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The Booster – Jenny B ideas & products to help those in party plan or direct sales to get committed customers by doing the little things that set them apart.

5-05 –Make Connections Count by Doing the Little Things

5-05 –Make Connections Count by Doing the Little Things

Make your connections count by doing the little things

Set yourself apart by doing the little things.
How to build relationships that keep people coming back to you.

Set yourself apart by doing the little things.Learn HOW to build relationships that keep people coming back to you.

Have you ever wondered what creates a relationship that keeps a customer going back to the same store?

When you think, “I need to buy toothpaste.” What store do you think of to purchase that item?

When you think, “I need shoes, or pants, or a new dress.” What store are you going to go shopping at?

When you need makeup, skin care, candles, jewelry, children’s books, tea, vitamins, kitchen gadgets, tools for women, or a new bra for that matter, do you think, “I am going to call ____.” or, “I am going to go to _____ store.”  If you sell any of these items, wouldn’t you like people to come to you first?

 Essentially, this is what advertising is all about. When you advertise, you are creating awareness in people’s minds of the products or services you offer.  In the advertising industry, this is called “being on their ladder!”  Your goal should be that when they have a need for your product or service, they think of you first.  You would be on the top rung of their ladder, or at least the top three.

How do stores get on your ladder?

     If you are a small “niche” store, you advertise the specialty products you carry.  You become an expert in your niche and you follow the suggestions below. 

     The big box stores do it with branding and advertising.  When they carry a large variety of products like Walmart® or Target®, they advertise as the place to shop for everything for the “best price”, “best selection,” “best service,” etc.

How do those in the party plan or direct sales professions get on people’s “ladders?”

My grandfather was in sales during the depression years and he had one of the largest sales organizations in the country for the product he sold.  He brought hundreds of people, who were willing to work, into his organization. As a result he was extremely successful. 

As a child growing up, I asked him once how he was so successful. He replied that he based his business on three specific principles.

“All I really needed to learn about sales I learned from grandpa.”

As I have developed The Booster over the last 30+ years, I have incorporated these concepts not only into my business plan, but by providing products to help you easily incorporate them into your business plan. Here is what grandpa taught me:

1.   Sales is KING! In this he meant that he was proud of what he did because each sale he made contributed to the world. I remember him saying one day, “Do you realize that EVERYTHING begins with a sale?”  Consider this, once someone makes a sale, the order is placed, the company manufactures a product, that company reorders parts or materials from other companies which in turn order materials from yet other companies, etc. People are employed manufacturing all those products and they are shipped from warehouse to warehouse. You could say this involves ‘trains, planes, and automobiles..or trucks’ and all the people involved in the processes. Of course the sales person and their company employees all take part in processing the order and getting it delivered to you. Then think of the people who work at the lunch places where these office workers buy their lunch, and the UPS guy in his brown shorts or the mail man! Grandpa said, “When you think of it, thousands of people could be involved in just one item sold!” 

Be proud of your profession and the products or services you offer! Look at a sale as your contribution to the economy. Think of all the people you are putting to work as you make each sale. Let this help you have a positive attitude and put a smile on your face!

2.   Sell the Sizzle! Grandpa said you need to reach people emotionally and create desire. Have you ever pulled into a mall parking lot, got out of your car, and smelled the aromas from the nearby steak house?  Does your stomach rumble and your mouth water as you think, “Umm, a steak sounds good”? Your intent when offering your products should be to create that desire for your product. 

How do you do that? Grandpa said you focus on what your products will DO for them, not the details of the products themselves. 

For example, when selling “The Booster” products I could explain all the “stats” on our products; the sizes and shapes of stickers, what adhesive is used, the weight of the paper, the high gloss finish, etc.. But, would that get you to place an order? No, you would be bored.

I could explain that the stickers are hand-designed with eye-catching slogans and colors that pop! Would that encourage you to place an order?  It might at lease pique your interest, but it may not actually get you to place the order.

But, when I share with you testimonials of how our stickers and postcards have helped people to double their sales and business because our eye-catching graphics reach out and draw people to your products, you begin to really take interest. As I explain how the stickers get your customers to ask you questions about how to earn some of your products free, about your opportunity, or how your products will benefit their lives, you become engaged in how “The Booster” products benefit you. I could further sell the sizzle to you by training you exactly where to put the stickers and how to use the postcards to be most effective in doubling your sales. By sharing how my products will benefit you, I sell the sizzle and you place an order! 

This is what you need to do with your products. You need to see how they relate to your customers emotionally. The way to do that is to develop a repertoire of benefits that you can share. As you share the benefits of your products, you create that “Umm, sounds good, I want that!” reaction in people and they’ll decide to buy. The benefits can be: to solve a problem they may have, to make them look or feel better, to make their home more pleasant, or to make life easier, etc.. Then, your goal is to create the “why” they want to buy from YOU. Why should they list with you. Why should they purchase insurance from you. Why should they hire you?  Set yourself apart by selling the sizzle.

3.   “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care — about them!”  Grandpa always told me that “people” are what it is all about. If your goal is to be of service to people, your business will thrive. Yes, you are hoping to create a sale as you meet people, but if you are more concerned about meeting their needs rather than your own, they will remember and come back to you again and again. And they will send their friends to you too.

“If you take care of the people, the money will take care of itself.”

Carl Doerfler, my German grandfather

 Your “mission” needs to be to give service. When you look at people as dollar signs, they will feel that energy. They interpret your vibes and react with the feeling, “He or she wants to make a sale.” But when you genuinely look at your business as a way of giving service and benefiting others they will feel that energy and be drawn to you. The trick is to build a relationship so they are drawn to you when they need your type of products.  Remember the “ladder”?  Your goal is to build a relationship so that YOU are on the top of the ladder for your type of product or service.

Some people think they are in the business of selling a product or service. Well, that is true, but in direct sales, party plan, the service industry, or any business for that matter, you are more in the business of selling yourself.  Your goal is to build such a relationship that when they go to one of the “box stores” they would never consider buying the products that you offer there. They would always come to you instead.

