Key 0- Overall Business

The ideas in this category will be for your overall business. It will effect ALL the key areas.

Spring! New Beginnings… New Systems

Yea!  Spring is coming!  Don’t you just LOVE this time of year?  Why do you think we love it so much?

I love to see the snow melt and the flowers peaking up from the ground.
I love to see the trees starting to bud.
I love it that there is more light in the day- the sun sets later.
I love seeing the new baby animals.
I love the spring colors.

To be honest, I don’t think there is anything I don’t love about spring… how about you?

Spring represents NEW Beginnings!  So let’s relate this to your business….
New beginnings, a time to look at your business and see where you are and what you can start anew….

What are your systems for success?  How is your attitude?  What steps are you taking to assure your success?  Are you following through with your customers?  Do you have a system in place for each area of your business?

9-16- Spring- new systems

Spring… New Beginnings.. New Systems, put them to work for you

We offer LOTS of FREE training, ideas and systems at The Booster.  See them in the FREE TRAINING section of our website.  But one of the most exciting things is our new “How to Have $1000 Parties SYSTEM”  For years we have offered the “10 Steps to Successful Parties” System and now we have put this system into a K-PACK with everything you need to do everything we teach for 4 Parties and stickers for 20 catalogs.  It comes complete with the SYSTEM dividers and COMPLETE Training to walk you through exactly WHAT to do with every product and WHY to do it.

So, this spring is a time to recommit yourself to Success in your business.

A few years ago I did a IDEA on “7 Steps to Successful Spring” with FREE PDF and Audio.  Click HERE for all the details.

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T6-05 – Work Harder by being Smarter!

T6-05 – Work Harder by being Smarter!

Be persistent not pushy!

Here are some EASY ways to work harder by being smarter: Learn in this training how to be persistent not pushy!

People are telling us it is more important than ever to work smarter to find success.  And, with the situation with the economy, we actually have to work even HARDER to set ourselves apart and create relationships so customers will buy from YOU and not the local stores!  But, it can be done and you CAN be successful.

You’ve heard it a thousand times that this business is a numbers game.  You just have to share
your opportunity with a LOT of people and SOME of them will be interested and join you team!

Well, that is true!  But many are uncomfortable with sharing about what they do.  They don’t want to be “pushy!”  However, they ARE excited and DO love what they do!  So where is the disconnect?  How can we make sharing easier?  Why are we so afraid?  What does it really mean to be “pushy?”

The fear of being “pushy” issue can be the problem!  Let’s think about that for a minute.

Are you MAD at the person who introduced you to the business?  Do you wish they had never talked to you about it?

Most that I’ve talked to are more than GLAD someone shared with them.  In fact most are ecstatic!  Then WHY do many feel it would be “pushy” to share about their business?  I think it is more of a fear than a reality.   It also has to do with your approach.   In fact, I think many make the mistake of hurting feelings by NOT asking people to join them!  Now, let me ask, “If you love what you do, don’t you consider it a gift in your life?”

So, get rid of the “pushy” mind set, because it’s obviously wrong!  You would ONLY be considered pushy if you don’t take NO for an answer! (Once you’ve asked the right questions of course – remember, sometimes they’re saying NO to a particular question, or situation, not to what you have to offer.)

Now, if they’re really not interested, then maintain the relationship with them as a host or customer.  Continue to serve them and set the example of how you do business.  Please, stay if touch with them so when and IF they ARE ready, they’ll come to you.

I can’t tell you how many TOP people I’ve met over the years that DID NOT JOIN with the first person that introduced them to their company because they didn’t keep in touch with them.  Make it your goal to maintain relationships.

Now, back to the GIFT of your business, why wouldn’t you want to share that gift?
If you do, I have some EASY ways to SHARE, to work harder by being smarter:

How?  Let the stickers do some of the work for you!  Work SMARTER by planting seeds about the wonderful opportunity you offer by using Key 6: Recruiting Stickers and Key 1: Booking Stickers on EVERY piece of paperwork you have!  This includes invitations, catalogs, flyers, envelopes, business cards, etc.

Think about it!  If sponsoring IS a numbers game then wouldn’t you want to invite EVERYONE to learn more about what you do?  If you’re sending out 30 invitations and only 8-10 come to your party, then only that 8-10 learn about what you offer!  When you put the recruiting and booking stickers on EVERY invitation, you’re planting seeds with all 30!  The stickers make it EASY to plant seeds (our eye-catching, colorful designs are so effective and affordable!)  Who might these seeds grow into?  How many people could you help?  You never know, but if you don’t do it, you never will!
As Wayne Gretzky said,
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

Remember the ABCD Formula:  A= A Success Formula:
If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D DO IT!

Now is your chance to position yourself for greater success than you’ve ever had before!  Then, as the economy turns, YOU and THOSE WHO JOIN YOUR TEAM will be in a better position for your businesses to take off like a rocket!
You want to be persistent not pushy!

Think about how you could better serve the people you’ve met in the course of doing your business.  They may be looking for a way to earn products for free or extra income!  It’s up to YOU to offer them what you have!

Worksheet to Work Smarter

Worksheet to Work Smarter

In the PDF you can get on our website there is a WORKSHEET to help you make a list of people to contact.   It asks you questions to get you thinking about potential recruits.  There are 20 questions which include:
E: Someone who is always looking for bargains and purchases your specials!  (Share with them about your kit price and the benefits of joining to get the discounts but be sure to make them aware of the advantages of doing it as a business to earn what they want for free!) & B: Someone who is looking for a job!  (With the flexibility your company offers they can make whatever they want while setting their own hours!  Remind them that they can make full time pay while working part time hours.) Be watching as you’re doing future parties for people to add to your list! Plus, 18 more questions to get your thinking and remind you of the benefits of your company!


Get started Boosting your business with the K-Success Packs?

The Success pack gets you STARTED using our products in the first 6 key areas of your business, (Booking, Host Coaching, Boosting Attendance, Boosting Sales, Customer Service, and Recruiting.)  It includes the dividers (and binder if your choose) and helps you to keep all your stickers organized.  It even includes the “10 Steps to Successful Parties! System”  The Success Pack helps you integrate ALL of the KEYS so you can apply them to every party or show!

So, to help you ACTUALLY START using the products, the K-Success Packs offer a wonderful selection of some of our most popular and proven products (at a 50% discount) to help you Boost your business.  As you follow the included training (on the dividers) and use the products you’ll have a better understanding of how easy it is to plant seeds and create situations where your customers are asking YOU about your business.

Once you’ve gotten started and see the success our products bring you, you’ll want to do even MORE — be watching for the IDEAS each week and you’ll find even more ideas to Boost your Business.

For complete information on what comes in the K-Success Packs see this Free Training: 0-01 Success Starter Packs Training.  Here is the PATH on our website: Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-01 Success Starter Packs>0-01 Success Starter Packs Training or this is the direct link:     (copy and paste it into your browser)

Are you a LEADER?  (Or an aspiring leader?)  Do you do meeting with your team?  Then you need our completely planned THEME meetings.  We spend 8-12 hours developing each theme meeting plan and motivational and promotional items that go along with them, so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  You’ll LOVE it!  Even if you don’t use the plan exactly as outlined you’ll love the stories, quotes, concepts, Worksheet PDF’s and more!  You’ll find them on the website under TEAM Theme Meeting Plans

So, choose to TAKE ACTION in your business to WORK HARDER by Being SMARTER!  The Booster products have PROVEN (for over 30 years!) to effectively help you BOOST your BUSINESS and make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!

Begin now to plant the seeds of all of the benefits your business offers.  Recruiting and Sponsoring IS a numbers game.  The more seeds you plant, the more that will germinate, and the more you can help to thrive by taking good care of them and meeting their needs.  During your demo, mention the slogans on the stickers and build the brain connection so joining your team, purchasing your products or hosting a party is THEIR Idea!

