals for the year.  What do you want to see happen?  You may want to include goals for self, family and business.  Setting goals that you will see everyday helps you to stay focused and envision what you want to have happen.

The next section is “What I will do NOW:”  We put this on the erase board because no matter what you teach your team, if they don’t go home and TAKE ACTION and begin to apply the things they’ve learned, there will be little benefit.  So, what we want to do is create a way for you to implement an ACTION step into every meeting.

Each Meeting Theme includes a theme postcard.  What we suggest is that at the end of every meeting you give them this card.  Have them write 3-4 things that they have learned at this meeting that they will go home and implement.  Use the Kick It our Keep It card for this meeting.  We suggested that they take this card home each month and transfer what they will do onto the “Make a Difference” erase Board.  Then, to mail the postcard back to you to be entered in drawings for your meetings.  The more they follow through, the more chances they will have to win.  During your meetings, do drawings from your “Make a Difference” Bag (where you keep all the cards that are sent back to you) and refer to their items and ask them to share their results.  This will inspire them to keep working on their list and inspire others to give things a try.  Success stories help to build success!

Now, the third section of the erase board; What I will KEEP doing.  At your meeting you’ll discuss what worked from the previous challenges they took upon themselves and you’ll ask the to think about which things they are for sure going to KEEP DOING!  When they get home, ask them to move an item or two they are going to keep doing onto that part of the board and erase the bottom section and fill it in with the new information.  This keeps the board fresh and interactive and it is used all year long.

This is really what our Kick It or Keep It theme is all about.  Too many time we incorporate something new into our business and then in the excitement of trying yet another NEW concept we stop doing what brought us success.  This board is to keep these new habits fresh and right in front of us until they become an automatic part of doing business.

 Since I gave the “Bring a Friend” stickers in our ABCD formula, I wanted to share this testimonial:

“Here’s an example of what the ‘bring a friend’ sticker has done for me. I place these stickers on EVERY invitation I send. At the end of a show a guest told me she had come with her mom because of the sticker that said her mom would get a free gift. She booked a show and asked me about my business. I gave her a recruiting packet to go home and review. She called me 3 days later and signed up! She was so excited she did not even wait for her show to her starter case! She has continually been in the top 1 or 2 in sales and has even beat my Division manager in sales! OH and did I mention that the first thing she did was order her Jenny B stickers for her invitations! She knows the value! Just think, if I had not put that sticker on that invitation she would not have come and I would have never signed up this great recruit! You just never know what a sticker could do for you but, I can guarantee you that ONE sticker has paid for EVERY Jenny B item I have ever bought and then some! Thank you Jenny B! I would not be where I am today without you!”  

–Ann Langdon – Tucson, AZ

Follow-up & Motivation:
 As mentioned previously, send postcards and use stickers to easily keep in touch with your team.  It makes all the difference in the world.  They will work harder, attend your meetings and be more successful when they know you, as their leader, care about their personal success.  This can be done quickly and the benefits are well worth the cost! (which is minimal!)

 Preparation List:
______  Send an invitation to your meeting.  Send an invitation to your meeting.  Use the Kick it or Keep in Invitation PP70737CT.

15-LMP-PDF -- KICK IT OR KEEP IT TEAM MEETING PLANFor Challenges, Recognition, and the rest of the Preparation List and the WORKSHEETS you may purchase the entire PDF on our website.  Click HERE to go the the category that shows all the products mentioned:


OR — Join our Key Pack Club on the Leadership Level to unlimited access to ALL our leadership theme meeting plans!  You’ll get a new plan each month but if you want to use another, you’ll have access to them.  Plus you’ll save 10% on our entire product line!

Click this link to take you to the Key Pack Info Category.  Just scroll down to read more info, join, or see the regular key packs.  (The INFO is also at the bottom of our home page!)


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Key 9: Seasonal Success- Christmas!

Make THIS Christmas Season your most profitable ever by using these ideas

The holiday season is a time when people are looking for gifts and a way to make extra money to buy those gifts.  Encourage your customers and hostesses to join your team, or book shows so they can earn free gifts.  Let them know that you can make their shopping easy!

The months before the Christmas holiday can be your most productive season of the year.  Make the most of them!
 In the party plan industry, the Christmas or Holiday Season runs from July through December.  To help these months be your most productive, use the ideas we’ve taught in all of the previous “key areas of your business,” and apply them specifically to Christmas.   Encourage customers to join your team to earn extra holiday cash, or to book shows so they can earn free gifts. 
Create an urgency to buy by pointing out how quickly the holidays are approaching. 
Let them know that you can help make their shopping easy!

1.  Key 1: Get Bookings Booming!
 Send postcards to your customers to get them thinking about how quickly the holidays are approaching.  Encourage them to book a party so you can help them shop for holiday gifts and get them for FREE.  Holiday Background and graphic postcards are available to print whatever you’d like using our FREE templates.  Or, purchase them already printed with graphics and text.   We can also print them for you with YOUR information!  See our Key 9 Personalized Postcards- Persona online.
 Use the “Book with me! Earn Christmas free” stickers (PR91040) or “Santa’s elf” (S900358) on the front of those postcards, in your catalogs and on flyers or mini catalogs that you send out.
At your parties, wear the buttons that say “Make your Christmas shopping a breeze” (B90644) or “Certified Santa’s helper” (B90643).   Also, use a variety of Christmas stickers throughout your catalogs.  Then, during your presentation, explain that you have a lot of products that would make great gifts, and if they book a party with you they can earn some FREE.
 See many more holiday slogans online under Key 9> CHRISTMAS! 
 If your datebook isn’t filled for the coming months use the new  “Holiday ERASE BOARD!” (EB1121).  You would just mark the dates you have available (one each week) and offer a prize for choosing a party on that date.  See the “Pick a Date IDEA” online under FREE TRAINING > T1:Booking > T1-01 Keep your Calendar Full! Pick a Date  for complete details.