Your customers will respond and relate to you when you are confident in the profession you have chosen, have a high energy positive attitude, believe that you are offering a product or service that benefits your customers, smile, and be of service. These principles will set you apart.

What else can you do to develop “relationships” that really set you apart?

 Let’s start with some simple, yet oh so effective things you can do:

     Say “Thank you” with more than just words. Put a “Thank you for your order” sticker on each customer’s invoice.  Use it on the top copy of the invoice so they see it BEFORE they place their order. You are thanking them in advance and it gives them warm fuzzies.

     Put a “Thank you” sticker on their copy of the order. Have the stickers on your check-out table and actually put the sticker on it right in front of them and say, “I want you to know I really appreciate your business, thank you, and I look forward to helping you again.”

     If you are involved in the actual packing or their order, put a “Thank you” sticker on the copy of the invoice they get with their order.

     Send a “Thank you” type postcard to people you meet.  Let them know you appreciate them and look forward to helping them again.  Send it separately from the order. This is so effective in building relationships.  Do the “box stores” send them a thank you after shopping with them?  This goes a long way in building loyalty in your relationship and you will be at the top of their ladder.

     If you’ve had a meeting or interview with someone, send a “Thank You” type card or postcard. Thank them for their time and show appreciation for their input into your discussion. This shows you were paying attention to them and want to work with them again.

   When people order online you do not have a chance to do most of the above, but you can send the postcard “Thank you for your online order!”  Believe me, people will not be expecting it and it will cement your relationship and keep them coming back to you!

     When you meet someone new, try to get their address, tell them you want to send them a gift. Then be sure to follow-up and send them a card telling them it was a pleasure to meet them and include a bookmark, magnet or other easily mailable gift. They will remember your meeting.

You need to let the people you meet know you are interested in building a relationship with them. The Booster offers a “Customer Care Card.” In our training for this card we suggest you use the wording, “I am so excited to meet you tonight and to share our wonderful products with you. Included in your guest folder is a Customer Care Card. I would appreciate you filling out this card so I can get to know you a little bit better and be of service to you tonight and in the future.”

 This is a way for you to start the relationship. If you are not going to follow-up and work to build this relationship, then do not even start! But, I have been to hundreds of parties over the years and I have only had three consultants contact me after the party to see if there was anything else I needed!

Don’t you think I needed more makeup or skin care after that first meeting?  What if I liked the prepared food products or spices I purchased, do you think I would want to order them again? Maybe I bought a children’s book for my first grandchild, is it logical that I may want to purchase more books for that child or future grandchildren? Or maybe I went to a candle or home decor party and did not purchase anything at the time. Does that mean I do not want to ever purchase a candle or home decor item?

 Begin each relationship by telling them you want to be their “Romance Specialist” or “Candle Lady” or “Jewelry Lady” and getting their information, and of course giving them your contact info, so you can be of service to them. By doing this, you are setting yourself apart. They may not come to you expecting to build a relationship, but you have the opportunity to go beyond their expectations, to make a difference and enhance both of your lives.

 Define what makes YOU you, then set up system to implement those features.

If building your business is your goal, then building relationships and making your connections count needs to be on the top of your list. The way to do that is to have systems in place. A good way to decide what you are going to do is to first analyze, “What makes YOU you?”  What is it that YOU offer your customers that sets you apart from everyone else?

·       Have you become an ‘expert’ in your field? Set up an email list where you send regular newsletters and ideas.

·       When people shop from you can they earn credits toward future gifts? (Set up a “Preferred Customer Program.”  Offer reward cards and mark-off circles or squares with each purchase.  Include on the card the gift they earn when the card is full.)

·       Do you have a “Keeping in Touch” program in place? Put your hostess or customer information into a database or on a spreadsheet. At the beginning of each month, send out 20 postcards offering a booking special or sales special. A few days later, call those 20 people.  When they get the postcard, they will consider the idea, but when you call them, many will say yes.

·       You can also send cards on their birthday, anniversary, etc.  Offer them a discount for ordering in the month if their birthday as your gift to them.  Then follow up with a call.

·       If someone hosts a party with you do they receive added values after the party? We call it a “Preferred Host Program.” Set up a spreadsheet or file system to keep track of your hosts. Offer them specials for repeat bookings or repeat orders. You can even use this program to encourage them to do more to prepare for the party.

·       For more information on these systems visit our website at

·       Do you have a website or blog they can go to for ideas and to place orders? Set one up and keep it updated.

·       If someone joins your team, what kind of training and support do you provide? Create “You Tube” trainings they can access.  Do monthly conference calls and/or meetings.

·       If someone needs gifts immediately do you have “cash and carry” products they can get immediately? Take advantage of company specials to build up your supply.

·       Do you have a referral program where they get rewards for sharing about you with others? Put something in you guest folders telling them what they can earn when they refer 5 ordering customers to you.

·       Do you offer great overall service with integrity and honesty?

·       Are authentic in your dealings with them? Do you really mean what you say and your word is your bond?

·       Are you more interested in them than yourself?

·       What do you offer that others in your profession do not?

·       What training or expertise do you have to offer an employer or customer?

·       Why do they want to have a relationship with you?

 Once you formulate what makes you YOU, put systems in place to make it easy to set yourself apart. As you understand what drives customers decisions of who to do business with, you can more effectively develop the systems and “little things” you will do to set yourself apart.

 Understand that people have hundreds if not thousands of choices. When you make a great first impression, show that you care, and offer great products or services, you will be at the top of their ladder. When they need the product or service you offer, they will come to you!

This is the training from MY Chapter in the Make Your Connections Count BOOK!  Be sure to get your copy to get information from 19 additional authors.  Go to our website for all the details.

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T5-04 — Join my VIP Club!


Another twist on a Preferred Customer Club.

