PI-PDF -- THEME Party FUN GENERIC Ideas Information

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Create interest in your THEME PARTIES- Regular parties or Catalog parties by implementing these ideas.

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Theme Party Fun!  This is GENERIC TRAINING you can apply to many of our Themes.  We created the products and you just use them as explained below.

Here is everything you need to encourage & present "Theme Parties" that boost sales, booking & recruit leads.


WHY use Themed Parties:

Themed parties are fun! They add an additional "spark" to your event. They give your hosts and guests a little extra special reason to not only have a party but attend. They take the party from the normal and give that spark of curiosity that guests won't want to miss it.
For those who attend parties on a regular basis, themes give it more of a "special occasion" feel and will boost attendance. It also gives you something to talk about in encouraging bookings and saying how much fun you will have.
With Social Media, theme parties give you reasons to take pictures and share! (More about that later!)

HOW do you get Theme Parties put together:
Well, we here at The Booster are making this SO EASY for you. We will provide you with the products to make it easy to advertise and actually put on the event. The PDF's will include all the instructions, recipes, decoration ideas and more. Then, you will use what we provide to ADVERTISE what themes you offer and once you have the bookings, we have invitations you can MAIL (YES, MAIL, you will have MUCH greater attendance if you MAIL invitations - Yes, I know it costs more, but I PROMISE the extra cost will be worth it in WAY MORE additional guests and sales!)

Here is a brief list of the types of things we may include in our Theme products:

To encourage Bookings:

  • 1. A button (that can be worn or put in your display.) Draws attention, create interest.

  • 2. Stickers (Large and small) to be used ON your catalogs or IN your catalogs. Or you can use them on other literature, packages, envelopes, etc. to create interest. Be sure to draw attention to the stickers by mentioning them during your demo. Just a quick mention to create curiosity and then MOVE ON!

  • 3. GET HOSTS Postcards: mail to previous hosts or guests letting them know you are offering this particular theme party.

  • 4. HAND CRAFTED ITEMS: Candy Bar Wrappers, Purses, Bags with Topper, etc. that you put an extra prize in. (Candy Bar wrappers: you can write a note on the inside before wrapping, Purses: Put a post it facing down on the bottom below the candy, Bag and topper- actually put the gift in the bag, or all the host info along with catalogs, etc. and a note telling her what prize she will receive. Remember, all extra gifts given for booking will be received AT their party when held on the original date booked.

  • 5. DISPLAY SIGNS: Signs to put up in your display, advertising the theme. These come in three types.

    • A: A flat sign that can be leaned against something in your display, or put into a picture folder, with a variety of the themes you offer.

    • B: The folded STAND UP sign to put in your display.

    • C: The LARGE Display Sign that can be cut down to 8 x 10 and put in a frame, or it can be put into a sheet protector and put into a binder. On the back of the sign you could put a sheet that explains more of the details of what is included in that type of party. Suggestions will be given in the PDF of the particular party theme. You can also order the LARGE DISPLAY SIGN laminated. This is good if you are using it in your display or at fairs because it will hold up longer.

  • 6. THEME PARTY BANNER: Watch for Party Banners that match the theme that serve as a decoration and encouragement to book a party. These will be offered in TWO WAYS:
    • A: Do it yourself: We will have everything printed for you, you will cut it out and put it together. It will come with everything you need.

    • B: Ready to Go: We will do all the work for you, cutting and putting it together. All you will need to do is put it in your display.

To encourage Attendance:

  • 1. As mentioned above, we recommend you MAIL your invitations as this has PROVEN to really make a difference. A mailed invitation often goes on the fridge and your guests are reminded over and over again. Phone call reminders by your host are also recommended. Send one of our Key 2: Phone Call Reminder type postcards.

  • 2. POSTCARDS: NOTE, most of our postcards come in 4 ways:

    • A: Graphic Only- (Designated with a C at the end of the Item number) Come with the colorful graphic with 4 cards on a PERFORATED sheet that you can PRINT ONTO yourself. We offer FREE WORD TEMPLATES that show you exactly where to enter your info to fit on the card. Then just pull apart the perfs and mail.

    • B: Graphic only- Personalized (Designated with a CPR at the end of the item number.) WE put YOUR contact info along the bottom of the card. (see example). You would then fill in by hand whatever you want on the card. Or, you could put a sticker printed with the party details. These cards come CUT. 24 per pkg.

    • C: Graphic WITH TEXT: (Designated with a CT at the end of the item number) This includes the text shown online along with the eye-catching graphic. There is room for you to add your contact info. Often it will have fill-in-the blanks options. These cards come CUT. 24 per pkg.

    • D: Graphic WITH TEXT PERSONALIZED: (Designated with a CTPR at the end of the item number) This includes the text shown online along with the eye-catching graphic. We will add your contact info along the bottom. If it has fill-in-the blanks options, we will also put your info there. If you include party date, address, host info etc. when ordering, we will fill that in as well. These cards come CUT. 24 per pkg.

