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NOTE:  Item numbers below may have changed:  See POSTCARD CATEGORIES for available Postcards.

We have so many different postcards for your to choose from and our Postcards are available in several different ways.  Let me give you a quick overview by answering some of our most frequent questions:

Why use Postcards?  People LOVE to get something in the mail that isn’t a bill!
  The more personal the better!  Our postcards make it EASY to keep in touch with your hosts, customers & team members.

We have Postcards to help you in EVERY Key Area of your Business!

We have so many different postcards for your to choose from and our Postcards are available in several different ways.  Let me give you a quick overview by answering some of our most frequent questions:

1. I just want a postcard I can write a note on and mail!   Which ones do you suggest? 

a. Any of our postcards can be used to just write a note and mail.  You may want them to come PERSONALIZED and all ready to go (see above) or just order the GRAPHIC designs you like.

2. I understand you offer “Printable, Perforated Sheets” of postcards so I can print my own message.  Where do I find the templates?

a. They are in our website.  Just click VIEW on the actual product you ordered.  There should be a DOWNLOAD TAB.  When you click that, you’ll see the download.
b. We are still working on getting everything up on our new website.  If a download is missing, please send us a message by clicking CONTACT along the top of the website.  Tell us the specific item and we’ll get it fixed and notify you.

3. I don’t see the graphic on the template.   How do I get the graphic?

a. The graphic DOES NOT print out.   It is NOT on the template.  The template gives you boxes to type your message so it will fit around the graphic that is ALREADY PRINTED in color on the postcards you purchase from us.  This allows you to print (or copy) ONTO them in black ink.   (This is so much more affordable than printing in color.)   Do a cost comparison:   Each postcard sheet of 4 postcards from us costs between 40¢ and 48¢.   You can’t get a color copy for that (on cardstock and perforated), and for the ink coverage of our graphics it would cost you over 70¢ per sheet to print them, plus the cost of card stock and you would then have to cut them apart.)

4. How do the templates work?  It’s EASY!  Here is a brief explanation.

  1. 1. Click the DOWNLOAD TAB in the products once you’ve ordered it.
    2. Download the TEMPLATE and save it onto your own computer.
    3. (All of our templates are designed for Microsoft WORD- they may not be MAC compatible.)
    4. Open the template.  Type your info into the first box.  Copy and paste into other boxes.  SAVE the document under a new name.
    5. PRINT onto a WHITE piece of paper.   Make sure everything lines up OK. 
    6. Put the printable stickers, postcards,  etc. you purchased from The Booster  into the paper tray.   (Be sure to do a test to make sure you are putting them in the correct  direction and everything fits.)
    7. PRINT ONTO the product and you’re done!
    8. In the future, just open your saved document, make changes and print again and again onto the products you  order from us. 
    9. Need more detailed instructions?  Download the Using Templates for Dummies document under MOST of the Download Tabs.

5. I don’t have a computer (or I don’t want to have to learn to print them) what can I do?

a. We offer many of our designs WITH TEXT so you can just fill-in-the-blanks and mail.   Or, you can HAND WRITE a message on a white paper, copy it 3 more times, tape it together, and copy ONTO our postcards.   Keep your original to use over and over again.
b. Have US personalize them for you (see details below or online)

6. I need a greater variety of “Congratulations” postcards.   Do you have them?  

Actually, yes we do.   We have all the designs in Key 8: Recognition which includes “Congratulations,” “Wow,” “You’re Great,” “Super Job,” etc.  But we also have MANY that can be used in the same way in our Key 7: Motivation Key.   For example: (Just search for any of these numbers and all options should come up.)

