Key 8: Recognition

The Booster – Jenny B ideas & products to help those in party plan or direct sales to recognize and reward positive behavior with team members and hosts (& kids) who are meeting their goals and achieving.

LMP-03 — Celebrate Success Awards Leadership Meeting Plan

The Celebrate Success Awards!  

We’ve called them the “CSA”s” 

 This meeting is all about celebrating with your team!  It’s about celebrating Team Success, Individual Success and Individual Accomplishments! 

This is your chance to really make a deal of my favorite Zig Ziggler quote,

“Behavior that is Recognized and Rewarded will be Repeated!”   


By showing appreciation at the END of the year it will set the stage for a great NEW year!


Normally our Leadership Key Letters are filled with stories and thoughts to read to your team at meetings to motivate them and give them ideas.  This training letter is a little different.  It is mainly written just for you, the leader, to give you ideas on how to hold an appreciation party at the end of the year to recognize your team.  It is important to recognize each individual on your team for something!  Remember EVERYONE brings something to your team.  Celebrate their success, whatever it may be.

We have heard many of our Booster customers say that their leaders just sit back and make money off of them all year, but never give them anything back.  They don’t support, inform, train, encourage, or reward them.  They say the only time they even hear from their leader is when they are about to drop out of the business.             

Thankfully we’ve been able to be there for those “orphans” who are left without good leaders.  We’ve had customers say that we are like “their leader” because they get all of their ideas and encouragement from The Booster. 

I’m sure YOU are not that type of leader, or you wouldn’t be getting this training each month.  But, remember, the more you take care of your team and show them how much you appreciate them, the more they’ll grow and you will ALL be successful!  Keep in touch with your team members (even if they don’t live locally), train and inform them, and teach them by example.


The main part of this meeting or celebration will be to congratulate your team on their accomplishments.  This evening is meant to be FUN and entertaining!  The rest of this training will be to give you some ideas to make this celebration EASY.  It is intended to help you brainstorm with a few of your team members about what you can do, decorations, rewards, etc.  See the “You’re a Star” activity idea under “Planning the Party” in the PDF on our website.

Here is the link to this training on our website:

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