Key 7: Motivation

The Booster – Jenny B ideas & products to help those in party plan or direct sales to motivate, encourage and inspire their team members and hosts (& kids) to take action.

LMP-22-Believe in your Dreams –Do the work!


You must TAKE ACTION, or DO the work! This training discusses the importance of BOTH

Dreams!  Why all this talk about dreams?  You hear and see it everywhere! In fact “Dreams in Action” is our annual theme!  We are using lots of other “Dream” slogans:  What is your dream? Go after your dream! Your dream is alive! Dreams create futures!  And on and on and on…

But, what REALLY is your dream?   Why is it so important to have dreams?  Aren’t dreams what you have when you are asleep and most times you can’t even remember them?

Why should we even discuss or focus on dreams?  We call them dreams, but goals is really what we’re discussing.  However, when you attach emotion to a goal, it becomes a dream.

Dreams are the first step to creating your reality.  The dream is what you have to have before the goal.  Dreams are things in the future.  Goals bring those dreams into focus on a daily basis.  If you don’t have the dream, it is hard to decide what your goals are.  The dream is what you want and who you want to be.  The goal is the method that takes you toward your dream.  Your dream is like the north star.  It is what guides you.  By focusing on your dream, you are able to develop goals that take you there.

Now, some like to just set a major goal.  They don’t even mention the word dream and I guess that is OK, however; I believe the “Dream” is what drives us in our heart.  Without the dream, it is just a goal.  You reach the goal and go on.

The dream is more integrated into your life.  Your dream has a piece of you in it beyond the goal.    Some have a dream of a better world where people care more about each other.  Some have a dream of a clean environment.  Others have more personal dreams such as sitting on the deck of a cruise ship, or relaxing with someone they love.  Your dream could be building a business that is beneficial to you and your family.  Your dream might be to build a team of people that have fun while working and making money.  Maybe you want to see yourself in that red sports car.  Or it might be more important to you to have time to spend with your children and grandchildren.  Whatever your dream, you must first recognize it and define it.  They may be small dreams, or they may be BIG dreams that are the dreams for your life.  Whatever level, you need to decide what it is you really want to accomplish.

However- there are TWO important elements that have to occur to achieve your dreams.
ONE:  You must BELIEVE!  We talked about the dream (instead of goal) involves your heart.  But BELIEVING involves your HEAD!  You MUST have believable dreams!  You have to be able to SEE yourself in the realization of your dreams!  That is why last month we created VISION Boards!  This is to help you visualize your dream so it becomes believable.  So, practice visualizing your dream as reality!  SEE yourself achieving it!
TWO: Do the work, Do the work, Do the work!  Believing is extremely important but ACTION is equally, if not MORE important!  In fact, I’m a believer in “Fake it till you make it!”  Sometimes, you have to take action and SEE some success for the belief to kick in!
We’ve been discussing all year how important it is to take ACTION!  As you take consistent ACTION to apply the principles to boost your business, you WILL see changes, you will see RESULTS!

Remember, WORK will win when Wishing Won’t!

Business Basics:
This month’s Consultant Level training on Key 3: Attendance is one of the BEST concepts to realize the
importance of “Working” the business because as you put the FOUR stickers on your invitations, and actually mail them yourself, you will see a measurable difference!  You’ll have people bringing friends, booking parties and wanting to know more about your opportunity!
Be sure to share the ABCD formula and apply it to your business!

Included in this Leadership Key Pack is a NEW, To Do Erase Board.  It is a new concept to make it easy to track what needs to be done and SEE where you are in your process.  As your activity, give everyone a board and explain how to use it to help them stay focused and DO THE WORK in their businesses!

T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job ChartsHere’s how it works:
It is a DOUBLE size board with 5 sections.  Each section has a header.  I will go through and explain how each section is used.  The idea is to use those SMALL (2” x 1 1/2”) Post It type sticky notes.  You will MOVE the notes with a TASK written on it from section to section of the board.  The board is LAMINATED for TWO reasons.  1- the sticky notes last much longer on the laminated surface & 2, if you want to actually write on the board with a wet-erase pen (VEB-PEN) you can, and then easily erase it.

Now, here’s the concept.  check out the complete idea on this in the POST:

T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job Charts

In previous theme meetings we’ve helped you get your dreams in front of you.  Now, with this new TO DO chart, you have something tangible to help focus on the work you need to do to achieve them?  Remember, dreams are your north star.  They are intended to give you direction.  “If we don’t change the direction we are going, we are likely to end up where we are heading.” –Chinese proverb.

The emotion of WHY you want these items is an even greater motivation than the item itself.  What is going to be so great about the cruise?  When you have the dream and the reason written down, it provides motivation to work toward achieving the goals that take you toward your dream.

You often hear of opportunities where people tell you that you can make lots and lots of money.  They make it sound so easy.  They lay it in front of you and tell you “all you have to do is ______ and I will help you be rich!”  I and others tend to call these “get rich quick schemes” and a scheme is just what it is.  Occasionally someone will fall into something and they will make tons of money.  This is RARELY, if ever, true.  In most cases it takes lots of hard work!
Give everyone this Bookmark (BM70469) and suggest they put it in their datebook, or an inspirational book they are reading to remind themselves to DO THE WORK!

You’ve seen new celebrities on TV who all of a sudden are in the lime light.  They are an overnight sensation!  In most cases the climb to fame is far from overnight.  How many tables did they wait? How many dogs did they walk? How many dishes did they wash?  Many have spent years going from audition to audition, then they get a job on a show that becomes a hit and they are an overnight sensation!  Anything that is of value takes WORK!

Start TODAY to use the Believe “To Do” Board! (EB7142)  to make it EASY
to VISUALLY keep what you need to do in front of you without re-writing over and over again!

Inspiration: Download the PDF for this Meeting Plan from our website for ideas on Inspiration, Challenges,  Stories, Recognition ideas and the Meeting Plan Checklist!


To Believe in your dreams is not enough! You must TAKE ACTION, or DO the work! This training introduces a new TO DO Board & System

Here is the link to this training CATEGORY on our website where all the products mentioned (and a few more) are listed.

You can purchase the PDF of this training which also includes Challenges, Follow-Up, Motivation & Preparation list by clicking this link above.  Or, get it for only 1 cent if you join the Key Pack Club on the Leadership Level.  Click this link for all the details on the club.


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LMP-20 — Dreams Create Futures


If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything. This is all about HOW to identify your dreams and help others to identify theirs!

Dreams In Action!   WHY dreams are so important?  Because: Dreams Create Futures!  You have to HAVE a dream to MAKE a dream come true!  If you have not identified your dream, you are not working toward anything.  You are just taking what comes, you have nothing in front of you to encourage you to move forward.

HINT for Leaders:
Many leaders think they need to be PUSHING their team to achieve.  But GREAT LEADERS find out what is important to their team members and encourage THEM to strive to achieve their dreams and goals.  Leaders should of course TEACH their team HOW to be effective in working their business … that is why we offer the TEAM THEME MEETING PLANS!  The other responsibility of a leader is to encourage, motivate and inspire their team to believe in themselves and aspire to achieve their dreams.  Leaders can’t and shouldn’t even try to do the work for them.  Leaders should be an example and “coach” their team to use their talents to achieve!  You as a leader are there to observe, give advice, point them in the right direction to find their own answers and then be their cheerleader!