Follow this link to this CATEGORY on our Website to see all the products that can be used to go with this idea:

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T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!


Plant the seeds to grow what you want in your garden!

Have you ever considered the similarities between growing a garden and growing your business?
Let’s say there are two people who want to grow a garden:
•    The first only has a bucket to carry water and a shovel.
•    The second has the bucket and shovel along with a hoe, roto-tiller, hose, sprayer, fertilizer applicator and a myriad of other tools.
Who is going to have the easier time growing their garden?

Is it impossible to grow the garden with only a few tools? No, of course not! But which has the greater chance of success?

Let’s say you want to plant a garden.  You know you have to prepare the soil by tilling it up, applying fertilizer, etc. All this is done BEFORE you plant seeds right?

Many of you have taken this step already by learning your business, the products, the benefits and HOW to get bookings and sell. You are now ready to get something growing.

How does the gardener get things growing in their plot of land? Do they say, “Well, the ground is all ready! GROW! “ to the ground? If they did, and watered the ground what would come up? Weeds would probably be your first guess followed by volunteers and those volunteers would usually be OK but do you know what you’re getting.

Realistically, what would you do if you wanted to grow things in your garden? You would PLANT SEEDS!

You would find the type of things you want to grow and plant seeds.

The same is true for your business! The time is NOW to PLANT SEEDS! You have to let people know that YOU HAVE what they are looking for. As you begin to let people know the advantages and benefits of your business they will want to know more.  Then you can share your opportunity with them. You need to create interest is what you do and they will then want to know more.  If they decide to join you team you can then nourish, water and help them to grow!

Have you ever heard of THE SECRET?  It is a motivational book and movie based on the Law of Attraction which is said to work by attracting into a person’s life the experiences, situations, events, and people that “match the frequency” of the person’s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, positive thinking and feeling positive are claimed to create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

I like to put it in a very simple form — you must put out there what you want to get back.  It is the essence of planting a seed.  If you want tomatoes, you must plant TOMATO seeds!  If you want tomatoes and plant cucumber seeds there is a pretty good chance you are going to get cucumbers, not tomatoes.  If you don’t plant any seeds at all, what are the chances you are going to get tomatoes?

So, let me say it again, “You must put out there what you want to get back!”

If you want BOOKINGS, you must let create interest in bookings by sharing the benefits of hosting a party!
If you want SUCCESSFUL PARTIES you must show your hosts you are committed to helping THEM have successful parties- inspire THEM to want success and understand they CAN make it happen!
If you want SALES, you must generate interest, share benefits and create desire to actually HAVE your products!
If you want COMMITTED CUSTOMERS you must let your customers you care about them and let them know that by coming back to you that you will help them and meet their needs!
If you want RECRUITS, you must create interest in the opportunities your business offers, help them SEE themselves doing what you do and be there when they are ready!
If you want a THRIVING TEAM you must help them find their WHY and help THEM plant their seeds and teach them how to nourish them.  By recognizing and rewarding their successes you’ll be nourishing them.  (See the LMP-07 — Apples in Seeds Theme Meeting:

So, now that you know that you NEED to plant seeds, HOW do you do it?

Well, of course you mention it during your demonstration. But do you realize researchers have found that it can take as many as 7 times being told something before it begins to sink in? If you were to say the same thing over and over again 7 times at your party people, YES, they would recognize it but how fun would your party be?

But, what if you put stickers that point out the advantages and benefits of your opportunity in your catalogs, on your invitations, wrapped around your pens, on your party folders or lap-boards, etc? Your customers would read those over and over again and the concepts would be planted in their minds. You would be planting seeds without even saying a word!

Now, of course you do want to SAY something too!  You would perhaps ask questions that get them asking YOU questions but I’m sure you can see the advantage of them seeing various stickers throughout your information to create awareness and curiosity.

Using ONE-LINERS PLUS the stickers is a way to plant LOTS of seeds during your demonstration and other times as well.  (For more details on this concept see T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!)

So, start NOW to use Stickers & wear Buttons to plant seeds! 
Go to this IDEA CATEGORY (link is below) to see lots of products that relate to this concept.

We want to help you DIG UP CASH by building your team so here are some Recruiting and Sponsoring ideas of HOW to use stickers in your business:

1. Use RECRUITING Stickers on your invitations. Invited guests might not make it to the party, but their interest will be sparked by reading slogans such as (S60264)  “Full time pay, part time hours!” or (S60260) “Could you use an extra $100 per week?”

2. Put RECRUITING Stickers in your catalog, especially on the page where your company describes the benefits of your opportunity. Stickers like (S64107)  “I Love What I do! You can too!” or others shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18),  create the BRAIN CONNECTION as if YOU were telling them this information instead of the corporation.

3. Name?: Whenever you put your name on a catalog, you should also include a RECRUITING Sticker. This shows YOUR enthusiasm for what you do. Stickers shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18-link is below),   make a positive impact! In the party plan business, what is one of the best ways to get more money? GET RECRUITS! See the T0-16 — Personalization, make it EASY! idea on how to personalize the slogans with YOUR information.  Saves time because you are sticking TWO stickers at ONCE!  And, they look so professional!

HUNDREDS-no THOUSANDS of customers have told us that these STICKERS really DO WORK! We can hardly wait to hear of your success! Order today and start implementing these ideas!!

Also included in this IDEA CATEGORY T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more! are Recruiting  BUTTONS, Bookmarks, & Postcards  (Just scroll down below the idea to see the complete list!)
Now, WHY should you use follow up postcards to send to recruit leads?  Did YOU join your company with the first person that asked you?  When I’ve traveled around the country I’ve asked top leaders this question.  Many of them say NO.  I ask why not?  They reply, “It took me a while to make the decision and by the time I was ready, they had not kept in contact with me.”

How many potential recruits have you lost because you haven’t kept in touch with them?  Now, I’m not suggestion you be PUSHY, but I am suggesting you be PERSISTENT!  Just keep in touch, even if they don’t join your team, you’ll at least have a customer.

Think about the ABCD formula.  A stands for A Success Formula.  If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D Do It!

So let’s do the math for sending postcards.  The postage is 33 cents, one of our recruiting postcards is  15 cents (or less if on sale)  for a total of 48 cents.  Let’s say you send 10 postcards to that ONE person over 6 months.  That’s $4.80.  How much do you make if that ONE person joins your team?  As someone said the other day at a presentation I did, “A LOT more than $4.80!

So, is the Benefit of “A LOT more than $4.80” greater than the cost of $4.80 = DO IT!  You never know what will happen when you DO keep in touch, but I doubt they’ll come to you six months down the road if you don’t!  How many chances are you losing because you don’t follow up?

But, before we go…. How are you keeping track of your recruit leads?  We have this wonderful Erase Board (EB6129) where you can track their name, phone number and the contacts you’ve made with them.  I LOVE the quote along the bottom, it reads,  “How do you help others become butterflies?” “Show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to give up being caterpillars.”

Remember, we can ALL create opportunities every day that can impact our lives.  “It’s what you do with what you have … that makes you who you are.”


Go to this IDEA CATEGORY to get the PDF of this training for FREE

So, go now to

this IDEA CATEGORY and  scroll down to see a great selection of products that relate to this training!  I Challenge you to “Grow for It!”  Order NOW and start planting the seeds and then following up.

When you accept a challenge, you accept that you have to take ACTION!   The KNOWING is important, but the DOING what you KNOW is even more important!

(with an order)  Share it with your team!  Here is the link to this Idea Category: T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!

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T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!



I went to a grocery store today that I don’t go to very often and I was so frustrated! I kept going in circles looking for specific items.

This reminded me of one of the BEST reasons for putting stickers in your catalogs.

FREE AUDIO by Jenny B!  I’ve done TWO Audio’s (mp3) of this training so you can download and listen again and again.  I’ve included LOTS of examples.

