Key 6: Recruit

The Booster – Jenny B ideas & products to help those in party plan or direct sales to sponsor more by getting recruit leads that turn into raving recruits by planting seeds and prompting questions.

T6-05 – Work Harder by being Smarter!

T6-05 – Work Harder by being Smarter!

Be persistent not pushy!

Here are some EASY ways to work harder by being smarter: Learn in this training how to be persistent not pushy!

People are telling us it is more important than ever to work smarter to find success.  And, with the situation with the economy, we actually have to work even HARDER to set ourselves apart and create relationships so customers will buy from YOU and not the local stores!  But, it can be done and you CAN be successful.

You’ve heard it a thousand times that this business is a numbers game.  You just have to share
your opportunity with a LOT of people and SOME of them will be interested and join you team!

Well, that is true!  But many are uncomfortable with sharing about what they do.  They don’t want to be “pushy!”  However, they ARE excited and DO love what they do!  So where is the disconnect?  How can we make sharing easier?  Why are we so afraid?  What does it really mean to be “pushy?”

The fear of being “pushy” issue can be the problem!  Let’s think about that for a minute.

Are you MAD at the person who introduced you to the business?  Do you wish they had never talked to you about it?

Most that I’ve talked to are more than GLAD someone shared with them.  In fact most are ecstatic!  Then WHY do many feel it would be “pushy” to share about their business?  I think it is more of a fear than a reality.   It also has to do with your approach.   In fact, I think many make the mistake of hurting feelings by NOT asking people to join them!  Now, let me ask, “If you love what you do, don’t you consider it a gift in your life?”

So, get rid of the “pushy” mind set, because it’s obviously wrong!  You would ONLY be considered pushy if you don’t take NO for an answer! (Once you’ve asked the right questions of course – remember, sometimes they’re saying NO to a particular question, or situation, not to what you have to offer.)

Now, if they’re really not interested, then maintain the relationship with them as a host or customer.  Continue to serve them and set the example of how you do business.  Please, stay if touch with them so when and IF they ARE ready, they’ll come to you.

I can’t tell you how many TOP people I’ve met over the years that DID NOT JOIN with the first person that introduced them to their company because they didn’t keep in touch with them.  Make it your goal to maintain relationships.

Now, back to the GIFT of your business, why wouldn’t you want to share that gift?
If you do, I have some EASY ways to SHARE, to work harder by being smarter:

How?  Let the stickers do some of the work for you!  Work SMARTER by planting seeds about the wonderful opportunity you offer by using Key 6: Recruiting Stickers and Key 1: Booking Stickers on EVERY piece of paperwork you have!  This includes invitations, catalogs, flyers, envelopes, business cards, etc.

Think about it!  If sponsoring IS a numbers game then wouldn’t you want to invite EVERYONE to learn more about what you do?  If you’re sending out 30 invitations and only 8-10 come to your party, then only that 8-10 learn about what you offer!  When you put the recruiting and booking stickers on EVERY invitation, you’re planting seeds with all 30!  The stickers make it EASY to plant seeds (our eye-catching, colorful designs are so effective and affordable!)  Who might these seeds grow into?  How many people could you help?  You never know, but if you don’t do it, you never will!
As Wayne Gretzky said,
“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take!”

Remember the ABCD Formula:  A= A Success Formula:
If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D DO IT!

Now is your chance to position yourself for greater success than you’ve ever had before!  Then, as the economy turns, YOU and THOSE WHO JOIN YOUR TEAM will be in a better position for your businesses to take off like a rocket!
You want to be persistent not pushy!

Think about how you could better serve the people you’ve met in the course of doing your business.  They may be looking for a way to earn products for free or extra income!  It’s up to YOU to offer them what you have!

Worksheet to Work Smarter

Worksheet to Work Smarter

In the PDF you can get on our website there is a WORKSHEET to help you make a list of people to contact.   It asks you questions to get you thinking about potential recruits.  There are 20 questions which include:
E: Someone who is always looking for bargains and purchases your specials!  (Share with them about your kit price and the benefits of joining to get the discounts but be sure to make them aware of the advantages of doing it as a business to earn what they want for free!) & B: Someone who is looking for a job!  (With the flexibility your company offers they can make whatever they want while setting their own hours!  Remind them that they can make full time pay while working part time hours.) Be watching as you’re doing future parties for people to add to your list! Plus, 18 more questions to get your thinking and remind you of the benefits of your company!


Get started Boosting your business with the K-Success Packs?

The Success pack gets you STARTED using our products in the first 6 key areas of your business, (Booking, Host Coaching, Boosting Attendance, Boosting Sales, Customer Service, and Recruiting.)  It includes the dividers (and binder if your choose) and helps you to keep all your stickers organized.  It even includes the “10 Steps to Successful Parties! System”  The Success Pack helps you integrate ALL of the KEYS so you can apply them to every party or show!

So, to help you ACTUALLY START using the products, the K-Success Packs offer a wonderful selection of some of our most popular and proven products (at a 50% discount) to help you Boost your business.  As you follow the included training (on the dividers) and use the products you’ll have a better understanding of how easy it is to plant seeds and create situations where your customers are asking YOU about your business.

Once you’ve gotten started and see the success our products bring you, you’ll want to do even MORE — be watching for the IDEAS each week and you’ll find even more ideas to Boost your Business.

For complete information on what comes in the K-Success Packs see this Free Training: 0-01 Success Starter Packs Training.  Here is the PATH on our website: Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-01 Success Starter Packs>0-01 Success Starter Packs Training or this is the direct link:     (copy and paste it into your browser)

Are you a LEADER?  (Or an aspiring leader?)  Do you do meeting with your team?  Then you need our completely planned THEME meetings.  We spend 8-12 hours developing each theme meeting plan and motivational and promotional items that go along with them, so YOU DON’T HAVE TO!  You’ll LOVE it!  Even if you don’t use the plan exactly as outlined you’ll love the stories, quotes, concepts, Worksheet PDF’s and more!  You’ll find them on the website under TEAM Theme Meeting Plans

So, choose to TAKE ACTION in your business to WORK HARDER by Being SMARTER!  The Booster products have PROVEN (for over 30 years!) to effectively help you BOOST your BUSINESS and make MORE MONEY in LESS TIME!

Begin now to plant the seeds of all of the benefits your business offers.  Recruiting and Sponsoring IS a numbers game.  The more seeds you plant, the more that will germinate, and the more you can help to thrive by taking good care of them and meeting their needs.  During your demo, mention the slogans on the stickers and build the brain connection so joining your team, purchasing your products or hosting a party is THEIR Idea!

Follow this link to this CATEGORY on our Website to see all the products that can be used to go with this idea:

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T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!


Plant the seeds to grow what you want in your garden!

Have you ever considered the similarities between growing a garden and growing your business?
Let’s say there are two people who want to grow a garden:
•    The first only has a bucket to carry water and a shovel.
•    The second has the bucket and shovel along with a hoe, roto-tiller, hose, sprayer, fertilizer applicator and a myriad of other tools.
Who is going to have the easier time growing their garden?

Is it impossible to grow the garden with only a few tools? No, of course not! But which has the greater chance of success?

Let’s say you want to plant a garden.  You know you have to prepare the soil by tilling it up, applying fertilizer, etc. All this is done BEFORE you plant seeds right?

Many of you have taken this step already by learning your business, the products, the benefits and HOW to get bookings and sell. You are now ready to get something growing.

How does the gardener get things growing in their plot of land? Do they say, “Well, the ground is all ready! GROW! “ to the ground? If they did, and watered the ground what would come up? Weeds would probably be your first guess followed by volunteers and those volunteers would usually be OK but do you know what you’re getting.

Realistically, what would you do if you wanted to grow things in your garden? You would PLANT SEEDS!

You would find the type of things you want to grow and plant seeds.

The same is true for your business! The time is NOW to PLANT SEEDS! You have to let people know that YOU HAVE what they are looking for. As you begin to let people know the advantages and benefits of your business they will want to know more.  Then you can share your opportunity with them. You need to create interest is what you do and they will then want to know more.  If they decide to join you team you can then nourish, water and help them to grow!

Have you ever heard of THE SECRET?  It is a motivational book and movie based on the Law of Attraction which is said to work by attracting into a person’s life the experiences, situations, events, and people that “match the frequency” of the person’s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, positive thinking and feeling positive are claimed to create life-changing results such as increased wealth, health, and happiness.

I like to put it in a very simple form — you must put out there what you want to get back.  It is the essence of planting a seed.  If you want tomatoes, you must plant TOMATO seeds!  If you want tomatoes and plant cucumber seeds there is a pretty good chance you are going to get cucumbers, not tomatoes.  If you don’t plant any seeds at all, what are the chances you are going to get tomatoes?

So, let me say it again, “You must put out there what you want to get back!”

