Key 1: Booking

The Booster – Jenny B ideas and products to help those in party plan or direct sales to get their bookings booming by planting seeds and prompting questions.

Key 2B- Prepare for Bookings by Preparing Host Packets

Extended Training: Key2B: Prepare Host Packets!
Our Basic training in the “$1000 Party System PACK” SYSTEM gives you the basic information on Key2B- Preparing your host packets.  This repeats some of that training, but goes into greater detail and includes additional products.

Key2B-Prepare Host Packets

Create eye-catching, informative host packets to engage your hosts

We recommend you have “Host Packets” prepared and ready to give to your new hosts.

WHY?  By being prepared physically we become prepared mentally (and vice versa)  Which comes first the chicken or the egg?  By having the host folders prepared your subconscious mind knows you are serious and ready to go.

By giving each person who books a party a “Host Packet”  it helps to get them excited and informs them of what  they should do to make their party a success.  The packets will also help them keep all of their party information
organized and remind them of the benefits your company offers.

When you have your host packets prepared in advance and sitting at your demo (and check out) tables ready to give away, you are reminded to ask customers to book, and customers will see them and ask you what they are.  In your demo when you are saying some of your booking “one-liners” you can hold up a packet and say “Being a host really is easy.  When you book tonight I’ll give you one of these terrific folders which will tell you everything you need to know to earn the gifts you desire.  It even explains all the extra free goodies you can earn.”
As soon as a customer agrees to have a party, and together you set a date,  present her with a “Host Packet”.

TIP: Keep a few host packets in your car wherever you go!  You just never know who you will meet and when you are prepared you are much more excited to share. 

We suggest you put all your host information into The Booster’s bright, eye-catching Hostess Folders (V2670).  On the front of these 2-pocket folders is a basic checklist of the steps a host needs to take to “make [her] event a success.”  It also has motivational and recruiting slogans on the back to start planting seeds about joining your team!  You know, your best hosts often become your new team members.  Speed up the process with these folders!


Below, we’re going to give you a few suggestions of what to include in your host packets to get your hosts excited and encourage them to work hard so they can earn more gifts.  But first, let’s get you organized to not only make up the host packets, but to continue to make up the packets.
Create a file that has each of the things you put in your packets.  If they are things you print out, print out 25 or more and put each page in a different file folder.  Then gather up the other things you want to use and put them in file folders as well.  Put the stickers you may add to your host folders and/ envelopes in a folder as well.
When the time comes to put together the packets, pull out what is in each file an collate them all together.  Why not do all 25?  You may want to make some changes as time moves on and it’s a lot easier to put together a packet than to go through packets already put together and take something out or add something to it. So go ahead and put together 10.  This gives you a goal to shot for giving out the 10 packets to 10 new hosts in the next week!

TIP: Keep some sort of file organizer handy.  When it is time to collate what goes in your packs, pull the items from your files and put then in the organizer, put them together.  Or, you can just lay each item out on a table, pick up one of each item and criss-cross them.  Then put the stacks into your folders.


1. Items your COMPANY suggests:
Usually your company provides a worksheet of what the hosts can earn, what is required for her party to count for gifts, specifics to your product line.  If not, you’ll want to ask your upline or create them yourself.

2.  Include magnets with your contact info and the date and time of the party.

FRANK” sticker S20345BC

Fill in your contact info on the “It’s your Party with FRANK” sticker S20345BC-A

Fill in your contact info on the “It’s your Party wtih FRANK” sticker S20345BC-A, (Also available with the word “Show” S20345BC-B) then Mount  the Stickers on Magnets (MBC10). The MBC Magnets are Sticky and so is the Sticker.  We also have M10 White Magnets.
When you are going through the host packet with your new host, fill out her party date and suggest she put the magnet on her fridge when she gets home.   Suggest that when she sees the magnet, she ask herself the question, “What have done today to make sure I have a $1000 party?”  Suggest that when she is talking to a friend on the phone and sees the magnet that she reminds the friend to come and tell her that she is excited for the event.  Suggest she use the magnet as a reminder put a post on Facebook that she is excited for her party, or send a text to a friend.  Each little thing she does will have an impact on the party’s success. Tell her that if the magnet is still on her fridge when you come to do her party on the original date that she’ll receive an additional gift.
You can also, include the “Steps to Success” BOOKMARK (BM26700).  Put a sticker on the back with your contact information or write on them with a Sharpie type marker.  Suggest she put the bookmark in her day-planner, on her fridge or even in her car.

3.  Include a blank “Guest List” for your host to fill out.


2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF- Prepare for Bookings Originals to Copy PDF

Type up a guest list form with a place for the hosts name, phone number, party date, and party time at the top.  Then, have columns labeled Guest Name, Phone Number, and Address. (OR, order the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings for a PDF download of TWO guest lists you can copy (up to 42 guest names.)  This ITEM also includes other sheets for you to put in your host packets including a WISH LIST.  We will go into more details about them during this training.
Use the FRANK stickers on your host folders as a cute reminder.
(See S20345- there are several sizes available.)
Remind your hosts to invite FRANK!
Kids’ friends parents.
The bigger FRANK stickers are great because it reminds her to invite people that live in other neighborhoods.
Explain that she’ll want to invite plenty of people because it is typical to only have a percentage of those invited actually attend.  Use the “Over invite” sticker!” (S20905)

Included  in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download is the “40 Guests in 4 Minutes” Worksheet.  Include this in the pack to help your host develop a guest list that includes friends from lots of different areas of her life.  This can even be used as a game at your parties.  Have guests fill it out and give a prize for the person who got to 40 the fastest, or has the most names.   Then during your party, as you mention the benefits of hosting a party, refer to that 40 guest list and say, “And you have your guest list all ready!”

It is SO IMPORTANT to GET the GUEST LIST!  We go into WHY and what to do with the guest list in your Key2A Host Training (and it is explained in the $1000 Party System) but for now take my word for it and GET the GUEST LIST!  In a nutshell, it enables you to send the invitations out in plenty of time.  Also, it gives you the names, phone numbers and addresses of all of those people.  Then, if someone does not attend the party, you can still contact her.
So, to get the guest list, put the “Please return your guest list within ___ days to receive a free gift” sticker (S20302) on the guest list.  Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope in the pack.  Put the sticker on the envelope as well.  Getting the guest list back is so important to building your business.

(See HOW TO USE YOUR GUEST LIST under Key 2 TRAINING on our website.)

4.  Include catalogs and order forms
Whether your host has booked a catalog party or a traditional party, include catalogs and plenty of order forms so she can collect outside orders before and after the party date.  Talk to her about the importance of taking catalogs to friends who can’t attend.  Put the “Outside orders really add up” Large Sticker (S20397) on an instruction page in her host packet.  You could even put this on a magnet (cut in half) and ask her to put it on her fridge as a reminder.

IDEA:  (Booster customers have told me that this idea has made them THOUSANDS of extra dollars!)  Put the “Bring ___ in outside orders” (S43049) sticker on 5 catalogs in each hosts packet.  (Fill in the $ amount first.)  While showing your hosts what’s in the packet, you might say “Give these 5 catalogs to WORKING FRIENDS.  Ask them if they’ll please pass the catalogs around work.  Then, they can just bring the orders they get with them when they come to your party and I’ll give them a gift.”  When the friends DO bring “outside orders”, MAKE A BIG DEAL, thank them, give them a gift, and invite them to become a host so they can earn even more gifts.  Using this idea not only helps you increase your sales, it generates bookings too!

5.  Help your hosts set goals!
Create a “Wish List” your host can fill out of the things she wants to earn.  (Use the “Wish List PDF you can copy from the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings)  On your host “Wish List” sheet include the sticker “Book before the show… and watch your gifts grow” (S20017) and “Outside orders really add up” Large Sticker (shown above) (S20397) .  Remind her that if she gets bookings and orders before her show, both her and her friend can earn extra gifts.  When her friends tell her that they won’t be able to make it to the party, suggest for her to show them a catalog, share the benefits of having a party of their own and ask them to be a host.  You can even use , use the “10…5…2 or 3” large sticker (S24210) on a “Wish List” where your hosts can write the products she would like to earn for having the party.

Let your hosts know what you expect by giving her some goals to shoot for.  You can print your own information on our PRINTABLE “10-5-2 or 3” POSTCARDS (PP24211C or PP24210C) or use the already typed ones we offer. (Same item numbers with a T at the end for TEXT!)
These will inform your host that when she has 10 guests attend the party, gets 5 outside orders, and 2 or 3 bookings is means success!
Use the “Ensure Success” sticker (S20948) on your literature to encourage the 15-20 guests!

6.  Offer additional incentives!  

Host Bingo Cards to copy

BINGO CARDS –Included in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download are TWO “HOST Bingo for Success” sheets.

BINGO CARDS –Included  in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download are TWO “HOST Bingo for Success” sheets.   Some have called this the “silver bullet” to a $1000 party because as the host does all the things on the bingo game, she is insuring a successful party.  There are TWO versions.  You can use the one where WE have filled in the squares and all you have to do is fill in the gifts they will earn and your contact info.  Or, you can use the BLANK BOXES original to put what YOU want in each box and add the gifts and your contact info.  Then, just make copies and cut in half.  You may want to copy these on bright paper so it stands out.

