C13111 -- Bee-cause Thank You FLAT CARD

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Motivate your team and/or remind them of your meeting theme with this card!

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Encourage people to Book a Just Bee-cause Party!  A fun way to have a party anytime of the year with friends or new!

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GRAPHIC READS: Thank you on the theme card.


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FYI: Questions about the difference between a TEAM CARD and POSTCARD:

Our PP- Postcards in most cases have a smaller graphic with room to write or print your message on the FRONT SIDE of the card.  They are printed on a medium weight cardstock (that meet postoffice guidelines) that is matte finish- so they can be easily written or printed UPON.  They are BLANK on the back.

TEAM CARDS (TC) and DISPLAY SIGNS (DS) are designed with the graphic, poem, etc, taking the FULL FRONT of the card.  They are printed on HEAVY (100 wt) SHINY Coated stock.  The regular Team Cards CAN be mailed like a postcard.  The back side is matte finish to easily be written upon, however, they come all cut and are generally too heavy to be run through a normal printer.  You would need to write your message and address on the back side.  However, they CAN be put in an envelope (available seperately.)

TC ---- GC (TEAM CARD GREETING CARD) are the SAME DESIGNS as the regular team card, printed on the HEAVY- Shiny Coated stock.  They are folded like a card, on the scored line.  They are MATTE finish inside the card to easily write a message.  They come WITH an envelope.

Key 7-Motivate & Inspireby using these products beginning with "7" to encourage behavior with your hosts and team members. (Kids love them too!)
C- FLAT CARD Individual POSTCARD---Each card is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2". Printed in Full Color on Bright Shiny HEAVY Cardstock. Priced individually. Back side is matte finish and can be written on. These cards can be mailed as a postcard, given as gift, or even put in an envelope.
A Regular Price forC-Shiny Individual Cards 49¢ each

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C13111 -- Bee-cause Thank You FLAT CARD

C13111 -- Bee-cause Thank You FLAT CARD

Motivate your team and/or remind them of your meeting theme with this card!

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