We’ve created this slogan as a Button (to advertise) a Sticker (to advertise and reward) and a
Reward Card for customers to fill and earn rewards.

It can be used as a regular Preferred Customer Card (See the little things that set them apart.

T5-03 — Start your own Preferred Customer Program! for specific details.
(Be sure to see our new “Free Shopping Spree” Preferred Customer Cards by following the link from the BLOG to our website!)

Now, here are a few “Specific” ideas about VIP!

Start a VIP Club.  Use the stickers in your catalogs and either wear the button, or put it up in your display.  When people ASK you about it (and they will) say,

All you need to do to is be sure and fill in your email and put a FB by your email.  I’ll send you an email with the link for you to join my VIP Club  (GROUP of FAN PAGE).  (Of course you’ll give it a name that your customers will easily relate to you.)

Tell them that in your group or fan page that you offer specific ideas about whatever it is you sell.  These would be tips IN ADDITION to the actual products you offer.  For example, if you offer Jewelry, you might want to give ideas on HOW to accessorize with Jewelry.  If you offer Organization products, you’ll want to include ideas on HOW to organize.  If you offer candles, you’ll want to share decorating ideas with candles.  Whatever product you offer, you can include usage, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Then tell them that you also share SPECIALS, coupons, etc. to those on your page or in the group.

But, as an added BONUS, once they’ve filled their VIP card, they will be invited to a special VIP group (club) where they will receive EVEN MORE BONUSES!

You could also use this for HOST as they do what you ask in preparing for their party.  See the Preferred Host Program ideas (T2-Hosts Free Training Ideas)

Maybe those additional bonuses would be a % discount for 6 months after they’ve filled their card.  A Half Price item when available, special offers from your company, invitation to lunch at your house, early admittance to your clearance specials, and on and on- whatever YOU want to offer!  It can be constantly changing and filled with surprises!

So, WHY should you offer this?
1-Because it keeps your customers coming back to you!
2-It creates interest and awareness of your products (which generally will increase orders!)
3- It gives you an opportunity to make regular contact with your customers.
4- It keeps YOU “Front of Mind” for when they need your product or service.
5- It is fun and customers will feel valued yet it is VERY affordable — just pennies per person!

That’s it!  Sweet, Simple and SALES-Sational!

To go to the category to SEE and Order all the products that go with this training click:

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T5-04 — How to follow up using Customer Care Cards


Follow up using Customer Care Cards

Follow up using Customer Care Cards

Benefits of Using Customer Care Cards

If you would like to LISTEN to this training please click V4124

1.  You’ll collect vital and complete contact info from every guest that attends your parties, even those who do not place orders.

2. These cards are affordable yet more professional looking than trying to make something at home.

  • A. They are printed on colored cardstock.
  • B. They are perforated so your customers can fill in the blanks, rip off their Preferred Customer Card and you can file the 4 X 6 card in a standard file box.
  • C. Additional blank 4 X 6 cards can be stapled to the back so you can make additional notes (i.e. new baby, moving, remodeled, new job, etc.) each time you talk to that customer.  Having those notes helps you have a more personal relationship with your customer, which will keep them coming back to you.
  • D. The small blank square up in the right corner can be ripped off on the perforations and used to just put their name and entered as a door prize drawing slip at your parties. (This way the keep the card to fill it out.)

3. The questions on the card go beyond the normal “would you like to have a party” questions.  They’ll get your customers thinking about the reasons they may want to book a party or here more about your opportunity.  They can mark their INTEREST level which helps you to know who to follow up with for what service.

It even asks the question:  If our host were to become a consultant would you have a party for her?  Then if people say YES, you can show your host that if she joined your team she already had bookings!

4. These cards get your customers to make their “wish lists.”  Then, they give you the names and info of 2 other people you can contact not only to buy special occasion gifts for your customer, but to buy things for themselves or gifts for others.  Also, each time you have a new sale or catalog, you can scan your customer’s wish lists for items that are on special and call them to generate additional sales.

5. You have a place you CAN keep track of how many squares that customer has marked off on their Preferred Customer Card.  This gives you another reason to call that customer.  You can offer them double squares or specials to get their card filled before the expiration date.

6. When a customer calls you, it is so fast and convenient to just pull out their card rather than wait to turn on your computer to get their info.  This helps you to sound more knowledgeable about your customers interests because you can quickly scan your notes.

7. You are reminded to call your customers when you see the file box sitting on your desk.

8. You have their birthday and anniversary info so you can offer them specials during that month, therefore generating additional sales for you.

9. If you already have a customer list on your computer, you can easily adapt to using these Customer Care Cards.  Just print labels from your existing list and stick the labels where the name information fits on the card.  Then, you’ll have an excuse to call them.  You can explain that you’re starting a new program and you’d like to update their information, see if they have a wish list, or see if you can help them with anything.    You can tell them you’ll send them their PC card, you could even mark off their most recent purchase to get them going, or offer them double boxes if they ordered then.

10. The card has a place for you to circle the C, H, or R.  This lets you quickly know if they are a Customer, have been a Hostess or whether you have already talked to them about your opportunity. (Recruit lead.)

11. To help you to keep straight where you met her, the card has a place for you to write the original hostess’s name where you met this customer.

12. There is room on the front of the card for you to write an impression or comment about that customer.  This will help you remember them better when you make those follow up calls.  Take a few minutes to jot something down on each card when you get out to your car, or when you get home.  Do it while the party, people, faces and comments made are still fresh in your mind.  Those few minutes will pay off immensely as you begin to build relationships with your customers.

13. Having a customer list you can easily contact helps you to follow up with your customers.  They will see you as a professional who is taking care of business, while having fun and making friends.  This will help her to feel more comfortable in doing business with you.

14. We call it the “Customer Care Card” and if you refer to it as that, it will imply to your customers that you care about them and want to build a relationship with them.  This will build loyalty and friendships that will impact your business for years to come.