If you want BOOKINGS, you must let create interest in bookings by sharing the benefits of hosting a party!
If you want SUCCESSFUL PARTIES you must show your hosts you are committed to helping THEM have successful parties- inspire THEM to want success and understand they CAN make it happen!
If you want SALES, you must generate interest, share benefits and create desire to actually HAVE your products!
If you want COMMITTED CUSTOMERS you must let your customers you care about them and let them know that by coming back to you that you will help them and meet their needs!
If you want RECRUITS, you must create interest in the opportunities your business offers, help them SEE themselves doing what you do and be there when they are ready!
If you want a THRIVING TEAM you must help them find their WHY and help THEM plant their seeds and teach them how to nourish them.  By recognizing and rewarding their successes you’ll be nourishing them.  (See the LMP-07 — Apples in Seeds Theme Meeting:

So, now that you know that you NEED to plant seeds, HOW do you do it?

Well, of course you mention it during your demonstration. But do you realize researchers have found that it can take as many as 7 times being told something before it begins to sink in? If you were to say the same thing over and over again 7 times at your party people, YES, they would recognize it but how fun would your party be?

But, what if you put stickers that point out the advantages and benefits of your opportunity in your catalogs, on your invitations, wrapped around your pens, on your party folders or lap-boards, etc? Your customers would read those over and over again and the concepts would be planted in their minds. You would be planting seeds without even saying a word!

Now, of course you do want to SAY something too!  You would perhaps ask questions that get them asking YOU questions but I’m sure you can see the advantage of them seeing various stickers throughout your information to create awareness and curiosity.

Using ONE-LINERS PLUS the stickers is a way to plant LOTS of seeds during your demonstration and other times as well.  (For more details on this concept see T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!)

So, start NOW to use Stickers & wear Buttons to plant seeds! 
Go to this IDEA CATEGORY (link is below) to see lots of products that relate to this concept.

We want to help you DIG UP CASH by building your team so here are some Recruiting and Sponsoring ideas of HOW to use stickers in your business:

1. Use RECRUITING Stickers on your invitations. Invited guests might not make it to the party, but their interest will be sparked by reading slogans such as (S60264)  “Full time pay, part time hours!” or (S60260) “Could you use an extra $100 per week?”

2. Put RECRUITING Stickers in your catalog, especially on the page where your company describes the benefits of your opportunity. Stickers like (S64107)  “I Love What I do! You can too!” or others shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18),  create the BRAIN CONNECTION as if YOU were telling them this information instead of the corporation.

3. Name?: Whenever you put your name on a catalog, you should also include a RECRUITING Sticker. This shows YOUR enthusiasm for what you do. Stickers shown in this idea CATEGORY product listing (T0-18-link is below),   make a positive impact! In the party plan business, what is one of the best ways to get more money? GET RECRUITS! See the T0-16 — Personalization, make it EASY! idea on how to personalize the slogans with YOUR information.  Saves time because you are sticking TWO stickers at ONCE!  And, they look so professional!

HUNDREDS-no THOUSANDS of customers have told us that these STICKERS really DO WORK! We can hardly wait to hear of your success! Order today and start implementing these ideas!!

Also included in this IDEA CATEGORY T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more! are Recruiting  BUTTONS, Bookmarks, & Postcards  (Just scroll down below the idea to see the complete list!)
Now, WHY should you use follow up postcards to send to recruit leads?  Did YOU join your company with the first person that asked you?  When I’ve traveled around the country I’ve asked top leaders this question.  Many of them say NO.  I ask why not?  They reply, “It took me a while to make the decision and by the time I was ready, they had not kept in contact with me.”

How many potential recruits have you lost because you haven’t kept in touch with them?  Now, I’m not suggestion you be PUSHY, but I am suggesting you be PERSISTENT!  Just keep in touch, even if they don’t join your team, you’ll at least have a customer.

Think about the ABCD formula.  A stands for A Success Formula.  If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D Do It!

So let’s do the math for sending postcards.  The postage is 33 cents, one of our recruiting postcards is  15 cents (or less if on sale)  for a total of 48 cents.  Let’s say you send 10 postcards to that ONE person over 6 months.  That’s $4.80.  How much do you make if that ONE person joins your team?  As someone said the other day at a presentation I did, “A LOT more than $4.80!

So, is the Benefit of “A LOT more than $4.80” greater than the cost of $4.80 = DO IT!  You never know what will happen when you DO keep in touch, but I doubt they’ll come to you six months down the road if you don’t!  How many chances are you losing because you don’t follow up?

But, before we go…. How are you keeping track of your recruit leads?  We have this wonderful Erase Board (EB6129) where you can track their name, phone number and the contacts you’ve made with them.  I LOVE the quote along the bottom, it reads,  “How do you help others become butterflies?” “Show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to give up being caterpillars.”

Remember, we can ALL create opportunities every day that can impact our lives.  “It’s what you do with what you have … that makes you who you are.”


Go to this IDEA CATEGORY to get the PDF of this training for FREE

So, go now to

this IDEA CATEGORY and  scroll down to see a great selection of products that relate to this training!  I Challenge you to “Grow for It!”  Order NOW and start planting the seeds and then following up.

When you accept a challenge, you accept that you have to take ACTION!   The KNOWING is important, but the DOING what you KNOW is even more important!

(with an order)  Share it with your team!  Here is the link to this Idea Category: T0-18 – Grow your Business … Book, Sell, Recruit & more!

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T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!



I went to a grocery store today that I don’t go to very often and I was so frustrated! I kept going in circles looking for specific items.

This reminded me of one of the BEST reasons for putting stickers in your catalogs.

FREE AUDIO by Jenny B!  I’ve done TWO Audio’s (mp3) of this training so you can download and listen again and again.  I’ve included LOTS of examples.

Here is the link to the Audio about STICKERS in your Catalogs:

Here is the link to the Audio about creating ONE-LINERS that will BOOST your Business: LINERS-create-BRAIN-CONNECTION.mp3
These will OPEN in a new window, and you can listen on your computer, or RIGHT CLICK and SAVE.  Then you can put it on your ipod and listen on the way to a party, etc!

So, In this training we are going to discuss a several different concepts and then put them together for the greatest impact.

Let’s go through the Who, What, Where, Why and When of stickers in your catalogs!
WHY use stickers in your catalogs?
1-they draw attention to product benefits and reasons they gotta have it!
2-They create awareness of the services you offer
3-They plant seeds about the benefits of being a host or joining your team
4-They show your enthusiasm for your business because you’re doing something extra.
5-They slow customers down so they take in what is on the pages
6-They change the perception of the corporation sharing messages with them to YOU talking to them.
7- BEST REASON- keep reading the BEST reason is the combination…..

WHAT stickers should you put in your catalogs?
1-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to draw attention to specific offers or specials on your products such as:
S40579 –Customer Favorite, Gotta Try it! Best Seller, Popular Item SET
PR41026 — Easy Online Shopping
S40492 — Gifts every Holiday
PR40272 — Free Gift Wrapping
PR40822B — Shop Online with me
PR40404 — Sale, Buy, New, Sets SET
PR40406 — Love, Need, Want, Have SET
S43117 — Think Ahead! Birthdays, Weddings
PR40262 — Save on Sets!
LS4264 — Husband call, get want!

2-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to draw attention to YOUR (COMPANY) specific products
such as: just too many to mention- check out the TAGS on the VERY BOTTOM LEFT of the website and select a tag that relates to your business.

3-SALES (Key 4 stickers) to let people know how to order or keep in touch with, and order from, you such as:

PSA4204PR — Call me anytime
PR40254 — EMAIL Phone Online Orders
PR41062B — Please Like on Facebook
PSA4205PR — Visit me on Web.
4-BOOKING (Key 1 stickers) to plant booking seeds and let customers know the benefits of hosting a party or show such as:
LS1122 — Every item has 3 prices
LS1261 –Wish I see tonight
PR10658 — Your Wish List Free
PR10810 — Book Could Be Starter Show
PR10928 — Wanted Hosts Earn Free Gifts
PR10435A — Party Easy As 1-2-3!
S10236 — Get this free
S10411 — Why Pay Full Price
S12175 — If Like What See get it Free
S20415A-PR — PERSONALIZED Hostess Never Pay Full
S10517 — If heart yes checkbook no show
5-RECRUITING (Key 6 stickers) to plant recruiting seeds and let customers know the benefits of joining your team such as:
LS6265 — Like it buy little
PR11044 — Love it-Join Team
PR60586B — Really Make serious money
PR60586C — Make Serious Money
PR60801 — Start Your Own Business
PR60903 — Have fun boost income
PR61028 — I Get Paid to Party!
S600497 — What do with Extra $1000 per month
S600494 — $200 a week impact your life
S64017 — I Love What I Do
S64054 — Wanted Enthusiasm
WHERE should you put the stickers your catalogs?
1-On the FRONT and BACK.  Use some of the larger designs!  Be sure to use the PERSONALIZED sticker with your contact info on the BACK.  (Fast, professional, easy to read!  See idea T0-16- EASY personalization for more ideas)
2- INSIDE your catalogs.  Depending on the size of your catalog, many customers tell us they use ONE sticker on every 2-page layout.  They say that the notice customers STOP- look at the sticker and see what is around it (why it is there) before turning the page.  It slows them down and draws attention to specific products.
3-EVEN in MINI CATALOGS- follow the same guide lines as above.
4- On the page that talks about your opportunity, be sure to use the “I love what I do, you can too” as it changes the offer on the page from being from your company to relating to YOU- makes it much more personal.
5-Be sure and put a booking sticker on the host info page.  Make it personal!
6-SALE stickers- draw attention to specials!  (What if the special is a limited time offer and your catalog will be used beyond the sale?– When the sale is over just cover that sticker up with a similar sized booking or recruiting sticker!  Simple.
7-TAB pages you want to draw attention to during your party.  Overlap a sticker about 1/4″ on one side and put the same shape on the other side to make a TAB.  (Or the PEN PAL stickers work great)  Then draw attention to them during your party.  This will make it easy for guests to find those specific products when it comes time to order.
WHO should get stickered catalogs?
1-Everyone at your parties… the stickers reinforce what you are saying (and remind you to say it– see more about this in the One-Liner training below.)
2-Catalogs used for BOOK parties!  You aren’t there to point out specific products so it is even MORE important (if it could be more important!)
3-Catalogs you give to customers to take home.  Your stickers may be different than those used at your party, you’ll definitely want to have more of the HOW TO ORDER type with your personalized information and how to order.