Concept cont:
What does “Dreams Create Futures!” mean to you?  (Give everyone the “Dreams Create Futures Sticker (S65083) to put in their notebooks.   How can this be applied to your business?  How do you think having a dream will help you in your business?
(Discuss this concept with your team.)

Now, think about how this slogan can be used in your businesses.  How much more (and more effectively) do hosts work when they KNOW what they are working toward?  How can asking this question of “What’s your dream?”  impact your business?  Do you think that if you actually ASK your guests what their dream is that you would learn more about them?  Once you know what it is that they are looking for…. how could you then help them?

Discuss this concept and then ask how you could use these stickers in your catalogs and order forms to get people thinking about what it is that they want! Give everyone a strip of the “What’s Your Dream? stickers S65258 to use in their catalogs. What kind of impact might this slogan have if you wear the Button B65258 around town?

PDF-Key1-Boost your Bookings

Business Basics:
These concepts of dreams lead directly to Key Area Training- Key 1: Booking! There are so many aspects that it can be applied to. Do you have a dream for your business? What is it? How many parties to you need to have in order to achieve your dream?
Understand that as you set that goal – it WILL create your future as you work towards achieving it!




Get even more ideas when you get the PDF from our website.

Inspiration: Purchase the PDF for this Meeting Plan from our website for an Activity for your team and ideas on Inspiration, Challenges,  Stories (one of my favorites “Wonderful, Wonderfuls”, Recognition ideas and the Meeting Plan Checklist!

CLICK HERE to go to this training CATEGORY on our website where all the products mentioned (and a few more) are listed.

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T7-04 – To Do Motivational Boards-Job Charts

7-04---To-Do-Boards!Believe in your Dream and other motivational “To Do” Boards! makes it EASY to VISUALLY keep what you need to do in front of you and track your progress without re-writing over and over again!

Several different 11” x 17” Laminated boards available in different colors
Each board has 5 sections. (See details about each section below.)
Use SMALL (2” x 1 1/2”) Post It type sticky notes.
Write what needs to be done & MOVE the notes from section to section of the board.


1- THINGS TO DO: WRITE the various tasks you
need to do during the week on a sticky note & put them here.
2- DO TODAY:  Move tasks from Things to Do, to the
tasks you plan to accomplish TODAY!
3- IN PROGRESS: As you begin a task, put it here.
You shouldn’t have more than 2 tasks in progress at a time.
This helps you to actually FOCUS and complete your task!
4- WAITING…:  If you can’t complete a task because you
are waiting for someone else to do their part, move the task here.
For example, if you are waiting for a host to get back to you, or the school, or a doctor,
the task would go here. Try to not have more than TWO items waiting at a time.
5- THINGS I’VE DONE:  When a task is completed, move it here.
YEA!  If it is a task that you will need to do again next week, leave it here until you
plan next week and then move it to the NEED TO DO and start all over again.
If it is a task that you don’t need to do for a while, put it on the back of the board.

The board is LAMINATED for TWO reasons:
1- The sticky notes last much longer on the laminated surface
2- If you want to actually write on the board, use a wet-erase pen (VEB-PEN) so you can easily erase it
with a damp (not wet) cloth .

* If you want to put on your fridge,  cut the TWO included magnets into 4 pieces and put them on the
back. Or, hang on the wall!
  That’s it!  A simple, EASY way to stay on task of what needs to be done!

Download this PDF from the website.

Download this PDF from the website.

Order TODAY and be watching for additional designs for keeping track of business, family, etc.
or even for every family member!

We already have several different colors available.  Click this like to go to the CATEGORY with ALL the boards we currently offer. There is also a PDF download of these instructions.

Click this link to go to the T7-04 To do Boards Category on website:


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Dreams in Action… The more action you take the more progress
you make!
Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!

What are “Dreams in Action?” We all know how important it is to have a dream or goal. I’m sure you’ve already learned it is necessary for you to identify your dreams and goal… to actually WRITE THEM DOWN, but really, how many of you have actually done it?

Identifying your dreams and aspirations is actually the FIRST step to making them come true. Then you need to look at your “dream” and break it down into achievable and believable goals. Yes, we have to BELIEVE that our dreams can come true. As the Disney song goes, “Get your head in the game!” Believing is a factor of success but not the only one! You must decide on ACTION STEPS that will enable you to achieve your dream. But then you must TAKE ACTION! “Dreams in Action” occur when you are actually DOING what is necessary to make the dreams come true!

Understand that making dreams come true usually encompass a process! Unfortunately, many envision their dream as an accomplished fact but neglect to determine what actions are going to take them from where they are to the realization of their dream! Rarely is it an instant jump! Even those who have the dream of winning the lottery must a least go out and buy a lottery ticket!
So, let’s break this concept down into the simple steps we’ve just discussed. 1) Identify the dream, 2) Break the dream into achievable goals, 3) Belief, 4) Plan, and 5 Action.

1) Identify the dream! Make it real! Write it down! Some do vision boards to help them to actually SEE the results. You have to actually HAVE a dream to to make it come true. You can actually have dreams for different parts of your life. When I was younger and had kids as home, I had a dream of being a grandma, surrounded by a loving family and I also had a dream of building my business to help hundreds of thousand to not only boost their businesses, but to make more money in less time so they would have more time to spend with their families. With a lot of hard work and focus I’ve been blessed to be able to fulfill BOTH those dreams. So, what are YOUR dreams? Just picture them and write them down. In the rest of this training we are going to discuss primarily your business dreams, but keep in mind that they must coincide with your personal dreams as well.

2) Break the dream into achievable goals. Realistically look at your dream and take it in a step by step process to divide it into achievable goals. If it is your dream to walk across the stage at your next conference, you’ll need to have parties booked and generate sales. You must put the horse in front of the cart. First things first.

In each of our 12 training themes (that go with the Dreams in Action theme) we are going to take your business and break it into the 12 Key Pack Themes and each month we will discuss specific concepts and ideas to create greater success in each key area.

3) Belief! We hear all the time about the importance of BELIEF and I agree that believing is very important. But, it is only part of the formula to achieve your dreams.

Think about this: If you are in a room that is getting dark and you want more light, what would you do?

Is it enough to BELIEVE that the light will turn on? I would bet that no matter how much you visualize the light turning on, and believe with all your might that the light will turn on, that that alone will not turn the light on. What will? Actually going to the switch and flipping it will usually turn the light on! (Now I say usually, because the electricity must be flowing and the wires must be connected properly and it must be a working fixture and bulb, but if all those elements are in place, you should get light.)
But, the next question is WHY would you flip the switch? As an adult, your experience has taught you that that is the action you need to take to make it happen. You BELIEVE that if you flip the switch, the light will come on. But as a child that has never seen a light turned on, would they even know to walk over to the switch?

So, I contend, that we must first BELIEVE, but we have to have something to believe in! When it comes to your business, you must learn, then believe in the concepts and principles that will work to achieve your goals. Too many think belief alone will be enough, and though I wholeheartedly agree that your mental position and belief in your own success is a vital part of the equation, the actual DOING something, putting yourself in a position that the universe can help you, will enable your dreams to come true at a much faster pace. I love this quote: “Imagine what you could do if you could do what you imagine!” as it is a combination of the believe and visualization of your dream and the DOING to make it reality!
(Leaders, pass this sticker S71082 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.)