Include a Preferred Hostess Card or a Preferred Customer Card
Encourage hosts to be part of your Preferred Hostess Club so they’ll earn extra gifts by working on their party.  Put the card in one of the slots inside the front or back pockets of the Host folder and explain it to them when they book.  Include a sheet explaining your program.
The joy of the Preferred Hostess and Preferred Customer Programs is that you can make them to be anything you want!  Each card has 20 numbered squares or circles.  These cards come either pre-printed with fill-in-the-blanks on the back or BLANK on the back so you can PRINT whatever you want!  (FREE TEMPLATE on our website.)  Write up your own list of things they can do to earn a box and include a copy of it in the folder. These cards can be used IN ADDITION to the Bingo Game as it may take 2 parties to totally fill the card.  But once their card is filled they can become a member of your PREFERRED HOSTESS Club.   See the FREE PDF of complete details of how to start  and promote a Preferred Hostess Program in the product description of the Preferred Hostess Cards (BCD20390T.)
See all the details of using these cards on the website.  See Shop ALL Products>Other Products>BCD-Business CARD Size Cards  You can follow the links to our BLOG where you’ll find all the details.
You can use the sticker “My hostesses never pay full price” (S20415) or Button (B20415) to generate interest in your club!  Watch your relationship with your hosts grow as you put into practice a preferred Hostess program.

7.  Include a summary of the host benefits
As mentioned above, type up your own list of benefits and host specials, or copy any information provided by your company. Be sure to put stickers by host specials in ALL your catalogs to increase bookings by drawing attention to what they can earn for free.      Also, use the “My Hostesses Never Pay Full Price.” stickers (S20415) and button (B10382).  They’ll draw attention to benefits of being a host.  If your company doesn’t offer a discount to hosts, you can show them that by being a member of your “Preferred Hostess Program” they are not paying full price because they are earning rewards.  And, you can always give your own discounts even if your company does not.

8.  Include company/recruiting information.
Put recruiting stickers on the pages in your catalog which explain the benefits of joining your company.  This makes the information more personal, as if it’s coming YOU personally!  While reviewing the host folder turn to the back side of the folder and point out the slogans.  Tell her she really can “make serious money while having fun.”   Put an “invitation” to become a consultant in her pack. If your company provides recruiting literature, include it in your packet.  Use the “Turn this into your Starter show!” on your literature.  Explain how if she lets you know BEFORE the party that she would like to have this party be her starter show that YOU will do the show for her and a portion of the profits will go to the purchase of her kit.  Tell her you will put the “Please come support my NEW Business” sticker on the invitations!
You can of course include other “Key 6- Recruit/Sponsor Stickers on your literature.  Be enthused and let her know that you would love to help her get started as a member of your team!

Put the “3 prices” pen pal sticker (S10220PP) or other pen pal stickers on the pen you include in her host packet.  She’ll be reminded every time she looks at it.

9.  Include any other instructions
Parties are the lifeblood of your business.  They are how you meet your customers and sell your products.  In order to have parties or shows, you must have hosts.  Giving the host a packet of information is very important.  Many times when customers agree to have parties, they don’t have any idea what they need to do, or how they can help make their parties more successful and earn more for themselves.    They may not be aware that this is how you make your living!  Put this “Committed to party or show”  sticker  (S20427 or S20428) on the packet, a thank you card, or information to reinforce how much you value their commitment to you.

Prepared Host Folders make it easy to let your hosts know what you’d like her to do before the party, the night of the party, and after the party.  Let her know what YOU will do, and how you will reward her for her work.  Encourage her throughout the process, so she works toward making the event a success and a lot of fun!

I challenge you to DO IT to have $1000 Parties!

Of course you don’t HAVE to use The Booster products we’ve suggested in this training.  But, our customers have found that these are the little things that make a big difference.  I remember years ago one gal telling me that giving the MAGNET to each host made all the difference in the world to her parties holding and people not postponing.  When you have a host packed prepared with this information, it makes it easy for the hosts to quickly review what needs to be done.
The stickers make it easy for her to find the info and remind her each time she opens the folder.

K0-1000-Party-System-PackSee many of the products mentioned above and order the “Have $1000 Parties SYSTEM NOW!

Click to see all the Key2: HOST products categories.

Order the PDF with this complete training and GRAPHICS

Order the PDF with this complete training and GRAPHICS

Order this training PDF showing ALL the graphics:



2-Key2B-PDF — Prepare Host Packets Training

Click the T2-02 TRAINING CATEGORY showing the products mentioned in this training.

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T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!


Plant the seeds to grow what you want in your garden!

Have you ever considered the similarities between growing a garden and growing your business?
Let’s say there are two people who want to grow a garden:
•    The first only has a bucket to carry water and a shovel.
•    The second has the bucket and shovel along with a hoe, roto-tiller, hose, sprayer, fertilizer applicator and a myriad of other tools.
Who is going to have the easier time growing their garden?

Is it impossible to grow the garden with only a few tools? No, of course not! But which has the greater chance of success?

Let’s say you want to plant a garden.  You know you have to prepare the soil by tilling it up, applying fertilizer, etc. All this is done BEFORE you plant seeds right?

Many of you have taken this step already by learning your business, the products, the benefits and HOW to get bookings and sell. You are now ready to get something growing.

How does the gardener get things growing in their plot of land? Do they say, “Well, the ground is all ready! GROW! “ to the ground? If they did, and watered the ground what would come up? Weeds would probably be your first guess followed by volunteers and those volunteers would usually be OK but do you know what you’re getting.

Realistically, what would you do if you wanted to grow things in your garden? You would PLANT SEEDS!

You would find the type of things you want to grow and plant seeds.

The same is true for your business! The time is NOW to PLANT SEEDS! You have to let people know that YOU HAVE what they are looking for. As you begin to let people know the advantages and benefits of your business they will want to know more.  Then you can share your opportunity with them. You need to create interest is what you do and they will then want to know more.  If they decide to join you team you can then nourish, water and help them to grow!

Have you ever heard of THE SECRET?  It is a motivational book and movie based on the Law of Attraction which is said to work by attracting into a person’s life the experiences, situations, events, and people that “match the frequency” of the person’s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, positive thinking and feeling positive are claimed to create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

I like to put it in a very simple form — you must put out there what you want to get back.  It is the essence of planting a seed.  If you want tomatoes, you must plant TOMATO seeds!  If you want tomatoes and plant cucumber seeds there is a pretty good chance you are going to get cucumbers, not tomatoes.  If you don’t plant any seeds at all, what are the chances you are going to get tomatoes?

So, let me say it again, “You must put out there what you want to get back!”

If you want BOOKINGS, you must let create interest in bookings by sharing the benefits of hosting a party!
If you want SUCCESSFUL PARTIES you must show your hosts you are committed to helping THEM have successful parties- inspire THEM to want success and understand they CAN make it happen!
If you want SALES, you must generate interest, share benefits and create desire to actually HAVE your products!
If you want COMMITTED CUSTOMERS you must let your customers you care about them and let them know that by coming back to you that you will help them and meet their needs!
If you want RECRUITS, you must create interest in the opportunities your business offers, help them SEE themselves doing what you do and be there when they are ready!
If you want a THRIVING TEAM you must help them find their WHY and help THEM plant their seeds and teach them how to nourish them.  By recognizing and rewarding their successes you’ll be nourishing them.  (See the LMP-07 — Apples in Seeds Theme Meeting:

So, now that you know that you NEED to plant seeds, HOW do you do it?

Well, of course you mention it during your demonstration. But do you realize researchers have found that it can take as many as 7 times being told something before it begins to sink in? If you were to say the same thing over and over again 7 times at your party people, YES, they would recognize it but how fun would your party be?

But, what if you put stickers that point out the advantages and benefits of your opportunity in your catalogs, on your invitations, wrapped around your pens, on your party folders or lap-boards, etc? Your customers would read those over and over again and the concepts would be planted in their minds. You would be planting seeds without even saying a word!

Now, of course you do want to SAY something too!  You would perhaps ask questions that get them asking YOU questions but I’m sure you can see the advantage of them seeing various stickers throughout your information to create awareness and curiosity.

Using ONE-LINERS PLUS the stickers is a way to plant LOTS of seeds during your demonstration and other times as well.  (For more details on this concept see T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!)

So, start NOW to use Stickers & wear Buttons to plant seeds! 
Go to this IDEA CATEGORY (link is below) to see lots of products that relate to this concept.

We want to help you DIG UP CASH by building your team so here are some Recruiting and Sponsoring ideas of HOW to use stickers in your business:

1. Use RECRUITING Stickers on your invitations. Invited guests might not make it to the party, but their interest will be sparked by reading slogans such as (S60264)  “Full time pay, part time hours!” or (S60260) “Could you use an extra $100 per week?”

2. Put RECRUITING Stickers in your catalog, especially on the page where your company describes the benefits of your opportunity. Stickers like (S64107)  “I Love What I do! You can too!” or others shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18),  create the BRAIN CONNECTION as if YOU were telling them this information instead of the corporation.