HINT- If you have specific catalogs you prepare for your catalogs that you want to use time after time, put this sticker on the front: PR40521 — Catalog for Show not Go
If you have a different catalog for them to take home, use  this sticker on the front: PR40405 — Catalog Show NOT To Go- ASK for To Go Copy

WHEN should you sticker you catalogs?
1-When NEW catalogs come out, take ONE and decide which stickers you are going to put on which pages.  Some have more white space, some designs will fit perfectly on certain places!  Have fun, look at the different designs and plan what goes where.  Then, use this as your master and “sticker” a bundle of catalogs at a time!  You can even have your kids or a neighbor kid do it.  Once you’ve created the master, they just follow!
2- What do you do with LEFT OVER catalogs, or those catalogs you prepared for parties and now the new one is out?  Use the OLD CATALOG stickers on the front and back and take them to Doctor offices, hair salons, gyms, any kind of waiting room, Laundromats, etc. and leave a few.  WHY use the old catalog sticker?  It lets customers KNOW that you KNOW it is outdated and giving them options, instead of them thinking, “Oh, this is outdated” and then throw it away!”  You can also put the sticker
WP-PR40447A — Take Me Home Free! so they know they can take it!
OK, now that you have your catalogs stickers- what is the BEST REASON?  Well, I’m not quite done presenting the ENTIRE concept…. please bear with me just a little bit longer…

I often teach a concept I call “One Liners”

WHAT are one-liners?  They are short little slogans you “Tie” to a product that promote a REASON to buy, book or join your team!
WHY use one-liners?  Because your customers don’t have time to tune you out!  You’ve seen it happen, you begin your “booking spiel” (speech designed to convince: an irritatingly long or predictably glib speech, e.g. a rambling apology or prepared sales patter) and you lose their attention, they start talking to a neighbor, or bury their head in their catalog.  They already decided they were not going to have a party and are definitely NOT interested in joining your company.
But, when you use one-liners throughout your demo (or at other times) you are creating interest and curiosity about your products or opportunities you offer but once you give the one-liner you move on and they only have a chance to question, or generate interest, but not become bored or tune you out!
HOW do you create one-liners?  You pick a product and pick a slogan and “tie” them together and memorize them so they just roll off your tongue!  (Guess what?  I’ve created a PDF you can download along (that includes worksheets) that gives you all the details of exactly HOW to do it)  Just order this training item and you’ll get the link to the PDF in your order history.  But the simple way is to look through our sticker slogans and work them into your one-liners.
WHEN do you use one-liners?  At every party or show!  Once you get them learned you’ll find you can “sprinkle” about 10 booking, 10 recruiting and 10 sales one-liners during your demo.

So NOW that you’ve learned about ONE-LINERS let’s get to that BEST REASON:  When you tie the ONE-LINER that incorporates a sticker slogan to your product and put the sticker BY that product in your catalog you are creating a BRAIN CONNECTION!

Here’s a few examples:
Find a product in your catalog that is EASY to use, put the PR10435A — Party Easy As 1-2-3! by it.  During your demo, ask your customers to flip to page ____ where the sticker and product is (If you have the product in your display, show it) and after explaining a little about the product say, “Using this______ to ______ is as easy as 123 and so is having a party with me! AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ITEM IN YOUR DEMO.

Then put the “S10517 — If heart yes but your checkbook says no, book  show” sticker by a product that is a little more expensive but is well worth the price.  Suggest they flip to that page, demo the item, and say, “Do you know why I put the “If heart yes but your checkbook says no, book  show” sticker by ______?”  Then wrap your arms around the product and give it a hug and say, “Because I absolutely LOVE this product and I know you will too, and if it is beyond your budget, just book a show and I can help you get it at a discounted price or even for FREE! THEN MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ITEM IN YOUR DEMO.
You will do the SAME thing with RECRUITING and SALES slogans.  Then, as your customers flip through the catalog and SEE the stickers they will be reminded of what you said about the products.  You’ll be creating a DESIRE for them to have it and their BRAIN will figure out a way for them to get it!  That’s called the BRAIN CONNECTION and you’ll be AMAZED how they’ll remember when you make that connection!

Now, this takes me to my GROCERY STORE analogy and the BEST REASON for combining these two concepts.  Just as we all like shopping in a grocery store where we know where everything is, your customers will ENJOY shopping from your catalog when they know where to find the different products!  The stickers make it EASY for you to refer to the products in your catalog and they’ll not only know WHERE to find them, but they’ll remember WHY they want to have them!

So with your catalogs and one-liners, you have a chance to make an impact- with a little more effort and combining these concepts will be a MUCH bigger impact.

Visual +  Audio + Product = Awareness + Interest + Purchase

So please, go to this training idea CATEGORY on our website.

Home>FREE Training>T0-Overall>T0-17 – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners!


Order the training item 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! to get the PDF which includes complete instruction and worksheets on HOW to create one-liners for YOUR product and company

Order the training item 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners! to get the PDF which includes complete instruction and worksheets on HOW to create one-liners for YOUR product and company.  For a limited time it is FREE with an order!  Then scroll down, in the category as I’ve listed some of our most popular stickers for you to use in “stickering” your catalogs!


Get the PDF of THIS training by clicking the DOWNLOAD TAB in 0-17-PDF the product on our website.

NOTE:  I’ve also created a PDF of the information above.  All you need to do to get it is go to the 0-17-PDF – Stickers in your catalogs relate to One Liners item mentioned above and click the DOWNLOAD TAB.  Then download it to your own computer.  Be sure to ADD THE ITEM to your cart and process it to get the PDF of the One-LINER Instructions and worksheet.

As you know, I can’t guarantee what WILL happen, but I can guarantee you WILL MISS 100% of the opportunities you don’t take. You just never know what phrase or slogan will impact someone. At the very least, you’ll be planting seeds and showing you are committed to your business. Have fun!

Click this CATEGORY link to order the products:

If you would like to see pictures of the stickers in catalogs join the Facebook GROUP called
DS The Booster which is dedicated to those who LOVE Booster Products.  It is a closed group so you’ll have to request to be added.  This group is for sharing ideas and information about and all of its products.  Anyone from any company is welcome.
Here is the link.

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T6-04 — ‘Tis the season to build your team & dreams!

You can build your team and their dreams- learn more!

We often talk about recruiting throughout the year and the importance of sponsoring others onto your team in order to build a residual income.  Those of you who are building a team know the joys and struggles, the rewards and work, the benefits and sacrifices involved in helping others to identify, find and build their dreams.

There is so much more than ‘just’ sharing the opportunity and expecting people to beat down your door in a mad rush to jump on your ‘band wagon’ and earn LOTS of money by just signing on the dotted line!

If it were that easy, with our current economy and job statistics, your business would be thriving!  Now, for some it is, but not because of ‘pie in the sky’ promises, but by steadily presenting a vision of possibilities when people choose to take destiny into their own hands.

Unfortunately, there are still those who portray the business in such a way that all people have to do is ‘sign on the dotted line’ and money will just flow to them with little or no effort!  Those people who join with this ‘promise’ quickly realize it was just a pipe dream and become disillusioned and forever more have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to direct sales or party plan businesses.  They not only feel this way themselves, but they share this attitude with many.

So, how do we sponsor new members of our team while being honest in both our presentation and building their expectations?  We have many slogans of stickers, that reflect this benefit of “You really can make serious money while having fun” or “Make full time pay for part time hours” which some may say feeds into this expectation, but we also have slogans like “The only time Success comes before work is in the Dictionary” or “Dreams don’t work unless you do!”

We do our best to help you lay out the expectations of not only what can be achieved, but what is required in order to achieve the desired dreams.

Your responsibility as a leader is to help your team to understand that you are there to HELP them achieve their dreams, but it requires consistency, belief and work on their part.

So, how do you do this?

1) Make sure your parties are FUN and inviting.  Do your presentation in such a way that others will think, “I can do that!”