Here is the link to the Audio about STICKERS in your Catalogs:

Here is the link to the Audio about creating ONE-LINERS that will BOOST your Business: LINERS-create-BRAIN-CONNECTION.mp3
These will OPEN in a new window, and you can listen on your computer, or RIGHT CLICK and SAVE.  Then you can put it on your ipod and listen on the way to a party, etc!

So, In this training we are going to discuss a several different concepts and then put them together for the greatest impact.

Let’s go through the Who, What, Where, Why and When of stickers in your catalogs!
WHY use stickers in your catalogs?
1-they draw attention to product benefits and reasons they gotta have it!
2-They create awareness of the services you offer
3-They plant seeds about the benefits of being a host or joining your team
4-They show your enthusiasm for your business because you’re doing something extra.
5-They slow customers down so they take in what is on the pages
6-They change the perception of the corporation sharing messages with them to YOU talking to them.
7- BEST REASON- keep reading the BEST reason is the combination…..

WHAT stickers should you put in your catalogs?
1-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to draw attention to specific offers or specials on your products such as:
S40579 –Customer Favorite, Gotta Try it! Best Seller, Popular Item SET
PR41026 — Easy Online Shopping
S40492 — Gifts every Holiday
PR40272 — Free Gift Wrapping
PR40822B — Shop Online with me
PR40404 — Sale, Buy, New, Sets SET
PR40406 — Love, Need, Want, Have SET
S43117 — Think Ahead! Birthdays, Weddings
PR40262 — Save on Sets!
LS4264 — Husband call, get want!

2-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to draw attention to YOUR (COMPANY) specific products
such as: just too many to mention- check out the TAGS on the VERY BOTTOM LEFT of the website and select a tag that relates to your business.

3-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to let people know how to order or keep in touch with, and order from, you such as:

PSA4204PR — Call me anytime
PR40254 — EMAIL Phone Online Orders
PR41062B — Please Like on Facebook
PSA4205PR — Visit me on Web.
4-BOOKING (Key 1 stickers) to plant booking seeds and let customers know the benefits of hosting a party or show such as:
LS1122 — Every item has 3 prices
LS1261 –Wish I see tonight
PR10658 — Your Wish List Free
PR10810 — Book Could Be Starter Show
PR10928 — Wanted Hosts Earn Free Gifts
PR10435A — Party Easy As 1-2-3!
S10236 — Get this free
S10411 — Why Pay Full Price
S12175 — If Like What See get it Free
S20415A-PR — PERSONALIZED Hostess Never Pay Full
S10517 — If heart yes checkbook no show
5-RECRUITING (Key 6 stickers) to plant recruiting seeds and let customers know the benefits of joining your team such as:
LS6265 — Like it buy little
PR11044 — Love it-Join Team
PR60586B — Really Make serious money
PR60586C — Make Serious Money
PR60801 — Start Your Own Business
PR60903 — Have fun boost income
PR61028 — I Get Paid to Party!
S600497 — What do with Extra $1000 per month
S600494 — $200 a week impact your life
S64017 — I Love What I Do
S64054 — Wanted Enthusiasm
WHERE should you put the stickers your catalogs?
1-On the FRONT and BACK.  Use some of the larger designs!  Be sure to use the PERSONALIZED sticker with your contact info on the BACK.  (Fast, professional, easy to read!  See idea T0-16- EASY personalization for more ideas)
2- INSIDE your catalogs.  Depending on the size of your catalog, many customers tell us they use ONE sticker on every 2-page layout.  They say that the notice customers STOP- look at the sticker and see what is around it (why it is there) before turning the page.  It slows them down and draws attention to specific products.
3-EVEN in MINI CATALOGS- follow the same guide lines as above.
4- On the page that talks about your opportunity, be sure to use the “I love what I do, you can too” as it changes the offer on the page from being from your company to relating to YOU- makes it much more personal.
5-Be sure and put a booking sticker on the host info page.  Make it personal!
6-SALE stickers- draw attention to specials!  (What if the special is a limited time offer and your catalog will be used beyond the sale?– When the sale is over just cover that sticker up with a similar sized booking or recruiting sticker!  Simple.
7-TAB pages you want to draw attention to during your party.  Overlap a sticker about 1/4″ on one side and put the same shape on the other side to make a TAB.  (Or the PEN PAL stickers work great)  Then draw attention to them during your party.  This will make it easy for guests to find those specific products when it comes time to order.
WHO should get stickered catalogs?
1-Everyone at your parties… the stickers reinforce what you are saying (and remind you to say it– see more about this in the One-Liner training below.)
2-Catalogs used for BOOK parties!  You aren’t there to point out specific products so it is even MORE important (if it could be more important!)
3-Catalogs you give to customers to take home.  Your stickers may be different than those used at your party, you’ll definitely want to have more of the HOW TO ORDER type with your personalized information and how to order.

HINT- If you have specific catalogs you prepare for your catalogs that you want to use time after time, put this sticker on the front: PR40521 — Catalog for Show not Go
If you have a different catalog for them to take home, use  this sticker on the front: PR40405 — Catalog Show NOT To Go- ASK for To Go Copy

WHEN should you sticker you catalogs?
1-When NEW catalogs come out, take ONE and decide which stickers you are going to put on which pages.  Some have more white space, some designs will fit perfectly on certain places!  Have fun, look at the different designs and plan what goes where.  Then, use this as your master and “sticker” a bundle of catalogs at a time!  You can even have your kids or a neighbor kid do it.  Once you’ve created the master, they just follow!
2- What do you do with LEFT OVER catalogs, or those catalogs you prepared for parties and now the new one is out?  Use the OLD CATALOG stickers on the front and back and take them to Doctor offices, hair salons, gyms, any kind of waiting room, Laundromats, etc. and leave a few.  WHY use the old catalog sticker?  It lets customers KNOW that you KNOW it is outdated and giving them options, instead of them thinking, “Oh, this is outdated” and then throw it away!”  You can also put the sticker
WP-PR40447A — Take Me Home Free! so they know they can take it!
OK, now that you have your catalogs stickers- what is the BEST REASON?  Well, I’m not quite done presenting the ENTIRE concept…. please bear with me just a little bit longer…

I often teach a concept I call “One Liners”

WHAT are one-liners?  They are short little slogans you “Tie” to a product that promote a REASON to buy, book or join your team!
WHY use one-liners?  Because your customers don’t have time to tune you out!  You’ve seen it happen, you begin your “booking spiel” (speech designed to convince: an irritatingly long or predictably glib speech, e.g. a rambling apology or prepared sales patter) and you lose their attention, they start talking to a neighbor, or bury their head in their catalog.  They already decided they were not going to have a party and are definitely NOT interested in joining your company.
But, when you use one-liners throughout your demo (or at other times) you are creating interest and curiosity about your products or opportunities you offer but once you give the one-liner you move on and they only have a chance to question, or generate interest, but not become bored or tune you out!
HOW do you create one-liners?  You pick a product and pick a slogan and “tie” them together and memorize them so they just roll off your tongue!  (Guess what?  I’ve created a PDF you can download along (that includes worksheets) that gives you all the details of exactly HOW to do it)  Just order this training item and you’ll get the link to the PDF in your order history.  But the simple way is to look through our sticker slogans and work them into your one-liners.
WHEN do you use one-liners?  At every party or show!  Once you get them learned you’ll find you can “sprinkle” about 10 booking, 10 recruiting and 10 sales one-liners during your demo.

So NOW that you’ve learned about ONE-LINERS let’s get to that BEST REASON:  When you tie the ONE-LINER that incorporates a sticker slogan to your product and put the sticker BY that product in your catalog you are creating a BRAIN CONNECTION!

Here’s a few examples:
Find a product in your catalog that is EASY to use, put the PR10435A — Party Easy As 1-2-3! by it.  During your demo, ask your customers to flip to page ____ where the sticker and product is (If you have the product in your display, show it) and after explaining a little about the product say, “Using this______ to ______ is as easy as 123 and so is having a party with me! AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ITEM IN YOUR DEMO.

