0-21 -- New Beginnings IDEA

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New beginnings.  What does this mean for your business? How can this be a ‘New Beginning’?  Create a new beginning in your party plan business by booking, recruiting and more

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T0-21 – New Beginnings

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Spring is a time of new beginnings! Baby animals are born, bulbs start pushing their leaves up through the ground (and snow), buds begin to form on trees and we anxiously look to sunny skies and an end to our cabin fever. The other day, while at the office, the sun started shining brightly through the slats in the blinds, blinding us while working at the computers. My daughter, Bridget, said, “Yea! Spring is coming; the sun has reached THAT angle!” Yes, there are lots of signs that spring is truly on its way and I am sure you are excited. But what does this mean for your business? How can this be a ‘New Beginning’?

I guess it depends on where you are, but here are a few ideas:

1) If you live in winter climates where there has been storms and snow on the ground, you are probably looking forward to good weather. Some who live in those areas hesitate to have in home parties in the winter because people don’t like to leave their houses on cold snowy nights and you never know what the weather might be, well, now you have no excuses! It is time to book parties and get people excited about venturing out and meeting their friends or making new ones!

So, just as this is a time to think about planting seeds for a garden, now is the time to plant BOOKING seeds. Start using stickers like
Looking for fun, fabulous and Free? Ask me!(S10223),
Earn some Free! Host a Party! Shopping with friends is fun! (S10234A),
“Why pay full price, Free is twice as Nice” (S10411),
“Get this Free” (S10236) or
“Earn some free when you party with me” (10480)
on ALL of your literature. Post the sticker graphics (See the Downloadable Graphics- they will have a yellow background) on your Facebook and Instagram pages. Put the graphic along with pictures of a few of your most popular products and invite people to contact you to book a party.

2) If you live where the weather is good, you can still start planting booking seeds. Be sure to follow up with those who show interest. Make phone calls, follow up in Messenger, send texts. Use the slogans to do the talking for you. People will read them over and over again.

3) Hosts who love your products will want to earn free products while having an excuse to get their friends together. People are looking for reasons to get out of the house and mingle. Send texts to previous hosts with the Key 1: Booking graphics. The graphics make it fun and so easy and you can use them over and over again.

4) Get out of your comfort zone! Have an IN HOME party! This is where you put the “party Plan Model” to work for you. This is where friends encourage other friends to BUY. Guests get to actually SEE and TOUCH your products. This is where to MAKE CONNECTIONS that will LAST. This is also where you have great opportunities to SHARE about the benefits of joining your team!

Once you start having parties again, you will see how your sales will SOAR! (Especially when you follow the steps laid out in our “How to Have $1000+ parties!” PACK.

Why not be more successful. Why not make an income that truly will make a difference in your life? Be sure to use stickers on your invitations!

See the K3-Invite Pack for WHY! (You’ll also learn about the ABCE formula for success!”)

5) Speaking of Recruiting or Sponsoring…. Many of the people you meet are looking for NEW BEGINNINGS too. They would love to find something that excites them and gives them the vehicle to meet new people and make new friends.

We talked about planting booking seeds but this is also a great time to plant RECRUITING seeds. Use the Key 6: Recruiting stickers such as

How would an extra $200 a week impact your life? (S61494) ,
What would you do with an extra $1000 per month?” (S61497) ,
 “Full time pay…part time hours!” (S62264)

or.. (there are just too many to mention here) on all your literature and post the graphics you purchase on Facebook, etc. You never know which slogan is going to appeal to which potential new team member, so use a variety over a period of time and switch things up. Be sure to follow up! The time might not be right for them this week, but next month they might be interested so keep in touch. (You can use Key 6: Recruiting postcards or texts or messages.-
be sure to include the digital download graphics.)

6) Your TEAM could probably use some encouragement as well. Set up a meeting, have a plan- make it fun! You could use the
T9-13 – Discover the Green IDEA” for a meeting and invite your team to invite potential recruits. Set a date for April and get things in motion NOW! Green means opportunity anytime, not just in March.

Use the Key 7: Motivation downloadable graphics and stickers such as
Consistent Activity = Consistent Income” (S70136) or 
Success is yours the minute you decide you want it!” (S70216)
to text notes to your team members.

There are lots to choose from.  Post them to your Facebook Team group! You never know when one of these little slogans will be just what they need to get them pumped up. You can put the actual stickers on things you mail to them, or we have a bunch of
Key 7: Motivational Postcards as well.

These are just a few things to get you thinking about how to have a NEW BEGINNING for your business. The trick is to choose ONE and TAKE ACTION. Once you get one mastered, then take action on another.  All the ideas in the world will not benefit you until you do something with them.

These ideas have PROVEN to work for years. It makes SENSE to let the stickers start the conversation. Let them spark interest and plant the seeds then follow up by showing interest in the desires of your customers. Help them earn free products, get together with friends, start a new business, or just find the products that will help them. Serving THEM is what it is all about.

As my grandfather used to say, “When you take care of your customers, the money will take care of itself.”

We are here to SERVE YOU… to make it easier for you to be successful in your business. Our goal is to help you make MORE money in LESS time!

I have put a selection of products mentioned above and MORE
in the T0-21 – New Beginnings CATEGORY to make it easy to find the products to help you TAKE ACTION on the ideas presented. Just click on the category link.

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 0-21 -- New Beginnings IDEA

0-21 -- New Beginnings IDEA

New beginnings.  What does this mean for your business? How can this be a ‘New Beginning’?  Create a new beginning in your party plan business by booking, recruiting and more

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