a. On the “Put your Passion into Action” PP70248C you could write, “I’m thrilled that your passionate attitude about your business has made you top in sales this month!   Congratulations!” and then finish your message.
b. On the “I Believe in You” PP70292C put “I knew you could do it!   You achieved your goal of ____ this month! Etc.
c. On the “Consistent Activity” PP70136C  put “Congratulations, your consistency in working the business has helped you achieve the level of ______! Etc.
d. On the “Winners never quit” PP70153C put “I’m so glad to have a winner like you on my team!   You’ve achieved ______ etc.
e. On the “Light the fire within” PP70235 you could put “I don’t know what lit your fire but your performance has been HOT!   You’ve achieved ____, etc.)
f. On the “Unlock your potential” PP70228C  put “You’ve reached ____ goal and now you are ready to go to the next level!   I’m so proud of you! Etc.
g. On the “Welcome to the Team” PP70179BC you could put, “I know you’re not new to our team, but you are new to this level!   I’m so glad you achieved _____.
h. On the “Success is yours” PP70216C put “I’m so glad you made the decision to be successful!   You’ve achieved ____. Etc.
i. On the “Plan your work…” PP70445C put “Wow, I am impressed with how you are working your plan because you are _______ this month!
j. On the “Today’s effort” PP70134C  put “You are well on your way to making your dreams come true!   You’ve achieved _____.
k. On “Keep on Keepin’ on” PP70858C  put “Aren’t you glad you kept trying?   I’m so proud of you because you’ve achieved ____
l. On “What’s your dream” PP65258C   put “I hope you’ve set your next goal because you’ve achieved _____.   I am excited to see what you will do next!”
m. On “Dreams create futures” PP65083C put “I knew you had potential and you’ve proven it to me and to yourself.   You’ve reached ____ level!
n. Plus of course we have the “You’re on your way, Absolutely Awesome, Proud of you, You’re a Star & Congratulations and more” (Key 8 Recognition postcards) that can be used to praise any of your achievers.   But the motivation slogans (Key 7) offer you even more variety!

7. I want postcards for lots of different reasons than you have specified, will you do one for ____, and ____, and ____, and _____?

Well, we would love to be able to offer many more, and as time moves on we are constantly developing new products but I think if you will brainstorm a little you will see that we have a postcard that can be used for EVERY thing you need right now!   It is especially effective when you put a sticker on the FRONT of the postcard and then refer to it in your message. 

NOTE: We DO welcome your specific suggestions.  Just click the CONTACT link on the top of the page and send us a message.

Here are a few examples:

a. Ice cream social party:   Use PR40284 “Here’s the Scoop” on the front of any of our “Background” designs.  (See SHOP ALL PRODUCTS > POSTCARDS > P-BG Postcards Backgrounds”  and print your invitation information on the colorful side.
b. Company’s Birthday Specials: Use “Have a Happy Birthday” PP40545and put “It may not be your birthday month, but our company is celebrating it’s ____ (year) birthday this month with all kinds of specials.   Call me to book a party or to see what the specials are!” 
c. Your Birthday Month:   Use “Have a Happy Birthday” PP40545 (or search for BIRTHDAY for our complete selection) and put “You get to help ME celebrate the birthday of me starting my business!   Place an order this month and receive a ______” 
d. Follow up with someone you’ve met about town:   Use “Thank you for your interest” PP50378  and put “It was so nice to meet you the other day.   I would really love to get together with you and tell you more about our products and opportunity, or you are welcome to go to my website to see what we have to offer.   Please feel free to call me at _____. 
e. Follow up with someone you met at a party:   Use “Thank you for your interest” PP50378, You would be great at what I do” PP64253 or “I’m so excited to work with you!” PP20276  and put, “It was so great to meet you at our _whatever company _ party the other night.   I’m sorry you had to leave early and that we didn’t get a chance to chat.   I think you’d be awesome in this business and I look forward to telling you more about it.   Please feel free to call me at _____, otherwise I’ll give you a call in a few days.”   Dress them up a little more by putting the “You Brighten my Day” PR50285  and add a personal note like “Your smile is awesome”, “You knew so much about our products”, or “You seemed to love our products so much that this would be a great match” on the front of the card.   (Of course you could add hostess benefits, recruiting specials, etc to your information) 
f. An invitation to a party:   Put a sticker such as “You’ve discovered the secret” PR40286, “Avoid the Mess” PR40187, “Here’s the scoop” PR40284, “Every item has 3 prices” LS1122  or “You could be the Mystery Hostess” PR31011  ) on the front of the postcard.   Postcards you could use include “You’re invited to an open house” PP15238  “Gradient” PP10615 or Backgrounds, “I’m so excited to work with you!” PP20276  “You’re invited to a girl’s night out!”  P30283  “Just Keeping in touch” PP50377 “Jewelry makes the difference” PP40566  “From your Candle Lady” PP50303 and even “What’s your dream” PP60613  or “Those who show up go up!”  PP70570  Refer to the sticker on the front and the slogan you use on the back in the paragraph you put before the invitation information.   Here’s just a few examples: 
g. ‘Discovered the secret’ sticker  PR40286  on front of ‘Show up’ postcard PP70570 :

