Key 2: Hosts

The Booster – Jenny B ideas and products to help those in party plan or direct sales to have happier hosts.

Key 2B- Prepare for Bookings by Preparing Host Packets

Extended Training: Key2B: Prepare Host Packets!
Our Basic training in the “$1000 Party System PACK” SYSTEM gives you the basic information on Key2B- Preparing your host packets.  This repeats some of that training, but goes into greater detail and includes additional products.

Key2B-Prepare Host Packets

Create eye-catching, informative host packets to engage your hosts

We recommend you have “Host Packets” prepared and ready to give to your new hosts.

WHY?  By being prepared physically we become prepared mentally (and vice versa)  Which comes first the chicken or the egg?  By having the host folders prepared your subconscious mind knows you are serious and ready to go.

By giving each person who books a party a “Host Packet”  it helps to get them excited and informs them of what  they should do to make their party a success.  The packets will also help them keep all of their party information
organized and remind them of the benefits your company offers.

When you have your host packets prepared in advance and sitting at your demo (and check out) tables ready to give away, you are reminded to ask customers to book, and customers will see them and ask you what they are.  In your demo when you are saying some of your booking “one-liners” you can hold up a packet and say “Being a host really is easy.  When you book tonight I’ll give you one of these terrific folders which will tell you everything you need to know to earn the gifts you desire.  It even explains all the extra free goodies you can earn.”
As soon as a customer agrees to have a party, and together you set a date,  present her with a “Host Packet”.

TIP: Keep a few host packets in your car wherever you go!  You just never know who you will meet and when you are prepared you are much more excited to share. 

We suggest you put all your host information into The Booster’s bright, eye-catching Hostess Folders (V2670).  On the front of these 2-pocket folders is a basic checklist of the steps a host needs to take to “make [her] event a success.”  It also has motivational and recruiting slogans on the back to start planting seeds about joining your team!  You know, your best hosts often become your new team members.  Speed up the process with these folders!


Below, we’re going to give you a few suggestions of what to include in your host packets to get your hosts excited and encourage them to work hard so they can earn more gifts.  But first, let’s get you organized to not only make up the host packets, but to continue to make up the packets.
Create a file that has each of the things you put in your packets.  If they are things you print out, print out 25 or more and put each page in a different file folder.  Then gather up the other things you want to use and put them in file folders as well.  Put the stickers you may add to your host folders and/ envelopes in a folder as well.
When the time comes to put together the packets, pull out what is in each file an collate them all together.  Why not do all 25?  You may want to make some changes as time moves on and it’s a lot easier to put together a packet than to go through packets already put together and take something out or add something to it. So go ahead and put together 10.  This gives you a goal to shot for giving out the 10 packets to 10 new hosts in the next week!

TIP: Keep some sort of file organizer handy.  When it is time to collate what goes in your packs, pull the items from your files and put then in the organizer, put them together.  Or, you can just lay each item out on a table, pick up one of each item and criss-cross them.  Then put the stacks into your folders.


1. Items your COMPANY suggests:
Usually your company provides a worksheet of what the hosts can earn, what is required for her party to count for gifts, specifics to your product line.  If not, you’ll want to ask your upline or create them yourself.

2.  Include magnets with your contact info and the date and time of the party.

FRANK” sticker S20345BC

Fill in your contact info on the “It’s your Party with FRANK” sticker S20345BC-A

Fill in your contact info on the “It’s your Party wtih FRANK” sticker S20345BC-A, (Also available with the word “Show” S20345BC-B) then Mount  the Stickers on Magnets (MBC10). The MBC Magnets are Sticky and so is the Sticker.  We also have M10 White Magnets.
When you are going through the host packet with your new host, fill out her party date and suggest she put the magnet on her fridge when she gets home.   Suggest that when she sees the magnet, she ask herself the question, “What have done today to make sure I have a $1000 party?”  Suggest that when she is talking to a friend on the phone and sees the magnet that she reminds the friend to come and tell her that she is excited for the event.  Suggest she use the magnet as a reminder put a post on Facebook that she is excited for her party, or send a text to a friend.  Each little thing she does will have an impact on the party’s success. Tell her that if the magnet is still on her fridge when you come to do her party on the original date that she’ll receive an additional gift.
You can also, include the “Steps to Success” BOOKMARK (BM26700).  Put a sticker on the back with your contact information or write on them with a Sharpie type marker.  Suggest she put the bookmark in her day-planner, on her fridge or even in her car.

3.  Include a blank “Guest List” for your host to fill out.


2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF- Prepare for Bookings Originals to Copy PDF

Type up a guest list form with a place for the hosts name, phone number, party date, and party time at the top.  Then, have columns labeled Guest Name, Phone Number, and Address. (OR, order the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings for a PDF download of TWO guest lists you can copy (up to 42 guest names.)  This ITEM also includes other sheets for you to put in your host packets including a WISH LIST.  We will go into more details about them during this training.
Use the FRANK stickers on your host folders as a cute reminder.
(See S20345- there are several sizes available.)
Remind your hosts to invite FRANK!
Kids’ friends parents.
The bigger FRANK stickers are great because it reminds her to invite people that live in other neighborhoods.
Explain that she’ll want to invite plenty of people because it is typical to only have a percentage of those invited actually attend.  Use the “Over invite” sticker!” (S20905)

Included  in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download is the “40 Guests in 4 Minutes” Worksheet.  Include this in the pack to help your host develop a guest list that includes friends from lots of different areas of her life.  This can even be used as a game at your parties.  Have guests fill it out and give a prize for the person who got to 40 the fastest, or has the most names.   Then during your party, as you mention the benefits of hosting a party, refer to that 40 guest list and say, “And you have your guest list all ready!”

It is SO IMPORTANT to GET the GUEST LIST!  We go into WHY and what to do with the guest list in your Key2A Host Training (and it is explained in the $1000 Party System) but for now take my word for it and GET the GUEST LIST!  In a nutshell, it enables you to send the invitations out in plenty of time.  Also, it gives you the names, phone numbers and addresses of all of those people.  Then, if someone does not attend the party, you can still contact her.
So, to get the guest list, put the “Please return your guest list within ___ days to receive a free gift” sticker (S20302) on the guest list.  Be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope in the pack.  Put the sticker on the envelope as well.  Getting the guest list back is so important to building your business.

(See HOW TO USE YOUR GUEST LIST under Key 2 TRAINING on our website.)

4.  Include catalogs and order forms
Whether your host has booked a catalog party or a traditional party, include catalogs and plenty of order forms so she can collect outside orders before and after the party date.  Talk to her about the importance of taking catalogs to friends who can’t attend.  Put the “Outside orders really add up” Large Sticker (S20397) on an instruction page in her host packet.  You could even put this on a magnet (cut in half) and ask her to put it on her fridge as a reminder.

IDEA:  (Booster customers have told me that this idea has made them THOUSANDS of extra dollars!)  Put the “Bring ___ in outside orders” (S43049) sticker on 5 catalogs in each hosts packet.  (Fill in the $ amount first.)  While showing your hosts what’s in the packet, you might say “Give these 5 catalogs to WORKING FRIENDS.  Ask them if they’ll please pass the catalogs around work.  Then, they can just bring the orders they get with them when they come to your party and I’ll give them a gift.”  When the friends DO bring “outside orders”, MAKE A BIG DEAL, thank them, give them a gift, and invite them to become a host so they can earn even more gifts.  Using this idea not only helps you increase your sales, it generates bookings too!