2) Plant recruiting seeds on your invitations and in your catalogs.  Actually, put recruiting stickers that present the variety of benefits of joining your team on EVERYTHING!  Why use a variety of slogans?  Because you never know exactly what a person is looking for!  Some may be looking for flexible hours, short hours with a good income, selling a product they love that can ignite their passions, being able to work their schedule around their kids, or even a night away from their kids that they are making money, not spending money!

3) Pay attention when you see that a seed may be germinating.  When people show interest in your products or the opportunity you offer take the time to LISTEN and then answer their questions.  Find out what it is that they are looking for and offer solutions.  Keep in mind that you might not be their solution and accept it.  But, if you ARE their solution, be clear on what is expected.

4) Let them know that by joining your team, they are joining a SUCCESSFUL team.  Reinforce that your goals are to help them achieve success by offering excellent training, expectations of their involvement and commitment to their own businesses, meetings, challenges, recognition and rewards.  Be sure to let them know that though they are expected to WORK to build their own dreams, you will be there to encourage them and give them the best advice available to lay the groundwork for their success, but that THEY must do the work toward building their own dreams.  You provide the blueprint but they must build it for themselves.

I suggest that you actually put together a sheet of expectations:
              (both what you expect of them and what they can expect of you.) 

— Let them know when your meetings are and that you expect their attendance (even far away team members can be involved through a conference call, or video meeting.)
— Give them new team training with an expectation and rewards for completion.
— Teach them HOW to get 6 bookings within 3 weeks of receiving their kit.
— Teach them how to do those first shows.
— While waiting for their kit, expect that they go with you and watch you do some parties.  Have them drive with you so on the way to and from you can offer training, critique and answer questions.
— Whether they live away from you or live close, find out from other team members about upcoming parties that they can go and observe.
— They will eventually find their own style, so having a variety of demonstrations to watch and actually be involved in will help them determine how they will do their own parties.
— You may want to be there to help them do their first party, both before and after, share their enthusiasm.
— Teach them how to host coach and the effectiveness of doing it well.

I’m sure you’ll come up with some other ideas as well, but I believe by doing this you will be giving them the blueprint for their own success.  By this level of involvement, they will know you want them to be successful and are willing to invest the time and effort to get them off to a great start.

5) Continue as you start.  Keep bringing new members into your team.  Continue to teach them how to get their business off to a great start.  Continue to train, motivate, encourage, inspire, recognize and reward your current team members.  Do this by having effective meetings where:
— when they leave, they have learned some new techniques to build their business,
— have a purpose and desire to build their business,
— are excited to share and bring others into your team,
— gain concrete tools to be more effective.

6) Recognize that while helping others to build their business, you are also helping them to build themselves!  You as their leader will be in a position to see people GROW!  You’ll be in a position (and part of the change) that as they become even more confident they’ll reach out and share with others.  Before long, you’ll realize that helping others earn and income and to grow is worth MORE than the money.  It is really what this business is all about!

Now, let’s talk about “The Season!”  The above advice can be used all year long and the advice I’m going to share can really be used all year long, but since we are at the beginning of the Christmas Holiday Season I wanted to focus on some specifics.

At the time I am writing this, it is mid September, 2012. 
— Christmas is about 16 weeks away.
— We are in one of the worst economic situations I can remember.
— Unemployment insurance is running out, or doesn’t even begin to meet expenses.
— More people have been consistently unemployed than ever before.
— The average household income has gone done by about $4000.
— More people are living in poverty than ever before.
— Gas prices, along with food prices are at either record high or going up
— People are looking at their children and wondering what kind of Christmas you are going to have.

All this spells disaster if we let it, but I believe you have more in you.  It is a matter of attitude!  What can and ARE we going to do about it?

— Christmas is still about 16 weeks away- we can’t change the date, but we can become prepared.
— Some believe that there is only so much money and it must be divided and distributed around.  I happen to believe that we can GROW prosperity, that it is abundant.  As we grow businesses and help others to start business we build our own economics.  This is the foundation of America and how we have become the richest nation in history.  It is up to us to change our attitude and focus on GROWING or own economy by helping others to grow theirs.
— Those who are unemployed WANT to be working again.  The traditional jobs may not be readily available, but YOU have an opportunity they can embrace and if they work hard, they can earn an income.  It may not be as great as in years before, but they can begin to build it now.
— The unemployment rate is high, but let’s reverse it for the sake of conversation.  If 8% are unemployed then 92% ARE WORKING.  You can recruit from the 8% and SELL to the 92%.
— The average income has gone down but people still NEED your products, either for themselves or as gifts.  YOU are the salesperson.  It is up to you to share the benefits of your products.  If income is down, then hosts should be UP!  Use stickers on your invitations so those who are low on money will want to come to see how they can earn some free.
— Those who are in poverty are LOOKING for opportunities – they can either be hosts and earn free products so enhance their Christmas, or they can join your team and earn the money themselves.
— Gas and food prices are up, so it is even MORE important to make every party or show as profitable as possible.  Follow all the host coaching steps we teach.  Make sure you are using the 4 stickers on every invitation so you’ll have as many people as possible to each party.  If they are not in a position to buy, they could be in a position to book because they want to earn Christmas Free, or join your team.  Be sure you plant seeds about your opportunities on everything.  Believe me, it is worth the investment.  Using stickers and postcards is just pennies that return dollars — many dollars when you look at the long term rewards of the investment.

So, we are back to this season, where people are wondering how they are going to provide Christmas for their children, family and friends.  They want this season to be joyous.  YOU have the POWER to be a part of the solution.  You have the POWER to change people’s lives.  YOU have the power to make a difference in people’s lives!  Grasp it and become part of the solution.  Everything you do now will position you to not only have a fabulous Christmas, but as the economy begins to break free (and I believe it will) you and your team will be in the position to grow your business even more.  You and your team will have made the contacts, you’ll have the hosts and customers who are using your products.  You’ll be in position to move from where you are to where you want to be.

We at The Booster are honored to be your partner in this growth and pursuit of your dreams.  Let’s roll….

In this category of products on  our website I’ve put some of the specific Christmas Recruiting tools and a few of the specific “dream building” stickers.  However, we have MANY other products to help you build your business.  So here are the links to ALL our Recruiting products.  There is AUDIO Podcasts of our Radio Show on Recruiting too.  Just follow the links to our website.

Here is the link to THIS TRAINING Category: T6-04 ‘Tis the season to build your team & dreams!:

Here is the link to Christmas Holiday Training: T9-03 Make this Christmas Season more profitable, which shows most of our Christmas products:

Here is the link to the RADIO SHOW where we discuss Seasonal Success for Christmas:

Here are the links to the Recruiting Radio Shows:  (There are two- 6A to plant seeds & 6B to follow up)

Now,is the link to ALL the Recruiting products:
Key 6: Recruit



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Key 6A- Get more Recruits! Plant recruiting seeds everywhere!

Key6A- Plant Seeds- Create Sparks- draw people to your opportunity!

Plant seeds- create sparks- put out there what you want to attract back!

Recruiting others to your team can really increase YOUR paycheck.  Let everyone who sees your products, catalogs, invitations, or mailings know that you love what you do and that you can help them earn great money while having fun too!

Let everyone know how much you love your business. 
You never know who is looking for a new opportunity.

We use the term “planting the seeds for recruiting” throughout this training.  So, what does that mean?  It is an analogy between growing a garden or a plant and growing a team or a recruit.  It means to put a little thought (a seed) into your customers’ or contacts’ minds to get them thinking about the BENEFITS of joining your team.  If you wanted to have a garden you know you would first need to prepare the soil and get things ready to grow don’t you?  What would you do next?  Would you leave the ground alone and wait for volunteers to come up or would you plant seeds to grow something intentionally?  If you’re not planting seeds, all you are going to get is volunteers.  And yes, volunteers are great but a gardener wants to improve his odds by planting seeds.  Don’t you? 

This is the SECRET- to put out there what you want to attract back!  Then, when you talk to them one-on-one you will be able to water and grow that seed or question it into a new team member.  The following ideas should help you put the benefits of your business into the minds of your customers and contacts.  People will want to know more, and you’ll have the opportunity to share!

1.  Understand the advantages of recruiting and start doing it!
 There are big advantages of recruiting, such as getting direct commission from your recruit’s sales, earning bonuses and trips from your company, etc.  Make a list of all the benefits of your job, such as a flexible schedule, good hourly income, fun to meet new people, etc.  Once you’ve realized how wonderful your job really is, for both you and others, it’s easy to share it with them.  Remember to think of your opportunity as a GIFT that you want to share with everyone you meet!  Use recruiting (Key 6) stickers in your catalogs, on invitations, and all your papers.