3. Name?: Whenever you put your name on a catalog, you should also include a RECRUITING Sticker. This shows YOUR enthusiasm for what you do. Stickers shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18-link is below),   make a positive impact! In the party plan business, what is one of the best ways to get more money? GET RECRUITS! See the T0-16 — Personalization, make it EASY! idea on how to personalize the slogans with YOUR information.  Saves time because you are sticking TWO stickers at ONCE!  And, they look so professional!

HUNDREDS-no THOUSANDS of customers have told us that these STICKERS really DO WORK! We can hardly wait to hear of your success! Order today and start implementing these ideas!!

Also included in this IDEA CATEGORY T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more! are Recruiting  BUTTONS, Bookmarks, & Postcards  (Just scroll down below the idea to see the complete list!)
Now, WHY should you use follow up postcards to send to recruit leads?  Did YOU join your company with the first person that asked you?  When I’ve traveled around the country I’ve asked top leaders this question.  Many of them say NO.  I ask why not?  They reply, “It took me a while to make the decision and by the time I was ready, they had not kept in contact with me.”

How many potential recruits have you lost because you haven’t kept in touch with them?  Now, I’m not suggestion you be PUSHY, but I am suggesting you be PERSISTENT!  Just keep in touch, even if they don’t join your team, you’ll at least have a customer.

Think about the ABCD formula.  A stands for A Success Formula.  If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D Do It!

So let’s do the math for sending postcards.  The postage is 33 cents, one of our recruiting postcards is  15 cents (or less if on sale)  for a total of 48 cents.  Let’s say you send 10 postcards to that ONE person over 6 months.  That’s $4.80.  How much do you make if that ONE person joins your team?  As someone said the other day at a presentation I did, “A LOT more than $4.80!

So, is the Benefit of “A LOT more than $4.80” greater than the cost of $4.80 = DO IT!  You never know what will happen when you DO keep in touch, but I doubt they’ll come to you six months down the road if you don’t!  How many chances are you losing because you don’t follow up?

But, before we go…. How are you keeping track of your recruit leads?  We have this wonderful Erase Board (EB6129) where you can track their name, phone number and the contacts you’ve made with them.  I LOVE the quote along the bottom, it reads,  “How do you help others become butterflies?” “Show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to give up being caterpillars.”

Remember, we can ALL create opportunities every day that can impact our lives.  “It’s what you do with what you have … that makes you who you are.”


Go to this IDEA CATEGORY to get the PDF of this training for FREE

So, go now to

this IDEA CATEGORY and  scroll down to see a great selection of products that relate to this training!  I Challenge you to “Grow for It!”  Order NOW and start planting the seeds and then following up.

When you accept a challenge, you accept that you have to take ACTION!   The KNOWING is important, but the DOING what you KNOW is even more important!

(with an order)  Share it with your team!  Here is the link to this Idea Category: T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!

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T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!



I went to a grocery store today that I don’t go to very often and I was so frustrated! I kept going in circles looking for specific items.

This reminded me of one of the BEST reasons for putting stickers in your catalogs.

FREE AUDIO by Jenny B!  I’ve done TWO Audio’s (mp3) of this training so you can download and listen again and again.  I’ve included LOTS of examples.

Here is the link to the Audio about STICKERS in your Catalogs:

Here is the link to the Audio about creating ONE-LINERS that will BOOST your Business: LINERS-create-BRAIN-CONNECTION.mp3
These will OPEN in a new window, and you can listen on your computer, or RIGHT CLICK and SAVE.  Then you can put it on your ipod and listen on the way to a party, etc!

So, In this training we are going to discuss a several different concepts and then put them together for the greatest impact.

Let’s go through the Who, What, Where, Why and When of stickers in your catalogs!
WHY use stickers in your catalogs?
1-they draw attention to product benefits and reasons they gotta have it!
2-They create awareness of the services you offer
3-They plant seeds about the benefits of being a host or joining your team
4-They show your enthusiasm for your business because you’re doing something extra.
5-They slow customers down so they take in what is on the pages
6-They change the perception of the corporation sharing messages with them to YOU talking to them.
7- BEST REASON- keep reading the BEST reason is the combination…..

WHAT stickers should you put in your catalogs?
1-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to draw attention to specific offers or specials on your products such as:
S40579 –Customer Favorite, Gotta Try it! Best Seller, Popular Item SET
PR41026 — Easy Online Shopping
S40492 — Gifts every Holiday
PR40272 — Free Gift Wrapping
PR40822B — Shop Online with me
PR40404 — Sale, Buy, New, Sets SET
PR40406 — Love, Need, Want, Have SET
S43117 — Think Ahead! Birthdays, Weddings
PR40262 — Save on Sets!
LS4264 — Husband call, get want!

2-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to draw attention to YOUR (COMPANY) specific products
such as: just too many to mention- check out the TAGS on the VERY BOTTOM LEFT of the website and select a tag that relates to your business.

3-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to let people know how to order or keep in touch with, and order from, you such as:

PSA4204PR — Call me anytime
PR40254 — EMAIL Phone Online Orders
PR41062B — Please Like on Facebook
PSA4205PR — Visit me on Web.
4-BOOKING (Key 1 stickers) to plant booking seeds and let customers know the benefits of hosting a party or show such as:
LS1122 — Every item has 3 prices
LS1261 –Wish I see tonight
PR10658 — Your Wish List Free
PR10810 — Book Could Be Starter Show
PR10928 — Wanted Hosts Earn Free Gifts
PR10435A — Party Easy As 1-2-3!
S10236 — Get this free
S10411 — Why Pay Full Price
S12175 — If Like What See get it Free
S20415A-PR — PERSONALIZED Hostess Never Pay Full
S10517 — If heart yes checkbook no show
5-RECRUITING (Key 6 stickers) to plant recruiting seeds and let customers know the benefits of joining your team such as:
LS6265 — Like it buy little
PR11044 — Love it-Join Team
PR60586B — Really Make serious money
PR60586C — Make Serious Money
PR60801 — Start Your Own Business
PR60903 — Have fun boost income
PR61028 — I Get Paid to Party!
S600497 — What do with Extra $1000 per month
S600494 — $200 a week impact your life
S64017 — I Love What I Do
S64054 — Wanted Enthusiasm
WHERE should you put the stickers your catalogs?
1-On the FRONT and BACK.  Use some of the larger designs!  Be sure to use the PERSONALIZED sticker with your contact info on the BACK.  (Fast, professional, easy to read!  See idea T0-16- EASY personalization for more ideas)
2- INSIDE your catalogs.  Depending on the size of your catalog, many customers tell us they use ONE sticker on every 2-page layout.  They say that the notice customers STOP- look at the sticker and see what is around it (why it is there) before turning the page.  It slows them down and draws attention to specific products.
3-EVEN in MINI CATALOGS- follow the same guide lines as above.
4- On the page that talks about your opportunity, be sure to use the “I love what I do, you can too” as it changes the offer on the page from being from your company to relating to YOU- makes it much more personal.
5-Be sure and put a booking sticker on the host info page.  Make it personal!
6-SALE stickers- draw attention to specials!  (What if the special is a limited time offer and your catalog will be used beyond the sale?– When the sale is over just cover that sticker up with a similar sized booking or recruiting sticker!  Simple.
7-TAB pages you want to draw attention to during your party.  Overlap a sticker about 1/4″ on one side and put the same shape on the other side to make a TAB.  (Or the PEN PAL stickers work great)  Then draw attention to them during your party.  This will make it easy for guests to find those specific products when it comes time to order.
WHO should get stickered catalogs?
1-Everyone at your parties… the stickers reinforce what you are saying (and remind you to say it– see more about this in the One-Liner training below.)
2-Catalogs used for BOOK parties!  You aren’t there to point out specific products so it is even MORE important (if it could be more important!)
3-Catalogs you give to customers to take home.  Your stickers may be different than those used at your party, you’ll definitely want to have more of the HOW TO ORDER type with your personalized information and how to order.