5.  Help your hosts set goals!
Create a “Wish List” your host can fill out of the things she wants to earn.  (Use the “Wish List PDF you can copy from the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings)  On your host “Wish List” sheet include the sticker “Book before the show… and watch your gifts grow” (S20017) and “Outside orders really add up” Large Sticker (shown above) (S20397) .  Remind her that if she gets bookings and orders before her show, both her and her friend can earn extra gifts.  When her friends tell her that they won’t be able to make it to the party, suggest for her to show them a catalog, share the benefits of having a party of their own and ask them to be a host.  You can even use , use the “10…5…2 or 3” large sticker (S24210) on a “Wish List” where your hosts can write the products she would like to earn for having the party.

Let your hosts know what you expect by giving her some goals to shoot for.  You can print your own information on our PRINTABLE “10-5-2 or 3” POSTCARDS (PP24211C or PP24210C) or use the already typed ones we offer. (Same item numbers with a T at the end for TEXT!)
These will inform your host that when she has 10 guests attend the party, gets 5 outside orders, and 2 or 3 bookings is means success!
Use the “Ensure Success” sticker (S20948) on your literature to encourage the 15-20 guests!

6.  Offer additional incentives!  

Host Bingo Cards to copy

BINGO CARDS –Included in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download are TWO “HOST Bingo for Success” sheets.

BINGO CARDS –Included  in the 2-Key2B-Sheets-PDF-Prepare for Bookings 6 sheets you can order and download are TWO “HOST Bingo for Success” sheets.   Some have called this the “silver bullet” to a $1000 party because as the host does all the things on the bingo game, she is insuring a successful party.  There are TWO versions.  You can use the one where WE have filled in the squares and all you have to do is fill in the gifts they will earn and your contact info.  Or, you can use the BLANK BOXES original to put what YOU want in each box and add the gifts and your contact info.  Then, just make copies and cut in half.  You may want to copy these on bright paper so it stands out.

Include a Preferred Hostess Card or a Preferred Customer Card
Encourage hosts to be part of your Preferred Hostess Club so they’ll earn extra gifts by working on their party.  Put the card in one of the slots inside the front or back pockets of the Host folder and explain it to them when they book.  Include a sheet explaining your program.
The joy of the Preferred Hostess and Preferred Customer Programs is that you can make them to be anything you want!  Each card has 20 numbered squares or circles.  These cards come either pre-printed with fill-in-the-blanks on the back or BLANK on the back so you can PRINT whatever you want!  (FREE TEMPLATE on our website.)  Write up your own list of things they can do to earn a box and include a copy of it in the folder. These cards can be used IN ADDITION to the Bingo Game as it may take 2 parties to totally fill the card.  But once their card is filled they can become a member of your PREFERRED HOSTESS Club.   See the FREE PDF of complete details of how to start  and promote a Preferred Hostess Program in the product description of the Preferred Hostess Cards (BCD20390T.)
See all the details of using these cards on the website.  See Shop ALL Products>Other Products>BCD-Business CARD Size Cards  You can follow the links to our BLOG where you’ll find all the details.
You can use the sticker “My hostesses never pay full price” (S20415) or Button (B20415) to generate interest in your club!  Watch your relationship with your hosts grow as you put into practice a preferred Hostess program.

7.  Include a summary of the host benefits
As mentioned above, type up your own list of benefits and host specials, or copy any information provided by your company. Be sure to put stickers by host specials in ALL your catalogs to increase bookings by drawing attention to what they can earn for free.      Also, use the “My Hostesses Never Pay Full Price.” stickers (S20415) and button (B10382).  They’ll draw attention to benefits of being a host.  If your company doesn’t offer a discount to hosts, you can show them that by being a member of your “Preferred Hostess Program” they are not paying full price because they are earning rewards.  And, you can always give your own discounts even if your company does not.

8.  Include company/recruiting information.
Put recruiting stickers on the pages in your catalog which explain the benefits of joining your company.  This makes the information more personal, as if it’s coming YOU personally!  While reviewing the host folder turn to the back side of the folder and point out the slogans.  Tell her she really can “make serious money while having fun.”   Put an “invitation” to become a consultant in her pack. If your company provides recruiting literature, include it in your packet.  Use the “Turn this into your Starter show!” on your literature.  Explain how if she lets you know BEFORE the party that she would like to have this party be her starter show that YOU will do the show for her and a portion of the profits will go to the purchase of her kit.  Tell her you will put the “Please come support my NEW Business” sticker on the invitations!
You can of course include other “Key 6- Recruit/Sponsor Stickers on your literature.  Be enthused and let her know that you would love to help her get started as a member of your team!

Put the “3 prices” pen pal sticker (S10220PP) or other pen pal stickers on the pen you include in her host packet.  She’ll be reminded every time she looks at it.

9.  Include any other instructions
Parties are the lifeblood of your business.  They are how you meet your customers and sell your products.  In order to have parties or shows, you must have hosts.  Giving the host a packet of information is very important.  Many times when customers agree to have parties, they don’t have any idea what they need to do, or how they can help make their parties more successful and earn more for themselves.    They may not be aware that this is how you make your living!  Put this “Committed to party or show”  sticker  (S20427 or S20428) on the packet, a thank you card, or information to reinforce how much you value their commitment to you.

Prepared Host Folders make it easy to let your hosts know what you’d like her to do before the party, the night of the party, and after the party.  Let her know what YOU will do, and how you will reward her for her work.  Encourage her throughout the process, so she works toward making the event a success and a lot of fun!

I challenge you to DO IT to have $1000 Parties!

Of course you don’t HAVE to use The Booster products we’ve suggested in this training.  But, our customers have found that these are the little things that make a big difference.  I remember years ago one gal telling me that giving the MAGNET to each host made all the difference in the world to her parties holding and people not postponing.  When you have a host packed prepared with this information, it makes it easy for the hosts to quickly review what needs to be done.
The stickers make it easy for her to find the info and remind her each time she opens the folder.

K0-1000-Party-System-PackSee many of the products mentioned above and order the “Have $1000 Parties SYSTEM NOW!

Click to see all the Key2: HOST products categories.

Order the PDF with this complete training and GRAPHICS

Order the PDF with this complete training and GRAPHICS

Order this training PDF showing ALL the graphics:



2-Key2B-PDF — Prepare Host Packets Training

Click the T2-02 TRAINING CATEGORY showing the products mentioned in this training.

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T5-04 — Join my VIP Club!


Another twist on a Preferred Customer Club.

We’ve created this slogan as a Button (to advertise) a Sticker (to advertise and reward) and a
Reward Card for customers to fill and earn rewards.

It can be used as a regular Preferred Customer Card (See the little things that set them apart.

T5-03 — Start your own Preferred Customer Program! for specific details.
(Be sure to see our new “Free Shopping Spree” Preferred Customer Cards by following the link from the BLOG to our website!)

Now, here are a few “Specific” ideas about VIP!

Start a VIP Club.  Use the stickers in your catalogs and either wear the button, or put it up in your display.  When people ASK you about it (and they will) say,

All you need to do to is be sure and fill in your email and put a FB by your email.  I’ll send you an email with the link for you to join my VIP Club  (GROUP of FAN PAGE).  (Of course you’ll give it a name that your customers will easily relate to you.)

Tell them that in your group or fan page that you offer specific ideas about whatever it is you sell.  These would be tips IN ADDITION to the actual products you offer.  For example, if you offer Jewelry, you might want to give ideas on HOW to accessorize with Jewelry.  If you offer Organization products, you’ll want to include ideas on HOW to organize.  If you offer candles, you’ll want to share decorating ideas with candles.  Whatever product you offer, you can include usage, maintenance, cleaning, etc.

Then tell them that you also share SPECIALS, coupons, etc. to those on your page or in the group.