15.  Easily get bookings by drawing attention to this question: “If our host became a consultant would you help her by hosting an event?  ___Y  ___N”  Then after the party, flip through the cards.  If people have marked YES then say to her, “You know, if you were to join my team you already have your first parties booked because these friends put down that they would be willing to help you get started.  Would you like to give it a try?”

Instructions for the Customer Care Cards

The Customer Care Cards include a Preferred Customer Card on the side.  It is perforated so that your customers can take home their Preferred Customer Card and you can take home the portion with their personal information.  The back side of the info card is a “wish list” questionnaire.  It asks which items your customers would like to receive, for which holidays, and who they would like you to contact to fill their wish list.  The card also has a little blank section at the top, which can be ripped off and used as a door prize drawing slip so you can do a drawing whenever you want to during the party, yet customers can continue to fill in their wish lists, etc.  Be sure to get their filled out “care card” as they are placing their order or as they leave the party (even if they don’t place an order at that time.)

BEFORE the PARTY:  The care cards come 2 up on a sheet, but they are perforated down the middle.  CAREFULLY split the cards on the center perf  so they are ready to put into your folders or hand out.
At your parties, pass the cards out to every person. (Or include it in their guest folders.)  During your demonstration walk them through the card.  Begin by showing them the Preferred Customer Card portion, being very excited about your club.  Ask them to write their name on the front of the card, then turn it over.  From there step them through filling out the back.  This will save you from doing it at home before the party. 

You might say the following:
“The first line says redeem only with ___ Me!  Please fill in my name (your name) and my phone number which is 888-888-8888,
and you know I’m with ________ company.  If you ever need anything or any gift ideas, you’ll have my name and number, please call me. 

On the line that says each square represents, please write $20 (or whatever amount you choose.)  This means for each $20 you spend  I’ll mark off a box. 

When your card is all filled, you can redeem it for _____!  The card expires 1 year from today, so please write ____.   Once you’ve filled your reward and the expiration date on your card, please also put it on my portion of the Customer Care Card so I will know what you are working toward”

Tell them you will mark off the squares on their Preferred Customer Card and tear it off and give it to them when you take their order at the end of the party. 

To get them more excited and spending a little more at the party say, “To get you started with your card, for each $20 you spend tonight I will mark off DOUBLE boxes. That means when you spend $60 tonight, I’ll mark off SIX boxes!”

Continue walking them through the front of the card asking them to fill in their personal information so you can be of better service to them.  Mention you’ll be sending e-mails and mailings and to mark YES if they would like to receive them.

Then, have them turn over the card and explain your wish list program and how you realize they may not be able to get everything they want all at once, which is why you have a wish list.  They can fill out the contact information of who they would like you to contact or if they just want to fill it out so they would remember what they wanted for future orders tell them that is fine.   Let them know that you will use this information to help them get the items they need and keep them informed about specials.  Set their mind at rest by informing  them of your privacy policy, that you wouldn’t ever give their information to someone else.

To make it easy to use the information you’ve collected and stay in touch with your customers, here are some suggestions based on whether or not you have a computer.  First, we will talk about how to keep track of the information from the cards.  Then, we will address how to follow up.

If you have a computer:

1. Set up a spreadsheet using a program like MS Excel or Quatro Pro.  Include columns for customer number, first name, last name, phone #, address, city, state, zip, email address, permission to email (Y or N), birthday, anniversary, if they have a wish list, and 3 columns for if they were a customer, hostess, or recruit lead.  Also, include columns for preferred customer, if they’d like to be mailed to, and the date they got on your mailing list (so you can purge if they are old and have never ordered.)  (Save your spreadsheet and always keep a backup on a separate disk.)

2. After each party take the new Customer Contact Cards and give them a customer number beginning where you ended your last party.  (For example, your first party has 10 customers.  Assign them customer numbers 1-10.  Then, after your second party start with customer number 11.)  The card has a place for you to circle the C, H, or R.  This lets you quickly know if they are a customer, have been a hostess or whether you have already talked to them about your opportunity.  You can update this as you work with your customers.

3. Enter the information under the appropriate columns on your computer spreadsheet.  There is a little box next to the customer number.  This is for you to mark off once you’ve entered their information into your computer.

4. File the Customer Care Cards in a file box by LAST NAME so it is easy to find them when they call you. (Sort them first by letter using the letter in the square- then alphabetize.)

5. Each month to prepare to send any postcards or flyers to customers, here are the steps you will take:

  • A) Open the spreadsheet with your customer info.
  • B) Sort the data according to the mailing in mind.  For example, if you are sending birthday postcards to those who will have a birthday in October (you would want to do this in September), sort by the birthday column.  Then, COPY the lines for the customers whose b-days are in October and PASTE them into a separate worksheet.  Now, sort these names alphabetically by last or first name, and print out a call list which you will use to follow up in a few days or as you have time during that month.
  • C) Create mailing labels by opening your word processing program (such as MS Word or Word Perfect.)  Do a mail merge to bring in the name, address, etc. onto a label template.  Print them on Printable Stickers.  (Instructions on how to merge onto our printable stickers is on our website under PRINTABLE STICKERS.  Or, use the help feature on your computer and look up Mail Merge.)
  • D) Now you want to create your postcards.  Use our  “Happy Birthday” (PP40545G) Perforated Printable Postcards.  (You can download the templates from our website.)  Type your message in the first card.  Then, copy and paste it onto the other 3 cards on the page.  For example, your postcard could say “Dear ___ (leave room to hand write their first name).  I’m so excited for your upcoming birthday.  I hope you have a wonderful day.  As my gift to you, place an order during your birthday month, and receive 10% off.  Please contact me at 888-888-8888 or  I look forward to helping you celebrate.  Sincerely, ____ (Leave room to hand sign each card.  This adds a personal touch.)
  • E) Stick the labels on the front of the card.  Stick a “You’re somebody special” (S50533) sticker on the front by their name.  To plant a recruiting seed, use the mini “I love what I do” (PSM6502) Printable Stickers as your return address label.  Stamp and mail.
  • F) FOLLOW UP WITH A PHONE CALL!  You may want to pull the actual cards while making phone calls so you can make notes of your conversation which you can refer to next time.  (See our website for more tips to make follow-up phone calls easier and more effective.)