2.  Start recruiting BEFORE the party!

     How many invitations do you send to each party?  How many people come?  How many people are learning that you have recruiting opportunities? 
The average consultant sends out around 30 invitations for each party to have about 8-10 people attend. 
 Those 8-10 people get the chance to learn about your opportunity by hearing you speak, but how many are NOT learning that you have opportunities?  The 20-22 who did not attend, right? 
 So, what if you put a recruiting sticker on EVERY invitation?  Then, all 30 you send invitations to will at least learn that you have opportunities!  Some may even come because they are interested in an opportunity.  Also, you never know, someone might see the sticker on an invitation hanging on someone else’s fridge and be interested. 
 But, it is guaranteed if you DON’T plant recruiting seeds there is nothing to grow.  So, start NOW to plant seeds by putting recruiting and booking stickers on everything! 
 The “Party on a Sheet” stickers (SSS4) give you everything to get started on “Booster” principles all on one sheet.  Read the directions and DO IT!  Give them to new team members to get them started Boosting their businesses from the start!

3.  Use one-liners in your demos and conversations to get their attention!

 Make your presentations fun and make them seem EASY to do, so people will think “I could do that!”  Be excited about your job so people will want to know more about it. Use the PDF handout to make a list of “ONE-LINERS.”  A one-liner is a phrase or short sentence that describes a benefit of joining your team. 
(We also suggest you use one-liners to promote booking.) 
 Try to coordinate each of your one-liners to a specific product so that when you demonstrate that item, you always say that one-liner.  (You can write the one-liners on sticky notes and stick them to the back of the items you are demonstrating until you get the hang of it.)  The idea is to just get them thinking, tease them with an idea, then quickly move on.  Plant the seeds by  creating curiosity and interest.
 Here are some examples of “One Liners”:
1) This item is in our start-up kit and you’d get it when you sign up to be a consultant.
2)  I signed up to be a consultant a few years ago, because I really loved this ___ and as a consultant I can got it for ??% off!
3)  If you’re short on cash tonight, talk to me later about how you can earn Free products or, lots of extra cash for just part time hours.
4)  I really love making full time money working only part time hours.
5)  Our team meetings and trips are so much fun!   Talk to me after if you’d like to come to some.
6)  The flexibility this business offers allows me to be there for my family, earn the things I love, and have a career too!
 We’ve found that incorporating the benefits of joining your team throughout the demonstration rather than one long dissertation at the end is more effective.  People don’t have time to tune you out because you quickly move on to other items in your demo.  (The PDF for the one liners is included in the complete Key6A training online. KEY PACK CLUB INFO > KPC-Key 6A Recruit > 6-Key6A-Plant Recruit Seeds ) 

4.  Hand out Recruiting Dollars at your  parties.
 Money always gets people’s attention.  These recruiting dollars really do the trick.  They’ve been one of our most popular products since 1991! 

The Recruiting Dollars (V6658) look like one hundred dollar bills, but they are smaller, (so they don’t get folded up) and they say “Short on cash?  I can help turn this into real money.  Call me today!”

Here is an idea about how to use the Recruiting Dollars:   First, write, sticker, or stamp your name and phone number on the back of each bill. 

(I also recommend that you put one of the recruiting stickers by your name so there is something to draw their attention to the back.  You could also include “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427), “Ask me about my monthly specials” (S40489), etc. stickers to give them other reasons to call you.)

In fact, make it easy on yourself.  Print your information on the “I love what I do” (PSM6502)  or “Could you use an extra $100 per week?” (PSA6208) Printable Stickers.  Then, quickly stick those to the back of each recruiting bill.

Then, at your party say “How many of you would like $100?  Of course everyone usually says they would.  Give each of your guests a recruiting dollar. 

Your guests will look at the fake $100 and say, “Yea, Right!”  So, you say, “No, wait, this is magic!  I want you to open your purse and put this $100 bill in your wallet with the rest of your money.” 

Wait while everyone does it.  Then say, “This is how it works.  Every time you look at that $100 bill, I want you to remember — I can help you make it real!  When you are ready, give me a call.  My name & number is on the back.”     Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill, especially when it is the only money left in their wallet?  This is a way for you to make regular contact with a person without picking up the phone.  It works too!  This is better than any TV commercial because they think of you over and over.  Even if they don’t join your team, they will know your NAME and how to contact you.

Now, take it to the next level:  as you begin to work with repeat customers you say, “Didn’t I give you $100 at the last party?”  They say YES, and you ask if they still have it in their wallet and to show it to you. 

When they do, give them a little gift. (You have then just planted the seed for everyone to keep their bill in their wallet so the next party THEY will get a gift.)  Then you can tease a little and say something like, “You haven’t called me!  When will you be ready to turn that into a real $100?”  (Of course you can include recruiting dollars with tips at restaurants too!  Be sure to get their name and number so you can follow up! 

You can now listen to this AUDIO TRAINING on this products by Jenny B.  You can even DOWNLOAD it to share with your team! Go to:

5.  Do a demo using the “Dream Bucks” and “Bill Bucks.”

Ask for 2 volunteers to help you with the demonstration.  Ask the first volunteer, “Would you like to do what I do for a living or have a part-time job for $10 per hour? (She will probably choose the $10 per hour job.)  Tell the 2nd volunteer that she gets to do what you do. 

Start to tell the story that person #1 went to work for 2 hours last Wednesday so she earned $20.  (Hand her 2 of the “Bill Bucks”.)  Person #2 did a party just like I’m doing tonight.  She also worked 2 hours, but she made $100. (Give her a $100 Dream Buck.) 

Continue the story with scenarios like… Person #1 was scheduled to work on Thursday, so she missed her daughter’s dance review while person #2 scheduled her party for Friday, so she got to attend the review.

Use these scenarios to help your customers understand the flexibility you have in setting your own hours, picking your profits, and socializing with new people every day.  See even more ideas online under V6660 and V6661.  These bucks also have places for them to write what THEY would do with the money.  Why do we have both BILL BUCKS and DREAM BUCKS?  So you can help people to realize they can make money in your business to just pay bills or to achieve their dreams!

6.  Use stickers and buttons to plant recruiting seeds!

 Booster stickers and buttons have hand-drawn, colorful graphics which are designed to catch people’s attention and give them a quick recruiting message.   They look like logos and the graphics are designed work with both the RIGHT and LEFT brain so they are first read consciously and then subconsciously read over and over again! 

Stickers and buttons get people thinking, and encourage them to ASK YOU questions.  Put a recruiting sticker by your name on every catalog, every invitation, and every piece of literature that you give out. 

Recruiting Formula to Success:
Say LESS to MORE people!

 That is why it is so important to put the stickers EVERYWHERE!  (Several stickers are included in this key pack.  Put them throughout your catalogs and on other literature!)
 Wear buttons to the store, to ball games, and everywhere you go.  These buttons show others that you are passionate about your business and get people asking YOU questions.  This gives you the opportunity to share about your opportunity.  Think about it, how likely is it that someone in the grocery store will strike up a conversation?  How much do you increase the odds when you are wearing a button that invites them to talk to you?  If you’re not wearing a button you could be missing opportunities!  How do you think people will respond to the “Extra $100” or “Full time Pay” buttons included in this keypack?  We have LOTS of Recruiting Buttons to choose from.  See them online under BUTTONS > Recruit
TIP:  Keep a selection of buttons on the visor in your car.  Before going into a store, choose a button, put it on and think: “What will I say if someone asks me about my button?”  Then decide what you will say. 

 For example, if you are wearing the “extra $1000” button, (included in this key pack) people will ask you “How?”   First ASK them what they would do with it (so you can better understand them and then BE READY with several responses. 

Practice them so you can say them with sincerity and enthusiasm because people WILL ASK.   Be sure to have a business card, some company literature, or a product sample with your information attached to share with your potential customers or recruits. 

Also, have a small notebook and pen ready to write down THEIR information.  Tell them you’d like to send them a card and ask for their address.   Ask them when a good time would be to contact them and FOLLOW UP within a few days as you would love to show them your products. 
 Be SURE to send a follow up card if you’ve asked for their address.  They’ll  actually watching for it!  Include a little gift like a Bookmark, magnet, etc. that has your name & contact info on it to really impress them.

6.  Send follow up recruiting postcards.

Send postcards to people you meet at parties who might be interested in joining your team.  Select 3 people from EVERY party who you’d love to work with.  Make a note on your guest list of something you found outstanding about them that would be an asset to them in the business.  Mention that in the postcard. 

Write something like,
“I really enjoyed meeting you last night at Sally’s party.  You have such an outgoing personality and I think you would be GREAT in this business.  I would love to tell you how easy it is! I’ll call you in a few days or feel free to call me at 555-1212.  Thanks, your name.” 
 Or use the preprinted TEXT cards we offer and just fill in the blanks!  It’s just that easy! 
7.  Let Pen Pal Stickers, Printable Stickers, and magnets advertise for you.
 Wrap the Pen Pal stickers around the tops of your pens so they look like flags.  These will not only save your pens from being taken home, but your customers will read them over and over again! 
 These slogans get your customers thinking about the benefits of joining your team, so when you ask them, they’re more likely to want to hear more about your opportunity.  This sheet of 16 stickers of 4 different designs of pen pals gives you a variety.  Watch the people at your party, they will be curious to see what is on the other pens.   

You could also customize the Large Rectangle size of Printable Stickers with your name and info and print any other message you want, such as “Join my team this month, and your kit is free.”  Then, wrap them around the tops of your pens or put them on your catalogs.   These also make great magnets.  Just mount the stickers on our business card size WHITE magnets (M10)!  Hand write, or use a printable sticker to include your contact information below the sticker.