4) Plan. You have to have a plan! Yes, some people achieve a level of success without one, but the quickest way to your dreams is to have a road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Remember the slogan, “Without a destination, any road will get you there!” The same is true in without a plan, you are bound to end up off track at times. Decide now to take the time to have a plan of ACTION. In each of our Key Pack training (consultant level) we have always given an ACTION PLAN. It consists of the things to DO immediately to begin implementing the training we offer. You may want to incorporate some of those action steps into your plan for each month (Leaders: print off the Action Steps each month for your team to help them in developing their own plan of action! They are in the full PDF training you can download and then just print multiples of that page and cut in half.)

5 Action! Yes ACTION is necessary. You must put one foot in front of the other, moving in the right direction. If you go home from this meeting and just continue to do what you are already doing, you will not progress to a different level. Dreams in Action is a process! It is a process of taking action! “The more Action you take, the more Progress you make!” (Leaders, pass this sticker S71081 around so your team can put it in and on their notebooks.) So this is our theme for the coming months. Dreams in Action! The more Action you take, the more Progress you make! Each month we will discuss different things you can do to achieve your dreams for your business.

for Leaders:
This theme is intended to be your theme for the year. It of course could be used for just one meeting but we have plans for it to be used throughout the year.
Included in this pack are products to make it easy to use this as a basic theme that you can refer to each month.

It is essential that you make your meeting not only motivational but that they actually LEARN some specific things to do to boost their business! The actual theme part of each month’s training will go along with the “Dreams in Action” but we encourage you to spend MORE time actually discussing the topic from the basic Key Pack Training. Yes, it is important to motivate your team and keep them believing, but as we discussed it is the ACTION they take that will make the difference for them. Remember, when we talked about BELIEVING that when you flip the switch the light will come on? Teaching your team and sharing your testimonials of how they will work in their businesses is like teaching the child about the light switch. As you share your experiences of how a simple 2¢ sticker impacted your business they will begin to believe as well. As they BELIEVE, then they will DO! As you discuss the different techniques and concepts we offer, share your direct knowledge of their impact (or share some of the testimonials from our website.) WE KNOW IT WORKS based on the thousands of customers who have taken the time to let us know of the impact. Your team needs to believe it so they will come to KNOW it too!

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

Meeting invitation reads:  We will discuss all this as we meet, We’re saving you a seat!
“Dreams in Action” is our theme
& You’re an important part of our team!
Please plan to be there… because we care!

CLICK HERE To see ALL the products mentioned in this training CATEGORY


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LMP-12 — I Choose to Win — Let the Journey Begin!

LMP-12 Choose to Win- Let the Journey Begin Theme Meeting

Make the conscious choice to make life and your business a WINNING journey

I changed this training a little from what I originally planned… 

The original plan was to call it “Crusin’ to a Girls Night Out” tied to the journey and we will still discuss that concept- but I decided to tie the concept first to Choose to Win! 

Why?  Because as I was thinking about this I realized that we are all on a journey, but it is making the conscious choice to make it a WINNING journey that sets the tone to our life.  Everything we do each and every day is part of our journey.  We need to have a goal so we know where we are going, but what is our purpose?  Where are we headed and are we enjoying the journey?  I’ve created a variety of products that go with this theme so as your team looks at them during the upcoming weeks and months that they will remember what you’ve discussed and be inspired to “Choose to Win” in their daily journey. 

 Start this “memory connection” by passing around the stickers for them to put in and on their notebooks.  PR71066SET or PR71066A.
 Concept & Activity: 

I’m sure you’ve all seen the movie “The Sound Of Music.”  I know when I think of that movie I picture Maria in the meadow of the mountain spinning around, appreciating the beauty around her and singing, “The Hills are alive with the sound of music” .  She was a nun, and the other nuns couldn’t quite figure Maria out.  She was happy, excited, and enthused about life.  The nuns in the story thought this was frivolous.  But think of how HAPPY Maria was.

Many equate SUCCESS with money and prestige.  Do you?  Are money and prestige the reasons WHY you joined your company?  We are prone to apply the term successful to those who look prosperous or wealthy, or appear to have scaled the pinnacle of accomplishment in their own particular profession. Whether a man or woman be a doctor, lawyer, leader, manager, financier, builder, politician, admiral, general, actor, airline pilot, director, or  athlete, their title is often associated with success. But is that really success to everyone?

Have your team members write down WHY they joined the company.  Then, ask them to write down what they consider to be SUCCESS.  Take a moment and invite them to share their reasons.

I have to admit that I have been poor, and, I have had enough money to meet my needs … having money is better than being poor.  But is money the answer to enjoyment in life?  In my opinion, SUCCESS is to be HAPPY.  Having enough money to meet my needs makes life easier, less stressful, and brings a level of comfort.  But, money in itself is NOT what brings happiness.  There is no real joy or happiness in the accumulation of material possessions.

There are too many people today who are so miserable in this life that they cannot stand themselves. They are seeking any avenue of escape—to get out of this life, even to taking their own lives. Many of these people have material possessions heaped up in piles all around them—and many of their associates would say they were successful. But material possessions have not made them happy.  There are others who are struggling financially yet still seem to be “Happy!”  Success in its practical application seems to be more a state of mind than anything else. 

In order to be happy, it is particularly important that we learn that everything has it’s price and not expect something for nothing. This seems to be what life is all about—to teach us the lesson that “as ye sow, so shall ye reap.”  We cannot receive something for nothing.  It comes down to our ATTITUDE!  I really believe that HAPPINESS is a choice!

 Let’s get back to the journey.  Where are you going?  Earlier you asked your team to write down why they joined the company and what they consider to be success.  Now have them write down where they are going.  What are their long term (or maybe mid-length) goals?  Invite a few to share their thoughts.

 Explain how important it is to know where you are going.  We have a postcard and sticker that says, “You can’t hit the bulls-eye if your don’t have a target.”  You have to know where your journey is taking you or you will wander aimlessly, never quite accomplishing anything.

 Now, that you’ve decided where you are going, let’s discuss the actual journey.  How many times do we get so caught up in the journey, or the preparation for the journey, that we become miserable and make everyone else miserable in the process.  I can remember all the preparation involved in leaving on a family vacation back when my children were young.  I was usually so stressed before we were leaving that I was yelling at everyone.  Tensions would run so high that it was uncomfortable in the car.  Things were especially bad if I had a time deadline.  I finally came to the realization, that I was making life miserable for everyone, and a trip that was supposed to be fun was a chore.  I decided I needed to “chill” as my kids put it, and relax and enjoy the process.  I decided I wanted to RAVE about life rather than RANT about it!

Let’s talk about the RAVE concept.
R= Responsibility.  Take responsibility for yourself and your own actions.
A= Accept.  Accept that others are responsible for themselves.  (If the kids forget to pack a swim suit, they won’t be able to go swimming!)
V= Value. Value each person for their contribution to your family, team, and life!
E= Enthusiasm & Energy. Tackle each thing that happens in your life with enthusiasm and energy and your attitude will improve.  Since first developing this RAVE concept years ago, I’d like to add one more E word- EMPATHY.  To understand where others are coming from and not judge  or prejudge them.

LIFE is something to RAVE about.  There are wonderful things to be found in every part of every day.  But, unfortunately, some of us get into RUTS  and before long the ruts are controlling us.