2.  Key 2: Have Happier Hosts
 Just as you would throughout the year, remind your hostesses to follow up with their customers.  Use this sticker on your invitations and remind hostesses to tell her friends that you can make shopping a breeze!  At this busy and profitable time you especially want to avoid postponements and cancellations.  Get your hostesses excited about the added sales and bigger parties they can have by letting their guests know you will have ideas to meet their Christmas gift giving needs.  Use the “By Dec 1 you could be done” stickers (S900363) on your invitations.     You can even encourage them to put up a few Christmas decorations and play Christmas music to get them in the mood to shop!  (You can even use the Holiday background Postcards to remind your hostesses of the gifts she can buy.)

3.  Key 3: Attract Greater Attendance
 Be sure to use stickers on every invitation to help your customers understand that you can make their holiday shopping fun and  easy.  If your company prints holiday catalogs or flyers, use the “New holiday catalog” stickers (S90538) to let your guests know if they attend they’ll get to see new products, etc. 
 Use the “sticky” and “jingle” stickers to add a little humor to the invites while encouraging them to come!
 You could also use the “holiday background” postcards as invitations to parties or an open house!  (See the suggested text online!)  Print some of your gift ideas on the card and let them know you will have new products and ideas at the party.  Use printable stickers to encourage them to bring along their “gift” list or to “Do their holiday shopping early!” (See our website for even more ideas) 

4.  Key 4: Get Sales Soaring!
 Gift wrap some of your products and  give your customers ideas of different ways to use and give your products.   
 Use stickers like the “Shop from you seat” Christmas set (S96471) and “Your Christmas gift solution” (S40257) throughout your catalog to remind them to do their Christmas shopping at the party. 
 Remind your guests of how you help them avoid long lines at the mall!  Put this sticker on the front of your catalogs or folders.
 Play a “Gift List” game, (see the FREE PDF online- It’s included in the Key 9 Training Letter) inviting your guests to make a list of all the people for whom they need gifts for the holidays. (See the gift list stickers we have online too!)  Remind them of co-workers, office party exchange gifts, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and extended family as well as their immediate family.  Give a prize to the person with the most names.  Then, when you show an item they could use for a gift for someone on their list have them call out WHY it would be great for that person. Suggest they write down gift ideas by the names on their list. (Have a nice prize that passes around from person to person as they volunteer information.  The last person who has it when you finish your demo gets to keep the prize.)
 Put the “Husband Called” sticker on the front of your catalogs.  Then use the smaller “Don’t wait for the elf” stickers on pages in your catalog.
 Offer “gift cards!”  They are all the rage and are the “Christmas Gift Solution” for those “hard to buy for” people!!  Use the “Shopping hard?  I’ve got gift cards!” stickers (PR44361B) on your invitations.  Use the larger one (PR44361A) on the front of your catalogs.   Big companies offer them and now you can too!  Our cards are available preprinted with the spaces for you to fill out “Who” they redeem them with, the dollar value etc. (BC4304T)
 The cards come with NO the text on the back (BC4304)  so you can type whatever you want on them.  They come 10-up on a sheet and a FREE template is available on our website with spaces to fill in the text you want. (Or they match Avery Template 8371.)  Your customer would fill in the “to – from” info on the front! 
 The gift cards that are blank on the back (BC4304) could also be given to customers who purchase gifts from you to use as “to – from gift tags.”  Print your contact info on the back so the receiver of the gift will know who to call for more of the products they received.  (We are happy to print your information on the back- order the item followed by PR and include what you want printed.)
 Offer free gift wrapping for orders over $60 (or whatever level you want which should be a little higher than your average order amount.)  This will get your customers to spend a little extra at the party so they can get the free gift wrapping.  Put the free gift wrapping sticker (S42272) on your catalogs and order forms to get your customers to ask for details.
 Use this sticker to remind them to BUY IT NOW and their holiday worries are over because they can put it away … (S900528)
 Put the NEW Display Sign CARD up in your display as a constant reminder.
 Use the  Postcards to send to previous customers letting them know how to get a new catalog, remind them of what they can earn when the do a show, about specials, etc.  Add additional stickers to the front.  Follow up with phone calls to get those outside orders and bookings.  (Read the cards included in your pack!)

5.  Key 5: Customer   Service
 Keep your business on the personal side by sending Christmas cards, or even “Thanksgiving” cards.  See the SAMPLE Christmas cards in your Key Pack.  Some of the cards come with just the graphic and you can print whatever you want (or us the postcard backgrounds) or order them all printed- or even customized!  Start now to fill them out each time you close a party (while the person and details are fresh in your mind.)  Then gradually work on the previous hostesses.  This way your Christmas cards are all done and all you’ll have to do during the busy holiday season is stamp and mail them. 
 Or, if your customer list is on the computer, merge and print your message onto the address size printable stickers and stick them on the back side.  Then, stamp and mail! 

6.  Key 6: Have Raving Recruits
 Doesn’t everybody need Christmas cash?  This is the perfect time of year to build your team!  Start talking about the holidays in July, and get your customers and hostesses thinking ahead.  Start putting the “Need Christmas Cash?” (S90531) or “Help Wanted, earn Christmas Cash! (S92205) stickers on all your invitations and catalogs!
Send your past hostesses and potential recruits, or those you’ve interviewed previously the “recruiting TEXT” printed postcards.  Use our suggestions or use our FREE TEMPLATES to print your own message.

Starting in July use the “Need Christmas Cash” stickers (S90531) on the Auction Money (V6127) you use or hand them out with tips, at parties, etc.!  By using this cash instead of just regular play money you are planting seeds over and over again as you do your auction. 

At the end of the auction give each person a “Recruiting Dollar” (V6658) with your contact info and a “Need Christmas cash” sticker (S90531) on the back. Tell them to keep it in their wallet and give you a call when they need to turn it into real money!  Also remind them that at the next auction party of yours that they attend, you will give them $500 to start the game if they show you the recruiting $100 bill.  Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill in their wallet?  Be sure to put the “Need Christmas Cash” stickers (S90531) on the back by your name & contact info.
Make this season the most productive ever!       