But, as an added BONUS, once they’ve filled their VIP card, they will be invited to a special VIP group (club) where they will receive EVEN MORE BONUSES!

You could also use this for HOST as they do what you ask in preparing for their party.  See the Preferred Host Program ideas (T2-Hosts Free Training Ideas)

Maybe those additional bonuses would be a % discount for 6 months after they’ve filled their card.  A Half Price item when available, special offers from your company, invitation to lunch at your house, early admittance to your clearance specials, and on and on- whatever YOU want to offer!  It can be constantly changing and filled with surprises!

So, WHY should you offer this?
1-Because it keeps your customers coming back to you!
2-It creates interest and awareness of your products (which generally will increase orders!)
3- It gives you an opportunity to make regular contact with your customers.
4- It keeps YOU “Front of Mind” for when they need your product or service.
5- It is fun and customers will feel valued yet it is VERY affordable — just pennies per person!

That’s it!  Sweet, Simple and SALES-Sational!

To go to the category to SEE and Order all the products that go with this training click:

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T2-04 — Encourage Hosts to Go for More!

T2-04 Go for More IDEA

Just imagine what this could do for your party averages, bookings & recruit leads!

How much would your business grow if you encourage your HOSTS to earn rewards by doing more?

What we suggest is you offer her the chance to fill a “Go For More” Rewards Card by doing some extra things to prepare for her party.  If she DOES them, her party will be so successful, it will MORE than pay for the extra rewards.  If she doesn’t, you are not out anything!   So, why not give it a try?  What do you have to lose compared to what you BOTH have to gain?  Here are the details:

What are the benefits for the HOST?
1. By getting outside bookings she not only qualifies to receive more “host credits*” but she gets to mark off a box on her “Preferred Hostess Card (PHC)**” or “More Rewards Card” toward earning an additional gift and becoming a member of your “Elite Hostess Club**!” (*see details below.)
2. By identifying people who might be interested in joining your team she marks off boxes on her “PHC”.
3. She will earn more “host credits” as her party/show attendance and sales increase as well as more boxes on her “PHC”
4. If she joins your team, those recruit leads could go directly under her!

What are the benefits for YOU?
1. She can help you identify potential hosts and get bookings.
2. She can identify people who might be interested in becoming a member of your team.
3. She boosts attendance and sales at her party/show which is a WIN/WIN for both of you.
4. She will see how easy it can be and maybe want to join your team herself.

This all sounds GREAT but HOW do you do it?
(Once you see how easy this is, imagine the impact it will have on your business!)

1. We have a sticker that says “Call your guests! Earn more credits by finding the 5 guests with this sticker on their invitation! Have them bring it to receive a prize!” (LS2259) It has been very effective in encouraging hosts to make the calls.
So FIRST, you choose a special sticker to put on just FIVE of the invitations for the party.  (Any of the Key 4:BOOST SALES stickers like “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) or “More Impressive in person” S43478, etc. work great.

THEN, you put this sticker, with the one they are looking for directly below it (see example) on the front of the
“Your invitations have been mailed”  (PP20753CT) or “Remember to Call” (PP20752CT) postcards.  (These POSTCARDS are just a suggestion, we have LOTS to choose from- SEE KEY 2 POSTCARDS)

But now we’ve taken this to the next level- to help you “Go for More!”:

1:  Include in your host packet a “Go for more Call Scenario” of exactly what your hosts could say while making their calls to help them help them earn MORE gifts! Below is a sample of the script. (DOWNLOAD the WORD document of these scripts for FREE! (CLICK THE DOWNLOAD TAB in this 2-04-Go for More TRAINING IDEA on our WEBSITE)

2:   Put the FOUR stickers we suggest on every invitation AND the 5th sticker (as mentioned above) on 5 of the invitations. Yes, I said FOUR stickers on every invitation.  The benefits for doing this are HUGE!  I’m not going to go into all the details here but if you’ll read the information under the K-INVITE Pack (shown in the T2-04- Go for More CATEGORY OF PRODUCTS that go with this idea) you’ll be sold on the impact the 4 stickers can have. Read some of the reviews too!)

But just for a recap the FOUR stickers should include:
Key 1: Booking sticker,
Key 6: Recruiting Sticker,
TWO Key3: Boost Attendance stickers – one should be a “bring a friend” type and the second a “having fun” type.
3:  *Include in each host packet a “Preferred Hostess Card (PHC)” (BC2607) or our NEW “Go for More Rewards Card”

Using these Reward Cards makes giving the extras for what your host does to prepare for her party so much easier than “little gift” after “little gift” for TWO reasons:
1: it’s easier to keep track of because SHE is keeping track &
2: because she gets to mark off a box for each thing she does to prepare for her party to earn a BIG gift.

For more details on this Preferred Host CARD concept click VIEW on the items.
(Shown in product list the T2-04 Go for More CATEGORY- click the link at the bottom of this post.)

You’ll want to type up your list of what she gets to mark off boxes on the card for.
(Copy the ideas from the list shown under this product on our website and then customize it to fit your business.)

4: ** Decide on the gifts she’ll receive when she fills the card and what your “Elite Hostess Club” will entitle her to! (Again, look under the product for more ideas on that.) But, just to clarify, your “Elite Hostess Club” is for those who fill their card (it usually takes 2 to 2 ½ parties to fill the card) and then they get invited to your “Spring or Fall Mystery Hostess” party where you introduce your new products and allow those hosts to book your best dates for the holidays, etc.  (See PI-5001– Mystery Hostess Parties under FREE PARTY IDEAS)

5:  When you give her the host information, (in the Hostess Folder (V2670) to make it even more professional and fun!) show her the “Go for More – Call Scenario” sheet you’ve created and quickly go through it with her so she is comfortable with it.   Also be sure to tell her (and show her the Preferred Host sheet) WHAT she’ll earn as she “Goes for More” filling her REWARDS CARD and for what  ACTIONS she gets to mark off circles.

6:  Keep in contact with her and be sure to FOLLOW UP on the leads she gives you ASAP! Sending “Encouragement” and “Thank You” type cards is always good! (A few are shown in the T2-04 IDEA CATEGORY.)
NOW- here is what would be on the “Go for More” instruction sheet you give each host:

Use the “10-5-2 (LS2121) 10-5-3 (PR20130) or 10-3-2 (PR20368) stickers in the upper left corner and on your hostess folder! Put the “Go for more!” stickers (PR70369) on your hostess folder and send it on the front of any postcards or envelopes you send to your hosts as reinforcement and a reminder!


Order this PDF that shows you all the graphics!

Here’s what to print on the “Go for More” instructions sheet you put in your hostess folders:
(I’ve actually posted this entire script in a WORD document that you can edit and print to put in your host folders.
Just go to our website (use the link below) and click VIEW on the 2-04-PDF Go for More ITEM. 
Then click the DOWNLOAD TAB.
You can ORDER this product and you’ll get the PDF showing all the graphics and exactly what to do.)

I invite you to Go for More!

Just 1-3 minutes per call to each of your friends that you invited makes a HUGE impact on your party/show attendance, and helps you get outside bookings and sales!  PLUS, this extra effort helps you to earn even MORE gifts for being a host as well as to fill your Host Reward Card to earn even more gifts!

Below is a suggestion of what to say as you make each call whether you get to talk to them or are leaving a message.  )Please take a minute to get familiar with what to say and it will REALLY make a BIG difference!):

Hi _____________ this is ______________
I just wanted to make sure you received your invitation to my ____________________ party/show that is on ________________.
You did? That’s great!