HINT- If you have specific catalogs you prepare for your catalogs that you want to use time after time, put this sticker on the front: PR40521 — Catalog for Show not Go
If you have a different catalog for them to take home, use  this sticker on the front: PR40405 — Catalog Show NOT To Go- ASK for To Go Copy

WHEN should you sticker you catalogs?
1-When NEW catalogs come out, take ONE and decide which stickers you are going to put on which pages.  Some have more white space, some designs will fit perfectly on certain places!  Have fun, look at the different designs and plan what goes where.  Then, use this as your master and “sticker” a bundle of catalogs at a time!  You can even have your kids or a neighbor kid do it.  Once you’ve created the master, they just follow!
2- What do you do with LEFT OVER catalogs, or those catalogs you prepared for parties and now the new one is out?  Use the OLD CATALOG stickers on the front and back and take them to Doctor offices, hair salons, gyms, any kind of waiting room, Laundromats, etc. and leave a few.  WHY use the old catalog sticker?  It lets customers KNOW that you KNOW it is outdated and giving them options, instead of them thinking, “Oh, this is outdated” and then throw it away!”  You can also put the sticker
WP-PR40447A — Take Me Home Free! so they know they can take it!
OK, now that you have your catalogs stickers- what is the BEST REASON?  Well, I’m not quite done presenting the ENTIRE concept…. please bear with me just a little bit longer…

I often teach a concept I call “One Liners”

WHAT are one-liners?  They are short little slogans you “Tie” to a product that promote a REASON to buy, book or join your team!
WHY use one-liners?  Because your customers don’t have time to tune you out!  You’ve seen it happen, you begin your “booking spiel” (speech designed to convince: an irritatingly long or predictably glib speech, e.g. a rambling apology or prepared sales patter) and you lose their attention, they start talking to a neighbor, or bury their head in their catalog.  They already decided they were not going to have a party and are definitely NOT interested in joining your company.
But, when you use one-liners throughout your demo (or at other times) you are creating interest and curiosity about your products or opportunities you offer but once you give the one-liner you move on and they only have a chance to question, or generate interest, but not become bored or tune you out!
HOW do you create one-liners?  You pick a product and pick a slogan and “tie” them together and memorize them so they just roll off your tongue!  (Guess what?  I’ve created a PDF you can download along (that includes worksheets) that gives you all the details of exactly HOW to do it)  Just order this training item and you’ll get the link to the PDF in your order history.  But the simple way is to look through our sticker slogans and work them into your one-liners.
WHEN do you use one-liners?  At every party or show!  Once you get them learned you’ll find you can “sprinkle” about 10 booking, 10 recruiting and 10 sales one-liners during your demo.

So NOW that you’ve learned about ONE-LINERS let’s get to that BEST REASON:  When you tie the ONE-LINER that incorporates a sticker slogan to your product and put the sticker BY that product in your catalog you are creating a BRAIN CONNECTION!

Here’s a few examples:
Find a product in your catalog that is EASY to use, put the PR10435A — Party Easy As 1-2-3! by it.  During your demo, ask your customers to flip to page ____ where the sticker and product is (If you have the product in your display, show it) and after explaining a little about the product say, “Using this______ to ______ is as easy as 123 and so is having a party with me! AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ITEM IN YOUR DEMO.

Then put the “S10517 — If heart yes but your checkbook says no, book  show” sticker by a product that is a little more expensive but is well worth the price.  Suggest they flip to that page, demo the item, and say, “Do you know why I put the “If heart yes but your checkbook says no, book  show” sticker by ______?”  Then wrap your arms around the product and give it a hug and say, “Because I absolutely LOVE this product and I know you will too, and if it is beyond your budget, just book a show and I can help you get it at a discounted price or even for FREE! THEN MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ITEM IN YOUR DEMO.
You will do the SAME thing with RECRUITING and SALES slogans.  Then, as your customers flip through the catalog and SEE the stickers they will be reminded of what you said about the products.  You’ll be creating a DESIRE for them to have it and their BRAIN will figure out a way for them to get it!  That’s called the BRAIN CONNECTION and you’ll be AMAZED how they’ll remember when you make that connection!

Now, this takes me to my GROCERY STORE analogy and the BEST REASON for combining these two concepts.  Just as we all like shopping in a grocery store where we know where everything is, your customers will ENJOY shopping from your catalog when they know where to find the different products!  The stickers make it EASY for you to refer to the products in your catalog and they’ll not only know WHERE to find them, but they’ll remember WHY they want to have them!

So with your catalogs and one-liners, you have a chance to make an impact- with a little more effort and combining these concepts will be a MUCH bigger impact.

Visual +  Audio + Product = Awareness + Interest + Purchase

So please, go to this training idea CATEGORY on our website.

Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!


Order the training item 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! to get the PDF which includes complete instruction and worksheets on HOW to create one-liners for YOUR product and company

Order the training item 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! to get the PDF which includes complete instruction and worksheets on HOW to create one-liners for YOUR product and company.  For a limited time it is FREE with an order!  Then scroll down, in the category as I’ve listed some of our most popular stickers for you to use in “stickering” your catalogs!


Get the PDF of THIS training by clicking the DOWNLOAD TAB in 0-17-PDF the product on our website.

NOTE:  I’ve also created a PDF of the information above.  All you need to do to get it is go to the 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners item mentioned above and click the DOWNLOAD TAB.  Then download it to your own computer.  Be sure to ADD THE ITEM to your cart and process it to get the PDF of the One-LINER Instructions and worksheet.

As you know, I can’t guarantee what WILL happen, but I can guarantee you WILL MISS 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. You just never know what phrase or slogan will impact someone. At the very least, you’ll be planting seeds and showing you are committed to your business. Have fun!

Click this CATEGORY link to order the products:

If you would like to see pictures of the stickers in catalogs join the Facebook GROUP called
DS The Booster which is dedicated to those who LOVE Booster Products.  It is a closed group so you’ll have to request to be added.  This group is for sharing ideas and information about and all of its products.  Anyone from any company is welcome.
Here is the link.

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1-04 – Book to Look Inside IDEA


This is an OLD IDEA that we’ve made NEW AGAIN!

This is an OLD IDEA that we’ve made NEW AGAIN!  You’ve all heard of “Book to Look”  You understand that some people just can’t stand it!  They want to know what is inside!  They want to be enticed to book a party!  Their curiosity and their belief that they have a chance to earn a great prize is just the little bit of incentive they need to make the decision to book!

The OLD Idea was to prepare envelopes with certificates for prizes inside.  Then use the “Book then Look” Stickers on the envelopes.  Once they book, they get to look.   But we’ve now taken it many steps further!

With this NEW idea you not only have envelopes with the cute stickers on them, but we’ve created BAG Toppers with the “Book to Look Inside” slogan.  You put a gift inside the BAG and of course when they book, they get to look!  The BIG BAG is bound to get their attention but we also have some darling little paper purses with the same graphic AND some cute CARD HOLDERS!

The idea is to prepare a whole bunch of the items at once, include some items of BIG VALUE– like an expensive product you got for a really good deal, plus a bunch of others.  Then say, “I have a whole bunch of “Book to Look” gifts available.  When you book a party or show on the available dates on my “Book to Look” Board you’ll get to pick one of them.  Now, the gifts are valued at $??? to $??? or __% to __% off on your order!  It is up to chance and of course it is up to YOU!”
(Now, if you don’t want to use the “Board” for available dates, you don’t have too, but this is a great way to keep your calendar full!!)
WHY should you prepare a whole bunch at the same time?  

  • 1 — Because you can continue to use the from ___ to ___ value until all the gifts are gone, even if the higher value gift was picked at a previous party because your statement of the values when you prepared it are true.  You don’t have to continue to replace the higher value gift if it was already chosen.
  • 2 — The more prizes you have, the greater the curiosity!

More suggestions:

  1.  Show the prizes or pass out the envelopes early to create curiosity.
  2. Be sure to mention the advantages to booking throughout your demonstration. (Just short little “one liners” like, “You could get this FREE when you book tonight with me (as well as one of the great gift bags or envelopes)!
  3. Put the “Ask me about Book to Look” stickers in your catalogs and ON you order forms!  Why, because in your catalogs, your guests will be reminded again and again.   But why on the order form?  When you are checking her out, you’ll see the sticker and it will remind you to ASK her if she is going to choose a Book to Look gift?

Be sure to ALWAYS say that they actually receive the prize AT their party that is held on the date specified!  If they want to book on a different date- that is great- but you don’t need to give the prize if you’ve already specified that it is for booking on a specific date.

Now, we’ve made it even EASIER to give the prize as well!  We’ve created a Postcard and Business Card size card that says, “Look what you get because you’ve BOOKED! TEXT READS: Thank you for booking with me!  We will have so much fun!  Be sure to fill out your Wish List as my goal is to help YOU earn FREE products!”  Your gift for booking and holding your event on the date we’ve set is: ____________.  I will either bring your gift with me to your event or include it in your event order!
Of course we also have these available so YOU can print whatever you want ONTO the cute graphic cards using our FREE Templates.

Go ahead and get started.  Try this concept of putting this selection of “Book to Look Inside” products around the room and in your display.  You’ll have people filling your available dates!
See our Money Saving K-Packs!


DELUXE pack so you can prepare 14 gifts all at the same time

We have TWO!  One is a STARTER PACK with just ONE of each of the gift ideas.

The other is the DELUXE pack which includes TWO large bags, 4 purses, 4 Card Holders and 4 Envelopes with Postcard and Stickers!  This way you can prepare 14 gifts all at the same time!
If you want to do it all separately, the stickers, bags, card holders, postcards, etc are all available individually.

Here is the link to the CATEGORY on our website so you can see ALL of these products.

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1-03 — Put the FUN in FundRaisers

All kinds of ideas!

Fundraisers have many benefits to your business!

Let everyone know that you offer FUND RAISERS!

 This idea includes LOTS of information about fundraisers.  We will discuss WHY to have them, How to advertise, How to set up some prizes and competition to encourage sales, Rewards and Recognition for those who order AND those who participate, and an easy way to follow up!  So here goes:

A:  WHY are Fundraisers are great for your business?