I know implementing these ideas will help you make your holiday season more prosperous.  You may be thinking “This season is already quite profitable , I don’t need to do these things.”  But why not make it even more profitable?  Why not turn $400 parties into $800 parties, or $500 shows into $1000 shows?  Why not get 4 bookings instead of 2?  Wouldn’t it be great to do the same amount of work, but make twice the money?  Work on all of the “key areas of your business” during the Christmas season, and you’ll be amazed at the success you will achieve! 

 Try using the “10 steps to successful parties” system (see the SUCCESS Pack on our website- you can DOWNLOAD the Party/Show Checklist) and see what happens to your business.  It is WONDERFUL!
 Remember, we have several other Christmas products available. 

 So, check out our website under Key 9- Seasonal! They really do make a big difference to your business.

Here is the link to the KEY PACK TRAINING CATEGORY on our website where ALL Key 9- Christmas products mentioned in this training are shown:

This PDF also includes a Holiday Gift list and Gift Occasions Game & Worksheet.

You may purchase this information as a PDF from our website. Click the link for Key 9 category above.  There is a PDF that you may purchase (but is only 1¢ if you are a member of the Key Pack Club- see below) that goes into this detail, with graphics and even a “Keys to Success Action Steps” section.  It also includes a Holiday Gift List and the Gifts for All Occasions Game and Worksheet.

We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to “re-invent the wheel!”  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

We keep our prices VERY REASONABLE, in fact, you can join our KEY PACK CLUB and receive a 10% discount on every product we offer as well as additional discounts on the products mentioned in the monthy training.

Click KEY PACK CLUB INFO Category http://www.thebooster.com/281-key-pack-club-info for more details.
We also offer a FREE RADIO SHOW where we discuss this type of training.  Here is a link to the RADIO SHOW that covers this topic:


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Key 4C: Get Sales Soaring by preparing Catalogs!

Get your sales soaring

Your Catalog is your STORE! Draw attention to your products with stickers!

Prepare your catalogs for fabulous fall (or anytime) sales!  Your catalogs are your most effective tool to generate sales.  Use stickers throughout your catalogs to draw attention to your specials, new items, gift ideas, etc.   Use our folders to add pizzazz to your presentations while planting booking and recruiting seeds. 

  In the party plan/ direct selling profession, most of you do not have an actual store.  Your catalog is your store.  It is where your customers can look for special deals, gift ideas, new items, etc.  Just as the stores mark their sale racks with bright signs, you need to draw attention to your specials and highlight certain products.

1.  Highlight sale items, new products, customer favorites and cash and carry items with stickers.
 Just as your local stores arrange sale signs and displays to entice their customers to buy, you should prepare your catalogs to highlight the items you want to sell.  Use a variety of stickers to draw attention to products that are great for gifts, specific purposes, etc.  You can print what you want on printables. (The colorful borders make them stand out.) Just use the FREE templates on our website.  Or, look under STICKERS>S4-Sales to see the selection we offer.  If items are NEW, or used for a specific purpose, CUSTOMER FAVORITES, etc. it is a good idea to draw attention to them.  Also, we are always open to suggestions for slogans “Pre-Printed Printables” specific to your business.  Call us and let us know what you need. (PR stickers)
 You may be wondering “why should I put stickers inside each catalog?  Is it really worth the effort?” 
 Think about it a minute.  Is it worth it for stores to constantly be changing the products they put on the end of the isles?  Do you think they would take the time to do it if it was not effective?  You know it works because when you see the display you are drawn to at least take a look and often buy. 
 So, it is worth it for you to draw attention to products? The answer is definitely YES!  Your customers will flip through your catalog over and over again at each party.  The stickers are designed to catch their eye.  Your customers WILL read the messages.  This is how you can highlight your specials, and draw attention to the recruiting information or hostess benefits.  Be sure to refer to those pages when you are demonstrating those products or explaining the benefits.  You can even use stickers to make TABS on specific pages to make it easy for customers to flip to that page.  Just put two stickers of the same size back to back with part of each on the page itself!

2.  Put your contact info on every catalog.
 On the back of every catalog stick an address label like “Call me anytime to place an order” (PSA4204).  Make sure it includes your name, PHONE NUMBER, and email so that anyone who takes that catalog home or gives it to a friend can contact you when they are ready to order or have questions.  Plus, these save you TIME.  With these you are sticking TWO messages at once and you don’t have to wait for the ink to dry as you do when stamping onto slick catalog paper.  Another added benefit is they look so professional and are colorful so they get noticed!  Also, we can print your web and email address and it is MUCH easier to read so they can find you- as you know, just one letter that’s hard to read and you’ve wasted your efforts.    (Printables are NOT included in the pack-  You can purchase them TWO ways online.  Either have us print them for you (We’ve just introduced 40 new designs you can have us personalize for you) or you can buy the Printable Stickers where you can use our FREE TEMPLATES to print whatever you want.  Think ahead and save with QUANTITY pricing!  How many catalogs do you give away in a month?)  Also, listen to Jenny B’s RADIO SHOW Week 19 for lots of details on Printable Stickers!

3.  Let your customers know they can take the catalog home, order from you anytime, and share it with a friend.
 Your Key Pack this month includes TWO combo sheet of Key 4- Sales stickers (SSK4 & SSK4B).  On it are stickers that say “Call me anytime to place an order ” (S40247) “Share me with a friend” (S40326) and “Outside orders welcome” (S40376).  By putting these on the covers of your catalogs you are encouraging them to order from you again after the party and to share the catalog with their friends.
     Please note that most of the stickers on the combo sheets are available individually as well.  We have printed the individual item number after each sticker mentioned either on the sheet or online under the main item number.  (See upper LEFT corner of each sticker sheet.)

4.  Remind your customers of upcoming events they’ll need gifts for and of monthly specials.
 Use the “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) “Gifts for every holiday” (S40492) and “Think ahead- birthdays, anniversaries, weddings” (S43117) stickers near products that make great gifts.