My consultant is so cool, and she has given me a challenge to find a specific sticker that might be on your invitation. Could you get your invitation and read me the stickers?
Thanks, I’ll wait. (If she doesn’t know where it is, or now is not a good time finish with asking her if she is going to attend. If yes, be excited and remind her to bring a friend. If not, ask her if she would like to see a catalog.- Make notes on your guest list and follow up.)

Once she comes back with her invitation:
Thanks, could you read me one of the stickers on your invitation?

Since there are 4- possibly 5 stickers on each invitation and you don’t know which order she will read them off in, I’ll give you the scenario for each TYPE of sticker that she might read to you, and you can go from there:

Booking type sticker: (Something like “Why pay full price, free is twice as nice! S10411) That’s not the one I’m looking for but did you realize that you CAN earn FREE products when you choose to be a host? Does FREE sound good to you because you get an extra gift if you book before the show? (If she sounds interested tell her what she gets if she books or that you’ll have your consultant call her to set the date!)

“Bring a Friend” type sticker!  Yes, that’s right and I WANT you to bring a friend, I’d love to meet a friend of yours that I don’t already know.  Do you have someone in mind?
Depending on the answer you could say:

Yes, please bring her, my consultant says she’ll give you BOTH a gift!   OR

That’s OK, I’d love it if you’d think about someone to bring because my consultant says she’ll give you BOTH a gift!

Recruiting type sticker:  (Something like “Full time pay, part time hours (S60264)”

You know, my consultant IS looking for qualified people to join her team and she tells me that you can really earn a great income. Are you looking for something part-time to earn some extra money?

(depending on answer:)
I’ll give her you name and have her contact her or That’s OK!

“Having Fun type sticker” (Something like “Enjoy a girls night out” S30242)

We are going to have so much fun!   I’m really looking forward to sharing the ______ products with all my friends.

The 5th sticker (look at your postcard to see which sticker you are looking for)

and if they have it, say “That’s the one I’m looking for” then confirm whatever it says, for example if the sticker is “Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) you could say something like: With the ______ holiday coming up you will just love the gift ideas my consultant has.
Now, be sure to BRING your invitation to the party because you’ll get a PRIZE because you have that sticker on your invitation!
Our party/show on __________ will be so much fun, I can hardly wait for you and your friend to see all the great _________ products! See you _________.

If she doesn’t have the one you’re looking for say:

“Thanks for helping me out.” Our party/show on __________ will be so much fun. Be sure to bring your invitation because it will be entered into a drawing! I can hardly wait for you and your friend to see all the great _________ products! See you ________.

Please make a note on your guest list of the response from each guest.

If they’re not home here’s a script for a message:
Hi ___________, this is ____________. I’m calling to remind you about my ______________ party/ show on _________________.

I wanted to know if you are planning on coming (I hope you are) so I can plan refreshments.  Also,  my consultant has given me a challenge to find a specific sticker on one of the invitations she mailed. Could you call me back at ________ to tell me what stickers you have on your invitation or just bring it to the party and it will be entered in a drawing !  If you have the specific sticker I’m trying to find we could BOTH win a PRIZE!

Thanks, I’ll see you ___________ .

Again, Thank YOU so much for making the time to make these calls!  I promise, it will be well worth your time as the impact it has on not only boosting your attendance, but helping you get outside orders and bookings will help you to earn everything on your wish list!  This IS my goal, that you have a great time with your friends AND earn everything you want.

If you have any questions, please, just call me!


I hope you will give this idea a try and see how it impacts your party averages!
You are welcome to post comments below on our BLOG or our Facebook Fan Page!
Here is the direct link to the CATEGORY of products on our website:


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Jenny B Radio Show! Week 4- Have Happier Hosts with Belinda Ellsworth


Listen to learn exactly what to say and do to build your relationship with your host to encourage her to work on her party to achieve HER goals and help you to achieve yours.

Learn to make your parties more successful for BOTH of you! We will walk through the simple steps to success that are EASY and only take a few extra minutes but help you make HUNDREDS in additional sales.

Our guest, Belinda Ellsworth will share about her POWER HOUR and how to work host coaching consistently into your routine. This show has action based information for consultants and leaders at every level.


Learn the difference stickers can make!

Idea of the week spotlights will be on GiveAway May, and Stickers- Who, What, Where, When, Why and HOW they are effective to boost your business.

This show has action based information for consultants and leaders at every level.

Belinda Ellsworth

With over 30 years experience you'll love her!

This Week’s Special Guest: Belinda Ellsworth!

Belinda Ellsworth is a highly sought after, internationally-renowned
speaker and direct sales consultant who combines over 30 years
of experience in the field with her innovative results-driven strategies.
Belinda has worked with hundreds of direct sales companies and
impacted literally thousands of direct sales representatives,
empowering them to achieve the success they desire. 
Learn more about Belinda:

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Key 2A: Host Coaching- How to Have Happier Hosts!

KPC-Key2A- Have Happier Hosts

It is not necessarily what you do AT the party, but more importantly, what you do BEFORE the party that makes it more successful!

In a snapshot: Encourage your hostess to make reminder calls to guests, and to get orders and bookings before the party, so she will have many guests attend, and the party will be successful. It is not necessarily what you do AT the party, but more importantly, what you do BEFORE the party that makes it more successful!

These items and training help you make sure to follow up on all the Success Steps with your hosts.

The information in this training and using the products mentioned can have a very dramatic impact on your business. The number of contacts you make with your hosts, including the encouragement and information you give her, will determine the success of your parties.

Please, take the time to follow these steps to coach your hosts to success. Many of your hosts have either never had a party before, or have not been taught what to do to make the most of their parties. That is part of your job, coach them into making the party successful for both of you. The time you take to work with your host BEFORE and AFTER each party will make the difference!

EB2128- Follow up and Follow Through Erase Board

Use this board to make sure you are following ALL the steps to success with your hosts!

Plus, your hosts will be more likely to book again if they had fun and earned lots of host gifts. See the the “Success Steps” Erase Board EB2128 checklist to help YOU keep track of each party and host. This checklist should be put on your fridge or somewhere handy in your home.

Why? Well, have you ever been making dinner, thought about your hosts, and remembered that you need to give one of them a call, but your planner was in the car or in another room? How much easier would it be if that information was right there, handy, so you could “multi-task” and make a few phone calls while making dinner?

Here are the Steps to Successful Parties:

1. Give each hostess a “host packet.”

Make a classy impression by presenting your customer with a host packet as soon as she books her party. Make several up in advance and take them to each party. These packets should let your hosts know what they need to do for their parties, and get them excited about it. Use stickers to remind hosts of what they need to do. The “10-5 2” and “Outside Orders” stickers can be used on or in your folders, letters of explanation, on the front of postcard reminders, etc. (Use our HOST FOLDERS V2670 and be sure to include the NEW Preferred Hostess Card BC2607.  (See Key 2B: Training- Prepare Host Packets, for more details.)

2. Send a confirmation postcard immediately!

Immediately after you get a booking, send a postcard to the hostess. (We offer several different designs all available with text (T) or with just the graphic (G) or that WE can personalize for you- PR) These postcards will confirm the date and time and let her know you are excited to work with her. Add a personal note. The front sides of our postcards are completely blank so you can put the “I’m Watching for Guest List” sticker (S23087) or these stickers on them.

It is SO IMPORTANT to get a guest list so you’ll have those names, addresses, and phone numbers for future use! Even if the host is going to send the invitations, you’ll want the info of the guests so you’ll know how many to plan on. You can also use the list to see who did not attend the party, then you or your host can call those people and try to generate more sales. Plus, you can add them to your mailing list, etc. For more information on WHY and HOW to use a guest list see  FREE TRAINING > T2-Hosts  > T2-02 Guest List. on our website

Use the SSK2B stickers when working with your hosts. They are sure to get read when you put them on any of these postcards. The “Committed” sticker reminds her that this is your job and important to you. The “Invite Frank” gets her thinking of who to include on her guest list. The ”Call them ORDER” is to use when following up to remind her to make the “After Party” calls. And the “As a Host earned” reminds her of the rewards she received for doing her part as a host.