The great French naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre once conducted a fascinating experiment with processionary caterpillars, so called because they tend to march in unison.  He lined them around the inner edge of a flowerpot and then monitored them carefully as they marched in a circle.  At the end of the third day, he placed some pine needles, which is the favorite food of caterpillars, in the center of the pot.  They continued walking for four more days without breaking rank.  Finally, one at a time, they rolled over and died of starvation, just inches from their ideal food source.

Does this make you think of today’s moms.  Most are trudging around in circles from morning to night, exhausted and harried, wondering how in the world they can get everything done.  Many are employed full-time while also taking care of families, chauffeuring kids, fixing meals, cleaning the house, and trying desperately to maintain their marriages, friendships, family relationships, and spiritual commitments and have enough money to meet their family’s needs.  It is a backbreaking load.  Are you one of these harried women running in endless circles?  Have you found yourself too busy to read a good book, take a long walk with your spouse, or hold your child on your lap and tell him or her a story?

I was talking with a friend a while ago.  She is a young mother with several small children.  I, on the other hand, have raised my kids and I’m now enjoying the benefits of grandchildren.  She commented, “I was at my mom’s and she kept telling me to “be patient” and “enjoy the kids” and I wanted to say to her, “Don’t you remember!  Life is crazy and there is just too much to do!”  I replied, “Yes, I think she does remember and that is why she is giving you the advice to “be patient.”  Have you ever heard the successful business man say in his old age, “I wish I had spent more time at work, or I wish I had spent more time away from my family?”  I have usually heard just the opposite.

When you choose a way of life, remember this:  A man traveled along a paved highway.  Finally the pavement ended and ahead stretched a dirt road in poor condition as far as the eye could see over the level prairie to the horizon.   Where the dirt road began there stood a weathered sign which read: “Choose your rut now because you’ll be in it for the next twenty miles.”

 What RUT have you chosen?  Why did you get into this business?  Is it because you wanted to have more time to spend with your family and friends?  You have all heard the adage, “Take the time to smell the roses.”  Sometimes life can be so hectic that we don’t even SEE the rose, let alone take time to smell it.  So, HOW can we make things better?

 1)  Understand, that there will be times when commitments make it difficult to take the extra time we would like.  But, we need to remember to have a plan for our journey and don’t take on commitments that will lead us away the path that is our primary goal.  Learn to say no, but also be willing to serve as needed. (For what goes around comes around and you will be blessed.)  Give everyone the Choose to Win Erase Board (EB7132) for them to write their goals and a PLAN.  It reminds them “I CHOOSE TO WIN!”

2)  LOOK for the roses along the way.  I was driving along a new freeway that cuts across the upper bench in Salt Lake City.  It is a beautiful stretch of freeway and you can look out across the entire valley.  I’ve often decided to take that route as it is so scenic.  I noticed that they were putting up sound walls to keep the traffic noise from disturbing the people in the homes in the area.  At first, I felt very sad for the people who had to travel this road every day as their view was being cut off.  All they would be able to see was the sides of their “rut.”  Then, I realized there were other things to view.   They could still see up the mountain on the other side of the road.  They could still glance up to the sky and let their imaginations run wild by making things out of the clouds.  They could still appreciate the sun or the stars.  They could even try glancing at people in other cars and smiling at them.  There are many opportunities to make a “positive” out of the drive – our ATTITUDES make the difference.  Our desire to move from the “rut,” to see beyond it, and try to change depends upon our attitude.  Be like Maria and find the beauty and the music around you.  Give everyone the “Choose to Win” Button.  Suggest they put it in their car, on the visor or a ribbon hanging from the mirror.  Challenge them to ask themselves, “What am I doing that shows I am choosing to win today?” each time they see it.

So, how do we apply this to our business?  I am NOT suggesting to stop doing parties or shows.  What I am suggesting is that you find the positives in your business which will enable you to be HAPPY in what you are doing. When you set your goals and are at least moving in the right direction, then you ARE successful.  

Here are just a few of the positives:

1: This is where we bring in the “Girls Night Out” part of the theme: YOU GET TO ENJOY the people you meet.  Use your business as an opportunity to develop relationships and make friends!  Find satisfaction in doing a good job and meeting the needs of your customers. 

 Business Basics:  
 This is a good time to talk about this month’s consultant training- Key 6A: Planting Seeds!  This is how your attract people to YOU and your business!  Remind your team of the joys of working with people you like.

2: Build your team. It is so exciting to help others grow.  Share your opportunity with others and be a “gardener” in helping them to mature in the business.  There are two ways to make yourself feel better – you can either tear others down, or build them up. When you build them up, you are all going up together and it is a wonderful experience.  Praise them, let them know they are absolutely AWESOME!

3: Plan your parties around your family activities and plan your family activities around your parties.  Consistent Activity = Consistent Income.  If you have a plan, and include your family in the reasons and rewards, they will be as excited as you are, and they’ll be willing to help.  Your business will become a positive in your life and theirs.

4: Give everyone one of the “Choose to Win” postcards (PP70734) and have them write 3 things they will do during this month.  Remind them to mail the postcard back to you once they’ve transferred the info to their “Make a Difference” Erase Board.

 Make a decision today that you want to do more than “Chase the caterpillar!”  Realize that there are beautiful things that can inspire you and make your journey more pleasurable.  “Choose to Win- Let the Journey Begin!  

Share the poem on the team card and give one to everyone. (TC70162)  When you are doing the right things for the right reasons, things begin to fall into place.  That does not mean the road will always be smooth.  We are meant to have challenges and learn to overcome them.  But, change your attitude to be grateful for all that you DO have.  Be thankful for the business you have and the opportunity you have to help others.  Be grateful for your family, and that this business allows you to have the flexibility you need.  You truly have the best of both worlds!  You can excel in your profession and you can excel in your family life!  Go easy on yourself.  You don’t have to be super-mom.  You just have to be consistent, and continue working toward your goals. 

Remember, it is the JOURNEY that is important.  Are you waiting until you reach a ripe old age when you can look at your accumulated wealth to finally feel good about yourself?  Or, do you want to feel good about yourself every day?  Look at your accomplishments on a daily basis (or maybe even an hourly basis.)  Find something to feel good about.  This will build a habit that will help you through the rough times.

 Follow-up & Motivation:  Send your team cards and notes letting them know you think they are Awesome!  Praise them.  Help them to feel good about themselves.  Remember, the way to greater achievement is through POSITIVE reinforcement.  Help your team to see all the benefits.  Help them to FOCUS on what they are doing right!  “Happiness is the object and design of our existence; and will be the end thereof, if we pursue the path that leads to it.”

 Follow up by sending the “Choose to Win Bookmark!’ (BM71419)  Put the stickers on anything you mail to them.  Use the Choose to Win Postcards too!  The more often they see the graphics they more they’ll be reminded of your meeting and their goals.

 Preparation List:
______  Send an invitation to your meeting.  Use the  “Choose to Win” Postcard with TEXT- we can even personalize it for you!

For Challenges, Recognition, and the rest of the Preparation List you may purchase the entire PDF on our website.  Click HERE to go the the category that shows all the products mentioned:

OR — Join our Key Pack Club on the Leadership Level to unlimited access to ALL our leadership theme meeting plans!  You’ll get a new plan each month but if you want to use another, you’ll have access to them.  Plus you’ll save 10% on our entire product line!