 1. You have lots of people helping you generate sales.

2. Those sales are great for your personal volume as well as team volume to help you qualify for prizes.

3. You make a great impression on potential customers because they see you are helping a cause that may be important to them.

4. You get lots of contact names that you may never have had the opportunity to get.

5. You have many opportunities for follow up with those contacts for future sales and/or hosts.

6. You have the opportunity to motivate others. This can even lead to recruit leads!

7. Plus you make great money yourself for your time

 B: HOW can you generate more fundraisers in your business?

1.  Let people know you offer them! It is easy! We have several FundRaiser stickers!   Put them on the outside of every catalog. They are also great on your order forms or guest folders.

One gal told me: “I mentioned that I offered fund raisers to a customer but she didn’t say anything. Later, when we were talking, she noticed the Fund Raiser sticker on the front of the catalog and said, I didn’t know you offered fund raisers! (Was she not listening or what?) But I want you to know that little sticker generated over $3,000 in sales! Needless to say, I’m thrilled!”

2.  We also offer several Fund Raiser buttons! You can wear them or put them in your display.

3.  Send “Are you looking for a Fundraiser” Postcards to previous hosts or leaders in organizations.   Let them know what you offer, how much they can earn, etc.  We DO NOT offer this card in a TEXT format because there are just too many options.  However, you can purchase the cards and use our FREE TEMPLATES to print whatever you want.  Come up with the Benefits of doing a fundraiser with you and keep some on hand to give out at parties, etc.  If someone mentions they are very involved with their child’s team, or school, give them a card or send it to them after the party.  Or, order the C-PR and we can personalize it with whatever you want.

 4.  Several customers have told us they put together a Fund Raiser Packet which includes some flyers and literature about your fund raisers (what is required, what they will make, what you offer etc.) You can leave these little packs at businesses, schools, etc. Put the “Let me put the FUN in Fund Raising” sticker on these packets.

 C: Here are some suggestions of groups that are often looking for fundraisers:

 Church groups,
Ball teams,
Scouts (boys and girls)
School organizations or clubs (cheerleaders, singers, key club, language clubs, band, orchestra, etc.)
Pre-schools (to earn money for field trips, etc)
School classes (for field trips, playground equipment, etc.)
Community organizations (Lions clubs, women’s clubs, etc.)

Races and runs! (For cancer, disease research, etc.)

HINT:  At runs, etc. see if you can have a table where people can shop and a portion goes to the fund raiser.  There are often people standing around waiting for friends and family to cross the finish line.  Give them something to do!

The list goes on! Just keep your ears and eyes open looking for a need to raise money and offer the opportunity!

 D: What can you do to help your FUNDRAISERS be more successful?

 1.  THANK each potential customer before they even place an order. Put a sticker Thank you for your order (S50223) or “Thank you for supporting our fundraiser” (PR10135) on every order form! As your potential customers see this, they appreciate being thanked and will order more.

 2. Set up some goals for those involved.  You could have “Star” levels of achievement.  I highly recommend you offer prizes for ALL those who participate at different levels.  For example, you may want to have “Star LEVELS” for those who sell different increments but I also suggest you offer something that EVERYONE has a chance to win, with incentives of “The more they do, the more chances they have to win.”  For example: for every FIVE they sell (or dollar values) they get their name in a drawing for a grand prize.  This keeps EVERYONE working a little harder.

 3.  If your fundraiser is going over a period of time have “Spin to Win” segments where those who have sold ____ get a chance to “Spin to Win” for specific prizes!  Or, if doing all the prizes at the end, let those who have performed at certain levels get their name in a drawing where they “Spin to Win” for specific prizes.  Put the 12 prizes on the wheel an draw “tickets” for those who get the chance to spin.  Again, this concept keeps everyone working as everyone will have a chance to win, instead of getting discouraged because there are some “go-getters!”

 4. Motivate the students, or those involved in selling, (those who are getting the orders.)  Put “Go For It” (PR71079) or “Dream Big” (PR71033) or “Be a Star” (PR70431) on the information you give your order takers. (Actually we offer LOTS of Key 7- Motivational Slogans on stickers you can put on packets)

 5.  Offer encouragement!  If some are struggling send a “Keep on Keepin’ On” (PP70522C), “Put your Passion into Action!” (PP70533C), “Plan your work then work your plan” (PP70549C), “I Believe in you!” (PP70602C), Make your dreams come true… It’s up to you! (PP70611C), “Dreams DO come true!” (PP70627C), “Red hot headed for the top! (PP70641C), “Dreams in Action” (PP70739C), “Go for it!” (PP70748C) or “Be a star” (PP70747C).

HINT: If working with teachers or others who might be overseeing your group, give them a selection of postcards (both those mentioned in item 5 and 6) so they can encourage those who need it.  This can lead to this being a positive experience for all, as believing in, and encouraging those who are not doing as well may be just the thing they need.  Remind them that they can turn these slogans into positives while offering encouragement.  For example, for those who ARE doing well, they could send “Dreams DO come true!” with the note: “I am so pleased to see you working so hard to see your dreams come true!”

6: During the time your fund raiser is running, be sure to recognize those who have gotten orders for you. Send each of them a postcard such as “Wow” (PP80257C), “I’m so Proud of You!” (PP80302C) “You are absolutely Awesome” (PP80312C) or “Magnificent” (PP80595C)  or “You’re a Star” (PP82220C) during the event.  Then after the fund raiser is over be sure to show recognition to ALL who participate.

 TIP:  These PRINTABLE postcards come with FREE Templates where you can print your fundraiser information ONTO the postcards you purchase and then just fill in the blanks.  For example you could type: Hi _____   I am so impressed!  You are doing a terrific job.  Keep going and you could be one of our winners!  Or, AFTER the event is over, give a card to everyone who participated thanking them for their efforts.
7.  Put a “WOW” sticker (PR81080) (Or other recognition stickers- See KEY 8) on the postcard if they qualified for your “STAR” level (what ever that may be.) or are least achieving. Maybe by reaching just a little higher it will help both them and you reach a higher goal.

 8. Generate MORE interest in your fundraiser.  If allowed, let the local radio station or newspaper know about your fundraiser and invite people to participate.  Remember, this is an opportunity for you to MEET PEOPLE and get your name out there.  Pass on your profits and you’ll be rewarded in many different ways besides money.

 E: How can you follow up AFTER your FUNDRAISERS to build connections with those contacts?

 1.  When you process your orders include a “Thank you for supporting our Fundraiser” postcard in each order.  This postcard not only thanks them, but gives them more information about you and how to contact you.  See the verbiage we suggest on the TEXT postcard.  Remember, you can PRINT your own info on the GRAPHIC ONLY postcard, or have US personalize the TEXT postcard for you, we fill in your information for you!  If the orders are shipped directly or you don’t handle them, then just drop the card in the mail.  This is a way for you to make contact with that person and build a relationship.

 One of the benefits of doing a fundraiser is a chance to MEET new people!  You’ve passed on the financial benefit, now is your opportunity to develop those relationships to build your business and help others as well!  They MAY be interested in hosting a party so they can earn free products or they may be looking for an earning opportunity.  It is up to you to follow up and generate value from all these contacts.

Go to our website to see ALL the products mentioned in this training.  Here is the direct link:

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T7-03 – Convention Challenges

A few years ago  while at one of the conventions we attended, someone told me she was getting challenge gifts for her gals that came to the convention with their date books filled with parties IMMEDIATELY on their return from convention.

She said that usually, her gals were getting ready for convention and not really looking beyond convention so they weren’t ready to make the most of the enthusiasm generated AT conventions or conferences.

So, I thought it was a good idea to pass on the idea of challenging your team to fill their datebooks for their return. Encourage them to get their families involved, that even though they will be gone for a few days, they’ll need to go to work immediately upon their return!

Remember to offer challenges to those who are not attending conventions so they will keep working while you are gone!

While you are at convention send home a postcard from the  location where you are with a  motivational type sticker along with a short note.  If you want to get them done in advance and just mail them from convention city, use some of the motivational postcards shown below and when you mail them from the convention city they will have that city’s postage mark on them.

I already have several ideas posted on our blog and website you can share with your team to help them fill their datebooks NOW:  (The links below will take you to the BLOG POSTS.   Then at the bottom of the Blog post is a link to the website category where ALL the products mentioned in the training are shown.)
PI-9401 — Sizzling Summer = Fabulous Fall! Summer Fun events

T6-01 — Use Money to Make Money & Get it Free!

Click Key 1- Get More Bookings…

T1-01 — Keep your Calendar FULL! Pick a Date-Pick a Prize!

T4-06 — New Catalogs???? Old Catalogs??? (Read this training on our BLOG)

Even if YOU are not attending convention, you know that there’s always great news introduced so get your team (or yourself) excited to start promoting the new products immediately!   Don’t wait to find out what they are, just create curiosity by telling them, “You want to set your date for as soon as I return from convention so you’ll be the first to see the new products!”

We also have a few motivational items you could use to get your team hyped about the new things you’ll be learning at convention or conference. (They are listed below this item on the website.  Follow the link below.)

There are ideas for things you could use as gifts for your team once they’ve achieved their goals.  We will NOT be attending ANY Summer Conventions this year, so place your order NOW so you have your items in time!