3. Let her know you’ve mailed the invitations, (or remind her to mail them.)

We recommend that YOU take care of mailing the invitations. I know, it’s been said, “It’s expensive to mail them. The hostess can pass them out and it doesn’t cost anything.” But, do you know the number one reason that parties are postponed? It is because the host didn’t get the invitations out in enough time. So, how expensive is a postponement? Is it MORE than the cost of the postage? I know, that’s not the REASON she tells you, but it is a fact. The delay is usually not intentional, your host may just be busy, or she may forget to mail them in time. Think about it, who is it more important to that the party holds on the night scheduled? As your host sees it, she can just reschedule it for another night, but to you, it is like your boss calling you and telling you that you are not needed at work that night. You don’t get paid if the party doesn’t hold and how many potential parties and sales do you lose when things are delayed? When you take all these things into consideration, your time to send the invitations and the cost of postage is cheap! When YOU mail the invitations, YOU know that it gets done, and when!

However, occasionally there are times when your host will mail the invitations so we offer this postcard to send her as a reminder to get them in the mail.  You could also write it on the “Thank you for doing your best” postcards (PP20277C) or on the “You are a terrific hostess” postcards (PP20564C) that come without text so you can print or write anything you want. 

Once you’ve mailed the invitations, let your host know by calling her or sending a postcard. The PP20516T is great or you can print a notification on the “I’m so excited postcard” PP20276C.

4.  Encourage your hostess to call her guests to remind them of the party.
 Make a note in your planner a few days before the party, to mail your hosts a  “call to remind them” type postcard.  Use the FREE TEMPLATES we offer under the DOWNLOAD TAB of each item to type your own information or you can purchase them with fill-in-the-blanks text. Using the printable version you can also include information about what you expect from her that night, what she can earn, and the extra benefits of getting outside orders and early bookings.  This will get her more excited!  Or send a note with the “If you call them… they will come” sticker on it (S20396). 

Those phone calls made by your hosts can literally make or break your party.  Do whatever necessary to encourage your hosts to make those calls! 

Here’s an idea to get your hosts to make those calls:  Put a “unique” sticker like Gifts for all occasions” (S40427) or “Book Before the Show” (PR21017) (or any of the Key 4 stickers) on just 5 of the party invitations you are sending  out.   The Book ones is especially good because when the host finds the guest with that sticker she can encourage her to book before the show!

Challenge your hosts to find which 5 guests received those stickers.  Put the sticker that says “Call your guests to earn more credits! (LS2259) on your host’s reminder postcards.  (Remember to include whatever sticker she is looking for directly under the sticker so your hostess knows which sticker she is asking her friends to look for.) 

During your host coaching tell her you will be doing this and if she makes the calls and finds the 5 people, you’ll give her something special.  Remind your host to tell those guests that THEY’LL receive a prize when they bring their invitation to the party.  (Be sure to put a mark on your copy of the guest list by the 5 guests whose invite you’ve put the sticker on and bring it to the party.)  

Just think what this can do for you!  It encourages your hosts to make the calls and encourages greater attendance to your party!  Tell your host that she receives something more if all 5 guests come to the party!

To make her feel special and encourage her, put this “Hostesses like you make my day” sticker (S21101) on the front of the postcard by her name.  Also, if you put a KEY 3- Increasing Attendance Sticker such as “Bring a friend, receive a free gift” (S30310) on the guest’s invitations,  be sure to include one on your host postcard as well, this reminds her to remind her guests to bring their friends, etc. when she’s calling. 

I know some consultants who offer to make the calls as part of the service they offer.  For those who are “stay at home moms” they may be able to work it into their schedule more easily.  That’s great because you must, DO whatever you need to do to be sure the calls are made.  This makes a HUGE difference to your attendance. Oh, and be sure to remind them to offer catalogs to those who can’t attend.  You could even put that sticker (LS2208) on the front of the postcard reminder.

5.  Use Stickers to remind and encourage hosts.
The SSk2 COMBO sheet of Host Coaching stickers make it easy for you to remind your hostesses to get outside orders and bookings, to work hard to become a “Preferred Hostess,” and to get excited about earning discounts, etc.  This combo sheet is printed with training information on the back.  It is a great tool to use as gifts or training for your team because they can try a variety of slogans, see which ones they like, and later purchase full sheets of the specific ones they want. 

6.  Call your host a day or two before the party to confirm and meet  her needs.
This call is important. Be sure to ask her how her reminder phone calls are going, how many people she is expecting, if she has gotten outside orders or bookings (so you can bring more host packets), how many catalogs she needs to give to people who are not attending, and if there is anything specific that she wants you to do or to cover at the party.

This is where you would confirm your expected time of arrival, how long it takes to get to her house, travel instructions, that she has a table for your display, or whatever you need to know.  If she is not home, leave a message and ask her to please return your call.

7.  Arrive early enough to set up, spend time with the host and guests, and be relaxed.
Use this time to get to know the needs of your host  and guests! You’ll want to find out what their looking for, how you can be of service to them and share the benefits of joining your company.  Help them feel comfortable and get them excited for your presentation.

This time is especially important in building relationships for the future.  Your host’s subconscious (or conscious) reason for having the party may be because she wants to get to know you better.  This is where you set yourself apart.

Your “meet and greet” time is extremely important in understanding the needs of your guests.  Keep your guest list on a clipboard and make notes about people as they arrive.  This will give you valuable information about your guests and enable you to mention specific items during your demonstration.  For more details about using your guest list look for Guest List under FREE TRAINING >

on our website.  Putting this  training idea into action will make you money! 

8.  Recognize and thank your hostess in front of her guests.
Thank her for the opportunity of letting you into her home.  Let the guests know that she has been a pleasure to work with and give her a little gift.  Or, put a magnet on her fridge when you leave, so she’ll know that she’s appreciated.  (Use the “Thanks for being such a wonderful hostess” printable sticker (PSB2305) on a magnet (M10).  Doing this not only makes your hostesses feel good, but the guests may want that same type of recognition and decide to have a party!
9.  Close the party and send a personal “thank you” note.
Before leaving the party set up a time that you can meet with her to “close the party.”  Prior to that date send her a reminder postcard so she’ll have everything ready.    Meet or call her on that date.  As an added reminder for her to call her friends to get orders put the “If you call them they will order” (PR20309) sticker on the front of the “close” postcard.

Then, once all of the product has been delivered and the loose ends are wrapped up, send your host a “thank you” note.  (The “Thank you for inviting me into your home” P20517C or our other “Thank you” postcards in Key 5 work great.)  I suggest that you personally handwrite it so she knows it is sincere.  Remind your host how much she earned in free or discounted products by hosting the party, and encourage her to book with you again soon.  

Use the sticker PR20144 on the front of the postcard too!  Let her know you enjoyed working with her.  
Not all products mentioned in this training are in the Key Pack.  To see ALL the Host Coaching products we offer go to our website then click on Key 2: Hosts  then click on stickers, postcards, other products etc.

When you are writing your thank you notes is also a great time to make out your “Christmas Cards!”   I know it may seem early,  Yet, if you do this for every host throughout the year, you won’t have the added stress during the holidays and your note will be more sincere since you will have just worked with her.  We have several that are great!  See them online under  POSTCARDS/Key 9 CHRISTMAS.