Click this link to take you to the Key Pack Info Category.  Just scroll down to read more info, join, or see the regular key packs.  (The INFO is also at the bottom of our home page!)

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13-LMP — Reach for the Stars!


Reach for the Stars

Reaching for the stars can mean reaching for your goals, no matter how high they may seem.

We often hear about reaching for the stars but what does that mean exactly?

Reaching for the stars can mean reaching for your goals, no matter how high they may seem.

  “The tragedy of life doesn’t lie in not reaching your goal.  The tragedy lies in having no goal to reach.” 

Reaching for the stars can have even a much wider perspective.
It has to do with stretching for your dreams and setting your sites a little higher than the average.

“It isn’t a calamity to die with dreams unfulfilled, but it is a calamity not to dream …
It is not a disgrace not to reach the stars, but it is a disgrace to have no stars to reach.”
Benjamin Mays

When we discuss reaching for the stars the action word is REACH.  What is the definition of REACH?  It is to stretch, go a little more, try a little harder, move beyond your comfort zone.  Do you really think you will reach the stars with just mediocre effort?  The “STARS” are beyond average!  Will AVERAGE effort get you there?  Here are the words to  the song “Impossible Dream”

To dream the impossible dream, to fight the unbeatable foe,
To bear with unbearable sorrow, to run where the brave dare not go
To right the unrightable wrong, to be better far than you are
To try when your arms are too weary, to reach the unreachable star
This is my quest, to follow that star, no matter how hopeless no matter how far
To fight for the right, without question or pause,
To be willing to march into hell for a Heavenly cause.
And I know, if I’ll only be true, to this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm when I’m laid to my rest
And the world will be better for this, that one man scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage, To reach the unreachable star.

To reach the unreachable star, though you know it’s impossibly high
To live with your heart striving upward, To reach the unreachable star!

Does this sound like AVERAGE effort?
If you want the “STARS” in life, you have to work, reach, stretch, and strive for it.

“Arriving at one goal is the starting point of another.”

To be really committed to reaching, we must know what we are reaching for! 

Do you have a STAR?  What is you Dream beyond the goal?   Where do you want to be?  What do you want out of your business?  Where do you see yourself?  Is what you are asked to do worth the effort?

In a story by Michelle Carter, the Carter and Tanner families wondered if this hike was worth the effort:

 It was an unforgettable family reunion in Hawaii where there are many great places to go and things to see. My fondest memory is of Diamond Head because it not only opened my eyes to the beauty of the island of Oahu, but also opened my eyes to eternal beauty.

The entire hike was a quarter of a mile long, but you’d never know it the way it seemed to stretch. When my cousins and I began the hike, all we could see was a path that seemed to last a lifetime. We reached an area where some people were stopped along the path saying, “I can’t believe we are doing this. I really see no point in going on any farther.” After I heard this, I began to doubt myself, but I still kept walking.

Next, we reached this long, dark tunnel. My cousins and I went inside. We could hardly see. The only way we could get through this dark tunnel was to hold to an iron railing. We became excited when we could see, in the distance, the end of this long tunnel. We were so happy because we thought our hike was over.  When we reached the end of the tunnel, one of my cousins screamed. There before our eyes was a flight of steps carved out of the mountain. All I could think was, I can’t believe I am actually doing this.

Then, my uncle turned to me and said quietly, “I’ve been here before. I know that it is worth it.” As I walked up the steps with aching legs, I thought about his gentle words, “I know that it is worth it.”

When we finally reached the top of the crater, I was completely overwhelmed at the sight, a panoramic view of the island.  As I stood there, I thought how the hike was like our lives.  We are overwhelmed, but we keep going forward. At times we may listen to people say, “I don’t see the point of going farther.”   Even then, we continue through the darkness holding the iron rod. We may think our trials are over, and we find we only have more challenges ahead. We press on, yielding to the words, “You can make it. It is worth it.” When we finally reach our goal, we can look back and know it was worth it.

Are your “STARS” worth the effort? 

In order for us to continue to do more than the AVERAGE, we must have the DESIRE to have what we are reaching toward.  It is that desire that keeps us going when things get tough.  How do we respond when we are confronted with a task that seems to be impossible?  All of us face obstacles. All of us have challenges.  We all walk paths that lead us toward heights we think we cannot reach.  Sooner or later, we all stand at the foot of cliffs we think we cannot climb.

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.  Click this.

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc. Click this.

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

To see all the products on our website that can go along with this theme, CLICK HERE


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T7-03 – Convention Challenges

A few years ago  while at one of the conventions we attended, someone told me she was getting challenge gifts for her gals that came to the convention with their date books filled with parties IMMEDIATELY on their return from convention.

She said that usually, her gals were getting ready for convention and not really looking beyond convention so they weren’t ready to make the most of the enthusiasm generated AT conventions or conferences.

So, I thought it was a good idea to pass on the idea of challenging your team to fill their datebooks for their return. Encourage them to get their families involved, that even though they will be gone for a few days, they’ll need to go to work immediately upon their return!

Remember to offer challenges to those who are not attending conventions so they will keep working while you are gone!

While you are at convention send home a postcard from the  location where you are with a  motivational type sticker along with a short note.  If you want to get them done in advance and just mail them from convention city, use some of the motivational postcards shown below and when you mail them from the convention city they will have that city’s postage mark on them.

I already have several ideas posted on our blog and website you can share with your team to help them fill their datebooks NOW:  (The links below will take you to the BLOG POSTS.   Then at the bottom of the Blog post is a link to the website category where ALL the products mentioned in the training are shown.)
PI-9401 — Sizzling Summer = Fabulous Fall! Summer Fun events

T6-01 — Use Money to Make Money & Get it Free!

Click Key 1- Get More Bookings…

T1-01 — Keep your Calendar FULL! Pick a Date-Pick a Prize!

T4-06 — New Catalogs???? Old Catalogs??? (Read this training on our BLOG)

Even if YOU are not attending convention, you know that there’s always great news introduced so get your team (or yourself) excited to start promoting the new products immediately!   Don’t wait to find out what they are, just create curiosity by telling them, “You want to set your date for as soon as I return from convention so you’ll be the first to see the new products!”

We also have a few motivational items you could use to get your team hyped about the new things you’ll be learning at convention or conference. (They are listed below this item on the website.  Follow the link below.)

There are ideas for things you could use as gifts for your team once they’ve achieved their goals.  We will NOT be attending ANY Summer Conventions this year, so place your order NOW so you have your items in time!

Sheets of stickers or packages of postcards make great gifts too.  As you give them products they use to boost their business, it is a WIN WIN situation because the products help them to be more successful too!  You can include a TEAM CARD or BOOKMARK with the gift of a sheet of stickers and a Post IT pad.  Put them in a cute cello bag, tie it with a ribbon and it is a useful gift that has something they keep for themselves as well.

Whether or not you are attending a convention   YOU can share with your friends in the business.

PLEASE NOTE:  Our product line is SO EXTENSIVE, and we print many of our items as ordered so we will NOT be attending ANY conventions this summer.  If you would like to take some coupon sheets to convention to share with your team or people you meet at convention, please let us know when you place your order (in the comments) and we will send them with your order.  Let us know how many you would like AND what company you are with.  PLEASE Add the 7-03 – Convention Challenges item to your shopping cart so we know to watch for your comment .