Then put the “S10517 — If heart yes but your checkbook says no, book  show” sticker by a product that is a little more expensive but is well worth the price.  Suggest they flip to that page, demo the item, and say, “Do you know why I put the “If heart yes but your checkbook says no, book  show” sticker by ______?”  Then wrap your arms around the product and give it a hug and say, “Because I absolutely LOVE this product and I know you will too, and if it is beyond your budget, just book a show and I can help you get it at a discounted price or even for FREE! THEN MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ITEM IN YOUR DEMO.
You will do the SAME thing with RECRUITING and SALES slogans.  Then, as your customers flip through the catalog and SEE the stickers they will be reminded of what you said about the products.  You’ll be creating a DESIRE for them to have it and their BRAIN will figure out a way for them to get it!  That’s called the BRAIN CONNECTION and you’ll be AMAZED how they’ll remember when you make that connection!

Now, this takes me to my GROCERY STORE analogy and the BEST REASON for combining these two concepts.  Just as we all like shopping in a grocery store where we know where everything is, your customers will ENJOY shopping from your catalog when they know where to find the different products!  The stickers make it EASY for you to refer to the products in your catalog and they’ll not only know WHERE to find them, but they’ll remember WHY they want to have them!

So with your catalogs and one-liners, you have a chance to make an impact- with a little more effort and combining these concepts will be a MUCH bigger impact.

Visual +  Audio + Product = Awareness + Interest + Purchase

So please, go to this training idea CATEGORY on our website.

Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!


Order the training item 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! to get the PDF which includes complete instruction and worksheets on HOW to create one-liners for YOUR product and company

Order the training item 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! to get the PDF which includes complete instruction and worksheets on HOW to create one-liners for YOUR product and company.  For a limited time it is FREE with an order!  Then scroll down, in the category as I’ve listed some of our most popular stickers for you to use in “stickering” your catalogs!


Get the PDF of THIS training by clicking the DOWNLOAD TAB in 0-17-PDF the product on our website.

NOTE:  I’ve also created a PDF of the information above.  All you need to do to get it is go to the 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners item mentioned above and click the DOWNLOAD TAB.  Then download it to your own computer.  Be sure to ADD THE ITEM to your cart and process it to get the PDF of the One-LINER Instructions and worksheet.

As you know, I can’t guarantee what WILL happen, but I can guarantee you WILL MISS 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. You just never know what phrase or slogan will impact someone. At the very least, you’ll be planting seeds and showing you are committed to your business. Have fun!

Click this CATEGORY link to order the products:

If you would like to see pictures of the stickers in catalogs join the Facebook GROUP called
DS The Booster which is dedicated to those who LOVE Booster Products.  It is a closed group so you’ll have to request to be added.  This group is for sharing ideas and information about and all of its products.  Anyone from any company is welcome.
Here is the link.

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T0-16 — Personalization, make it EASY!

T0-16 -- Personalization, make it EASY

Why use boring white labels with your contact information on your catalogs, invitations, etc. when you can use our COLORFUL graphics and borders to make your message stand out?

Why use boring white labels with your contact information on your catalogs, invitations, etc. when you can use our COLORFUL graphics and borders to make your message stand out?

PS-look at the difference

Just look at the difference…. Borders and Graphics make your message stand out!







Just look at the difference….  Borders and Graphics make your message stand out!  We offer many of our most popular designs in the “Printable Sticker” format so you can stick TWO messages as once.   Your customers will be drawn to the graphic along with your information!  Of course you can also print a message with the graphic that are unique to your products or services.

How many sales have you lost because you have not put ALL your contact information on your catalogs?  How many sales have you lost because you quickly wrote your name on your catalog but not your complete phone number with your area code (and someone out of the area got your catalog but couldn’t reach you?)
How many sales have you lost because you “stamped” your contact info on your catalog but it smeared and your email address or phone number was not readable?
How many sales have you lost because you MEANT to get your information on your catalog but somehow didn’t?
How many sales have you lost because you were going to put your contact info onto a catalog at a fair or event but didn’t get it done so they got the catalog with someone else’s name on it?

Think about it — have you just lost SALES or perhaps BOOKINGS or RECRUITS because your contact information wasn’t there or wasn’t readable?  The cost of the stickers is CHEAP in comparison to how much you’ve lost.  STOP LOSING and START GETTING those sales and leads NOW by using these stickers on EVERY catalog or mini-catalog you give out!

Our Printable Stickers are PROFESSIONAL looking, readable, don’t smear, get their attention, plant seeds along with your contact info, and are EASY!

The Printable Stickers are shown throughout the STICKER categories on our website,  however, if you are specifically looking for stickers that can be personalized (either by YOU or by US) see SHOP ALL PRODUCTS then Custom & Printable Stickers CATEGORY which is then divided by the size and shape of the sticker.

Here’s some usage ideas:

  • Use these colorful stickers as mailing labels, as return address labels, to remind customers and hosts of specials, or to add any message to samples and free gifts.
  • Personalize the Business Card and Address sizes to use on your catalogs.  We offer many slogans that you can personalize with your information, yet the graphic and borders make your information stand out.  Slogans like “What would you do with an extra $1000 a month? (S600497BC-PS or PR) or “Earn some Free when you party with me” (S10480BC-PR or PS) will get them thinking about the benefits of hosting a party, your opportunity, etc.  This also shows an enthusiasm for your business that your customers will recognize.
  • You can also stick the business card size stickers on the business card size magnets (M10 or MBC10).  Your customers will see it on their fridges over and over again and call you when they need your services or products.  The slogans on our stickers turn what appears to be a business card into a relationship building card.  For example, how do you think she’ll feel when she reads the slogan “I would love to have you on my team” (PSB6309) or “Customers like you make my day” (PSB5307) on her fridge verses just your contact information.
  • Use the PS Business Card sizes to print your HOST information and put them on the invitations provided by your company.  This makes it EASY to get your invitations ready.   We have lots of slogans like “Bring a Friend, Receive a Free Gift” that you can print on and they get that message as well as the host info.  See IDEA T3-03 Easy, Effective Invitations Attract Attendance for more suggestions on this concept.
  • SAVE TIME as you’ll be sticking TWO messages at once!
  • SAVE SPACE as you’ll get your message and the colorful graphic in the same amount of space on your invitations or catalogs.
  • Are you putting YOUR Name and a way to contact you on every invitation?  If you are not, how does someone get a hold of you if they don’t attend the party?  Use the MINI stickers and at least put your name and phone number.  The “I Love What I do” PSM6502 are perfect for this because they plant a recruiting seed along with your info!
  • PS-on-matchbooks-with-text

    • If you sell candles, give your guests a matchbook with your information on the outside. (Our Small Square Stickers (SS) are the perfect size! You can buy inexpensive matchbooks at the grocery store and personalize them!

    If you sell candles, give your guests a matchbook with your information on the outside.  (Our Small Square Stickers (SS) are the perfect size!  You can buy inexpensive matchbooks at the grocery store and personalize them!

  • Personalize ANY little “Giveaway” that goes with your product line by putting a personalized sticker on it.  We have MANY sizes to choose from.  The SHINY material (printed by us) holds up really well when put on a product.)

What is the difference between a PS or PR? 

When the PS is at either the beginning or the end of the item number then:

  • PS designates that it is a PRINTABLE STICKER, which means YOU can print your own information.
  • We provide FREE TEMPLATES (which show you exactly where to type your information.)   You will then print ONTO the pre-printed stickers you purchase from us with your own ink-jet or laser printer.  You can print your information with BLACK ink onto the colorful stickers which saves you a fortune on ink!   Sticker material is laser or ink jet compatible. (However we make NO GUARANTEE as printers may vary.)
  • The PS sticker material is a MATTE finish so it will accept the image from your printer.
  • Free Templates

    FREE Templates make it EASY for you to print ONTO our colorful stickers

    Our FREE TEMPLATES are a Microsoft WORD document.  For the template that goes with each sticker design, click VIEW on the product then the DOWNLOAD tab.  You’ll be able to download the template.