  • 3. INVITATION POSTCARDS: Choose whether to print yourself, using the GRAPHIC ONLY option above. Fill in your info and send. You can even copy the suggested poem shown online when you purchase the cards. Or purchase the cards with the poem and fill in the party info. Or, get them personalized. It generally only takes 2-3 days extra for personalized info, so if you have time, you can have us fill in the card completely for you with the personalized option.

  • 4. INVITATION STICKERS: If you want to use your own invitations, we offer "Invitation Stickers" that match the theme to use on them to draw attention to the theme.

  • 5. INVITATION LETTERHEAD: We offer Letterhead (LH) in TWO different ways.

    • A: You can order it as a JPEG that you can then use as a background in a WORD document and format your own invitation information over the top of it. You would have to print these yourself.

    • B: OR, we offer the INVITATION LETTERHEAD with 12 sheets per package. You would then design your invitation to say whatever you want and print ONTO the letterhead in BLACK INK instead of color. Much more affordable.

During the Party:

  • 1. Be sure to put up the Hand Crafted items mentioned above around your party display to create curiosity and interest. Let them know you are offering a special gift during that party if they choose a theme from the items you have in your display. (As we develop different themes, you may want to have a variety of products to choose from with different themes.)

  • 2. Use the stickers. display signs and other items mentioned above to get more bookings.

  • 3. Use our "Party Banner" on your table as a decoration and to draw attention to the theme, and getting even more bookings. The actual ideas on how to use it in your display will be specific to the different themes.

  • 4. Use the SOCIAL MEDIA items to take pictures and post of the fun you are having. Take a picture of the guests around your display table, holding the large display sign, etc. We may also include with the theme fun items you can take pictures with and post. These will draw attention to the fun being had at your parties. These items will be listed in the THEME Category on our website.

  • 5. Play GAMES: We may have games included in the party theme or items you may purchase. Play games to have fun and encourage bookings.

  • 6. ASK: during and at the end of your party, be sure to mention that you would LOVE to have a theme party for them. Draw attention to your stickers, purses, bag, etc. and encourage bookings. ASK every person when you are taking their order. The worst that can happen is they will say no. Everything above that is gravy!

  • 7. REFRESHMENTS: Our THEME PDF will include some recipes of refreshments that go along with the them. You may copy that page and share it with your hosts.

  • 8. DECORATIONS: In our THEME PDF we will usually include some additional decoration or music ideas.

AFTER the Party:

  • 1. We provide THEME thank you notes. It is IMPORTANT to send a Thank You after the party. We recommend a HAND WRITTEN note. It only takes a few minutes and creates wonderful "good will" with your hosts, which leads to building a good relationship for future parties, a great customer and even recruits. But, building a friendship is the best reason! Our cards come TWO Ways:
    • A: As a postcard that can be mailed as a postcard, or put in an envelope. Purchased individually.

    • B: As a FOLD OVER Greeting Card with envelope. Write your message inside. Purchased individually.

START NOW to offer Theme Parties!
They are FUN, worth the little extra effort and will boost your bookings, attendance, sales, recruit leads and customer base.
Your hosts will be more excited to work on their party which will bring even greater rewards.

Get started NOW (For some themes we may offer Starter Packs)  

Otherwise just order the individual items you want to try.

We may offer TWO Packs to get you going. BOTH will include the complete PDF of the theme printed out for you.

A: STARTER PACK will usually include 1 of each of the handcrafted items, SAMPLES of the postcards and signs and a strip of stickers. See the PACK for exact details on what is included.

B: DELUXE PACK will usually include multiples or even full packages of some items. You will get FULL sheets of some stickers. This pack will actually get you going on presenting your first theme meeting. Of course you will still need to order invitations, but samples WILL be included.
You will find these packs ONLINE under the THEME CATEGORY or listed in the K-PACKS category in the Weekly Sale.

Please KEEP this GENERIC Theme Party Training!

In order to not have to repeat myself over and over again. Please keep this training to refer to as you get the PDF's of the Themes. In those PDF will be given SPECIFIC information, for that theme but you will use the stickers, buttons, postcards etc. as referred to in this training. Feel free to share about this training with your friends and team members. It can be downloaded from our website for FREE. It will be shown in each of the THEME MEETING PDF's as a FREE Download. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks! --Jenny B





HC-Handcrafted BagsHandcrafted White Craft paper bag approx 10" x 13" with twist handles. Decorated. Made to order. up to 1 week delay if ordered

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 PI-PDF -- THEME Party FUN GENERIC Ideas Information

PI-PDF -- THEME Party FUN GENERIC Ideas Information

Create interest in your THEME PARTIES- Regular parties or Catalog parties by implementing these ideas.

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