Sheets of stickers or packages of postcards make great gifts too.  As you give them products they use to boost their business, it is a WIN WIN situation because the products help them to be more successful too!  You can include a TEAM CARD or BOOKMARK with the gift of a sheet of stickers and a Post IT pad.  Put them in a cute cello bag, tie it with a ribbon and it is a useful gift that has something they keep for themselves as well.

Whether or not you are attending a convention   YOU can share with your friends in the business.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our product line is SO EXTENSIVE, and we print many of our items as ordered so we will NOT be attending ANY conventions this summer.  If you would like to take some coupon sheets to convention to share with your team or people you meet at convention, please let us know when you place your order (in the comments) and we will send them with your order.  Let us know how many you would like AND what company you are with.  PLEASE Add the 7-03 – Convention Challenges item to your shopping cart so we know to watch for your comment .

Our Referral Program: REQUEST the flyer mentioned above to share with your team.  We will PRINT YOUR REFERRAL info ONTO that flyer.  When your friends place an order, they need to tell us YOU referred them
and we will send you a gift-Voucher once we receive FIVE referrals where the customer spends a minimum
of $10.00 in products.

*  This IS subject to change- once we can get it working automatically on our website.

ENCOURAGE your friends to use the VOUCHER CODE printed on your SHARE FLYER to receive their discount.  This is a WIN WIN for ALL!

So, plan now to challenge your team to fill their datebooks so they’ll get to work immediately when they return from conventions!  They’ll be excited and this will really help to jump start their business!

See the products to get your team going!

Motivate your team to take advantage of the enthusiasm generated at conventions.

Click THE 7-03 GRAPHIC to see all the products on our website that go along with this idea click

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PI-9401 — Sizzling Summer = Fabulous Fall! Summer Fun events

Book Summer Fun Events

So you want to have a Fabulous Fall?    Fill your datebooks with Bookings NOW!

Yes, I know, summer is busy!  But you can look beyond a problem or crisis  and see it as an opportunity!

I remember going to a “Positive Thinking Rally” way back in 1982 and heard Dennis Waitley. He said something in his talk that I have remembered for years.   He was talking about the Mt. Saint Helen’s volcano eruption.   People were so upset about the disaster and how it was going to effect them.   They said “It is a Crisis!   A Dangerous wind that would destroy the economy. It would kill the fish, ruin the farmers land, finish the tourist traffic, ruin the northwest, and pollute the lakes.

But, the fish didn’t die. The farmers had the richest mineral deposits in their soil.   The lakes are full of minerals. We’re predicting earthquakes because of Mt. Saint Helens . The tourist industry was up because people wanted to see a live volcano.     Wyerhouser Corp. reported at their annual meeting, “We’re having our biggest year in history!   Mt. Saint Helen blew our trees down, striped the bark and sent them to the mill all with no labor in between.”

YOU can take every CRISIS and make an OPPORTUNITY out of it. Start NOW!   Winners are never winers. Winners are people who adapt and they adapt to change. Set your goals just out of reach but not out of sight. Don’t look too far in the future and live on “someday isle!” Live in the moment – NOW!   Make every day an opportunity.

Help your customers to see how YOU can help them solve their problem by sharing your opportunity. How can they open the door to opportunity if YOU don’t do the knocking? When they are ready, they will be looking. If you don’t OFFER to tell them about your opportunity, how to you expect to have them on your team?

Let the people you meet know you have opportunity to offer them.   Wear buttons around town. Put stickers on your invitations, catalogs, and other literature and envelopes to get their attention and plant the seeds of opportunity.   Then watch them grow!

People are looking for ways to solve their problems.  If you want to have a Fabulous Fall you need to start filling your datebook RIGHT NOW!  Help people see the benefits of booking with you all the FREE stuff they can get, getting friends together and on and on and on.  Be creative!

We have LOTS of ideas already posted.  Just look under FREE TRAINING and then KEY 1: BOOKING!

Go out and tell your friends how THEIR dreams can come true as a member of your team or as a hostess!   We can hardly wait to hear of YOUR SUCCESS!

You can have “Catalog Parties” or “Sizzlin’ Summer Fun Events”   We have all kinds of ideas to have “Sizzlin’ summer sales and events” that will take you into a fabulous fall!

Below are a BUNCH of ideas:  (Some are my own, some are from a lot of different sources and some are from another source and then I’ve tweaked it a little to give you more suggestions. Of course, you may need to twist them a little more to fit your products or company. Brain storm with your friends and see what you can come up with!)

PDF of Summer Fun Events

Download this PDF of Summer Fun Events

Here is the LINK to get the PDF of the Summer Fun Events for FREE.  Just RIGHT click it and save it to your own computer!  We welcome your comments!  (It may take a minute to load so be patient.)

Whatever you choose to offer, these new stickers can help you advertise! Use the larger one (PR10913) on the front of your catalogs, packages you mail, envelopes, folders or anything! Use the smaller one PR10914 on invitations, within your catalogs, to seal envelopes, etc. These will help you get the word out about your events. With our “Background” postcards you can make up invitations for any of these types of parties! (We would do them for you – and have done some but there are just too many variations of things you can do. That is why we offer FREE TEMPLATES so you can print whatever you want onto the colorful backgrounds! Once it’s set up you can print as many as you need! Just order more backgrounds!

I have developed a “You’re invited to our Summer Fun Event” graphic. You can personalize it with your specific type of party info and mail. We also have “Summer Fun Invitation” stickers two sizes! PR30915A and PR30915B!

The Summer Fun ERASE BOARD (EB1131) can be used to boost sales, encourage bookings, or whatever YOU want. See all the details under item EB1131.
Remember, many of these ideas can be done with YOU as the host and offer the host gifts to be given to the “Mystery Host” or you can even raffle off the Host Gifts if you are doing it as a fund raiser. Or, you can offer to do these different THEME parties for your hosts to choose.

So, here goes with a BUNCH of ideas:

1) Summer Sacks! You know you’ve heard the excuse, “I’d love to have a party but I’m going to gone so much this summer I just don’t have time!” Well, here is your chance to respond, “Where are you going?” and then give them the opportunity to have a “Book” or “Catalog” party whenever they are going. Use our cute theme “Summer Sacks” to put up at your parties. Have them filled with catalogs, guest lists to fill out (At the end of the PDF with the Summer Fun Erase Board EB1131) order forms, etc. so they are all ready to go. Then, when people choose to have a party you can just give them their bag and they’ll have everything they need. You can make this even more fun by letting them have more chances to win your Summer Fun Event Prizes. Show them the erase board and tell them that for every $100 in orders from their party you will put their name in another square (they get one for booking in the first place) and they will have those additional chances to win. You can even have special prizes for the highest sales, most guests, etc.

Suggested events could include: Family Fourth of July Party, (share with family members) Camping or Beach Trip, (share with people you meet or family you are going with)  Family Road Trip (share with family or people you meet along the way!)  Neighborhood B-B-Q (put out catalogs for people to look at.)

Another thing you could offer is a portion of their sales would be donated to a fund raiser.  For some, this might make sharing with strangers a little easier.  They could donate a % to the charity of their choice or the local ball team, school, etc.  If you are offering it as a fund raiser, be sure to put the “Thank you for supporting our fund raiser” sticker on the front of the catalogs and on the order forms.  You may want to use the fund raiser stickers to help advertise it as well.  Remember, you may be giving a percentage away with fund raisers but you’ll be introducing your products and yourself to TONS of new people who are purchasing your products.

2) Offer Fund Raisers!  There are ALWAYS people looking for ways to earn money for their particular charity or group.  It can be national charities, local people in need, animal shelters, ball teams, dance clubs, teams trying to earn for a trip, the list goes on and on!  Let people know you offer them and they’ll take it from there.  As mentioned above –  the contacts you will make can be HUGE, especially if you are looking for a way to expand your business!

3) Kids events!  Offer to set up a display at ball games, etc.  Instead of Host Gifts offer it as a fund raiser.  (You can then use the host gifts for a later event) or offer to do a raffle for the host gifts to earn even more!

4) New Neighbors Party.  Have a Block Party to get to know the new neighbors and do a “Mystery Host” for the host gifts.   It’s a chance to show off your products to the new neighbors as well as the old.

5)  Have an “Ice Cream Social!”  Just have ice cream sundae ingredients and let everyone make their own.  You invitation could read:  Need a “Cool” break?  Come on over for some “Ice Cream” or a “Shake!”  We have the sticker, “Here”s The Scoop” PR40284 you can put on a postcard with the information.  Invite the whole neighborhood.  If there are other’s who you know that sell a product invite them to come and set up a table too.  This builds a sense of community.

6) “Park Parties”  Have a Play Date with the neighbors.  Let your friends know you’ll have a display at the local park and they are welcome to see your products while the kids play.

7) “Mom’s Time Out” parties!  Use the “Mommy needs a Time Out” PR30501A or B stickers on the invitations.  Hire a baby-sitter to watch the kids play outside and let the mom’s enjoy a demo by you.

8) Picnic in the park!  Invite your friends to bring their “picnic” lunch to the park and you’ll provide the drinks and dessert!  While the kids play, demo your products!