6. Follow these steps whether you are sending keeping in touch postcards, flyers, etc.
7. See our website under Customer Care Cards for an Excel spreadsheet you can download and more details.

If you DO NOT have a computer:

1. Get some spiral notebooks.  Label the front of each for birthdays, and anniversaries.  In each notebook tab the first page with a January tab.  Skip a few pages and tab February, etc.  (You could also use a 3-ring binder and buy dividers so you can add more pages for each month as needed.)

2. After each party take the new Customer Care Cards and look at the birthday, flip to that tab in your birthday notebook, and write the customer’s first and last name and their birth date.  Do this for each customer and repeat the process in the anniversary book.

3. File your cards alphabetically.  (DO NOT assign customer #s until you get a computer.)  We’ve provided a box in the upper left corner for the first letter of the last name to make filing easy.

4.  Each month open your birthday notebook to the appropriate month, and pull those cards from your file.  Then, prepare your postcards as mentioned above, except rather than typing the message, hand write it on a blank paper and photocopy it onto the perforated postcards.

5. After mailing your postcards, keep those Customer Care Cards in the front of your file box so as you have time to make follow up calls, or customers call you back, you can look through those cards and make notes.

See these BLOG POSTS training for more info on how to actually implement these systems into your business so you can FOLLOW up and build relationships with your customers. 

 Are you leaving money lying on the Table? Key 4-Sales 

The Preferred Customer Cards Key 5-Customers

Preferred Hostess CardsKey 2-Hosts

Are you leaving money on the table?To go to The Booster Website to the category to SEE and Order all the products that go with this training click:

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T5-03 — Start your own Preferred Customer Program!

BC4601T-Preferred Customer Cards

BC4601T-Preferred Customer Cards to make your program easy!

A Preferred customer program or system will help you keep in touch with your customers and keep them ordering from you again and again.

If you would like to LISTEN to this AUDIO training click this BC4601- Preferred Customer Card AUDIO

Many companies today offer some type of club or program to keep their customers coming back to them, rather than shopping around.  Some examples are “Frequent Flyer Programs” or “Frequent Buyer Programs.”  You can develop this type of program for your business as well.  We, at The Booster, have developed many products you can use in what we call the “Preferred Customer Program.”  Some people think it sounds like too much work to start such a program, but it really isn’t, especially when you consider the benefits.  Remember, these are just examples, you can make your program be whatever YOU want.

A Preferred Customer Program is a way to set yourself apart from everyone else in your industry.  When you establish a “club” it helps your customers feel appreciated, and therefore they will continue doing business with you.  We will discuss the three essential parts of making a “Preferred Customer Program” successful. 

 These essential parts are:
1. Setup a program that works for you and rewards your customers.
2. Entice your customers to become members of your program.
3. Use systems to stay in touch with your customers and generate sales.

This little card will help you keep your customers coming back to you. It’s the size of a business card and it’s easy and fun!

Here’s how to do it:
1. Decide what they will redeem the card for when they’ve got it filled.
2- Decide what each of the 20 squares represent ie: dollar value of purchase.
3- Fill out the back of the cards before the party with your name, phone, company, value, etc. (Or just have them do it AT the party.)
 4- Tell your guests about the card during your presentation. Then, when they place their order, give them the card with their name on the front. We have a sticker to put in your catalogs to prompt THEM to ask YOU about the cards (S40332).
5- Encourage them to spend enough to mark off the first square. (You could offer a 2 squares for 1 on their first order.)
6- Then encourage them to call you when they need a gift, etc. so they can fill their card. Just initial each box as it is earned.
7- Let them know they can fill extra squares by being a hostess, bringing 2 friends to the next party, etc.
8-Remind them they are your “Preferred Customer” by sending them a “Customers like you make my day” magnet personalized with your information on our Printable Stickers. 

This is a plan you can develop to be whatever you want it to be. You may want to keep a note on your guest list of who you gave ‘PC’ cards to so you can contact them again.

Wouldn’t you like to boost your average order? 

Then, when you set your dollar value of the squares or circle on your Preferred Customer Card, think of your average order and up it a little. 

For example if your average order is $40 set each box value to $25 so they have to spend a little more to mark off the second box.  (What would an extra $10.00 per guest mean to your party averages?  $10.00 x 8 guests = $80.00 more in sales per party!)  Most importantly, when setting up your program, consider the reward they’ll get  versus the amount of money they will need to spend to fill the card.  Make it worthwhile for your customers and yourselves.

For example, if each box represents $25 in sales they will be spending $500 to fill the card.  So, you should give them a good reward such as $25 in free products or an item for half price.  (At 25% commission you would still be making $106 off that one customer.)   You could make the squares represent $10, so the customer would have to spend $200 to fill the card.  Then, make the reward less, such as getting to buy any item at 40% off.

At each party make sure to tell your guests of various other ways they could earn extra boxes on their Preferred Customer Cards.   These could include bringing an outside order to a party, buying your featured product,  booking their own party, scheduling a recruiting interview, etc.  Then, decide what the reward will be when all of the squares are filled.

You decide what you can afford to offer according to your commissions, discounts, etc.  We suggest for you not to make it too difficult to fill a card, or none of your customers will even try.  To make a greater impact with your card and help your customers remember your name, have them all fill out the back of the card together at the party.  Be sure to have them write their reward gift and expiration date on both their card and your Customer Care Card.

Our Preferred Customer Cards (BC4601) comes in a version were the card is BLANK on the back.  You can either print what you want yourself using our FREE templates, or order the item followed by the PR and we will print whatever you want on the back.  You can either fill in the blanks or something entirely different.