  • We also offer “Using our Templates for Dummies” with complete step by step instructions and a quick overview instructions.  So, no matter your computer knowledge, you’ll be able to easily print your stickers.
  • The print space on each sticker is white so you can print, write, copy, or  stamp whatever  you want  on the stickers of your choice.

When a “PR” is at the END of the item number then:

  • PR designates a Custom or Personalized sticker PRinted BY US.
  • On the website, just fill in the information that you want printed onto the specific graphic or border sticker – there is an option to REPEAT the information so if you are ordering several different designs and want the same info on all of them, you can select that option and don’t need to enter your info over and over again.
  • Let us print them for you!

    Let us print them for you!

    We will print your information FOR YOU onto the colorful GRAPHIC or BORDER sticker so they come all ready to go.

  • MOST* of the stickers that we print for you will be on a SHINY material (they will begin with a PR or S!)  (*Most of the stickers beginning with a PS are a matte finish.)
  • We offer Quantity Pricing so if you get a Quantity of the SAME DESIGN with the SAME TEXT printed by us, you can really save and it only costs pennies more for us to print your information for you.
  • A Proof is available for a $5 fee.  YOU MUST ADD the A-PROOF item to ONE of the items you are ordering. (You’ll see the A-PROOF item in the Accessories in the FAR LEFT column) You will then get a low-resolution proof of ALL the personalized items ordered on that order.  If you don’t add the proof, we are not responsible for any errors.  We rarely make mistakes, but they do happen.  Sometimes it is YOU the customer who makes a mistake.
  • Why do we charge for the proof? 1-it is additional work.  2- we must send you the proof and then wait for your response to finish your order, so it delays the process and takes a lot more time because we must deal with multiple processes.

Our printable stickers are available in many colors, designs, and sizes. Watch for the letter that designates size in the item number. 

Each sheet is 8 1/2″ x 11″.

Number of stickers / sheet depends upon the sticker shape.

Rectangles: Business Card (BC=10/sheet), Large Rectangle (LR-penpal size=16/sheet), Address (A=30/sheet), Medium Rectangle (MR=48/sheet), & Mini (M=80/sheet).

Circles: large (LC=9 LC & 6 A/sheet), Medium 1 3/4″ (MC=24/sheet) & small (1″) (C=63/sheet)

Squares: Medium Square (MS=20/ sheet) & Small square (SS = 54/sheet)

So, here’s a recap of the basics of our Incredible Printables:

* Each sheet is 8 1/2″ x 11″.

* Number of stickers / sheet depends upon the sticker shape.

* Can be printed or copied onto.

* Laser or ink jet compatible. (However we make NO GUARANTEE as printers may vary.)

* Priced by individual sheets

* FREE templates on our website – They show you where to type your information.  Click the DOWNLOAD Tab of each item

* The print space on each sticker is white so you can print, write, copy, or  stamp whatever  you want  on the stickers of your choice.

* WE WILL PRINT your text on them for you for a small fee. (Order the designs with PR at the end of the item number) The more you buy the more you save!  See Quantity Discounts

* For easy 1-2-3 instructions on filling out the PERSONALIZATION BOXES get this A-PR-instructions PDF or see the A-PR — Personalization Instructions in the ACCESSORIES to the right of each product or in the CATALOG Category.
* For easy 1-2-3 instructions to use the TEMPLATES click the DOWNLOAD Tab of each item.

So,  STOP LOSING and START GETTING those sales and leads NOW by using these stickers on EVERY catalog or mini-catalog you give out!  Order yours TODAY!

Here is the direct link to this Idea’s CATEGORY on our website where MANY of the products we’ve discussed are shown.

Incredible Printables CategoryTo SEE ALL the printable stickers available click: Home>Shop ALL Products>Custom & Printable Stickers>

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T9-09 Holiday or Christmas Gifts from The Booster!

Holiday Gifts to Boost your Business

Gift a gift that gives back to boost your businesses

The Holidays and Christmas are quickly approaching and we have some fabulous ideas for Christmas Gifts for your team, friends in the business, upline or even sideline. 

But, why is giving Booster Products as Christmas Gifts such a good idea?

Well, of course WE recommend it because it is good for US! But better yet… it is GOOD FOR YOU!   Here’s a few reasons why:

1- When you get a gift, aren’t you excited to get it out and use it?  Most people are and when you give Booster products to your team as a gift, they get back to work quicker in order to use it!

2- When you give Booster products it is a gift that gives a return many times over.  It doesn’t just save them money (if they were to purchase the products for themselves) but as they USE the products, they MAKE more money!

3- When they receive Booster products as a gift from you, it lets them know you are interested in helping them be more successful!

4- Your team members will be excited to try some new things and this will get them excited for the new year.

5- Whether you need gifts for your team, upline, crossline or friends in the business we have LOTS of ideas!  Since Booster products have proven to give such a HUGE return on your investment your gift is a far greater value than what you are spending.

6- Some of our gifts even come all “gift-wrapped” and ready to go so it is simple and easy for you! 

7- NO SALES TAX unless you live in Utah!  That saves you an additional percentage over buy products locally!

8-For those of you who have long-distance teams, most of these packs are easily mailed!  Most will fit in a Priority Mail Envelope!  One more thing to make it easy.  Or, we offer “Gift Cards” that can be mailed in a card.  Or, if you would like us to email them, just CALL our office at 800-553-6692 for information.

9- Flat Rate Shipping!  No matter the size of your order- our shipping is only $5.15!  That is a great deal.  Plus if you order TWICE between Nov 20th and Dec 14th, 2012 you’ll receive a voucher for FREE SHIPPING on an order in January!  This way you can really take advantage of the Door Crashers and spread out your Christmas Shopping a little.  (You’ll need to add the “Free Shipping Voucher” to your cart beginning November 25th, 2012.  You’ll be able to find it in the Idea of the Week Category.)

Now here are some suggested “Packs” and items and who to give them to…..

A: K-CGift Pack- Each of these packs are a $15+ Value for only $3.77 each!  That’s over 75%off! (For this value, you must buy in sets of 3)  This year’s pack includes a delightful “Plaque” that is a gift in itself along with a great selection of stickers to get started.  Each of these packs come gift wrapped too!  They each include a $5 Booster Gift Card and here is a way you can DOUBLE that value!  Once you’ve given them their gift, go to our website and LOGIN and then click on REFERRAL PROGRAM.  You’ll be able to enter their information and EACH of them will receive a $5 Voucher they can use on their order.  (As long as they are a NEW customer!)  Better yet, YOU can earn the money back that you paid for the gift because as THEY place an order (using their $5.00 gift card PLUS their $5.00 Voucher) YOU will receive a $5.00 Voucher you can use on another order!  Wow… talk about a WIN… WIN… WIN situation!  Now, you may ask WHY do we offer this… because we KNOW as your team members begin to use our products they will see a difference in their business.  The more they use, the more success they will have (and when they are successful, you are too!)

B:  You can add even MORE Stickers and products to their gift if you choose by adding stickers from the “Case-LOT Sale” or our “Door Crashers!”  Case-Lot stickers are only 83¢ per sheet!  You can use them in their gifts, or even to fill your prize basket for the coming year.  Quantities at this price are limited so get them while you can!  Door Crashers change each week!

C- Giving Booster items such as the K-Motivation Pack to team members who are building a team will give them some fun things to encourage their team members.

D- Giving Booster items such as those in the K-Recognition Pack to your upline saves them time and energy looking for products to use for those on their team.  They will really appreciate your thoughtfulness and it makes it easier for them to praise and recognize their team.