9) Have a “Patriotic Party!”  Get together for Watermelon and have sparklers for the kids.  Invite people to come and learn about your “All American Job!”  (Search for the Word AMERICAN)

10)  If a guest lives in apartment complex see if you can set up your display by the pool or playground.  Or if  go to one and ASK if you can do a party there for their residents.  Do a raffle or “Mystery Host” for the host gifts or offer them to the apartment manager.

11)  Offer Bridal Showers!  You’ve done this before I’m sure, especially if you offer a product that can be used in setting up their home.  But think outside the box and see if you can help with things for the wedding or reception, a “Hope Chest” for future children, gifts for the wedding party, lingerie for the bride, jewelry to wear for the wedding party, “tools” to set up their home, decorations for their home, cooking gadgets, pots and pans, storage containers, actual food.  Facials and makeup for the wedding party or friends.  Whatever you offer, I’m sure you can spin it to work for a bridal shower.

12)  Grandma’s Survival Party!  If you offer products for kids, invite the grandmas to get together and see what they want for at their own houses and for gifts for the kids.

Keep in mind that summer is a great time to work with specific groups of people:

1) Teachers!  They have more time in the summer and will often book.  This is a great time to share with them about your opportunity.

2)  New Neighbors!  Summer is the big moving time.  When someone new moves into the neighborhood be the “Welcome Wagon!”  Let them know about events and things they need to know about your neighborhood.  Share a list of baby-sitters, neighbors phone numbers, neighborhood ball teams, schools for the kids, etc.  Share some of your favorite recipes or tips.  Of course you’ll want to include one of your catalogs too!   They’ll appreciate the gift and getting to meet their neighbors.  Offer to do a “Chicken” party if neighbors have been there a while and you haven’t gone to meet them yet.  Or use this for guests who give the excuse they are new in the neighborhood and don’t know anyone.

3)  Go for walks!  People are outside!  Get to know your neighbors!  Share your contact info and a catalog.

4) Reserve booths at fairs or expos!  This is a great way to get to know people.  See our BLOG post about how to make the most of Fairs and Events.

5)  Frequent the local library!  Often moms bring their kids for story time.  You can get to know them.  Put your information on the back of one of our darling bookmarks and put them in books.  What a nice surprise for those who check them out.  Of, if you return a book, leave the bookmark in it!

START NOW!  Yes, choose just ONE of the ideas above and make it a goal to not just read about it but to DO IT!  Once you get the first one booked, you’ll find it easier to try a second and third.  Get these ideas planted firmly in your mind.  Reread this a few more time.  Make some notes.  (The ideas mentioned in this are included in the PDF that comes along with the Summer Fun Erase Board EB1131)

Why do you want to read this over and over again, and take some notes?  Because you want to get these ideas in your mind so when an opportunity presents itself you can take advantage of it!  Take a few minutes and actually reherse what you would say if someone asks you about your “Summer Fun” Button.

Remember, there are LOTS of opportunities to meet people!  USE THEM!  Make the most of your time when you are out and about!  Have a little gift you can give someone you meet with a sample, your contact info and a catalog.  You can even wrap up some candy for the kids in the bag.  Be sure to use the stickers with your contact info on them.  The idea is to get your name out there and let people know what you offer.

  Do whan you can to Boost your SUMMER SALES and EVENTS so you’ll have a FABULOUS FALL!

Click this link to see all the products mentioned in this training:

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T9-16 — Give Away May (Prizes FOR you and ways to promote YOUR business!)


Here is a fun idea to get more contacts, bookings & sales during any period in the Month of MAY!

We came up with this idea a few years ago and it was a BIG HIT!  It all started with the idea of doing a MAY GIVEAWAY!  We thought it would be fun to give something during specific dates (or even every day) in May.  We also thought it would be a great way to encourage our customers and friends to go to BOTH our website and register as a customer and go to our Facebook FAN page and click to “Like It!” and then make a comment in any of the posts or post your own comment.

See the post on our Website for what we are giving away in May!

Then I got to thinking,  we try to offer YOU similar things to what big business does but at an AFFORDABLE price, so I thought, “Wouldn’t YOU want a way to encourage people to visit YOUR website or Facebook page?”  But of course, we BOTH want to encourage ORDERS too!  We both know the way to have that happen is to show your products to MORE people!  This is how you share with them the benefits of using your products and the easiest way to do that is to have MORE parties and get MORE people to your parties.  This leads to creating interest and we all know people like to WIN things.  The incentives will be changing every Week in MAY, so be sure to check it out.


Now start promoting YOUR OWN GiveAway May!

1) GiveAway May Erase Board (EB94561)– You can use this any way you want.  It has 100 boxes in the grid.  You can even have TWO boards: one board for ORDERS and one for CONTACTS so when people come to the party, they earn a chance to win!  Then when they place an order they get more chances to win.  (You can make the boxes be any value you want, for example each $40 of their order they get to choose a box.)  (This board also comes with a PDF download for you to keep track of their complete name and contact info.)    When using the board(s) you’ll have at least 1 winner for every 100 people entered.   You can of course have more if you want.  When using TWO boards have for those who purchase (the prize would be bigger) and the other for those who come.  This way they get more chances to win.
Now that we have a simple way to do your “GiveAways” we need a way to promote them don’t we?

So, here are a variety of stickers:  (Hint:  When using time specific or seasonal stickers in your catalogs, etc. and the time or season is past, just cover those stickers up with a different sticker of the same size!  Easy and effective!)

S94561- Ask me about GiveAway May!  Put this on anything and everything.  Put it on your folders, your catalogs, etc.  You want to create interest and excitement.  By using the stickers they’ll be reminded over and over again.

S94562-  Sign up each day to play GiveAway May!  This is for those of you who want people to go to your website, blog, or facebook page every day.  You don’t necessarily have to give something away every day but they increase their chances to win the more times they visit your sites.  I suggest you print out a quarter page sheet with your contact info on it and use this sticker at the top.  Then give this to everyone who comes to your party so they’ll have the contact info.  Or, for that matter, you can print your info on one of our background postcards and mail them to previous customers.  Or, if they get to take their catalog home with them, put this sticker by your contact info (website, facebook, etc.) and invite them to visit your page every day in May!  Instruct them to POST or LIKE on facebook to have a chance to win (like we discussed above in The Booster promotion.)

S93547- Come to play GiveAway May!  Use this sticker on your invitations to create enthusiasm about coming to your event and your products.  This will create curiosity and encourage them to come to your parties or shows to see what it’s all about!

S94564-  Sign up to play GiveAway May!   This sticker is intended to help you get CUSTOMER INFO.  Encourage everyone at your party to fill out your customer care card for their chance to win.  (Of course, you’ll remind them that if they order they get another chance to win.)  You can also use this if you are doing any fairs or boutiques in May!  This can be used similarly to S93547 to encourage people to come to your website or facebook page too.  If you only want them to come to your page or website ONCE then this is the sticker to use.  Again, you can print a 1/4 page with your info and use this sticker to give it color and draw attention.  (See PR94862 for more details)

S94565- Order today to play GiveAway May!  Of course you’ll want to put this on your catalogs and folders to encourage people to order AT THE PARTY so they can have their chance to win.  Whether or not you allow them to order later and still get to put their name on a square on the board is up to you – or you may be using TWO boards.  Another way to encourage orders AT THE PARTY is to tell them for each $40 AT the party they order they’ll get one square.  If they come up to you later and are not ready to order but still want their square you’ll say, “That’s fine, but the bonus for ordering HERE is a square for each $40 of your order, but you can still be involved in GiveAway May because when you order later but before the close date I’ll put your name in a box for every FIFTY DOLLARS of your order.  This makes it to their advantage (and yours and the hosts) to place the order right then but they’ll still get to play if they want to order later.

PP93547C or PP93547CT – GiveAway May Postcard Invitations!  Use these as your invitations to MAY parties.  They’ll be excited for a chance to WIN!  The postcard has a cute poem and room to fill in the type of party, date, time, place, host name, & RSVP number.  There is still room for an additional sticker or note.  This is an easy fun invitation!  If you want to print your own information see PP93547C which just has the graphic on in.  Or, if you want US to print YOUR INFORMATION on the card, please see PP93547CTPR  or PP93547CPR and fill in what you want.  We can either print everything if you know your host info, or we can at least print the type of party and include your contact info.  You just need to let us know.

All these ideas are fun ways to engage your customers in your business.  They create some urgency and excitement.  Hosts will want to BOOK in May so their friends can be part of the extra incentives.  You may want to give 3 squares on your board for bookings!  This is YOUR business and this Give Away May concept can be adjusted to be anything you want it to be.  For those of you who do more direct sales, not parties, you can still encourage visits to your Facebook Page, orders, etc.  It is totally up to you in how you promote it, we just give you the tools all ready to go so you can start immediately!

Once you’ve read this idea click HERE to go to the website for all the products:

See all our weekly sales.

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T6-01 — Use Money to Make Money & Get it Free!

Simple strategies that insure your customers will know your name!

Money always gets people’s attention. You can use money in various different ways ...