There is AUDIO also training on our BLOG on using the Customer Care Cards.  Just go to Key5: Customers CATEGORY  You can listen there.

See these BLOG POSTS training for more info on how to actually implement these systems into your business so you can FOLLOW up and build relationships with your customers. 

Customer Care Cards (V4124) Key5-Customers

The Preferred Customer Cards Key 5-Customers

Preferred Hostess CardsKey 2-Hosts

Are you leaving money on the table?To go to The Booster Website to the category to SEE and Order all the products that go with this training click:

Alida asked a question below about how to mark the circles on Preferred Customer Cards under another post but it applies to these cards so I’ve reposted it here:

Alida asked:  Jenny…   I just ordered your preferred customer and host cards and love them… I want to use them to reward my customers for placing online orders, referrals and other things that I won’t actually see them for. The first time I plan on mailing them the card to them with a thank you, but after they already have the card, how do I credit them the “circle” I have “thought” about making a fold over note card that thanked them and included a sticker they could place on their card. Then each time they earned one I would send a sticker to add to the card. I decided to try yours so I did not spend tons of time designing it! What is your thought on how I could do this?

Hi Alida, This is a great question.  I’ve had people ask and have answered verbally but I’m not sure I’ve put it in writing.  Here is what I suggest:

Come up with a “CODE” for each month of the year.  Use initials or numbers that mean something to you.  For example, if your mom’s birthday is in January, use her initials.  If your anniversary is in Feb, use the number of how many years you’ve been married, etc.  Once you have the code for the year, write it on a card that you keep on your desk with your Customer Care Cards, and another in your datebook, or order clipboard for easy reference while at parties.

When you mark the circles or boxes on the Preferred Customers cards at a party, or over the phone, use that code.  When they are placing an outside order say somthing like,  “Do you have your Preferred Customer Card Handy?  Great, this order qualifies you to mark off TWO circles.  Please put the initials “AB” and 1/11 on those circles.  Remember, I am here to help you with your gift giving needs so call me when you need something and we’ll be able to mark off more circles.  You’ll have your card filled in no time and you’ll earn _______”

In reality, this is just to keep your customers “honest” (not that you think they will cheat) but just to let them know that you are using a different code each month so they wouldn’t even try to cheat.  Also, when they turn in the card to you, the codes will be familiar even if you’ve forgotten specific orders they placed.

I hope this helps.  If you have more questions, please just ask.  The blog is a great place to ask.  I’m going to transfer this question to the post about using preferred customer cards too!  Thanks, Jenny B

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Key 5A- Customer Service-Get Committed Customers

Key5A-Have Committed Customers- Say Thank YOU

Set yourself apart by thing the little things

KEY 5A:  Customer Service- Say Thank You!
Building relationships with your customers and hostesses creates loyalty and repeat business.

 “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care — about them!”  

One of the greatest things about working a party plan or direct selling business is that you can work with, and get to know lots of people.  When you show  your customers that you care about them they will care about you and your business.  Many times your good customers become hostesses and your good hostesses become your team members.  So taking the time to let those “good customers” know you appreciate them is building relationships that builds your business!  But, do you know in advance which customers will become your GOOD customers?  No, so the trick is to treat EVERY customer as a GOOD customer and see what develops.

 “Treat every customer as if they sign your paycheck…because they do.”   — Unknown

“If YOU don’t take care of your customers, someone else will.” — Unknown

What constitutes good customer service?
Two people go into a fine restaurant. The food is as delicious as it is expensive. The meal takes nearly three hours.
A soccer mom pulls up to the drive-up window of a fast food burger joint. Running late, she is delighted that the line of cars moves swiftly. The entire process takes three minutes. The kids eat their food on the way to the game.

Of the two different restaurants – which had better customer service?  Each group was very happy with their experience, but if we had switched the restaurants, neither group would rate the customer service very high.

What constitutes good customer service is specific to each business and each individual. It is a function of the customer’s expectations. If customers expect products or services delivered quickly, then the faster the delivery, the better the service. If customers expect finer service and quality, then the person giving the service should focus on that.

To be effective at customer service an organization or person must manage two key areas of its operation effectively:

Ability—  Provide your customers with the products and services they want in a swift and efficient manner.

Attitude—  Have a courteous and helpful attitude to all you come in contact with.

Exceed expectations to win their hearts and business.

What are your customers’ expectations?
“Here is a simple but powerful rule – always give people more than what they expect to get.”       
– Nelson Boswell

Many customers come to a party expecting to be introduced to products, make their purchases, and after they receive their products in a timely manner they figure they may never hear from you again.  The trick in this business is to EXCEED THEIR EXPECTATIONS.

The first step is getting to know your customers.  Before each party get a copy of the guest list from your hostess. Bring that list with you on a clipboard.  Then, when guests start arriving you can greet them, get to know them, and make notes by their names so you can remember them and gear your service to meet their needs.

For example, if you sell makeup and skin care products you might greet a guest who immediately tells you “I don’t wear makeup.  I don’t have time for all that stuff.”  During your demo and your one-on-one time afterward you can point out the quick-and-easy skin care products and the long-term importance of it.  Or, maybe she doesn’t wear makeup because she doesn’t know how.  You could schedule a personalized make-over with her.  On the other hand, other guests may be used to using the most expensive products on the market.  Therefore, you can focus on pampering them, pointing out the luxurious higher-end products.

Most of all, exceed your guests expectations by keeping in touch with them and letting them know you look forward to helping them with all of their product needs.  Let them know you would love to give them more great ideas over time, keep them informed about special offers, and even help them pick out gifts they will need throughout the year.  Make them feel like they can call you for any personal need or any gift need and you’ll do the work to make it as easy, affordable, and timely as possible for them.

When your focus is to MEET THE NEEDS of your customers they will interpret that to mean you care about them as individuals not just dollar signs.  Let them know they are special to you.

Offer gift wrapping, custom decorating sessions, put them on mailing lists, call them when their favorite items are on sale, etc.  Do whatever you think they will appreciate and will win their hearts and their business.