Our Referral Program: REQUEST the flyer mentioned above to share with your team.  We will PRINT YOUR REFERRAL info ONTO that flyer.  When your friends place an order, they need to tell us YOU referred them
and we will send you a gift-Voucher once we receive FIVE referrals where the customer spends a minimum
of $10.00 in products.

*  This IS subject to change- once we can get it working automatically on our website.

ENCOURAGE your friends to use the VOUCHER CODE printed on your SHARE FLYER to receive their discount.  This is a WIN WIN for ALL!

So, plan now to challenge your team to fill their datebooks so they’ll get to work immediately when they return from conventions!  They’ll be excited and this will really help to jump start their business!

See the products to get your team going!

Motivate your team to take advantage of the enthusiasm generated at conventions.

Click THE 7-03 GRAPHIC to see all the products on our website that go along with this idea click

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LMP-11 — Image- Goals-Dreams! Team Meeting Plan



What are you doing to set yourself apart and attract people to you?

Image- Goals-Dreams! Ideas to take you from where you are to where you want to be!

 The goal of this training is to help you evaluate where you are and where you want to be. 
 This is accomplished by a combination of both MENTAL and PHYSICAL actions to help you assess your situation and decide WHAT you are going to do about it.
 Here’s what were going to cover:
 1) How does PRICE influence you and your customers?  Does it effect your confidence?
 2) What is the impact of SERVICE on your customers.
 3) How does the TEAM you work with impact your business?
 4) What are your goals and dreams?
 5) ACTION: Fill your calendar!

What type of image are you presenting to the world and what kind of lasting impression are you leaving with the people you come in contact with?  What is your confidence level? It is important that you figure out who you are and how confident you are in what you are selling.  I received this in my email:

“Price Resistance:
Most poorly trained salespeople tend to lower the price of the product(s) they are selling as a first response to price resistance.  One of the important things I have discovered in sales these past 30 years is that a person’s self-image is a CRITICAL issue when it comes to overcoming price resistance. Those with low self-image tend to reduce the price of whatever they sell, when the price is challenged.  What these people are looking for is validation, approval, or acceptance or all three.  You may hope to gain these from your prospective customers when you lower the price or allow customers to have your commission, but what you actually are doing is losing in many ways: you are losing income, self-respect, and you can also lose a customer, not to mention your job.

Salespeople with high self-esteem are not looking for validation, approval ,or acceptance because they sell the value of their product, or service.  They sell the value of working with them and their organization; and they also sell the benefits of their  product or service.

Salespeople with high self-esteem also tend to successfully resist price resistance.  Price will always seem high to a prospect,  or customer if the perceived value is low.  The key to effectively handling price resistance is to under stand this simple yet profound concept.  People SAY they want low prices, but what they really want is low cost.  What is the difference?

Low price is what the customer pays for your product, or service today, the cash outlay.  Low cost is what they pay for it over time.  For example, if a customer buys an inexpensive piece of equipment to save money, and it is in constant need of repair because it breaks down a great deal, she will have a higher cost of ownership over time.  She may have saved money initially, but their overall cost will be much higher than if they had invested more in a better piece of equipment.

In most cases we get what we pay for.  Buy cheap and you get less value over time.  Buy expensive and you get higher value or lower cost over time.  What are you selling?  High value or low price?  Personally, I would rather sell a high-priced product or service than a low-priced one.  It is much easier to justify high price if the value is there than to deal with poor quality and constant product/service problems.

Is your first reaction to price resistance to SELL VALUE or to LOWER the PRICE?  As a sales pro, you must decide.  Do not put this decision in the hands of your prospect or customer.” (Author unknown)

Have you thought about this concept before?  What image do you present to your customers?  Are you confident in yourself and the service you offer?  Are you confident in the product you sell?

 Let’s talk about service for just a minute.  How do you think your customers would respond if you offered MORE at a party, than the average consultant does?  If you offer a “Wish List” program, preferred customer program, or specifically ask what her needs are and then follow up on the procedure you will create a great “lasting impression.”  If you tell her you will call her, and then you do .. would that make a difference in her feelings toward you?  If you run your business in a professional manner, contacting your hosts, following up on customer service issues, etc. wouldn’t that make a good impression on your customers? 

 I have always loved this song from “The Sound of Music” sung when Maria is on her way from the convent to the family’s home where she will be the governess.  She is unsure of herself, but she decides to be strong and have confidence in herself.  These are the words I can remember. (I used to sing this to myself while walking to and from school and a tele-marketing job when I was a teenager.)

“I have confidence in sunshine.  I have confidence in rain.  I have confidence that spring will come again. Besides which you see, I have confidence in me. 
Strength doesn’t lie in numbers.  Strength doesn’t lie in wealth.  Strength lies in nights of peaceful slumber.  When you wake up, wake up it’s healthy! 
All I trust I leave my heart to. All I trust becomes my own. I have confidence in confidence alone. 
Besides which you see I have confidence in me!”

Even if you are new in the business, you can still have confidence because you are part of a team, and a company that has the tools to help you be more successful.  They want to help you present an image that is good for both you and the business you are in.  If you are lacking confidence of your own, use positive self-talk as you are driving to your parties.  Put some of the confidence building TEAM CARDS in your car where you can read them over and over again.  Find a song that build energy and confidence for you.  Listen to it on your way to your parties and tell yourself,
“I believe in ME!”

James Bender, in his book, “How to Talk Well” relates the story of a farmer who grew award-winning corn.  Each year he entered his corn in the state fair where it won a blue ribbon.  One year a newspaper reporter interviewed him and learned something interesting about how he grew it.

The reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbor.  “How can you afford to share your best seed corn with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?” the reporter asked.
“Why sir,” said the farmer, “didn’t you know?  The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and swirls it from field to field.  If my neighbors grow inferior corn, cross-pollination will steadily degrade the quality of my corn.  If I am to grow good corn, I must help my neighbors grow good corn.”

He is very much aware of the connectedness of life.  His corn cannot improve unless his neighbors’s corn also improves.
So it is in other dimensions.  Those who choose to be at peace must help their neighbors to be at peace.  Those who choose to live well must help others to live well. For the value of life is measured by the lives it touches.  And those who choose to be happy must help others to find happiness, for the welfare of each is bound up the welfare of all.”

 The same is true in the party plan industry.  When a host has a bad experience (no matter what the company) she will hesitate to ever have another party.  Yet, if she has a good experience (no matter what the company) she will most likely go on to have many more parties.  If guests are only looked at as dollar signs and are not given any personal service, they may just set future invitations aside or come up with excuses not to attend.  But, if a guest has a GREAT experience, has fun, is given great service, and receives VALUE for her money, she will be excited to receive another invitation and plan to shop at the party.  If you take the extra steps to really build a relationship with your customers, a large majority of them will continue to shop from you, even when they have the opportunity to shop elsewhere.  PRICE is not always the consideration.  People WANT VALUE!  When someone was asked about their higher price they responded, “I would rather explain my price once than apologize for my product and service over and over again.”  Give everyone on your team the MANTRA Team Card.  Encourage them to READ these mantras everyday until they become part of their belief system.