10.  Follow up with hosts doing “catalog parties.”
Make regular contact with your hostesses who are doing “catalog parties” or “book shows.” Remind them of deadlines, and close the party in a timely matter so the customers get their products on time and the hostess doesn’t lose interest.  For complete info on how to make catalog parties more successful see

on our website.

Making regular contacts with your hosts to let them know what you’ve done for their party will keep them excited and remind them how much you care.  An enthused host will work hard to help you make the party a success, and thereby generate more sales, leads, bookings, and repeat business.  See our V1003 Training System Dividers!  There is a FREE PDF (PDF-10-step) 10 Steps to Successful Parties and the Party Show Checklist in the DOWNLOAD TAB.  (Search for V1003

11.  Additional follow up: 
If you have our “System Dividers” (V1003) be sure to copy the inside of the first tab, “The Party /Show Checklist”.  3-hole punch them and fill out one for each hostess.  As you follow the “10 Steps to Successful parties!” (as we’ve discussed in this training and included on the yellow sheet of the system dividers”) keep track of not only what you’ve done and what stickers you’ve used but THE RESULTS! 

There is a place to evaluate each party so you can see what is working for you! 

Organize all your Booster products in your binder and follow the steps. (File the stickers behind the appropriate key tab- the first number of the item number is the key it goes with.)  Remember, it is not so much what you do AT the party, but what you do to prepare FOR the party that makes you the money.

Most of our customers have told us their party averages have DOUBLED (or tripled) from what they were before consistently using our system .  But think of this….  What if, because you did all the things we trained you to do that your sales went up by just $200 a party?  At 20% commission that would mean you made $40 more on just ONE party!  Divide that by the 2 hours it took you to do the party and you would have made $20 PER HOUR MORE … Right????

 WRONG!!!  It is NOT the 2 hours doing the actual party where you make the extra money.  
 It is the HALF-HOUR you took BEFORE the party to do good hostess coaching, sticking the stickers on your invitations, and making the phone calls that made you the extra $40! 

So, if you made $40 in a half-hour, how much MORE are you making per hour for taking the time to do that hostess coaching? 

Yes, $80 PER HOUR!  Now, you decide, is it worth it to do that little extra?  You are going to do the party anyway, why not make it as profitable as possible? 
APPLY the ABCD formula!

A= A Success Formula:

If the B for Benefit is Greater than the C for Cost = D-DO IT!

If the Benefit of $200 greater sales at a party (at 25% commission = $50) is greater than the COST ($5-$7 per party to do EVERYTHING we teach – including postage!) – The Benefit would be $42 to $45 MORE PROFIT per party! then D- Do It!

To see ALL the Key 2: Host Coaching products go to our website and click on Key 2: Hosts then the type of products you are looking for!

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T2-03 How to use the guest list

We discussed in a previous post HOW to get the guest list,


1) It is the night of the party.  Take YOUR copy of the guest list and put it on a clipboard.  Have an extra page or two of blank paper also.

2) Make sure you are to the party early enough to set up, have a few moments with your host and be ready to greet your guests.

3) With clipboard and pen in hand, greet each guest as they arrive, introduce yourself and ask them their name, and look them up on your guest list.  If they are not there, add their name at least (you can get address etc. later from her customer card card or order form.)  Ask her about her interests.  Find out what she is looking for at your party.  If she tells you her daughter is getting married in a few months and they are busy making the plans, make a note of it on your list, perhaps you could offer to do a bridal shower (S12141)  or if your products would be a great gift for the wedding party. If she is a ‘soccer’ mom make a note FR for “fund raiser” and ask her later about the possibility. (PR11002)

4) By meeting each guest, it will not only help you associate their name with their face, and give you something to help you remember them better, but you’ll begin to build relationships and find out how you can better serve your customers.  Remember, your goal should be to MEET HER NEEDS and your sales will take care of themselves. 

This will be of benefit to you in countless ways.  If someone has told you they are looking for specific types of things, you can mention those as you are giving your demonstration.  You can follow up better after the party as you are helping them with their orders.

5) MAKE NOTES on their order forms or your guest list as you are helping them with their orders.  If you’ve given them a “Preferred Customer” card (BC4601), put a PC by their name- then if they’ve marked off 4 boxes, put a dash 4 after the PC. (PC-4).  If they mentioned that they are remodeling their house, ask them when it will be completed.  Mention how fun it would be to have a party to show their friends.  Make a note on your guest list or their order form.  You get the idea, your job is to get information you can use now or later, (or both) to better meet your customers’ needs!

6) Once everyone has left the party, take a moment to go through the guest list with your host.  Note on her list the people she will make contact with that did not attend the party.  She’ll tell you of people who called, or she contacted that wanted catalogs, etc.  These extra few minutes can add HUNDREDS of dollars to her sales!

7) When you get out to your car, (depending on the neighborhood of course) look again at the list while it is fresh in your mind.  Make POSITIVE comments about the different people you’ve met.  If they have a great smile, outgoing personality, seem really organized, has lots of ideas, can tell she loves your products, needs money, would love to be home with her kids, works in a large office, etc. All of this information enables you to follow up better with each customer.  Put STARS by the names of people you felt a connection with and would really love to have on your team!

We will follow up in future IDEAS of the WEEK with HOW to use this information to increase your bookings, sales and recruit leads.  I’m sure you have a few ideas from the information I’ve already give you.  But, for now, START the process by getting a guest list from your hosts and doing it.  This information will be the START of your customer list that will build your business beyond your wildest imagination!  Remember, if the BENEFIT is greater than the cost = DO IT!
Put these into action in your business and see how it impacts your hostesses.   Remember, the more quickly you can get your hosts working on the party, the more successful you will BOTH be!

There are not a lot of actual products that go with this training so I’ve included this training and a few products as part of the.  T2-02-03 Confirm the Party & get Guest List Category.  Here is the direct link:

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T2-02 Confirm the party & get guest list


Use these products to Confirm the party and GET the guest list!

Start building your relationship with your host by sending a confirmation card IMMEDIATELY!  At the same time, encourage the return of the Guest List!  These steps are crucial to your long term success in the business!

Here’s what to do:

FIRST: Send a confirmation postcard! 

Why? It is simple, easy and makes a HUGE impact!

Don’t you just love to get mail that isn’t a bill?
Your hosts feel important and that you are on the ball when you IMMEDIATELY send a confirmation postcard after they book a party or show.

HOW to make it easy:

When you leave the hostesses house, send a confirmation postcard (See Key 2 Postcards with Text or print your own text on our Colorful Graphic Designs using our FREE Templates) to the NEW host and include the “I’m watching for your guest list” sticker (S23087)  or S20346 as a reminder on the postcard.  This is just a little reminder that makes a BIG difference in how quickly you receive the guest list back.  We even have the confirmation postcard with the main emphasis of receiving the guest list back.  It is PP20370CT.

Just keep a selection of confirmation postcards all ready to go in your car.    Then, once you have a booking, fill out the card with their information and drop it in the mail.    It is just that simple!  Make the commitment to yourself, your hosts and your business to do this CONSISTENTLY.  You make the commitment by getting prepared and doing it!
When they receive the card, it confirms the date so they will write it on their calendar, be reminded to share the date with their family and even more important it shows that you are committed to helping them be successful.
This lets the hostess know you are on the ball and interested in helping her, to send in her guest list, and hopefully eliminates the need for multiple phone calls asking her for the list. 

It encourages her to make the list while she is excited about the party.
To help her make her list, use the FRANK sticker (S200545) or PR20671 on her host envelope or folder.