“There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.”
– Roger Staubach

“Biggest question: Isn’t it really ‘customer helping’ rather than customer service? And wouldn’t you deliver better service if you thought of it that way?”- Jeffrey Gitomer

Keep in touch with your customers
 So many times we have parties, take the orders, deliver the products, and then focus on our upcoming hostesses.  But, what happens to all of those past guests and hostesses?  Many times we get busy and forget them and we find ourselves out “beating the brush” searching for new ones.  What is the value of a customer?  To GM’s Cadillac Division it is $426,000 for Pizza Hut it is $12,400. 

 Did you know…
•  The top 6% of cellular phone users represents 69% of the total usage.
•  The top 6% of the United Kingdom’s cola users represent 60% of its consumption.
•  25% of cars are rented by the top .02% of clients.

Add that “Special Touch” at a price you can afford!

Once you understand the concept of developing long-term relationships with your customers, you may wonder how to get started doing it.  The Booster makes LOTS of products to make it easy. 

Here are a few ideas.

1)  Let your customers know that you appreciate them as a person, and as a customer.  Put stickers like “Thank you for your order” (S50223), “I value your business and loyalty” (S50433), and “I really appreciate your business” (S50500) on their order forms or the products you deliver.

2)  Frequently send customers and hostesses sale flyers.  Inform them of special offers, new products, benefits of joining your team, and keep your name, products, and services fresh in their minds.  Use stickers like “Customers like you make my day” (S51464) and “I value your business and loyalty” (S50433 or PSA5206) to seal envelopes and flyers.  The printable stickers are also great mailing labels and return address labels or put them on magnets and give them to your customers to put on their fridge.

3)  Send thank you notes, and Christmas cards. 
 Send notes to hostesses, customers, etc.  Included in your keypack are a variety of Thank You and Christmas cards.  Key 2 Postcards are also great to use for hostesses “Thank You’s” as well as Key 5.) Remember, a handwritten note is always appreciated.   Your goal is to create loyalty by setting yourself apart from others they may do business with.
HINT:  Fill out the Christmas card at the same time as you do the Thank You card. It will make it more personal as you’ve just worked with her. Then when the busy Chrismas Season comes, you are all done!

4) Send the “Birthday” Printable Postcards (PP40545 with our text or purchase them without text and print whatever you want using our FREE templates) to your customers who are having  birthdays that month.  Then, follow up with a phone call to see if you can help them with anything.  Offer them a certain percentage or dollar amount off any order placed during their birthday month.

5) Stick the “To reorder…” stickers PSM4501 printed with YOUR info ) directly on the bottom of the products that customers will use up and need to reorder.  Point it out and tell them something like “I’ve included my phone number and email address on the bottom of this product, (candle, makeup, mix, etc.) so when it’s running low, you can EASILY contact me for more.”

6)  Use stickers on free gifts (S51114 or S50282) so they know you’ve given them something extra!

7)  Use Printable stickers or the “Save this receipt for your guarantee” (S50382) to remind customers about free samples and guarantees!

8)  Let your customers know that you look forward to helping them again.  Put stickers like  “Call me anytime to place an order” (S40247 or S47008) on their receipts.  They’ll know that you’d love to help them again, and they are welcome to call you anytime.

9)  When someone books a party, immediately give them an “I’m so excited to work with you bookmark” (BM52609).  It will make them feel special and get excited for the party too.  Print your contact info on the “I value your business and loyalty!” printable sticker and put it on the back of the bookmark, catalogs, hostess information, etc.  Follow up with Bookmarks like “Thank you-Value Business (BM52610) or “I’m so excited to work with you.” for your customers.
10)  Treat every customer with respect and be sincere!  You can even WRITE little notes on the bookmarks or printable stickers and put them on the outside of envelopes, on invoices, etc. to add a personal touch!

Put this TEAM CARD “If YOU don’t take care of your customers,someone else will.” up in your home.  Put it by your computer, or on the fridge!  Every time you read it  ask yourself the question, “So what am I doing for my customer?”  Even if it is just as simple as droping them a card, making a quick phone call, putting a sticker on your order forms, or any of the other suggestions we’ve given you, they DO make a difference and help to set you apart!  These little things are the special touch that make a BIG difference.

What to do about “problems” with customers.

After you’ve done your best when working with a customer, you may find that you’ve made a mistake.  That’s OK.  We all make mistakes.  Just admit it to your customers.  If you mess up on an order and need to fix it, send that customer an apology note with the correct product.  They’ll appreciate that you are taking responsibility and doing your best to make things right.  Put an “Oops” sticker (PR50527) on the note. (Or use the Oops Postcard PP58209G.)
“Once we realize that imperfect understanding is the human condition, there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to correct our mistakes.”                           —- George Soros

Great customer service is about making people happy, but the fact of the matter is that there are some people – luckily very few – who will never be happy, no matter what you or anyone else does. They take special pleasure in making sure that your costs are as high as possible. They demand premium service but refuse to pay anything more than bargain basement prices.

These are not customers. Customers are those people who contribute to your bottom line. If someone cannot sleep at night because he thinks you may have made a profit by doing business with him, then that person is not a customer; he is a distraction. Worse, these are usually the same folks who take delight in abusing relationships.

Companies spend far too much time trying to please people who just can’t be pleased. They become distracted by the “squeaky wheels,” while effectively ignoring the silent few who are responsible for driving bottom line performance. All of this they do in the name of customer service.

Instead of spending time, money, and effort on the squeaky wheels, wouldn’t it be more profitable to focus on improving service to people who will appreciate it? People who will therefore buy more? People who are honestly glad to see you succeed?

World class customer service doesn’t mean you have to make everyone happy, just your true customers. It’s OK to send the distractions to your competition; just make sure you’ve done your best, and do it politely.