5.  Use Booking and Recruiting stickers to highlight specials shown in the catalog or inserts.
 This key pack also includes TWO sheets of Key 1- Booking (SSK1 & SSK1B) and TWO sheets of Key 6- Recruiting (SSK6 & SSK6B) combo sticker sheets.  Use these throughout your catalogs.  For example, if you are doing a special that they can earn a certain item free when they book a party this month, put the “Get this free” sticker (S10236) by the picture of that item in the catalog and refer to it in your demo. 
 Put the Key 6 recruiting stickers by items they receive in their “Kit,” or on the page where your company talks about your opportunity.  This changes the message from something the company is saying to something you are saying!  It makes it more personal!
 Use stickers on the FRONT of your catalogs.  Large or even “Pen-Pal” stickers  are great!  For example, use the “Every item has 3 prices” large stickers (LS1122) to get people really thinking about the benefits of booking or joining your team. 
 The “If your heart says yes, but your checkbook says no, book a show!” printable sticker (PS1612) is also great on the outside of your catalog.  You can print any message on the bottom half, or use it for your contact info.  You could print “book a show during October and receive any item half off.”

6. Remind them of your demo.  When your demo is over and customers are looking through your catalogs, wouldn’t you like to remind them about the specials, bonus buys, and gift ideas you’ve talked about?  Tell them to turn to certain pages in the catalog during the demo.  Show them the item and the sticker by it, so they can find it easier later. 

HINT: When a “special” changes and you are still using the same catalog, just cover  the previous sticker up with a booking or recruiting sticker of the same shape.

You could even create tabs on some of the pages by sticking a sticker halfway off the page and sticking another sticker on the back side of it. (They could be two different slogans or both the same.)  Tab the pages in your catalog that you really want them to turn to.  Draw attention to those items during your demo by saying “Please flip to the “Monthly Specials” tab (S40489) and see the item that is 30% off with a $20 order this month.”   Then, at the end of your demo, remind them to look at the tabs for the specials mentioned.

7. Prepare your order forms as well!   
 The impact of your order form is often overlooked.  Everyone will be looking at the order form.  Be sure to use it to send messages as well.  This is a great place to put the “Call me anytime to place an order” sticker (S40247), “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427), and of coarse a “Thank you for your order” sticker (S50223).

8.  Save your pens & plant seeds!
 Be sure to use “pen-pal stickers” as flags on your pens.  The stickers keep your pens from disappearing while planting recruiting and booking seeds!  Include a pen with pen-pal inside each folder so they have something to make notes with and fill out their order form with.  Your guests will read the messages on the pens over and over again.  Draw attention to them during your demonstration.  Ask if they have any questions. 

9. Put it all together in a guest folder for each customer.    The “Guest Folders” are a perfect way to make an eye-catching presentation that draws their attention to the products and services you offer.  Give each guest a folder containing the catalog you’ve stickered, sales flyer, stickered order form, pen (with a pen pal sticker), Customer Care Card and your hostess or recruiting info. 
 The folders are covered with booking, recruiting, and increasing sales slogans such as “Think Ahead… birthdays, anniversaries, weddings”, “Be a hostess”, “Earn some free!”,  and “Full time pay…part time hours.”  They also include “You are appreciated”  to make your customers feel important!
 The guest folders have 2 pockets and slots in each pocket for putting business cards or preferred customer cards.

10.  Keep attention centered on your products! 
 Sometimes at a party, people get talking about “other things” like family, work, etc.  It can be difficult to focus their attention back on your products.  An easy way to do this is refer to a sticker you know is in every catalog.  (Our customers tell us they find it most effective when you use at least 1 sticker on every 2 pages.  This gives you lots of opportunities to plant not only booking and recruiting seeds but REASONS to buy!)  Then throughout your demo invite customers to ask you the questions the stickers may ask.  Then those who participate receive a “floating gift” (something nice that goes from person to person as they answer a question,) or use auction money or tickets.  The one with the gift at the end gets to keep it!

11.  Make the most of catalog parties. 
 You  have no control over what your customers will actually look at in the catalogs when you don’t have a chance to do the live demonstration.  Use stickers on the catalogs that you give to hostesses for catalog parties.  Your customers will be drawn to the TABBED and stickered  pages.  For example, include a flyer in each catalog highlighting the specials.  Then, put a printable sticker on the flyer or front of your catalog that is printed with “see SALE or NEW items on pages 21 & 24.”  Be sure to use booking and recruiting stickers in ALL your catalogs.  You never know when seeds that are planted will sprout.  But you do know, if you don’t plant the seeds all you’ll be getting is volunteers!

12.  Use up old catalogs.
 Put the “old catalog poem” large sticker (LS4110) or the “latest catalog”  sticker (LS4263) on the fronts of old catalogs you have left over.   Leave them at doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, beauty salons, laundromats, work lunch rooms, etc.  It’s a great way to use up old catalogs that you’ve already paid for, yet still get your name and products advertised.  If a lot of items in the catalog have been discontinued you may want to include a list.

Try the ABCD formula!
A=A success Formula:
If the B for Benefit
is greater than the C for Cost
=  D Do It!

Let’s see how this concept fits into the formula:
 If you do an average of 2 parties per week with an average attendance of 10 people, that means you see 80 people per month.  Let’s say just 20% of those people (2 per party) increase their order by $10.00 because they were reminded about something on a stickered page.  That would have increased your sales by $160 for a net profit of $40  (at 25% commission).  What if 40% responded with $10.00 more in sales? ($360 profit!) Or what if this increased your average order by $20 instead of $10?  You can see how the few minutes and minimal cost of preparing your catalogs can make you lots of extra profit.
Ask yourself the question:
  Is the BENEFIT of an additional $120 to $240 PROFIT for 3 months is worth the COST of about $8.00 to prepare enough catalogs to last the 3 months?  Remember, if you do MORE parties per week with the same catalogs, your PROFIT is even greater!  Then think of the additional benefits of increased bookings and recruit leads and the money you make from that!  You never know where those planted seeds might take you.  But…

100% of the opportunities you don’t take! 
 Now that you’ve done the work to prepare your catalogs, make sure the don’t walk away!  Use one of these stickers on the FRONT of each catalog depending on whether or not you offer a “to-go” copy!