NOTE:  Making it part of your policy to receive a guest list from your hosts is an essential part of your long term success!  Some consultants actually make receiving the guest list as the confirmation of their party date.  WHY?  Because the number one reason that hosts postpone or cancel their party (or have a very small attendance) is that the invitations didn’t get sent out in time.  When YOU get the guest list, then YOU are in charge of your own success!   You can look at the guest list as your INSURANCE to make sure your party holds!

This also gets you a GUEST LIST that you can use (See the T2-03 How to Use Guest List Idea for more details on this.)

2) Once you have the guest list, enter the names in some sort of data base.

If you have a computer, (which obviously you do if you are on our Idea of the Week club), use it to your advantage.  Keep a list of your contacts and make sure you have fields you can use to sort for various information.  (See the FREE EXCEL Customer Care Spreadsheet we offer under V4124 — Customer Care CARDS  (Click the DOWNLOAD tab)

3) Prepare your invitations and use your computer to print labels of the addresses. 

You could use our new PRINTABLE STICKERS to personalize the invitations even more by printing their name information on the sticker “I value your business and loyalty” (PSA5206) or “Could you use an extra $100 a week?” (PSA6208)
Use the “Bring a Friend and receive a Free Gift” printable sticker  (PSA3203) to put the party date, time, location, etc.  Just stick these on your invitation and save a ton of writing.  (You’re planting seeds to bring a friend too!)

4) Make sure you have a field in your data base where you’ve entered the host name, do a sort by that and print a list of those invited to your party.  (Alphabetical order is easiest.)  Or make a couple of copies of the guest list.  Be sure to leave room on your list to write notes!

5) Mail the invitations at the appropriate time and mail the “Your invitations are in the mail” postcard (PP20516CT with Text or print your own info using our FREE templates on PP20516C)  to your hostess letting her know they have been mailed.  Put a sample of the “Boost Attendance” (KEY 3) type sticker that you have put on her invitations on this card and remind her to follow up. i.e. bring a friend, etc.

6) Mail a follow up letter to your hostess with a copy of the guest list (including phone numbers) reminding her of the importance of calling her guests.  Use the sticker “If you call them, they will come” (S20396) on the guest list and letter!  In this letter, give her any additional information, encouraging her to get outside orders and bookings, etc.  Use the stickers “Outside orders welcome!” (S40376)  and “Book before the show and watch your gifts grow!” (PR21017)    If you are using the “Preferred Hostess” (BC2607) program, remind her in this letter of the things she needs to do to mark off boxes to receive an additional gift, when her card is full.

7) Follow up one more time by sending her the postcard, “Thank you for
doing your best” (PP20277CT ) or “If you call them they will come!” (PP20529CT) or “Please Remember to call your guests” (PP22526) to remind her again to make those reminder calls the night before or the day of the party.  (All of these come with Text or you can print whatever you want on the without text cards using our Free Templates.)

This takes you to the day of the party….   you have the guest list, what do you DO with it?  See the NEXT blog post for that….

To see ALL the products mentioned in this training, please click this Category under FREE TRAINING > T2 :

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BC2607 — Start your own Preferred Hostess Program.

Preferred Host Program

Start your own Preferred Host Program

Use these little Preferred Hostess cards to motivate your hostesses to work harder and to keep track of what they do.  You may think that these are to be used just like the Preferred Customer cards, which they mark off circles with purchases, but there is another way these can be even more beneficial to you and your hostesses.

You will initial a circle on the card when your hostess performs whatever tasks you outline for her to do.

Here are some suggestions. She could get a circle marked off for:
· Returning the guest list within 3 days.
· Returning her WISH list, which specifies the items she wants to earn.
· Calling all her guests before the party.  (Randomly put a sticker such as “Gifts for every holiday” on 5 of the invitations you are mailing out for her.  While she is calling all of the guests to remind them of the party, encourage her to ask if they have one of the “Gifts for every holiday” stickers on their invitation.  If they do, they can bring it to the party for a gift.  If the hostess finds all 5, she’ll earn another square.)
· Every $50 in outside orders she gets BEFORE the party.
· Every BOOKING she gets BEFORE the party.
· Having at least 10 adult guests attend the party.
· Having at least a $400 party.
· Every 2 bookings confirmed AT the party.
· Each additional $100 in orders over the $400.
· Each additional $100 in outside orders AFTER the party.
· Each additional booking AFTER the party.
· Having all the money turned in to you on the close date.
· Booking another party herself.
· Having a $1000 party.

The list goes on and on. Basically, you make a list of what you want your hostesses to do and reward them by marking off circles.  It usually takes 2-3 parties for a hostess to fill her card. When she does, she gets the reward AND becomes a member of your ELITE Preferred Hostess Club.

What do you do for your ELITE Hostesses? 

Once or twice a year, you could invite your ELITE hostesses to a special party. This is where they can see the new items or get the first chance to buy closeouts or discount items. When you do this in the fall, you would offer your ELITE hostesses the opportunity to book for the Christmas season.

Who better to fill your datebook for the fall than your hostesses who you know will work on their parties to be successful? You could have this party be a MYSTERY HOSTESS party where one of the gals there can earn the hostess prizes. Let them order the new stuff and get excited. To show your appreciation, serve your preferred hostesses a light dinner like a salad bar or something easy, yet nice.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.  Order the Preferred Hostess Cards, stickers, and buttons to help promote your program.
2.  Decide what you will give as your gift when the card is full.  Be sure to make it something they really want and will work for.

3. Fill out the back of the card with your contact info, etc. and include the card in your hostess folders.
4. Type up a list of the things they can do to earn the squares.  You may copy the list above as a base for your own list.)  Include a list in each hostess folder so your hostesses will know what to do.
5.  At your parties briefly explain the program to your guests and tell them what the hostess of the party is on her way to earning.  Explain that it is fun and easy, and that they could do it too! This will help you to get even more committed hostesses!

START NOW to have a system to reward your hosts.  Once you have the system in place it is EASY to just keep on doing it.  You will find this to be beneficial to you in helping to keep your hosts motivated to DO what you want them to do!

See these BLOG POSTS training for more info on how to actually implement these systems into your business so you can FOLLOW up and build relationships with your customers. 

 Are you leaving money lying on the Table? Key 4-Sales 

Customer Care Cards (V4124) Key5-Customers

The Preferred Customer Cards Key 5-Customers

Preferred Hostess CardsKey 2-Hosts

Are you leaving money on the table?

Are you leaving money on the table?

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 Alida asked a question below about how to mark the circles on Preferred Customer Cards, the answer applies to Preferred Hostess Cards too so I’ve added her question and my reply here as well. 

Alida asked:  Jenny…   I just ordered your preferred customer and host cards and love them… I want to use them to reward my customers for placing online orders, referrals and other things that I won’t actually see them for. The first time I plan on mailing them the card to them with a thank you, but after they already have the card, how do I credit them the “circle” I have “thought” about making a fold over note card that thanked them and included a sticker they could place on their card. Then each time they earned one I would send a sticker to add to the card. I decided to try yours so I did not spend tons of time designing it! What is your thought on how I could do this?

Hi Alida, This is a great question.  I’ve had people ask and have answered verbally but I’m not sure I’ve put it in writing.  Here is what I suggest:

Come up with a “CODE” for each month of the year.  Use initials or numbers that mean something to you.  For example, if your mom’s birthday is in January, use her initials.  If your anniversary is in Feb, use the number of how many years you’ve been married, etc.  Once you have the code for the year, write it on a card that you keep on your desk with your Customer Care Cards, and another in your datebook, or order clipboard for easy reference while at parties.