It’s ALL about MONEY! Including “Use Money to Make Money!” and “Get it FREE!”
 Here is also AUDIO training to hear about the Recruiting Dollars.  Click HERE:V6658
Money always gets people’s attention. You can use money in various different ways to draw attention to what you offer whether it is your products or the business. This week we are focusing on how to use MONEY to do it.

Hand out Recruiting Dollars at your parties.
  Our “Recruiting Dollars” really do the trick. They’ve been one of our most popular products since 1990! The Recruiting Dollars (V6658) look like one hundred dollar bills, but they are smaller, (so they don’t get folded up) and they say “Short on cash? I can help turn this into real money. Call me today!”

Here is an idea about how to use the Recruiting Dollars: First, write, sticker, or stamp your name and phone number on the back of each bill. I also recommend that you put one of the recruiting stickers by your name so there is something to draw their attention to the back.
In fact, make it easy on yourself. Print your information on the “I love what I do” (PSM6502) or “Could you use an extra $100 per week?” (PSA6208) Printable Stickers. Then, quickly stick those to the back of each recruiting bill.
Then, at your party say “How many of you would like $100? Of course everyone usually says they would. Give each of your guests a recruiting dollar. Your guests will look at the fake $100 and say, “Yea, Right!” So, you say, “No, wait, this is magic! I want you to open your purse and put this $100 bill in your wallet with the rest of your money.”
Wait while everyone does it. Then say, “This is how it works. Every time you look at that $100 bill, I want you to remember that I can help you make it real! When you are ready, give me a call. My name & number is on the back.”
Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill, especially when it is the only money left in their wallet? This is a way for you to make regular contact with a person without picking up the phone. It works too! This is better than any TV commercial because they think of you over and over. Even if they don’t join your team, they will know your NAME and how to contact you.

Now, take it to the next level: as you begin to work with repeat customers you say, “Didn’t I give you $100 at the last party?” They say YES, and you ask if they still have it in their wallet and to show it to you. When they do, give them a little gift. (You have then just planted the seed for everyone to keep their bill in their wallet so the next party THEY will get a gift.) Then you can tease a little and say something like, “You haven’t called me! When will you be ready to turn that into a real $100?” (Of course you can include recruiting dollars with tips at restaurants too! Be sure to get their name and number so you can follow up!)
Click the link below to to to our website where you can scroll down to see the other “Money” related items (Indluding our NEW JEWELRY  & Recruiting CASH)  then click VIEW on the products listed below for specific ideas on how to use those products.
SAVING MONEY helps you get bookings!  Let  guests know they can get FREE products by being a host!
Whenever we ask the question at training what motivates people to become hostesses the number one answer is FREE PRODUCTS!
Of course there are other reasons, but this is the most popular and easy to sell. So, why not draw attention to this benefit by putting stickers throughout your catalog?

When you use the stickers, people will read them over and over again both consciously and subconsciously.

Be sure and use the Pen pal Stickers too! Your customers will read them over and over and with the Wish List one it will get them thinking about what they want on their wish list.

The Printable Stickers “Heart Says Yes” is perfect for not only the back of your catalogs but invitations as well because you can put your name, and contact info on them. (You can print them yourself using our FREE TEMPLATES or have us do it for you!)

You could also print specials your company is offering to hostesses in the space instead of your personal info. Remember, with the Printable Stickers that come preprinted with a slogan you are sticking TWO messages at once!

Giving Bookmarks is another way to plant seeds with your customers as they will think of you every time they use it. You can print your contact info on the printable sticker and put it on the back

There are lots of Testimonials on the V6658 Recruiting Dollars product on our webiste. I welcome your comments about this idea.  Please just post a comment here on our blog! 

Here is the link to the T6-01 Category on our website where you will see all the products mentioned:

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T1-02 Encourage customers to have Catalog Parties or Book Shows!

T1-02 Encourage customers to have Catalog Parties!

Use these tools to get and make the most of Catalog Parties!

 Offer your customers the option of doing a catalog party (or Book Show), and  HELP them be as successful as possible!

Encourage customers to have catalog parties & earn free gifts.

Would you like to have MORE sales without having to go out and do more parties? Of course an “in home party” is best, but catalog parties are better than nothing and just think of the new contacts you’ll make!

Sometimes it just isn’t feasible for someone to have an actual party, yet they have a circle of friends who could use your products.  

Or, if you have customers who love your products and place fairly regular orders, encourage these customers to pass a few catalogs around to their friends and collect some orders.

Tell them you’ll count it as a “catalog party” or “book party” and they’ll get the host gifts, discounts, etc.

We have several products to help you first get catalog or book parties and then coach your host to follow up so they are more successful.  Many are included in the K-CPP (Catalog Party Pack) to make it easy for you to get the entire selection.  Of course, you can order items individually as well!

Wear Buttons at your demonstrations and use stickers such as “Can’t book a show? Show a Book” (S10409) and “I offer catalog parties” (S10302) on your catalogs to promote interest and let people know you offer this opportunity.

Follow up with hosts doing “catalog parties.” The biggest problem with catalog parties is getting the host committed enough to follow through. With catalog parties, hosts often feel they can continue to put things off, and before you know it, weeks or months have gone by and you still have not closed the party. This is not only frustrating for the consultant, but also for the host and the customer’s whose orders and money have been taken.

There are several other risks with catalog parties, which is why many companies discourage them, but many times a catalog party is better than no party at all. Therefore, we have developed a plan to help catalog parties be more successful. Once you have booked the party, follow these steps:

A) COACH your hostesses.

B) Include “catalog party” items in the host packet.

C) Find out how she is doing and close the party.

So, let’s get started, First you have to GET the Catalog Parties booked!  Here are a few ideas:

Wear these buttons or put them in your display to create awareness that you offer catalog parties.  Of course you’ll always encourage them to have an in home party, but isn’t it better to have a catalog party than no party at all.  You may want to put these on your check-out table instead of your display to remind you to offer this option at that time.  Here are a few Buttons you could use:

B10349 — I Offer Catalog Parties! BUTTON
B10350 — Share Catalog-Earn Free BUTTON
B10377 — Can’t book? Show book BUTTON
B10381 — Like what you see -free BUTTON

Use stickers in catalogs or on things you mail to previous customers to let them know you offer catalog parties.  Here’s a few suggestions: S10302 — I Offer Catalog Parties STICKERS  or S10409 — Can’t book-show STICKERS =70

Send these postcards to previous hosts or good customers to offer them this opportunity.  PP10369T — Share this Catalog POSTCARD

Now, once you have the catalog party booked, you need to encourage your hosts to FOLLOW UP!  Here’s a few ideas:

Put this sticker PR20287 — Welcome Catalog Party Info on the front of each catalog so the “guest” knows exactly who to call to place their order and by a specific date.  This sticker also tells them when to expect their order.  This holds everyone accountable to get the orders placed and delivered.  (We can personalize these sticker for you with YOUR information too!  See PR20287-PR.  OR, you can order the PSB1637 — Double Border stickers and use our FREE TEMPLATES to print your information yourself!

Give one of these cards PP20261T — Give a catalog POSTCARDS to each host for them to keep track of who they give catalogs to.  This makes it so much easier for them to follow up when it is time to gather all the orders.

Put this sticker S40398 — Please pay with order on the order forms to confirm with customers to pay with their order.  This makes it so much easier on hosts, especially that they can just get credit card info instead of having to go pick up a check.  Be sure to let your hosts know which credit cards you accept so she can offer this option.  (This helps overcome the “I don’t have any money right now objection.)

Put this sticker PR20309 — If Call Them Will Order on your “Host Folder” to remind her to make the calls to gather the orders.  You may even want to send it on our “It’s time to close” postcard. (PP20371T)

It is VERY IMPORTANT for you, the consultant to keep in contact with your “catalog party” hosts.  Follow most of the same steps you do with a regular party.  Send them a “Confirmation” type postcard letting them know you are excited to work with them.  (See Key 2 Postcards and Key 2 Free Training)

As mentioned above, remind hosts to CALL the people they’ve given catalogs to.

NOTE about Catalogs you give out:  Make sure you PREPARE them!  You are not there to point out specific products, deals and benefits of your products.  Draw attention to those benefits with stickers.  See complete training on this concept on our website under FREE TRAINING > T4: Sales.  See the K-Sell Pack.

Call them part-way through the process and see how things are going.  See if they need more catalogs, have questions about products or ordering procedures, etc.  Encourage them and reinforce their efforts.

Once you’ve closed the party, be sure to send a “Hand-written” thank you card.  Maintain and build your relationships with these hosts.  You never know where they will take you!

NOTE: We often have “Seasonal” Catalog Party Ideas such as our “Turkey Trot”, “Santa Sacks”, “Sweetheart Sacks”, “Bunny Hop” and more!  See these theme ideas under FREE PARTY IDEAS on our website.

All the products mentioned in this Idea are shown in the FREE TRAINING CATEGORY on our website:  Home>FREE Training>T1-Booking>T1-02 Encourage Catalog Parties

Direct link is:

See the 1-02 Catalog Parties Training Item for a FREE PDF of this complete training idea.

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