Here is the link to the KEY PACK TRAINING CATEGORY on our website where ALL Key 4C- Prepare Catalogs products are shown:


You may purchase this PDF on our website. Click the link

Included in this category is a PDF that you may purchase (but is only 1¢ if you are a member of the Key Pack Club) that goes into this detail, with graphics and even a “Keys to Success Action Steps” section.

We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to “re-invent the wheel!”  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

We keep our prices VERY REASONABLE, in fact, you can join our KEY PACK CLUB and receive a 10% discount on every product we offer as well as additional discounts on the products mentioned in the monthy training. 

Click KEY PACK CLUB INFO Category http://www.thebooster.com/281-key-pack-club-info for more details.
We also offer a FREE RADIO SHOW where we discuss this type of training.  Here is a link to the RADIO SHOW that covers this topic:


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Why do we celebrate Labor Day? What can it mean to you?

Did you know it has been celebrated since 1894!  Essentially it is to pay tribute to working men and women.
That is a great cause because when people are WORKING they are EARNING and taking care of their families.

You know, my grandfather taught an important principal.  He said, “Sales is King!”  Why did he say that?  As he explained to me, “It is when aSALEoccurs that everything else begins to happen!”

For example, when you present your products at a party and someone places and order what happens?  Well, you turn in the order to your company and they then place an order with their suppliers.  They products are shipped to your company, and in turn to you and then you give it to your customer.  (Now, yes, I understand that companies carry inventory so they already have the product as it is ordered, but if orders aren’t coming in then they don’t order NEW inventory.)

So, what happens at the companies that manufacture the product that was ordered at your party?  They are MAKING the product!  Think about it… how many people are employed because YOU took an order for a product?  Possibly HUNDREDS!  Let’s consider just a few:

— the office staff of many companies,
— the people in the warehouses, (from fork lift drivers to those who maintain the buildings and do the paperwork.)
— those who actually make the products,
—  those who ship them, those who transport them,
—  those who work at the trucking companies both driving, moving freight, dispatching, in the office, etc.
—  those who receive the products and keep inventory,
—  those who package and ship them again.
—  Those who clean and maintain all these buildings, trucks, and equipment
—  Those who maintain the computers, telephone systems, and other electronics.
—  Those who supply the energy, whether it be fuel, electricity, gas, etc. 

The list goes ON and ON!  You can see how interdependent we are on each other.  In many ways, we are ALL in this together!  Life isn’t like it was prior to the industrial revolution when everyone had their own farm and grew their own food.  We all come together to make this world and especially theUnited Statesa great place to live!

So, as you celebrate LABOR DAY, remember all those people who in some way or another touch your life because of the work they do.  From the person who picks up your garbage to the person manning the 911 emergency center in your town.  From the person you’re listening to on the radio as you drive your car to the teachers at the schools.  From the kid working at the drive-in restaurant striving to give you great service to the CEO of that company trying to provide you with a quality products at a fair price. 

Be appreciative and BE AWARE of what’s going on around you and all those who have been a part of it!

When we talk about LABOR it’s imperative that we take it one step further – getting PAID for the labor we perform.  We all want a fair wage for the labor we perform.  Some labors require much more training and therefore the people who perform them receive a higher wage.  Other jobs are based on the “prevailing rate” which generally is based on specific type of job, not necessarily the performance of that job.  And, yet others are based on what YOU DO and how much effort you put in.  Those are the “jobs” that generally provide you with an unlimited power to create your own income! 

That’s where YOU ARE!  The party plan and direct sales businesses provide you with that POWER!  YOU are in charge!  You can make what YOU want based upon YOUR efforts!  The POWER is IN YOU!  You must remember that the more action you take the more progress you make!  I hope you are CONSTANTLY learning to perfect your skill, that you are CONSTANTLY and CONSISTENTLY moving toward your goals.  I hope you’ve got what it takes to “turn setbacks into comebacks!” and that you are willing to DO THE WORK necessary to become even more successful.  You can build it!  You are in control!

Now, we all recognize that we’ve gone through a really rough patch in the economy for the last few years.  Some have dropped out, some have decided that it just isn’t worth it to do a show when it is only $250 instead of the normal $500 is was before this recession.  I hope that isn’t you.  I hope YOU realize that you need to stay in the game.  In fact, as the Disney movie states, you have to “keep your head in the game!” 

Those of you who are going out and having parties even though it is hard are on the right track.  You may not be making as much as you were, but you are POSITIONING yourself to be at the head of the pack when things break loose! 
— YOU will be the one that has met hundreds of new people who will become your customers once things get going. 
— YOU are the ones who have been taking care of your customers even though their orders may have been small. 
— YOU are the ones who have generated names and recruit leads.  You are the ones who are leading the way and will be the leaders of tomorrow!  I applaud YOU!  I applaud your attitude!

If you’ve been discouraged all is not lost!  Dust off your work boots and get out there!  Make contacts!  Get involved in the community!  Meet people!  Put yourself out there to make the most of opportunities that come your way!  “You can do it, you can do it, if you put your mind to it!”

As I mentioned, we are all in this together.  There are things we can be doing to make things better.  Here’s a few ideas:

— Get involved in your community
—  If you have a secure job, and money- spend it!  Don’t go in debt and don’t spend money you don’t have, but quit holding back!  Remember the example of what happens when an order is placed?  The same happens in reverse as we hold back- that is why the economy is shrinking.  Your dollar has POWER in the lives of others, use that power!
—  Have faith and confidence in the people in our country!   Entrepreneurs and small business owners are going to turn this economy around.  You are a small business owner!  Work it!  Get out there and SHOW WHAT YOU HAVE!
—  Do YOUR part!  Don’t wait for government to do it for you!  There is no satisfaction or self-esteem gained when others do it for you.  Have the guts to go out and make it for yourself!  (Remember, no guts no glory!)  Help your team to do it too!
—  Rise up over discouragement!  Keep a positive attitude.  Stand up for what you believe!  Be proactive not inactive!  Have CONFIDENCE in yourself!
—  Have faith, courage, and conviction that YOU can make a difference!