When you mark the circles or boxes on the Preferred Customers cards at a party, or over the phone, use that code.  When they are placing an outside order say somthing like,  “Do you have your Preferred Customer Card Handy?  Great, this order qualifies you to mark off TWO circles.  Please put the initials “AB” and 1/11 on those circles.  Remember, I am here to help you with your gift giving needs so call me when you need something and we’ll be able to mark off more circles.  You’ll have your card filled in no time and you’ll earn _______”

In reality, this is just to keep your customers “honest” (not that you think they will cheat) but just to let them know that you are using a different code each month so they wouldn’t even try to cheat.  Also, when they turn in the card to you, the codes will be familiar even if you’ve forgotten specific orders they placed.

I hope this helps.  If you have more questions, please just ask.  The blog is a great place to ask.  I’m going to transfer this question to the post about using preferred customer cards too!  Thanks, Jenny B

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Simple Steps to Great Success! Have Happier Hosts!

K-Host-T Pack to have happy hosts

Use these postcards and stickers to easily apply these simple steps!

If you are reading this, I assume your
goal is great success!

If you want to be successful the ONE key area that YOU can have the greatest influence upon, and will make the most difference, is your relationship with your host. This relationship is built upon your doing some simple things that set you apart in helping her be successful.

There are lots of excuses for not following up, but when you take it upon yourself to follow up and follow thru it will mean success to you!

I will briefly list the Steps to Success and show you a few products that make doing the steps easier. If you want more information, please check out the additional training on our website (and blog) or join our Key Pack Club.

  1. Give the host packet! Hopefully you come prepared to each party with the host packet filled with the information she needs. This mentally prepares you to get the bookings and she goes home prepared to be successful. (To make a great impression, put it all together in our Host Folders! V2670)
  2. Send a confirmation “Thank You” postcard. Keep confirmation postcards all ready to go in your car. After the party, fill it out and drop it in the mail on your way home. This makes a HUGE impression and shows you are on the ball and prepared to help her be successful. (Remind her you are “Watching for her guest list!”)  See Key 2 Postcards.
  3. After getting the guest list, prepare the invitations (Be sure to use the FOUR stickers on every invitation. One for Booking, one for Recruiting, a “Bring a Friend” reminder and a “Having Fun or Company Specific”. Remember, if only a third come to the party you at least want to be planting booking and recruiting seeds with all the rest! (See the K-Invite Pack online or Blog under Key 3 for more details.)
  4. Send a note to let her know her invitations have been mailed. She will feel confident you are doing your part and she will be even more excited. Remind her “Your Wish List Free is my goal for you and me!” with the new sticker PR20854!
  5. Send her a “Please Call your Guests” type of phone call reminder postcard  (See Key 2 Postcards.)
     so she gets it a couple of days before her party. Those calls make a HUGE impact. Do the “5 Sticker Game” on the invitations as an added incentive for her to make the calls. (See LS2259 for details.)
  6. Call her for last minute information, to give encouragement, see how many guests are coming, etc. This call sets her mind at rest and helps her feel even more confident.
  7. As part of this step, prepare everything at home for the party. Get your demo items together, prepare the Recruiting Dollars (V6658), prepare a booking game (See the Spring Fling Board), prepare what games you’ll play, have the prizes ready, have guest folders ready with “stickered” catalogs, order forms, pens with “PenPal” stickers, and other info each guest needs. Be sure to have Host Packets and Recruit packets ready. Then, be sure you have what you need for a smooth check out procedure. This preparation will set YOUR mind at rest and you’ll feel more confident and ready to go!
  8. Go do your event! Get there early (but not too early) so set up goes smooth and you have time to connect with your host. Be sure to take your “guest list” on a clipboard so you can greet the guests and get to know them while checking their names on your list! Have a good time, be enthusiastic and relaxed! Care about the people you meet. Your goal should be to find out what their needs are and meet them.  (See the BLOG post about how to use your guestlist under Key 2.) 
  9. Take a few minutes after the party is over to go over the orders and compare them to the guest list. Be excited with your host and remind her that “If you call them they will order!” (PR20309) This applies to those who came and did not order and others who were interested but didn’t come. Challenge her to follow up on everything she can do to earn additional “circles” on her Preferred Hostess Card! (BC2607)  Reinforce that this is a WIN WIN for both of you!
  10. Follow up on any calls YOU need to make to her or guests.
  11. Get with her by phone or in person on the specified date to get the final orders, collect all money and close the party. Help her decide how best to get all the things on her Wish List that she wants.
  12. Place your order. Be sure to take advantage of specials your company is offering. Be aware of where YOU are in your monthly sales to benefit from all incentives.
  13. Do any additional follow up that may be necessary. This includes delivering any orders, etc.
  14. Send a hand written “Thank You” to your host. She helped you and deserves the hand written touch. Include a little thank you like the “Hostess Magnet” (PSB2305) or Bookmark (BM22602 or BM22603).

By DOING all these steps you will make an impression on your host that will set you apart!

She will want to party with you again and again. You’ll be building a relationship that will be beneficial to BOTH of you over time.

These steps don’t take much time (average 30 minutes per party). They just take consistency!

You need a plan to make it EASY to keep track of where you are on the list for every host! Keep our “Steps to Success” erase board (EB2128) on your fridge and mark it off as you do each step.
Remember, it is not what you CAN DO and CAN’T DO… It is what you WILL DO and WON’T DO that makes you Successful!

Start NOW to take these simple steps and watch your business soar!

Here is the Direct Link to the K-Host-T Pack on our website:

  The postcards in this pack above have the TEXT already printed on them. 

If you would rather have the Postcards Blank so you can print onto them yourself, you’ll want the K-HOST-G Pack.  Here is the link:

EB2128- Follow up Success Erase Board

Use this to make sure you follow up with every host!

Here are some of our FIVE STAR Testimonials on using this system and the Erase Board to keep track!

  ‘Success Steps’ Review
Randi Carter – Indianapolis, IN   (Sunday, August 31, 2008)

These were a PERFECT team goodie! The price was great and it really helped everyone see how easy it can be to keep track of multiple hostesses at once. Wonderful for our Hostess Coaching Training!!

 Success Steps Erase Board
Cheryl Thomas – Schenectady,NY   (Tuesday, June 10, 2008)

The Success Steps Erase Board is a must for anyone in the party plan business. I’m the mother of 3 children and work full-time out of the home so I have to stay organized. I was always forgetting some ‘ingredient’ to the successful ‘recipe’ of a home show. Now I never miss a step thanks to your awesome erase board! It stays right on my refrigerator and with one quick glance I can see what needs to be done!Thank-you Jenny B!

 Success Steps!
Holly Moore – Litchfield Park   (Tuesday, June 10, 2008)

I LOVE my ‘It’s Success Steps!’ erase board. It is so easy to look there (on my fridge) and be in contact with my hostesses as I am doing other things throughout my day.

I can’t wait to order the family goal planning board, too!

  Erase Boards
Angie – Appleton, WI   (Monday, January 28, 2008)

I really like my erase board!! This helps me keep track of what’s going on with my home business while I also have my full time job. With just a glance this board is great for helping me keep track of what I have done for each of my hostesses.

  Success Steps Board
Michelene Sheppard – Bridgeport   (Friday, April 13, 2007)

The Success Steps Erase Board is the best organizational tool. I keep track of what I have left to do and have already done for my hostesses so much better! It really helps since you increase the number of shows you’re holding with all the other products!

  Hostess Coaching
Kimber Boshers – Pulaski, TN   (Saturday, March 04, 2006)

I love these Erase Boards. They make (proper) hostess coaching a no-brainer. The board leads me through exactly what I need to be doing for my hostess and in what order. It’s just great!

Here is the direct link to the Erase Board that these testimonials are about EB2128:

Please share your comments below!  We LOVE hearing of your success as you apply the steps to success!

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