E- Many people love reference books.  The K-Connections Count Pack includes a great book as well as the products to help them set themselves apart!

F- The K-Guest Pack is perfect for a friend in the business to help them get organized for their parties in the New Year!  It includes a great selection of products and they will be empowered to get things going!

G- The K-Recruit $ Pack gives EVERYONE and ANYONE simple tools to get their name out there and recruit!  Simple and easy suggestions!

H- So many people tell us how they love our FOLDERS!  The K-Folders Pack is the perfect gift to help anyone be organized to start their parties for the new year.

I- Delightful Motivational or Recognition Hand Crafted Plaques make delightful gifts for every team member!  See “HC1055 — Great People do Great things… You’re Great,” “HC1056 — Reach for the Stars” or “HC1057 — Success is only a phone call away!”

Remember, YOUR Success and the Success of your team and friends is our goal!  Booster products have PROVEN to help over 1 million consultants to be more successful!  We would LOVE to add YOUR TEAM members to the list!  It is unbelievable to many how a 2¢ sticker can have such an impact on their businesses but if you are in doubt, read some of the testimonials on our website.  Better yet, use this opportunity to try it for yourself.  Track the results for yourself.  Start the new year by doing what we teach and see how it impacts your business!  I know you’ll be impressed and excited by the results!

To go to the Case Lot Sale Click:

 To go to the T9-09 Christmas Gift Training Category Click:

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T0-15 — Play Bingo for Fairs, Events, etc.

Encourage people to STOP at your booth at a fair or event and play BINGO!

Boost your reputation and relationship with customers by playing BINGO.  Give them the cards at fairs, events, fundraisers, parties, and more to encourage them to visit your blog, facebook page, webiste, etc.

We have been developing some new ideas to use to create more interest in both fairs and fundraisers.
I’ve already posted all kinds of ideas, this is IN ADDITION to that. For those ideas see
Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-10 Events & Fairs to meet people on our website at
The object is to get people to get to know you so you can develop a relationship, which then leads to bookings, sales and recruits.

We offer a BINGO game (V1004-CD or V1004-DN) where YOU enter what you want in the different squares. (It is PC- Windows compatible- not for Mac unless your Mac has the capability of using Windows programs.)

You can personalize the card with whatever you want in:
— the center square
— along the top
— you can put your contact information along the bottom.

You can set up the game to have either 9 squares or 25 squares for them to cross off while playing. The program will create cards with the information scattered randomly. You may end up with duplicate winners, or winners that get Bingo at the same time since it randomly creates the cards. The more items you include in the game in relationship to how many cards you print, the fewer duplicates you will have. However, some duplicates are OK. Have a set number of prizes you’ll be giving out, but then offer a grand prize.
You can decide what they get when they get a BINGO and to keep the game going, you may want to go for a GRAND prize if they get blackout, or all the winners of the BINGO get their names in for a drawing of the Grand Prize. I suggest you give a relatively short time period as you want to maintain interest.

So, how would it work?
1. You would create the cards using the Booster Bingo program.
2. Print them out. You may want to print them on a colored paper. Or if you anticipate giving out hundreds of cards, print a set on WHITE and then print COPIES of the set onto different colors of paper. So, you may have one set on red paper, one on yellow, one on green, etc.
3. Create a GAME rules or an instruction sheet that matches the cards size and print it on the back of the sheets of cards before you cut them apart. Include:
(1) how long the game will last,
(2) where they can pick up their prizes if they win (or what the shipping will be for you to mail them their prize.
(3) A date by when they must claim their prize.
(4) If you’re doing any type a drawing, where they need to look for the winners and by what date.
(5) Your contact info will be on the front of the card, but you may need to include your blog, website, email, address, phone, etc. in this as well.
(6) Be sure to include that no purchase is necessary to play and HOW to prove that they are a winner.
(7) Proof could be they take a picture of their card and email it to you or post it on Facebook. They could make a copy and mail it to you. They could scan it and send it to you. Remind them that YOU have no way of knowing who has what card, so when they fill the card, they’ll need to show you.
(8) If your squares ask them to look for a product and asks a questions, tell them to write the answer in the square on the card so when they send it to you, you can see their answers. Or, prompt them to post on FB as well! (This will encourage interest in your game.)
4. Cut them all apart and shuffle them. Take them to your event.
5. Put up the Come Play Bingo Large Display Sign (DSL1604) at your event.
6. As people come to your booth give them a card.
7. I suggest one of your “squares” be fill out a contact information card at our event. (You may even want this to be your center square so you get everyone’s information.)
8. Have some clipboards with contact cards and pens attached to make this step easy.
9. Display some of the “Prizes” they can win! Draw attention to them as you give them their card.

10. The squares would include things they can do to get to know you better. (Ideas are below)
11. Be enthusiastic and invite everyone you meet to play.
12. After the event, post the things you’ve included in your cards on your Facebook page, your website, via emails, etc. Do something every day to keep up the interest.
13. As you have winners, celebrate and post their names.
Now, here are some ideas to get your brainstorming on what you can include in your cards.

KEEP THEM SHORT as if they are too long you won’t be able to save the game and the entire slogan won’t fit on the page.
• Reply to one of my emails.
• Book a party
• Come to a party
• Bring a Friend to a party
• Bring someone back to my booth
• Try a sample at my booth
• Take a catalog or flyer from my booth
• Like me on Facebook
• Comment on Facebook
• Comment on a post on my Facebook Page
• Send me contact info for a friend
• Have a friend contact me
• Set up an opportunity date
• Comment on my blog
• Visit my blog
• Save my blog into your favorites
• Place an order
• Purchase a gift
• Find ____ online-ask a ??
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find ___ in my catalog-tell me what page
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find advice about using ____ on my blog. What ????
(You can have multiple squares with this type of info)
• Find something you can earn as a host
• How much to get our starter kit?
• Send me an email
• Ask a question on my Facebook Fan page
• Ask a question on my Blog
• Send me a friend request on Facebook
• Join my club
• Come to an opportunity event
• Come to my open house
(if you have one coming up.)
• Come see me at ____ event
(if you have something coming up)

HINT: You may want to include several phrases about Booking or ordering as this increases the chances that one of them will be on every card.

I’m sure as you get going you will come up with more clues for the game depending on what you offer and do in your business. Brainstorm with your team. If multiple people are doing the booth, you can print different cards for different people. You would need to recreate the game each time as you have to put in the contact info at the beginning. Better yet, have them purchase the game and make their own cards and then they can use them for different things.

How would you use this for a fund raiser? Every one that places an order would get a game card. Just give some cards to everyone who is generating orders. This is a great way to encourage those people to get to know you and interact so you can build a relationship and create a situation to build sales, bookings and recruit leads!

As I’ve been developing this idea I realized it is great to create a relationship with EVERYONE you meet. You could set up this game to be played by all those who come to a party, or, if you are doing “Turkey Trots”, “Santa Sacks” or the “12 Days of Christmas Contest” you could have copies of the game so everyone could play and get to know you. Just adjust your squares a little depending on where they will be receiving the game.

You could even offer game cards on your Facebook Page or blog, all they need to do is request one. You can scan it and send it to them. This could become a monthly or quarterly event for you. The more you keep your people engaged, the greater the chances they will order from you.
Another great thing about the Booster Bingo game is that you can SAVE the games and create different games using the similar clues and just change them up depending on the audience. It will take you just a little bit of time to create these games but then you can use them over and over again.
Have fun, and we WELCOME YOUR IDEAS for squares. Just post them on our Blog Post.

Download this PDF from our website for only 1¢

I’ve posted this idea in a PDF you can download from our website.  It is only 1¢.  To see all the products in this category on our website click:


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T0-14 Back to SCHOOL — Back to WORK -mobile office

Yes, summer has come to an end and it is time to refocus on getting your life organized and that means getting your business organized!