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T0-14 Back to SCHOOL — Back to WORK -mobile office

Yes, summer has come to an end and it is time to refocus on getting your life organized and that means getting your business organized!

If you’ve been reading through our training, you know that Booster stickers and other products have a tremendous impact on how prosperous your business can be.

Now, let’s talk about how having your kids back to school can impact your business! 

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time in your car?

A “Mobile” office in your car is the best way to be prepared for money-making opportunities!

This is an idea from Tina, a Booster Customer, that she “tweaked” a little from what she learned at a company training.

Due to the fact she spends so much time in her car (running errands and the kids everywhere!) she feels she needs to be ready to make the most of every opportunity to share her business.

Here’s how she does it:

“I keep a small box in the car with catalogs, order forms, business card, sponsoring brochures, etc., so when I am discussing my business with a new person, I have everything I need right then and there to get them interested!”

“When I’m not in or around the car, I put up a little literature box I made up from a cardboard soup box and painted, and decorated with Booster stickers. Our sponsoring brochures fit right in it, and I wrote on the box, “Please Take One.”  I hook the box on my rear windshield wiper, so when people walk past my car, they can’t miss the box, and a few people have taken brochures!”

“And, of course, I now carry a larger pocketbook, to carry catalogs and samples. I have plenty of Booster Buttons attached to draw attention!  I also attach Booster Buttons to my diaper bag so when I am at the park or ball games I can discuss my business with the mom while we watch the kids play.”

THANK YOU TINA for sharing this idea with all of us
(Tina earned a $25.00 Booster gift certificate – Congratulations Tina!  We welcome YOUR ideas.  Just email them to jennybb@thebooster.com)

Another idea is to make your “Wait” time useful:

How many times do you find yourself waiting to pick up your kids from school, ball games, practices, lessons, etc.?

If you are like MOST with children, it is a LOT of time.  Why not use that time productively?

Have some catalogs in the car along with a selection of stickers, so you can stick your stickers while waiting!  (You can also take them inside with you and be happily sticking while children are at ball practice, etc.  An extra advantage of this is that other mothers (or fathers) are bound to be curious as to what you are doing and start asking questions.  You’ll have catalogs right there to give them.

IDEA- if you have an extra set of our system dividers (V1003), fill a notebook with dividers and stickers to keep in your car so you have your stickers handy to prepare catalogs, order forms, etc. while you are waiting.

Use the time while you are waiting in your car to prepare postcards to send to your hostesses.    Get them all ready with your return address label, stamps, etc. so all you have to do is fill in the hostesses’ information and drop them in the mail.

Use this time to send postcards to potential hostesses (Key 1), customers, etc.  Be thinking of mailings you can do.  Keep your datebook with you so you have hostess’s addresses handy.

Now, with cell phones you can call members of your team.  Keep a selection of motivational and recognition type postcards handy in your mobile desk, so while on the phone you can jot them a “Congrats” type comment, address them, and get them in the mail.  Your team will be thrilled to get the card in the MAIL, not just an email and will put it on their fridge.   This will keep them motivated as they will see it over and over agin!

Keep the “Build it Big” book  (V7123) in your car to read, have a notebook to jot down ideas you are going to implement.  Read the training on the “System Dividers” (V1003) that are in your extra binder and try something new.  Or, use that waiting time to put the “Pen Pal stickers on your pens”!  Doing these little things keeps you excited about your business!

0-14 Back to Work

Listen to Jenny B discuss Back to work- back to school and Apples of Success.

Download the PODCASTS of our Booster Radio Shows and put them on your ipod, or burn them to a CD you can listen to in your car.  Instead of just listening to music, use your waiting time to learn new things.  Make notes of what and how you are going to apply what you hear!


It  IS possible to make use of all these odd moments of time so you can use your larger blocks of time at home for what needs to be done there.  Be creative, think about what you can do and organize your stickers, postcards, etc. so you can make use of them while in your car.

Booster products really DO help you to draw attention, in a very positive way, to what your business has to offer. We have tons of products to help you with Increasing Sales, Customer Service, and RECRUITING so place your order now to make the most of all those “Situations” where you are meeting many different people that you may never see again. Are you letting opportunities pass you by?  Remember, you miss 100% of the opportunities you never take!

Now that you’ve read the Idea of the Week, I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings about LABOR day and how it impacts YOU!…..



Download the PDF of this training for FREE from our website!

Here is the link to the category on your website that shows the products we are discussing in this training:  (Get the PDF of this training for FREE with an order!)


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Key 6A- Get more Recruits! Plant recruiting seeds everywhere!

Key6A- Plant Seeds- Create Sparks- draw people to your opportunity!

Plant seeds- create sparks- put out there what you want to attract back!

Recruiting others to your team can really increase YOUR paycheck.  Let everyone who sees your products, catalogs, invitations, or mailings know that you love what you do and that you can help them earn great money while having fun too!

Let everyone know how much you love your business. 
You never know who is looking for a new opportunity.

We use the term “planting the seeds for recruiting” throughout this training.  So, what does that mean?  It is an analogy between growing a garden or a plant and growing a team or a recruit.  It means to put a little thought (a seed) into your customers’ or contacts’ minds to get them thinking about the BENEFITS of joining your team.  If you wanted to have a garden you know you would first need to prepare the soil and get things ready to grow don’t you?  What would you do next?  Would you leave the ground alone and wait for volunteers to come up or would you plant seeds to grow something intentionally?  If you’re not planting seeds, all you are going to get is volunteers.  And yes, volunteers are great but a gardener wants to improve his odds by planting seeds.  Don’t you? 

This is the SECRET- to put out there what you want to attract back!  Then, when you talk to them one-on-one you will be able to water and grow that seed or question it into a new team member.  The following ideas should help you put the benefits of your business into the minds of your customers and contacts.  People will want to know more, and you’ll have the opportunity to share!