 ANYONE can be trained to be a salesperson.  But, it does take TRAINING!  This is where goals and dreams come into the issue.  If you have a dream for your business and you set your goals accordingly you then have a direction to go.  You can create a plan.  If you want to be good in the sales field, for most people it requires effort.  Yes, we all know of those “natural born salespeople” who seem to have the gifts and ability to sell anything.  Even those people usually listen to tapes and read books to help keep themselves positive and excited about their businesses.  When you learn new concepts and put them into practice, it rejuvenates you about your business (especially when you begin to see success!)  Be willing to learn and stay excited about your business. 

I, Jenny B, have a new RADIO SHOW called Booster your Business on the Voice America Business Channel.  You can download the podcasts for FREE( go to our website) and listen while you drive, work around your home, etc.  Filling your mind with POSITIVE ideas will help you stay focused on your goals and dreams and help you be even more successful in your business.

 This slogan, “It’s what you do with what you have that makes you who you are” is not talking about what you have in material things, it is talking about what you have inside you.  What are your talents?  Where are your strong points and where are your weaknesses?  Have your team do the activity below.  Then discuss the type of talents and weaknesses of your team.  THEN, discuss how  you can you can help each other as a team. 

Introduce the Team Card, “An idea can turn into dust or magic depending on the TALENT that rubs against it.” (TC70519) The “idea” is your business. By overcoming weaknesses, and turning them into strengths, we become better.  This is where we GROW!   Whether team members are successful, or not, can depend on the TALENTS of your team and how you “rub” against each other to help everyone to become better.  Remember the lesson from the corn farmer, “If we are to grow good corn, we must help our neighbors grow good corn.”
 Details on an activity is on the PDF you can purchase.

 Business Basics:   
 Take a few minutes and discuss the Consultant Training that came with this pack (or one of your choice).  Your team members come to the meeting and want to learn specific ACTION STEPS that can help them be more successful.  That is why the Business Basics portion of your meeting is important.  You can even weave the concepts we’ve been discussing in this training into the specifics.  For example, if you are using the Key4B-Gifts training ideas, you can relate how the VALUE of your products as gifts offset the price differences.  Relate how YOU come along with your products and that is why you include a “gift card” that has your contact info with each gift.  These little things are what sets you apart and makes you stand out in the crowd.

 Conclusion, Inspiration:  Challenges: Recognition: and Meeting Preparation List are all included on the PDF for purchase.  Remember, as a member of the Leadership Level of the Key Pack Club you receive all this training and $7-$9 worth of products that go with the theme for only $5.00 more than the consultant Key Pack.  This is a total $35+ value for only $20.14 per month.

To see all the products mentioned in this training or order the PDF click this link to go to the category on our website.


Join the KEY PACK CLUB on the LEADERSHIP level ($20.14 per month for $35+ in products and training each month) and have unlimited access to previous Theme Meeting Plans. (Click the KEY PACK CLUB INFO category on our website for all the details.)

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LMP-10 — Be a Survivor… meeting challenges!

Be a Survivor- meet challenges and write your own story!

Meet challenges and write your own story!

You know, when it comes you your success, since we all have challenges, you have to be a survivor!  But the joy of being in business for yourself is you get to write your own story! 

Most of us are aware of the “Survivor” television show that has been on since May of  2000.  Comparing the parallels between the TV show and your business can help you overcome the challenges in your business.  Let’s discuss them point by point.  As we discuss these items, I’m sure you will come up with other examples about both the show and your business.  These ideas are intended to get you thinking and brainstorming in a discussion situation.

1)  How do contestants get on the show? 
Why would they want to be on the show?
They choose to go through a vigorous screening process.  They want to be on the show for the notoriety and for a chance to win the money.
How do people become a member of your team?  Why would they want to be on your team?   They choose to join your team.  They have to meet whatever criteria you and your company have in place.  They want to   become a member of your team because of what you and your company have to offer both in monetary benefits as well as the social aspect.

2)  What qualities are the producers of the show looking for in a contestant? 
DESIRE and the ATTITUDE that goes along with that desire.  A healthy WORK ETHIC usually means they will go the extra mile no matter how hard it becomes.

What qualities in your team members helps them overcome obstacles and be a survivor?
DESIRE, ATTITUDE, and WORK ETHIC are all applicable in this case.  Talk about each of these character traits and how they relate to your business.  Pass around the “Keep that Million Dollar Attitude” (PR70242) sticker and have them put it in their notebooks for this month’s theme.

3)  The contestants divide up into tribes and alliances are created.  How does being a   member of a team and creating alliances help your business?
As a member of a TEAM you have someone you can count on.  You don’t have to do everything all by yourself.  When the going gets tough, there are others there to help you.  Alliances or friendships are developed within your team.  Having a friend who understands your situation can brainstorm with you and help you get over the tough stuff.  Team members also cheer for team members when they are successful (and offer encouragement when you are down.)  When you are working TOGETHER as a TEAM you can accomplish so much more because you are all pulling together.  You can brainstorm of ways to overcome the obstacles and give each other a “hand up” when the going gets rough.  Pass around the “TEAM” (PR70179) sticker and have them put it in their notebooks to reinforce this concept.
Another example of ALLIANCES can be people in other party plans besides our own.  We can learn by attending different parties.  We help each other when we purchase our own gifts and personal needs from people within the “party plan/ direct sales” industry rather than going to the local store.

4)  In the show, contestants face different challenges.  What challenges do you face in your business?
In the show, some of the challenges are harder for certain contestants than for others.  The same is true in your business. Discuss with your team the different challenges they face.  Decide what you can do as a TEAM to help overcome those challenges.  In your discussion, bring out how challenges make us stronger and how they help us to develop into strong leaders.  During a challenge it was often necessary for contestants to get out of their COMFORT ZONE.  They were able to do this because they were encouraged by their team members, and they saw other team members do it (so they knew it wouldn’t kill them.)  You have members of your team that have met challenges and overcome them.  Select a few team members to share some of their experiences so others can see that it can be done (and it won’t kill them!)

5)  In the show, contestants voted others out.  How does this relate to your business?
In your business, team members are not voted out*, but people tend to vote themselves out by their attitude.  When they are not willing to do what is necessary to make their business successful, they are letting themselves down.  Remember, “Winners never quit! Quitters never win!”
*We don’t like to think that we would vote someone off our team, but isn’t NOT INCLUDING someone on our team the same thing?  We need to be sure to WELCOME each new member to our team and to get them involved immediately.  Help them to create alliances and feel part of your team.  Use the “Welcome to the team!” Postcards and stickers for those new team members to help them feel included.  You can give them a “New Consultant” Button to wear at your meetings that reminds everyone to welcome them.  BONUS:  They can wear the button around town and it will generate comments.  People love helping people get new businesses off the ground!

6)  In the show, contestants face different challenges that allowed them privileges.
It was great to see that when those contestants came back, the others were GLAD for their success.  Some even gave up themselves on a challenge specifically to help another team member.  Discuss how you are happy for the accomplishments of your team members and how you  want EVERYONE to be successful.  (This is one of the reasons we recommend that you give challenges that EVERYONE can WIN and be recognized for achieving LEVELS rather that just the top winning.)

7)  In the show, contestants received different SURVIVAL items.
Discuss what the SURVIVAL items you have as members of your team and in your company.  Your company provides catalogs, invitations, training manuals, etc. so each member of your team has what is necessary to be successful.  We, at The Booster, provide items that many consider to be SURVIVAL items such as stickers, postcards, buttons, etc.