If you’ve been reading through our training, you know that Booster stickers and other products have a tremendous impact on how prosperous your business can be.

Now, let’s talk about how having your kids back to school can impact your business! 

Do you feel like you spend a lot of time in your car?

A “Mobile” office in your car is the best way to be prepared for money-making opportunities!

This is an idea from Tina, a Booster Customer, that she “tweaked” a little from what she learned at a company training.

Due to the fact she spends so much time in her car (running errands and the kids everywhere!) she feels she needs to be ready to make the most of every opportunity to share her business.

Here’s how she does it:

“I keep a small box in the car with catalogs, order forms, business card, sponsoring brochures, etc., so when I am discussing my business with a new person, I have everything I need right then and there to get them interested!”

“When I’m not in or around the car, I put up a little literature box I made up from a cardboard soup box and painted, and decorated with Booster stickers. Our sponsoring brochures fit right in it, and I wrote on the box, “Please Take One.”  I hook the box on my rear windshield wiper, so when people walk past my car, they can’t miss the box, and a few people have taken brochures!”

“And, of course, I now carry a larger pocketbook, to carry catalogs and samples. I have plenty of Booster Buttons attached to draw attention!  I also attach Booster Buttons to my diaper bag so when I am at the park or ball games I can discuss my business with the mom while we watch the kids play.”

THANK YOU TINA for sharing this idea with all of us
(Tina earned a $25.00 Booster gift certificate – Congratulations Tina!  We welcome YOUR ideas.  Just email them to

Another idea is to make your “Wait” time useful:

How many times do you find yourself waiting to pick up your kids from school, ball games, practices, lessons, etc.?

If you are like MOST with children, it is a LOT of time.  Why not use that time productively?

Have some catalogs in the car along with a selection of stickers, so you can stick your stickers while waiting!  (You can also take them inside with you and be happily sticking while children are at ball practice, etc.  An extra advantage of this is that other mothers (or fathers) are bound to be curious as to what you are doing and start asking questions.  You’ll have catalogs right there to give them.

IDEA- if you have an extra set of our system dividers (V1003), fill a notebook with dividers and stickers to keep in your car so you have your stickers handy to prepare catalogs, order forms, etc. while you are waiting.

Use the time while you are waiting in your car to prepare postcards to send to your hostesses.    Get them all ready with your return address label, stamps, etc. so all you have to do is fill in the hostesses’ information and drop them in the mail.

Use this time to send postcards to potential hostesses (Key 1), customers, etc.  Be thinking of mailings you can do.  Keep your datebook with you so you have hostess’s addresses handy.

Now, with cell phones you can call members of your team.  Keep a selection of motivational and recognition type postcards handy in your mobile desk, so while on the phone you can jot them a “Congrats” type comment, address them, and get them in the mail.  Your team will be thrilled to get the card in the MAIL, not just an email and will put it on their fridge.   This will keep them motivated as they will see it over and over agin!

Keep the “Build it Big” book  (V7123) in your car to read, have a notebook to jot down ideas you are going to implement.  Read the training on the “System Dividers” (V1003) that are in your extra binder and try something new.  Or, use that waiting time to put the “Pen Pal stickers on your pens”!  Doing these little things keeps you excited about your business!

0-14 Back to Work

Listen to Jenny B discuss Back to work- back to school and Apples of Success.

Download the PODCASTS of our Booster Radio Shows and put them on your ipod, or burn them to a CD you can listen to in your car.  Instead of just listening to music, use your waiting time to learn new things.  Make notes of what and how you are going to apply what you hear!

It  IS possible to make use of all these odd moments of time so you can use your larger blocks of time at home for what needs to be done there.  Be creative, think about what you can do and organize your stickers, postcards, etc. so you can make use of them while in your car.

Booster products really DO help you to draw attention, in a very positive way, to what your business has to offer. We have tons of products to help you with Increasing Sales, Customer Service, and RECRUITING so place your order now to make the most of all those “Situations” where you are meeting many different people that you may never see again. Are you letting opportunities pass you by?  Remember, you miss 100% of the opportunities you never take!

Now that you’ve read the Idea of the Week, I’d like to share my thoughts and feelings about LABOR day and how it impacts YOU!…..


Download the PDF of this training for FREE from our website!

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T0-13 — NEW (and experienced) consultants, get business off to a GREAT start!



Here are some ideas to help new and experienced consultants get their business off to a great start to make MORE money in LESS time!

There are HUNDREDS of NEW consultants all around the country.  In tough economic times more and more people are looking for something extra to do to bring in some extra cash.

Yet, there are many people that are financially doing OK and have money to spend.  Plus, there are those out there who NEED your products whether or not they have the extra money.

So, how do you solve all of these situations?  How do you get your business off to a great start to help you make MORE money in LESS time?

I’ve done some AUDIO training that goes with this idea. T0-13-intro for the intro (it was recorded in 2009 but explains WHY I developed this training – it is only a few minutes and has some good ideas.

Then I recorded even more details- click – T0-13- Get business started right to listen to it.

FIRST:  Let people know you have opportunities to EARN MONEY and / or get FREE PRODUCTS!  You can easily do this by putting RECRUITING and BOOKING stickers on ALL your invitations, in your catalogs, and on other paperwork.  By using these stickers, even you as a new consultant can plant the seeds and remind people over and over again of the opportunities you offer. (See the Key 1 and Key 6 stickers on our website.)

SECOND:  Practice these same principles by using the principles taught on the “Party on a Sheet” stickers (See SSS4).  The value and impact the stickers can have on YOUR new businesses is HUGE!  (This training gives info on what  stickers to put inside the catalogs, etc.)  This DOUBLE sheet of stickers is a great gift for every NEW member of your team!

THIRD:  Follow up on all the steps with your hosts.  Use the “Success” erase board (EB2128) to make it easy to keep track.  Book at least 6 parties in the first 4 weeks after receiving your kit.  This will help you get off to a FAST START.  When these bookings are close together, you quickly learn what you need to do and get used to it.  This will help you book even more parties!  Use the “FRANK” stickers (S200545) on your host packets to remind hosts of who to include on their guest list, especially those who live outside of their neighborhood.

FOURTH:  Use the “Please come support my NEW Business” stickers (S32210) on the invitations for your own intro party.  Then, since you as a new consultant often begin your parties with friends and family, use the new “Please come support my daughter’s new business” (PR30542), “my friend’s” (PR30543) or “my sister’s” (PR30543) new business on the invitations to these parties!  People will be even more willing to come when they know they are supporting a “Daughter,” “Sister” or “friend!”  Be sure to include the “Bring a Friend” stickers on all the invitations.  People are always in need of gifts so you may want to include “Gifts for all Occasions” (S40427), “Gifts for every holiday” (S40492) or “Your Christmas Gift Solution” (S40257).

FIFTH:  Remind hostesses that you’re really counting on them to make those all important phone calls.  Put the “I’m counting on you!” stickers (PR20544) or “Thanks for being committed” (S200427 or PR20428) on the front of the postcards (PP20529C or CT, PP20277C or CT, or PP22526C or CT are all available with or without text preprinted on them) you send to remind them to make their calls.  Be sure to follow up on all the other host steps.

SIXTH:  Be sure to set yourselves apart by giving great service.  Use “Thank you” stickers. (S50223, S50560, or S50208, etc.) on the customer invoices.  It is so important to get in the habit of ASKING everyone about booking and recruiting.  Use the “Serving you is my top priority” stickers (PR41001) on your folders or catalogs and the sign (DS5737 or DS5737CD) in your display. When you use this procedure it gives you the opportunity to help each and every person and you won’t get rattled or scared to ask the questions because everyone is enjoying the refreshments and visiting with friends rather than impatiently standing in line listening to your questions.