1.  Understand the advantages of recruiting and start doing it!
 There are big advantages of recruiting, such as getting direct commission from your recruit’s sales, earning bonuses and trips from your company, etc.  Make a list of all the benefits of your job, such as a flexible schedule, good hourly income, fun to meet new people, etc.  Once you’ve realized how wonderful your job really is, for both you and others, it’s easy to share it with them.  Remember to think of your opportunity as a GIFT that you want to share with everyone you meet!  Use recruiting (Key 6) stickers in your catalogs, on invitations, and all your papers.

2.  Start recruiting BEFORE the party!

     How many invitations do you send to each party?  How many people come?  How many people are learning that you have recruiting opportunities? 
The average consultant sends out around 30 invitations for each party to have about 8-10 people attend. 
 Those 8-10 people get the chance to learn about your opportunity by hearing you speak, but how many are NOT learning that you have opportunities?  The 20-22 who did not attend, right? 
 So, what if you put a recruiting sticker on EVERY invitation?  Then, all 30 you send invitations to will at least learn that you have opportunities!  Some may even come because they are interested in an opportunity.  Also, you never know, someone might see the sticker on an invitation hanging on someone else’s fridge and be interested. 
 But, it is guaranteed if you DON’T plant recruiting seeds there is nothing to grow.  So, start NOW to plant seeds by putting recruiting and booking stickers on everything! 
 The “Party on a Sheet” stickers (SSS4) give you everything to get started on “Booster” principles all on one sheet.  Read the directions and DO IT!  Give them to new team members to get them started Boosting their businesses from the start!

3.  Use one-liners in your demos and conversations to get their attention!

 Make your presentations fun and make them seem EASY to do, so people will think “I could do that!”  Be excited about your job so people will want to know more about it. Use the PDF handout to make a list of “ONE-LINERS.”  A one-liner is a phrase or short sentence that describes a benefit of joining your team. 
(We also suggest you use one-liners to promote booking.) 
 Try to coordinate each of your one-liners to a specific product so that when you demonstrate that item, you always say that one-liner.  (You can write the one-liners on sticky notes and stick them to the back of the items you are demonstrating until you get the hang of it.)  The idea is to just get them thinking, tease them with an idea, then quickly move on.  Plant the seeds by  creating curiosity and interest.
 Here are some examples of “One Liners”:
1) This item is in our start-up kit and you’d get it when you sign up to be a consultant.
2)  I signed up to be a consultant a few years ago, because I really loved this ___ and as a consultant I can got it for ??% off!
3)  If you’re short on cash tonight, talk to me later about how you can earn Free products or, lots of extra cash for just part time hours.
4)  I really love making full time money working only part time hours.
5)  Our team meetings and trips are so much fun!   Talk to me after if you’d like to come to some.
6)  The flexibility this business offers allows me to be there for my family, earn the things I love, and have a career too!
 We’ve found that incorporating the benefits of joining your team throughout the demonstration rather than one long dissertation at the end is more effective.  People don’t have time to tune you out because you quickly move on to other items in your demo.  (The PDF for the one liners is included in the complete Key6A training online. KEY PACK CLUB INFO > KPC-Key 6A Recruit > 6-Key6A-Plant Recruit Seeds ) 

4.  Hand out Recruiting Dollars at your  parties.
 Money always gets people’s attention.  These recruiting dollars really do the trick.  They’ve been one of our most popular products since 1991! 

The Recruiting Dollars (V6658) look like one hundred dollar bills, but they are smaller, (so they don’t get folded up) and they say “Short on cash?  I can help turn this into real money.  Call me today!”

Here is an idea about how to use the Recruiting Dollars:   First, write, sticker, or stamp your name and phone number on the back of each bill. 

(I also recommend that you put one of the recruiting stickers by your name so there is something to draw their attention to the back.  You could also include “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427), “Ask me about my monthly specials” (S40489), etc. stickers to give them other reasons to call you.)

In fact, make it easy on yourself.  Print your information on the “I love what I do” (PSM6502)  or “Could you use an extra $100 per week?” (PSA6208) Printable Stickers.  Then, quickly stick those to the back of each recruiting bill.

Then, at your party say “How many of you would like $100?  Of course everyone usually says they would.  Give each of your guests a recruiting dollar. 

Your guests will look at the fake $100 and say, “Yea, Right!”  So, you say, “No, wait, this is magic!  I want you to open your purse and put this $100 bill in your wallet with the rest of your money.” 

Wait while everyone does it.  Then say, “This is how it works.  Every time you look at that $100 bill, I want you to remember — I can help you make it real!  When you are ready, give me a call.  My name & number is on the back.”     Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill, especially when it is the only money left in their wallet?  This is a way for you to make regular contact with a person without picking up the phone.  It works too!  This is better than any TV commercial because they think of you over and over.  Even if they don’t join your team, they will know your NAME and how to contact you.

Now, take it to the next level:  as you begin to work with repeat customers you say, “Didn’t I give you $100 at the last party?”  They say YES, and you ask if they still have it in their wallet and to show it to you. 

When they do, give them a little gift. (You have then just planted the seed for everyone to keep their bill in their wallet so the next party THEY will get a gift.)  Then you can tease a little and say something like, “You haven’t called me!  When will you be ready to turn that into a real $100?”  (Of course you can include recruiting dollars with tips at restaurants too!  Be sure to get their name and number so you can follow up! 

You can now listen to this AUDIO TRAINING on this products by Jenny B.  You can even DOWNLOAD it to share with your team! Go to: http://blog.thebooster.com/t6-01-use-money-to-make-money

5.  Do a demo using the “Dream Bucks” and “Bill Bucks.”

Ask for 2 volunteers to help you with the demonstration.  Ask the first volunteer, “Would you like to do what I do for a living or have a part-time job for $10 per hour? (She will probably choose the $10 per hour job.)  Tell the 2nd volunteer that she gets to do what you do. 

Start to tell the story that person #1 went to work for 2 hours last Wednesday so she earned $20.  (Hand her 2 of the “Bill Bucks”.)  Person #2 did a party just like I’m doing tonight.  She also worked 2 hours, but she made $100. (Give her a $100 Dream Buck.) 

