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Say it with stickers!  We are known for our diverse selection of stickers.  Learn more about it!

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Boosting your business is what we are all about and it all started with STICKERS.....

Believe it or not, some of the very first stickers we came up with over 30 years are still POPULAR!

I have to admit when we first developed the stickers I just thought they would be fun and then we started to hear from our customers how HUGELY successful they are!
I've created: T0-08-Stickers: WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY & HOW!   That includes a brief explanation of the W,W,W,W,W & H so I won't repeat that.  (just click the link.)

But I do want to share some sticker trivia and stories!

1:  Our Stickers WORK!  They get read over and over again!  (mainly because of the eye-catching colorful graphics)  but is also has to do with the fact that people are drawn to stickers!  They are the latest information, something extra and people are drawn to read them.  Think about yourself, don't you notice a sticker on an envelope or catalog?

2: At a convention, one of the gals shared, "I just love using the stickers because they keep talking when I stop!"  Think about it, how many times can you say "Have you ever thought of doing what I'm doing?" at a party, maybe two or three times?  But when the stickers are in your catalog they will read them over and over again!  They are even more effective when you draw attention to them in your catalogs in relationship to your products.  (See the T0-17 - Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! training for more information on this concept.)

3: Before we went to Florida for a convention a customer had called and suggested we make a "Bring a Friend Receive a Free Gift" sticker to put on her invitations.  We thought that sounded like a good idea and were very excited to introduce them at the convention.  The first day of they sold like gangbusters!  Then the second and third days we hardly sold any.  When the second wave of convention customers came through the same thing happened.  Finally, after this happened the third time, I asked one of our customers why.  She informed me that the company had started printing "Bring a friend, receive a free gift." on their invitations so they didn't need the stickers.   I understood, and figured I would be going home with a lot of stickers.  A few weeks later we started  getting orders for the stickers!  I was surprised and asked one of our customer, reflection that it was already printed on their invitations so why was she ordering?  She replied, "I started using the stickers I had purchased until the new invitations that had it printed came.  I had really great success of people bringing friends.  Then when I used the new invitation, very few brought friends.  So I started using the rest of the stickers I had bought and people started bringing friends again.  I realized they don't read what is printed, but they sure do read and respond to the stickers!"

4:  Some customers have told me they know the stickers are working because customers actually come up to them and repeat the slogan.  Yet, others say that no one has said anything about the stickers but they've seen their sales and overall business increase.

5: Over the years we've developed literally THOUSANDS of sticker slogan.  Why so many?  Because hundreds of customers have requested lots of different slogans to meet their needs.  Another reason is because you never know which slogan will create a spark in someone.  Some may be looking for a reason to get together with friends and others may be looking for a way to get what they want for free.  Some may be looking for a FUN job, and others may be looking for flexibility and yet others for a greater income for their time!  Often, it is a combination of reasons that will encourage a customer to order, book or join your team!  That is why it is important to use a variety of different slogans.

6: Another reason for the variety is colors and designs!  Some will respond to yellow, others pink and so on.  So, the list of designs grow and grow and grow!  The hand designed graphics make a big difference too!

There are literally hundreds of testimonials you can read on our website, but here are just a few:

--THANKS for helping my business succeed with stickers! Debbie McDowell
-- I can't wait to get my stickers! They put a smile on my face and I'm sure they will to others as well. Thank you Booster! Sarah Cho
-- Since I have started using the products I have noticed an increase in sales and bookings. I recently ran out of stickers and guess what ... those sales started going back down. That was enough to convince me.  Alicia Butler AR
-- I love your stickers. I not only use them on my catalogs. I use them on my thank you cards I send to my customers. Since using your stickers I have boosted my sales and people are asking where I got these cute stickers! Thanks for helping so many of our businesses in the country! From Kerry in an email
-- I have already broken my record this month. I know it is due to those little stickers.  Joy McHargue
-- THE RESULTS ARE IN! I began using the booster party plan sellers pack system (K-GREAT) a few months ago and collected the data from shows where I used the system and shows when I didn't use the system and the results speak for themselves! Show averages without the system: 8 buying guests with a show total sales of $500/show Show averages WITH the system: 9.5 buying guests with a show total sales of $642.77show When you do the math over multiple shows using the system - it adds up to BIG DOLLARS! Thank you! This system works great - I cannot wait to share my findings with my team. Note from Jenny- (I've done the math for you) Average increase in sales = $142.77 x 8 shows per month = $1142.16. Cost of Booster Products = approx $5 per show = 40. Profit at 25% = 285.54- $40 = $245.54 MORE money in YOUR pocket! (This does not count the increased exposure to your products, potential recruit leads, more hostesses etc!) Thanks Marlo for doing the test for us! Marlo Boux
-- My catalog would no longer be the same without Jenny B stickers all over it. I always include a booking, fundraising or bridal shower, customer service, and a few recruiting stickers on the front and back. I give key-pack sheets to my new consultants to get them started, and they also become 'hooked' on them, like I am! The postcards are always great to pass along to new consultants...and so convenient to give the new consultant postcard pack to get them going! Thanks for always keeping new ones coming!  Maureen Thomas CA

I could go on, but suffice it to say, "Say it with Stickers!"  We have a huge variety to choose from.  Our customers tell us it is just AMAZING what a 2¢ sticker can do for your business!  Give it a try and prove it for yourself!

Be sure and get our 2016-2018 "Say it with Stickers" Catalog!  Of course you can see all our products online, but many customers love to get it in catalog format so I've spent weeks putting together this sticker catalog.  

Or, you can ORDER the printed version of the catalog for $5.00 and we will send you the printed catalog and a $5.00 Voucher Code to get your money back once you place an order!  Or place a $50+ order and request the catalog be shipped with your order.  Click: 2016 Full Line Catalog FREE with $50 Order


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2-BB- Say it with Stickers

2-BB- Say it with Stickers

Say it with stickers!  We are known for our diverse selection of stickers.  Learn more about it!

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