T9-04 — 12 Days of Christmas Catalog Party Contest


9-04---12-Days-of-Christmas Catalog Party Contest can make you hundreds!

Wouldn’t it be fun to have a way to get your hosts excited and generating orders?

Wouldn’t it be great to have EXTRA income during the holiday season from Book or Catalog Parties?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have hosts encouraging other hosts to get more sales?

Wouldn’t it be NICE to generate an extra $2000 to $4000 or even more in sales between now and Christmas?

Well this idea of having a 12 Days of Christmas Catalog Party Contest can do it for you!

This idea was originally sent to us by Sharyn Melting.  She said she did it but it was so much work to prepare everything and set it up that she contacted me and asked me to do it so it was EASY.  So, we DID!

Teresa King tried it and said:

What a successful 12 Days of Christmas catalog show I had!
Almost $2,000 in sales! Thanks to you and the ideas that you give us
direct selling girls!   

 I asked Teresa for more details of what worked for her — here’s what she replied:

I think the whole concept was awesome!   I would have never had a $1750
catalog show from 6 catalog hostesses!   I did recruit 12 catalog
hostesses, but only half participated, which was okay!   I gave a $200 gift
certificate away for FREE jewelry to the highest Catalog hostess with the
most sales!

Of course, competition is always good!   I kept them updated on ‘5 Golden
Rings’ was in the running over the ‘8 Maids a Milking!’   It was good to
see the competition and it yielded me quite a few bucks!

Umm…something different?   I believe it was perfect!   I like the dry
erase board, stickers and the postcards that went all together!   I wished
that we could have contest like that quarterly, but with a different theme!   I am not very
creative at all, so your ideas and the ideas of others always works for me!
Keep up the great work!

Now, let me explain how it works:

 A: You have 12 Book or Catalog parties that are all part of a GROUP party. It’s done similar to a “Mystery Hostess!” in that all their orders go in as ONE party and the gifts are divided up amongst those who participate.

B: You invite people to “Choose who’d they like to be” the 8 Maids a-milling or the “Partridge in a Pear Tree” etc. once one group is full, you can begin to fill another!

C: It’s a contest! You give prizes for the winners in different categories! You set them up to be whatever you want them to work toward!

D: Once they’ve chosen who they are, you enter their name on the ERASE BOARD (EB1124) and they get their gift bag. (HC1025 –SET of 12 tri-fold gifts that come with 12 tags that you put the stickers on. Inside the gifts are little bags that you put the “Thank You” gift they’ll receive when they turn in their party! (Minimum of $150 or $75 or whatever works with your company.) At the time they book, give them their packet with includes catalogs, order forms, guest list tracker, etc.

E: OR- Use the LARGE GIFT BAG SET (HC1026 set) with the tags for the sticker and put all the catalogs, etc in the bag. (Simple! Easy!)

E: Decide on a “Close Date” of when they need to have their orders turned in to you for the group. Send them a reminder postcard (We’ve got them all done for you. You’ll just put the second sticker on the sheet on the front of each card and fill in the info on the back.)

F: Be sure to get each member’s email address and give them yours so they can report back to you with how things are going. Remember this is a CONTEST and a little competition is a good thing. Encourage them to report to you as they get sales etc. so you can send an email such as “Shelly just got $200 in orders today! Only 10 days to go- how are you doing?” etc, etc, etc.  You could even set them up as a Yahoo Group so they can communicate back and forth.

G: Finalize your orders then draw your winners! Notify everyone of what they’ve won and if they get to order products, give them a final date to have it in to you so it can be placed with the entire order. (Be sure to order the Thank You Gifts you promised!”)

H: Place the order. Have them shipped directly to them, or have a date that they pick them up. (Whatever works best with how your company’s hostess program works since you’ll be splitting the gifts and earned products between all of them.)

Now, of course you’ll want to ADVERTISE to everyone that they can be included in this competition.  This is great because you have all these different parties going on at the same time but you don’t have to be doing anything!  You know one of the hardest parts of catalog parties is keeping the hosts motivated.  This competition does it for you.  Even if some don’t participate, you’ll still have some who do and you are not out anything as long as you qualify the “Thank You” gift has to be part of a qualified party.

So, to help you advertise we have stickers that say, “Join my 12 Days of Christmas Catalog Party” for you to put on the front of your catalogs.  We also have a postcard you can sent to previous customers or hosts that you think might enjoy the competition.

Basically we’ve done ALL THE WORK FOR YOU!  Just purchase the PACKS (Lg bags or Sm Bags) and you’ll have everything you need for 12 parties.  Everything that is in the packs is explained on the Website. 

The CATEGORY showing all the products that go with the idea are shown under FREE TRAINING then KEY 9 Seasonal. 

Or, follow this direct link: http://www.thebooster.com/313-t9-04-12-days-of-christmas-catalog-party-contest

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Thanks for the great idea! Can’t wait to share it with my team.

Hi, sorry…I’m a little confused…does each “hostess” get 12 gifts? Thanks 🙂

No Aimee. All the gifts that are earned from the combined parties are divided between the hosts. Some for doing more, or the more they do the more chances they have to win. You would also include the gifts for those signing up. This way all the rewards are used up by all the people who participate. Sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner, I somehow missed this post on our Blog. –Jenny B

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