Continue the story with scenarios like… Person #1 was scheduled to work on Thursday, so she missed her daughter’s dance review while person #2 scheduled her party for Friday, so she got to attend the review.

Use these scenarios to help your customers understand the flexibility you have in setting your own hours, picking your profits, and socializing with new people every day.  See even more ideas online under V6660 and V6661.  These bucks also have places for them to write what THEY would do with the money.  Why do we have both BILL BUCKS and DREAM BUCKS?  So you can help people to realize they can make money in your business to just pay bills or to achieve their dreams!

6.  Use stickers and buttons to plant recruiting seeds!

 Booster stickers and buttons have hand-drawn, colorful graphics which are designed to catch people’s attention and give them a quick recruiting message.   They look like logos and the graphics are designed work with both the RIGHT and LEFT brain so they are first read consciously and then subconsciously read over and over again! 

Stickers and buttons get people thinking, and encourage them to ASK YOU questions.  Put a recruiting sticker by your name on every catalog, every invitation, and every piece of literature that you give out. 

Recruiting Formula to Success:
Say LESS to MORE people!

 That is why it is so important to put the stickers EVERYWHERE!  (Several stickers are included in this key pack.  Put them throughout your catalogs and on other literature!)
 Wear buttons to the store, to ball games, and everywhere you go.  These buttons show others that you are passionate about your business and get people asking YOU questions.  This gives you the opportunity to share about your opportunity.  Think about it, how likely is it that someone in the grocery store will strike up a conversation?  How much do you increase the odds when you are wearing a button that invites them to talk to you?  If you’re not wearing a button you could be missing opportunities!  How do you think people will respond to the “Extra $100” or “Full time Pay” buttons included in this keypack?  We have LOTS of Recruiting Buttons to choose from.  See them online under BUTTONS > Recruit
TIP:  Keep a selection of buttons on the visor in your car.  Before going into a store, choose a button, put it on and think: “What will I say if someone asks me about my button?”  Then decide what you will say. 

 For example, if you are wearing the “extra $1000” button, (included in this key pack) people will ask you “How?”   First ASK them what they would do with it (so you can better understand them and then BE READY with several responses. 

Practice them so you can say them with sincerity and enthusiasm because people WILL ASK.   Be sure to have a business card, some company literature, or a product sample with your information attached to share with your potential customers or recruits. 

Also, have a small notebook and pen ready to write down THEIR information.  Tell them you’d like to send them a card and ask for their address.   Ask them when a good time would be to contact them and FOLLOW UP within a few days as you would love to show them your products. 
 Be SURE to send a follow up card if you’ve asked for their address.  They’ll  actually watching for it!  Include a little gift like a Bookmark, magnet, etc. that has your name & contact info on it to really impress them.

6.  Send follow up recruiting postcards.

Send postcards to people you meet at parties who might be interested in joining your team.  Select 3 people from EVERY party who you’d love to work with.  Make a note on your guest list of something you found outstanding about them that would be an asset to them in the business.  Mention that in the postcard. 

Write something like,
“I really enjoyed meeting you last night at Sally’s party.  You have such an outgoing personality and I think you would be GREAT in this business.  I would love to tell you how easy it is! I’ll call you in a few days or feel free to call me at 555-1212.  Thanks, your name.” 
 Or use the preprinted TEXT cards we offer and just fill in the blanks!  It’s just that easy! 
7.  Let Pen Pal Stickers, Printable Stickers, and magnets advertise for you.
 Wrap the Pen Pal stickers around the tops of your pens so they look like flags.  These will not only save your pens from being taken home, but your customers will read them over and over again! 
 These slogans get your customers thinking about the benefits of joining your team, so when you ask them, they’re more likely to want to hear more about your opportunity.  This sheet of 16 stickers of 4 different designs of pen pals gives you a variety.  Watch the people at your party, they will be curious to see what is on the other pens.   

You could also customize the Large Rectangle size of Printable Stickers with your name and info and print any other message you want, such as “Join my team this month, and your kit is free.”  Then, wrap them around the tops of your pens or put them on your catalogs.   These also make great magnets.  Just mount the stickers on our business card size WHITE magnets (M10)!  Hand write, or use a printable sticker to include your contact information below the sticker.

8.  Brighten up your Party with FOLDERS! 
 Do you realize that the “Guest Folders” (V4119) and the “Hostess Folders” (V2670) not only hold your catalogs, sale flyers, etc. at the parties, but they are also great recruiting tools?  They have several colorful recruiting messages on them that WILL get noticed.  You’ll be planting recruiting seeds while they are waiting for the party to start.

Also, use the folders to put together “recruiting packets.”  Fill the folders with information about your company, the commission or earnings scale, company trip information, team meeting info, etc.  Have a few on hand at each party, or in your car, so when you talk to someone who is seriously interested in your opportunity,  you can give them the packet.  Then, ask them to read the information and you’ll get back with them in a few days to answer any questions they might have.

You have so much to offer! 
 Find out what people want and then let them know how YOU can help their dreams to come true.  Different people want different things.  Be aware and ask questions.

Spend 80% of the time listeningband 20% asking and giving information.
Even the WAY you ask plants seeds and gets them thinking about what you offer.  Here are a few suggestions of questions you can ask once you’ve gotten to know them a little bit: Do you need an immediate fix of an “extra $1000 per month?”  Are you looking for a flexible job that you could work around your children?  How much recognition do you receive at the job you currently work?  Would you like to have a job where you get recognized for your performance?   Look at the different slogans we offer in our Booster Products.  They are designed specifically to get people thinking, and to get YOU thinking!  Are they looking for the “opportunity of a lifetime?”

“LISTEN means Look InSide Their Eyes Now!”  
–Linda Lucas
Make yourself a list of scenarios of what people are looking for and how your business can help them.  Then, get some responses in your mind so you are prepared to answer questions.  Be enthused about what you do.  Care about the people you meet.  Find out their dreams, and help them achieve their dreams.  Plant the seeds, nourish them, and then watch your business and your paychecks GROW!   Be sure to ask every guest if they (or a friend) would be interested in your opportunity. 

If you don’t ask …. the answer is no!


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