Key 7: Motivation

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T0-05 Creating Momentum

0-05-Creating-Momentum Idea

How can you create momentum in your business?

January sets the tone for your entire year….  but every day is the beginning of a new year!
What do you want to happen in your business?
Basically you have two choices
Maintain the status quo OR Make your business grow!

Which is it that you want?

If you just want to maintain the status quo, that’s fine, just keep doing what you are doing.  Let’s look at what happens as you have parties regularly:

If you do an average of AT LEAST one party a week, you probably won’t lose any ground.  You’ll stay about the same, you may get the occasional recruit.  Keep in mind that you’ll have to work really hard to keep that one party a week because if you have a cancellation or postponement, that will set you back even more.  You wouldn’t have gotten that next booking or met that next customer….  You’ll have to work harder on getting outside orders, get on the phone to keep even that one party per week.  I warn you, it can become really hard to stay motivated and excited about what you are doing.  One negative comment, or NO, can really set you back and slows your momentum even more.

If you are only having ONE party a week, how many NEW people are you meeting?

What happens when you hold TWO parties a week?  You see a shift in your business!  You are more organized.  You know exactly what you need to do when.  You are out meeting people and sharing your products and opportunity so you are improving  your communication skills.  Your cancellations or postponements are rare because you are following all the steps to a successful party.

If you are having TWO parties a week how many people are you meeting?  Think about it, you’ve just DOUBLED your contacts!  You tend to be MORE enthused in your products and opportunity!  You are getting better and better at your presentation.  There are far more positives than negatives and that keeps you more positive!

Once you COMMIT to consistently having TWO parties a week, you see a shift in your business.  You begin to PLAN on being successful.  You PLAN the time to do your business.  You become energized by what is happening … the growth you feel is electric!

Now, what happens if you start having THREE parties a week? 

You’ve now TRIPPLED the contact you’ve made and you’ve TRIPPLED the money you make!  This is when you really begin to see a vitality come into your business.  You become more focused.  You’re actually able to do more!  You get into a routine that builds on your success. (What if you don’t have the time to do 3 parties a week and you still want to see a boost in vitality and income to your business?  It IS possible- keep reading!)

What do you do?

1) Make a decision!  What do you want?  Where do you want your business to be by the next quarter, mid way through the year, by the fall, by the end of the year?

2)  Face up to WHAT you need to DO to achieve your goals? Believing in yourself and keeping a positive attitude ARE important, but what you actually DO is equally important!  When you combine BOTH you become a winner.  We have a bookmark (BM72628) that says” A party fixes everything! Need Money? Book a party! Need Recruits? Book a Party. Need more parties? Book a Party!

It all starts with booking and HAVING parties.  The more successful the party is, the better!

3) Have a PLAN to make EVERY PARTY as successful as it can be!  Yes, there are specific steps you can take to bring you success.  Embrace your decision.  If you want success then you need to DO what is necessary to bring that success into your business.  All the wishing you do without the action will only give you dreams, not REALITY.  If you want the reality of a successful business  … take the steps to success!

4)  I know it can be hard, so give yourself an edge.  “Say it with Stickers!”  How can this help?  I’ll let my customers say it for me:
— I am so thrilled with your products! I have purchased the K-Success SIX Pack, random stickers, the ‘pick-a-date’ pack and buttons, but I must say the stickers are my absolute favorite! I put them on everything. My husband helps me put them on all of the invitations and when I explain what they are to the Hostesses they get really excited. By following the steps in your K-SUCCESS pack and divider system, my business is really starting to pick up and I am regaining my momentum. Using the stickers has really boosted the attendance at my parties. I finally joined the Key Pack Club, too, so I am looking forward to getting stickers automatically every month! Thanks so much! –Tia Johns
–Rave Review on Stickers! I have been using stickers since I started my business and love how they add color and emphasis to my invitations, postcards, thank yous and catalogs. Thanks for making them a great tool and affordable.
–Maren Larson – Jackson, MN

— Love ALL the bright, colorful stickers! I use them on every invitation, order sheets, and even my general mailings. I’m getting positive comments on them at my parties too. My favorite item is Booster Bingo! I am able to use MY products in the squares, which draws attention to those that I am detailing. I hand out a Bingo Card and ‘Wish List’ at the beginning of my presentation. This keeps my party guests ‘on track’ by paying attention to what I say, and what I’m showing. Thank You for so many fabulous ideas!   –Susan Schotten – Austin, CO

— Fanta-stick! I LOVE all the wonderful tools that you have to offer and I also LOVE the fact that you can even make your own stickers to fit your needs if you don’t see something in particular that you would like. (See the Printable Stickers) The Key packs are a wonderful tool in helping your business and they show what you can do with each and every sticker that comes with them!!!!!!!  Mary Strassburg – Weston WI

5)  START!  Using the stickers increases your odds of boosting your results.  Sure, you’re going to run into rejection, no’s and people not calling you back.  Are you going to let that stop your momentum?  Or, are you going to do those “little things” that make a BIG difference in overcoming all the negatives and planting the positives?

6) ADVERTISE!  “Advertising is a form of communication used to encourage or persuade an audience (viewers, readers or listeners) to continue or take some new action!  You HAVE to put out there what you want to come back to you!

How many times at a party can you say the words “Have you ever thought of doing what I’m doing?” to get your customers thinking of this concept?  Once, maybe twice?  But how many times are they THINKING it when the sticker is put in or on your catalogs and folders?  You want to SAY it at least once in your “one-liners” that you mention during your party, but when you use the sticker, they’ll be thinking about it MANY times throughout the party.  This is advertising!  I often refer to it as “planting seeds.”  Once you plant, odds are that things will grow….  But it you don’t plant- what are the odds of things growing?

I challenge you to make a plan, then follow it!  Do whatever you need to do to fill your date book.  Then, do everything you possibly can to make each party as successful as it can possibly be!

Use the stickers to BOOST your odds.  Our customers that use the stickers tell us that they get the “Boost” in results as if they were holding 3 parties per week when they are only holding 2.  HOW?  Because they get a boost in attendance so their customer list grows.  They get a boost in bookings so they are consistently getting TWO new bookings from each party- their datebook stays full from parties so they can spend time following up with customers and getting even more sales rather than having to chase down bookings.

They are getting MORE recruit leads and recruits because people are drawn to their momentum!  They want to be part of a winning team with a winning, committed leader.  All of these things bind together into greater success.

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Listen how host coaching relates to priming the pump!

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