  10-LMP-PDF -- Be a Survivor TEAM MEETING PLAN

Get the FULL Training PDF on our website. CLICK this item

You may purchase the PDF of this complete training on our website which includes an Activity, Business Basics, Challenges, Motivation, etc.

CLICK HERE  to go to the Category on our website where you can order the PDF of the Training mentioned plus ALL the products suggested in this training.

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LMP-09 — Just One More Theme Meeting Plan

Just one more Theme Meeting Plan

What difference would it make with just one more?

This training is to ask yourself the question, “What would just ONE more do for my business?”  ONE more of WHAT?

 One more of the things that bring you success in your business.  To make it easy to plan, let’s break this down by each of the KEY areas of your business.  See the worksheet in the activity when you purchase the complete PDF.
Think about what a difference it would make to your bottom line if you had “just one more” CONSISTENTLY in each area of your business.  See the PDF of the worksheet to actually do the math based on YOUR business.  I will give you some examples here of the math but you need to do it with your team with the percentages you make with your company.  For example sake, I’m going to use a 25% commission and 5% override on recruits.  We’re going to assume you already do an average of TWO parties per week for 50 weeks with the party average of only $400. (8 buying guests)  I’m going to base ALL these “projections” on these averages.

 KEY1: Bookings.  If you had JUST ONE MORE party per week than you are doing now?
    WOW!  $5,000 PROFIT in the year by just doing ONE more party per week.  This could be a book party, open house, fund raiser, buddy parties, etc.  The object is to generate at LEAST $400 MORE from some type of an event!

 KEY2: Host.  What if through good host coaching and incentives your host upped her party by $150?
    WOW!  $3,750 PROFIT in the year by just encouraging hosts to do a little more!  This can be done by her getting outside orders!  Just one idea would be to encourage her to contact the guests that came but didn’t place orders!
WOW!  $1,250 PROFIT in the year by just using stickers on the invitation that would get ONE more person to each party that spends $50! 

 KEY3: Attendance-Bring a Friend!  What if by using the “Bring a Friend” Stickers on your invitations just ONE more person came to each party along with the person who brought them and they each spent $50?
    WOW!  $2,500 PROFIT in the year from those friends and that doesn’t even count what you would make if that friend booked a party and started a whole new party chain in a new neighborhood!

 KEY4: Sales.  What if by using the techniques we teach that each person at the party spend just $10 more?
    WOW!  $2,000 PROFIT by giving incentives such as the “Preferred Customer Program” to upsell just $10!

 KEY5: Customers.  What if through good customer service you had 5 customers call YOU each week to place an average $50 order and YOU made the calls to generate 10 outside orders per week of $50. 
    WOW!  $9,375 PROFIT in the year by just making approximately 50 calls per week!

 KEY6: Recruit.  What if by using stickers on invitations and in catalogs and learning the techniques to follow up on leads, you were to get just ONE recruit every other month?  And if they did JUST THE MINIMUM of $20,000 in sales for the year. (Two $400 parties /week)? This is kind of hard to calculate but lets just do it simply as if you’ve had them for a year to keep the math easy. (Figured at 5% to count % on their sales, team sales etc.-  This will vary greatly by companies so it is just an estimate.)
    WOW!  $12,000 in the year by consistently recruiting and helping them to do what you do!

 Please take a few minutes to DO THE MATH together (on the PDF provided when you purchase the complete Theme Meeting Plan) as a group with YOUR percentages. (You may want to do it ahead of time to make it easier.)  I’ve created an EXCEL spreadsheet with all the formulas- all you need to do is enter your percentages and it will do the math for you!
 Once you’ve done it as a group- TALK ABOUT TOTALS!  When I added up how much PER YEAR EXTRA  or MORE you’d make by CONSISTENTLY applying these simple principles the total was $37,875.00!
 Concept follow up:
 Remember the ABCD Formula we’ve talked about for years?  The A is for A Success Formula:  If the B for BENEFIT is GREATER than the C for COST = D DO IT!    It costs an average of $5 per party to do just the basics of the things we teach.  (Sticking the stickers on invitations, & sending the 3 to 4 postcards.)  Then if you add using the Customer Care Cards, putting catalogs in Folders, stickering your catalogs and Order Forms, handing out Recruiting Dollars, etc. It could add up to about $20 per month (because many of the things are reused)
 So, let’s do the MATH! $5 times 2 parties per week = $10 per week = $500.  Plus $20 per month = $240.  This totals $740 PER YEAR!  So let’s apply the Formula:
 If the Benefit of $35,875.00 (Annual PROFIT) is greater than the COST of Booster Products ($740.00)=($35,135.00) = DO IT!
 These numbers are only the EXTRA you make by applying the principles!  This does not count what you are already making for doing the basic 2 parties per week at $400 average sales.

 So will you DO it for the potential of making over $35,000 MORE each year?
 So, can you as a leader, see the VALUE of teaching these principles to your TEAM? It’s up to you to help them  see the VALUE of doing these “Little Things that make a BIG difference” to help them DO JUST A LITTLE MORE!

 Now, let’s discuss CONSISTENCY!  It is as you consistently apply the principles that you will see the differences.  But let’s talk about the SYNERGY or EXPLOSION of ENERGY that occurs when you do it ALL!
 Look at the spreadsheet and see what happens to the numbers as you see these increases throughout your business.  As you do ONE MORE BOOKING each week with those few extra customers spending a little more it is INCREDIBLE!  IT is $28,000.00 MORE per year in PROFIT!  But what’s really cool is that your COSTS don’t go up at all!  Just MORE money in your pocket as you DO IT ALL CONSISTENTLY!

 Now sure, you can just teach the “Do a Little More” concept without teaching about Booster Products and you would have the same numbers.  But it is PROVEN that Booster Products DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  Plus they make it EASIER.  So ask yourself the question, IS IT WORTH THE RISK?
 Is it worth the RISK to NOT spend $740 per year on Booster Products which make it easier to do that little more?
 You know, the choice is YOURS to set a goal to just do a little more than you did before and see what happens to your bottom line at the end of the year. 


Just one more complete training meeting PDF download

Present this meeting to your team of the impact of just one more.

  In this pack we’ve actually included some products you can share with your team that will help you in all 6 Key Areas that will impact your business.
 Put these stickers on the outside of your catalogs to help guests realize they can have what’s on their wish list.
 Go over the “Party on a Sheet” instructions to remind them of the importance of putting the stickers on the invitations, following up with hosts, stickers in the catalogs, etc.
The “Spring Fling” board is a way for you to “Up the sales just a little more.  They get to put their name is a box for each $40 they spend.  When the board is full, the winner gets a $40 gift card.  Is it worth it?  With 100 squares, when the board is full your GROSS sales would be  $4,000.00!  Your profit at 25% is $1000!  You are only giving away a $40 gift card which costs you only $30 at the most!  Isn’t it worth it to encourage people to spend a little more!  Remember to encourage them to spend $80 and get TWO squares.  You may ask, why did we do it for only $40 when we want them to spend at least $50?  Because the more you get people started, the more that will want to do it.  You can make it that they HAVE to order AT THE PARTY and this is a way to generate the sales that night!  Then, be sure to up it to TWO boxes (no sharing of orders though!)
 With Spring coming we wanted to include a theme recruiting sticker too!  Of course we have TONS of recruiting slogans to choose from.  Talk about all the variety of slogans we offer.  The reason we have so many is that you never know what someone will respond to, so you have to use a variety.

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