8.  Brighten up your Party with FOLDERS! 
 Do you realize that the “Guest Folders” (V4119) and the “Hostess Folders” (V2670) not only hold your catalogs, sale flyers, etc. at the parties, but they are also great recruiting tools?  They have several colorful recruiting messages on them that WILL get noticed.  You’ll be planting recruiting seeds while they are waiting for the party to start.

Also, use the folders to put together “recruiting packets.”  Fill the folders with information about your company, the commission or earnings scale, company trip information, team meeting info, etc.  Have a few on hand at each party, or in your car, so when you talk to someone who is seriously interested in your opportunity,  you can give them the packet.  Then, ask them to read the information and you’ll get back with them in a few days to answer any questions they might have.

You have so much to offer! 
 Find out what people want and then let them know how YOU can help their dreams to come true.  Different people want different things.  Be aware and ask questions.

Spend 80% of the time listeningband 20% asking and giving information.
Even the WAY you ask plants seeds and gets them thinking about what you offer.  Here are a few suggestions of questions you can ask once you’ve gotten to know them a little bit: Do you need an immediate fix of an “extra $1000 per month?”  Are you looking for a flexible job that you could work around your children?  How much recognition do you receive at the job you currently work?  Would you like to have a job where you get recognized for your performance?   Look at the different slogans we offer in our Booster Products.  They are designed specifically to get people thinking, and to get YOU thinking!  Are they looking for the “opportunity of a lifetime?”

“LISTEN means Look InSide Their Eyes Now!”  
–Linda Lucas
Make yourself a list of scenarios of what people are looking for and how your business can help them.  Then, get some responses in your mind so you are prepared to answer questions.  Be enthused about what you do.  Care about the people you meet.  Find out their dreams, and help them achieve their dreams.  Plant the seeds, nourish them, and then watch your business and your paychecks GROW!   Be sure to ask every guest if they (or a friend) would be interested in your opportunity. 

If you don’t ask …. the answer is no!


We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to “re-invent the wheel!”  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

We keep our prices VERY REASONABLE, in fact, you can join our KEY PACK CLUB and receive a 10% discount on every product we offer as well as additional discounts on the products mentioned in the monthy training.  Click KEY PACK CLUB INFO Category for more details.

The products discussed in this training are all shown in this category.   There is also a PDF of this complete training including graphics in this category.  See 6-Key6A-Plant Recruiting Seeds



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Key 6B: Recruiting Follow UP to Sign-Up!

Follow up to Sign-Up!

Be persistent not pushy!

After you’ve planted those initial recruiting seeds, follow-up. 
“Be persistent, not “pushy.”

The comment I hear the most, when it comes to following up on recruiting is, “I don’t want to be pushy.”  Following up and keeping in touch is NOT being pushy.  (It’s only pushy when you don’t let “no” mean “no” – once you’re sure you’ve asked the right questions.)  Remember, you are offering them a GIFT — the opportunity of a lifetime!  You are offering them “The American Dream” of owning their own business and all the benefits that come with it.

How many times were you asked to join a direct-selling business before you actually said yes to one? 

How do you feel about the person that recruited you? 

Do you think they were too pushy? 

Are you mad at them for sharing the opportunity with you? 

Probably not.  You should be happy that you were offered the opportunity to be involved in such a great company with so many benefits and opportunities.  The trick to staying excited about recruiting is to keep this in mind when following up with your potential recruits.

 Repetition and persistence are wonderful marketing principles which you should practice.  How many times have you seen a commercial on TV or an advertisement in the paper and thought nothing of it because you didn’t need that product or service at the time?  Then, when you DO need what they are offering, that company comes to mind.  This is how many people respond to your opportunity, and your products.
 Be excited to offer your opportunity to everyone.  The worst they will say is NO, and what will that hurt?  It is just one more NO on the way to a YES.  Most people don’t say yes right away.  That’s why following up is so important.  Be persistent, not pushy.  If you don’t ask the answer is already NO!

1.  Plant the recruiting seeds.
 As we covered last month, include recruiting stickers on all of your literature.  Hand out recruiting dollars and other information.  Mention your opportunity to everyone you meet, without prejudging or making assumptions.  Use the  larger stickers on the front of your catalogs. Make it look enticing to “Start their business” by getting the kit!  Wear recruiting buttons to start conversations!  Remember, you want to ATTRACT people to you by putting out there what you want to get back!

2.  Seriously talk to people about your opportunity.
 The first time you meet someone who would be great in your business, share your enthusiasm and a few of the benefits of joining your company.  Ask EVERYONE at your parties.  Give them enough information to get excited, but don’t overwhelm them.  Practice telling your information.  Keep your first recruiting message down to less than one minute.  Use specific words and phrases such as, “Could I give you some information to take home and read?”  Let them know you are not looking for a commitment now.  Ask them questions like “Would you like to work part-time hours for a full-time income?”  Then, LISTEN to them.  Listen to their needs and wants. 

L-I-S-T-E-N = Look In Side Their Eyes NOW!

Save the details for later.  At the party is the time for you to be taking care of your customers.  So, if someone wants more information ask them if you can set up an appointment where you can go over the details.  Be excited but don’t overwhelm.

Give every interested person a business card so she’ll have some way to contact you.  Mount it on a magnet!

Make a note on your guest list, of who you gave cards or magnets to so you can call them and set up interviews!  At the interview, talk about details such as their commissions, benefits, prizes, and more.    Explain how they can get started, how much money is required, exactly what is expected of them, and other specifics about your company.  (You could even include any written information from your company in a guest folder (V4119) which has several recruiting slogans on the back.)

Remember, an interview is a time for two-way communication.  Encourage each potential recruit to ask you questions and you should ask her questions that will help you determine if she really will be a good team member.  Joan Nilsen, a master team builder featured in the Build It Big book, says “Ask questions to uncover her needs and motivations… Questions are the answer!” 

Keep notes of what you talk about.

Don’t just look to join people for the numbers, look for people are willing to work and contribute to the team.  Make sure to let your potential recruits know that you don’t make any money from signing new recruits, you only make money if THEY are making money and becoming successful.  Reinforce that you will do all that you can to train her and continue to help her in any way that you can as long as she is willing to do her part.  Be sure to let them know what is EXPECTED of them.  Some are so anxious to get a team member that don’t let them know what is expected and then they are frustrated when people don’t work.  We need to be straight with them and let them know that there are certain things that they need to commit to become successful.

End the interview by saying something like, “I really would love to have you on my team.  Are you ready to give it a try?”  You must ASK-  remember, if you don’t ask the answer is already no!

3.  Keep track of who you need to follow up with!
Staying organized, and being consistent is a key part of recruiting.  After seriously speaking with a customer about the benefits of your business write down the name and phone number of that person on the “Butterfly…  Recruit!” Erase Board (EB6129).  Keep it handy on your refrigerator, or at your desk.  This beautiful erase board has places for you to check off when you’ve made an interview appointment, had the interview, sent postcards, made follow up phone calls, got them to join the team, sent welcome postcards, etc.  Remember, “It’s what you do with what you have that makes you who you are!”

I love the quote on the bottom of this erase board:  “How do you help others become butterflies?” “Show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to give up being caterpillars.”  It is up to you to show them that to FLY is so wonderful that they are willing to do what is necessary.  If you gave out a recruiting packet, gift, etc. as mentioned previously, when you get home, add that person to your erase board so you are reminded to follow up.

Recruiting IS a numbers game.  It is important to give everyone the opportunity, but it is even more about working with the people who choose to work with you.  Don’t waste your time on people who YOU don’t want on your team, or those who aren’t interested.  Their time may be later.  Always be nice and keep in touch so when they are ready your name will be the first one they think of.

4.  Send postcards.
I recommend that you send a postcard to a potential recruit about once a week, or once a month, depending on their interest level.

Postcards are not intrusive, yet they remind people you are thinking of them, and it keeps your name in their minds.  Even if they never join your team, they will know who you are for when they need your product.  We even have some with the text already printed on them for you, or you can use our FREE TEMPLATES to print your own then add a handwritten note at the bottom.  We have several designs or you can use our BACKGROUNDS to print whatever you want.  We even offer the designs PERSONALIZED with your information already printed on them.  Just see the different designs with a PR following the item number.

When you send postcards, be sure to include something personal.  (In another blog we talked about the importance of your guest list and writing down something about each guest to help you remember them better.

Be sure and write something positive like “great smile,” “makes people feel good,” “loves and knows the products,” etc. so you can use these comments when you send postcards.  Then, as you get to know these people better, keep notes so you can continue to be original.  It will pay off in the end by helping you to build a great customer base as well as a team.)