SEVENTH:  Be sure you encourage hosts to CALL those who came to the party and didn’t order, to get their order.  Put “If you call them they will order!” stickers (PR20309) on a list of those they still need to contact.  Remind hosts that those “Outside orders really add up” by putting the sticker (LS2208) on the host folders and remind them to make the calls both before and after the party.

EIGHTH:  Start the habit NOW to follow up AFTER the party with a HAND WRITTEN thank you note. (See Key 5 Postcards)  This goes a long way to cementing your relationship with the host so she will come to you when she needs to purchase your products and better yet, book again and again!

These steps are really simple yet they have a HUGE impact on your success and will help you have greater success immediately! The quicker you begin to make money and build a team, the more excited you will be and the more supportive your family will be too!

T0-13 BONUS: Get the party started RIGHT! — Just some added information for NEW consultants to help them make MORE MONEY IN LESS TIME!  These techniques and products have PROVEN over the years to make a BIG difference in getting your business off the the right start.

When people come to your party, they are expecting to have a good time shopping while visiting with their friends.  Your expectation is that you will give a presentation that is fun, and informative while giving reasons for the guests to purchase your products, book a show or join your team.  Of course your objective is to meet your customer’s needs but creating the WIN WIN situation of meeting both of your needs is not only possible but EASY!  Here are some additional ideas:

1. Put your catalog, order form, pen, etc. for each guest in our “Guest Folder” (V4119)  These are one of the MOST POPULAR items on our website because they work!  Customers tell me, “I love these because they keep the guest focused on the party!”  The graphics on the folder plant booking and recruiting seeds and encourage the customer to order!  The bright colorful graphics draw people to read them front and back and they get read over and over again.  It is easy to prepare the folder for each guest and keeps things organized.  They can be used with or without a lap-board but they do so much more than just a lap-board.

HINT:  To make sure your guests return the folder put a number on each folder.  Have your guests write that number on their order form.  Tell them that after the party you will pull a folder from those returned and match that number to an order turned it at the party and that person will win a prize!  This is a great way to not only get your folders back, but encourages them to place their order before they leave!   Our customers tell us that when they use these guest folders their guests seem to stay more focused on the party instead of neighborhood gossip!

2. PEN PALS get read!  Make sure every pen has a “Pen Pal” sticker on it.  Just lay the top of the pen in the center of the sticker and put the edges together like a flag.  The stickers have two different slogans on them and they will be read over and over again throughout the demo.  In addition to that, they save your pens because with the sticker on them, they know they’re yours!  Use a variety of pen pal stickers because people will be curious and read their neighbors as well!
3. Hand out the recruiting dollars! (V6658) They are the best for building a continued relationship.  See the complete idea: T6-01 — Use Money to make money! to listen to the audio for exactly how to use them so people will keep them in their wallets!

4. Include the Preferred Customer Card (Searh for BC4601 or BC4603)  or the Customer Care Card (V4124) and start your preferred customer program to keep people coming back to you over and over again.  To learn more about our Customer Care Cards (including AUDIO) See KEY 5- Training T5-04 — How to follow up using Customer Care Cards.  Here’s the direct link:
5. Use additional stickers to capture attention.  Add them to the folders, use them on the front of your catalogs, or if you have lap boards put stickers on them.  See even more stickers directly below this idea on the website.  (Follow the link below.)
By getting your party off to the right start, you are professional yet these items project a “fun” image.  You’ll be doing your job and your guests will have a great time!  You’ll see that your sales, booking and recruit leads will climb.  Now, here’s one more idea to END the party the right way as well:

It is important to take care of your customers but you also want to make sure you’re giving them the best service available.  Use the “Serving you is my Top Priority” signs (previously mentioned) in your display and put the stickers on your catalog or lap board inviting them to leave their orders and enjoy the refreshments.  Tell them you’ll call them up in the order they’ve left their order so they can visit rather than wait in line.  This allows you to give GREAT service without people standing impatiently in lines.  It is a WIN WIN for all of you!  See the training: T5-2— Is this how your checkout usually goes? for all the details.

Remember, our goal is to help you make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!  Get LOTS more ideas by listening to our FREE Radio Show!  Just follow the links on the website under category: Booster RADIO SHOW!

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T0-07 Take me to the Ball Game


You never know where opportunity will strike — be prepared!

Yes, it’s that time when you are attending those ball games for your children, grandchildren or other kids you know.  Or maybe it is dance practices, or even taking the kids to the swimming pool or park.  You never know where opportunity will strike, use these activities to generate interest in your products and service! Make the most of those opportunities by letting people know what you offer.  (See Dara’s quote at the bottom of this idea!)

So WHAT should you take to the ball game?
Here’s a few ideas:

1. Take your Booster Binder (K-Success Pack) filled with stickers.  Arrive at your game a little early and bring along a bag of catalogs or invitations that need to be stickered. Pull them out and be “sticking stickers” on your catalogs while waiting for the game to begin. Recruiting stickers are great because this gives you the opening to talk about your opportunity. (You can also do this while waiting for your children at practices, (dance, ball, whatever.) People will be curious about what you offer. Have extra catalogs or partial catalogs you can offer to those who are interested.

2. Be sure to wear recruiting buttons too! Be sure to include “Trip Buttons” on your purse or bag to encourage people to ask you where you are going!

3. Promote “Fund Raisers!” Use the stickers, wear the buttons, and put “Fund Raiser” signs up in your car! Often people are looking for opportunities to raise money for their organizations. Let them know what you offer.

4. Have fun with your kids this summer and promote your business as well. Others will be wondering how you find the time to make it to all those ball games. Share with them the benefits of your business which include FLEXIBILITY! We hope you have a great summer.

5. Have a gift you can give to people you meet. Our Bookmarks are GREAT! Use our printable stickers to put your name and contact info on the back.  You could even be preparing these little “gift bags” while at practices etc.  Just put everything you need to put together in one of the cute “scrapbooking type bags” you can get.  In each pocket, put the different items.  Just bring the bag with you and begin putting them together.  Be sure to bring a grocery bag (reusable or plastic) to put the finished gifts into.  (Remember, projects EXPAND as you get them all put together.)

6. Give “Treats” to team members and parents. See the T9-01 Turn Halloween into a Lead Bonanza for lots of little give away ideas.  Again, you can be putting them together as mentioned in #5.  Be sure to see our “Relationship Building” Business Cards that help set you apart and remind people of the BENEFITS you offer, not just what company you represent.

7. Be putting pen-pal stickers on your pens!  It saves your pens and is an easy project to do while you are out and about.  People will wonder what you are doing and it gives you a chance to talk!

8. Our “Success Pack” makes it EASY for you to organize your business and bring your stickers with you when you go to ball games! Read this quote from Dara Johnson:

My upline leader told me about your website 6 months ago. I would always go on and browse but never purchased anything until now! I purchased the Success Six Pack and I got it in the mail rather quickly and I couldn’t believe how excited I got over all the stuff I received!!

Things have been slow for me and this gave me such enthusiasm to pick things up again. I did as the pack suggested and organized my stickers in a binder and I can’t wait to order more!

Then Dara sent this second email:
I e-mailed you too soon!! I took my binder with me to the deli. I knew I was going to be standing in line for a long time. I was browsing through my stickers and marking which ones I wanted more of. Then a woman next to me asks me what all the stickers are for!!! I couldn’t believe it. I had no intention of getting anyone’s attention at that point – I just wanted to use that time to make up my wish list. I had no biz cards on me – NOTHING. So I just gave her my information on a piece of paper. I hope she’ll remember the stickers and call me! So yes it does work!! I’m going to carry that book around with me and “pretend” to make up a wish list wherever I go!!
Order the Success Pack NOW and get started boosting your business.  See the category of products for lots of ideas.  There are lots of Company Specific slogans in this idea category too!

Here is the direct link to the Category on our website where you can see over 200 the products suggested in this training:

Be sure and see ALL of this week’s sales!  See the IDEA OF THE WEEK CATEGORY!

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