“If you don’t know the secret, now is your chance to discover it because those who show up will be going up!   Be sure to come to the party at _____ etc.   (Then at your party, discuss the how the secrets of your products will help them to achieve their dreams.   Have everyone who ‘show’s up’ be a winner and give them the opportunity to earn gifts etc. 
h. ‘Avoid mess’ sticker PR40187 on front of ‘Girls night out’ postcard PP30283  :      “Wow, here is your opportunity to have a night out with the girls and get your shopping done in a stress free climate.   We can hardly wait to see you there!”

I could go on forever.   This is intended to be an EXAMPLE of the types of things you can put on the cards.   Send the link to this product post to your friends in your online group and start brainstorming.   I know you’ll come up with so much more!   This is intended to be an EXAMPLE of the types of things you can put on the cards.  
Start now to get a system in place to send postcards to those you meet.   Get them done and then follow up is EASY!   


Postcard Details:

— 24 Cards per package– Individual cards are 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″
— All Postcards begin with a PP and are followed by the item number.
— Item numbers: The FIRST number reflects the KEY Area of your business the card will boost. (However they may be used in others as well.)  i.e. PP20517C is primarily used for hosts confirmation but could also be used as a thank you at the end of the party or for a new customer who’s home you have been to (Key 5)

LETTERS AFTER the item Number reflect the STYLE of the card.

— C: Full COLOR card (**Come perforated and Free Template is available.)
— CT: Full COLOR card with PREPRINTED TEXT (*Come CUT)

— PR: AFTER the previous letters means we PERSONALIZE your card in our office with the information you desire.
— C  Postcards: Eye-Catching Graphics on Colorful Postcards that GET ATTENTION with FREE TEMPLATES so you can print your own message!

C cards come on 8 1/2” x 11” sheets that you can run through your own printer.  You’ll save on INK by printing in BLACK ink on these colorful cards.
to get the templates:

— Click INTO the product.  Scroll down to the DOWNLOAD SECTION at the bottom of the product.  T the template & “Using Templates for Dummies” instructions will be there.  (Sometimes the DO get lost with changes to the website, if it is not there, please call our office.).

— FREE MSWORD TEMPLATES show you exactly WHERE to type your message.  Our wording is included in the description of the product, you can copy that and paste it into the template, or you can print whatever you want!
— Sheets of postcards are PERFORATED so once you print, just pull apart and mail!  (Or, just hand write a note and mail!
 — Templates are available for you to download from our website.  It is EASY… (See details below in the FAQ)

Let US Personalize your cards for you!  They come all ready to go!

— WHY order them all done?

— Graphic only cards:
1.   You’ll have “personalized” stationery with a huge selection of slogans to     choose from.
2.  We will print your contact information along the bottom. 
3.  There is plenty of room for you to write a note around the graphic.
2.  Cards come all cut and ready to go!
— Graphic WITH TEXT cards:
1.   We have already come up with text that goes with the graphic with a specific purpose in mind.
2.  We will print your contact information along the bottom or in the appropriate blanks. 
3.  All you need to do is fill in any appropriate info, sign & mail.
— Easy to order:
1.   Just choose the PERSONALIZED graphic and/or graphic & text you desire.
2.  Fill in your contact information.
3.  If you are ordering several different cards at the same time let us know and you don’t have to enter your info over and over again.

To SEE and ORDER all the POSTCARD click on SHOP ALL PRODUCTS > POSTCARDS > they are then divided by each of the Key areas of your business.


 To SEE and ORDER all the POSTCARD click on SHOP ALL PRODUCTS > POSTCARDS > they are then divided by each of the Key areas of your business.

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0-03 Postcards that are EASY & make a difference

0-03 Postcards that are EASY & make a difference

Click VIEW for an overview of how our postcards make it EASY to make a difference...

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