Think about the ABCD formula.  A= A success formula.  If the B for Benefit is greater than the C for Cost = DO IT!  The cost of a postcard is less than 14¢.  To mail it is 28¢ for a total of 42¢.  Let’s say you send one postcard a week for 3 months and then one a month for 6 more months.  That would be 15 postcards at a cost of $6.30.  How much would you make if after 6 months the time was right for that customer to join your team?  Would you make more than $6.30.  Even if they didn’t join your team during that time, I’m sure you could have called them to keep in touch or get an order, or entice them to be a host.  You would easily make you $6.30 investment back as well as building a relationship that could go on for years.  What is important is that you set up a SYSTEM to send the cards.  Make it part of your routein!
5.  Follow up with phone calls.

Make a goal to call a certain number of contacts each week.  You can invite them to rallies, unit meetings, or large sales meetings.  Be interested in what is happening in their lives.  KEEP NOTES! 

If you are using our Customer Care Cards (V4124) as your contact system, attach a colored 4” x 6” card to the back  of the cards with those whom you’ve made recruiting contacts.  A different color for recruiting, hosts, and additional customer information makes it easy!

When you show genuine interest in them, they will be more receptive to what you have to offer whether it is products or the opportunity. 

When you take care of the people, the money will take care of itself.  Too many times people are so focused on getting a recruit that when the person is not interested they drop them like a hot potato.  When this happens, it confirms in their minds that is was a good decision to NOT join their team. 

Remember to  continue to build the relationship with them as a customer and hostess.  You never know, she might eventually join — but if you don’t keep up the relationship, chances are you will lose a customer, friend and host as well as a recruit.

6.  Continue to send them literature.
When new catalogs or sales flyers come out, drop them one in the mail.  Drop a recruiting bookmark, notepad, or magnet with your name on it in their envelope.  They’ll see these items repeatedly, and think about you.  Your goal is to keep in contact so when they are ready, they will come to you.  Put recruiting stickers on the envelopes and catalogs you send.

Use the “Extra $100” printable stickers (PSA6208) as address labels and the “I love what I do” mini printable stickers (PSM6502) as return address labels.

7.  If  they aren’t interested, ask for a referral.   If they tell you they are not interested at the time, ask if they know of someone else who might be.  Still keep in contact with them as a customer, and be sure to follow up on the new lead!  Build that new person’s self concept by telling her that her friend thought she would be fabulous in the business.  Be sincere in your compliments, letting her know you would love to tell her more about the opportunity.  Put a recruiting sticker, on the back of your business cards and ask them to share.  If a person then joins, reward the person who gave you the name.  She might then give you more names or decide to join too!

8.  Encourage comments from customers.
Encourage your customers to share their dreams with you.  Then, tell them HOW you can help them to reach their dreams.

Think about the benefits that you like best about the business you are in.  Then, think back to when you first decided to sign up with your company.  What influenced your decision the most?  Compile a list of five reasons someone should join your company.  These are the ideas that you should work into every presentation, and most importantly every recruiting interview you do.  (See your Recruiting ONE LINERS list from last month!)  Remember, be enthusiastic and sincere when sharing your opportunity so everyone will know that you really do “Love what you do, and they can too!”  See the Bill and Dream Bucks (V6660 & V6661) to learn how Rhonda Townsend won :Recruiting Queen with her company by using this technique!”

Remember the challenge game: To keep track of how many “NO”s you get before you get a “YES.”  Then, try to get less “NO”s before the next “YES,” etc.

Get to know each person you approach with the opportunity.  Find out each person’s likes, dislikes, needs, and dreams.  Point out the qualities each person has that you think would make her a great member of your team.  Send her a recruiting postcard.  Help her to envision her success.  Explain that she will be part of a team who will support her all along the way.  Tell her that you, and the rest of the team, would love to help her get started, will continue sharing new ideas throughout the years, and hopefully you will become close friends.

TIP:  When you are finishing up an order at a party with someone you would love to have on your team, say something like this:
 “Could you use an extra $100 a week?  You know, I’ve noticed you tonight and I would love to have you on my team.  Have you ever though of becoming a ____ Consultant?” 

If they give you the normal excuses, point out one or two advantages (flexible time schedule, being their own boss, etc.) and ask if those would be of interest to them.  If those benefits don’t interest them, find some that do.  Then,  if they still say no, not now- but showed a glimmer of interest, explain “That’s OK, I felt that way too, at first, but I have a gift for you.” 

Then present them with a recruiting bookmark  (with your contact info on the back–use the “Extra $100 “Printable sticker  with your contact info and a “I would love to have you on my team” sticker.) and  the “I would love to have you on my team” Business Card Size sticker (PSB6309) made into a magnet with your info.) 

You could also give them a little sample of your product in a clear cello bag tied with a festive ribbon.  Ask them to use the magnet to put the bookmark on their fridge and say: “Every time you look at these, I want you to remember that you would be FABULOUS in this business because you are so __ (outgoing, talented, love the products, etc.) and I would LOVE to have you on my team.  I’ll be checking back with you in a week or so, OK?”  How do you think they will feel about themselves every time they look at the bookmark and your magnet?  Right, they will feel good about themselves and feel good about you.  Even if they don’t join your team, you will be building a relationship which will likely lead to future sales!  That magnet with your contact info will be on her fridge forever!  Once you’ve talked to her encourage her to use the bookmark in her favorite book to remind her of your opportunity.


           Be persistent, but not pushy!  
Remember to use the Recruiting Stickers: 
Lately there has been a LOT of talk about creating “sparks” that will interest people in your business … that it takes too much time to plant seeds and wait for them to grow.  However, you can create all the sparks you want over concrete and you’ll not get a flame.  The trick is to lay down the kindling, create an atmosphere where they are receptive to your “spark” and then when you say something that generates a spark of interest, they are more likely to respond.

Remember, “The Secret”?  It is all about ATTRACTING to us what we want to occur.  As you lay the groundwork about your opportunity you will be putting out there what you want to get back.  People will be drawn to you as you are consistently enthusiastic about your business and the benefits it offers.    Then, once you’re created the spark and a fire has ignited,  be sure to gently fan the flames until they are on fire and excited themselves!


We at the Booster do something different from other trainers.  We not only provide you with training, but we have the products to make it easy for you to apply what we (and many others) train you to do without having to “re-invent the wheel!”  Why spend your time coming up with the products yourself when we have them all done for you?

We keep our prices VERY REASONABLE, in fact, you can join our KEY PACK CLUB and receive a 10% discount on every product we offer as well as additional discounts on the products mentioned in the monthy training.  Click KEY PACK CLUB INFO Category for more details.

The products discussed in this training are all shown in this category. 


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T6-02 — Encourage team members to help you AND plant recruiting seeds!


Huge selection of recruit products that make great gifts for your team

Life is busy and if you are the manager of a team, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done.  There are times you could really use some help from your team.  Encourage your team members to “volunteer” to help by using the “WANTED, Someone with enthusiasm, energy, and who desires to earn.  Ask Me! (S64054)

It works!  Earlette Mays told me that she started putting these stickers on newsletters and postcards that she sent her team members and that she has gotten quite a few that volunteered to help her with various projects.  When she asked them what prompted them to volunteer, they mentioned the “cute sticker!”

These stickers are great to put on anything as they plant seeds to the type of person you are looking for.  You do want someone with “enthusiasm, energy, and who desires to earn,” don’t you?

We have many different recruiting stickers and recruiting BUTTONS!  Keep your buttons in your car and wear them EVERYWHERE!  They will help you “dig up leads” and get people talking to you!

These recruiting stickers and buttons are great gifts to give to your team members who are helping you!  It is a WIN – WIN –  WIN – WIN!  You get the help, they get a gift, the gift helps THEM build their business, and YOU benefit too from them building their teams!

See a selection of some of our most effective recruiting buttons and stickers by clicking this link:

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T6-01 — Use Money to Make Money & Get it Free!

Simple strategies that insure your customers will know your name!

Money always gets people’s attention. You can use money in various different ways ...

It’s ALL about MONEY! Including “Use Money to Make Money!” and “Get it FREE!”
 Here is also AUDIO training to hear about the Recruiting Dollars.  Click HERE:V6658
Money always gets people’s attention. You can use money in various different ways to draw attention to what you offer whether it is your products or the business. This week we are focusing on how to use MONEY to do it.

Hand out Recruiting Dollars at your parties.
  Our “Recruiting Dollars” really do the trick. They’ve been one of our most popular products since 1990! The Recruiting Dollars (V6658) look like one hundred dollar bills, but they are smaller, (so they don’t get folded up) and they say “Short on cash? I can help turn this into real money. Call me today!”

Here is an idea about how to use the Recruiting Dollars: First, write, sticker, or stamp your name and phone number on the back of each bill. I also recommend that you put one of the recruiting stickers by your name so there is something to draw their attention to the back.
In fact, make it easy on yourself. Print your information on the “I love what I do” (PSM6502) or “Could you use an extra $100 per week?” (PSA6208) Printable Stickers. Then, quickly stick those to the back of each recruiting bill.
Then, at your party say “How many of you would like $100? Of course everyone usually says they would. Give each of your guests a recruiting dollar. Your guests will look at the fake $100 and say, “Yea, Right!” So, you say, “No, wait, this is magic! I want you to open your purse and put this $100 bill in your wallet with the rest of your money.”
Wait while everyone does it. Then say, “This is how it works. Every time you look at that $100 bill, I want you to remember that I can help you make it real! When you are ready, give me a call. My name & number is on the back.”
Who do you think they will think of every time they look at the $100 bill, especially when it is the only money left in their wallet? This is a way for you to make regular contact with a person without picking up the phone. It works too! This is better than any TV commercial because they think of you over and over. Even if they don’t join your team, they will know your NAME and how to contact you.