See ALL the products mentioned in this training AND the BONUS PDF about what to do when you meet one of “Those” on our website under KEY PACK CLUB INFO > KEY  5A

In addition to all the things building customer relations does for your business, it also makes doing business rewarding and fulfilling.  Enjoy working with your hostesses, customers, and team members!  Set goals to build better relationships today! 

See the new Book  Make Your Connections Count VB5126 for wonderful information from 20 Top Experst who share strategies that work.

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T5-02-Is this how your checkout usually goes?

How does your checkout procedure go?

See if this is how your checkout procedure goes.

Once you’ve finished your demonstration people begin filling out their orders. The first person comes to you all ready to go. You look at her order to make sure she is getting the best deals and that you understand everything. You then ask her about booking or if she would be interested in your opportunity. As you begin to ask these questions others begin to line up behind her to give you their orders. You finish up the first customer and begin with the second and you want to ask her the same questions about your opportunity and booking but you are embarrassed because the others in line are listening and becoming impatient. They already know what you’re going to ask and YOU ASSUME they don’t want to be bothered so you don’t ask. (Of course when you don’t ask the answer is always NO!) So, the result is, you are not getting the sponsoring leads or bookings you need. 
Here are some ideas to make your checkout process more effecient and effective!

This sign (DS5737 or DS5737CD)  and stickers (PR41001)  are the answer to a pleasant evening for all!

Check out sign.

Put this sign on your display table and explain your check out procedure.

It’s simple:

  1. Put one of these stickers on each of your catalogs.
  2. Put the sign up in your display.
  3. Before everyone gets there, set up a “Check Out” area.  You’ll have your calculator, gifts to give people you’d like to invite to be on your team.  Host packets for those who book.  You money bag, charge receipts and any other information you’d like to keep handy.  The basket for them to put their orders in.
  4. During your demo explain this, “Serving each of you is my top priority, and I want you to enjoy your time with your friends. So, once my demo is through just fill out your order and put it face down in my order basket. Then, go and enjoy the refreshments and visiting. I will call you up when it’s your turn! This way I can make sure you get the best deals!”
  5. Then, after the demo, quickly remind them where your order basket is and offer to answer any questions.  Suggest if there are some who need to leave quickly to let you know and you can assist them first while others are preparing their orders.
  6. While your guests are enjoying the refreshments and visiting, you’ll be able to calmly visit with each customer, help them with their order, and get to know them a little.  You’ll also be able to ask ALL the questions without feeling rushed.  They’ll be able to ask you questions and answer yours without feeling embarassed or rushed.

This is so simple, yet so effective!  You’ll be calm and get a lot more leads because you’ll be able to ask the questions.  This also lays the groundwork for further customer follow up.

To go to the CATEGORY on our website with these products CLICK this link:



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T5-01 Customer Service- Set yourself apart!

K Thanks Pack

Easily say “Thank You” with this selection of products.

Care about your customers!

  • You’ve heard it before but are you doing it?
  • Are you making an effort to build a relationship with your customers?
  • Are you doing the little things that set you apart?
  • Are you consistently keeping in contact with your customers?

Did you know you are NOT in the business of selling a product?

You may think you are, but most of the products sold through the party plan industry are available in regular stores (Not the same quality I realize, but the same type of products.)

So why would customers purchase products from YOU instead of picking them up from the stores? It is because of the RELATIONSHIPS you build with them.

Yes, the parties offer a situation where they can purchase your product on the spot, but when you build relationships with those customers they will purchase from you when they NEED your products. This is why it is so important for you to build a good relationship with your customers.

In one of the chapters in the Build It Big book, it deals with building a repeat business. In it, Grace Putt says “The secret to getting reorders is ‘Treat every customer exactly as you would want to be treated if you were a customer.’”

I suggest you take it a step further since different people perceive things differently.

My suggestion is to treat your customers the way you want to be treated and also incorporate what you see successful businesses doing to take care of their customers. For example, maybe you’re not into preferred customer programs, coupons, bonus buys, mailed offers, or telephone offers so you think, “I’m not going to do that because I don’t like it.” But, obviously it works or thousands of companies would not be putting these programs into practice!

So, develop a plan that incorporates some of these programs and do them consistently! Consistency is the key! Remember, everyone likes to be appreciated and that should be your first step. Then, follow up with other programs.

The Booster has developed products that make it easy to implement many of these ideas. Here are just a few suggestions:
1. Put “Thank you” and “Special” stickers on envelopes, invoices, packages, etc. Send notes to hostesses and customers for no reason. Just to keep in touch and let them know they are important to you.
2. Start a preferred customer program. Use our Customer Care Cards (V4124,  or the Preferred Customer cards alone (V4118). Read the more details in the product for specific suggestions.
3. Give little gifts to customers. The Bookmarks are effective, impressive, and affordable.
4. Send notes. Our Customer Service Printable Postcards are great for specific offers you send to your customer base or writing quick notes. Add stickers to make your message stand out.
5. Let your customers know about specials, or that they’re special by adding your own message to our colorful printable stickers.
6. Let your customers know they can reorder from you by putting the “Reorder” printable stickers with your contact information on the products they order. (If their order is delivered directly to the hostess, offer her a little gift for putting your stickers on the products.) Or, put the reorder stickers on their invoice to draw attention to the fact that you welcome reorders. You can also personalize messages and send them to a selection of customers with the printable postcards.
7. Set yourself apart at your parties by using products that draw attention to the customer services you offer. Use the guest folders!
So, here is your chance for a WIN WIN! You win when your customers order, and THEY win when you give them great service.  Scroll down on the WEBSITE (see the link below) to see the selection of products.
What goes through your mind when someone gives you a business card?  Here’s what I think:
It is nice to get their name and info.
They want me to do business with them.

But when you use a RELATIONSHIP BUILDING CARD you are showing the BENEFITS FOR THEM to do business with you!

Here is the link directly to the K-Thanks Pack on our website. 

From there you can see the products included in this pack.  For more products click on the KEY 5 Category.



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