3-Happy Hosts- Packets

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3-Happy Hosts- Packets

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Having Happy Hosts depends on your Host Coaching- It all starts with giving the Host Packet to get her excited and help her know what to do.

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Imagine this:  

....  You glance at your host, she has a pleased expression on her face as she views her friends mingling and being excited to see the products.  You reflect on your conversations with her during the previous weeks, where your host coaching increased her enthusiasm and excitement. .  


This is the PART of the FIRST Paragraph of the training on putting the PARTY Back into Party Plan.   In this training we will discuss the importance of host coaching. 


Have $1000 Parties System


The training below is included in our "How to Have $1000 Parties" System.  This is out of the order from the complete instructions, but I wanted to go along with our "Imagine" theme and help you to understand what you need to do to have that "imaginary" party be REALITY for you.  In fact, we are going to go through each item described in that party to show you exactly how to do it!

In dealing with Host Coaching the FIRST STEP is to give your hosts a "Host Packet" so they know exactly what they need to do, how easy it really is and to get them excited for their party.

Mental preparation and physical preparation go hand in hand.  Which comes first I’m not really sure.  If you BELIEVE you will have $1000 parties but do not DO the things to involve your hosts and create an atmosphere for fun, learning and buying, chances are your party averages will NOT be $1000.  But, if you DO the things discussed in this training and tell yourself it is not possible to have $1000 parties, your sales will increase, but chances are you will come short of the party averages you desire. 

But, when you put the BELIEF and ACTIONS together you will be astounded at the results and so excited to see your sales climb to your party averages being $1000 and more!

When you purchase the SYSTEM, you'll get an overview sheet of the Steps to $1000 Parties.  These instructions will give you more details and explain how to use each of the products included in your system.  There are enough “Booster Products” in the pack to do at least 4 parties.  Refill “Packs” are available or you can order products individually.


Step 1: Prepare Host Packets

          Prepare Hostess Packets in advance and take them to each party.  This way you’ll be prepared to get the bookings and you’re hosts will get the information they need to get started right away (while they are excited.)  Make sure to include extra catalogs, a list of what the host needs to do before, during, and after the party, and how she can earn her free/discounted products.

Included in the $1000 Party System are the items mentioned below to include in your Host Packets:  We suggest you put them in the HOST FOLDERS (V2670) that are available in the DELUXE version of this pack or order separately  (The folders are a perfect presentation of exactly what is expected from the host.  It makes it EASY to give her what she needs and for her to keep track of it because it is bright and colorful)

        Fill in your contact info on the “It’s your Party with FRANK ”sticker S20345BC-A, then Mount  the Stickers  on the 4 Magnets (MBC10). The MBC Magnets are Sticky and so is the Sticker.  We also have M10 White Magnets.

        When you are going through the host packet with your new host, fill out her party date and suggest she put it on her fridge and that every time she sees it, ask herself the question, “What have done today to make sure I have a $1000 party?”  Suggest that when she is talking to a friend on the phone and sees the magnet that she reminds the friend to come and tells her that she is excited for the event.  Suggest that when she sees the magnet that she stop and put a post on Facebook that she is excited for her party.  Each little thing she does will have an impact on the party’s success.


When you purchase the $1000 Party Pack you'll get 6 originals for you to make copies as needed.   Fill in your contact  (or other info) info on each of them before making copies for your Host packets.  Keep your originals to make more.   While making your copies, we suggest you do 20 so you can put together 20 host packs at a time.  This way you are always prepared for bookings.  Being prepared will give you added incentive to get them out there!

Key2B-Packet SHEETS PDF to DownloadOr, you can order the DOWNLOAD (2-Key2B-Sheets to PRINT-PDF- Prepare for Bookings)  Originals to Copy PDF) of these 6 Originals:

Wish List -- To encourage your host to list the products she wants to earn.  When she has the list, it will mentally incentivize her to do what it takes to make the party successful.

40 guests in 4 minutes -- You can even use this as a game at your parties and let everyone fill out the game and see how quickly they can come up with 40 guests.  But, for sure, once your host agrees to have the party, let her fill it out and see how easy it is.


Guest List -- (2 pages- room for 42 names)  Once she has the 40 guests list, have her transfer the names to the actual guest list and get the addresses, phone numbers and email if possible.  You’ll be letting her know that YOU will take care of actually mailing the invitations.  All she has to do is get you the list back.  If she doesn’t have the addresses, suggest she call her friends, that she wants to mail them an invitation and to “Save the date” for her event.  Print this on WHITE paper so you can make copies and mail back to her.  Also include a “Stamped” self-addressed envelope along with the guest list so she can easily mail it back to you within the 3 days to receive her gift.


DOWNLOAD of sheets for Host Packets

BINGO CARDS -- Some have called this the “silver bullet” to a $1000 party because as the host does all the things on the bingo game, she is insuring a successful party.  There are TWO versions.  You can use the one where WE have filled in the squares and all you have to do is fill in the gifts they will earn and your contact info.  Or, you can use the BLANK BOXES original to put what YOU want in each box and add the gifts and your contact info.  Then, just make copies and cut in half.  You may want to copy these on bright paper so it stands out. 


Other items to include: A pen with a Key 6 “Recruiting” Pen Pal sticker on it. (Pen Pal stickers will be behind Divider 4.)

Anything your company suggests.
Catalogs for her to share (along with order forms)
Extra order forms
You’ll want to include some of the “Host Stickers” on your host package or info in the host package. (Host stickers are behind Divider 2)


Be excited to share your host packet.  Tell your host, it is simple to have a party.  We will ALL have so much fun and I’m excited to help you earn your “Wish List!”


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For even more DETAILS on Host Packets, check out the training which you can download the PDF: 2-Key2B-PDF -- Prepare Host Packets Training

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 3-Happy Hosts- Packets

3-Happy Hosts- Packets

Having Happy Hosts depends on your Host Coaching- It all starts with giving the Host Packet to get her excited and help her know what to do.

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