Now, take it to the next level: as you begin to work with repeat customers you say, “Didn’t I give you $100 at the last party?” They say YES, and you ask if they still have it in their wallet and to show it to you. When they do, give them a little gift. (You have then just planted the seed for everyone to keep their bill in their wallet so the next party THEY will get a gift.) Then you can tease a little and say something like, “You haven’t called me! When will you be ready to turn that into a real $100?” (Of course you can include recruiting dollars with tips at restaurants too! Be sure to get their name and number so you can follow up!)
Click the link below to to to our website where you can scroll down to see the other “Money” related items (Indluding our NEW JEWELRY  & Recruiting CASH)  then click VIEW on the products listed below for specific ideas on how to use those products.
SAVING MONEY helps you get bookings!  Let  guests know they can get FREE products by being a host!
Whenever we ask the question at training what motivates people to become hostesses the number one answer is FREE PRODUCTS!
Of course there are other reasons, but this is the most popular and easy to sell. So, why not draw attention to this benefit by putting stickers throughout your catalog?

When you use the stickers, people will read them over and over again both consciously and subconsciously.

Be sure and use the Pen pal Stickers too! Your customers will read them over and over and with the Wish List one it will get them thinking about what they want on their wish list.

The Printable Stickers “Heart Says Yes” is perfect for not only the back of your catalogs but invitations as well because you can put your name, and contact info on them. (You can print them yourself using our FREE TEMPLATES or have us do it for you!)

You could also print specials your company is offering to hostesses in the space instead of your personal info. Remember, with the Printable Stickers that come preprinted with a slogan you are sticking TWO messages at once!

Giving Bookmarks is another way to plant seeds with your customers as they will think of you every time they use it. You can print your contact info on the printable sticker and put it on the back

There are lots of Testimonials on the V6658 Recruiting Dollars product on our webiste. I welcome your comments about this idea.  Please just post a comment here on our blog! 

Here is the link to the T6-01 Category on our website where you will see all the products mentioned:

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T9-12 — Your Golden Opportunity – Discover the Green Recruiting Game


T9-12 Golden Opportunity Game

This idea is about having a Golden Opportunity Meeting.  It includes ideas to advertise, a recruiting game and follow up ideas.

It’s all about using the GREEN theme in your business in March!

We have fun new products using the shamrock, gold coins, rainbows and more. We have an “opportunity meeting” idea all ready to go!
Scroll down to read the idea.   I know it seems early but you need to begin planning and advertising NOW!

ADVERTISE your meeting!  We’ve developed postcards to ADVERTISE and INVITE people to your meetings.  Give them to every guest at every party and talk about your event and be excited.  Tell them this will be a fun (no obligation) meeting where they can earn prizes, receive free gifts, and better yet learn about how they can start their own business and make a great income!  Use  item PP60136CT .  Or, you can use our shamrock background to print your OWN invitation using our FREE TEMPLATES.  See item PP10656BG.  We also offer these cards personalized by us.  Just let us know what you want printed on them.

Also, mail these invitation to previous hostesses and guests.  If you’re with a company like AVON, include one with every campaign catalog.  Give them to everyone you meet.

Encourage them to “Bring Friends” PR93584A or B and “Bring this with you” PR93585A or B by putting these stickers on the front or back of the cards.  We also have other fun slogans to get them thinking about booking a party (PR10587 & PR91588A or B), or getting excited about making money and joining your team PR60586 & PR70581.
Play the Recruiting Game

This game is intended to be played at an opportunity meeting or it can even be played to a smaller extent during your parties.

The graphics all have to do with money, luck, and gold coins so it is particularly appropriate to play during the month of March but really can be played anytime.

YOUR Object:  To introduce your guests to your opportunity by allowing them to read the slips of paper and answer the questions.   The items on the slips are either quotes or benefits of your company.  The questions then ask the person reading them what they know about your company or how they feel about the famous quote and how it might apply to your company or to them.

THEIR object:  To earn “Chips” or “coins” with the appropriate sticker on them that they will use later for the “auction” you’ll have so they can go home with free products.  We suggest the 3 different graphics have 3 different values.
The “4 leaf clover” stands for LUCK = 1
The gold coins = 5
The $100 bills = 10
This makes it a little more fun because it will create a greater value.
The strips have one, two, or three of each graphic on them.  Give them the corresponding number of chips. (i.e. 2 shamrocks on strip = 2 shamrock chips.)


STRIPS: Order and Print off the PDF. (PDF Golden Opportunity Game) There are 9 pages:
4 pages of quotes
3 pages of benefits of your business
2 blank pages where you can write your own benefits that relate specifically to your business.
The layout is all exactly the same.  The strips are all 1″ so you can cut them all at once with a paper cutter if you have one.  Once cut, fold each in fourths and put them in a bowl for them to draw.
NOTE:  As you are folding them, read through them and throw away any that don’t apply.  Read the question and think about what YOU would answer and how you might give even more information after the guest has read it and replied.  .  (Print out a duplicate set for making notes.  On most strips there is room to jot down things you want to be sure to mention if the guest doesn’t.  If there’s not room draw an arrow and make notes on the back. They are numbered to make it easy for you to find them as the guests read them off.)
You may want to prepare some charts showing specific monetary discounts and benefits available with your company.

CHIPS or Coins: Purchase the PR60582 & PR60583 stickers to make the chips.  The stickers are 1″ in diameter.  You can either purchase poker chips to put the stickers on.  Or, cut CARD stock into 1 ½” squares.  Then, put the sticker with just the graphic (PR60582) on one side, and the matching graphic with the words (PR60583) on the other side.  (As they read the slogans it feeds their subconscious with positive slogans.)

If you were to use almost EVERY slogan I’ve suggested you’d need 3 sheets of each of the two stickers (1 set for the front (PR60582) and 1 for the back (PR60583)) for a total of 189 chips.

PRIZES: Prepare the prizes for your auction.  You may want to have some wrapped (to create curiosity) and some NOT wrapped (to create desire!)

TO PLAY: First show your guests some of the prizes they’ll be able to purchase at the end of your event with the “chips” they’ll earn by reading and answering the questions on your slips.  Assure them that there are no “wrong” answers and that you are looking for their opinions about your company and your opportunity, or that you are curious to know how much they know about your company.  Ask them to please read the NUMBER so you’ll know how many chips to give them.  (Keep track of what’s been answered on the duplicate copy.  Then so you know what didn’t get covered and what you’ll need to follow up with at the end.  They are numbered to make it easy.)

Ask who wants to go first, and then pass the bowl to the next volunteer.  You may want to ask one of your team members to offer to go first to break the ice.  Let them know that playing is totally optional but that is how they win chips for the auction.  Once you get things going you may just want to continue around the group to give everyone an opportunity to play.

As they read the quote or benefit and then the question, listen carefully to their responses and make mental notes (or if you have a large group you may want to have someone take notes for you.)  You’ll want to keep track of what their dreams are, how much they know, how interested they sound, etc. so you’ll know how to follow up later.

As each completes reading their strip and answering the questions, be aware of what else you can add, or open the floor for discussion.

Play until the strips are gone or until the time allotment is gone.  Be aware of what has been talked about so you can close with the important points that may have been missed if you run out of time.

AUCTION: Once you’ve finished with all the strips, take a few minutes to let them know that you’ll be ready to help anyone who wants to join your team AT THE MEETING (Be sure to have some extra incentives for signing up then and there.)  You can either let them take a break at that point and come and ask questions from either you or from the person who brought them.  Have some light refreshments and a product display for them to come and look at.  You may want to have a display of exactly what comes in a new join “kit.”

Then, put all your prizes out and have an auction!  Have fun.  You may want to have some small prizes they can get so everyone wins something!

IDEA- You can also use our “Dream BUCKS” for them to write down their dreams and take home.  Make sure your contact info is on the back.  See a demonstration idea of how to use the Dream and Bill bucks at your meeting.  See items V6660 and V6661.

AFTER the MEETING: Review your notes – or write them.  Hopefully you’ll have a sign up slip for everyone who came.  Do it at the beginning.  Use the rainbow/clover sign up cards (PP60137CT) or.  Have them turn them in at the END of the meeting before the auction.  Give them a chip for turning it in.  Do a DRAWING for a special gift.  The reason to do it at the end is so you can get a better response to the questions.   They’ll have a little more information and know what their getting into.  Be sure to refer to the questions on the bottom and ask them to fill them in so you know how to better serve them.

REVIEW the cards- write notes on the back and FOLLOW UP with calls, to get bookings, sign them up, sell them products, etc.

Click this link to go to this idea category on our website where you can order the PDF of the game and all the products mentioned in the idea.

(It is under FREE TRAINING > T9-Seasonal > T9-12 Discover the Green!

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